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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Anna, are you vegetarian, (ovo/lacto...piscatarian...vegan)? I'd recommend an acidophilus bifidus daily supplement to help with the bloating as well as nutrient absorption. Digestive enzymes are also helpful if you find you're having difficulty digesting specific kinds of foods (they cause heartburn or bloating and gas and discomfort, etc).

What kind of symptoms are you experiencing? Are they constant? Do particular foods make this better or worse?

It would help to know a bit more, but people in general benefit from adding the live culture foods to their diets (the enzymes are negligible but they really do help people who do suffer immediate food reactions too).

Brands I'd recommend in multivitamins:

New Chapter Everywoman I or II

For probiotics,
Genestra HMF and HMF Forte
New Chapter

For digestive enzymes:
Natural Factors
Genestra Digestzyme

A tip I learned from a very experienced doctor: B6 should always be taken with pecans. Pecan helps you to absorb and utilize the nutrient better; the B6 enhances the nutrient absorption from the pecans (fats).

I'd also recommend B12 supplements--sublingual B12 methylcobalamin form of the nutrient. At least 1000mcg/day.
so i was gonna post this in the general health thread, but i didn't want to hijack the thread away from what looked like a serious convo in progress...

i'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and i've started a high protein diet (butt loads of tofu, eggs, cheese/milk, nuts, beans) mostly because i had an INTENSE craving for all of the above. this has been about 2 weeks now.

but i've noticed a substantial increase in my, ahem, libido. and i can't tell if it's because i dropped a 3 lbs, or because it might have something to do with the soy's pseudo-estrogen effect?

or maybe it's just one big placebo effect?

I have never heard that BUT I AM STARTING THAT DIET TOMORROW!!!! LOL. Are you exercising? That sometimes does it for me.

anna k
chachaheels, I'm not a vegetarian, I mostly eat chicken (I don't eat a lot of fish or pork or turkey).

Last night I felt a strain in my back from the bloating, and it can feel like I have to pee a lot, and can be full of water weight and air. I sometimes pretend that I am pregnant, just to make myself feel better.

I tried Activa Yogurt for two weeks but it didn't help, despite increasing bowel moments. I've eaten other probiotic yogurt too, but it doesn't make the bloating go away.
yeah i exercise pretty frequently, but i haven't changed the routine within that time frame, so....

not complaining though! just curious smile.gif
Anna, yogurts are great food (but I seriously want to warn you and anyone against Activia, as the cultures are not the kind you'd ever get in a fermented milk product made naturally. I don't know what they actually are, and I suspect they are another in a long line of patentable frankenfoods....stay far away). But they are not a means of actually addressing a need in order to reverse an illness.

For that, you need a great deal more live culture on a consistent basis, and specific cultures are necessary in some cases (and I think in yours, too). Supplements which include these microorganisms in the billions are much more effective; I'd look for lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidum organisms to be listed in the contents of any pro and pre biotic supplement you take. That's why I recommended the brands below--they are formulated for therapeutic doses, so they go a lot further than a dietary supplement would. It's one approach.

The other, the digestive enzymes to take with each meal, are another approach. Are you just experiencing distension, or pain as well?

I wonder if you are getting enough potassium in your diet, what kind of protein/fat/carb ratio you normally have in your diet, or whether or not you've taken a course of antibiotics of any kind for any reason in the past little while. Try to think back to when all this started....when did this bloating first present itself? Think back to what was happening around you and in your life at the time. It will be very helpful to you to do this because it will give you an idea of what's changed in your world and how it might possibly have had an effect.

One other thing: I've seen this kind of bloating in children who cannot assimilate nutrients--particularly in kids who have extreme sensitivities to foods because they just can't digest them. That might be a big possibility; another possible cause could be hernia...which indirectly causes the intestine to kink or somehow be occluded from its function (which then results in the above inability to assimilate). Are these possibilities?

Crazy Cat Lady: the pseudo estrogen effects of soy (questionable, seriously) are really soy's ability to shut the thyroid gland down or rev it up (it causes bad effects in general to the thyroid gland, and can sway hypo or hyper thyroidism).
If you're eating a fermented tofu, though...that's the good stuff...but it doesn't have any effect on the thyroid that way.
But: protein and fat rich diets can have excellent effects in treating hormonal imbalances. So maybe you're finally getting enough protein and good fats to rev you up.

Or maybe you're feeling wonderful about yourself and god knows, that stimulates the libido like nothing else.

As for "is it a placebo effect"? I doubt it, placebo effects have to have some regimented structure in their set up to actually take place (eg, you'd need to be doing this diet, say, under the close supervision of someone who you would really, really, really like to please...but even then, if that's all it takes to create a measurable change in one's physical state, we ought to be studying the damn placebo effect in depth).

