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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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ohh, finally a use for my GNC soy protein powder that's been sitting in my cupboard!
I second the thanks for the info chacha... I work really hard at avoiding food additives and processed stuff but all that more in-depth information about nutrients and antioxidants is good to have. My boyfriend converted me to butter and I haven't looked back...
I spent the past weekend at a motorcycle rally which essentially meant lots of alcohol and no sleep. My immune system has been kicked in the ass and I woke up with a sore throat. unsure.gif
Hey! I think this diet is making a difference! I got the results from the last round of fertility blood tests back and the doc says that my hormone levels have improved greatly! Yipp-ee!!!! So, onward we go. Keeping on with the diet. Beginning to exercise. Not seeing a weight difference yet but the hormones improving so much is a huge deal to me because I've been trying to get pregnant for three years. So you all don't have to listen to that part of my life, I'll be posting in the Childless, not by choice thread.

Chacha, thank you so much for your support and help.

Everyone else - You can do it!!!

That's wonderful news, Fiddler. Don't worry about the weight: once things rebalance hormonally your body won't need to keep the weight on...and it will come off then.

But by then it will be just a nice bonus...not the big issue it's become. Looking forward to hearing more great news as you go.

Congratulations Fiddler...that's really cool.
Congrats Fiddler!!! Keep it up!!
Thanks. I'm really craving carbs tonight. Oh, well. I should eat a piece of fruit and some nuts. I'm nervous about the procedure I'm having on Monday. I'm scheduled for an HSG. It's a test where they inject dye into the uterus through the cervix with a small catheter. I've had this procedure before and it hurts like hell for me. They don't offer any pain relief and I'm scared. I think the reason they don't give pain relief for this procedure is that men don't have to endure it. Seriously, if they were injecting dye into the testes, they'd knock the patient out cold. Go figure. Anyway. . . nervous.
Fiddler, I have 2 suggestions for pain from this procedure, if you can find a pharmacy or health food store that sells them:

1. Bach Flower Remedy Rescue Remedy, in drops--take this to ease anxiety before hand, and also to lessen the pain after wards. Use as needed, just a few drops under the tongue. I know people think it isn't effective but it's one of the favourite easy to find remedies for things like incredible anxiety (moms of kids who have autism--lots of fears!--facing things like moving, or fear of flying in airplanes....always tell me it's worked very quickly and very impressively. I've also seen women with labour pains feel much better and comfortable after using it).

It's not expensive, you'll find it extremely handy to have on hand for this, and you can use it whenever you need to in the future.

2. A vial of homeopathic Bellis Perennis remedy, in a 6X, 12X, 9c or 12c potency, which you should be able to find in a health food store near you. Take this just before undergoing the test, to help with the pain and trauma; and then use as necessary (let your symptoms dictate whether you need a dose: no pain means you don't need the remedy). Just dispense 3 pills into the cap of your vial and tip the cap so that the pills fall under your tongue. Let them dissolve there.

This remedy is made from the English Daisy. It's invaluable for healing any trauma to the soft tissues--the eye, the uterus, cervix, abdominal tissue...such as the kind of trauma a test like the one you're taking could create. It helps to lessen the tendency to scarring, and eliminates discomfort by helping the tissue heal quickly.
Thanks for the suggestions. I use Rescue Remedy regularly. It's a great tool. I'll pick up the homeopathic today when I go into town. Again, thanks.
Chacha- Thanks for all the great info regarding nutrition.

(((((Fiddler)))))) I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

My issue right now about getting healthy is that I am under a lot of stress. A few weeks ago my eating habit were shit. I was getting stoned a lot, just to gain an appetite and then ate too much at once. I didn't gain weight, but I felt bad. Now, I can't seem to get in to eating and it worries me because I don't want to gain weight once I am out of this funk and start to eat normally again. It sucks because I have a large amount of weight that I want to lose and it is nice to slim down some, but I just don't feel strong and that bothers me.

I plan on going to the gym tomorrow morning to work out for the first time since July. It is hard starting over with the healthiness!
Hi Princess D:

You're welcome!

Now, let me just suggest some things that might smoothe down the rough edges for you while you're in this transition.

First: substitute a healthy alternative for that drug use. My suggestion would be an herbal formula from a company called New Chapter, called Holy Basil. Really, that's all you're taking in that supplement, but the basil has an extremely calming effect on your mind. It also helps to regulate blood sugar (believe me, you need that) and just maintain a calm balance. It's available at any good health food store. Spend the money on it (it's not dirt cheap, just a little costly) because it is very much worth it and it will help keep you away from recreational drugs.

