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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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chacha, that reminds me of an article in the globe and mail a few weeks back. People are so obsessed with nutrients, they forget about food. Read the lables, if there is anything in the food that you don't know what it is, don't eat it.

Interesting about the msg names.

My beef with food is that there is sugar in everything, or corn syrup, or modified wheat ingredients. Call it for what it is, it's all sugar. Grrrrrr.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 28 2008, 02:29 PM) *
chacha, that reminds me of an article in the globe and mail a few weeks back. People are so obsessed with nutrients, they forget about food. Read the lables, if there is anything in the food that you don't know what it is, don't eat it.

Interesting about the msg names.

My beef with food is that there is sugar in everything, or corn syrup, or modified wheat ingredients. Call it for what it is, it's all sugar. Grrrrrr.

Worse than sugar is High Fructose Corn Syrup. I check all of my labels to make sure that crap is not in my food.

You really have to start cooking to eat healthily. I spend hours on Sunday preparing food for the week to stay away from processed crap. I use all natural ingredients and as many organic ingredients that I can cough up the cash for. Stay away from packaged food and Lean Cuisine microwvae dinners, et al. It is all crap abd a big bunch of bullshit.

It really helps to stop eating so much meat, too. Even if it is lean, it is still all saturated fat. If you cut your meat and poultry intake by half and subsitute veggies and other proteins, you will lose weight.

I'm one of those people who really does love to cook. I absolutely love it. I'm also fortunate that I also love to work out, I'd go insane if I didn't, my job is, ahhhhhh a little stressful.

One can get the same nutrients from meat as you can from veggies, like beans, all beans are really under rated, you get all sorts of stuff from beans and they are tasty.

i HATE high fructose corn syrup! i try to buy things at the store that have no preservatives or extra seasoning. i like my seasonings (read: chili) better smile.gif
with the nutritionist plan, i'm allowed 6oz of meat per day (any kind of meat - i tend to eat a lot of fish, red meat once or twice a week, etc). with the nutritionist plan, given my weight and age, i SHOULD have lost a dress size by now, esp with working out (i work out about 4 times per week for an hour/hour and a half. i'm working up to every day but i'm not there yet). however, i've only lost a small bit of that. i've cut back from sugary drinks - no regular soda, alcohol (1-3 drinks per week). that alone should have cut more pounds.

of course, maybe i'm overreacting, and in a month, something will kick in and i'll lose more weight. i've got 60lbs to lose - because of my (short) height, my training is reimbursed by insurance because i'm classified as obese.

i agree that 1100 calories is starving oneself. i agree that 1400 calories per day is not a correct amount for me - frankly, if my metabolism is slow, then it could be less, or it could be higher, if the exercise has bumped up my metabolism. however, i can't get it measured until the end of july, which means until then, i won't be able to lose much weight. I'm pondering taking the GNC SmartBurn pills (it's for like 2 weeks i think) to try to jumpstart my metabolism and weight loss - apparently this pill, through my research, works WITH an exercise plan and nutritional eating plan; it does not substitute a healthy lifestyle.

thanks for your links and feedback!

P-176, I would not, under any circumstances take a weight loss pill, you should not take them. They do a real number on your heart, I have friends who are body builders and they only take them for a week at a time. The risk is too great. It may seem enticing, but the risks aren't worth it. If you want to kick up your metabolism before a workout, have fruit.

If anything, I'd take a protein supplement before bed.
this one is all natural, with vitamins, no added junk to it. i've read reviews that are positive. i'll let you know how it goes.
It's still bad for you. I've taken all natural fat burners before, this was at the suggestion of a body builder, I didn't really have any fat and it still fucked with my system. There are other ways.
You bet there are other ways. I've put patients on "diets" where they ate upwards of 2400 calories a day, ate plenty of meat--including red meat, rich shellfish, pork, you name it (my one stipulation: free range, all organic, not fake organic either)--and specific fats. Including saturated fats.

results: weight loss that's faster than you'd think, with NO starvation--and in fact plenty of food in the diet
-full resolution of any issues having to do with hormonal imbalances, anything from diabetes to thyroid problems (both hyper and hypo) to PCOS
-full resolution of any issues having to do with arthritis, no matter how advanced it was (including cases where gout was an issue--which points to heart disease)
-the weight gain that follows after weight loss using low calorie methods does not occur using real food nutritional plans. Once it's gone, it stays gone, unless you revert to eating foods injudiciously.

