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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Weirdly, I feel thinner after flying. I put it down to dehydration.
yay pixie for losing 4 pounds!!!

we walked everywhere in ireland(course the taxi strike helped) when i was there a loooooong time ago. but vacations/travel make you lose weight simply because you are out of your element and may not be able to find your regular, fattening meals. lol plus, you are more active usually. at least, i am.
well, i am revisiting this thread after a long time.

went to the gyno this afternoon, and found out i have gained 20 lbs in the past year. yes. 20. ohmy.gif
it seriously just crept up on me. i know my eating habits need an overhaul (i eat a lot of processed/take-out food, and snack on junk) as well my exercise habits. i go for a walk maybe once a week, and generally am not very active at work.

i've pretty much resolved to take baby-steps this time around. my last million dieting attempts were drastic (atkins, south beach, etc). so i figure if i slowly add good habits (more veggies, less junk) and phase out bad habits, it will be easier.

with the hot weather, it is hard figuring in exercise, though. my exercise of choice is walking outdoors.
Misspissed, that is sort of what I am doing...I am working on changing one diet habit every few weeks. First I started bringing a piece of fruit to work to get me through the afternoon blahs...I started incorporating at least 1 uncooked vegetable a day(sometimes i just steam asparagus)then I started bringing yogurt for breakfast. Initially I gained a little because I wasn't used to the extra meals. then I switched over to activia yogurt which seems to be helping my digestion and metaboloism. Finally I have added in a 16 oz bottle of green tea with my breakfast. Then I refill the bottle with water and make sure I drink it all before going home.

My next thing will be to give up going out to lunch at fast food restraunts. When it cools down again I will refocus on exercise too. I am finally starting to see and feel results. I feel much better now that I am eating healthier.
Ok, I think it's safe for me to say it- I've lost 6 pounds!!! In the last 3 months. I'm really excited. I think mostly it's because I got an IUD and went off the pill. I've been a bit more active and am trying to pay attention more to eating good stuff. I want to lose about 18 total, so I'm 1/3 of my weigh (ha-bad pun) there.

Now I'm going to focus on the next 6 pounds. It seems much more manageable than looking at the whole 18 at once. I was 194, now I'm 188, which is still bigger than usual when not on the pill. But, I lost the pill weight. My normal weight is mid 170's, although if I can just get back below 180 I'll be pretty psyched. I'm 5'10 (just fyi, cause I know these numbers sound big to be getting so excited!)

For so long I didn't see any change on the scale at all, and it was sooo discouraging. Now I feel like "oh yeah, it really IS possible for me to lose this weight." I was starting ot feel like, oh, this is just me-I'll be like this forever.

I'm still shocked when I see how puffy and chubby I look in pictures. I don't mean that in a mean way against myself, but it's just shocking to me!
I have a question for everyone. It concerns breakfast. I just wanted to know what everybody eats for breakfast. I always eat breakfast but my problem is that I hate cereal and oatmeal and that kind of stuff and I can't really think of anything that's healthy and relatively quick in the morning. Another thing is that I don't like cereal because I feel like it doesn't really fill me up that much. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions as to what would be good for breakfast please let me know! I've been eating toaster strudels which is probably why after losing 2 pounds I gained it right back!
So Candy, are you in the habit of asking your brother for approval like that? (my psychic powers say yes! rolleyes.gif) So what's up with that? I know, it'd be nice if he'd be supportive and enthusiastic for you instead of telling you how you still don't measure up. But hey, he's also just being his logical, rational, problem-solving self, and boys just can't help that. So at one level, you know he's right and don't you just want to kill him? And at another level, why can't he hear that what you're really asking for is a little support. I think half of all relationship issues boil down to this kind of thing.
wow, condescening much,phychic?

Candycane, I usually eat a thing of yogurt and 16 oz bottle of Lipton green tea. I have never been much of a breakfast person, so that fills me up fine. If you wanted more, I would add a piece of fruit or toast. Most low fat yogurts have around 100 calories in them...betcha the toaster strudel has about 500.
Toast! It's about the only thing I can look at first thing in the morning. Rye or pumpernickel is esp. good. For nutrition (and if dry toast is too bland for you) sometimes I'll spread a couple of tablespoons of ricotta on top, and top that with a teaspoon of jam or marmalade. Peanut or almond butter is a good standby on toast for breakfast, and pretty quick. If I'm actually hungry (which, granted, is maybe once every other month-eating breakfast at all has been a challenge) I'll boil an egg.
MissP, I feel you. I too have gained about 20lbs in the last year, on top of what was already too-high weight. Ugh, grad school. And my culprits were the same - processed foods, etc. Also, stress eating from grad school. But if I can start to wean myself off the unhealthy habits, then, believe me, anyone can! If you're interested, I would definitely recommend the books raisin and i were talking about earlier.

