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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Without knowing more than you've told me, Pherber, these are a few reasons why you're not dropping pounds

1) Size 12 is a perfectly reasonable size for you, and your body will keep you at that weight for that reason alone;
2) You may not be eating enough food. Too little food (starvation) slows your metabolism down dramatically and permanently. Your body believes it's starving. So it stores EVERYTHING as fat. Usually it just stores carbohydrates, which is why you have to cut them down significantly if you want to maintain your weight.
3) The fruits and vegetables you're eating may be the kind that are extremely starchy, or otherwise contain very high sugar amounts. These can push your overall carbohydrate intake up. The best fruit to eat are vitamin rich berries of all kinds (raw is best); the best veggies to eat are the leafy greens, and veggies such as some types of summer squash, cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes. Root vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes, yams of all kinds contain a lot of sugar and they will interrupt your ability to drop weight, so they have to be had in moderation).
4) When you eat "low fat" foods, you are eating more sugar, more msg, and more edible oil. Msg causes weight gain; sugar is stored as fat immediately; edible oil is poison. Stop eating low fat foods and opt for full fat real foods, especially where dairy is concerned. You will benefit from the fats (your brain and nervous system are dependent on fats for health) as well as from the live cultures in the yogurts and cheeses you can add to your diet. Without these fats you gain no nutrients from dairy anyway, you may as well not eat it at all.
5) I suspect you are not eating enough fat period. Omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 enable fat loss; coconut oil enables and accelerates fat loss; butter and cream that's unpasteurized and organic (if you can get it) contains so many vital nutrients that support gland function that it's amazing people can lose weight without it, since the role of hormones in weight loss, and more importantly, to full health, is so important.

All of these are possibilities. Do you not eat red meat? You may really need to, as a source of vital B vitamins. Fatty fish? Great ones to eat are sardines in oil, yellow fin tuna in olive oil, or smoked tuna in olive oil; smoked mackerel, arctic char, wild pacific salmon...smoked oysters and mussels, fresh crab, scallops, or lobster (shell fish is really nutrient rich and so good for you).

I don't know, any or all of these things may help. The most successful, long term result nutrition plans I've ever used have a protein-fat-carb ratio that's 20-30 : 50-60 : 10-20, with people eating over 2000 calories a day. No starvation, constant and steady weight loss, chronic disease reversal (if that's an issue, it is a lot with my patients but on the whole with women, it's not an issue at all in weight loss) and the weight stays off if the core tenets of the diet (no diet or shitty foods like processed fake foods) are kept up. Another good ratio for a lot of people is 40:30:30 (protein to fat to carbs).
sorry, double post...
Thank you so much, Chacha!
I've always appreciated your knowledge and input. smile.gif

And I already had a hunch that this is a bit complex...

I was a US size 16 about 5 years ago, and it never bothered me being a little overweight, the problem is just my Cup E breasts, they became more and more uncomfortable and I got backaches, and since I don't even want to think about surgery, I decided to lose some weight.
I love cooking and eating, so I thought it's better to change my eating habits in the long run, so every spring, I made an effort to lose a little weight (maybe 2-3 kilos) and for the rest of the year, I tried to keep that weight. That's how I learned to eat a bit more sensible, (i.e. not to have three plates of spaghetti for dinner) so overall, I lost about 10 kilos in 4 years, so I guess I'm not rushing it.
I should mention, that I was severely hyperthyroid for years, (runs in the family) and I know hyperthyroid people are usually thin, but I was always sooo hungry, I really developed bizarre overeating habits.
I was finally put on thyroid meds that stopped me from being hungry all the time, they helped a lot, but my general health went so downhill last year, I needed a thyroid OP, where they had to remove the whole gland, because I had cysts and a goitre.
So that was 8 months ago, and of course I have to take thyroxine now, but it's so much better than carbimazole.
It did take almost three months to get my hormone levels back to normal, but I've been very healthy (and happy- no more panic attacks!) ever since, and of course I have to have regular blood checks, so I know my hormone levels have been very stable.
The obvious conclusion would be, that I lost weight because of my hyperthyroidism, but strangely, I've found it easier to lose weight the more normal my hormone levels became, (because the hunger pangs were too much..)
I hope that makes any sense. unsure.gif

When I was hyperthyroid, I couldn't even eat fish, because my pulse would get nasty, so after the OP I was happy to be able to eat fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerels, and sardines, I can't really afford the fancier seafood) and it so improved my acne, I eat it regularly now. (2-3 portions a week)
I do eat organic beef every 10-14 days, too. (pork very rarely, it makes my skin worse) isn't fish rich in B vitamins, too?
I avoid butter and cream, (but not strictly) because I already love full fat milk so much, I try to cut it down to 2 glasses a day, I really can't live without milk.
I've heard that an intense craving for milk could be a sign of caseine, or lactose intolerance, but I have no problems digesting milk, so I guess there must be another reason for it.
A 500ml (ca. 16 oz) bottle of olive oil lasts me about 2 weeks, so I think my diet's not too low fat.
Oh, and I definetely prefer homecooked fresh foods (Exeption is canned tuna/sardines) I can't stand the artificial taste of fake foods.
With edible oil you probably mean trans fats?
I was surprised to hear about coconut oil and gland function, but since I have no thyroid gland anymore, would that still make a difference with other glands?

I'm thinking of joining fitday again (I forgot my old password) an online food diary, that automatically calculates all the nutrients, because I have serious trouble guessing the fat/protein/carb ratio...

and darn, I'm European.. according to Wikipedia, I might actually be a US size 10, but the online unit converter says US size 12. huh.gif

Either way, I've no reason to complain, if it weren't for the huge breasts. sad.gif

...sorry for the long post, but I thought, I should be more specific.
I am with you on the breast thing. Yesterday while shopping for bras the saleswoman who was helping me told me an F cup was the same as a DD. I was fit to be tied when I was shown that I needed double D's---but that bit of information almost made me want to give up and find a surgeon.

I'm not through with the idea just yet, I actually kind of love the idea. I remember what it's like not to be top heavy, and I want all that back now, thanks. I'm sure some women love being full breasted, but to me it just seems like they've taken over everything. They are absolutely everywhere, all the time, like culprits...and I just want a break from them for a few decades.

Back to the actual discussion, though: yes, coconut oil will still help with all gland function and so much else. Huge boost for immune system efficacy, great for hair, teeth, nails, skin; great with weight loss and metabolism; fantastic oil for the joints. I truly wish you could have had some long ago, I wonder if it wouldn't have helped with your thyroid problems all together, since it is vital to thyroid health. Anyway, it's really delicious too--you might love having it and the fat content really makes an impact on the feeling of being hungry all the time.