Many saturated fats are actually essential for weight loss to take place. Coconut oil and real butter (Okay, I know it's hard to find it, as all butter's pasteurized now and it's nutrient value is severely lessened as a result) make a massive difference in the way the body processes fats in general.

This isn't rocket science, you just need to read up on independentally conducted (that is, not funded by those with vested interests) research on food and nutrition. Eat the kind of foods that humanity has been eating for millennia, chances are you'll be well because those diets were developed through long term observation and use--what made for healthy people and babies remained part of the diet; what made for sick people and babies that did not thrive in some way or had physical deformities was removed from the diet.

There are plenty of different "diets" I've studied and use with people who want to change their foods in order to help support their bodies and restore their health. Not everyone gets this high protein, fat-rich diet because I use it depending on what's happening pathologically. I use other "diets" as well, most with high protein amounts, high amounts of "good" fats that are cleanly processed into oils or other foods (full fat cream, real (if I can access it) butter, full fat yogurts and cheeses that have their live cultures intact). The only things I ask people to restrict are processed foods, grains, soy (unless it's fermented and non GMO), sugars (even natural forms have to be limited for some people until their heart disease or hypertension or diabetes are resolved for good), additives, preservatives, food "substitutes".

It's far better to eat real protein that it is to use a protein "supplement". Your body needs protein in order to be healthy--it needs all the amino acids that can be found in animal protein, specifically--it's just not as good to supplement, but a healthy body can do well with this strategy. That doesn't mean don't eat fresh vegetables, eat them in abundance...but know that they are more limited in what they can provide in terms of nutrients. If you're opting for vegan or vegetarian regimes then you must supplement. That's not bad, it is just something that must be done (and a lot of people don't like doing it).

And, yes, cooking for yourself, using real food, choosing the very best fresh ingredients--why shortchange yourself? You can make fantastic foods out of the very best, fresh stuff, the best quality ingredients, even if you're just making something simple. There's also no way to actually take the weight off unless you do this anyway--might as well derive all the pleasure you can out of it.
Chacha, your post reminds me that lite food is literally "light" in your stomach, you need more to fill up. When you eat real food, it's heavier and keeps you fuller longer. Think about cheesecake and how heavy it is and how long you are full. It's no different than other real food.

As for supplements, I agree that from the source is better, but when you work out an obscene amount (I work out 3 hours a day, and friends who compete work out around 6!) the supplement is good right before bed. Not that it should ever replace real food. No supplement ever should.

Sure, fat burners may seem like a quick fix when you are feeling frustrated, but weight loss isn't "fast and easy", you have to change your whole life style. It's frustrating, I know, but isn't better to watch out for yourself in the longg run and not look for a quick fix?
lifestyle changes have been made - with the exercise and eating (smaller, more frequent)balanced meals. since there's been no change in my weight or the way i look, and since i can't get my metabolism measured until the end of july, i'm willing to do something more drastic, for a short period of time. i'm not willing to make these lifestyle changes yet go another 2 months without losing any weight. :-/
P-176, you are coming in here and telling us that you are willing to risk heart failure instead of keeping things up until July?

My question is, are you weight lifting? If you are do a weight routine and cardio you will not notice and change in your weight, because muscle adds weight. With that said, it does reduce the amount of body fat you have, the change won't be immediate but it will happen.

One cannot focus solely on cardio, because cardio burns all body tissue, including muscle tissue.
yea i'm doing weight lifting, swimming, cardio, walking, etc etc. i've measured my body (waist, hips, arms etc) at various times - before i started working out regularly, and after a month - no change.
i'm not risking heart failure with the pill i'm going to get. if there were dangerous risks, i'd look at another product.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 29 2008, 01:31 PM) *
[color=#9932CC]P-176, you are coming in here and telling us that you are willing to risk heart failure instead of keeping things up until July?

I understand your concern, but that kind of tone is quite condescending to her. If she wants to try a pill, she can try it. I don't think it is the best solution and I don't think one month is long enough to really judge results, but seriously, be a little respectful, damn. I know you are trying to help but you don't have to be so imperious about it.


