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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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The 5k I want to run is in June, so even if I can’t start running for a few weeks I should still be able to pull it off. I walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes the other night just to ‘test the toe waters’ and it really hurt, so I don’t think I’m ready to start the jogging yet.

When I do start I am so totally doing that Couch-to-5k plan. It looks awesome and is totally in sync with all the advice I’ve gotten about starting running, which is not to push yourself too hard at first because that almost always leads to injury and the end of running altogether. I wish I could start now!

Anyway, I’ve totally slacked on the food diary and I’m kinda mad at myself. I’m the queen of the ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ type of excuses. I went out to the bar Wednesday and it totally got me off track, as I probably consumed about a thousand calories in beer, then I was totally craving protein the next hungover morning, so I got sesame (i.e. deep-friend) chicken at the cafeteria for lunch and just crashed (i.e. didn’t go to the gym) when I got home from work last night. So bad. But, tonight I’m not going out to eat and not having drinks, which is my usual Friday night, instead I’ll be cooking something good and healthy! Getting’ back on the track... literally and figuratively wink.gif
Sounds like everyone here is doing pretty well!

I was doing okay for a while after New Year's, but then I fucked up my neck and couldn't do crunches for a week, so I got really off track. But I walked quite a bit today, and I'll try not to pig out on dinner, although who knows? I got a new meal plan for next semester, so I won't be eating in the dining hall nearly as much, at least. And maybe I'll ask the boyfriend if we (okay, he) can cook dinner on Thursdays instead of going out or to his awful dining hall. At least I was able to find some size 4 jeans I could fit into, so my self-esteem isn't totally in the gutter, lol. Also my chiropractor is making me do weird back excercises and push-ups, so maybe that'll help? We'll see. And maybe I can check out that running plan...
ok, we're w/in 24 hours of the reveal of the 'new me' to the mr and I can happily say I have now lost a total of 23 lbs sinse late Oct !

yesterday I got my hair cut & colored and do not much resemble the woman he said goodbye to a few months ago. I told him ' look for the car' bc if I'm not standing next to it I don't think he'll know who I am. even the girls at the gym didn't recognize me w/ the new hair (which I only think is so-so but they all raved about) and they see me every day! biggrin.gif
and while I am sure at some point I will miss a few days eventually, still plan on being back at the gym first thing monday morning. finally I have a good habit!

several Busties here do yoga yes?
I asked my yoga instructor yesterday how many calories are burned in an hour of it, and she estimated a few hundred. ( I know I personally sweat my freakin' Ass off)
then cooincidentally, I found this cool article about it, that explains and discusses the potential for weight loss and other health benefits :

I have been doing yoga as a break from my stregnth training & cardio stuff these past few months, I had No Idea it could be benefitting me in other really serious ways as well.

beck- thankyou so much for posting that link!
I think I have come across something sort of similar to it before, but not as clearly & simply broken down as that.
the mr is a serious pt runner, so I am going to see if he won't slow it WAY down for me, but if not, I'll print that method out & carry it to the gym & track it from there.
I haven't started looking for a race yet,but am registered at after frecklette & I walked a race once in the summer & get frequent updates on races & events all over so I'm sure when I'm ready I can find one.

go easy on your poor toes!
I know it's got to be frustrating to not be able to do as much as the rest of you wants to, but healing takes time.
and listen, falling off the food wagon, I know, I know I know I know! lol
but as the nutritionist said, just bc you slip and eat something really awful, doesn't mean the rest of the day/week/month is shot. it just means that right then, you made a bad choice and the next thing you eat is a chance to start over again.
that's how I used to be ' .. well I already ate 2 of these, a 3rd isn't going to hurt.' and there goes another pound.
right now I still feel pretty strong in my resolve to maintain and keep building to the healthier changes I've made, I just hope that after the mr is back & we eat out a lot, I can stick to it.

erinjane- it's so cool that you have a reliable group of friends to work out w/ similar health issues that are so supportive. everything you are doing, working w/ that dr, just sounds fantastic.

= sorry to be such a thread hog again! = rolleyes.gif
Keep thread hogging, freckle! It's so good to come in here and read that people are being successful. It's awesome motivation. smile.gif
Congrats!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT HIS REACTION. Good for you and thanks for the info on yoga.

I on the other hand GAINED 6 pounds over my 3 week holiday. I'm not sure why. Oh, yeah, maybe eatting everything in sight and having the activity level of a bedridden person.

BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP!!! smile.gif

he loved EVERYTHING about the new me, and let me tell you....... between the weight loss and the yoga lending to the ability to be bendier (squee!).... life is ~Supremely Fabulous~!!!!!!!

however, I am already noticing a huge desire for chocolate that I had kept at bay for quite awhile.
in fact my whole appetite is kicking in like a linebacker's (no rocket science there!) and it's going to be a test of discipline not to let it free.

gifts w/ challenges, yah. huh.gif
This might sound silly but what to you all think about having a scale? Yay or nay?

I'm just wondering because while I was home it was nice to be able to weigh myself (apparently I lost 6 pounds from the time vacation started to when it ended). I know that people say you should just take note of how your clothing fits but sometimes I want something a little more concrete. But then I'm also afraid of becoming obsessed and just weighing myself all the time.
Yay Freckleface. Try and have some fudgicles or something on hand to help get you through those sugar crashes. So excited to hear your good news.

Candycane Girl,

I'm the kind of girl who can get obsessive about things. but I find a scale helps - because I'm also the kind of girl who can be in denial about things (like putting on weight) and I'd rather head it off at a 2 or 3 pound gain than more.

Here's 2 ideas. Get a scale but put it under a couch or chair in your living room (that's what I do) - then I don't have to stare at it every morning. OR if you have a good friend who has a scale, weigh yourself there and check in every now and again.

so, it's been like a 1 wk + of not exercising. i mean like, full on couch potato-dom. and, i have no desire to go back to the gym. now, i've been pretty active for a long time, and sometimes i do drop off the face of the earth for a week or so. but i always bounce back, *wanting* to go back.

i got nothing.

obviously, i'm bored with the usual. but i need something to get excited to go to, and the usual suspects are cutting it for me. ideas to light a fire up under mah ass? motivation?

ccg- i agree with kayla. i like having one to make sure i'm not going off the deep end, but sometimes i'm tempted to check a titch too often. i vote weighing in at the gym, or at a friends'.

candycane girl, as for me, I had an "approximate" idea of my weight for about 5 years.
I didn't want to weigh myself, because I knew it would be a lot. Then I lost about 20 pounds,
more or less, I looked slimmer and my clothes were hanging a bit looser. By then I
decided to weigh myself - I mean, how bad could it be? Turned out I weighed a LOT more than
I had thought, like "bawl my eyes out for two days" more. So.

On the up side: I had still shed those circa 20 pounds.
On the down side: had I known sooner, I would probably had a lot less to lose now.

If you're anything like me (i.e in denial), buy yourself a digital scale. Then weigh yourself
every 7 or 14 days or so. Put the scale in the closet the rest of the time.

I think I would like to get a scale. Like kayla said, I'd rather realize that I've gained a few pounds and really get into gear then stay in self-denial (my most favourite place!) and have it end up being too late. Actually I already feel like it's too late but whatever, I'm working on it!
Now if only I could afford a scale.

I got weighed at the doctor's office today and I was 2 pounds lighter than when I last weighed myself (about 2 weeks ago) so that was nice to see.
crazyoldcatlady: motivation. what seems to help me get back in gear are small things like stretching, yoga, or spot exercises. doing situps till it burns, even if in front of the tv, makes me feel like i'm closer to being fit than not, which gets me excited about losing weight/toning up. pushups do that for me as well. the thought that i'm getting stronger, healthier and otherwise doing something beneficial for my overall well being... tends to be the catalyst i need. what's more important, the false comfort that comes from warming the couch, or the true confidence that comes from knowing you're doing something good for yourself? i'm just sayin...
anna k
I had a great time at my dance class tonight. We did an African/jazz dance to an African song, and it felt so good to shake myself around and feel sexy and beautiful and getting better one step at a time.

I've lost about ten pounds or so since November, through keeping a food diary and taking classes at the gym 3-4 times a week. I feel better, and am working towards losing fat and taking care of myself.

anna k, yay for dancing!
I've lost 7 lbs in three weeks by keeping a food diary also, and walking 4 miles a day or more.
For strength I use my trusty resistance band. I'm also considering yoga! And I feel very good,
neither starved nor bored! I can hardly believe it. I hope I feel the same way in 6 months.

I finally worked out again today! It'd about a week. I have been infull on couch-potato mood (much like ccl) as I've just had no energy (period) to do anything. It was only 40 minutes, but it made me feel a little better. Been really depressed, and I thought working out would help me.