Maddy, that's great! w00t!

Candycane - I wake up starving in the mornings, and I've found that if I don't eat a good breakfast, my blood sugar is off all day.

I've just started eating the following breakfast: I fill a small bowl halfway with fresh fruit (whatever is at the farmer's market and looks good - this week it was strawberries and raspberries). then i put three or four tablespoons of plain full-fat yogurt over that (because the low-fat stuff will not keep me full) and then, on top of that, about 1/4 cup of granola. Oh yeah, and a little honey. I've never been a big yogurt fan, but this is pretty yummy, and it keeps me going till lunch, prolly cause of the mix of dairy, fat, sugar and fiber.

If I'm in the mood for something heartier, I'll have an egg or two scambled with some veggies and a piece of whole-wheat toast.

Mmm, this is making me hungry. I love breakfast!

psychicfemme - jeez, that was rude.
thank you, girls, for the super support smile.gif

i've been weaning myself off the "sugar" for the past few days. i was doing OK for about 3 days...and then today hit me. inventory at work. a twelve hour day. i ate a bagel, a corn muffin, about 4 cups of coffee (with milk and splenda), and then....just ate a burger king whopper jr and onion rings. ohmy.gif

i am quite ashamed of myself, but can justify being really tired and really hungry...i think?

but tomorrow is a new day, and i begin my no-sugar, lower carb, no processed food plan again!

for breakfast, i've been eating a couple of hardboiled eggs and they seem to do the trick until noon.
Candycane, I recently wrote about breakfast in the Veggie Tales thread, so you can have a look-see over there to see what I eat.

MissPissed, I like that attitude: tomorrow is always a new day.

Luna! ::waving::

Maddy, keep up the good work.

Six, I always lose weight while on vacation, definitely because I'm more active.

As for me, let's see:

1) I hate the humidity. I can't think, I can't move, I can't breathe, I can't feel.

2) I got a new job, and I'm thinking of walking the 3 miles total to work on the days where the humidity and air quality aren't a problem (see #1 above).

3) I am going to use my yogurt maker for the first time this week. Go ahead and laugh, but I cannot wait! to use this puppy, and I'm not even all that gung-ho on kitchen gadgets. I've been meaning to get this thing started for months now and I keep putting it off. Yes, I live in a world where I get excited about yogurt, but you'd have to have grown up in my family to understand how much of it I've eaten throughout the years. I think it will be a great money-saver, too.
Hey Candy. I really am starting to feel bad for you, because not only do you have a jerky brother, but you seem to have inherited some surrogate "sisters" who seem to want to speak for you and caretake you. I guess it's difficult for these supposedly "advanced" members to hear a strong, confident female voice that speaks with self assurance and authority. And Candy, for my part, I'm much more interested in your voice than I am in the petulant whining going on in the background. rolleyes.gif
You know what, I had yo uon ignore, and I just read that post, and I have to say this: My psychic powers tell me you are a rude jerk, that has NO IDEA how this community works. You have been mentioned in the troll thread, and now we know it is true.

Hmmm...I guess "troll" = someone you don't agree with.
troll=someone who has nothing positive to add to the community

on the breakfast front, I tend to eat yoghurt, usually with cereal (I don't like milk much) or some fruit. or toast. but I've gone off bread lately.

ok, I've got a bit of an issue (and this is going to sound very, very odd, and I do apologise) but... does anyone have any experience of losing weight without any change in diet/activity? I'm taking antidepressants, and have noticed my appetite wavers - also the recent humidity just nixes any appetite I have. But, and this is my point - what's good for maintaining a weight? I want to eat a relatively healthy diet, but I really, really don't want to lose any more weight! But I don't want to put anything back on, I've lost the half stone or so I put on over the past year.
I think adding a protein bar here and there will help you maitain.

It may be a side effect of your meds. Be careful. I was on wellbutrin and it kills your appetite. My doctor prescribed it to me, eventhough I am a recovering bullemic, and I had a seizure from the medication mixing with my starving body.
I'm on antidepressants too. First I was on Paxil which made me feel hungry and tired all the freakin time! Now I'm on Celexa which seems to be helping, it makes me feel like I'm not so obsessed with food anymore, although I still have those days. I'm surprised that your doctor put you on Wellbutrin, my doctor told me specifically that it is bad for bulimics.