Next: Start with the B vitamins: a good B combination (again, I'm gonna recommend a New Chapter product, called B Food Complex), and a good methylcobalamin B12 drop or sublingual lozenge (1000mcg/day) to take every day.

This will help with everything you're trying to undertake, particularly with the stress levels. You sound like you're completely tapped for reserves there.
Hi all.

Whew, speaking of stress . . . I find myself an instant parent to an upset and unsettled 12 month old girl. I'm learning as I go. Thank goddess for Rescue Remedy and my sub-ling B drops. There's so much to do. This is a pretty high needs kid and I wasn't expecting her arrival so our house isn't child proof or anything.

It's hard to have time to remember to pee, eat, and drink. I need a nap.

So, how DO you make your bottom bigger? Because my butt is flat and I would like it to be more rounded, especially at the top. Gaining weight doesn't help- it all goes to my tummy and thighs, which makes my ass looks even flatter by comparision. In fact right now I've got some extra unwanted blubber in those places, so building my butt muscle and raising my resting metabolism in the process would be doubly good.

I know lunges and squats are supposed to be good for that sort of thing but I only ever feel those in the front of my thighs.
After 6 weeks of trying to get healthy after being ill for so long, I finally am almost there. To celebrate I've been working out again in the last week and half and I feel great. Today I did a marathon bike ride, because I was late to meet a friend. I don't think I've ridden so hard all year. I stepped on the scale a few days ago because I hadn't done so in almost 2 months and was pleasantly surprised to see I've dropped 5 pounds (I gained 10 over january-july). I think I've lost weight from being back in class too. I don't have the time to snack out anymore and I always seem to be more conscious of what i'm putting into my body at this time of year.
Gotta gripe.

So, I've been on this new (for me) diet for about 2 months. Although I've seen some pretty big positive changes on this diet, I've also been sick with some bug or another the entire time. WTF? I'm sick of being sick. I'm trying so hard to take care of myself. I'm getting more rest. I'm making good changes such as being more social. I'm learning self defense. I'm doing things I feel good about. And still I get sick. It pisses me off. This week, I've been spending lots of time at shiny's house taking care of lil while shiny sleeps (she's sick). Lil is sick. So, now I am sick. Grrrr. . .

Hi healthy busties!

Long time no see... maybe because I haven't been acting so very super healthy lately--oops. wink.gif But I'll get to that... first, a few responses:

hellotampon, check out this bodybuilding site about building your glutes (eg, butt). some of the exercises I've tried and can vouch for. Others are new to me. Looks cool!: I think I'll use some too, as I'd also love to get a bigger, rounder butt for a white girl smile.gif

Erin, congrats on getting better! That must feel great. I think it's true that having more structure in life (eg, classes) helps with eating healthy. I think one of the reasons I've been eating not-as-healthy lately (by which I mean, snacking and generally eating waaaaay too much) is that I'm underemployed and do a lot of sitting around the house and having leisurely meals. I think getting back to work full-time will help me with that... and hopefully it will happen soon, as I have a job interview on Wednesday!

Kiss, ugh, that must be so disappointing: you're making a lot of positive changes and getting a lot of negative outcomes. I guess that's one of those times when you just gotta have faith, huh? How are you feeling apart from getting sick? Also, your self-defense sounds really cool! What type is it? I've always been interested in taking up martial arts or boxing or otherwise just knowing how to kick ass if I ever need to smile.gif Also, kiss, are you feeling any less sick yet? If so, you could try drinking lots of ginger tea (just put fresh ginger, finely sliced, in boiling hot water). It works wonders.

chacha, how are you? Everything cool in your world?

As for me, I have good news and bad news on the "becoming healthy" front: the GOOD is that I've been good about exercising (weights and elliptical machine) and --*cue angels singing*--as of this past week, I've been getting back to dancing! I LOOOOOVE dancing (it's part of how I screwed up my knees to begin with) and this is the first time I've felt comfortable enough and pain-free enough to do it again. I'm still being tentative, taking it easy at first here, but it brings me so much joy to be able to dance! In the last week I've gone to a line dancing class, a belly dancing class, shaken my booty around the house, and went out to a reggae/hip hop bar last night. And today, if my knees are up to it, salsa!!