P, what kind of pill are looking into? I don't think it is the best idea, not only because it isn't healthy, they just aren't that effective, usually. So, you put yourself at a potential risk for nothing. Take it from me, I was addicted to Metabolife for a year and have the kidney damage to prove it! The highs were quite high, and the lows were very low. Pills also kind of create a dependence, and it won't solve your goals in the long run. Also, I think if you keep fighting the good fight, in a couple of weeks, you won't even recognize yourself. I know it is frustrating and you have been kicking your own ass for weeks and you want to see some results now! But, you just need to be patient. Reworking your metabolism can easily take over a month.

Iovate Sciences SmartBurn. I looked up Iovate, and it seems as though, based on the customer reviews I found regarding their various products, they seem to be successful. I looked up SmartBurn, and the negative comments about it seemed contrived to me - ie, that the person was not successful with weight loss for reasons other than the pill (I should start calling it a supplement). I looked up all the ingredients in it, and they are all natural ingredients that, used separately, have effects on metabolism, how the body processes glucose, and mood. I believe it's only to be used for one week, and I found nothing in my searches that indicated there were funky side effects. As opposed to Alli, the FDA approved weight loss pill, that causes oily, sometimes uncontrollable poop. And, it's not expensive, so if it does not work, then I'm not out $100.
I took CH's response in the caring way it was meant....I really do appreciate and consider all comments here, whether or not I agree, I at least look into it :-)
p. 176, there really are no "lose weight quick" tricks that actually don't harm. They're all hard on the body in various ways--some temporary, some permanently or at least chronically. Even Weight Watchers claims to have less than .02% success rates with their method--the fact is, pure and simple starvation doesn't work. Whether you're starving because of surgical procedures, or starvation diets plus exercise, starvation may work temporarily but it just alters the body so that it creates and stores more fat--and that alone isn't pathological; but the way in which the body is forced to change in order to result in this outcome includes many insidious, long term pathologies that shut down the glands and organs one by one, over time. And, oh yeah, you gain the weight back quickly too...that's what Weight Watchers (and all those other diet sellers) are counting on--you're meant to be their lifelong customer. Hey, if diets actually worked, no one would be fat: none of these diet sellers would be in business.

I agree excess weight is deadly--for men. For women, not so much, it actually enhances our bodies in function and women who are considered "fatter" tend to outlive those who are considered slim--as long as the whole starvation/diet/weight gain pattern is never established. Our bodies are not meant to look identical to Elle MacPherson's or Heidi Klum or Kate Moss, they're meant to look like our ancestors' bodies, with their particular genetic traits as a basis, with changes in each generation. Some of us will have more fat, some of us will be more lean, some of us will be tall, some of us will be short. That's the way it is: this diversity is meant to be the norm. I am growing more and more convinced that "fat" (as it's applied to the vast majority of women) simply is no health threat--but the whole diet go-round is definitely the beginning of real trouble, physically and mentally. You can't get much sicker than that.

Incidentally, if you want to use Hoodia, chromium, and Gymnestra Sylvestre at any time, I would highly recommend you do so only under the full and ongoing supervision and case management of a qualified and experienced herbalist. Gymnestra sylvestre has a profound effect on blood sugar levels and on insulin production--I would only ever recommend that herb to a clinically diagnosed type II diabetic and I would only do so if I knew I would get full compliance from the patient regarding my supervision as well as his or her MDs. Also, when I put a patient on Chromium, I do so with a lot more care that Iovate does--I am specific about the precise chemical formulation of that nutrient I want my patient to use, and just how much. Again, it affects the way every cell in your body processes sugar and it's not to be taken by just anybody. Hoodia as well--and mark that your herbalist should be very knowledgable in herbs which do not have a long clinical historical use in North America--she or he should be very knowledgeable about African herbs in particular. Our Materia Medicas don't include much on this drug, it's quite new, and all we know about it is that it affects the parasympathetic nervous system so that you do not feel hungry. Which means it helps you to starve because it tricks your nervous system into telling you you are not hungry, though you quite possibly do need to eat.

There is absolutely nothing that is "Fat Burning" in this patent medicine, the minerals in the formulation are a very poor quality that's hard for your body to absorb and it's loaded with stearates (which are basically used to ensure you will not have access to the mineral nutrient it's suspended in), various forms of sugar, sucralose (what the fuck? that wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels too--why do you need sugars in a supposed supplement combined with stuff that alters your blood sugar levels and hormones? Why would they need to make a "supplement" taste sweet?) and cheap soy derivatives that are nothing more than msg in another legal name.

