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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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GET IT! I've taken a few different types of group fitness classes in the last few years: kickboxing, turbo kick, hip hop dance, cardio dance, step, pilates, cardio/core... Some of them sucked and I never went back. Others were really fun once I got there and got into it, but I still sometimes had to really convince myself to get off my ass and go to the damn class. Turbo Kick, though, was always the class that I looked forward to all day. I was sad if I had to miss it. I would rearrange plans to try to make that class. It was partly because the instructor was so darn fun and cute, but it was also because it's a really well-designed workout that makes the time fly, has great music, and fun moves. You're so right: if you want to reach your goals, you have to WANT to do the things that get you there.

Also: props to you for making the decision to lose some weight and more importantly, to do it in a sane and healthy way. Best of luck to you! Stick around here while you're working on it!
i just had a quasi-epiphany; i too have purchased work-out vids off the tv/internets, and while they are awesome for like 3-6 mo, it's inevitable that i get bored. would anyone be up to a trading circle or something? just thinkin' out loud...

in the meantime, continuing my 2 week sabbatical from working out, must...get...shit...together...

tal- keep at it, once the weight starts going it will go fast. i have mad respect for all you ladies in here!
I just need to post this here so I hold myself to it:

No matter how hot or humid it gets this week, no matter if I went to the gym in the morning, no matter how many excuses I can come up with, I vow to find one measley hour out of each day to go for a walk. And I will indeed go for that walk, if only to clear my head.
You have willpower, raisingirl. I should do the same.
I figure I should probably jump on this exercising bandwagon, and I think rollerblading looks fun. I can't skate but I figure I can learn. Is it really hard to pick up? And any suggestions on what kind of rollerblades to buy? it even a good work out?
I don't have one ounce of willpower; what I have are oceans of determination.
Yes, you should do the same, Seraphine, and anyone else who feels like it.

Oh oh oh! While I was on my clear-my-head walk tonight, I thought more about willpower and needed to come back here to clear up my last post. I don't have one ounce of willpower because I don't believe in it. This article by Nancy Clark talks about nutrition skillpower versus willpower. I thought I would pass it along to all of you. What she says can be applied to anyone who's on a quest to become healthy, elite athletes or not. Happy reading!
Boot Camp was the worst part of Aerobics 101. I told the bitch that in my review. I also told a former classmate that I thought my Ju Jitsu class was geared toward men and that they really should stop asking themselves why women never stay. Who the hell wants to drag their sweaty boobs across a filthy mat while tons of asshole jocks (who can do it much faster) stand there waiting (laughing), thinking that because they have no tits, they are entitled to ridicule those who are forced to tape them down or suck it up? The whole thing is crap. I only like group fitness classes where the instructor is not an asshole. I mean, who the hell wants to go to a place where all they tell you is that you should be just like them, right off the bat? No one. The people who stay are just torturing themselves. LA fitness, this means you.
So it's 11:30 pm Bust time and I'm sitting here thinking I should really think about going to sleep if I want to wake up in time for the morning workout at the gym. But it's so hot/humid that I can't even sleep. I'm not even tired. Bah. We went out for dinner at like 8pm tonight. Welcome to summer!
bottleblack, i have no idea about what sort of rollerblades to get. i suggest a locally owned secondhand sports shop, where the owner seems to know their stuff. that way if you don't like it you won't have spent tons of money, and you don't have to worry about perky university students desperate for comission. get knee, elbow, and wrist guards, too, and wear a bike helmet. it's not too hard to pick up, and it is a good workout.