My not-so-good news is that I've been eating a ton and gaining weight. I've been eating lots of healthy stuff, at least, but just waaaay too much of it. My appetite is kinda insatiable sometimes. I'm wondering if the appetite and weight are connected to the new birth control I'm on, as it can be kinda known for that. Anyway, I'm not feeling down about my body/weight--on the contrary, I feel just fine, think I look pretty good, and am getting lots of boy attention to boot! But still, if I gain much more I think it will start to be unhealthy in various ways. Also, I SOOOO do NOT want to go buy all new work clothes when I start a new job in the coming weeks!!! Since I'm quickly outgrowing the old ones from a few months ago, I'm thinking I better lose a few pounds just for the sake of saving money on clothes-- maybe use the money for a massage instead to reward myself when I've dropped a few lbs?

~*~*~*~*~healthy vibes for (becoming) healthy busties!~*~*~*~*~*~
hey there octinoxate,

i'm feeling some better today. no fever anyway. that's a start. i took my dog to church today (fun, it was a blessing of the animals) but that completely wore me out and now i'm back in bed.

aside from being sick, yes, i'm feeling better. i'm generally less depressed and don't have as much fibro pain as i've had in the past. also, i didn't get my usual period migrain last month. and, the last round of hormone tests i get in context of infertility treatment came back better than they ever have. so, yes, good things are happening too.

yes, though, it is so frustrating to keep getting every stinking little bug that comes my way.

good job in your efforts to become healthier. you can't do it all at once. one thing at a time. that's what i say.

kiss, that's great that you're seeing so many other positive results! but yeah, i know how it sucks to be sick. i got a couple colds/flus in a row last fall... and you know what helped a lot? acupuncture! they can probably boost your immune system preventatively, but if you can possibly get acupuncture while you're sick, it speeds up your recovery time a lot. did for me, anyway...

btw, that's cute about your doggie's blessing smile.gif

and thanks for the encouragement. (btw, i DID make it to salsa tonight and had a blast!)
Octi that is one of the happiest posts you've ever made. It is so good to see that you're dancing again, particularly because you missed it so. I have a feeling you're not only going to be well enough to do it, but also stronger because of what you've overcome.

So...I wouldn't even worry about the weight. You're going to do a lot more dancing soon and that will even things out considerably (plus: male attention because of curves! They can't help it! Even with powerful media conditioning telling them to love the anorexics, they resist!!!).

One thing, though: I know those heels are murder to dance in, and people love to wear them when they I'd be careful to stay with a lower heeled (and more securely heeled shoe) if you're going to do ballroom dancing or latin dancing. They can really mess you up! But I know you're probably all over that problem all ready, and have gorgeous and comfy dance shoes standing by this minute.

Things here are very's going to be a very interesting fall, I think: really (finally) seeing some changes I've put the groundwork in for over the years come to their fruition. At least, I hope....we'll see. Then, I'll be dancing a lot, too!

Cha Cha Cha!
I'm glad that you're dancing again. In past years, I've also enjoyed dancing - contra dancing. I stoppped several years ago for no good reason. I realized awhile ago that I missed it and so I made a date with a friend to go contra dancing this weekend. I'm excited about going.

Chacha, thank you for your positive post! And in general, I want you to know that I have really appreciated the support you've offered me during my downtimes and my recovery--the words of comfort, encouragement, and practical advice meant a lot.

And I'm glad that you told me to not worry about the weight, cuz I was just about to start worrying smile.gif But today (and after reading your post) I decided to just buy some sexy clothes in a bigger size and settle it that way smile.gif I got two HOT outfits for going out dancing... I guess I'm thinking of the splurge as a reward to myself for all my hard work in physical therapy and such. (One is a foxy little red dress with an empire waist, the other outfit is a super tight golden-tan pencil skirt with a shiny sleeveless ivory-colored blouse. Oh, and as far as shoes go: thanks for the heads-up. I am indeed aware of the problem with those heels-- even before my injury I steered clear of 'em! Just can't manage it, nor can my lower back.)

And you're right about the men, chacha! They do really seem to dig the curves... in fact, tomorrow night I've got a date with a guy who I met when I was out dancing on Saturday night (who really seems to think I'm the cat's meow-!). He's respectful and pleasant, and a paramedic to boot! (I think that's one of the hottest jobs a fellow can have smile.gif )

Thanks for indulging me in this tangent that has gone FAR from the topic of "becoming healthy". (I must say, one thing I dig about bust is that it has the feel of a community of women who care about each others' lives beyond the specific topic at hand.)

Fiddler, I've never even heard of contra dancing! It sounds like a type of latin dance, right? What is it like? Where's it come from? And most importantly, I'm glad to hear you're gonna go out and do it! Have a blast and let us know how it goes. ...My favorite type of fitness activity has always been the kind where you forget you're even doing "fitness" because you're having so much fun...