Save your money, leave this on the shelf.
P_176, that's exactly how I meant it, not to be rude, but this is how I'm interpreting your comments. I know your frustration at not seeing the results you want in the way you want in the time you want. but honestly, the risk isn't worth it. Blunt is how I am sometimes.

I took a fat burner. Twice. It gives you more energy so you have a more intense work out. Then I felt like absolute garbage after. It gave me some mean ass indigestion, not to mention making me run to the washroom every thirteen seconds because I was drinking so much water. It made me super thirsty and twitchy.

are you on any medications at all?
anna k
My legs have gotten really strong lately, thanks to all the exercising I've been doing. I can feel the muscles underneath them, and they feel so solid and strong. My arms have gotten stronger due to lifting things at work and using weights at the gym. I still have underarm softness, but that's just what I have. I like feeling my arm muscles, since I've always had a soft shape with low muscle tone.

I've been detoxing myself for the past few days. I've gained a few pounds due to eating Powerbars and Luna bars, as well as milk and Lean Cuisine meals, and I feel good after a detox, when after the first few days of farting, feeling limp, and peeing, my body feels clearer and cleaner and thinner. My weight fluctuates between 3-5 pounds a lot, usually in water weight or fullness. Sometimes I don't like having such a soft shape where I can gain weight easily, but I've been liking my body more in the past several months.

This is really vain of me, but I think I have really great tits. They're bigger than what I would like (triple-D), but they fill out a shirt nicely, and I like wearing a tank top and a bra underneath to retain their shape and keep them together. Part of my exercises are to maintain having a good shape so they don't sag too much when I'm older (as well as having a good bra). I like resting my hands on them when I sleep on my stomach at night, they're like a comfy pillow. I'm proud of them, and when they look good in an outfit, they make me feel more sexy.
I love Anna K's posts. They're the most positive postings I've ever read. They're like the triumph of counted blessings, gratefully and clearly acknowledged for the great things they are, not overlooked just because some numbers on a scale don't "correspond".

ok....i'm done with this discussion, and i'm sorry i started it. i'm taking the feedback i've gotten for what it is and filed it for further investigation, and i'm rejecting all assumptions you've made. i'm secure in the fact that i'm not harming my body.

WW - yea it helps people make 'better food choices' but it does not help people eat balanced meals, in my opinion and experience with WW.

i love anna k's posts also. i've actually looked at posts i'd maybe not otherwise look at, to see what she wrote. based on her writings, i think she's a beautiful person.
Ditto, I need to start getting into positive-thinking mode again. Now that summer’s here and the farmer’s market is open I’m totally looking forward to cooking up some yummy, healthy fruits and vegetables. Anybody else from Michigan? This winter was brutal; but now it’s time for some fresh local goodness.

Also, it’s been almost three weeks so I think I’m officially a non-smoker. I’ve been an on/off quitter for a while, it’s been hard with being injured and sedentary and ‘cause my boyfriend was smokey-mcgee, all up in my face with it all the time. Plus I smoked for a LONG time – all through high school and college. I wasn’t a huge chain smoker, but I was a social and “stress” smoker, it was totally my crutch whenever I felt angsty or shy or anything, cigarettes cured all. But, now I’m done, I’m ready to be done. My boyfriend has quit too and I’ve started jogging again, so there’s no way I’m going back. I need a badge or something!

And, whoever it was that posted the “Couch to 5k” running plan, thank you! I’m on week 3 and it’s been a struggle with my lungs since I’ve done so much damage to them over the years, but it feels so good to be out and active. And starting slowly and working my way up is really nice ‘cause I can see and feel my progress but I’m not over-doing it and ending up injured again. Yeah, regarding knee injury: I think swimming is the thing to do, no impact but really good for ya. Anyway, 5k by the end of the summer, woo!
QUOTE(p_176 @ Jun 2 2008, 03:56 PM) *
ok....i'm done with this discussion, and i'm sorry i started it. i'm taking the feedback i've gotten for what it is and filed it for further investigation, and i'm rejecting all assumptions you've made. i'm secure in the fact that i'm not harming my body.

WW - yea it helps people make 'better food choices' but it does not help people eat balanced meals, in my opinion and experience with WW.

i love anna k's posts also. i've actually looked at posts i'd maybe not otherwise look at, to see what she wrote. based on her writings, i think she's a beautiful person.