Whatever it is, congratulations are evidently in order.
Cha Cha, I'm having a similar problem like Anna's. If you don't suggest Activia (it didn't work for me either), what sort of yogurt would you reccomend?

Anna, I act like I'm pregnant too.
anna k
chachaheels, how do you know so much about what kind of vitamins and supplements to take?

I've eaten bananas a lot, I figured that fills my potassium quota.
I do nutritional counseling with my patients, and sometimes support their homeopathic treatment with dietary changes and supplements if they're necessary.

Supplements are effective and easy to suggest in this kind of forum (whereas homeopathic treatment involves a lot more individualized work, and that's why I rarely make suggestions with those medicines except in cases where a remedy's been found to almost generally apply to an acute problem, not a chronic disease or chronic case).

Sometimes bananas are just fine. If you're eating a higher ratio of proteins than carbohydrates, though, you sometimes need more than what you would just get from bananas to ensure that your kidneys function properly. To get enough from just bananas and foods like potatoes, you would need to eat many more per day than you may be comfortable with (not to mention the sugar content in the diet would be too high for many people).

Sassygirl, there are plenty of yogurts on the market which contain the naturally occurring live cultures. In Canada, Astro yogurt makes simple balkan style yogurt with these cultures (but be careful around their other "label" brands, as some of these also include manufactured cultures). Liberty brand yogurt is also natural culture-rich. There are brands you can find in the States that we can't find here in Canada...StoneyField Farms? (I'm not sure of the name). Any one of the Organic full culture yogurts which are made with milk that has not been produced with recombinant bovine growth hormone are good options.

Always choose the full fat yogurt over all other kinds. Those that are "low fat" are basically thickened with ingredients you do not want, often including things like seaweed and gelatin; plus, the cultures and other nutrients will not be absorbed without the fats.

Other good sources of these cultures include organic raw milk and cream and raw milk cheeses. Pasteurization kills these organisms off completely.

BUT: that being said, I still think if the bloating is persistent then a supplement which would give you therapeutic doses of these organisms, which will help them establish themselves in your gut, will work much more quickly to reverse the bloat, and reverse the condition causing it. Yogurt is fine as an every day food, but it's not enough to actually treat or reverse the problem on its own.
Chachachaheels- You know so much! I'm curious as to your thoughts on carbohydrates. I've always been a bit of a carb-fiend (from potatoes to cookies to bread to beer) and I've never really had a weight problem, so I scoffed at the low-carb craze. However I'm 28, and I suppose my metabolism is slowing or something, but I've been gaining a bit of weight lately and I'm wondering if it's due to all the carbs I eat. I recently heard a segment on NPR Science Friday about how a survery of past and present nutrition studies is indicating that carbs really are the culprit behind weight gain, and that saturated fat has gotten a bad rap. I'm a vegetarian so I'm not going to go out and mow some steak, but I'm wondering what you see as the appropriate carb/protein balance in the average diet? Thanks.
I listened to that program too, and though I do agree that for weight loss carbs of all kinds have to be limited, I really thought their presentation of the facts left a great deal uncovered, too much which should be taken into consideration.

It isn't just about carbs, and the "rule" doesn't apply across the board. Conventional medicine has ignored some pretty big facts for about 40 years or so now, particularly about fats and proteins...and the strict adherence to low fat diets (especially diets whose fats are limited to what amounts to nothing but hydrogenated oils and rancid oils instead of good fats like lard, butter, and pure fresh oils) has been disastrous in terms of health. They've also played a huge supporting role in helping food conglomerates and processors ruin the quality of our foods in general. Carbs alone are not such a problem: but the carbs that come from high fructose corn sugar laden, high starch bearing hydrogenated oil soaked processed foods (the stuff most people eat as a staple) are deadly; and it is those foods medicine has said nothing about, and on which they still retain a silence.

The ideal ratio of proteins to fats to carbs will depend on the individual, and a whole slew of factors which affect them personally, including any kind of chronic pathology they may have.
So, your question's got to be a bit more specific.

Did you hear last Friday's show? Where the discussion was about the studies finding that overweight people actually live longer than those who are "normal" weight? And that previous conclusions about fat and obesity were just not accurate?
Hi. I have a question for chacha. Now that I'm pregnant (yup, told Shiny), I have to eat enough protein, even if I don't feel like eating. How in the hell am I supposed to eat 80 grams of protein each day? I've gotten lazy with the Schwarzbein diet. All of the sudden, the things I was eating are absolutely disgusting. I can cook them but then I have to put them away. I'm not very pregnant at all yet but already I'm experiencing a huge change in appetite and energy level. Any tips on how I can get all the protein I need and on what I can do to be less exhausted? Thank you in advance.