so, i'm thinking of joining a gym. it's gorgeous, which means i'll be far more likely to work out than at my school gym, with its one room of cardio equipment and the intimidating free-weight room. also, when you start you get a fitness assessment, which i would really like, because i honestly have no idea of what a healthy weight for me is or anything. i have a very heavy skeleton and a large frame for my height, so i can't use normal height-weight ranges. if i even start getting near the middle of the 'healthy' range for my height my ribs stick out so much it's uncomfortable to lie down, and my period stops (as i discovered much by accident when i was in a girls' fitness class in highschool. i just couldn't eat enough food to keep up with the daily exercise plus walking to and from school)
Sigh...I am supposed to work out tonight but I don't wanna. How do you guys motivate yourselves on days like this?
Karianne, I usually do one of a few things:
1. I don't even try to motivate myself. Some days it's just not gonna happen. If you're super busy, or run down, or lethargic, sometimes you simply have to give yourself permission to skip the work out. If not, you'll just start to hate and dread the gym (or wherever you work out).
2. I remind myself that YES, I will actually feel good once I'm working out and I'll feel great after... that nice endorphin high, the post-workout energy, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you just made a good, healthy decision. Seriously, after I've worked out I'm *always* glad I did. I just have to get myself to believe that when I'm sitting home eating cookies, posting on bust!
3. Try something new. Maybe your workout routine is just getting old, or just wasn't right for you to begin with. It took me a while to figure out what I like, but I actually love going to kickboxing and dancing. I'm bummed when I have to miss them.

Speaking of which...

I'm sad right now. I posted a couple weeks ago about being diagnosed with patellofemoral pain (not patellofibular pain-- I misspoke). After two weeks of physical therapy and minimal activity, it hasn't improved any. In fact, it's the worst it's ever been. PLUS, last night I started getting this new, sharper pain in a different part of my knee, pain that actually kept waking me up during the night. So I went back to the health center, asked for a different doc, and now have a different diagnosis: patellar tendonitis. As luck would have it, apparently physical therapy for FB pain (diagnosis 1) can aggravate patellar tendonitis (diagnosis 2). So that's awesome. Now I can hardly walk; I had to call the golf cart service for disabled students to drive me around campus today to get to my classes and doc appointment. Man, I envy those of you who are in the position of trying to motivate yourselves to go work out! I wish I had that problem. Damn, I'm not looking forward to two months' worth of being a gimp. I'm also worried that being totally inactive will make me start to obsess about weight gain and food issues. I'm a recovered (recovering?) anorexic, so this could be a problem... Does anyone have experience or advice on any of this?
octinoxate, i sprained my ankle last year, and took up a pilates DVD when I was healthy enough to work out but my ankle wasn't strong enough for running. Generally, a mat workout is not going to require you to put weight on your legs, and that may be an option for you.

I have been using the elliptical and doing some weights at the gym for the past two weeks, after taking about five weeks off to recover from a really nasty sinus infection. Tonight I attended my favoritest class for the first time since I got sick: Hot Bod! It was terrific. (It's a combo of cardio, stretching and weightlifting.) I definitely sleep better since I started working out again.
Ouch, octinoxate, sorry to hear about your injury. I don't have any advice, I'm sorry. I wish you a speedy recovery though.

Well, I ditched my plan to spin last night, but I did take a run with the dog.

Sidecar, that Hot Bod class sounds like fun!
Hot Bod is so much fun. I actually do look forward to it all week and plan my schedule around it, the way octixinate looked forward to turbo kick. And I've never enjoyed a fitness class this much -- not spinning, not yoga!

oh, and octixinate, i'm sorry about your injury too, even though i forgot to say so in my previous post.

karianne, i love running with my dog. I haven't done that in awhile, but she enjoys it so much that I almost forget it's work to run with her.
Thanks for the sympathy and advice. Sidecar, I think maybe I will look into pilates in a week or two. I've never tried it before and I'm wondering: do you have to do positions where you're on hands on knees, or in any other way putting pressure on the knees?

Maybe this injury will be a blessing in disguise (it seems everything can be if you want it to be): I might discover some new way cool exercise that I never would have tried if I hadn't been forced to look outside my usual activities.

Hot Bod sounds cool. I think the funness of a workout is directly related to how dumb its name is :-) Is it a program that's run at gyms nation-wide? I've never heard of it before.