Do let yourself eat the real full fat cream and butter--the fact that you really want them indicates a need for them. Especially because you're European, you may not be subject to the asinine laws we have to work around here all the time, and I know real unpasteurized dairy is available all over Europe. Fresh, pure, and safe! If you're craving milk, here's my bet--it's probably the calcium you need and the enzymes in milk's unpasteurized form. Lactose intolerance really happens because we've completely killed off all the nutrients in real milk that our bodies need to digest it--now it's common for people to have difficulty with milk and dairy of all kinds. If you can get the real stuff, and you can get the full fat stuff especially, I really think you should have a little more than you've been allowing yourself to have. Seriously. Sometimes the parathyroid gland demands it (and I daresay, now that your thyroid's gone, that may be the case). I particularly recommend having the dairy WITH things like vegetables and fish--they boost nutrient absorption like mad. For example, it's not an accident salmon's been served with sour cream and dill for hundreds of years. It's not an accident that fish is often cooked and/or served in butter (sole meuniere, for example)--the fats actually enable you to benefit from the minerals and vitamins in the foods they're served with. These traditions developed through long term observation of optimum nutrition and its benefits. People saw, repeatedly, that pairing the foods up this way actually enhanced digestion and nutrition and health, so they held on to the practice. Believe me, if the benefits hadn't been obvious, the practices would never have continued--food takes effort to raise and prepare and efforts which didn't yield results were scrapped quickly.

As for edible oil products--yes, they are all trans fats, without exception. Right now "marketing" has been busy trying to change the scientific definition of trans fats here in North America, meaning the consumer has to be that much more educated and vigilant to know what they're actually ingesting. Edible oil products are those products like margarine, non-dairy creamer, process cheese food product, etc. etc. They're made from hydrogenated oil, usually some derivative of a petroleum, and often rancid, bleached, deodorized, and hexane processed form of corn oil (which would be genetically modified). They have a similar shape to the real Cis fats our bodies need--the stuff that comes from butter, rich cream, animal fats like lard and organ meats. The trouble is--the animal fats are necessary because their components and nutrients are vital to chemical processes that healthy bodies need to conduct. When these trans fats get in there instead--they may fit in for the purpose in terms of shape or appearance, but they simple do not provide the nutrients the body needs. So the chemical processes the body must carry out for health and function just cannot take place, and any stores of the necessary nutrients are depleted thoroughly over long terms. So we see chronic disease become rampant in populations that should be healthy. This is a huge example of how poor food quality creates chronic disease.

So--you need the right fats, you need the best quality fats too. Olive oil's fine, but that's just one type of fat, and in fact we get far too much of that one type of fat to be healthy. You still need the fat from red meats, you need fish fats, you need the fats from eggs and dairy, you need the fats from nuts, seeds, and fruit. Essential fatty acids (like the olive oil's omega 6 fatty acid) cannot be made in the body, therefore they must be obtained from food, and they must be obtained and maintained in the body in a proper ratio. Olive oil is just an omega 6--to benefit from that, you need a sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids and omega 9's (among others!). So variety is not only "nice", it's vital.

Bad fats are just a long term deprivation project. They really do a great deal of harm, and they should be avoided passionately.

I hope this helps a little bit, Pherber, but it sounds like you're doing well otherwise.
my 'getting healthy' plan fell by the wayside and i ended up gaining even more weight. now i am back in a gym routine (about two weeks in) but i am still feeling very depressed and unmotivated about the whole situation. do any of you know of a healthy way to jumpstart a weightloss plan? i feel like i'm stuck in such a rut right now and like i'll never lose the weight.
chacha- i want your opinion on glucosamine-chondroitin. i fucked up my knee, and i was eyeing it in the grocery store today. what are your thoughts?

also, a question for whomever: i had a weird experience in the gym today. i was doing bicep curls on a machine, and i got this intense, throbbing pain up the back of my neck and immediately all over my head. i was breathing throughout the lift, but it didn't help. i ducked my head between my knees to get blood flow there, and it helped. i have a suspicion that it's a compression/straining too hard thing, but it was freaky. any ideas on how to avoid that?
I have a question and I'm new to the forum. I am 35 years old and was told that I have very large fibroids, I found out when I was pregnant and because of their location had to terminate my pregnancy due to the fetus not being able to grow. I was told I could have surgery, if I choose to have children but I really don't want to be cut open at this point in my life and still the risk of pregnancy would be very high. I was hoping to get some advice on any natural remedies that may have worked for anyone else on the forum. I don't have bad side effects or any pain; so I don't think surgery is necessary. Natural Remedies?
Hi brooklyn feminist,
this thread is more about fitness and healthy lifestyle, if you have specific health problem, you'll probably get more responses, if you post them in the General Health Questions Thread
There's also the Community Forum, if you're not sure which thread to use for what topic.
There's also the For the Newbies thread, where you can introduce yourself. (Both are in the "Ladies who Lounge" forums at the very top)
Now, that the nasty troll posts are removed, it's a safe place to check out again.
For details on that, check: Busting Trolls wink.gif

Thanks chacha for all the amazing info!
Not sure, if Cup DD = F was just a typo, but if not, your saleslady was definetely wrong.
Cup DD = E, Cup F is bigger, I swear.
I know it's confusing, because Cup AA is smaller than A, but then again big busted ladies have ways to go down the alphabet. laugh.gif

I've bought coconut oil occasionally, mainly for frying (and cleaning my cast iron pans..), but I'll try to find cold pressed organic coconut oil and some others for more culinary experimentation, it occured to me, that my limits on the fat variety, could be the cause for my dry and flaky skin.... yeah, dry skin and a mild acne, ugh.

The calcium thing makes a lot of sense to me, the doctors in the hospital explained the thryroid/parathyroid function in detail, something I never knew before. I did have to take calcium pills for a few days after the OP, a standard procedure, but now I get why I've been craving milk, ever since I had thyroid problems, but not when I was much younger.
I've read that organic meat and dairy products contain much more Omega 3 fatty acids, because the animals are grass fed.
A thing I wonder about is, why dairy products should be unpasteurized?
I thought there's a risk of contracting campylobacter (or worse E-coli) bacteria.
I get that the enzymes get destroyed in the pasteurizing process, but wouldn't that happen, too, if you use cream for cooking?

...oh, and a definite eeeeeeeewwww! on edible oil...petroleum.. blink.gif

DJ-biz, my mother owned a hotel, when I was a teenager, it was very small despite being four storeys high.
Since I was the only one in the family who spoke English, I had to show all the foreign guests their rooms.
There, I noticed the big difference between Americans and everyone else on this planet:
All Americans asked me where the lift (elevator) is, and if someone could carry their luggage upstairs.
Of course the building was 300 years old, so there was no lift, and it was also a very cheap hotel, so obviously, there was no "luggage boy" either.
I'm btw, not making fun of this and I'm not assuming Americans are lazy, this just highlights a difference in how cities are constructed. In other words, the US is not very pedestrian friendly, with people having to rely on cars more.
In most places of the world, people walk and move around much more in their everyday life, which is how they keep a general level of fitness, and aren't so inconvenienced by lack of elevators, etc.
So here's an example of my typical European lifestyle:
I never go to a gym, ever.
Cos you know gyms: no warm breezes of summer wind, no sights of clouds, no singing birds, you never get to see any squirrels playing... it's just not uplifting a bad mood, or calming sore nerves.
But, I live in the fourth floor, and of course there's no elevator.
I go outside every day, either to the supermarket, drugstore, post-office, doctor, I do whatever stuff I have to do on foot always, or I just go outside to enjoy the weather, visit friends, go for a cup of coffee, admire the architecture...
So I'm walking between one and three hours every day, depending on how much time I have.
Not really sports, but you get the general idea.
Of course I don't know about your lifestyle and how much time you have, but I know you like to take the bicycle, so maybe you should just use that more, and the gym just once a week?
double post by accident, i swear
Hi Brooklyn Feminist! If you are looking for an alternative to surgery (which I highly recommend--the surgeries to remove fibroids are usually more dangerous than the fibroids) then I will have to state emphatically that there are no Natural remedies for you to use.

