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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Hey, I'm right there with you, wanting to lose 30 pounds. I think diets are female touture so yes, excercing is key. One thing that works for me is to go to the gym and warm up - 20 minutes on bike, treadmill, or elliptical. Then I do alternates - 3 minutes of weights and then 3 minutes of running on treadmill as fast as I can. This will really keep your heart rate up. Do that for 20 and you will get weight off, it always works for me. Start off slow if you haven't been to the gym in a while (for me, I practically need an ambulance standing by) smile.gif
I used to put my total gym right next to my bed so I'd fall out of bed onto it and then off of it onto my bed. laugh.gif

I think I'm really just dieting because I don't want to put more weight on now with the holidays coming. I usually wait till after new years but then i gorge myself all month before. i really don't want to do that this year. it's just more work in the end to gain 10 pounds then try to loose it then if i just stay the same or loose a little first.
I don't usually post in this thread, but I've gained about 15 pounds over the past few years, and it's really starting to bother me. I'm still a size 4 (barely), so it isn't as though I'm objectively overweight, but I feel overweight to myself, as I used to be at a very consistent weight. I fence once a week, and do Scottish and Contra at least once a week as well, but it hasn't seemed to help, although my left leg is getting really muscular, lol. I'm guessing that the reason this isn't helping me lose weight is that I eat a lot, so does anyone have any tips for being able to control portion-size? I try to do so, but it always just makes me eat more later.
QUOTE(kaylafresh @ Dec 13 2007, 11:52 PM) *

Hey, I'm right there with you, wanting to lose 30 pounds. I think diets are female touture so yes, excercing is key. One thing that works for me is to go to the gym and warm up - 20 minutes on bike, treadmill, or elliptical. Then I do alternates - 3 minutes of weights and then 3 minutes of running on treadmill as fast as I can. This will really keep your heart rate up. Do that for 20 and you will get weight off, it always works for me. Start off slow if you haven't been to the gym in a while (for me, I practically need an ambulance standing by) smile.gif

I've never been on a true diet, plus I don't think I could stick to one. I just want to revamp my whole eating habits- the hubby's too. So, I came up with a core list of healthy foods we can eat all the time and just mix and match to make meals every day/week. Gotta add more fiber too. I know we dont get enuff of that.

All in all, I think we're on the right track if we can just get it started. Thats gonna be the hard thing especially with the holidays coming. And hubby wants us to do this together, so i have to think of a way to compromise on the exercise. He hates the fitness center we have here in the complex, but I like it. We'll see.
QUOTE(konphusion26 @ Dec 14 2007, 01:48 PM) *
He hates the fitness center we have here in the complex, but I like it. We'll see.

konphusion26 - when Mr. pug and I lived in an apartment the complex had a very small workout center. As mediocre as it was we went all the time. It was a 24-hour deal. Every person who wanted to go had keycard access. Mr. pug usually did the elliptical thingy and I did the treadmill or the bike. It was really nice having that. We own a total gym but it's in the basement collecting dust. Sure do miss that workout center.
I KNOW people hate vegetables because they have never eaten them well prepared, or fresh and ripe and simply.

Seriously. Most of us get cheap, crappy, tasteless, picked when still green, gassed, frozen, GMO'd, overpriced veggies that come from thousands of miles away and have never been allowed to develop their full nutrient value or flavour.

No wonder they are hated.

If you're curious about non-meat protein sources, they abound. One great site I can't recommend enough because of the ease, simplicity, and emphasis on ingredient quality and creativity is Heidi Swanson's blog. She has wonderful recipe suggestions for using alternate grains, preparing various bean recipes (soups, salads, etc), and sourcing fresh ingredients. She's primarily vegetarian so the foods are wonderful as alternatives to meat or as dishes that will do as sides. I love her photos and videos too--when you're there check out her Rome photos and writings. Amazing and really inspiring stuff. I guarantee you'll find veggies her way very, very tasty.

As for dieting and calories, calories themselves don't matter. Really. The idea of eating fewer calories then you expend rarely applies if you're trying to achieve weight loss, though it may work temporarily for a small percentage of the human population (not the vast majority. It has dramatic repercussions on your metabolism which will quickly undo any weight loss you achieve, and alter your ability to stay at a consistent weight forever).

The trick is really being picky about the kinds of foods you eat. Whole, fresh, real foods that aren't processed are always the best choice, especially if they include real, good fats. Almost anything processed (even bread, cereals, crackers, pastas....all that stuff we think are light and healthy) is filled with non-food ingredients for flavouring; fake "nutrients" used in "enrichment" that actually are so hard to absorb they take our own nutrients out of our bodies; fake flavours and aromas which are used to replace real foods, in order to trick our palates into "tastes" which contribute little to our nourishment, and worst of all, fake "textures", esthers and fake fats designed to make the foods feel rich in our mouths, which supplying none of the actual nutrition our bodies desperately need in order to stay healthy. Many people don't know this but additives like MSG and hydrolyzed proteins (another form of MSG, particularly based in GMO soy) really cause weight gain....and yet, if you look on any "light" food or even on any "diet" food on the market, they're loaded with these really awful chemicals.