Hey lady, don't be so glum! I still want to hear about your progress and your experiences. If you don't want to talk here, PM me.

I posted Couch to the 5k on my blog. I have been SLACKING lately at it, because work has been crazy, but hopefully things will slow down next week and I can get to it!
thanks GGG, we'll definitely be talking. i'm not glum at all! i'm not angry; even if any comments were supposed to be 'condescending', i just take it with a grain of salt because, on an online chat like this, one does not have the entire story, so reactions are based on what is known. i should have been more clear i suppose - i was asking feedback in an effort for other points of view and information - which i got, but, it was grouped in with "orders" of what i "should" or "should not" do - which i considered and disagreed with, because of assumptions that were being made. i just felt the conversation about pills was no longer productive for me. i said i'd post about if the smartburn pills did anything, and i still plan to do that. :-) after two days, i'm still curious about the end results.
P_176 I never told you what you should or should not do, I merely offered my perspective.

With that said, it is my opinion that fat burners are unhealthy and unsafe. In my experience as well as those I know who are body builders, the experience has been the same. Google fat burners and heaty failure.

It is your choice, and I'm not here to stand in your way. I know how fat burners work, as I said earlier, they don't actually burn fat, they just give you mad energy so that you have a more intense workout. Just be sure to make sure that nothing goes on with your heart, and they are something that if you do take, which you are going to, should not be taken on a long term basis. The damage can be irrepreable.

With that said, check the ingredient list of the fat burner, there's some information here and here. I have seen bodybuilders and the regular person get addicted to the energy that fat burners give you. here is some information directly from a body building site.

I still stand by my original comments. I don't think a fat burner is worth heart failure. I could say this until I am blue in the face, but again this is your choice.
CH - i know that, and i think you already know i considered what you had to say.
i did look at the articles you posted; i'd already looked at the bodybuilding site. i think you are a little mistaken though....smartburn is not a fat burner, in my opinion, like other pills on the market, even though it's being advertised as one. it contains ingredients that work with the body to make it perform better; it does not take away from what the body is already doing.
The intarwebs is a medium that is frequently misinterpreted because of it's lack of physical cues. What is rude to one is matter-of-fact to another. It brings us together, it tears us apart. I sometimes wonder if technology isn't the nefarious work of evil gremlins trying to sow discord. Hail Eris!

I understand your frustration, p_176, but it just takes time. I know that doesn't help, but it's the truth. I was struggling a few years ago. I lost several pounds fairly quickly, then it tapered off. I was madder than hell about it & wanted to give up, but I kept thinking about the fact that I'd be tossing all my hard work away. I decided to no longer be a slave to the scale. I made myself stop worrying about "results" and just concentrated on becoming healthier. One day, I pulled on a pair of old jeans & they just . . . didn't fit anymore. Where they had been skin-tight before, they were hanging-off-my-hips-precariously loose. Stay strong, stick with your program, & I promise you will see results. You just have to be patient & patience is a bitch you can beat up at the gym!

After watching my mother try to tame her weight with a bunch of crap during the eighties (I think they *really* contributed to her heartdisease & subsequent death.), I never tried any supplements or appetite suppressants. None of it ever worked for her unless you count being tweeked as working. What was so twisted was that the only time my mother actually lost weight & kept it off was when I took over her eating habits & excercise regime. No pills, no patches, no nothing. Just healthy, fresh organic food & exercise. When I wasn't there to ride her ass, she slipped back into old habits. I was going through her big bucket o'pills & found diet patches & bottle of Relacore & other high-priced bullshit.

The diet culture aimed at women in this country is sickening. Has anybody ever noticed that to women "diet" is a verb, but with men it's mostly a noun? Men don't "diet", they "burn fat" & what they eat is their "diet". Semantics, yes, but very telling semantics.