If you want an alternative that will work and will restore your health, you must realize that this is not a "do it yourself" project. There are all kinds of natural medicines out there--but for someone with a longstanding chronic condition such as yours, they should ONLY be used under the supervision of a qualified therapist.

If you wish to use herbals, dietary changes, and supplements to treat this, do so under the care of a fully trained Naturopathic physician. In the US and Canada, look for the D. H. A. N. P. accreditation after a naturopath's name. It means they have completed full basic training in Naturopathic medicine. MDs who also display this accreditation are the only conventional medical doctors you should consult with if you opt to use an MD for help via an alternative medicine modality.

If you wish to use Homeopathic medicine, do so only under the care of a fully trained and qualified homeopathic doctor. Look for the D. S. Hom. Med, R. S. H (om). M(ed)., and CHC accreditations--there are actually others, too many! They specify exactly what exams were taken and passed and what level of training was taken, some vary to inform you that the practitioner was a nurse or doctor of osteopathy or medical doctor many to look for. You can find out more if you go to for more information about accreditation and referrals. If you're looking for an MD who practices evehomeopathy, only go to an MD who displays credentials which state his training in classical homeopathic medicine. You'd be amazed how many MDs claim to be homeopaths (or naturopaths, or acupuncturists, or herbalists, etc. etc. etc...and have never even read the basic texts in these medical treatment methods. It's fully legal, but buyer beware--you want someone who knows what they are doing).

If you want to undergo traditional chinese medical therapy, make sure to look for a doctor who is fully trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All of these modalities require 5 years of basic training in medical sciences and the specific alternative medical philosophies and materia medica. Training can't be had in an over the weekend seminar! So be sure to demand that your practitioner be fully qualified in whatever treatment method you choose.

Chronic illness such as the kind you have is easily treatable--but it takes case management over a long term, not just taking a medicine over the counter without knowing whether or not it's appropriate for your condition, and without knowing with objectivity whether or not it has had any effect. Objectivity and long term case-management is the key in good treatment--your practitioner will be able to know what's taking place and act accordingly in your care. You can't do that for yourself, and you can't do it overnight. But you can restore your health (faster than you thought) and you can do it safely if you work with a qualified alternative health care provider.


Pherber, thank goodness a DD is not an F. In any case, I'm dropping a few pounds because I just can't stand it any more, and really, surgery is painful even though my skill with Arnica and Bellis Perennis post surgery is pretty good. I love you for trying to be comforting!

Yes, you'll find that eating the right fats will take care of the dry skin AND the acne. Acne is nothing but your skin telling you it's trying to do it's work as an organ of elimination, but it's not capable of doing it effectively for some reason--it makes you check out the reason.

Dairy products should be unpasteurized because pasteurization kills off the enzymes, nutrients, and other active food ingredients we need--we've developed a need for them over the last 900 years (where cow milk is concerned)--but as mammals, we've never not had a need for those nutrients, in their pure, unpasteurized state. Pasteurization kills them off completely, making dairy harmful instead of vital. Where this is most visible is in the fattier dairy, which our bodies need most: the "x" factor in real butter made from pasture-fed cow's cream is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, vital to the full function of our brains and other organs, vital to lung development and brain development, and generally very healing because that factor boosts the nutrient absorption rate of all the macronutrients in the dairy food (and also in all other foods we ingest).
Cooking cream is not the same as pasteurizing it, pasteurization is an intense process of superheating and then super chilling milk and cream so that it becomes a nutritionally dead substance. Homogenization is another process that makes dairy food dangerous. In Europe you can still get dairy that's not homogenized. We used to be able to get it here when I was a child, but no more.

As for scares of E.Coli in milk, it happens so rarely in raw milk that orange juice tests positive for e.coli counts far more often, even though it's often tainted and pasteurized, and yet no one seems to be alarmed by orange juice enough to keep it off the market.

Crazy Old Cat Lady!

Glucosamine-Chondroitin....I'm not crazy about it. I've never really seen anyone feel better on it, it's pricey as hell and it's smelly, because basically it's just another kind of elemental form of sulphur you're getting from the supplement. There's way better out there for helping your knee feel better, and this way, sharks don't have to die (you know they're endangered because of this stuff, right?).

How did you mess your knee up? Tell me, and I can tell you some other options you'll find a) cheaper, cool.gif more pleasant to use and less demanding of your time c) way more effective.

To add to the bra confusion, there is actually a difference between a DD and an E. I used to be an E but I've moved to a DD in the last few months. An E has a slightly wider cup than a DD but are nearly identical (according to my favourite bra sales lady).
thanks pherber! i already do most of those things. i live in a city where most places are walkable. i got a bike two weeks ago (an anniversary present) and i was pumped because i had more autonomy (only one car between me and the boy) and i was getting extra exercise. that bike was stolen just a few days ago, it was chained up on my front porch. they would have had to saw through the lock, but they did and took my bike and the remains of the lock with them. sigh. this city is crime ridden. it is also hotter than blazes and only going to get hotter. so many excuses. i need ot get a new bike! i guess i was just looking for a little encouragment, a kick in the ass....
dj, we have a lot of problems with bikes being stolen in my city too. My brother works at a hospital and was riding his $600 bike there every day and it was stolen after a week. He was able to get another one through his house insurance though.
yeah, i need to get renters insurance. it's like an epidemic here, i don't know where the hell they are putting all those bikes!

anyway, i went to the gym today. i knew i shouldn't have weighed myself, but I did. sigh. i am so impatient.
chacha, you're always so thorough in your posts here!

i pm'ed you re: my knee. the whole shark/shellfish by product of chon-gluc is very off-putting.
Pherber's words about our cities here in North America being designed for cars is so true. The last time I went to Italy I took a whole bunch of photos of the way local people walk and use bicycles for commuting--outside the train station in the city of Ferrara the "parking" lot was filled with thousands of bikes. People cycled to the train station and took the train to wherever they had to go to get to work; when they returned, they just picked their bikes up and cycled home. In my photos, a vast number of the bikes aren't even locked up. Also, people of every age and size rode bikes everywhere, and no one had to be decked out in Japanese battle armour in order to feel like they might survive a collision with a wayward driver getting from point A to point B.