Anyhoo, thanks for all the breakfast suggestions! I think I'm just gonna finish off the toaster strudels then get myself to the supermarket and pick up some yogurt, granola and fruit. And for days when i'm in a hurry maybe I'll just do the toast thing.

Another question that's been bugging me. What does everybody do for their workout regimen? Seeing as how I just got back into working out I've been doing 25 minutes of cardio, some ab exercises and then I either do upper body exercises with weights or lower body weights. However, I was talking to a friend of mine last night and she said that she did the same thing when she first got in shape but the second time she really wanted to lose weight she just started doing an hour of cardio and some ab stuff. Should I try that instead? Do I really need to use weights or should I just stay on the cardio equipment?

And thanks for all the support ladies. I'm so glad I have this place to come and ask questions and occassionally vent.
pixiedust is a side effect of the prozac. I lost weight when I went on it too. Unfortunately, once I got off of it, my metabolism went the other direction and I started putting on weight for no apparent reason. My doctor ran blood tests and everything and we could never figure out what is causing the weight gain.
I lost weight on Prozac too, it was awesome:) I was lighter than even in high school! Crazy. But yep, as soon as I went off, I gained it back, pretty much.

i lost another pound! it's very weird!

this am for breakfast i ate an egg and cheese mcdonald's biscuit, hash browns and a large coke. heh heh. yum!

usually i make a whole wheat bread and peanut butter sandwich and bring it to work to eat. cheap, filling, good fiber and protein and easy to carry with me.
Does anyone else have trouble with weight fluctuating rapidly? For example, last week I was down 4 lbs...and I can tell a difference in how my clothes fit and even in how I look. All weekend, I tried to stick with my weekday routine with the excpetion that because I got up after noon yesterday I ate my yogurt as an evening snack. This morning I step back on the scale and I am back up to where I started from. If anything, I eat better on the weekends because I don't have fast food lunches.
I figured it was the prozac... I was just wondering if there was some way to balance it out. I'm one of those people who doesn't really lose or gain weight (I've been about the same weight since I stopped growing at fourteen) and it's weirding me out more than anything. I've only been on it a month! and people were saying I'd lost weight before that (and I'd go: "nah"). Ah well.
We seemed to have cross posted, Mornington. I wouldn't worry about it since it is likely you will gain it back when get off of it. You wouldn't want to purposely gain weight and then have everything you've lost come back! AT least I wouldn't!
Pixie, it's very normal for weight to fluctuate. It can go up or down by a few pounds in the course of a day! That's why doctors, etc. recommend weighing yourself no more than once a week.
so we did, pixie! i'm not bothered about the weight I've lost... I just don't want to loose any more. 'Cos I'm not built to be skinny tongue.gif . (seriously, I start to resemble that Scream painting)

Weight does fluctuate on a daily, or weekly basis. Is it happening regularly? The only think I could think of was your period - I know I feel more or less bloated depending on where I am in my cycle. If you're not changing your eating habits, it could just be your natural state. if that makes sense.
I know there is normal fluctuation..and I am sticking to mostly weighing myself on Mondays...but it just seems really weird to me that my weight just won't budge after changing so many of my eating habits...I realize I have a way to go, and I need to add some exercise in there...but most of this weight, I gained WHILE TAKING DIET PILLS! It is just strating to freak me out that maybe there is something more serious going on here.
Alrighty... I've lost 3 pounds today and I did NOTHING. Yet, when I try to lose weight, I lose NOTHING. What...the...hell?
I truly do want to eat more healthy though, I think I actually feel better about how I'm treating myself when I eat better rather than when I eat junk food and think, "damn, did I just eat all of that?"
But, my problem is I live in Texas and I dont want to go out and exercise... it's usually in the late 90s to early 100 degrees out here on a good summer day. O_O

I keep hearing the whole cardio workout, what exactly in it works best for any of you who do cardio? Anything specific?
I just hate being how I am now and it's actually messing up my self-esteem worse. I used to normally weigh around 115-120 as a 5'3" girl. Now, I bloated to a 170, the most weight I've ever had on me. sad.gif
It just makes me feel so self-doubtful that I cant wear what I'd like to wear, be comfy in my own skin. Especially in the summer when I like to go swimming.
I even am now turning down photographers, as I was a fetish model (nothing inserting though) but I feel just flat out ugly now. When I should be working on my own website... but how can I? I need to lose the weight. My boyfriend is very supportive and says he only wants me to lose weight if it'll make me feel happier, but otherwise he loves me as I am no matter what, but I know he's got to miss that girl who looked good in latex, right?
I already had a low self-esteem before the weight gain and now it's just worse. I dont mean for this to be a pity party or anything, I just needed to let it out and all of you seem so sweet, I felt I'd be okay sharing it here.
I feel you , muse. I'm only 5' and weight around 175. I'm big boned though and haven't seen 120 in a while...For a long time I hung around 135-140 and was fairly comfortable there.
I don't even want to mention how much I weigh. But anyway, I've been getting annoyed because after losing 2 pounds I've just gained it right back. I feel as though I need to start being tougher on myself, like more strict with what I eat.