I walked past a GNC after I had my nails done & paused to look at a scale in front of the establishment as I have a large "Fate & Weight" machine from the fifties that I'd like to have fixed. I wanted a company name so I could do some research & see if I can get the thing to work. When I looked at the top of the machine & read what it actually was, I nearly threw up in my mouth. It was a scale . . . designed for women only. It gave some ridiculous "statistic" of what was a "healthy" weight for pretty much *ALL* women. It gave no height/weight proportions, just that 120-130lbs is the "right" weight for women to be. If I weighed 120-130lbs, I'd be emaciated & would look like a teenaged boy. I was insulted & angry & wanted to go in & ask where the fucking *men's* machine was, but realized that the flunkie behind the counter would just think I was insane.
AP, it's totally true. I work out upwards of 3 hours a day. I don't do this for weight loss, I'm very happy with myself, I workout this intensely for a few reasons. My job is incredibly stressful and if itsn't working out, I'd have some serious substance abuse problems., second I'm training to get on with the police, third, I really am a freak who likes working out, I want more muscles definition.

Now, with the amount of muscle mass I have on my body, according to the BMI charts, I'm overweight. I wear a size 6, and I'm overweight. It's so fucked up.

P_176, I also recommend picking up muscle and fitness hers. It's an excellent fitness magazine in terms of muscles building, not just the focus on cardio. I really like it, and I hate most magazines. Just be careful and watch your overall health. The fat burned I take you can't get at GNC or places like this, it was an OTC and, well you know how it made me feel. Ideally, have something with protein in it right after you work out, I take a protein supplement on top of loading up during the day (after consult with the doctor, I'm okay to take a supplement, just be careful which one you choose, some are really high in calories). Your body absorbs most protein right after a workout.
yeah it takes time to put on the weight, and it will take time to lose all the weight. i don't ever expect to wake up, like, tomorrow, weighing what i did in college! i think being tweeked and considering it to be working really depends on the goal. for example having a nose job is being tweeked, and if the plastic surgery was successful and the nose looks good on the person, then it worked.
going back to my original problem of putting the effort in for a period of time (since March), and not seeing ANY results despite training with a personal trainer at the gym and seeing a nutritionist to ensure i'm eating properly....where do you draw the line? for me, it's obvious something is wrong with my metabolism, so i'm trying something else, in addition to still working out and eating right.
obviously it's not a "popular" decision on this board to take a supplement, but it's not illegal and has no side effects (for me), what's the harm in trying. fasting for short periods of time (3-5 days) are not "popular" either but there's medical research that it's indeed healthy.
the diet culture is gross. even when it's not blatant. it is hard for people to know what is really healthy and really proper for their individual bodies. i know opinions are like ***** and everyone has one, but isn't there a way for people to start proving these fad diets are false, unhealthy, unbalanced - and therefore cause the fall of all those informercials?
There are bastards out there who want nothing more than to make a dime. And what better way to do this than by grabbing someone where they (some, not all) are at their weakest and most vulnerable? We are in a weight obsessed culture, and there are many people who don't want to put in the time nor the effort, but want a body like Madonna.
How do you get cardio exercise when you have big boobs and can't afford a gym membership? Running is out because of the boob issue. I used to ride my bike when i lived with my mom in on very hilly little quiet roads around a lake. Now I live with my boyfriend on the top of a huge hill, so it's downhill allllllll the way, and uphill all the way back... not the same. I pretty much give up because there's no reason to push myself. When it's a normal hill, I can chant to myself, "You can do it." When it's a hill that goes up for 2 miles, I just keep stopping. Not to mention I really don't like riding around here anyway because it's a narrow, somewhat curvy road with no lines on it and people FLY down it. I've almost been roadkill a few times already.

I've never used craigslist, but my friend said she got a cheap used elliptical machine off there. If that doesn't work out for me then does anyone have other ideas for me?
walking, swimming. i have big boobs too, so i hate running, jumping jacks etc. i don't know either about what you can and cannot afford, but curves is pretty inexpensive for a gym membership.
Tampon, do you have a community center near by? Many community centers have work out facilities and memberships are not even half the cost for a year as a monthly gym membership. My community center has facilities and a pool and it is $15 a YEAR to join.
what about rollerblading? Swimming is a great suggestion, you can still got for a brisk walk or a hike. rowing is amazing cardio, too.
My town is incredibly lame and doesn't have a community center. Neither do any of the surrounding towns.

So far all I've been doing is taking my dog for walks. I can go swimming in a couple weeks, but I want something I can do year-round too.
What about cross country skiing in the winter?
anna k
I started going to the gym in November, starting with 5-lb handweights and a 9-lb body bar to start with. Now I can use 8-10-lb handweights and a 15-lb body bar. I'm proud of developing more strength.