Chacha, what kinds of things are you expecting to come to fruition? I'm wishing the best for you, you deserve it. (And when you're celebrating your achievements and dancing, will that be the cha cha cha? smile.gif And/or do you do other types of dance?)
contra dancing comes from new england. it's a lot like square dancing except that we dance in lines, not squares. the music is often celtic. i used to play in a dance band. it was fun. i'm starting to get out there again so i might be playing for dances again soon. i hope so. i like both parts of the dance, the dancing and the music.

You're welcome, Octi. I'm just so glad you're so much better and enjoying things so much again.

As for the stuff that's coming into's hopefully all the stuff I've been laying groundwork for for the past number of years. The good stuff (not the inevitable, goofy errors of judgment which may bear its own nastiness out...we'll see, and I'm optimistic).

That lovely man sounds like he may be someone I'll hear more about in the future, doesn't he? Again: Enjoy!
fiddler, contra dancing sounds like a blast! I took a line dance class last week (which I'm sure is quite different in various ways) and it was surprisingly fun. Plus, you don't have to worry about men stepping on your toes if they don't know the right steps, huh smile.gif I hope you're able to get back to it.

Chacha, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Oh, and, I sure do think you'll be hearing more about this gent. In fact, maybe I'll bop over to the crush thread for a minute here...

*~*~healthy vibes for busties~*~*~

Contra dancing was lots of fun. I'm glad I went.

As far as this diet - well, I've sort of fallen off the wagon, so to speak. I didn't manage to get pregnant this cycle and so I got all depressed and decided that this stupid diet was, well, stupid. So I'm back at needing to start over, sort of.

I've gotta figure out a way not to get so desperately depressed when my attempts to become pregnant don't work. I also gotta figure out how to get rid of the headache I've had for a fucking week now. I need a break already.

anna k
I got some health insurance, so now I can find a good gastroentomologist to help me with my stomach. I've had this on-and-off bloating problem, and it hasn't gone away for several months. I work out all the time, which leads to me having strong arms and legs and strength in my lower back, but my stomach still puffs out. Hopefully someone can give me some good medical advice.
(((((((fiddler))))))) ...sorry the hugs come late- i haven't been around this forum for a while. are you feeling/doing any better? did you decide to reinitiate the diet, or not? it must be so incredibly difficult to deal with infertility issues, and my heart goes out to you. (i may too, in fact, have fertility issues, but since i'm nowhere near having kids it's not something that weighs on me. still, it's in the back of my mind...)

anna, any luck with the GI problems? btw, are you sure your tummy is bloated? bc i think it's normal for even the trimmest of women to collect their fat on their bellies. oh, and, stress-related fat tends to gather there especially (something about the effects of cortisol), could that be it at all?

and miss cha cha, how are you? are things coming to fruition, as you'd hoped?

so, i suppose it's time for me to put in a "becoming healthy" report, eh? to kinda keep myself accountable? basically, i've been doing pretty good at eating (no longer binging and having that crazy appetite! and no longer overdoing the sugar). on the downside, i haven't been able to work out much due to being out of town, sick, having flared up knee injury, etc. i finally went to salsa dance class tonight... which was amazingly fun, but flared my knees right up again. i'm not sure if it's worth it. i flip flop on that. pain? or being limited in what i can do? pain? or missing out on social activities? pain? or wearing frumpy shoes? i guess lately i'm siding with pain smile.gif

oh, i'm at my heaviest ever weight (partly due to new birth control, i suspect), but i'm also feeling pretty much awesome about my body. i'm going out shopping for new (bigger smile.gif ) sexy undies and nice looking work clothes tomorrow... IF my knees are up for walking around a mall. a big IF at this point sad.gif (on the bright side, i just moved to a new house that has a *jacuzzi* for neighborhood use, so that will be nice and relaxing for my muscles if i'm still having pain tomorrow.)
Octi, you're like oxygen coming into a room.

Thanks for asking about me and my "fruitions"...they are actually coming along. Not all at once, but in ways that surprise me and often quite subtly.

I took care of some lingering financial problems once and for all, changed a number of things I wanted to see change in my relationship with M. ChaCha (I'm extremely lucky to have him in my life), and took up a few new pass times which have given me an opportunity to see a lot more people. I think I was becoming rather lonely! But I don't feel that way anymore. I've also been working with a homeopath of my own for over a year, and health wise I have the sense that some very serious things are resolving. It's been a very good fall so far!