It pays off to read labels and make yourself aware of what additives actually are on those lists. And the payoff for taking a little time to make your own food from great ingredients? I can't list the enough of the benefits, but they go beyond just weight loss.
Yesterday I finished out the semester and it was a tough semester and I still did fairly well. So, Mr. Pug took me out to dinner. Of course as soon as we sit down they are asking us what we want to drink. I ordered water. Then they came around with the bread and butter. I passed on both. I ordered no appetizers. For dinner I had sautéed salmon, spinach and mashed potatoes. I think there was about a cup and a half of spinach, a 1"X5" fillet of salmon and about a half cup of mashed potatoes. I also had about a half a cup of chocolate mousse for dessert (my splurge). All together, I think the meal was close to 1000 calories. I just know the salmon and spinach were sautéed in all kinds of butter so I counted them very high. After typing this it sounds outrageous but I think this choice was much better then a burger and fries or some heavy pasta dish that I would normally have ordered.

Also, previously in the day I ate very, very light. I had a multigrain light English muffin for breakfast with a pear and a few almonds for some protein. For lunch I had a very plain salad with just lettuce, a very light sprinkling of part-skim mozzarella cheese, a few slices of grilled chicken breast and about two tablespoons of lite ranch dressing. I figured my entire day out to be around 1500 calories. I think these were good choices even with going out to eat for dinner.

So also, I'm going to a party tonight and I'm a little worried about what exactly I'm going to eat. Maybe I'll eat before I go and have a drink or two with diet soda at the party. Sound like a plan to you ladies?

Oh, I must share this with you all. Yesterday, after treating my mom and sister to lunch, my sister made a comment that my legs are looking thinner and that I’m doing well with my new eating habits. My sister is very encouraging and a sweetheart all together. However, my mom then made a comment that when my legs get skinnier I’ll be able to walk straight without walking with one leg out to each side like I do now (waddling). I just love her encouraging comments. When I told Mr. Pug about this just nonchalantly before dinner, he told me not to talk to him about my mother anymore because she makes him so angry. I think he wanted to call her and yell at her for being so fucking mean. I know he won’t in order to avoid a family feud but it made me feel good that she bothers him as much as she bothers me.
chacha, I'm a big fan of bread and pasta (I almost always stick to brown bread and whole wheat pasta) but how or where can I find these things without the additives?
So, I have been struggling with my weight... well... my whole life? I was the fat kid... I still am? But I am and have before tried to change my eating habits, my exercising habits... whether or not I take the stairs or elevator habit. rolleyes.gif I hve done it before... but it didn't seem to stick... And as easy as some may think all this is... it isn't to someone who has been eating and doing certain things their whole lives. I came here because I thought maybe someone else knew what I was talking about. And someone else may be going through the same thing I am. I am a 22 year old overweight college student. I want to start being healthy, I want to lose weight and I want to feel better. And this is for me and not for the image the skinny girl gets nowadays. Although no one can say that that doesn't have an effect on their mind, including me because it is burned into everyone that the only way to live a happy life is to be skinny(what billshit.) I just want to be healthy and happy with myself. I am not shooting for unrealistic anorexic goals. I want to be comfortable in my own body and I have gotten to the point of being uncomfortable. I want to be able to go hiking without almost dying half way up the mountain. I want to be go back to enjoying who I am fully and not hating what I see in my reflection. I find that one huge thing that has always helped me do this is to have support. And of course I have friends and family to do that, but most of them have no idea what it's about and some of them want to change their way of eating but just are not a great support because they are not ready for that step like I am. I guess what I am saying is, help?

For starters... I don't have the money to spend on a gym pass... I also don't have the time to go wait in line for machines in my college gym... And where I live we don't have sidewalks... and it has been snowing nonstop for a week now and we have over 2 feet of snow on the ground... does anyone have suggestions on how to exercise inside my house? And not be bored?

Also, any ideas for healthy foods I would want to eat? I love to bake... so another challenge of mine would be not eating my yummy treats I make for everyone. I know all about veggies and such, but my problem is getting healthy meals together...

Anyway... enough... people probably don't usually read to here. smile.gif smile.gif
minor confession - for the last 2 weeks i have not gone to the gym 'cause i was having asthma issues (darn cold weather), but this week, my goal is to get back in the swing. and also, to have more discipline to exercise at home if it's way to cold to go to the gym.
emilly-- is there a YMCA close to you? I don't know if they're all like this, but there's a nice, big one downtown where I live and they do 'scholarships' for low-income people wherein they discount the monthly fee according to how much you can pay. Otherwise just get a variety of home workout videos, there's always cheap used ones on Amazon.

Anyway, the whole foods advice is great, it makes so much sense. I've started looking at the ingrediants of all the frozen food crap I buy and I realized how much non-food "food" I'm actually consuming, even in the so-called "healthy" ones. Not good. The food culture in the U.S. is just so fucked up, I can't even start. Whole foods though, simple solution. Thanks chacha!
A really good book on eating real food is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It tells you a lot about the way the food industry works in the US and her family's journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. While not everyone can move to a farm in Appallachia (spelling?) and become self-sufficent, there is a lot of learning in there for anyone (including city-dwellers like me), particularly on the food miles racked up by the produce we buy. I have been trying hard to eat more local seasonal produce and it really is better - hothouse lettuce and watery tomatoes in the winter do not taste great, but squash, pumpkin, winter greens, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, cranberries...all do, and canned tomatoes are fine for pasta sauces etc in the meantime. I'm not taking this to extremes - Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without satsumas - but you really appreciate food more when you have waited for it to be in season.