Yesterday in my Pilates class, the instructor kept complimenting me a lot. It was a bit strange, just paying more attention to me. He would say that I looked like I lost weight, and complimenting my form. It was flattering, but at the same time I didn't like being pointed out in front of the class by him.

My mom and dad are pretty active. They like to bike and take hikes (whenever we've vacationed, we almost always took a hike in some woodsy/mountain area), and she likes to swim whenever she can. My dad is someone who loves to eat Italian food and sweets, but gets frustrated whenever he gains weight. Now he tries to eat his favorites in moderation and still be active at 56.
hellotampon- do you have health insurance? because i have a plan that PAYS me to work out. if i can prove i went to the gym x times a week for x weeks, they pay a certain sum that i ultimately put toward my gym membership (last time around, it basically covered 80% of the cost of the membership). check with your insurance.
I have blue cross blue shield. It's hard to get any actual details on their website, of course, so I'll have to call them tomorrow.
How is it going ladies? I have been so busy that I have had no time to blog or exercise, but I am jumping on the horse again.
HT, I do tae bo workouts at home, which involve a series of kickboxing-type movements. I took classes in it before, so I had an understanding of what to do, but there's some good DVDs out there which show you the moves. It's a good workout (and helps me with any anger management issues...); I really enjoy it.
Stayin' on the horse, even though I developed a case of Achilles' Tendinitis from jogging. I actually had this problem last time I started trying to jog, so I'm not sure what exactly the deal is. Anybody else deal with this? I read a bit about it on the 'net and one of the suggestions for prevention was lots of stretching, which I usually don't do, so when it heals I'm going back out there and see if stretching before and after helps. Otherwise, maybe I'm just not meant to be a runner sad.gif . For now, it's biking and elliptical.

In other news, I got a job (!) but it's back to the same old 1,000-calorie break-room muffin/cookie/donut temptations. Also, the people in my department always go out to eat at fast food places for lunch. They always invite me, and I always decline. I feel bad 'cause that's really the only time for socializing and I want to be part of the "group" or whatever, but I can't eat that shit everyday and not gain a bunch of weight. They probably don't get it, 'cause they're all guys (I'm in the IT dept) so I feel like a food snob when I decline, but I'm trying hard to care more about my body than about looking like an elitist to my coworkers.

does anyone know any good ways to exercise if a person has back and hip problems? i have gained so much weight since i wrecked my back... it's getting to the ridiculous point. i tore a muscle low on the left side of my back almost a year and a half ago and it still hurts and my left hip gets all achy and the joint "pops" (like cracking your knuckles) all the time. i know if i lost some weight (like, oh, a whole person or so) it would probably feel better, but i'm scared to start and my dr is no use whatsoever. i've been pretty careful about my diet lately, i drink tons of water, i do a fair amount of walking and i can't afford a gym membership... ideas?
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HT, I do tae bo workouts at home, which involve a series of kickboxing-type movements. I took classes in it before, so I had an understanding of what to do, but there's some good DVDs out there which show you the moves. It's a good workout (and helps me with any anger management issues...); I really enjoy it.

Ohh that seems like a good idea. I never thought of that because I had it confused with Tai Chi. I'll get some videos when I get back from my vacation.
Likeanyother: I completely understand your work issue. My co-workers get fast-food EVERYDAY. I'm vegan, which obviously makes eating fast-food more difficult, but even if I wasn't, I still wouldn't eat that crap. I've been there for 5-months now so they don't even ask me anymore but I do feel like I'm missing out on special "bonding" time since I always bring my lunch. I just try to remind myself that my health is more important and I try to encourage them to eat healthier too. I usually only eat out once a week, and my husband and I have a rule that we'll only eat out on the weekends. This keeps it under control. Even after eating out once a week, I still feel like I ate a lot. I don't know how people eat fast-food all of the time. I think I would be depressed!
I think one big reason so many people are depressed is the massive and ongoing consumption of fast food. Especially in the work environment. Nothing says "powerlessness and hopelessness" like a cubicle job that sucks all your time up so much so that everything you eat comes out of a box. Particularly because that kind of food is meant to be eaten in solitude. In a car, on the way to more time sucking work; or in front of your computer screen, at your desk, so you don't actually leave for a lunch break or anything.