You'd never see that happen in Toronto. I've had countless bikes stolen right outside my door! And riding a bike in a city here is a difficult and risky thing, for you and for pedestrians as well (when there is no room on the road and drivers don't want to acknowledge cyclists, cyclists will often ride on sidewalks, where pedestrians are easily mown down). As for leaving it at a train station, Toronto's public transit within the city, and it's commuter system leading out to the neighbouring towns and suburbs is egregiously overpriced, underserviced, and inadequate (as in, it will only go a fraction of your route, which means you've got to take your car, possibly another transit system's bus, another subway...each costing between three dollars to fifteen dollars per trip, not including your driving costs...). Every day I look at huge signs on the ONE route I can take that connects me to Toronto, and it ironically tells me to "take public transit" instead of using my car, in order to cut down on smog creation. The route's so overcrowded because the government of Ontario refuses to extend commuter services to where I am (where 100,000 people have been lobbying patiently for this extension for over 20 years, and it ain't coming anytime soon); and in fact in the entire Niagara region, there IS no public transit which actually serves the routes the people who live here travel perforce by car, every day. This means millions of cars idle in traffic jams on this road every single day, at least 2 times a day. It's enough to make you compose letters to various editors, your MPP, your MP, the subintellect Prime Minister we now have (but you know he can't really read) on your pda while you fume in yet another traffic jam...all of which begin with "What the F**********?" (frickenfracken, if you must know, since we are talking to politicians and they get all offended if you swear)....or so help me god, become a skilled hacker on the little device so that I can hijack that highway sign to serve my own devious and destructive ends. And they want to ban the use of cell phones by drivers now? Why? I'm in a freakin' parking lot out here everyday, writing my version of the War and Peace of Disdain, who am I hurting?

Does that even make any grammatical sense? Was that thorough? Okay, I'm ending the rant, but not before saying that where I live I have to walk 8kms to get into the "centre" of town--no problem if I've got time to kill! I'll gladly do it when that day dawns. I know this wasn't always the way, you can tell if you've got older architecture around you where you live that cities used to be designed for walking accessibility and in efforts to build up interaction between individuals who lived in those places. Now it's all about isolating yourself.

And that's why we don't walk nearly enough at all. Or go outside much. Or know who lives next door, or don't recognize them when we see them at the massive big box stores which have become the only places people congregate now.

End of spewing, I promise.
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot:

If you're working out at the gym, weighing yourself is going to be upsetting. You almost always will not see "weight loss" from working out, especially since you're replacing fat with muscle mass. You're beating yourself up but there's improvement you will not be able to see!--and you'll be needlessly discouraged.

Instead, take measurements. Around your head, just over your ears; around your neck; around your shoulders; take your bust measurement; your waist and hips; measure around your upper arms and wrists; measure around your thigh, your knee, your calves, your ankles, and record your shoe size. I have measuring sheets like this that I put into every nutritional plan I make up for individual patients, we record the measurements every follow up. They wonder why the heck I make them take these measurements, but since so many of them are required to add specific work out routines to their health care, I know they'll just get discouraged if we just record weight. If you monitor the measurements, you'll see change more clearly all over the body (yes, your shoe size will change!). The best is adding up all the total inches lost--the number is always very encouraging.
It's been quite a while since I've been in here but I feel like I'm truly ready to change. Like, even my tastes are changing and I find myself wanting to eat healthier.

chacha, I live in Toronto and I never bothered even bringing my bike here. The thought of trying to bike around this city scares the hell out of me so I just leave my bike rides to when I'm back home. I'm lucky to live downtown. I don't own a car and I walk almost everywhere, otherwise I take public transit.

As for the whole gym thing, I kind of prefer gyms. I feel like they are more private plus I have bad allergies. When I'm outside trying to run around I end up being a gross snotty mess because the way my nose runs. Plus there is a gym in my building so I don't have to pay extra to go somewhere else. It's really convenient. I'm back home now but I can't wait to get back to toronto and into the gym.

I've had issues trying to find a sports bra. I'm going to look at the mall here because people in my hometown tend to be larger so maybe I'll find my size (40DD). I just need to find something that will keep my girls in place!
thanks for that advice chachaheels. it makes so much more sense. i know muscle weighs more than fat and that some people actually show weight gain before they show any weight loss. i'm a very healthy eater these days and i'm settling into an exercise rhythm. i'm curious though, as some one who obviously knows a ton about nutrition, do you think there are any supplements out there that actually work in aiding/speeding fat loss? i know there is no magic pill i cant take and i'm not expecting miracle quick results. i'm just curious if you think taking chromium or something of that nature would be helpful?
Chacha, I'm with you on that one, I know that when I started working out again (after the wonderful weight packed years on university) I didn't, and still don't, notice a lot of change in terms of the scale, but I notice the change in my body. the scale can still show the same wieght, but my clothes fit different and I'm dropping sizes and noticing amazing muscle definition.

it's can be really frustrating for some people. In some cases when weight lifting, you may notice the scale increase.

Chacha, what do you think of L-Glutamine? I've been taking this for a little while now and I noticed that my muscle soreness is also geatly decreased. Q-10 has also been recommended to me. this is on top of the multivitamin, omega and protein supplement I take. I do also eat tons of fish and get this from natural sources, I don't like to take supplements instead of getting the nutrients from a natural, primary source. also wondering if you think a b vitmin would be beneficial as I'm on the pill and could be deficiant. Hmmm maybe I should take this to the general health questions thread...
Why don't these questions belong here? Supplementation and nutrition make a vast difference in restoring your health but also to helping you regain the strength and shape you wish to restore. So let's talk about it here.

B vitamin supplementation is a big must if you're on the birth control pill. I try to counsel people not to think of "side effects", because there really are no such things as side effects--all medicines have effects. Not everyone will experience the identical effects, but if one person undergoes any kind of effect on a drug, chances are extremely high that everyone will experience the effects--and there are both positive and negative ones in drugs. So: if you're on any kind of long term prescription medication chances are huge you will need to supplement with something.

B vitamins are a great start because when people "diet", they tend to cut down on two things which are rich in B's: red meat and grain foods. For the rest of us, grain foods on the market are so notoriously over-processed that there are no viable nutrients left in them, and to make things worse, they're usually fortified with cheap and high doses of minerals and vitamins which we can't absorb properly without the nutrients in the grain that have been processed out.

If you're taking B's, and peeing out that bright green/yellow colour, then the B vitamin you're using is not one you're actually assimilating any benefit from. Finding a good B is tough. So, ideally, you should incorporate B vitamin rich foods right back in to the diet if you can. If not, supplement with a B vitamin form that's in a fermented culture base--such as the ones you find in the American product line called New Chapter (they make a supplement called B Food--it's excellent but a little pricey); or a line from Europe called A. Vogel, which makes many lactofermented products, including one called Bio-Strath which comes in a tincture, original serum, or tablets. The lactofermented matrix enhances the nutrient absorption of your B vitamins (and also all the amino acids, all the Co-Q nutrients (there is more than just the Co-Q-10); all the B vitamins, etc. etc) exponentially. The more easily you can assimilate nutrients, the healthier your body will be overall, and the less food you will need to eat to well fully fed and well nourished.