Starkitty, you don't mention your age, but I remember the same thing between my late teens/early 20s, going from a UK size 10 to a 12. (I think that is a 6 to an 8 in US sizes). It then settled and my weight has remained pretty stable since then. At one point, I went back down to my earlier weight because of stress from a bad year at work, and it didn't feel or look right at all, and once I changed jobs I gained it back, and felt better for it. You sound as though you are very slim indeed and it may just be part of your body settling into your adult shape. I have a sister your kind of size but even though she is superslim and in amazing shape, she has probably gained a dress size between age 18 and 24 (from US size 4 to US size 6). I think if you are exercising and eating healthily, you shouldn't be concerned about your weight.
my appointment w/ the nutritionist.. ugh.

she was kinda.. mean !
I was honest w/ her, and she was pretty harsh back.
yikes. totally didn't expect that bc in the required Group Class I'd gone to w/ her leading it was fun and interesting; this was just, well, stark reality I guess.
no hand-holding whatsoever, which is what I feel I sort of need as I've had 34 years of really bad eating (according to my mother I ate EVERYTHING till I was about 3 or so, then slammed on the brakes and got super picky & have remained so sinse.) and while I am comitted to making some changes, realistically for ME it needs to be in small increments.

and she made me do math.
realllllly didn't anticipate That! and that's when she got kind of grouchy, bc I so didn't understand what she meant, and it was apparently Simple Math, but it's not simple if you don't understand what they are going after.
counting fat grams and converting them to table spoons, buying a Food Scale and weighing portions? no thanks!

I am now on a 1400 calorie diet of sorts; nothing specific as to meals, just a basic idea of how many of each of the foods groups I should eat. and I am supposed to drink Less milk (which I am now switching to 1% from 2) and reverse my workouts from 3 days weight training and 2 cardio, to 3 cardio and 2 weight, or I can even split it down the middle and do both in one day if I feel like it.
oh, and I also have to keep a strict food diary from here out too, which is ok and I don't actually mind, bc the 3 days I kept it prior to the apt I found it genuinely helped me w/ accountability.
I meet w/ her again 1 month from today.

I will honestly tell you that after it was over I did go to the commisary and buy a ton of healthy shit (including baby spinich leaves to eat raw bc cooked makes me want to hurl) and even Yoplait YOGURT and a bunch of other expensive but Better things, but I came home feeling like a stoopid fatbutted jerk.

I understand realism but this experience has left me on my way to sit on the couch w/ a Cosmo and the bag of chocolate teddy grahams
freckleface - i went to a nutritionist at my family doctor's office. she was so harsh. i never went to her again and for almost two years after seeing her i ate everything i wanted. she really upset and discouraged me. i'll never go to another one again. the weight watchers women were no where near that mean.

well, i went to kohl's today and i almost stuffed my ass into a size 20 pair of jeans. i'm happy about this seeing as just three weeks ago i was a size 24. This is week four and i think i'm doing well. i feel great.

we've had these "rancho fiesta" style vegetables in the freezer forever. I never really knew what to put them in because they have beans. Last night i ended up putting them in a chicken casarole i made and they were so freaking great. i'm going to buy them again.

had oatmeal today because i was out shopping for x-mass presents and knew i wouldn't have time to eat lunch. oatmeal has tons of protein without a ton of calories or fat. i ate two packets around 11 a.m. and it's 3:30 p.m. now and i'm not hungry. i'll probably just stick it out till dinner. not sure what we are having.

(((((happy healthy busties)))))

*sigh* I was going to wear this suit I have with a really short skirt to take my boyfriend out to dinner tomorrow night, but I just tried it on, and it sticks to my legs in a really disgusting way. I'd love to go back to being the weight I was before this summer, but I'm at college, so I'm having a really hard time not just eating crap all of the time. Has anyone had success with regulating portions at college?
We've started our eating habit change. I made a list of healthy options we can have daily from each food group. Mixing and matching fresh fruits veggies, meats (chicken, fish, and turkey), sugar free and fat free snacks, low fat dairy- And allowing one regular snack or one regular sweet (gotta have it) per week. Otherwise its healthy stuff! I'm hoping to get started on our exercise routine this week but its been so cold outside lately I have been shuddering at going out there. I hate the cold!!!!!!!! Plus, hubby has become extremely LAZY lately. I dont know what his deal is. So I've gotta find a way to get his azz up and motivated when he gets home from work.

Any ideas???
pugs you are so right.
I was so discouraged and defeated by the expereince w/ the nutrionist that I skipped the gym yesterday & instead ate a whole bag of chocolate teddy grams, which added up to 5 days w/out working out. unsure.gif and today, when the alarm went off I so very nearly said 'screw it' again and went back to sleep but I didn't.
and now I'm glad, bc while I had lost a little ground (in my weight class if you miss a few days, it sets you back a lot) it was still a rockin' good workout and I feel better for it.
and I have decided to never-ever go back to that terrible woman again. she does more harm than good! the mr called last night from Iraq, laughing at me bc I had written him such a spastic email about it all and he said ' wife - you're a trainwreck! what did you Think she was going to tell you?! biggrin.gif ' and he made me realise how ridiculous it all was.

so, I have begun my fiber regiment, starting w/ 3 capsules w/ 8 oz's of water. - will these make me run to the bathroom? I have no idea what to expect! and am going to take a (nutrionist grudingly approved) multivitamin when I eat, according to direcions.