Food is supposed to be all about community anyway, even at work. I've had some success in the past with changing what's available at work, but it took effort on my part. Usually nothing more than bringing a little extra, or "treats" I'd make myself, but with real ingredients--stuff they never seem to think of bringing in for staff. Eventually people reciprocate--with the same kind of things.

I'd make stuff that was just "extra" of things I'd make for myself--for example, extra dips like hummous or tzatziki or roasted red peppers chopped up and mixed with chopped red onions--and then I'd bring in a bag of pita bread, so we could all share...or bake an extra savoury pie (I like to make them with fresh leeks and potatoes, for example; or vidalia onions if they're in's really easy and it doesn't cost much to do. You can make your own pie crust using things like stone milled unbleached flour, real butter...or use filo pastry as an alternative; finger sized spanakopita goes over well and it's easy to make extra of that, for example.

People usually start to bring in things they make to offer others...and so on and so on. And eventually the taste for the crappy food gets forgotten. Makes for a nicer place to work too.

Even sweets, if that's what goes over--homemade stuff is always far more healthy than the donuts and crappy muffins and chips and candy bars that are around. At one place where I worked, whenever someone had a birthday the company would buy cakes from a grocery store to celebrate that person's day...and the cakes were always those commercial things. When my birthday came I asked them not to get me a cake, and told them I was bringing in something myself...and I went to a really good bakery that specialized in using the best ingredients for everything they made. I bought pastries--good ones, beautiful looking little treats that contained sugar, yes, but also no crap--real fruit was used, stuff was handmade with ingredients a pastry chef would use. People liked having a choice of pastry, it was easier to be happy with the single serving idea, and they liked idea that leftover cake wasn't left to linger in the fridge for ever, just luring people hungry enough to eat anything to fill up on their margarine and refined white sugar/foodcolouring/msg contents. So the company stopped buying the cheap cakes, and started doing the same thing, they asked where I got the pastries and even sourced other good places nearby--it didn't cost them much more, and it was far healthier for everyone involved.


Same old, same old for me. Walking, doing the resistance band routine,
eating fish, vegetables, seeds, nuts & fruit. I'm doing ok, and I'm
losing 1.5 lbs a week - 35 so far. Still need to lose another 55 or so.
Seems like forever in one way, but 6 months pass pretty quickly.
I hope I'll make it in 8-10 months.

I've lowered my resting heart rate from 60 to 44-48 in 6 months!
I had to take a picture of my HRM display and post it on my blog *nerd*...

HRM pride!

I've been doing pretty good lately myself. When I got back from England and Paris I had walked so much and for so many hours at a time that my legs were feeling super strong. I did a 30K ride after I hadn't been on a bike in over a month. It felt awesome and I've been on my bike almost every day for the last week and a half. And it's supposed to be bright and sunny here all week so I'm going to get in lots of riding.

I haven't been back the gym since I got home because it's just too beautiful out. I'm making sure I'm doing lots of activities, even just stuff like going to the park, or going for a short hike and I'm feeling pretty body positive lately.

I just need to cut down on my snacking now.
I am so OVER the gym. It is depressing. I just get bored when I am there and everything seems so repetitive.

I also need to join an all women's gym. I am tired of the leering, even though not every man does it, when it does happen it is so incredibly threatening and uncomfortable.


Chacha, thanks, I kinda took your advice today. My boss generously offered to take us out to lunch and everyone was all, “burger king!” and I was all, “wait, um, no…” and since I’m the “new person” they obliged and we went to a foodshop with real, actual food and it was enjoyed by all.

So… been kinda slacking on working out since the tendonitis, though this evening I went to the driving range, so at least I was kinda sorta active. I’m totally NOT a golf-type person, and I pretty much suck-ass at it, but, for some reason I still love it. Somethin’ about wackin’ those balls… laugh.gif .
I'm so glad! I think it's great they all agreed to go along with you, especially since you're the new person. They sound like very good people. I hope it's the start of a trend that continues.
I'm soooo annoyed, that I can't seem to lose any weight.
My diet consists of 80% fruit and vegetables and 20% fish, or chicken, low fat milk products, olive oil (for salad dressings) and the very occasional treat of a little dark chocolate, or beer.
(I only drink alcohol twice a month)
I mean, that's all perfectly reasonable.
I'm a totally average size 12, so how freaking little do I have to eat, to get a size 10??? huh.gif
/ rant
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