You know, that knee pain thing is probably just a bit of overwork....or, do you feel otherwise, that it might just be like revisiting the original injury? You seem to be recovering from each fun night out when it's followed by pain, so I'm wondering: why not try a small potency dose of a remedy like Arnica or Rhus Tox if the pain follows the activity?

It won't just make your knees feel better, it will actually help them to keep from feeling achy again after the next dance session.

(I'm with you. I would choose fun and pain. No question).

AnnaK, I wonder if the recurrent bloating couldn't be helped by something like acidophilus and bifidus and maybe some digestive enzymes added to the diet as well. I'm glad you're going to see a gastroenterologist so that you can get some testing done...I do hope it's nothing serious. The typical causes of persistent bloating are things like food sensitivities, a lack of human microflora in the gut (the acidophilus and bifidus), parasites (happens more often than you might think), ingestion of too much phytic acid (which blocks absorption of nutrients in foods like grains, pulses, legumes, beans...of all kinds...phytates have to be removed from these foods before we can digest them) and a physical block in the intestine (such as the kind that might be caused as a result of a hernia).

I hope your doctor can rule out all serious possibilities, and that it's something you can easily fix with some dietary changes.

Fiddler, you seem to get these headaches an awful lot...
do you have any Natrum Muriaticum in your stash of homeopathic remedies? A low potency dose (if not a Tissue salt, that would be even better) would help tremendously to ease them when they come actually cures about 30 percent of all the migraine/headache symptoms that have come up in the repertory (and in your Boericke's rep, which is quite small, that would be a much higher percentage!). On top of everything, it's the number on remedy used to help women conceive. I wonder if that might be a good overall, "constitutional" remedy for you...something a homeopath you work with might give you and monitor.

I'm certainly not going to berate you for the are doing the very best possible, I know it. Wish I could figure out some way to spoil you or get everyone around you to spoil you for a while. Always works to pick up my mood!
Woo. School always wears me out so bad but I'm committed to keep fit while I'm in class this year! I had my first soccer game a couple of weeks ago (indoor soccer, which is pretty much all sprinting) and I couldn't believe how out of shape I was. It was actually embarrassing and the only thing that made it better was knowing I wasn't the only one who was having so much trouble. So I'm trying to do at least 20 minutes of something everyday, wherever I can squeeze it in.
erin, you soccer chicks are badasses! keep up the good work smile.gif

chacha, i'm glad fall is treating you well! as for your recommendations: first of all, thanks. second of all: could you please tell me a little more about arnica and rhus tox? i've used arnica before in a topical cream, and it didn't seem to do a whole lot. (but then again, maybe my injury was still too acute at that point to expect results from something like that-?) are you talking about a cream like that, or some other method? and the rhus, i've never even heard of that... anyway, i'd love a little more info so that i can discuss it with my acupuncturist/NP-- i basically don't change much about my regimen without her blessing, because she's been following my case so closely for so long.

your question, chacha, is a good one: is this pain just from overwork, or am i actually redoing the whole injury over again?? i'm really hoping it's the former. because if it's the latter, well, i basically just couldn't handle that. so i guess i've "decided" that it's just overwork and a setback, not a change of overall direction. also, i know i have several doctors'/physical therapists' blessing to be more active, so i have *some* faith in that wink.gif

in good news, i WAS able to make my shopping trip today! my knees were pretty much fine when i woke up, so that's great great great for me. i did the shopping with the gentleman i mentioned in here previously, and man was he a good shopper. i'm *terrible* at picking out good stuff and making decisions, but with him around i got some foxy, comfy work clothes. (and a hot red bra smile.gif )

hm... shall i try to hit the gym in the next hour before it closes? i just ate dinner and feel full and happy and sleepy and like i could just read and drink tea and crash. but i've gotten waaaay out of the habit of lifting and doing physical therapy exercises for reasons i mentioned before-- and i think all those reasons were 100% valid, but i don't know if "i'm tired and my tummy is full!" cuts it!

*~*~good healthy vibes for all~*~*


About the Rhus Tox and Arnica...yeah, the cream is not ever as effective as the actual remedy, which is, in fact, an excellent acute ailment remedy. I'm talking about homeopathic single remedies here, the little white pellets that come in small vials with individually labeled names marked on them.

Ask your NP to look up the Rhus Tox homeopathic remedy in his/her homeopathic materia medica. It's a wonderful first aid remedy for joint pain which results from overwork...especially if the pain results from overworking the body, which leads to the need to rest, which then causes the joints to become very stiff.....moving again after that is quite difficult at first, but it always gets better with increased movement (which improves with more movement....which then starts the cycle over again).
When I say low dose, I mean a potency that is under 12c, which should not interfere with any other energy medicine you might be on (acupuncture or other homeopathic single remedy).