I can't believe that w/ as good as I was already doing, I let myself nearly be derailed by someone who is supposed to help me.

konphusion, have you tried any of the exercise channels on cable yet? workouts you & your mr can do together w/out leaving home. ( I am in NC too btw smile.gif )

((((( starkitty)))))
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ Dec 19 2007, 11:49 AM) *
konphusion, have you tried any of the exercise channels on cable yet? workouts you & your mr can do together w/out leaving home. ( I am in NC too btw smile.gif )
((((( starkitty)))))

Alas my lovely NC friend, we don't have cable. sad.gif Trying to cut back on costs at least while i'm not working. As soon as I get a gig, we'll get cable cuz there's NOT a thing on regular tv. I've been kinda browsing around on the net trying to find some exercise routines in the meantime. I think we're going to really have to start utilizing that fitness center though. hell its free to use, and we technically are paying for it when we pay our rent every month. The man is just opposed to going there, he wants to get a bicycle. I'm not too fond of riding on these streets around here, people drive crazy! huh.gif I'd rather go in the center and be safe and warm!! LOL laugh.gif
freckleface7 -

I kinda look at working out like sex and vice versa. Sometimes you don't really feel like it but once you get started and after your done you're usually pretty glad you did it. laugh.gif

I'm doing a fiber powder. Still just doing it once a day. I've notice that I'm going to the bathroom more often but it's not like it's uncontrollable or anything. Just going more often. I drink it in the morning or late at night before I go to sleep.

I haven't started working out yet. I just don't fee like it. I know I should but I'm not. I'm sure I'll get motivated soon but I just don't feel like it right now.

That's pretty much it for me. Last night I overate but today I'm right back on it. Being the holidays and all I'm not punishing myself for cheating once in a while.
Beck, that Kingsolver book is a great start to real food eating, sensible and permanent weight loss that can result from eating real foods, produced locally (which is impossible, often...but I differ from her opinions in that I think many imported foods are often far healthier and far more environmentally soundly produced, so bring them on!).

Another really good book on real food versus the vast majority of whatever-the-hell-is-this-I'm-eating? you get at the supermarket/fastfood restaurant/chain restaurant/diet and weight loss mega corporation is The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. So few of us in North America know what's in the food we're sold, who produces it and how; worse, we have no food culture here, we have no idea about food traditions and why they developed (usually after centuries of developing food preferences and cuisines for extremely sound scientific and health reasons). So we're so easily duped into eating low fat (and watching people die en masse from heart diseases, cancers, strokes, diabetes, and various other sundry chronic diseases which are all linked to this kind of eating) for decades and then low carb for a few other decades...and then fast food and then "diet" food...all fake. The end result is poor nutrition and poor health, no one really knowing what's in what we're eating (believe me, it's something we should all know) or what good health really can be.

One last great book: Margaret Visser's Much Depends on Dinner. She analyzes your "simple" meal, consisting of a green salad, chicken, corn, and ice cream for dessert. Her book came years before Pollan's or Kingsolver's, but she's got the same idea--she's infuriating and brilliant. The way she strips the myth away from Haagen Daas Ice cream is magical--you'll never feel t he same way about it again.

Happy reading/goal meeting, everyone.
OMG! I had to come on here and vent. I went to the mall today, and you know how they have those mirrors throughout the store? Well, lets just say I wish I hadn't gone cuz I realized just how chunky I am today. Oh it was awful. I look so bloated. Its terrible. Another reason why I hate the mall. I've gained so much weight in the last year that its pathetic. And I'm a petite person, so alot of excess weight does not look good on me at all. It just kinda made everything my uncle said to me very real. I need to lose some serious pounds. sad.gif

He told me, "wow, does being happy make you fat like that?? If so you need to get unhappy real quick." I wanted to slap the taste out of his mouth. But he's right. I'm huge compared to how I used to look. Still, he didn't have to say that. He aint exactly slender himself. UUUUGHh! mad.gif
I have become accustomed to drinking a few beers with my S.O. and our friends. Yeah, where did that lead me? More weight than ever. I wasn't even like this frosh year of college (then again, I partied heavily, but I worked out like a mofo and was on Stackers and/or Xenedrine). No more than one beer and/or two glasses of of wine a week. I'll make an exception on New Year's Eve, but I won't overindulge.

I ordered Yoga Booty Ballet from ebay late last week. I can't wait until it comes in. My "diet"/lifestyle eating plan is pretty healthy (except pizza-night on Mondays, but that will be curbed down to one slice now). I'm turning 25 in March and I want to be in the best shape of my life and maintain it. Because I am 5'7 and have a ruler body type, I have been able to get away with having a few extra pounds on me, but now I'm really noticing the added heftiness.

PS--I did a bit of an ab workout 2 days ago, and I'm still a little sore. Jeez, I'm out of shape.

yeah chacha I really liked it. I can imagine that in the US, given the size of the place, it might be more sustainable to import food in some cases? In the UK i think it is generally a more viable option as the whole country is pretty small so anywhere in the UK hasn't racked up too many food miles. Plus, given that space is kind of at a premium here I like to buy things farmed here, as I figure it will preserve the land rather than ending up being sold to build executive homes!

The UK is renowned for its lack of food culture but I do think that has begun to change in the past few years with more interest in real food - although I do get annoyed by manufacturers capitalising on the 'organic' label and selling what is basically organic junk food and people fall for it...
Well...sustainable to the extent that you might well be encouraging and supporting food production methods which depend on keeping air, water, and land that's used free of toxic wastes and chemicals, or a way of producing food that's still very much unchanged after centuries. Especially if local variations of those foods involve massive cruelty to animals, waters, and people who live in the area. The buzzwords themselves have been successfully co-opted, as you say: when WalMart is purportedly selling "organic" foods, you know the meaning of "organic" has definitely been revised to include production by the same old agribusiness conglomerates who are doing nothing "organic" whatsoever. Now they just get to charge you more.