Hello Octinoxate! I am a Pilates instructor (new here) and maybe I can help with the knee question. Pilates is very gentle to your knees and it is often used for rehab if you have knees problems, also for dancers and athletes with bad knees. There are a few positions where you are on hands and knees, but you can avoid those easily. I am sure that you would benefit from the matwork (these are exercises you can do at home) but for specific problems you might want to go to a Pilates Studio and work on a machine called "Reformer". All the best, Tatina
Feh. I never had knee problems in my life until I tore cartilage in my knee from doing Pilates --taught by competent people, yes (i.e. dancers) --and had to have physical therapy for rehab. I was on crutches for a period of time and was taped and bandaged up and everything for a while in the beginning. No fun. I used to love Pilates, but no more.
What a bummer! I am sorry to hear that! I also got injured by my instructor during teachers training (hamstring torn). I was in physio for 4 months and could not sit for the entire time. I sued her successfully. Incompetent, badly trained and insensitive teachers are aroung in every field. The fact that your teacher is a dancer does not mean a thing - so was mine. Au contraire - many dancers have learned to be brutal and insensitive to the body, to push instead of relaxing and to force things that should not be forced - often dancers are not the best Pilates instructors. I don't think the method is to blame. If you injured yourself so severly, you did not receive proper instructions. After checking out many fitness routines I still feel that Pilates is one of the safest and most efficient things one can do. I regained full mobility after a partial paralysis (after a brain operation) thanks to sensitive and gentle Pilates training. Right now I am using Pilates to fix my knee injury which I got in an Astanga Yoga class. Sorry for raving - but I still love Pilates! All the best for your knee!
No, this was from fully-trained and certified Pilates instructors who are dancers, actually from a reputable dance studio known for being not harsh to the body and recognizing that not all dancers should be a size 0. I don't blame the instructors or the studio in any way for my injury; if anything, I attribute it to my overeagerness for liking Pilates so much. I just don't think Pilates is this magical cure-all that some purport it to be, but good for you for regaining full mobility after your brain operation (that's pretty incredible).

I loved Pilates, but I'm not going back to it. There are so many other things I like to do that don't cause pain. My knee is at about 90-95% of how it was pre-injury, and that's good enough for me.
Just to clarify - my Pilates instructor was one of the "best" in London, certified to teach and train, very wellknown. Nevertheless, she stepped on my back while I was doing a split and caused major damage. In my case the injury was clearly caused by my teacher.
But I agree fully with you - you have to follow your heart and your intuition and if you feel that Pilates is not for you, follow your feeling. The body knows what it needs and what is right... and all bodies are different. Can I ask you how the accident happened?
busties --
anyone had experience with mini-trampolines? I just moved to HI and am living with my brother until I find a place of my own, and today instead off my usual run on the beach with my dog, he had us bounce side by side for 20 minutes. he says it's a great workout, strengthens your core, good cardio, etc. I know I'll feel it more tomorrow, but right now I'm thinking it's really good for the calves and not much else. any input from you all?
Yap. I use them for years. According to what I read it's great cardio workout, plus all the other stuff you mention. If you get sore in your calfs, try to jump with straight legs. I think the secret is to change your moves - you can work your hamstring and your quads depending on what you do. You get the benefit from jogging without damaging your joints. NASA uses them for astronauts training and some therapists use them for treating depression - it is a real feel-good workout. The manufacturer also claims that it purifies the lymph system due to the micro vibrations - I'm not so sure about that though. Its a cool thing if you don't like gyms and if you like to work out to your own music.
I also have a mini-trampoline which I use occasionally. It's been great when the weather outside is too cold/snowy/icy/rainy/whatever to go on my regular outdoor run. I put on a radio station or a DVD that I like, and run on the tramp for 40-50 minutes. I don't think it's quite as intensive a workout as an actual outdoor run, but it's fun and I feel like I've done "something" on days when I'm forced to forgo my regular running routine.
Do you think that dieting can cause depression? Well, I'm not talking about a serious long term depression. But maybe just day to day mood swings? I've been working out for a while, not really seeing much weight difference. I feel better. But I need to lose some weight too. So I started this diet on Saturday. It's going well. But today I just feel like a big looser! I'm not kidding. Everything is wrong. All I can think about it the negative things in my life. Seriously, on the way to work I was almost weeping. Now, it might be a little bit PMS, or the diet + PMS. Just wondered if any of you notice anything like this, and what you do to counteract it?

Blahhhhhh!!! sad.gif

On top of all of this.... I cant figure out how to edit. And I can't even SPEEL! Oopppss, I mean SPELL.


On top of all of this.... I cant figure out how to edit. And I can't even SPEEL! Oopppss, I mean SPELL.

*delurks* Yummymum, are you eating a lot less sugar all of a sudden? Because when I did that, it definitely made me bitchy for a few days.
Yep. Cutting out the sugar in a big way. My cravings aren't really a problem yet. I've had the sugar-withdrawl headache already. I have more energy. But I'm just reeeeallly down! Boohoo- poor me down.