Pregnancy is loaded with hormonal fluctuations we can't predict. Every woman is different. This is all going to make eating quite interesting, for a while.

Okay: so foods are turning you off now, and your appetite exists only to be quashed. Pelase be sure to keep some kind of easy to digest food (like crackers with salt, they're a standby for a reason) by your bedside so you can reach them without having to get out of bed in the morning. This goes a long way to helping stave off the nausea you get from hypoglycemia.

Soon, you'll find you are craving foods, specifics. Get those foods. You are craving them for a reason and you need them.
(this is the time many vegetarians crave meat. So be prepared, as this might happen to you! If it does, eat meat. You've got a very strict mandate delivered to you directly by your body...consider it crucial information and use it).

I think a tissue salt regime for the entire pregnancy will do a world of good, too. I'll post it here from my notes in a day or so (have to dig it out of my books). The appropriate tissue salt taking during the right stage of development really helps you and baby do well, and all the essential minerals are present and absorbed with this regime. Also makes live a lot more comfy for you.

Okay: 80 grams of protein! What kinds of protein do you normally eat again?

What about fats? how many grams are you eating per day there?

i'm a vegetarian who's allergic to eggs. i eat lots of almonds and cashews (yummy) and tofu products like tofurky sausages, baked tofu and just regular tofu in all sorts of things like soups, chili, scrambled (i'm so sick of tofu it's not even funny). i eat lots of dairy. lots of yogurt and cheese and milk. for oils, i put coconut oil in my peanut better (so yummy that way) and eat whole dairy. i use olive oil in my cooking and am careful to cook at low temps so as not to damage the oil. i don't know how many grams of oil i'm eating a day. not restricting it at all though. cravings: sauerkraut and chocolate. but craving chocolate is usual for me.

Oh my goodness...sauerkraut. Okay: get the good kind, the REAL stuff, that's lactofermented. Foods like this boost nutrient absorption exponentially, not just of the cabbage but of all your foods. If you're craving this, eat as much of it as you want. It is very, very good for you especially during pregnancy.

Same with chocolate. Get the darkest you can stand. Get the pure stuff, the organic stuff, and have as much as you want. Chances are very good you need the trace minerals in it (the magnesium!) as well as the fats and the "drug" substance in chocolate.

The proteins look good, but the fact of the matter is that the protein rich foods really are the animal foods. If you begin to crave them, then have them. But right now, it looks to me like you're craving minerals and micronutrients more than anything else. So 80 grams of protein aren't going to be easy for you to ingest...or you could just eat all the time.

I know tofu craziness can get a little tiring. Get out there and try more cheeses, kefirs, yogurts...

what about pulses for protein, are they an option? i always find rice and dal very soothing and easy to digest if i am feeling a bit off. and lentils are really fast to cook so not too much time spent in the kitchen either, which might be a bonus if you are tired/queasy... although i am not veggie so have no experience of relying solely on non-meat protein sources, they are just something i like.
Pulses and beans are rich in protein and fibre as well (almost nothing has as much fibre as beans, but we're lead to believe that grains are fibre rich instead--they're not, really). However, they might not fit in with the Schwarzbein recommendations, which do have to be modified to accomodate the demands of pregnancy.

Lentils and beans could be added to the diet, just to create variety. High protein grains like amaranth, quinoa, spelt, millet, etc, are all good options too (but, again, they may have to be eaten in moderation. The plus in these foods exists in the fact that you can purchase them in foods where they are minimally refined and rarely processed. The website has a section devoted to recipes which use these grains in dishes that are simple, fresh, and very good (I've tried some risotto recipes that used grain instead of rice...very yummy, comforty, and easy to put together fast).

Other options: substitute some of that soy, it's far too much of one thing in your diet. Try almond milk; make smoothies with yogurt and fresh fruit and protein made from hemp instead (okay, if you have to, some tofu that's very soft to add protein to the mix without having to resort to isolates).

Oils and fats are the biggest concern during pregnancy: you must be sure to get lots of good fat, it's vital for brain and nerve development (and vital for keeping you healthy). It could also take the "edge" off some of the protein demands. Are you taking any omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids? There are maternity formulations out there I would recommend you add to your daily supplement regime. A really good one is Efalex's Efanatal. Take it along with your maternity vitamin (and don't scrimp there, get the very best you can find. New Chapter makes an extremely good one, and their stuff is all organic and placed in a fermented matrix so you actually use all the nutrients in the formulation).
Whoa, fiddler, how'd I miss that you're preggers??? Congrats!!!! I know that's really important to you!!!