In my mind, buying New Zealand lamb that's raised in pasturelands, or fed the same kind of foods lambs have been fed for centuries (not some "scientifically engineered corn and plastic derivative), which involves maintaining the ecological health of the lands used for farming and the decent pay of the farmers who produce the foods sounds like a far better "sustainable" idea than just buying Canadian lamb that's raised in crowded pens, fed agribusiness food, drugged, and then shipped out to be made into other strange foods. Small scale farmers can't compete with these huge growing operations, and the people who work in them do so for little pay. Exactly what are we encouraging by buying local, in such cases? More of the same...when we really need a lot less of that.

The point is, what these books really stress, is that we have to become aware of exactly where our food comes from and how it's produced, because so much of that happens in secrecy, and a lot of the discourse around food, health, and weight depends on real knowledge. So much of what's sold as "diet" food---the low fat and low carb or brand name weight loss foods--are loaded with cheap raw ingredients as well as many non-food chemicals which ensure that fat will be stored, not lost...and yet we're all told our ability to stay slim and healthy are simply the result of our own disciplined or slack natures. If we had more awareness of how these foods are made, what their ingredients do in the body...none of us would buy into that great big lie.
that whole last paragraph, totally.
while I'm not into food like that, I Am into organic and natural home stuffs and makeup and personal care products, bc there is so much that is legally labeled "fragrance' that is masking phathalates (sp), another term often for carcinogens and they are EVERYWHERE in things we use.
the more we educate ourselves about what we are taking into our bodies in the various ways, be it food or drink or scent or whatever, the better choices we can make for ourselves.

I fell in Yoga class this morning.
I don't mean I lost my balance and tipped either; nope. I was doing fine. Good even.
and out of the blue warning, over I fell, crashing to the ground w/ my feet in the air!
it was hysterical and the whole class laughed w/ me while I laid back and cracked up.
I'm crushing on Yoga but apparently, it doesn't feel the same. rolleyes.gif
oh right, i see chacha. completely agree - i try and buy local that is grown/raised/reared in a sustainable way, thus hopefully keeping the pollution caused by transportation down and also being confident that the land is being used and maintained properly. i totally don't go for the jingoistic 'buy local' if the local option is a dud. i think i am lucky to have those options available to me locally and within my budget through farmers markets and small traders.

i am trying to look into better bath and body products but some of those recommended on the being green thread don't seem to be easily available here - i like the sound of Dr Bronner's but the big sizes are not available in the UK. I'd really prefer to get things like shower gel in the biggest possible sizes as we get through so much and i hate the packaging waste. I do like ecovert products a lot though and our local chemist does refills.

oops, i should be in another thread, shouldn't i?
In the past 2 weeks three people have told me I look like I've lost weight, so I think I can actually start believing it now. tongue.gif Out of curiosity I did step on the scale today, something I rarely do, and I've lost about 7 pounds since the last time I stepped on a scale (late october, early november maybe?). I was around 130 before and now I'm at about 123. Seeing as I'm only 4'11, I would like to be around 110. I've never weighed less than 115 in my adult life, and that was 3 years ago.
You may be right. I'm more just worried because I don't eat very well, considering that I'm at college, and our food is actually quite edible. So I'd really like to try regulating portions better, but it's just something I'm not very good at doing. Part of this may just be the fact that it's finals week and I'm stressed and on chocolate; I don't know. But I definitely feel like I need to try something new next semester. It doesn't help that I can't cook here, not that I do at home anyway.

QUOTE(beck @ Dec 17 2007, 11:14 AM) *
A really good book on eating real food is Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It tells you a lot about the way the food industry works in the US and her family's journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. While not everyone can move to a farm in Appallachia (spelling?) and become self-sufficent, there is a lot of learning in there for anyone (including city-dwellers like me), particularly on the food miles racked up by the produce we buy. I have been trying hard to eat more local seasonal produce and it really is better - hothouse lettuce and watery tomatoes in the winter do not taste great, but squash, pumpkin, winter greens, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, cranberries...all do, and canned tomatoes are fine for pasta sauces etc in the meantime. I'm not taking this to extremes - Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without satsumas - but you really appreciate food more when you have waited for it to be in season.

Starkitty, you don't mention your age, but I remember the same thing between my late teens/early 20s, going from a UK size 10 to a 12. (I think that is a 6 to an 8 in US sizes). It then settled and my weight has remained pretty stable since then. At one point, I went back down to my earlier weight because of stress from a bad year at work, and it didn't feel or look right at all, and once I changed jobs I gained it back, and felt better for it. You sound as though you are very slim indeed and it may just be part of your body settling into your adult shape. I have a sister your kind of size but even though she is superslim and in amazing shape, she has probably gained a dress size between age 18 and 24 (from US size 4 to US size 6). I think if you are exercising and eating healthily, you shouldn't be concerned about your weight.

This thread has got to see some more action upon this fine new year!! Personally, I’m off to a bit of a rocky start. My big resolution this year (besides generally healthy eating) was to become a jogger. Unfortunately my new year’s eve consisted of a rather drunken and blurry night of hijinks and roughhousing resulting in a rather serious (yet mostly unexplained) toe injury. I’m not sure if it’s broken (I don’t have health insurance, and I hear there’s not much that can be done anyway) but it’s very black and blue and swollen and painful, which kind of puts a damper on the whole jogging thing. Grrrr. I guess I’m going to try doing some low impact stuff like the elliptical until it heals, which I hear takes weeks, hopefully it won’t hurt too much. Totally sucks! I really don’t want to be stuck on my ass for a month, especially when I’m feeling all inspired to be active! Well, at least I’m doing pretty well with the eating habits. I found the recipe for this awesome veggie hash that’s popular at a local vegetarian restaurant, so I’ve been happily dining on that for the past few days. If anyone is interested in the recipe let me know….