Then again, it could be the weather. Rainy, dreary day here in the Midwest.
I always try not to start a new diet when I know I am going to be PMSing. It just makes it worse! I almost have to have a little chocolate around that time of the month. I've been doingthe yoguart thing pretty consistantly now. I just switched to the activia kind this week to see if it would help weight come off faster. I think it really is helping to have breakfast. Initially I saw an increase in weight, but it seems to have leveled off now, and I think I may have actually lost a few pounds again. I really need to get an exercise routine down.
i've been really trying to have breakfast as well...i have seen a vast improvement in my lasting until lunch and not eating such a big lunch...

i am getting these headaches though, every night this about annoying...but a bunch of people in my class have been blacking out lately...i think its cuz of the heat....

((goes back to drink more water)))
Ms.GB What are you doing for breakfasts? I've been eating yogurt for about a month now...This week I switched to the activia kind...and I really do feel less bloated and whatever. I have alomst got myself on a 4 small meal routine now. I usually have a piece of fruit and a rootbeer float(my indulgence) in the afternoons. I have noticed that I am eating far less at lunch and dinner than before. We are trying to get a walking routine down. We went Tuesday night, but I had a headache last night. Since I am TTC I don't want to do anything to rigorous that will throw off my period. And thsi is somethign I can continue even after I get pg.
This week I started the Mediterranean Diet. Is anyone else doing this? I love it. The idea is that you eat all whole, fresh foods, nothing processed. So that means nothing low-fat or fat free and also nothing with artificial sweeteners. The idea is that if you are eating real foods, you'll need less of the full-fat things and generally feel happier with what you're eating. Ilost four pounds this week and I'm so much happier than I've been on any other weight-loss plan.

The other thing is the approach to food. The idea is that you eat good, natural foods and really savor them, eating them slowly. You also make sure that you treat mealtime as something special. This realy works, at least for me. I love taking the time to really experience whhat I'm eating, and I find that I eat a lot less this way, as well. I found that even though I was eating things like rich dark chocolate and full-fat yogurt, I'm still losing weight because I eat small portions of these things. And I'm eating so many more fruits and veggies. It's especially fun right now, b/c the farmer's markets are full of good stuff.

I think you do lose weight slower this way, but that's ok with me, because I'm trying to find a way to eat for the rest of my life. I have a lot of weight to lose, so it's going to take a long time either way! Might as well enjoy it! smile.gif
I guess that is similar to what I'm doing although I didn't realize it was an actual diet plan. I agree that it is probably a slower way to lose weight, but I would rather lose the weight slowly and keep it off rather than lose it all at once and gain it back in 6 months!

Lunch is my big weakness right now. Mr. P and I eat out together everyday for lunch, so we don't eat the best stuff. That will change in August when he starts teaching and we can't have lunch together anymore. I will probably go back to bringing my lunch to work. I feel like I have more control over my fat content when I am bringing it from home.
Yeah, Luna! ::applause:: Along those lines, my new rule is no eating dinner in front of the TV. It's too easy to inhale food and enjoy/taste none of it. We'll have to go for walks once you come back here and we are neighbors. Whoo!
Luna, I have been doing the eDiets version of the Med. diet for almost 8 weeks now. I decided to eDiet when I realized I am just too freakin' lazy right now to make up my own menus (I'm blaming the hot summer). I'd never heard of the Med. diet before, I just kept clicking on all the diet plans until I saw a menu of food I would actually want to eat, then chose that diet. I've lost 21 pounds so far, and I was really surprised to lose that much, until I realized I'd really been eating crap since Christmas. The hardest part is making myself eat breakfast. I have to have been awake for at least an hour before I can contemplate food, but I think breaking the breakfast up into mini-meals throughout the morning has kept me from eating the junk food everyone is always offering at work. Are you following the diet from the book? I have to say I LOVE all the fresh veg, and have been eating more fish (esp. salmon) than I ever have before. Yum!
hahaha, raisin, i KNEW you'd be proud!

This "diet" seems to have exploded lately, which is, of course, great. I can't wait to see Big Food try to profit off a diet that is designed around NOT eating processed foods. You know it's coming!