My boyfriend has one of those Biggest Loser random scales, where it's anywhere from 2-10 pounds off. Yet, I'm getting a little OCD about it.


okay, i know i'm drop bomb posting here since i haven't posted in a while and haven't really read what's below. i love this thread and need to dedicate myself to it more. but, i had to explode this somewhere. yesterday i bought a size 16 dress (and yet, right now i'm wearing 24 jeans, so size obviously doesn't matter) and then today, being all proud, weighed myself and i am shocked because i weighed in at 280 lb. i dont feel that big and i dont think i look that big. i think that our tvs and media sells us images of larger people with smaller weights so that we get scared of being their size. ga. i've cut out wheat and am trying to move more. starting tomorrow i'm off dairy (minus yoghurt and goat's) and then also going off of sugar. alcohol too! yuck. i feel so ashamed. i've never weighed myself in years and now i know why, it's so destructive, self! bah!
QUOTE(ohsweetie @ Jan 19 2008, 10:08 AM) *
i think that our tvs and media sells us images of larger people with smaller weights so that we get scared of being their size.

that reminds me of this series of pictures: Illustrated BMI Categories, collected by the superb fat acceptance blogger Kate Harding. you might allready have discussed this this here. i think it's worth a look and get an idea of how a certain weight and BMI "looks like" on a real person.

ohsweety, I personally feel that your decision to cut out on so many things is quite drastic. i hope that you'll feel better soon.

i'm starting a new yoga class today. exciting! i quit doing yoga last summer, due to just not going to a few sessions and then … beeing ashamed not to have been there. ALTHOUGH i LOVED it. what a shame! but this time, i'm going with two friends. we think that we're more likely stick to it that way. if one can't make it, the other two will.
Stepped on the scale yesterday and was happy to see I'm sitting right around 120 right now. smile.gif

I was sick most of the week so only worked out Monday but I met my group at the gym today and had a great workout, doing cardio for about an hour. I was jogging straight for 10 minutes and I wasn't able to do that before. It felt really good. I'm really looking forward to hitting the gym most days from now on. I'm totally loving this interval training. It's so manageable and not really daunting.
Hamburg, I just looked at the Illustrated BMI thing, it's incredible. I really think that the BMI is a load of crap. I'm not a scientist by any means, but all I know is that all through high school and part of university i was a competitive rower, and i weighed 185 pounds give or take a few here and there. I was considered overweight for my height (5"8), but I was in the best shape of my life and most of my weight was muscle. Yet in high school gym class we had fat pinchers to measure our BMI and lo and behold, I was overweight/obsese. What a crock of shit. (no offense to people who believe in this, this is just my opinion)

ohsweetie, I hear you. I have a lot of weight to lose too. But I second hamburg -
don't cut out too much too soon, because you'll lose weight like crazy at first,
but then your metabolism will drop too, and you'll have a hard time losing more.

As for me, I'm on a weight plateau already. Crap. I eat just right, keep a strict food
diary, and have walked 63 miles during January, which I think is pretty good for
someone who's a natural couch potato, but I don't do much strength, and no really
sweaty stuff either.

I tried yoga for 40 minutes the other day, and suddenly just burst into tears.
It was terrifying! I got this overwhelming feeling of sadness and despair
that must have been lying packaged here and there in my body, and through
all the deep breathing slipped out. I cried for 15 minutes and then I went and
washed my face, because I was going out with a friend, and had planned the
yoga so I would feel strong, refreshed and GOOD about myself before going out.
Wow, was that ever a miscalculation. :/

Besides, it made my knees hurt like a mofo. It's weird, because I can walk 8 miles
without feeling a thing, but I can't be on my hands and knees, or sit on my heels
- it's just too painful. Maybe I just need to find the right exercises.

coela, I'm sad to hear that the yoga made you feel crappy but maybe you needed that release? Sometimes it can be so helpful to cry, like kind of refreshing and you can clear your head.
thank you so much for the kind words!! i've been feeling better in the past few days. i've had to cut out those foods not to lose weight but because I have some kidney issues and i need to clean the toxins out of my body. I am still eating a lot of food, but the food I am consuming is different (like a humungous salad with goat cheese and tuna instead of veggie dogs...) i'm feeling exhausted, but not sleeping enough. it's like, i'm only 25 and i feel so pressured to get my life in gear and in order and to 'heal' myself. don't people usually do this when they're in their 40s??
Coela, just wanted to write a bit about why tears and yoga go hand in hand:

Yoga's an ancient medical system, something which developed alongside Ayurvedic ideas and medical practice. It's thousands of years old and because it's built on acquired knowledge that's been observed and applied and refined over the millennia, there is an understanding of the body which conventional medical science hasn't "caught up with" yet.