I humbly offer one more protein suggestion: protein powders. There are a few that are actually quite tasty, and way high in protein. My favorite is a brand called Jay Robb's, in strawberry flavor. Awesome stirred into some milk. Another that's pretty good (though slightly lower in protein) is Spirutein. I like it cuz it makes nice thick milkshake-consistency drinks when you stir (NOT blend!) it into (soy)milk or water.

So, I'm still in my usual "becoming healthy" routine-- you know, eating pretty well, working out a decent amount. But still, I seem to be slowly putting on weight instead of slowly losing it. So that's kind of frustrating. I'm still pretty much happy with my body/looks but I'm getting a bit concerned that this ain't gonna stop. I wonder if the weight gain is still the effect of the birth control I started about 3 months ago. The other side effects it put on me (like sexual side effects) are wearing off-- does that mean that the tendency to gain weight will wear off now too? Is that how this works? I sure hope so. Also, is BCP-induced weight gain "water weight" and thus easier to lose?

In better news, my knees are still doing great. (Partly because with my new job, I have very little time to do stuff that's bad for 'em! But hey, I'll take what I can get!)
I just read back about 8 pages and made notes on what i want to try:

source raw dairy (I love cheese, tortilla, salsa, sprouts, also yogurt in the morning)

sauerkraut (what do you do with sauerkraut?)

very good quality sea salt, like the grey coloured Celtic or Britanny sea salt from France (salt, chicken, frozen vegetables stirfry)

coconut oil. (for my skin, and just eat it straight up?)

avocados, mashed up on bread with mrs. dash.

dark chocolate.

I have been walking around more since I became a security guard, and will be snowboarding once a week this winter, I hope.

also, congrats on the pregnancy fiddler!! smile.gif
Octi, the pill works by imposing dramatic hormonal change on the body, and weight gain will often result. It's very unfortunate, but the majority of the weight that goes on the body comes from fat storage. Hormone fluctuations as large as the ones caused by the pill can and often do effect the body's water balance, and that can certainly change how fat is stored in the body too, but the weight gain itself is real and not just "bloat".

If it keeps up, you might want to consider asking your doctor about using a different formulation, one that won't cause as drastic a reaction as the creeping weight gain you are experiencing.
Chacha, thanks for the info. Unfortunately there aren't many other BCP formulations I can try, because I have found that others have given me pretty serious acne as a side effect of the hormones. Between weight gain and constant cystic break outs, I'll take the weight gain. sad.gif

Hi. I can answer two of these. At least for me - I eat sauerkraut on brats (tofu brats). I eat sauerkraut with a fork straight out of the jar. I get the kind that has to be kept refrigerated, even before it's opened. It's so good. As for coconut oil, I mix that with my peanut butter and put the whole mess in the fridge. It'll get hard in there and I eat it like candy with a spoon several times a day and wash it down with milk. So yummy!

sorry, i'm a spaz.
thanks fiddler.

also, i had an oatmeal bath and then did the coconut oil thing- wow!! I'm so amazed. i'm going to keep it up, i love it.

going grocery shopping now. smile.gif
anna k
I'm trying hard to lose the extra weight I've gained over the past few months due to depression and laziness. I'm going to visit the doctor next week for my bloating problems, but I do have to lose weight. I have a food diary counting calories and fat grams, which I hate doing, but I need to use it to stay in control and keep track of what I'm eating. I also signed up with a local gym, and I like the classes there, it's a change from the same exercise DVDs over and over and doing the same moves.
Hi all. fiddler here.

Been awhile since I've checked this thread. I wanted to pop in and say hey. My focus has moved from simply becoming healthy to supporting a pregnancy. I'm still trying to eat lots of protein and veggies but it's considerably harder because lots of things make me feel like puking these days.

Anna, way to go! Sounds like you're taking some good steps.

How's everyone else doing?

anna k
Despite my weight problems, I am surprised that I can fit into my size 10 pants. They're a little snug around my waist, but they don't feel tight or uncomfortable.

I like the classes that focus on specific body parts, like abs and butt, as well as dancing, even though I felt uncoordinated and dorky in a Hip-Hop/Jazz class. The instructor put on Fergie's "Glamourous," and I couldn't really keep up with the dance moves, just trying while putting it some dance moves I've learned from dance DVDs. It felt different from when I was alone in my room, improvising dances to various songs like Rosemary Clooney's "Sway" or Herbie Hancock's "Cantaloupe Island" and feeling sexy and slinky.