But, yeah, the not-eating-in-front-of-the-TV thing is my big project for the summer. It's working really well so far. The whole thing has been working well, because I actually have time off and have been enjoying going to farmers' markets and cooking, etc. We'll see how I do when I get back to school.

Raisin - we'll have to hit the farmers' markets together when I get back!

oh, and sixelcat -

The book I read is "The Fat fallacy" by Will Clower, which, thankfully, does not lay out any kind of strict diet. He is anti-diet, which I love. Lots of diet book authors will claim it's not a diet and then tell you exactly what to eat. rolleyes.gif This is more of a way to approach food. There are a few guidelines:

1. stay away from processed foods - nothing that didn't grow from the ground or have parents.
2. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
3. Maybe most importantly - make mealtime special and really savor your food. I think this is the hardest but most important thing. This also means not snacking continually throughout the day, which is the hardest thing for me.

He came up with these principles after living in France and observing the "french paradox" which is that the french eat all those saturated fats and white bread that are supposed to be bad for you and are so much thinner than Americans. He came to the conclusion that the problem was our overconsumption of highly processed foods and poor relationship with food. And, of course, the dreaded portion size issues. This is his website.

how do you like ediets? how does it work? oh, and i think breaking up breakfast is a good idea. They say it's a good idea to get *something* in your stomach within the first hour of waking up, but you could have like some toast or fruit after your shower and then something more substantial lately. Just so long as you're not grazing all morning.
I totally do the "eat something small within the first hour and then have a more substantial breakfast after" thing, but I have to say - as someone who likes to eat a lot of small meals, telling me not to graze just doesn't work. On the one hand, I guess you're never entirely full (and thus always eating). On the other hand, when I eat really big meals, it (usually) feels like too much at one time. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and I'm so-so about the processed food thing - I mean, even if you drink something like soy milk (which I only use in shakes a couple of times a week; otherwise, I just drink regular skim milk. . .that's what I grew up on, 2% feels like I'm drinking butter), it's going to have tons of stuff added (even when it's "organic"). As for portion control, some times are better than others (some small meals are smaller than others), but I think it evens out when you take both your cycle and exercise into account. For me, the main thing is really that unhealthy relationship with food - I've never been on a real diet, just overall (and over time) adjustments in the way I eat/see food. If I have a craving for pizza and I deny myself, I'm just going to pig out on pizza at the next family function. I ate pretty unhealthily the first half of this week (hormones, get-togethers) so I'm just picking up the slack a little now - but not in a "I overate, now I must work my bones to the ground" kind of way. Just more that I have to get back on the wagon or I'll start to feel gross.

A lot of it also money - people will rationalize that a fast food lunch is cheaper than preparing something healthy. That may be true if you're thinking specifically of, say, McDonald's, but generally speaking, it's also a lot cheaper to prepare your own food and even when you're eating fatty foods from home, it's probably a lot more nutrition-filled/less processed than what you're going to find at your average food court.

Also, while I agree that you should enjoy your meals, I also have to wonder whatever happened to bringing a peanutbutter sandwich to work, you know? On the one hand, you have people not making mealtimes special and thus mindlessly eating whatever is in front of them. On the other hand, some meals are just going to be simple and boring, either b/c you can't afford it or b/c it's not your main meal of the day. I mean, I would love to get sushi more often than I do (though I guess all that raw fish isn't great either), but it's just not in the budget. . .so when I do have it, it's something special.
We have just about cut all fast food out because even that is getting so expensive these days you might as well spend a dollar or two more get something decent. Of course the downside to that is, nicer restraunts always give you HUGE portions. There are times I can make one meal stretch for 3! So what does the mediteranian diet say about say bread and potatoes? Those are two of my favs/ I have given them up in the past for Atkins, but I always miss them.
Snaf - from what i know of you, it seems like you lie pretty healthily, as far as eating goes. right?

The whole enjoying your food thing does feel a little silly at first, but it works well for me because I'm a total sensualist about food. wink.gif And I see what you're saying about the peanut butter sandwich at work, but for me, I just really need to be more conscious about what I eat. Otherwise, I find myself alternating between periods of eating nothing at all and then eating constantly. And even if it's something really simple like a peanut butter sandwich, you can still enjoy it. I mean, you eat them because they taste good, right?