For B12 supplementation, I like using the high dose sublinguals of the methylcobalamin form of B12 (very reasonably priced version is made by Natural Factors, you can get it in 1000/mcg or 5000/mcg doses) or by having it injected. B12 doesn't stay in the body long at all, and needs to be replaced continually. The sublinguals are less painful than the injections, and far less costly, though they are not as readily absorbed.

Add the red meats, shellfish, nuts, pulses, and dairy products back into the diet to obtain these nutrients from your foods.

CH, if you're finding your muscle soreness decreased from using the L-Glutamine, consider adding real food sources of all the amino acids back into your diet. For me, the trend towards using singular amino acids as supplements seems to be a bit odd, since we need to have them all in order to be fully nourished (and by that I mean we have all the amino acids in the body so that whenever they are needed for anything, they're present and ready to be used in all chemical reactions). For almost 20 years now doctors have been telling patients with Herpes 1 and 2 to supplement with L-lysine because they thought it would help get rid of sores or herpetic outbreaks, (which it can do for a little while, if you're deficient)--but the end result of that has been that the single amino acid supplementation has weakened the immune system response to the herpes disease on a grand scale. So I'm very wary. Try weaning off the L-Glutamine, and increasing your protein rich food intake to see if you remain pain free, just to start. If you can replace this need with food and still feel good, you'll be better off.

I'm just going to say one thing: we're often made to feel like just because we're on diets where our foods are "restricted", we stop looking at foods that are called "gourmet" because we have this crazy idea that that food is just not good if you want to trim up and get healthy. Ironically, that's where all the healthy food knowledge is, though!! You don't have to think in terms of course after course of food, and heady wine after heady wine after heady cognac or whatever (we're so crazy). But you can find tons clues and knowledge about traditionally prepared, supremely fresh, highest quality ingredients that are prepared very creatively to make healthy food. Most often, it's really simple, too. Using more lactofermented foods in the diet and more traditional foods also makes a big difference in how much of your nutrients end up being used and absorbed by the body, they're like little tricks you can use to make your food that much more nutritious, without eating more.

I also prefer using real oils whenever possible, and sourcing the highest quality fish oils and evening primrose oil for the omega 3 and 6 fatty acid needs. Cod liver oil, tuna oil, oil from mediterranean sardines which have all been distilled and purified and are rich in natural vitamins A and D as well as in omega 3 fats--I'm really, really picky about these because fats are such vital foods for the body. There are only one or two types of omega 6 fats that actually allow full absorption of the omega 3's and instigate healthy prostaglandin and hormone production--one is Oil of evening primrose, the other is borage oil. If these are taken in a 2:1 ratio the effect on the body in terms of pain management and hormone balance are phenomenal. Again: really pure, high quality stuff--I want to have these nutrients separate from any kind of "all-in-one" mix just because. Then, I like to encourage people to use real oils and fats in their foods--use super pure expeller/cold/first cold pressing walnut oil, hazelnut oil, olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, coconut fresh salads, as a dressing for foods like hummous, etc. Enjoy their flavours as well as their benefits. If you can get it, real butter ups the nutrient value of all kinds of vegetables, and makes them taste so much better.

Doesn't that sound a little better than supplementing?
anna k
It gets frustrating that my stomach bloats easily. I can work out 3-4 times a week, taking gym classes, and eating a healthy diet, yet my stomach will still bloat and/or hold onto waste. It makes me feel heavier than I am, and I'll go through weeks of feeling thin and in great shape, then it will bloat for a week or two and make me feel fat. I had my period two weeks ago, so it isn't PMS. My arms and legs feel very strong and muscular from my exercise, and it feels good to me because I've always had soft muscle tone and soft, pale skin, so I felt more rounder and less lean. But I've been told that I looked like I lost more weight, though I don't feel like it. I think I just gained more muscle in my arms and legs, and when I'm not feeling bloated my waist looks slimmer. The smallest size I fit into is a size 10 pants, which might be considered big, but it's just how my hips are.

For vitamins, I take B6 and Centrum once a day.
Chacha, thanks for the info! I do try to get as much as I can from natural sources, but sometimes it's not always the easiest thing.

because of how much I work out, eating protein right food all the time isn't always an option, and I don't want to eat spinach every day!

I'm all about the whole and real good things. i don't believe in the obsessive low carb business, my father is a type two diabetic and needs slow releasing carbs, if I don't eat regularly I get very sick.
Erinjane, THANKS a LOT!!!
Finally someone explains that difference!
That's been bugging me for soooo long, because DD always seemed too small/narrow, and F, too big, but the salesladies always insist, that DD=E, so I just thought my DD bras have a poor fit.

Candy, I once had this adidas sportsbra. Strange though, in the online store, they only come in two sizes, because they actually make them up to F, and that one's got an excellent fit and quality. The thing is, the bigger sportsbras are available in specialist sports supply stores and maybe not in some average department store.

DJ, sorry, I totally forgot, you're in New Orleans (if I remember right)

Chacha, that's crazy, because Louis Pasteur is famous for his breakthrough discovery, that bacteria gets destroyed at far below boiling temperature (63 Cesius) So, I checked several sources, to learn, that pasteurization can mean all sorts of different treatments for milk, the weirdest fact being, that in Europe, pasteurized milk has a much shorter shelf life than in the US, or Canada. blink.gif So the pasteurization process, must be more gentle here. huh.gif
When I was living in Britain, I was weirded out at first, because they had (still have?) unhomogenized milk, but after a while, I really loved it, because the cream on top could be used for cooking, and the skimmed rest was perfect for tea. I totally miss that.

I never bothered with supplements, unless doctors recommended it. I just increased intake on nutrient rich foods, and cut down everything with empty calories, so instead of bread, I bought wheatgerms.. very delicious, btw.
One of the reasons I know without a doubt they're different is because my favourite style (the last 4 bras i've bought have been the same) makes both a DD and an E. The last time I tried on the E the cup was a little too bulky but the DD was perfect.

Candy, do you have an MEC near you? I never would have thought to go to them for sports bras in a larger size (32DD) but the one I got there is fantastic. Last summer I even wore it under some of my favourite shirts. The support is fantastic and I find it comfortable. It's MEC's own brand and even though I swear by the underwire, these don't have one. If you're able to go try some on I definitely would. They have a huge size range. They're also made for high impact working out. I use it for running, biking, and indoor soccer (which has me sprinting across a field for an hour and getting body checked).

This is it:

They do have your size too and the reviews for it are all great.
I'm wanting to get toned and in shape (and lose a few pounds in the process) - I found these two workouts that look like they will be very effective if done properly and regularly. Has anyone ever heard of tabata style workouts?? Its like you do 8 sets of workouts for 20 seconds each set - resting 10 seconds between each set. here are a few videos I found: Workout 1 and workout 2.

I tried a few sets of squats in this manner... let me just say, my legs feel like noodles LOL What do you gals think??
lol if you have a giant tire and sledge hammer in your living room they look great! Actually though, I know that interval training, or rather getting your heart rate up and then letting in drop and then getting it up again, is a far more efficient way of burning calories than simply getting your heart rate up and maintaining it, so in that regard the 20 seconds on 10 seconds off seems cool! What a smart idea for finding workout videos Konphusion!