Yoga's focus is on breathing for a reason: of course, this is where we exchange gases in the body: fresh air for carbon dioxide, breathing refreshes the blood the heart circulates (so a healthy heart depends on very healthy lungs). More importantly, the lungs are where our bodies "store" unresolved grief. I don't know a whole lot about Traditional Chinese medicine, but I do know that this observed knowledge about the lungs is also part of the TCM medical philosophy as well: in Homeopathy, many of the medicines we use to treat deep seated depressions are also remedies used to treat asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and lung cancers....not coincidental! It is very telling when 3 different forms of medicine which developed separately and over long terms seem to come to the same conclusion about that part of the body.

If you experience the need to weep while practicing yoga, then your body's telling you it would like to resolve that grief so that your body can function optimally. It's part of what Yoga "clears" from your whole system. Part of the "work" of Yoga involves just the physical "work out"...but none of what is affected physically takes place without creating some change on the emotional and mental capacities of your body, which is why it has a reputation as a healing practice.

I'll go one step further and make a connection to that sadness (or anger, if you're one of those people who undergo and stimulation to the liver via yoga, instead...or any other organ that causes a change in emotional behaviour) being a factor in why it is our bodies "take on" the issues with weight which can persist.

I also think the BMI is yet another attempt to impose standards of what's considered normal FOR MEN's bodies on women's. It's like medical science still won't accept that female bodies are just very different from male ones, in very important ways. That Kate Harding visual BMI project really demonstrates how inappropriate a standard it actually is.
Well, I think I am finally ready to start working out this week. I was really pissed because I went to buy a sports bra and they didn't have my size! The irony! I wanted a sports bra so I could start working out so that I will no longer be this size! But then I talked to my mom who said that I should just start anyway and wear a regular bra so that's what I'm going to do.

So.....does anyone have any awesome fast music that they like to work out to? I'm hoping to make a playlist for my iPod so that I can really get going on the elliptical machine.

So far I can only think of two songs though: Emerge by Fischerspooner and Hung Up by Madonna.

coela, how is the yoga going since the last time you posted?

ohsweetie, I hope you're doing alright with trying to cleanse your body. Just try not to think about the pressure and take things at your own pace.

chachaheels & candycane girl, thank you for your concern.

I was a bit hesitant about practicing yoga again because I was afraid, frankly.
But yesterday I did it anyway. It worked alright for the first 20 minutes or so,
although I couldn't do some of the positions (bad knees, too weak or stiff etc)
but then after 40 minutes (just like last time) I got this terrible headache, like
a bad migraine, and began to feel dizzy, almost drunk or hungover. It didn't go
away, so I quit, and lay panting on the bed for 15 minutes like I had been drinking
2 bottles of wine and danced all night. Then I fell fast asleep and had the most intense,
weird dreams I've had in weeks. I woke up and looked and felt like a complete wreck.

Today has been pretty slow, in other words.

But I'll keep on trying! I just have to plan it so I'm not doing anything afterwards,
since "yoga in the morning and feeling calm & refreshed" clearly isn't the case for me,
at least not yet. I also have a serious problem with the fact that some of the deep
breathing bits remind me of hyperventilation, or rather, it IS hyperventilation.
I really don't want to do that again - bad personal experiences etc. Now that I have
thought it over, I've realized that it probably played a big part.

And candycane, on sports bras: HEAR HEAR!
You could always buy one online, though. has a gazillion sizes.
As for now, I use my regular bras, but rinse them in the wash basin after work-out.
That way I hope they won't wear out so quickly.

Coela, the breathing in yoga is where the practice of yoga actually exists. Are you doing the yoga on your own, or are you working with an instructor, as part of a group?

It would be really good to do this with someone to guide you. If you're experiencing the sensation that you're hyperventilating, then you may need someone to just help you figure out a way to breathe while you do the yoga. It's not something you should be forcing, ever--but we're never actually objective enough about ourselves to know when we're "not forcing" things (that's a universal situation with us all, lack of objectivity about ourselves) so it may make a huge difference if someone who's knowledgeable can say to you that you're working too hard at forcing things, and help you to make the proper adjustments so that you'll be able to do the yoga and gain from it.