But for those of you who are into exercise, do you think I should stick with doing half an hour of cardio and then half an hour of weights or should I just start doing an hour of cardio? I just want to know what will help me burn fat faster.
candycane, I'd alternate if I were you... weights will build muscle, which will amp up your metabolism, as just having more muscle requires more calories. But longer periods of moderately paced cardio will burn more fat... I'd say do weights one workout and longer cardio the next.
candycane, actually, not to be obtuse, but both will. They work in different ways, so combined is usually most effective. Cardio burns calories right then and there, but weight training builds muscle, which burns calories 24/7 (your muscle actually builds in the "rest" period between weight sessions, which is why it's more effective with at least a day or two between sessions) and also boosts your overall metabolism. Back when I was more fit and actually went to the gym, I did cardio every day and weights 3 or 4 days a week, alternating upper and lower body each session. (My roommate at the time could afford a personal trainer, so that's where all this info comes from-and far too many biology courses!)

Blech, I haven't done my last check in on eDiets or cooked proper meals in a week or so. All I've been eating is crackers/cheese/veg/hummus, basically, simple hor d'oeurves. Hey, there's a new diet! wink.gif My air conditioning's out, and it's too hot to move. I'm half tempted to lay in front of the open fridge to cool off and just graze. Laaaaazy....

I need motivation!

ETA: I took forever posting. Basically, what Edna said. biggrin.gif
Thanks. I've heard both of what you said before (the stuff about muscle burning calories all the time) but I was just starting to wonder. I think I'll just alternate, especially since I don't want to get bored with my workout. I've been thinking about taking some of the classes but I just don't like the time of day that they're held at.
Warning this is a "I'm happy with my body, why can't my husband not be a tool rant"

Begin rant-

I can totally relate to having suddenly looked down and say "Holy Crap! is that MY ASS?!"

I have a spinal cord disease called Syringomyelia. It causes wasting and loss of bowel, bladder and muscle control over time by destroying the center of the spinal cord via a fluid filled sac called a syrinx.

Mine is in an inoperable place and since shunts shift too often I am told to "be extremely carefu!" chest protestor, med-alert necklace, special cards for er visits.

Its cause me to have asthma, joint swelling, thrombosis in my legs, and chronic fatigue.

Add on that I have horrible food and drug allergies and I am usually using so much time "sanitizing/cooking" my special food, then making sure I take my meds right, do my stretching, feed my animals, and do some house/craft/car maintinence the LAST thing I remember is to exercise.

It sucks! My hubbby actually said today "Hey your tummy is getting bigger!" I wanted to smack him!

I mean I am already vegan, I don't eat crap, I try to walk at least 1 mile a day and still do the exercises I am supposed to for my back, I know I am getting chubby but I'm not a firefighter, chasing down fires or running 5 miles a day anymore, I'm going to exspand a little!

OK....end rant.

Post script? Next time he says that I'm going to say "Hey your hair is thinner!" jerk mad.gif
good comeback:) that is shitty, he should be more understanding of what you are going through!! I mean, he is your HUSBAND! It'd be bad enough if you were just a healthy woman, but you have all this really difficult medical stuff going on! I want to yell at him too:)
I'm sorry to hear that keenkitty. You would think that as your husband he would be more understanding. I mean, I can't even imagine what you have to go through on a daily basis. I say if he mentions it again you should definitely mention the thinning hair!

Its super common for weight to flux up to 8-10 lbs for some women...depending on their cycle, water weight etc. I myself flux between 5-8 lbs each month without changing any habits.

For this reason, I almost never weigh myself anymore. If you're might want to try measuring inches instead. I always find that by measuring my waist, hips, etc is much more indicative of the effects of my weight training/ cardio. Because of weights, I usually actually weigh MORE when i'm in good shape then when I sllip off the track!!! Who knows, my body could just be weird though.
I second the weight flux even just during the day...if I weigh myself in the morning I'm around 114, and if I weigh myself before bed I'm around 120. I've stopped looking at the numbers on the scale because they haven't moved in almost a year, but I can tell I've slimmed down in spots. I'm guessing I just built muscle in other spots.
I measure weight fluctuation by the way my clothes fit more than by the scale. Sometimes the scale may say I've lost a few pounds but my clothes say differently. *shrugs*