Chacha, I am so happy to hear what you have to say about eating simple, nutritious, and delicious foods! Lately I've really taken up simple, old fashioned, cooking and baking with quality ingredients, and at first I was a little hesitant about using things like butter (instead of margarin, diet crap, processed foods, etc.). I finally reasoned that if I make these home made meals with hearty ingredients that are a little on the caloric side, rather than using diet crap that has been processed to Hades and back, keep up my activity, and don't lose any weight than I'm fine with that, because then at least I know that this is probably where my healthy set weight is, and I mean really, who wants to fight homeostasis? Anyhow, I started to shed a few pounds (even though, to own the truth, I haven't worked out in ages!). Anyhow, sorry for that longish rant, but Chacha you are so right!

To briefly touch back on an old subject, I'm an urban geography student, and it's sooo unbelievable all of the subtle (and hugely obvious) ways our cities are designed to favour cars and discourage pedestrians! Fight the power ladies! Take to your bikes and sidewalks and vote for the right people municipally!
QUOTE(juliaolive @ Jun 26 2008, 11:52 PM) *
lol if you have a giant tire and sledge hammer in your living room they look great! Actually though, I know that interval training, or rather getting your heart rate up and then letting in drop and then getting it up again, is a far more efficient way of burning calories than simply getting your heart rate up and maintaining it, so in that regard the 20 seconds on 10 seconds off seems cool! What a smart idea for finding workout videos Konphusion!

Oh man yeah I forgot about the tire and sledge hammer thing. I was more talking about the other things she was doing HAHA!!! But those were just examples of videos I found. I watched about 20 more along those lines.
anna k
I'm going to try a gluten-free diet to clear up my stomach. I've been feeling bad the past week, and thought I don't drink soda or coffee, have restricted dairy, only eat wheat breads, and snack on fruits and veggies every day, I still feel bloated and crappy. So hopefully this can help.
i found my strength training workout on and i really like it. i had to tweak things a bit to make sure i was covering all the muscles i wanted, but it still works well. i feel like a geek carrying my clipboard from station to station, but whatevs, it helps me remember to do every excercise, what amount of weight to use and tracks my progress.

my mom, hearing how depressed i ways, sent me the 'fat-flush' starter kit, with the cookbook and bunch of supplements, mostly aimed at cleansing and aiding the liver (currant seed oil, flax oil etc). i've never used a 'fad' diet, but the fat-flush systm helped jumpstart my mom getting back into shape after she was bedridden from a torn ACL. it's two weeks, cutting out a lot of things that will be difficult for me. the soda is the main thing, even though i drink diet or zero-style, according to this research, even the fake sugars can cause an insulin response. aspartame is so evil and i'm pretty certain that i am addicted to it, that and the caffeine. i'm not going to start until after july 4 because i want to be able to drink beer and eat hot dogs. afterwards, i'm going to do two weeks of this program and just hit the reset button on my body. has any one else tried it? i know the supplements are really expensive and i probably couldn't afford to do it if my mom weren't helping me out.

chacha, i'm so with you on eating the foods that have the nutrition rather than taking 50 pills (which is the opposite of the first two weeks of the fat-flush diet). i love fish, all seafood in fact, and i'm lucky because i live right on the water now and its easy to get fresh fish every day. yummy.
i found my strength training workout on and i really like it. i had to tweak things a bit to make sure i was covering all the muscles i wanted, but it still works well. i feel like a geek carrying my clipboard from station to station, but whatevs, it helps me remember to do every excercise, what amount of weight to use and tracks my progress.

my mom, hearing how depressed i ways, sent me the 'fat-flush' starter kit, with the cookbook and bunch of supplements, mostly aimed at cleansing and aiding the liver (currant seed oil, flax oil etc). i've never used a 'fad' diet, but the fat-flush systm helped jumpstart my mom getting back into shape after she was bedridden from a torn ACL. it's two weeks, cutting out a lot of things that will be difficult for me. the soda is the main thing, even though i drink diet or zero-style, according to this research, even the fake sugars can cause an insulin response. aspartame is so evil and i'm pretty certain that i am addicted to it, that and the caffeine. i'm not going to start until after july 4 because i want to be able to drink beer and eat hot dogs. afterwards, i'm going to do two weeks of this program and just hit the reset button on my body. has any one else tried it? i know the supplements are really expensive and i probably couldn't afford to do it if my mom weren't helping me out.

chacha, i'm so with you on eating the foods that have the nutrition rather than taking 50 pills (which is the opposite of the first two weeks of the fat-flush diet). i love fish, all seafood in fact, and i'm lucky because i live right on the water now and its easy to get fresh fish every day. yummy.
QUOTE(konphusion26 @ Jun 26 2008, 03:42 PM) *
I'm wanting to get toned and in shape (and lose a few pounds in the process) - I found these two workouts that look like they will be very effective if done properly and regularly. Has anyone ever heard of tabata style workouts?? Its like you do 8 sets of workouts for 20 seconds each set - resting 10 seconds between each set. here are a few videos I found: Workout 1 and workout 2.

I tried a few sets of squats in this manner... let me just say, my legs feel like noodles LOL What do you gals think??

Hey Kon, thanks for posting those vids, I just went for a ten minute run and then I did the vid #2. You've reminded me what a great resource youtube can be for finding new creative workouts.

Everyone here is doing amazing by the way, right now, you Ladies have what I don't... consistency!
Anna K, I think you've been having that bloated stomach feeling for so long now. There has to be something going on there, I'm amazed that situation hasn't changed.

What does it actually feel like, that "bloaty crappy" feeling? Do you think it might be parasites? Is there a lot of gassiness associated with it? Do you get cramping along with the bloating feelings? Does it get worse or better at any time of day or night? There's gotta be something we can do about that without you having to resort to tests that are inconclusive again.

Hey Kon... I also was to say thanks for posting those vids. I have actually never used youtube for workout needs, and am bopping myself on the head for it... duh! I'm going to try the vid 2 as soon as I can. It seems very do-able.

Anyone tried the P90 workout thingy, as seen on TV? Mr. Luv has the whole collection, but it seems so overwhelming. A very hardcore program, but I like that it incorporates so many different workouts... muscle confusion strategy. I really want to get in shape, but this thing kinda scares me.... thoughts?
anna k
Anna K, I think you've been having that bloated stomach feeling for so long now. There has to be something going on there, I'm amazed that situation hasn't changed.

I took Midol for the past couple of days, and now it's better. It can seem like I can get bloated from PMS or from gassiness. I don't think it's a parasite. I just seem to have a sensitive stomach, and I've felt better since I've cut out dairy and most breads. It happens on and off, and I try to control it through a good diet and exercising a lot. It's felt like a lot of trial and error, of figuring how to take better care of myself so that I don't feel heavier or bloated.
No problem ladies. I happen to be a youtube Junkie! If I would actually stick to the workouts that I've found on there I might be able to slim down. I. iz. lazy!