Any good yoga studios near you? It does seem clear there's a great benefit for you (particularly in clearing that old grief up) but it shouldn't be so painful, it should be easier in order to get something good out of this.
Oh Em friggin' Gee! I'm doing pretty bad with everything. I was doing great, and was all excited to have lost a few pounds. But lately being a full-time student as well as working full time has caught up with me, as it usually does as the semester progresses and the homework piles. Exercise gets pushed to the back burner, at right about the time my roommate offers me cake and my coworkers bring in cookies!! Grrrr. But, it's never too late to start over, right? I think I need to make some changes in my life to reduce stress and open up more time for exercising and cooking....

How is everyone else doing?


I'm using the beginner's classes at
It would certainly be better if I had an instructor, yes, but I don't feel comfortable going
to the only yoga studio we have here - I know both the instructors and we don't get along.
I wouldn't feel comfortable crying in front of people either, it would just make me quit altogether.

I've been practising a bit more, it doesn't feel particularly great and crying is still involved.
Sometimes I'm just so fed up with it. It doesn't feel like a relief for me, I just feel very sad
and frustrated. But I like the feeling in the body, so maybe I'll just endure it, although it's hard.
I'll give it 10 sessions, and if it's still very hard, I'll just have to find something else to do.

I just saw this article and could really relate to a lot of what the author said, about associating being thin with bad times in her life, and her ambivalence about wanting to be healthy, but not to buy in to the weight-loss industry crap - thought people might find it interesting.

The feminist dieter
ok I admit it: I fell off the wagon & it ran over me. rolleyes.gif

seriously tho, I've been avoiding this thread bc I felt like such a damned hypocrit.
the mr came back about a month ago & I used him as an excuse to skip after the first week.
then we adopted 2 baby puppies and started remodeling the bathroom, and did I mention that I screwed up my back awhile ago too?
all very legitimate excuses for not-going! mad.gif

anyway, my back really is messed up.
pinched nerve the dr said, but it doesn't seem to be getting better, despite the stretches and exercises she gave me to do, and last night I had shooting pains down my leg and up my back so I'm thinking I'm going to need the referral to a physical therapist my dr had offered.

I went back to the gym yesterday anyway (the mr thankfully returned to work after a whole Month off!) and did 35 mns on the elliptical, and walked 10 on the treadmill. then my back hurt so bad I was almost in tears.
today I went back and walked/jogged 2 mls on the treadmill and the running actually made my back feel good. - something about the up motion stretching the muscles maybe?

but I can't do my weight training class that I love/hate so much, and that frustrates me.
the last class I took the trainer told me to go really easy & stop when it hurt. so I did, and 1/2 thru I felt GREAT & finished it feeling like a rock star, only to be crippled the days immediately following.
= le sigh=
I can't even pick up & carry laundry right now.

as for yoga, I resume it thursday, but the week after next it's changing to Body Flow, which is a blend of yoga, tai chi and I think pilates maybe? I'm pretty excited, but still am seeking a more spiritual yoga experience at other studios here in my area.
I am going to check out that yogatoday site too, as well as the feminist dieter article- thank you both!

= end thread hogging w/ apologies =
beck, the linky no work for me sad.gif
hmm, i never get this right. Here is the actual address, i'll try again to make a link,00.html

tried again and still can't make it work. Hopefully the address above will do the trick. Not sure what i'm doing wrong
Freckle, have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? Sometimes all kinds of "healing" methods don't--can't--work until whatever has been pushed out of place in terms of your foundation (your skeleton) has been put back into place. I found this out the hard way when I dislocated my hip bone and it pulled a muscle or something--it was so painful I couldn't walk or bend or lie flat for days.

Nothing helped...not really powerful homeopathic medicines, which usually do the trick; not stretches, not warming baths, not massage, nothing. The only thing that worked was seeing a chiropractor, who performed an "adjustment". It was a little painful (but still less than what I felt everytime I moved) but something shifted, as he measured the length of both legs to test whether or not the bones were alligned properly afterwards. Before my adjustment, my left heel was a little higher than my right heel; afterwards they met at the same level.