Arnica's symptomatology is a little different: basically it treats shock from trauma of any kind. So if the movement is sudden and overdone and causes pain which seems too difficult to bear (arnica patients will pull away from anyone attempting to touch the area, because they're so sensitive to touch making the pain more pronounced). Arnica's great for the person who's really kind of sedentary, but finds herself forced to go out to shovel the driveway after a massive snowfall...and then suffers from joint pains all over the back, arms, and legs, for example. If this sounds closer to what you're experiencing it might be the more effective of the two.

And of course there's Ruta, which we've discussed before, if you're actually getting tendonitis from this. But I don't think you're experiencing that.

In any case, you're quite right to ask the NP about it first. As for the creams and stuff...I find they're nice if the pain's mild and you feel better from rubbing in general, but they never work as comprehensively or quickly as the actual homeopathic single remedy.

And I was quite sure your achiness post dancing was not the same kind of pain as the original injury, because you wrote that it always got better after a while. This is why your therapists are encouraging you to keep being active. It's like your joints have to "relearn" how to go through the stress of the activity and recover from it, which they seem to be doing.

I just thought the Rhus Tox or Arnica might help make you feel better and encourage that "relearning" too.

Oh....if you and said gentleman were out shopping for lingerie, things must be going extremely well. That bit of news makes my whole week!
chacha, thanks so much for the information about those remedies. i think i'll print up your post and bring it to my NP/acupuncturist to get her feedback. i really appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

...and an additional off-topic note: yes, things with the gentleman are going well indeed. in fact, today he used the L-word! so we had a conversation about that, because i'm not quite ready to get that serious about things... but it's really cool to have such a nice guy who is so taken with me. really, really cool. and you know what else? the way he deals with my injury and the surrounding issues is SO much better than my last guy. whereas my ex would tell me things like "i don't want to be with you if you're disabled", this guy gives me support and advice and encouragement and just basically doesn't blow it out of proportion into this big deal--or deal-breaker, as the case was. What a relief, to be dating someone who actually acts like a grown-up.
You're welcome Octi! I hope one of the remedies (or one your NP might think is even closer to your case than these 2...she should know about your case better than I do) helps you get better and much stronger than ever.

As for the beau....some men are just wonderful. Really. I'm saying this after a lifetime of shaking my head about them, wondering how the hell it is so many of them can get away with being such unrelenting shits. I've been extremely blessed, for quite a while now, with knowing some fantastic men; so I know they are out there, and they're quite a few of them. And the very good ones are just like us: they appreciate people who appreciate them and encourage their better qualities. There really is NO reason for anyone to "settle" for anyone who isn't self-determined, supportive, capable of being empathetic as a primary ability, loving, smart and fun. I like your guy already cause he's all those things and you can tell he delights in you. But there's nothing nicer than a well paced romance. Enjoy!
anna k
I had a physical today, and got a referral to a gastroenterologist. The physician thought it may have been stress, which I thought so too (I lived with my grandma for four months and felt depressed and isolated), but I haven't had any anxiety since I moved out into my own place. She thought I could've gained weight from taking Paxil, but I've taken it for ten years and didn't have much of a weight change. I felt slim and good for the past few years, being fit at a size 10 and feeling attractive, then this started in May. The doctor even thought I had a little bug in my stomach. I just hate waiting to see a doctor and wanting to know what is wrong with my stomach.
Anna, it could still be something with the Paxil, so it may not pay to rule it out just yet. Even though you've been on the drug for over 10 years, our bodies change as we grow and age; even the way your body reacts to the drug (what's known as the "secondary reaction....from which "side" effects come) could change. I would think about it even more since you were dealing with a situation which made you feel isolated and stressed out. Sometimes you can rectify some of the emotional problems caused by a situation but the physical problems it may have caused might take longer to resolve.

I really hope it's nothing at all serious, and that the wait isn't too long. You'll feel better knowing the outcome one way or the other, because you'll finally have some idea of what to do next.
anna k
I got a three-day guest pass to a local gym. I hate how expensive it is, so I can't register. I was going to sign up for a kickboxing class in Brooklyn, but it was in the morning and I didn't want to commute from Queens to Brooklyn on a Saturday morning to take it.

At the gym I did a self-defense class that I enjoyed, learning some good blocking moves and learning how to fight off someone quickly without making a big deal out of it.

Tomorrow I'll go in for a yoga class and a kickboxing class.