Anywayz, how is everyone else doing? Anything new or inspirational to report?
yep, so cliche, but i'll be frequenting this thread now in the new year..... i moved about 4 months ago, so just today i looked up some fitness centers in my new area. i hate to spend a lot on a gym though, since i'm not at the level to want to circuit train or take high-impact classes. i like to zone out in front of the TVs or a book while on the elliptical for an hour, totally forget that i'm exercising, and then stretch and weight train a bit. but even the Y is over $50/month with a high sign-up fee.

likeanyother, hope your foot is feeling better soon!
I actually did alright this holiday season. Last christmas (2006) is when I really let myself go to hell and was eating really bad and not doing any activity. This year was much better and I wasn't totally sedentary.

I started working with a personal trainer today. He's a doctor as well who's going to help a group of type 1 and 2 diabetic young adults control their sugars during exercise. I'm going to be working with him at least twice a week, plus soccer once a week, so I'm off to a good start for the new year and I'm feeling pretty psyched over all. smile.gif
likeanyother- does your toe have dark stripes down the underside of it?
I have broken the 2 end toes on Both feet (at different times) and each time that's what they did.
and no, unless you get it seen Right Away, there's not anything to be done besides an x-ray to confim the break, and maybe some wrapping (which hurts like hell) . if you can, try to get your hands on one of those shoe-boot things. makes it much easier to walk bc it keeps it a little elevated and the pressure off it. a cane is almost a must.
as to how long? mine took a good couple of months, 3 or so at least. sad.gif (and they still ache on cold wet days.) I'm very sorry and hope you heal super fast, esp while your motivation is so high !

back to the gym today after a 10 day Holiday Vacation. - how very stoopid can I be?
I re gained 3 of the 15 lbs I'd lost! mad.gif
but did 35 minutes of cardio on the cross trainer, and then 10 on a bike, before going in to yoga (times had been switched so I was almost an hr early) and then yoga went awesomely!
I needed that too, bc I was so crappy at it was thinking of quitting it but today I made progress!
after yoga I went back to the machines and walked another 15 minutes or so too, so all in all around 2 hours of good intense workout.

the mr will be home in about 3 weeks so I am doubling up on my workouts from here out, as sad as I know that sounds. I am just determined for him to see some sort of improvement in me!
I go back for blood labs next week, and then to my dr the week after that, to measure changes in weight and cholesterol.

oh, and I canceled the next appt w/ the crabby nutrionist, and they offered for me to see a different one, this time an Army officer (huh) and you know I'm going to do it. maybe it was just bad chemistry between the nasty one & me?
= open mind & hopeful spirit =

nickclick- doesn't the Y have a sliding scale? or is there another location near you where the facility isn't as new ? the one I (briefly) joined was very affordable, and OLD, whereas the one I looked into in Tn once was brand new and super $$. just a thought.

erinjane- that's fantastic!
about the toe issue: i think it depends on where the toe broke. my boyfriend had a printer falling on his foot two years ago. like freckleface said, there was nothing to be done about it, just some wrapping. it healed pretty fast and he didn't need a cane.

my mom broke her big toe last spring. it wasn't the point of the toe this time, but the part of it that is closer to the foot. she kind of ignored it and didn't see a docter untill some months later, because there was still pain everytime she walked more than 10 minutes. the doctor said, that she'd have to wait and see if the pain goes away. it didn't, and now, 10 months after she broke it, she's going to have a MRI tomorrow and propably surgery. no need to freak out, likeanyother, but be carefull! and good luck!

Oh my God! Could I be more of a cliche starting a diet in the New Year (okay, technically, I started it mid Dec - dropped 3.5 pounds (I am sure I have gained more BUT I'm not back from vacation so I get to be in denial a lil' longer!!! Hope you guys are doing great. I'm gonna keep checking in and hope we can root each other on!
Thanks for the toe advice. It’s wrapped right now and that seems to help, I don’t see any dark stripes, and some of the swelling has gone down, plus it hurts a little less, so I’m crossing my fingers (and toes, except for that one wink.gif ) that it’s not broken. Thanks again for the advice, it’s very helpful.

I tried the elliptical the other day, and it’s just too painful putting even that small amount of pressure on it, however I’ve discovered that I can do the stationary bike, at least, so I don’t feel totally despondent.

I’m doing pretty well with the eating. I’ve found it helpful to focus on eating wholesome, satiating foods rather than diet crap frozen meals that never leave me satisfied. Taking the extra time to prepare something with lots of flavor and nutrition is definitely a key to my weight loss.