At that point I'd been suffering with the intense pain for about a week; after the adjustment I was much better the next morning, and completely well within the next day or so. You can do the strengthening exercises recommended by your doc after the adjustment and heal up even more quickly once you're back in place.
anna k
I let myself get a little fat, despite exercising a lot. Just eating pizza twice in one week and being a little lazy made me gain a few pounds. I can still fit into my size 10 pants, but I have a little fat belly. I worked out a lot today, doing kickboxing and ballet DVDs to make up for it.
it's my first time posting in this thread, so hellooooo ladies! i need the support to get my ass back in gear and to have a place to vent.

i quit smoking two months ago and although my lungs and heart and feeling great, the rest of me, not so hot. i think my overeating was also the biproduct of latent, untreated depression, but the end result was the same. depressed me+no ciggies= eat and eat and eat until I'm 30lbs heavier. I have been working out five days a week for two weeks now, and although i know it is too soon, i got on the scale. moments later i was dashing into the shower to hide my tears. i thought, maybe, at least i would have lost a pound or two. but it showed i'd actually gained two. i know i need to not freak out, stick to the plan, yadayadayada, but i feel like my body has been hijacked. i want to get back to where i am comfortable and strong, which isn't super-skinny, but it's the me that i grew to love and accept.

i think it is especially hard because i was binge eating so heavily that my stomach is larger and i am hungry, all the time, no matter what i do. i am stuffing my face with blackberries, broccoli, celery, you name it. there isn't a grain of sugar in my cupboard or in my fridge. but i am starving all the time. my doc's advice for avoiding hunger cravings? masturbate. i liked that one. something about interupting what's going on in your sympathetic nervous system. i'd never heard that one. which i could whip out the vibe in the middle of class when i want to chew my own hand off.

have any of you had success with herbal appetite supressants? i think i'm going to need some kind of aid to get through this first month of readjustment.

dj biz- I totally know where you are coming from. when I quit smoking I gained 40 pounds, which if you call the smoking cessation people, they will say that's on the high end of the range. But it is what it is right?

Get one thing straight, you ARE depressed, because you are still going through withdrawl, nicotine is one evil bugger. The oral fixation is never satisfied, so you compensate with food which causes weight gain which causes more depression....awesome little loop you got going on!

Now take a deep breath and step back.

Better? Okay, you are excercising, that's terrific. To numb the hunger I would recommend using soluble fiber at each meal. It dissolves in water and helps to make you feel full. It also slows down digestion of sugars to moderate your blood sugar. I use benefiber because it is commonly available. Some people feel bloated when first using it, so follow the directions on the bottle when first starting. I also use Fiber Choice chewable tablets, which are great for work or when I'm out and about.

Try snacking on nuts (raw) and add protein to vege snacks (i like hummus, protein and fiber).

Appetite supprescents in general will screw with your metabolism, which is currently trying to equilibrate after the removal of nicotine from the body. I recommend avoiding them.

You are beautiful and making great choices for yourself, keep it up!
thanks for the advice kelly, i will look into some chewable fiber tablets!

DJ, are you doing a weight routine in your workouts? If you are, you are going to gain weight in muscle mass, but you will notice a change in your weight.

yeah, thanks culture! i am doing weighlifting (more muscle boosts your metabolism!) and cardio combined. i'm usually the workout queen, in the gym five days a week. it isn't so much about being thin to me and more about being strong, toned and most importantly, healthy! i like being a little buff and surprising people with the ease with which i lift heavy objects.

muscle definetly weighs more than fat. here's my problem, the raw numbers. when i am working out consistently and in good shape, i weigh between 135-145 and i am 5'7". not a rail or a beach ball, just me, in the middle. right now, i am 163lbs. it's because i haven't been working out, i've been abusing food like a drug and laying in bed 12 hours a day. depression. deep, nasty, hibernation-type depression. i've rounded a corner though and things are looking up, thanks in part to the endorphins i get from working out!
DJ, I totally here you on the weather induced depression bit, and where I'd be without working out.

Have you talked to anyone about the depression??

Dj, may I make a suggestion?

2 nutrients affect depression on a physiological level, vitamin D (which we don't get from the sun in winter, because here in North America we have so much less of it on a daily basis, and we all avoid the sun now or use sunscreen, which defeats us here); and B vitamins, in particular, vitamin B12.