Edited: I had fun at my Hip-Hop/Jazz class tonight. I'm not too coordinated, but I liked getting psyched up to do the dances and feeling good. It just felt very happy and refreshing to laugh and figure out a new dance routine, even if I kept messing it up a lot. I told my instructor how much I enjoyed it, and she said she could see that I picked it up better this time around.
hey fiddler! how is the pregnancy going? that IS indeed quite a big health project!

anna, glad you're having some fun with fitness. i used to love hip hop class as well. in fact, maybe i'll actually try to go this week! i think my knees can handle either a salsa dance social tonight, or hiphop class tomorrow... hm...

i'm doing so-so on the becoming healthy front. i've been really slacking on the working out, due to the work schedule and such. but i have been eating well, so it's not too bad. i do wish that my knees were normal/healthy so that it would be easier to get fitter. but wishing does no good, i suppose. (getting back to being more religious about my physical therapy, however, probably DOES do some good!) also, i'm seeing a new doctor later this month, so maybe he'll have some ideas for me.

today i went (on a date!) to an outdoor nature park, and walked around (including up and down inclines) for about an hour. crossing my fingers that i won't have pain from it later on...

*~*~*~*~healthy vibes for healthy busties~*~*~*~*~*
So, I've never really had major weight issues (well, I suppose pretty much every female in the U.S. has weight issues, but ya know) but yesterday I went to the doctor, wherein they weighed me, wherein I've discovered that I've gained 10 pounds in 3 months. Such a nice, round, glaring number. In hindsight it's obvious. This summer I used to work out all the time, cook good food, walk everywhere. But since school started (I also work full time) I've let all these things slide. I've been stressed out from being so busy, so I let myself eat a donut, drink a mocha, get a cheesy, greasy burrito for lunch, smoke when I feel overwhelmed, because it made me feel better. Now, though, I find myself feeling really shitty, out of shape, unhealthy. So I'm going to start working out, quit smoking and start eating healthy. Working out won't be too hard, I like working out, the only issues there are making time for it and the smoking, but they go hand-in-hand so hopefully that will help. The food issues, however, uh, it's going to be hard. I'm quite the addict when it comes to shitty food (well not really shitty, just indulgent, I like cookies and ice cream and cheesy, buttery things). Anyway, I'm actually feeling scared to cut myself off. But I've got to do this, I've got to stop using food to make myself feel good. I'm going to use this thread to keep myself accountable. And to the other healthy women on here, I salute you.
anna k
In my hip-hop dance class tonight, we did this sexy stripper-like dance to Britney Spears' Gimme More. A couple of moves were difficult for me (sliding to the floor and kicking one leg up and getting back up again), but it was a lot of fun, and I felt really slinky and cool while doing some of the moves, like "Yeah, I got this."

One of the people in the class was a woman in her 50s who looked uncomfortable with the fast pace of the class, plus the stripper-style dance moves, I could just imagine her griping about how fast it was and the "slutty" moves.
I bought some weights and the Biggest Loser fitness program book the other day. I'm also trying to eat better (we get free lunch at work, but it's mainly fried crap). I'm still not losing a lot of weight, but when I'm depressed I still want ice cream and cookies...

Anna, that sounds like it was a cool class.


Keepin' this thread alive, cuz I need it! Sassygrrl, I totally understand the desire to eat when depressed. Now that I'm paying more attention to what and when I eat, I'm realizing that I have major food issues that I've never really acknowledged. But I guess I won't get too into that, since this is a message board and not a therapy session. I'll just say I'm going to try to stop and think about what I'm feeling and why, instead of going to the kitchen to numb/forget about whatever I'm feeling.

Anyway, I don't really have a diet plan per se, but I'm just trying to lay out general guidelines for myself. I work at a college with a great culinary program, so there are lots of indulgent food options, which I'm trying to steer myself away from. There's also a subway here, so I'm trying to steer that way for lunch. Has anyone tried the "subway diet"? I hear it's worked for people, but all that bread, I'm wondering how healthy that is... Anyway, healthy wishes to all.
I just found out that I'll probably get to work with a top personal trainer for free in the new year. I go to a sort of support group for young adults with diabetes and the woman who runs the group goes to see this guy. He works with Type 2 diabetic kids and teens and helps them monitor their blood sugars during exercise and things like that. Now he wants to start working with type 1's, so hopefully in January 5 or 6 of us will get to start working with him, with the added bonus of fine tuning our bodies to the exercise so we can have really great blood sugar control. I'm super excited!
The Subway diet is a marketing gimmick. You'd do a hell of a lot better if you threw away their bread, ate salad dressed with real salad dressing (not the MSG laden stuff they pile onto their sandwiches, such as the transfat and rancid fat laden mayos and flavoured dressings they stock) and ate real cheese instead of the processed stuff they pack into each lunch. I'm sure it's a "fresh" option to burgers and fries, but ultimately you're eating junk foods thrown on your standard nutrient challenged tomatoes and iceburg lettuce. Sure, you can lose weight on this the same way you can on those prepacked "weight loss" foods sold through Weight Watchers or what have you, but look at the ingredients: a lot of MSG (those are all the ingredients listed as "spices", "natural flavour", hydrolyzed protein, etc), a lot of plasticated, trans, or rancid fats, and more artificial colours and textures plus extra sugar to make up for the lack of real taste in the product. Tgere is really very little "food" to feed your body with in these meals.