I started taking yoga after my tae bo classes were cancelled last spring. I wasn't so keen on yoga in comparison; too slow and contemplative. I like jumping around and practicing punches smile.gif . I do think the yoga has been good for me though and it seems to have produced results! It's ashtanga yoga; has anyone else done this and if so what did you think of it?
weight flux-yep, i got pre-menstrual, and all bloated, and the scale says 191 now! up from 186. but really, i'm looking at the weight range, more than the actual number. like now i weight 186-191, before i weighed 191-196. but yep, i can change a lot during the day, too. depending on food, if i need to pooh, etc. smile.gif
ack, i hate weighing myself. my weight depends on the time of day/month so much, and it aggravates me to see that i do fluctuate about 5 lbs every month.

pixie, it sounds like we have the same body-type. i am at 170 now, and am 5'2. my "perfect" weight would be 135-140, because that's where (IMO and the comments of others) i look best.

when i was lower than 130 lbs, i looked emaciated and REALLY BONEY. i mean, sharp edges and ribs and chest bones were sticking out of me. doctor's weight chart be damned, because i am big boned and built to be soft and curvy. i think you can figure out your frame size by measuring your wrist, no?

my progress is eh. i have good days, and bad days. yesterday was a bad one, but i am going to do my best for today to be a good one. i have the day off, so i am going on a hike and will also do my belly-dance aerobic video.

one day at a time... unsure.gif
i can't remember what thread people were talking about smoothies and that new yogurt with activia- but pixie was saying it's not that good, which is true, i got the blueberry and it tastes weird.

BUT! I just made this awesome smoothie, with frozen strawberries, blueberries and half a thing of that yogurt-soooo good!!!!!!!

what are other healthy things you can add to a smoothie?
Maddy..the peach and strawberry are decent. I haven't made up my mind about the mixed berry. I will say this though, they keep pushing try it for 2 weeks, so I did. I am normally a little "loose" by nature(sorry if this is TMI) But the last few days I have been nearly constipated and had painful abdominal cramping when I had to go. I think I am going to lay off of it for a while and go back to regular yogurt. I might throw the Activia in from time to time, but definitely not as a staple.

Oh and on the fluctuation thing, I guess I never clarified. I have been only weighing myself weekly and had noticed a drop in pounds and a change in how my clothes felt, but a week later the scale was back up and clothes too. There seems to be a 10 lb range I can not break through!
I seem to have a 2 pound range that I can't break through! Okay, so I haven't really been trying very hard when it comes to eating. It seems like at first it was really easy for me to cut down on my chocolate intake but I just bought a bunch of Mrs. Fields "nibblers" tonight and all I can think about is getting a sundae from Baskin Robbins. WTF? I want that old feeling of not caring about food, why am I back to being obsessed?
Miss Pissed!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you have the Neena and Veena videos?!
D double U
Hi Everyone,

20 years old and I've always kinda been overweight. Im 5'1" 160ish. I don't like to weigh myself because it makes me depressed sad.gif I run and do Tae Bo every now and then but it's really hard to get motivated. Seeing all these skinny heffas on tv doesn't make me feel movitated either. I also wonder if it's a body type issue. I've don't Atkins and it was horrible. I'm just trying to find something that I can do consistently without starving myself....
raisin, yes. do you have it, too? i like that workout, and will prolly do it today...
D double U, I had good results with tae bo, especially my arms. Starving yourself is never good! I try to eat a biggish breakfast, a medium lunch and something lighter for dinner. That seems to make a difference without me actually having to give up anything.

I only weigh myself when I'm at the gym. I decided not to keep a scale in the house!
I like reading the posts in here. Everyone is so supportive of each other, and it's a great place to sound off.

I'm just a hair under 5'7'' and I weigh anywhere between 134 -138 (depending upon my cycle - stupid bloating with PMS!). I get sick of reading how celebrities and Playboy Playmates average 5'6'' and average 118 pounds. If I lost 16 pounds and weighed 118 I would loose my boobs and butt! And my tummy is pretty much flat. I've been running for just over a month now as well as weight training, and my weight has pretty much stayed the same. I wonder if it is because I am gaining some muscle? My clothes fit better than ever before. Who knows, who knows.
I just joined Ediets, and am starting on GI diet after next week. I would start this upcoming week, but the boy is coming down.

I'm at 200 right now, but my ideal weight is about 150-160. I'm going off a medication (damn seizure meds), so my doctor told me that my weight would be fucked up for a while...

Anyone reccomend some good workout videos? It's too damn hot in GA to walk.... I really need to move to a apartment complex with a pool!
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