My new big food issue is the social aspect of it. I work in an office and every other day it seems, someone is bringing in donuts or bagels or cookies and it’s so hard for me to say “no” when everyone else is having one. Also, I don’t see my boyfriend that much, and when we do hang out it usually involves going out to eat and getting drinks, which are some highly caloric activities. It’s hard to deal with those situations, especially with the boyfriend. I haven’t really had a weight problem until recently so I’m just used to being able to eat what I want in those situations; I (now shamefully) admit that I used to be annoyed by people who were all “I can’t/don’t eat that.” But now I have to be one of those people, and it’s pretty difficult. Maybe I’m just too worried about what other people think of me…

Anyway, support to all! Nickclick, the Y I go to has a scholarship wherein they waive the joining fee and the monthly membership goes according to your income, I don’t know if they’re all like that, but it’s worth checking out. Freckleface, let us know how it goes with the new nutritionist!
likeanyother, sounds like you're still starting the year off on the right 'foot.' (dumb pun, sorry)

yeah, co-workers at my office are real goodie-pushers too, to which i'm easily swayed to partake. but we don't have to say - i can't eat that - but just a simple - no thank you, or - i'm trying to eat healthier. which is hard when someone brings in something they made themselves, i don't want to be insulting. it's helpful that mr.nick is also avoiding the office goodies, so every nite we come home and proudly list all the donuts and cookies that we DIDN'T eat!

thanks to all for the Y suggestions. i'll certainly check it out. technically, i can likely afford the fees, but from past experience i fear i won't take advantage of all the stuff i'd be paying for, just want somewhere to go for an hour a night 4 or 5 times a week to jog the treadmill or use the elliptical and some weight machines, all while reading a book or watching tv. anything to distract me from the fact that i'm exercising. it's really not one of my favorite activities.
Hi all, and Happy New Year. I need to spend some time here I think, I ate pretty well over Christmas in general (I was in charge of most of the cooking and there was a great farm shop where I was staying) but OD'd on chocolate and all the other things I normally keep to a minimum (lots of whisky, and eating cakes and stuff between meals). Now I have the belly rolls and back fat to prove it. You know how when you lean over sideways and you can feel the fat? Ugh. I need to up the fruit and veg and hide the rest of the chocolate to be judiciously doled out later in the year.

I'm also planning to go for a run tomorrow. Really want to get back into my running plan but am TTC following a miscarriage and hoping to be knocked up soon. Any healthy Busties here have experience/advice on running and pregnancy when you've already miscarried? There seems to be a lot of conflicting guidance out there.

I did it! biggrin.gif
I lost the full 20 lbs with even a few days to spare!!

am a bit confluxed about the differences in scales between my home, the dr, the gym and the nutrionist, but either way, screw it I'm claiming a Victory!!!
granted, I have done little the last few days but work out,drink mass amounts of water and pointedly Not Eat, which I know is bad and I do Not recommend, but in this case, w/ the mr coming home it was really really important that I get to this first goal.
I feel a huge sense of accomplishment now and even fit into some pretty things I had bought more than a year ago, but never got a chance to wear bc I promtly sized up out of it. what a very Happy Homecoming it's going to be now wink.gif !

but really, I noticed last night that finally I am seeing some muscle definition in my upper arms, and the waggy exces weight has shrunk by a Lot too- which is such a big thing to me bc that was one of my worst problem areas and I was really embarrassed by. right now I'd even finally wear a sleeveless shirt!

the mr is such a workout nut (he is in the Army after all) that I am only going to anticipate better things from this point out, bc I'll have someone who actually knows what he's doing (as compared to me who has been attemtping this cluelessly) as a partner.
yah yah yah!!!

if I can do this, so totally can all of you !

Busties Rule!!
freckleface!!! Congrats. You are my new inspiration. So awesome! What's your best tip?
awwww shucks kaylafresh rolleyes.gif thanks!
if you knew how badly I used to eat, you'd understand that giving some of that up was a BIG part it in.
I'd eat a whole box of chocolate poptarts and ONLY that all day. weeks on years on end. seriously.

really though, I am just working my ass off at the gym and drinking as much water as I can physically stand.
I know it's somewhat counter to what all the 'experts' say, but it's so far worked for me.

today's gym attire: white fitted capped sleeved t shirt over white sports bra w/black poly workout pants. (that had fit a little snug last time I wore them.)
I'm a little self conscious about wearing the sleeves so short - I feel so Exposed! but got my frecklette's approval on it so know it's ok. the waist (even w/ my extra weight in the front middle <le sigh>) looks hour glass-y. my boobs look big (all the trainers said that was the 1st place I'd lose weight, but I knew better!) but there's not a lot I can do about that.
- maybe this is what I ought to wear when I pick the mr up & he see's me for the first time again? tongue.gif

blood work and 2nd trip to the nutirionist this afternoon ~
Congratulations, Freckle! Time to pose for a new photo with your pup so we can see you showing off some of those clothes you've waited months to wear. It sounds like you did some hard work, but I honestly detect an awful lot of *enjoyment* out of the effort. Am I wrong?

Congrats Freckle!
== I'm sorry for being such a thread hog here, please forgive me? ==

new nutritionist is cool!
he's younger, pretty close to me N the mr's ages, and a real person.
he didn't lecture, or make me feel bad at all and even challenged me when I started feeling bad about only liking "starchy vegetables" bc he said ' how are those Bad??' and said I can still eat them, but like w/ everything else regardless, in moderation.

cholesterol and thyroid were both better,altho chol has gone up I think he said, but said it was due to the exercise and was expected and good.
my BMI is now a mere 2 small points from being in the Good/ideal range and my weight- meh- to be IDEAL I need to drop another 10-15 lbs, but he said not to get caught up in that and it's more about how I feel and look to myself, rather than a #.
- have I mentioned that I really like this guy?

he gave me homework of a list of 4 things (that I had to come up w/ myself) I can start working on over the next month, which includes taking the multivitimin and fiber pills consistenly, trying to get at least 1 serving of veggies each day and doing less days but maybe more minutes of cardio w/ my fitness routine.
I can do all that.
hell I even feel Good about all this. - who knew?

and today, I put on a shirt that I had previously outgrown and was tight and could not button, and it's LOOSE !