Pixie - argh, the cursed Atkins diet! Pox on Atkins and all the rest for making us feel guilty about bread and potatoes! Clower in his book recommends that you have a serving of starch with each meal. Of course, a serving means a serving. Imagine my shock when I found out that a bagel is actually three-four servings!
Heh - now that you can edit indefinitely, I feel like going back and writing, "I eat really healthy - two Slimfasts a day and then a steak and potato for dinner!" I eat okay - I could be better. I tend to eat really simply b/c of both finances and an aversion to "elaborate" meal plans that I'm trying to overcome. I eat packaged soups (healthy lentil ones, but there's still probablya lot of preservatives in there) a lot more often than I should, for example, and I've been eating massive amounts of carbs at weird times lately b/c I exercise late in the day and then I overdo it. Hopefully it all evens out.

I go back and forth between being a sensualist about food to being the kind of person who actually enjoys walking while eating a piece of fruit leather (raw fruit is better, but the dried stuff keeps me off the sweets better) - so I get a little "Huh?" when I'm told that I'm doing it all wrong (not by you!) when I know what works for me. I try not to eat in front of the tv, but I eat in front of my computer a lot, which makes it go a bit more slowly b/c you aren't just shoveling it in - the computer affects your brain much differently than a tv does. I definitely take time to enjoy my chocolate, though - a cup of peppermint tea with some dark chocolate and some cherries? Nothing better. Well, that's not true - I had a monster-sized chocolate milkshake for the first time in ages on Monday and I must have inhaled it in about four minutes, it was so good.

Yeah, aren't bagels like 5-6 pieces of bread? I pointed that out to my friend and he was all, "But what's life without bagels?" I find most chain bagels to be too doughy anyway. I like the Montreal ones best.
BWAHAHAHA!!!!! slimfast! awesome.

i actually feel like one of those annoying diet pushers when talking about this. like my mom in 2002, saying "actually, i feel so much better when all i eat is chicken breasts and broccoli and hard-boiled eggs!" (Freaking Zone Diet - there was no fruit or bread in my parents' house for years!)

It WAS nice, however, to have a scoop of ice cream after dinner without even a pang of guilt, but also without the feeling that i was gorging myself. It kind of hurt to go to the movies after dinner and not have any diet coke though. I'm such an aspartame junkie.
god, my mom has been on every fad diet known to man. I grew up thinking everyone had that tiny drawer in the kitchen crammed with dexatrim. ick. Both my parents did Atkins for ages, which was sillly for her because she's such a carb junkie she had stashes of cookies and candy hidden all over the house (it was like The Days of M&M's and Roses there for a while, with candy hidden in the laundry, bathroom, etc. blink.gif ). My dad was just like "there's a bacon diet? sweet!"

I like eDiets because it indulges my laziness in not wanting to plan a week's meals from scratch. It creates a menu for me, and I just print out a shopping list and hit the market on Saturday (sadly I hadn't been hitting the farmers' market until last week, too busy). I'm not fanatical about having to eat every meal as planned, I generally mix up the different stuff on the menu for the day, as long as it gets eaten and I don't eat the bulk of my food for the day all in the evening (which I used to do), I figure it's okay. It's more of a reminder for me to eat fresh fruit/veg and fish, stuff like that. I tend to get in a rut otherwise. I signed up when I realized I had eaten the same sub sandwich lunch and dinner for 5 days in a row. It's also good for reminding me about portion size. I'm so used to cooking in large amounts (I used to cook for a living) that it's really hard to remember what a single portion looks like!

Thanks for the website, Lunasol! I'm going to check it out when I get back from the farmer's market!
Ah, the Clower book! Me and some of my friends passed that book around to each other a while back. (He is a HORRIBLE writer, BTW -- I just have to say that from a writerly perspective.) What he says is common sense, and I think other people have written more eloquently on the subject (French Women Don't Get Fat -- I rolled my eyes at that entire book, and some of y'all KNOW I am a pseudo-Frenchie). BUT REGARDLESS, it is sound advice. But I think a lot of it is cultural, how our common person American culture defines a good restaurant by bland, large portions for relatively cheap prices (Cheesecake Factory, anyone? I can't stand that place, but that's my own personal bias.). Here it's all about how much bang you can get for a buck, quantity and not quality, stuff yourself to the gills and not taste anything. What's it like in Canada, Snaf?