I'm weaning myself off of the Paxil, cutting it in half to get used to a lower dose, then getting off them completely. I tried it a couple of years ago, but felt angry and irritable during the withdrawal, and went back on. Now I can handle it better, to learn to live without the antidepressants.
anna k
Sunday I attended a yoga class, and wanted to do kickboxing afterwards, but was advised by the kickboxing instructor not to, as I hadn't eaten in a few hours and would be too loose from yoga. And tonight I attended another yoga class. Tomorrow is my last free day, I don't know what to take.

I have gained weight from my stomach bloating, and my breasts feel fuller, and my face feels fuller too. I don't understand it. I'm very active, and keep busy, and I can feel my muscles and bones when I walk, but feel like I'm hidden underneath bloat. I can feel the work in my lower back, but it doesn't change my body. Or I can feel the strain and work in my stomach underneath the bloat. I have an appointment with a GI specialist Saturday, but I'll hate it if all the doctor does is check me out, then not give me any advice and make another appointment. I miss being fitter and stronger, and it was only earlier this year. I don't want to be nostalgic for what I looked like a few years ago, when I was slimmer. I miss enjoying my body, and feeling happy instead of feeling dowdy and unattractive, like I'm pale and bloated up and feeling self-conscious. Even my hair feels limper, not as full as before. I want a doctor to figure out what is wrong with my body, because I don't see a good reason why I have bloated and gained weight.
Anna, just be certain to make your concerns absolutely clear with your doctor. Tell him or her that you've been working out and give them some idea about the routine you're doing. Also tell them all about which drugs you're on and how long you've been using them. Try and take stock of all the concomitant symptoms you're experiencing as well--any headaches? what about your digestion/bowel movements/thirst or hunger? Energy level, in general?

It's imperative that you make your doctor understand you. If you don't feel like you've been able to do this with him or her, you really owe it to yourself find another doctor who is capable of understanding what it is you want and need in terms of medical care. Most docs spend too little time and do routine work ups with patients UNTIL their patients speak up. Tell your doc you don't want just another series of tests and no recommendations, with just another appointment set up.

You want your gastroenterologist to rule out hormonal imbalances, pharmaceutical use side effects, kidney dysfunction, nutrient assimilation difficulties, fungal infections/overgrowths and/or parasites, etc. etc. etc. In short, anything at all that might be serious or life-threatening.

To be honest, the idea that cutting calories and increasing exercise equals weight loss is just scientifically unsound. You're experiencing this first hand, it's not a mystery. It's a reality of the human body. In a very few number of cases, this "given" idea might work...but for the vast majority, our bodies are not just simplistic machines. They're extremely complex and they can't be forced to do things like being literally mortified into slimness. They fight back with all they've got, believe me.

There are plenty of excellent reasons why you're gaining weight all over and bloating, despite the amount of exercise you're doing. It may even be the exercise itself which is bringing this on: if it's yoga, that's especially possible. People just think yoga's just another work out: it's not, it's actually an ancient form of medicine. It can and does make physiological change take place in the body, and it can and does change hormonal balances and regulators, as well as things like tissue of all kinds, in the what you're experiencing can actually be a "change in progress" resulting from the specific moves you're doing in yoga. Sometimes you have to wait these changes out, which is extremely hard to do. This might just be what's known as an "aggravation" of your condition...a situation where the body gears up to heal itself, so that get worse before they get better.

But it's silly to not try and figure out what's going on, and it's silly to let the doctor set the agenda for your care.
You're entitled to the best they can give you, so don't hesitate.
Good luck, Anna, I hope it something that'll be easy to clear up.
anna k
Thank you chachaheels. That's a lot of good advice, and I'll remember when I go to the doctor this weekend.
hi all!

does anyone know what i could do to get rid of my stretch marks? they are not new, I have had them for several years, but they are everywhere on my butt and hips. they are no longer purple-ish anymore, they just look like a bunch of dents in my backside! even when i am in shape they still look bad!
anna k
I went to see the GI specialist, and he was a dick to me. He gave me good advice (avoid dairy for two weeks, take Beano), but he insulted me while thinking he was being funny. Like me feeling like my weight gain was connected to my bloating and physical changes, and him not agreeing, or saying that I'm obviously not a stick. (He's seeing me with a bloated stomach and some weight gain, of course I don't look thin). I told him I was skinny as a kid and developed early, and he laughed at that. He told me to eat small portions, which seemed as if he was insinuating that I eat a lot. It didn't seem to matter how much I exercised, it hasn't changed much with my body.