If you're at a school with a really good culinary program, and that program stresses the importance of using the best ingredients (as they should, margarines or rancid cooking oils should ever be on that curriculum, and they should always have access to fresh produce, meats, and dairy) then you'd do a lot better having lunch there. Yes, they also train pastry chefs, I'm sure: you don't want to eat the sugary stuff except for occasionally. But meals that include real vegetables, sauces made from real ingredients (such as the kind that use real meat drippings for flavour, or real broth for soups, real cream, butter, cheeses, etc) and foods made from scratch with good ingredients, you'll be far healthier. And probably a lot wealthier--most culinary programs offer what their students produce at a huge discount (at least the one I used to know about in Toronto did...and the one near me in Niagara will sell you a 3 course gourmet meal for under $10 (which is only slightly more than what their lousy student cafeteria's Subway will charge you for one of their aptly named "subs"). For that $10, you can get a really fresh green salad (usually prepared with fresh fruit or cheese, and the greens are grown locally or on site), dressed with dressings made with good oils, sea salt, and good quality a lot of imagination...and seasonal veggies cooked and presented with fresh fish or meat (lamb, or veal, or chicken usually; salmon, trout, whatever is "fresh" that day). Heck of a lot nicer and way better for your body, for about the same amount of money.
for the last three weeks i've been really watching what i'm eating. i've cut out most of the pasta, breads, potatoes and rice. also, fried foods, sweets and all sugar drinks. so now i'm mostly eating, fruits, nuts, lots of vegetables, protein like chicken, pork chops, some sausage even through i know it's so fattening. when i do eat it i only eat a small amount. also when i do eat bread it's multigrain and low cal. trying to get more fiber. trying to incorporate a salad for lunch everyday. when i do eat fats like cheese or salad dressing i use reduced fat and only a small amount. does it sound like i'm on the right track? two weeks ago i was wearing size 24s now i'm in 22s and they are getting loose. i think i'm doing well. can anyone make any other suggestions. i'm also drinking nothing but water during the day and herbal tea with splenda at night. i think my calorie intake is around 1500 to 1600 daily. too low or high? i'd love some suggestions if anyone can offer any.
definitely lots of fibre, fills you up so you won't be tempted to snack on the bad stuff. brown rice is good. your choices sound like good proper foods although i imagine pork chops are best in moderation. i'm no nutritionist but i have to agree with chacha on the 'fake foods' thing, i always think if it comes from a box or has an ingredients list you don't want to eat too much of it!

i am trying to become healthier and take more exercise and have started running again after having slacked off for a while, I managed 40 minutes on Sunday! I find that if I make an effort to have lots of fruit and veg I am fuller and less tempted by snacks. I am looking forward to time off over Christmas when i can eat lots of fresh food, homemade soups and bread, that kind of stuff. i really don't like salad in the winter (cold food ugh!), but homemade vegetable soup always feels great.

Pulses are great for protein too - lentils, cannellini beans, chickpeas, black beans - all really nice winter foods. Maybe a black bean chili with brown rice? I use the canned ones as i am too lazy to soak them for hours.
Lovemypugs: Its sounds like you are doing great! I'm really happy to see that you aren't trying to go to a dangerous level in calories because that typically backfires terribly. I'm wondering though if you are incorporation exercise yet. If not, 1600 calories should be fine, but if you are doing any large amounts of cardio, you may need to up that number slightly, especially if you feel deprived or hungry. Just add the calories using lean protein such as yogurt (greek yogurt is LOADED with protein, and goes great with frozen fruit for a desert), or a piece of string cheese.

I also have lost a lot of weight, and in the beginning was leery of too many carbs. However, when I work out a lot, I have to have some, or I cannot stay full and end up overeating anyways. But, it sounds like you are making smart choices in that arena, good bread, brown rice, etc. I also cannot say good enough things about oatmeal. I eat it every day, and it keeps me full for a long long time.

But keep up the good work with the fruits and veggies, I think getting tons of those is the most important. laugh.gif
Thank you chacha, very helpful and informative as always. I guess I kind of knew that subway isn’t that great nutritionally, but I was just thinking about calories, and since they have that info so readily posted, it’s an easy way to keep track. But I’ve noticed that whenever I eat subway, I’m hungry like 2 hours later, so end up consuming more calories anyway.