But in general, Luna and Snaf, I relate to a lot of what you two have said.

(Luna, I have a relative who sells stuff at one of the farmer's markets!)

I know part of the reason why I am so anti-diet is because, like many of you, I had a mother who tried many diets when I was growing up. She's been overweight ever since having us "kids" -- and I really do think it comes down to attitude/one's "relationship" with food. We all know what it takes to lose weight and/or become more healthy. It's simple arithmetic, really, but if only it were that simple. When my mother talks about desserts as being "sinful," I just cringe because I know she's not really going to listen to anything that I have to say. Food is not the enemy! Right, if you see pizza as the enemy and you obsess about it so badly and deny yourself pizza for x amount of time, then the one time you DO "allow" yourself the pizza, you're setting yourself up for a pig-out session.

I hate using quotes like that, but you get my drift.

I'm also so anti-diet because I have LIVED that French paradox. I know it works. Every time I've been to France, whether it was for a move or for a visit, I have lost weight while eating like a fuckin' queen and walking around for hours on end. It is heaven on earth.

Melba toast, anyone? Kidding, kidding...

We ate pizza from our favorite place last night, outdoors on a park bench while people-watching. It was so much fun and I do think that food tastes better when it's eaten outdoors!
My mother in law introduced me to somethign awesome last night! Lipton now makes a citrus flavored green tea! I HATE tea...always have, but I know green tea is good for digestion and is full of antioxidents. so I let her convince me to try a sip and I ended up sucking down 2 16 oz. bottles! It reminded me of lemon lime soda, but without all the carbonation. Anyway, That is definitely going to be added into my diet. maybe I can replace pop completely!
I've just been reading over the last few posts, and Snaf and Luna, I agree with you both. I don't really know if there's a certain term for what I'm doing, especially since it's only been two weeks, but basically I've just been regular food, trying to make healthy choices, and eating stuff that may not be healthy but having less of it. Which is why I got really pissed off today when I mentioned how I've finally been going to the gym on a regular basis and all my brother had to say was "that's great, now you just have to change your eating habits"!! It annoyed me so much because I have changed my eating habits, but since it's all been little things, he acts as though I'm still pigging out all the time the way I used to.

In addition to this, he then goes on to tell me that I should spend more time doing cardio exercise because it's the only way that I'll get noticeable results. Argghh!
mad.gif I hate it when people get that attitude. Evryone is different. they have different diet requirements and different workout needs. All the fad diets work for someone. There is no "easy recipie" for everyone to become thin. If there was, someone would be a millionaire! Obviously people need to adjust their food and activity levels, but everyone needs to find out what works for them. Someone who's really big will see amazing results just walking whereas some people need to run, others lift weights.
i agree with pixie on the workout/diet habits...not all will work for everyone... currently i am just changing my diet cuz i had to, next i will start working out. hopefully this week now that my diet is more on a schedule..

letsee....i've been having grape-nuts cereal with silk soymilk and bananas or blueberries, or oatmeal and a yogurt (i tried the activia today and its not that tasty to me.) i have edamame almost everyday. i try to eat a bag of frozen veggies every day. and then dinner is a tasty salad or sandwich. or even a hot dog with lots of onions and relish. and for treats, i have fruit, like apples, or those 100 calorie packs, or fig newtons are a fav. oh and lots of water or sparkling water.

yesterday i had chocolate silk and its was very good. i was pleasantly surprised.
I agree that activia is not quite as good as regular yogurt..I think the strawberry and the peach are ok..I was not thrilled with the blueberry.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I have lost 4 lbs!
Does anyone else lose weight when they travel? I've been thinking about what's going on when I do lose weight, and I always seem to shed some pounds when I'm out of town. That's it! My apartment is making me fat! (just kidding) Maybe it's the extra activity? I think I walk more when I'm travelling around....maybe I need to do more sight-seeing type stuff around here. There are a bunch of places (museums and the like) that I haven't been to in quite a while.....does this sound weird to anyone else? I'll stop rambling now....
Yeah, i definitely lose weight when i'm traveling. partly it's the walking, and partly it's that i'm not snacking all day! wink.gif
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