But the "tube" is a great resource for all kinds of stuff, cooking, hair care, skin care, etc... My only beef with some of the workout vids is that they are too short. I've founds some pretty good 10 min clips here and there. But for the most part nothing longer. Blah, but oh well thats minor. You can replay them as many times as you want. Again, I iz lazy! LOL

I agree with you Nelly, I need consistency. I'll work out for a day or two then won't do it again for 2 weeks. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything these days. That's a bigger problem than this 25-30 lbs I'm wanting to get rid of.

What kind of diet busting grubbing are we all getting into for the 4th??? I think my sister's family and myself and the hubby will be having a cookout or something. I'm not sure. Hope my mom gets to come up!

has anyone seen this article? i thought it was very interesting.

Big, Well-Balanced Breakfast Aids Weight Loss
By Serena Gordon
HealthDay Reporter
Thursday, June 19, 2008; 12:00 AM

THURSDAY, June 19 (HealthDay News) -- Starting your day with a large meal packed with both carbohydrates and lean protein, and even a small piece of chocolate, can help lessen cravings and hunger the rest of the day, which can lead to significant weight loss, new research suggests.

Presented at this week's Endocrine Society annual meeting, in San Francisco, the new research found that sedentary, obese women lost almost five times as much weight on the "big breakfast" diet as did women following a traditional, restrictive low-carbohydrate diet.

"We treat obese people by telling them to eat less and exercise more, but that does not take into account feelings of carb cravings and hunger. We have to change our approach and find a diet that can control cravings and hunger," said the study's lead author, Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz, a clinical professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and an endocrinologist at the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas in Venezuela.

Jakubowicz explained that when you wake in the morning, your body is primed to look for food. Your metabolism is revved up, and levels of cortisol and adrenaline are at their highest. Your brain needs energy right away, and if you don't eat or you eat too little, the brain needs to find another fuel source. To do this, it activates an emergency system that pulls energy from muscle, destroying muscle tissue in the process. Then when you eat later, the body and brain are still in high-alert mode, so the body saves energy from the food as fat, she said.

Compounding the problem, your levels of the brain chemical serotonin are highest in the morning, which means your craving levels are at the lowest when you first wake up, and you may not feel much like eating, Jakubowicz said. But, as the day wears on, serotonin levels dip, and you get cravings for chocolate or cookies, and the like. If you eat these foods, your serotonin levels rise, and your body begins to associate good feelings with them, creating an addictive cycle, she said.

To combat both the addiction cycle and the hunger that inevitably seems to come with calorie reduction, Jakubowicz and her colleagues designed the "big breakfast" diet. In this eating plan, your breakfast accounts for roughly half of your daily calories, and breakfast includes milk, 3 ounces of lean meat, two slices of cheese, two whole grain servings, one fat serving and one ounce of milk chocolate or candy.

The high protein, carbohydrate mix gives the body the initial energy boost it needs in the morning. Throughout the rest of the day, the meals are made up of protein and complex carbohydrates, like vegetables. Because protein is digested slowly, Jakubowicz said, you won't feel hungry.

And, she said, by having a small piece of chocolate or candy when serotonin levels are high, it won't taste as good, and the brain won't feel the same serotonin boost, which will eventually help cut down on cravings.

In the study of 94 obese, sedentary women with metabolic syndrome, half were told to eat the big breakfast diet containing about 1,240 calories, while the other half ate a 1,085 calorie high-protein, low carbohydrate diet for eight months.

At the end of the eight months, those on the more restrictive low-carb diet lost an average of almost 9 pounds. But those on the big breakfast diet lost nearly40pounds. That translated to an average body mass loss of 4.5 percent for those on the low-carb diet and a 21.3 percent average loss for those on the big breakfast plan.

Additionally, those on the big breakfast plan reported feeling less hungry and had fewer carbohydrate cravings.

Nutritionist Geri Brewster, a wellness consultant at Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco, N.Y., said she already recommends a large, well-balanced breakfast to all of her clients, because it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable.

She said if you eat a traditional breakfast, something like cereal or a doughnut, your blood sugar and insulin levels spike. Once that blood sugar is used up, you'll still have excess insulin circulating, which makes you hungry and makes you crave carbohydrates.

A second study presented at the meeting reinforced the idea that biological changes occur when you carry excess weight, Brewster said. This study found that women who are overweight don't experience a drop in leptin levels after exercise like lean women do.

Leptin is a hormone that plays a role in appetite regulation and metabolism. Brewster said she wasn't surprised by these findings, because once the body is overweight, it tries to maintain that size. "Fat cells become mini-endocrine systems themselves to maintain obesity," she said, and keeping leptin levels elevated is likely one way the body does that.

More information

Learn more about weight loss from the U.S. National Women's Health Information Center.

SOURCES: Daniela Jakubowicz, M.D., clinical professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, and endocrinologist, Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, Venezuela; Geri Brewster, R.D., M.P.H., nutritionist and wellness consultant, Northern Westchester Hospital Center, Mount Kisco, N.Y.; June 17, 2008, presentations, The Endocrine Society annual meeting, San Francisco
Hmmm. I almost agree (although, the only deviation I'd have is in what kind of carbs should be in that breakfast--there, I'd be super picky). I also think that big, well-balanced meals in general aid weight loss.

Hell, it's starvation that causes obesity. After all. That, and the fact that North Americans have no food culture of their own anymore, and we can be led astray like sheep by BigFood and BigPharma at any time, so that they profit no matter what happens to our health.

Anna K, if you're using Midol to get rid of the bloaty-ness, know that the NSAIDs used in the formulation all have an effect on stomach lining and/or on the liver, depending on which formulation of the midol you're using.

Could I suggest an alternative you might like to try? If you do get what feels like gassiness and cramping, there is a biochemical tissue salt (or Schuessler Tissue Salt) you can try out: Magnesium Phosphorica 6X or 12X.
I think what's going on with your system involves an inability to process fats in the liver, and an inability to assimilate nutrients from your foods properly, which results in feeling gassy and bloaty.

The magnesium phos calms cramping of any kind beautifully (as a treatment for menstrual cramps it is immediate and it works better than anything else around; it's extremely handy for any kind of spasmodic cramping). It helps with the absorption of calcium (which then allows you to absorb all your nutrients better). It eliminates the gassiness by binding with nitrogen in the bowel, then quickly removing it from your system. It's a vital nutrient for heart function, nerve fitness and conduction, nerve function, bone building, stress and anxiety relief, and a host of other things including getting rid of the craving for sweets and insomnia. Basically it moderates the excitement of the autonomic nervous system, so it plays a vital role in digestion.

A bottle of the tissue salts will cost less than $20 and they're easy to take, pleasant to use, immediate in action, and curative (you don't need to use them on an ongoing basis, you'll find your problem will clear itself up very subtly and permanently within a few days or weeks). You can find them at any good health food store and you can take them on a regular daily basis (like 8 pills dissolved in warm water just before bed every day) but you can also keep them handy whenever you feel the bloaty-discomfort come on, to take then and there for immediate relief.

You can't get these benefits from a supplement, just the tissue salt, which acts somewhat like a nutrient supplement and somewhat like a homeopathic medicine in that it alters the energy of the body. Generally, if you have symptoms like yours, they indicate a deficiency in this vital inorganic mineral; so your body is telling you it needs to have it to be well.