I notice that when people adopt a rigorous exercise regime they often develop symptoms which point to nutrient deficiencies. This is actually good!! Because your body needs to have good fuel, and uses more fuel up through your exertions, it starts to let you know what it really must have.

One of my friends, an older lady in her mid 50's, has just started a really good program and she's started to seek out sugary foods. It's unlike her to even like sweets, so I asked her about it and she told me she finds herself needing to eat more and more. We're keeping an eye on this symptom because it can indicate any number of "needs" unmet--my first thought is thy thyroid gland's underfunctioning, and to keep up, it's making her crave the sugar. When depression sets in despite exertion, I always think there's a lack of B vitamins in the diet, a lack of specific fats, and a lack of crucial vitamin D. If you've just quit smoking, the need may be even greater because smoking does affect these stores in your body.

So: cod liver oil capsules (a really pure, northern sea sourced cod liver oil) will provide you with very necessary fats, plus pure, natural sourced vitamin D. 15 minutes of sun exposure daily will also help, if you can get out for that amount of time every day. I don't know where you are but there are brands available in North America which are really good: one is Carlson's, another is NutraSea. The Carlson's makes a codliver oil with high vitamin counts--if you can find that one, that would be the most beneficial.

Vitamin B12 is available in sublingual lozenges and pills now, as well as in liquid drop form (preferred). The best way to take this is via injection, but that hurts and its inconvenient for many people. Natural Factors makes a pretty good quick dissolve methylcobalamin form (the best chemical form to get) of B12, in 1000mcg and 5000mcg doses. I'd take the 5000mcg doses daily for about a month or two and then move down to the 1000mcg dose .

If you're not getting these nutrients in your diet then these supplements should really help. I hope they do.
of course! thank you for the advice, chacha! and also, thanks for the concern, culture.

i should probably drag my behind over to the depression thread, but yes, i've started seeing some one. it was a huge rigamarole, going through student health and then referral after referral. finally, i've found a lady that i like. i let this thing fester for too long and it manifested throughout my body.

i'm having a good body day and i got back on the scale and have lost two and half pounds since i weighed myself 10 days ago. that seems like good, healthy progress to me and i wouldn't expect to lose weight any faster. my face looks a bit thinner and i know that my slightly bigger boobs are next on the chopping block.
anna k
I was lazy this weekend. My mom came in for a weekend visit and I had some rich dessert treats like gelato and a brownie. Then I ate some Chinese food while watching the Oscars, thinking "fuck it."

I worked out at the gym tonight, doing a class with weights and then a bootcamp class, needing to work out my body hard after letting myself get soft this weekend. I felt better, and had a fruit smoothie and green tea when I came home.

No matter how much I exercise, I pretty much stay the same. The lowest size I could get to would be an 8 (I'm a size 10-12, depending on the day). I have low muscle tone and soft features. I hate having to watch what I eat and keep exercising consistently to look and feel good. I'm healthy and strong and not overweight, but I have big breasts and a soft belly, so I gain weight easily if I'm lazy or not caring much. It sucks.

It's so immature, but I get jealous of famous actresses who are like tiny little dolls, like size 2-4 ladies with tiny waists who are always smaller in person. I'd like to be like that, but I do what I can with a decent diet and keeping up exercise, of which I like kickboxing, dancing, yoga, and weight training. My mom is thin, and I got my genetics from her sisters, who had bigger breasts and soft features.

I'm reading this Jezebel entry about Julianne Moore admitting that she gets hungry and hates having to diet, even though she is slim by nature. I am fascinated by the self-discipline to follow a strict diet or famous people having secret ways of staying thin and looking more "special" than mere plebians.
gah! i just called insurance to see what the coverage is for a nutritionist (it's covered only after the deductible is met, and you're capped at 4 sessions per year), and there is no coverage or reimbursement policy for having a gym membership or personal trainer.

they will, however, cover gastric bypass.

i don't have $500 for a personal trainer, and i also can't afford to keep being obese (yes, a 5'1 female at 160 pounds is obese. i'm not embarrassed about it anymore per se, i'm just ticked off that there's no support...shouldn't insurance want you to lose weight and be healthy??)

how can i have self discipline to get my butt to the gym? i'm embarrassed to so fat at the gym.... :-(
p176 we have the same problem girlie. i'm your height but a few lbs heavier than you are and just cannot seem to get moving. I eat well (splurge on junk sometimes) but I cannot seem to get below this weight i'm at now.