The culinary school here is excellent, quality, inexpensive food. It’s just that they don’t have nutrition information, and the daily choices are usually so heavy, meat and vegetable affairs, and I just can’t eat a lot of meat. I was a vegetarian for a long time, and though I’m now an occasional meat-eater, I still can’t stomach large portions of meat. Plus they always have tons of cheap, delicious, tempting baked-goods for sale that I find hard to resist. But, they do have healthier stuff too, soups and salads and fruit/yogurt plates, so I guess I should do those and not worry so much about keeping track of every calorie. I will go for those and just avert my eyes or something when they wander toward to the baked goods! Damn baked goods, always lookin’ and smellin’ so good…

Anyway, thanks again. And it is inspiring to hear other people’s stories, good job and good eating.
why am I such a putz that I didn't know about this thread before now?!?

I am right w/ all of you (except maybe the preggie fiddler wink.gif ) and joined a gym a few months ago, but have only recently been able to finally go consistently. it was Start- and then Stop.
start Again and get into it... and then STOP again. hard to maintain enthusuiasm that way. I just counted it up and it's been 8 weeks / 3 days now, and I went all 5 days last week and then 4 of this, and plan on going later tomorrow after frecklette's dr's appt, even tho I will be missing my weight (body pump) class that I am starting to really dig.
I do weight training class for 1 hours 3 days a week, yoga once a week, do cardio w/ the treadmill (working up to running more and more, which I love & want to run a 5 or 10 k/ 1/2 marathon way eventually) and bike and eliptical machine in between the weight classes. I also tried a Spin class for the first time and while it kicked my ass most literally, I have heard it's one of the best fat burners you can do so much as it pains me <le sigh> I Will go back and conquer it.
already the effort is starting to give back, where I am feeling more energized rather than just smoked, and each day I go I feel stronger for it. my calves are looking sexy and tight and I have already dropped to a medium in some pants, but my arms still have the 'batwings' and I seem to be a shizo of elation to despair on my progress.

I have lost 15 pounds so far, w/ 5 more to go to reach my first Goal of 20 (which is 1/2 of my Total goal) but seem to have plateau'd off. I am literally working my ass off but appear to be Stuck.

my biggest issue probably is food.
I really and honestly eat like a picky 3 year old.
and I had No Idea that spaghetti was bad for you! or fattening!
- really?!
frecklette & I Live on that, esp w/ the mr away. (which his return is around 5 weeks away now and I am hellbent to look better by the time he gets here.)

fortunately, I am able to hook up w/ a nutritionist thru my health care, and meet w/ her for the first 1-1 on monday (missing another weight class) but I have to keep a 3 day food diary starting tomorrow.
I'm honestly afraid she won't believe what I write down.
frosted flakes.
spaghetti (no meat or sauce, but tons of parmesan & salt & butter)
peanut butter toast
100 cal packs of cookies
diet coke
2% milk.
terrible but truthful.
I don't eat red meat and really not all that much white either, and then almost only turkey and occassion chicken (in the form of battered and deep fried strips Only.) and I HATE vegetables!!
anything green beyond lettuce is not getting on my plate. corn and smashed potates are about it for the 'grows in the ground' food family.

I bought some multivitamins and fiber pills, but have I taken them yet? NOooooo.
- hangs head- I think if this nutrionist can help me I will be her Hellen Keller of success.
QUOTE(MaybeSparrow @ Dec 13 2007, 10:17 AM) *
Lovemypugs: Its sounds like you are doing great! I'm really happy to see that you aren't trying to go to a dangerous level in calories because that typically backfires terribly. I'm wondering though if you are incorporation exercise yet. If not, 1600 calories should be fine, but if you are doing any large amounts of cardio, you may need to up that number slightly, especially if you feel deprived or hungry. Just add the calories using lean protein such as yogurt (greek yogurt is LOADED with protein, and goes great with frozen fruit for a desert), or a piece of string cheese.

I also have lost a lot of weight, and in the beginning was leery of too many carbs. However, when I work out a lot, I have to have some, or I cannot stay full and end up overeating anyways. But, it sounds like you are making smart choices in that arena, good bread, brown rice, etc. I also cannot say good enough things about oatmeal. I eat it every day, and it keeps me full for a long long time.

But keep up the good work with the fruits and veggies, I think getting tons of those is the most important. laugh.gif

MaybeSparrow - i know this is going to sound like i'm making excuses but really i don't have time to exercise at the moment. i'm in my last 21 hours of the semester (yes I'm counting down the hours *smile*) and as you can imagine the last few weeks have been very hectic. i am going to be home for a month between semesters with nothing to do so i think i'm going to try to incorporate a walk into my day while i'm off. other then that, no i'm not exercising yet. i'm so heavy that walking up the stairs hurts my knees and gets me winded. i think i'd need to start slow. do you think walking everyday is a good idea? i really do hate yogurt and want to eat more protein. i hear beans are a good source but i don't really have any bean recipes. what do you do with them? i just really know of baked beans lol (probably not very healthy).
Mr Pugs
i really do hate yogurt and want to eat more protein

Sheeit, if that's the problem....I got an idea where you can get more protein...*wink*

Seriously, though, you are doing great and I'm very proud of you...keep it up!