I think I feel a mini- shopping spree coming on~~~
Freckle – don’t be sorry, it’s awesome, you should be proud! It is actually really encouraging to hear success stories, it’s the best motivator.

In toe news, I have concluded that it’s not broken (although I had a little freakout when I unwrapped it the other day and saw a dark red line running up it) as it is healing quite well. It doesn’t look or hurt nearly as bad, so that’s encouraging. I even did the elliptical last night and it was a bit painful, but doable. So I’m thinkin’ there’s hope for my 5k goal yet!

In food news, my new plan is to keep a food diary. I’ve heard it’s worked for a lot of people and I think it will help me with my downfall, which is random snacking. I’m good with eating wholesome meals as I really do like vegetables and healthy stuff, but I’m so bad with treats and with drinking, as I’ve mentioned. I’m hoping that if I have to write down and therefore confront the fact that eating Hershey kisses and cookies at work and having too many beers at night is sabotaging all the other healthy eating I’m doing, then maybe I’ll have the self-control to stop. I’ve talked to the boyfriend about it, and he was very helpful (he’s been growing a bit of a gut lately too), agreeing that we should stay in and cook healthy food instead of going out to eat every weekend. So, I’m excited and doing things to help me stay on track. Woo hoo.
the food diary is a great thing.
you honestly find yourself stopping and thinking ' damn. SOMEONE is going to know I ate that' every time you go to eat something you shouldn't and have found it to be a pretty good motivating tool.
the nutritionist wants me to keep one every now and then, every 3rd or 4th day, just to keep me honest and I think it makes good sense.
if you & your boyfriend both keep them, you can randomly exchange them every so often to up the accountability factor.

it's so great that your toe is doing better!!
maybe the red line doesn't mean broken and it's just 'injured?'
mine I literally snapped the pinky toe in 1/2 the last time, and I think that's why it took so long to heal so I am glad it was summer and I could wear flip flops bc no Way was regular shoes an option.
- the things we do (accidentally) to our poor bodies!

do you have a time frame for getting to your 5K ?
that's one of my goals too, a 5, then a 10, then a 1/2 marathon and then... !!

went shopping today and went down a size & 1/2 in jeans (the waist was a bit gappy in the back of the jeans but didn't want to spend more than the $13.99 clearance price bc I am cheap and still losing weight!) and also, bought a Medium in shirts!!
due to my big bust (hee) I thought I always had to buy a Large so this was really a momentous occasion! also bought a fitted ocean blue-gray sweater w/ hood that nips in at the waist.
am thinking of wearing that when I pick the mr up.

you are right; much as some days I still hate to go to the gym, it is so paying off now that I am feeling really good about it and so much more comfortable w/ my body now.
posting here has really helped a Lot, just when I was starting to schelpp off; you all have been so totally supportive it means everything. (i-e Thank you smile.gif )

as to posting a new picture........ the 'pretty stuff' I bought came from and I don't think any of you need to see that, bc you might still go blind! laugh.gif
- I jogged for 8 minutes today !!!!

this is a big deal as before I could only go for maybe 30-45 seconds!

- is there a difference physically /calorically between jogging and out & out running?

I found out today that the scale at the gym (the same one that told me I had gained 3 lbs over the holidays) actually weighs about 10 or 11 lbs heavy.
so not only did I Not gain the 3 lbs back, I actually still managed to continue to lose some at that time as well.
really screwed up for a gym of all places, to be so off!
Hi Chacha and everybody else,

Just wanted to pop my head in here to say that I miss you. I've been spending my time over in the pregnancy thread or in the bathroom puking. I'll come back here alot after baby is born, I think.

I haven't been here in a long time but I decided to check it out again. I actually feel inspired to work out now. I've had a lot of excess energy lately so I'm going to finally make use of the gym in my building. Also I'm a bit poor this semester. How does that help? Well, I can no longer blow $20 on a pizza whenever I please. I've actually been planning my meals and including more veggies and fruits.

I'm not planning on doing anything extreme or trying to be super duper healthy because that never works for me. Instead I'm just taking it nice and slow. Hell, it took me 7 years to put on all this weight, it's not going to come off immediately.
It's so great having a group of people to go to the gym with. Even when I don't feel like going I know I've already made the commitment and force myself to get going. I'm really liking this interval training. I feel like I get a good workout and can push myself for a longer periods. There are about 5-6 of us working together so we're hoping to either do a relay at the Manitoba Marathon in June (think small) or if we get really committed, a half marathon (think BIG). I'm secretly hoping that I'll be able to do the half marathon, but I'm going to be abroad for most of May and I'm wondering if I'll be able to force myself to workout during that time.

Candycane, I'm poor this semester too. Now I just make something healthy the night before or right before class and throw it in our university's womyn's centre kitchen. I don't know why I didn't think of doing that last semester.
hey nice one freckle! I just typed a big long post about this amazing running plan I did last year and accidentally deleted it, dammit!

Short version is, I went from being winded (and purple) after running for a minute, to being able to keep going for 45 minutes. This took from October/November 2006 to February 2007. In August 2007 I ran a 10k for Stonewall which was amazing (and trust me, I have never been the type to describe exercise as amazing) wink.gif .

I wasn't aiming to lose weight but I noticed a difference in my fitness and health almost instantly (although I walked everywhere, I didn't work out, but now I can run for the bus without even feeling it - before I would've been a sweaty mess!) Anyway, here is the plan if anyone is interested, i can't recommend it highly enough. My mum (who is slim and healthy but has never worked out) did it after me, on the basis that if I could, anyone could!

Cool Running Couch to 5k
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