Here lately my motivation has been being in a wedding and just toning up because i cant wear any of my clothes. I guess you just have to set a goal for yourself and really tell yourself that this is what you want and what you have to do to get healthy. It's really not healthy for us to weigh this much being petite. But you can do it. Do not be embarassed hunny. Everyone at that gym had to start somewhere and they don't know you.

I'm surrounded by skinny people alot so that's kinda pushing me to want to lose some weight too. Not trying to be skinny but just to be in shape.
it's been such a bad week...i'm almost ready to cry.....and my boyfriend thinks i'm not attractive because i'm so big....when i go to the gym, i try to not look anyone in the eye, i'm so ashamed of how i look.

hopefully tomorrow i will feel better.....i think today i am frustrated also because i planned to take a walk and it was raining so i could not.
QUOTE(p_176 @ Feb 26 2008, 04:24 PM) *
it's been such a bad week...i'm almost ready to cry.....and my boyfriend thinks i'm not attractive because i'm so big....when i go to the gym, i try to not look anyone in the eye, i'm so ashamed of how i look.

hopefully tomorrow i will feel better.....i think today i am frustrated also because i planned to take a walk and it was raining so i could not.

I understand. But don't do it just for your boyfriend- i know you want him to be attracted to you but if he's that crude about it you don't need to be with him anyway. Do this for YOU and nobody else. You can't be that big girl... I'm about 10 lbs heavier than you and i dont think i'm that big.

Know that you are beautiful at any weight. I know it doesnt feel like it always but you are. Don't just be ashamed use that feeling as fire to get you going. It'll help us work that much harder and see results. It'll get better. **BIG HUGS**
((p 176)) i have good days and bad days in terms of how i feel about my body, but it's even worse to hear negative things from the people you love. did your bf actually say that to you or are you just assuming that? if those words did come out of his mouth, he's being an insensitive jerk and you should tell him so. and DO NOT be embarassed about going to the gym. everyone has to start somewhere. i'm at grad school at this ultra-rich preppy university, crawling with bean-pole women who put on make-up BEFORE they go to work out and have matching, hot pink lycra outfits. i just laugh at them because i think they look ridiculous. insurance companies are a bunch of assholes who only care about the bottom line, no matter what their commericals might say. what kind of job do you have? i know alot of corporations will actually sponsor health coaching/nutritionists etc to keep their insurance costs down (my mom works as a health coach for alot of companies). i would talk to your boss and see if they have any suggestions. in the meantime, look for a low maintenance gym. i know alot of ladies that really like the chain 'curves' because its all women, mostly middle-aged moms who aren't out to impress anyone. when i go to the gym i put my headphones and blinders on and just ignore everyone else. it might also help you to have a workout buddy. you can set goals together, motivate eachother and make fun of the gym rats together. if you can't find a gym you like, there are tons of other great ways to get exercise. just taking a brisk, 10-15min walk a day can make a big difference. progress will be slow. it is the bullshit curse of how our bodies work. it takes month to get in shape and gain strength and only a few days to lose it all. good luck and i hope you have a better day tomorrow!
yes i'm still frustrated....still planning to meet the trainer, unless something comes up with my contractor and the porch......
i decided today to start a fast for the next 10 days. today, i've had water and a salad. tomorrow i'll have water. the rest of the time, i'll stick with clear broth and diluted juice, and water. i will do light exercises and continue to take my vitamins.
i am hopeful that at least this will detox my body so that when i start working out harder, i will see more results, instead of being stuck with toxins. i realize that i should probably have been fasting before anyway, especially after a round with stronger medicines [after being sick].
i still feel like my relationship with him is over unless i lose weight. i'm embarrassed to leave the house, almost, but of course i have to, to go to work and all.
<sigh> maybe next week will be better.....
*delurks again*

If I may recommend a few things, I'm a workout junky. I need to do, if I didn't I'd be so completely lost.

If you are reading any fitness mags, don't read SHAPE, or fitness shit. I recommend Muscle and Fitness Hers. It's got really good fitness tips, and the women in the magazine and beautiful and muscular. That's sexy, not being a size 0 with no definition. Fitness RX is decent, and oxygen has okay stuff.

Also, if you want motivation, seriously, has great amazing success stories. I know that seeing women who are killer shape may not be the greatest thing, but seeing what you can achieve, as that's what these women have achieved, really is motivation (it is for me at least).

Insurance companies are assholes.

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