Luv ya,
Mr Pugs
rice and beans, with salt, pepper and chili pepper and garlic.
put beans in salads or soups
you can eat them with fried eggs and rice (cuban-style)

peanuts and peanut butter with apples or celery is a really good snack - filling and has protein for energy.

1400-1600 calorie intake for women is a good range, i believe.
YIKES!! I just weighed myself and I am seriously getting out of hand with this weight.

I'm 5'1 - and I need to lose like 30 lbs by summer time. Any Ideas of how i can do that healthfully? I'll go ahead and admit that bread, pasta, sweets, and junk food are my vices. If I can find a way to stop eating that stuff I'll be fine.

Also, I'm allergic to all fruit (raw) except for oranges and grapefruits; and like one of the other sisters said, I HATE VEGGIES, but i'll eat them. I love greens and salads, and beans. I just dont want to eat that all the time.

Any ideas for an exercise regimen to help with my goal?? I need help yall. I'm tired of being chunky.
Thanks in advance.
walking daily sounds like an excellent way to build up your fitness once you have time.

bean recipes - you can make a nice bean chili by frying up onions, garlic and peppers, then adding black beans or kidney beans and tomatoes. use some chili, cumin, coriander and a pinch of oregano for seasoning.

bean soup: a really nice one is pasta e fagioli - i know you are cutting out the pasta but this is just the tiny tubes - you could use less than the recipe suggests or leave out entirely.

and this spinach and lentil curry recipe is similar to one I make sometimes.

And here is another one that looks good for increasing your veggies:
hope these links work.

freckleface, you sound superfit!

konphusion, i did a really good running plan that got me from lazy ass to pretty healthy in about 3 months. I wasn't really aiming for weight loss, more sort of tightening up, but I certainly became fitter and less inclined to eat junk. Here it is and it really does work - I always HATED exercise before

Right, I'm going to stop procrastinating and get some work done now otherwise i'll be in the office all night.
Walking everyday is absolutely a great start! Even if you just increase by 5 minutes every few days, that will make a huge difference, especially if you are making major changes to your diet. But yeah, start really slow, otherwise you'll burn out and want to stop right away. When I started working out, it was in 10-15 minute increments, so just do as much as you can, and you will see a difference.
Yeah, I used to walk all the time-- to work and then back home. But I guess I was wearing the wrong shoes, cuz now I get really bad shin splints. Even if I stretch I get them. So, I'm saving up to get some really good walking shoes (I dont have a job right now). I've kinda been delayed in starting my exercise routine again. Thanks for the tips ladies.
I'm like you freckle, starting and stopping exercising. My diet has definitely improved in the last month, and now I'm starting exercising again. I want to get into a little bit better shape before I see the personal trainer otherwise I know I'll embarrass myself. I got these DVD's off ebay last year, Turbo Jam and they have a good mix of stuff on 2 dvd's. One of the things they have that I love is a 20 minute work out. So even though I'm busy studying for exams right now, I force myself to go full force for those 20 minutes every morning. It's feeling pretty good right now. After my exams are over next week I'm hoping to start doing the full 45 minute workout every day.
i think chacha extolled the virtues of whole yogurt in here before, but i actually tried it finally.

it. was. orgasmic.

and it kept me full. reading the label, it wasn't actually that different from the low-fat shit, just a few grams different which, let's face it, it's not like i'm eating big macs everyday. i think i can slop on a few healthy fats.
QUOTE(Mr Pugs @ Dec 13 2007, 01:46 PM) *
Seriously, though, you are doing great and I'm very proud of you...keep it up!

Luv ya,
Mr Pugs

Thanks babe! I can always count on you. You've been so great these last few weeks. I don't know what I do without you in my corner. I'm such a lucky lady.

Love you so much.

Think I will definately start walking when the semester is over. Well, I'm very tired and need to go to bed.

Happy Healthy Busties!!!
anna k
I've been feeling much better. I love taking this biweekly dance class at the local gym, where the first day feels challenging trying to figure out the routine, and the second day is more of a breeze. I was feeling good watching myself in the mirror, seeing that I had lost some weight and was looking better, like a combination of being va-va-voom and bookish. One of the gym desk employees complimented me when I took a photo for membership records, saying how cute I looked.

I haven't checked a scale yet, it's only been about three weeks since I joined the gym and starting keeping a food diary.
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