I hope it helps! I'd like to see you feel much better about this problem because I know how much trouble it's given you in the past.
so i've made it about a week on gittleman's fat flush program. the first two weeks are intense. the thing i miss the most is cheese. i haven't had trouble saying bye-bye to sugars (even fake ones) caffeine and carbohydrates, but MAN i really love my dairy! i haven't had any alcohol either. i haven't seen the sweeping, dramatic changes that all diets try to sell you on, but my tummy is a bit flatter and i lost 5lbs so far. my goal is to get back down to my usual size (8-10) by a wedding in september.

i would recommend the book to anyone interested. the first two days i felt icky and then it was like 'ding ding ding' and i had all this new energy and felt much better across the board. i think it helped to clear up my skin a bit too.
healthy busties hello!

okay, so i know that action precedes motivation, bla bla, but i am perplexed: i set my alarm to go running this morning before work, and i was all ready to go, but then it was raining outside and i decided it was a no go.

how do you go out and do it anyway (unless it's raining wink.gif?

I'm trying to get back into my old habits of running / weights / exercise of some kind in the mornings, but i can't seem to cut the mustard.

what say yous?
persimmon, I wish I knew what to tell you but I'm just not into outdoor exercising outside.

I finally got back into the habit of exercising. I'm starting to do it regularly and it's going pretty well. I was just wondering what music you ladies listen to to get pumped up? I've made up a playlist but with exercising every other day it's already getting pretty boring. If it's ok, here's my playlist so far:

basement jaxx - where's your head at
daft punk - harder, better, faster, stronger
lcd soundsystem - tribulations
nelly furtado- maneater
fatboy slim - right here, right now
fischerspooner - emerge
madonna - hung up
justice - d.a.n.c.e.
M.I.A. - bamboo banga
the presets - are you the one
scissor sisters - filthy gorgeous
metric - dead disco

Any other suggestions?

If this should be posted in a media whores thread instead just let me know.
candycane_girl, you have some gooders on your playlist. I'm going to go through my iPod and recommend more. What kind of activites are you doing? I find that cardio you need something upbeat, but to get the most out of a weight routine, I slow things down a shade.

Persimmon, you just have to push yourself to do it. Drag yourself out then you'll get back into things. Do you have a dog that could come out with you?
thanks CH. Basically I listen to all that stuff when I do cardio (either the elliptical or a bike) and I don't really listen when I do weights, it's too awkward. I just need to listen to stuff that has a crazy beat that will really get me moving. I also like listening to Stronger by Kanye West because basically that's what I want to be. I want to keep lifting and working hard till I can kick some ass.
Candycane, I always used to listen to stuff that would take the energy right up when doing a weight routine, well then some mellow stuff came on the ipod, but I was in the middle of a lift, and didn't want to stop. I found that slower music allows me to have a better control of the weight and focus more on my muscle.

as for the ipod getting in the way, I just tuck mine into the waste band of my shorts when doing a weight routine.

Okay, in terms of upbeat stuff, I see that you had hung up, All of Madonna's Confessions on Dance Floor is incredible to do cardio to.

Pete Tong's Essential Classic's and Essential Dance Hits are at the top of my list.

Gabriel and Dresden's Dangerous Power (and all the remixes).

The Trainspotting Soundtrack

Anything by DJ Tiesto, The Crystal Method, Underworld and Paul Oakenfold, particularly Perfecto Presents Paul Oakenfold.

I also recommend any remixes of Right Here, Right Now.
CH, are you listening to my ipod??

ditto on the DJ Tiesto (he has a podcast too), oakenfold, madge, the crystal method...

also for cardio, christopher lawrence has some intense BPM

for lifting, i like rap. been listening to a lot of dre's 2001 lately.

i need a good techno CD-length for cardio. i'm eyeing armin van buuren's imagine, faithless's greatest hits on any other suggestions?
COCL teehee, I'm under your floor boards.

I also recommend any of the Northern Exposure series by John Digweed, shit is awesome! Digweed isn't super hard core, but I enjoy it.

Also try Global Underground: Hong Kong by Digweed.

COCL, do you use torrentz and bit lord at all? You can download the stuff instead of purchasing...I have all of faithless' stuff downloaded and personally I'm only down with a few songs.

My weight loss has come to a grinding halt. I eat like I usually do,
exercize like before, but I lose a pound, gain a pound, stay at +/- 0,
week after week. I'm not giving up, but it's not fun at all. I think I have
to start doing something new. Maybe prepare & plan food for the entire
week - it's just that I hate, hate, hate cooking more than anything.
I really can't be bothered, but I know I have to. I feel like a whiny
5-year-old who has to go to bed when I think about it.
"You have to plan your meals ahead and make several lunches at once"
"But moooom!"

I never knew losing weight would turn out to circle so much around food!
It's ironic, really. I've never thought so much about shopping for groceries,
different foods and different dishes since I started to lose weight.
People give me quizzical looks when I say I'm really not that interested in food,
since I'm obviously overweight. Like I ought to always stand in the kitchen
and happily cook delicious, hearty Italian dinners for 6 and be all Nigella-licious.
I put on weight because I was bored, depressed, lazy, ate late at night,
snacked a lot on bread & cheese and didn't bother to cook, and because
I never exercized. I WISH I was more of the sensual hedonist cliche, because
then I'd get something out of it at least.

I'm cooking a trés dull dish of quinoa & spinach in soy low fat cream as I write this.
What do I have to do to break the rut? Maybe I should try something really stupid, like just eat
food in alphabetical order from the cookbook. Like A-foods one day and B-foods the next.
Just flipping back and forth for recipes doesn't work, they all look boring and time consuming to me.

i thought the article made a lot of sense, but blink.gif doughnuts for breakfast? how are doughnuts a traditional breakfast food? on what planet? i mean i like them, but they are a rare junk food treat, not an actual proper food!!

QUOTE(p_176 @ Jul 2 2008, 01:48 PM) *
Nutritionist Geri Brewster, a wellness consultant at Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco, N.Y., said she already recommends a large, well-balanced breakfast to all of her clients, because it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable.

She said if you eat a traditional breakfast, something like cereal or a doughnut, your blood sugar and insulin levels spike. Once that blood sugar is used up, you'll still have excess insulin circulating, which makes you hungry and makes you crave carbohydrates.

I think that was Brewster's point too.

Have you seen that article in the New York magazine, the one where they asked people to tell them what they'd just eaten for breakfast? A lot of people eat doughnoughts! And poptarts, or similar foods. Sad, but only a few had the real eggs and bacon and toast breakfast, the kind of food that will keep you going a long time and help you avoid those hypoglycemia symptoms.
I'm all for having a turkey and cheese sammich on whole wheat bread with some milk and some fruit for breakfast.

I find it horrifying that people don't eat breakfast, if I don't eat regularly I get ill, blood sugar drops, and if I leave it too long (which happens when one is busy sometimes) I won't recover until the next day.

Doughnughts, I find, to be a very strange "food" I don't get why people like them so much. They give me killer indigestion, so I don't eat them.
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