He also said to me that I'm not a 17-year old anymore, which seemed really patronizing and uncalled for, since I only became thinner around age 17-18, and have stayed like that for about 7 years until now. I kept telling him that I have been feeling like this for several months, and that I didn't have these problems before that, just occasional bloating.

When he told me I had to get a stool sample and said "poop," I smiled at hearing that word, and he went, "Ah, a smile." Dickhead, I haven't been feeling well for several months and am worried about my body changes. I wasn't really in the mood for smiling.

I got another appointment with a female GI specialist in a month, I'm hoping she'll be more sensitive and sympathetic than this guy was.
Oh, my god! I love this title. My ass is getting so big, I'm busting the seams on my sweat pants. When your sweatpants can't hold up anymore, YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN TROUBLE. Ugh!!! I used to joke that my ass was behind me so I didn't care 'cuz I wasn't the one who had to look at it. (Hee hee) But now it's just ridiculous!
welcome to bust, kayla!
while your site you mentioned is indeed funny--i even bookmarked it--i gotta say, you should keep the mention of it to only a few threads, because otherwise it's a little troll-y.
fantaz - stretch marks, huh? shea butter? you might want to ask in the pregnancy thread. sorry i can't be of more help.

anna k - that sucks ass! what a jerk! i'm sorry you had to wait for so long to be treated like that. frick!

my update: i weighed myself a coupla days ago and slowly but surely, i'm losing! down to 170 now. it's painfully slow though. it's hard to be patient.

Try cocoa butter on the stretch marks (but usually, the best thing to do is use the cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks...anyway, no matter, it may still lessen the severity of their appearance.

Yay for Fiddler.

Anna, that is about the most disgusting recounting I've heard in a while. I'm glad you were able to get another referral (and the advice on the dairy and Beano? Is bullshit). I hope the next GI will be much, much more supportive.
I don't know if you feel up to it, or if you can't stomach the idea, but writing a letter detailing exactly why you won't be continuing with that GI might actually open up that doctor's eyes to his offensive bedside manner. CC'ing it to a regulatory body (or the hospital directors, if that's where he works) also may make him aware of the way he's treating his patients which may encourage him to make things up to you (if you're interested) or to at least watch what he does with other patients, so no one else is subjected to that kind of "treatment".

As for your female GI specialist...she can't help but be more sensitive and sympathetic than this guy was, just by default...but I sure hope she's more knowledgeable than he was. The assumptions and conclusions he was drawing about you (on what basis?) were stunningly ignorant.

Hey Crazy Old Cat Lady,

Thanks for the advice cuz I'm loving this site!

kayla, welcome to bust smile.gif

fiddler- congrats!!! that's awesome. no matter that you're losing slowly-- that's the healthiest way to do it, anyway. (and personally, i'm just pleased when i haven't actually *gained*!)

damn, anna, that really sucks that you haven't gotten any answers, and were degraded to boot... better luck with the new doc, keep us posted on any progress.

my own update: not much to say. i was getting kinda down about my body/weight the other day, but basically just talked myself out of that shit. doesn't hurt to date someone who consistently tells me i'm beautiful, either! smile.gif i'm hoping the the schedule (and stress!) from my new job doesn't get in the way of health-related pursuits. anyway, my weight has been steady for the last couple weeks, i've been getting some good workouts and fun dance in, so things are going along smoothly, i guess. still, i've been (again) considering getting more hardcore about exercise and watching my food intake, because i *really* wouldn't mind losing 10 lbs. still- do i care enough? and- do i feel comfortable that i can do that without getting obsessive about it?
anna k
Thanks. I've been feeling down, and annoyed that I haven't found anything that has really helped me get over this bloat and cause of my weight gain. I get sick of exercising all the time, but not liking my physical state makes me want to work out. I haven't been feeling beautiful, and I miss how much I liked my hourglass shape and admiring my body's strength and beauty. Now it just feels out of wack.

I will write that letter this week, chachaheels. That doctor was a real jerk, I did not need to be treated like I was a joke or that I was unattractive.
I hope writing that letter will allow you to feel like you were able to voice your anger about this. Sometimes when things like this happen to me I end up getting really down because I didn't speak out about it, or address the issue at the time. But none of us are "equipped" or even prepared to deal with stuff like this when it happens. Especially when it takes place while we're trying to develop a trust relationship, as you would with a doctor.

Do you think I might be able to help? There are a number of things I may be able to suggest...
perhaps things like acidophilus/bifidus culture?

Are you taking any supplements like this? Any digestive enzymes?
anna k
I take Centrum and a B6 vitamin once a day after a meal.
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