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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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anna k
Everything is easier when done to Pump Up the Jam.

I went to an ab workout class a few years ago, and wasn't too into it until DMX's Where the Hood At came on the instructor's mix. That got me more motivated and happier.

My sister is overweight, and is enrolled in a health and diet program at Duke Medical in Raleigh. She's lost about 25 pounds already (15 before the program, 10 now). She says it doesn't make too much of a dent (she's about 210-20), but it's good for her heart and reduces her chances of diabetes or heart problems.

I get a good high off of doing workout videos, whether it be the Method stuff, Tae-Bo, or Cindy Crawford's 1992 video (dated in music and early 90's-MTV look, but still fun). I liked doing ballet classes, but didn't like feeling like an ass in front of better dancers and messing up while watching myself in the mirror.
Okay, now I have Pump Up the Jam stuck in my head. So what's everyones favourite workout music. I like totally different music when I'm exercising, much more pop-ish. I like Beyonce's Crazy in Love and Survivor, Promiscious Girl, Pon De Replay (my fav at the moment), Rhythm of the Night, Mr. Brightside... and a bunch I can't think of right now.

Wow - look at me the thread killer. Don't worry - you don't have to talk about workout music!
On Sunday my brother, his lady friend, and I hiked up to the North Whiteshell here in Manitoba and took a 3 hour, 8.2KM walk. It felt fantastic.
Missjoy, I regularly kill threads so don't worry. Maybe people don't want to post unless they've been being good and working out tongue.gif That's why I'm back anyway...

I went to the class again but sadly no more 90s megamixes! Different instructor; he was good, totally killed my stomach muscles (a good thing as they need work) but not as good as the week before.

I've noticed that more often than not our class instructors don't really follow the beat when they run through a movement. I mean, we still get a good and fovused workout, but it's like they've got no rhythm. I actually end up ignoring their off timing and following the music anyway, which probably looks arrogant, but it's harder not to!

Another development is that I'm finally losing the bloat I've had for the last 10 days or so... we were away and mainly eating fresh, not processed food. When I came home almost 2 weeks ago and I hit the bread and cheese again I instantly noticed my stomach wasn't happy, even though it was good brown bread and decent cheese and even though I was back on salads each night for dinner!

The bloating is going now, probably thanks to the classes as well as the salads, but sheesh. I love cheese and do eat it in moderation but I don't want to give it up entirely!
When I'm bored I eat. I hate it. I used to be able to get away with it now it is catching up. arg. I don't really mind the weight as much as I do the stretch marks. its frustrating, even if I exercise and feel like I am loosing weight those still stay and I loose all sense of accoplishment.
By the way....hello
Day 3 into South Beach and haven't gone mental which is a good thing. I did cheat a little last night and have ice cream, but I'm on my period...and I don't know I had a really bad day yesterday so...

Plan to go for a run today...

I'm trying to lose some bloating b/c I need to, and also my parents are coming up next week, and my mother is crazy and always on me about my weight (she works out like 5 times a days...).
Ugh, I hate stretch marks. I'm only 22 but I feel like I look as though I've already had a baby because I have stretch marks. Even if I lose weight I don't know what to do about them.
I have a real control problem with cereal. It sounds silly, but I typically finish a box in 2 or 3 days, and thats when I really try. I always say I'm not going to buy it because I binge on it, but I love the taste soooo much. I actually just had three bowls of Total and I feel gross and fat. Dammit cereal!!!! dry.gif
maybesparrow, what kind of cereal do you usually get? Like, healthy stuff or Lucky Charms?

This might sound silly but it has finally occurred to me today that maybe I can actually try my hand at portion control. It all started when I decided that I want some cookies. At first I thought, I want chocolate chip! And then of course I thought, no, that's bad, get oatmeal or something. And finally I just thought, no, fuck it, I want chocolate chip! And y'know what? There's nothing wrong with eating two chocolate chip cookies. The problem only comes along when I eat 5 or 6 cookies.

I finally remembered that the last time I successfully lost weight I still had things that I wanted, I just made sure that I had a reasonable portion size.

Of course, right now I'm on my period so I find myself wanting a cheeseburger sooooo badly. Stupid period cravings.
Hi everyone!

Candycane Girl, I think you're right with the portion control. I've been allowing myself a treat a day, like a chocolate chip cookie from the bakery near my office, or a mocha. I actually seem to have less cravings, knowing that I still have yummy stuff to look forward to. Not that fruit isn't yummy, but its not quite the same. tongue.gif

I'm about to start a hot yoga class. Has anyone else done hot yoga, or Bikram yoga? I did it last summer, but quit during the year when my regular sports routine resumed. I have July and August off from what I normally do to keep fit, so I'm going back to the Bikram. It keeps the weight off, but I wonder if that's just because you sweat so much?
omg omg omg omg MaybeSparrow, i thought i was the only one!!! i cannot keep cereal in my house at all! i've tried, thinking that i could control myself, but i can't! i can go through a box in 2 days. breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack right out of the box, it doesn't matter, i have no shame.

and it's not even like Count Chocula or some shit. it's the "healthy" stuff like Special K and Cherrios and whole grain mixes.

same thing with loaves of bread or pita. i just had three pitas with my tempeh sad.gif
smart start cereal is my crack. just got a new box, and i'm determined to portion it out into snack bags upon opening. don't know why, but the snack bags actually work for me.

so need to get on the yoga bandwagon again. i felt so much better those months i was faithful with it. i wouldn't be able to do the hot yoga, tho. i'm too heat-sensitive (ie: prone to passing out, getting nauseous, etc.)
Kiteye, I've done bikram yoga. The only reason I'm not doing it now is because I find it too overwhelming in the summer heat. It was wonderful to do in winter though so I'll be starting back up in October.

I really enjoyed it, the whole experience. It was relaxing but at the same time felt like a great work out. After the class I always felt really mellow and refreshed. How often do you do it? I was only doing it once a week. I'd like to do it more, but that gets expensive.
Mandolyn, I used to be really sensitive to heat as well (I'm from the rainy northwest), but the hot yoga actually helped me with that. That's not to say that it would help everyone, though - there's nothing worse than feeling wretched while trying to work out! I'm not very flexible, so the heat helps me with that too.

Erinjane, the Bikram yoga is the kind of hot yoga I'm doing. It is a good experience, after you learn to relax into it and not fight it, if you know what I mean? I also like the way that its something that is very individual, even though you're in a class with other people. If you need a break, you can just lay down and take one, and everyone is focused on themselves, so its not competitive. I've only ever done it in the summer, 'cause I never seem to have the time the rest of the year! I did it twice or three times a week last summer, but this summer my plan is to do it once a week and then swim once a week (for cardio). You're right though, it can add up, and the place I go to raised their prices since last year - from $15 per drop in session to $18.

Blanchedeveraux, don't beat yourself up over not going to the gym! You'll go when you're ready.
It's good to hear that many of you guys struggle with portion control. I just started Weight Watchers this week and have been learning all about it. Have any of you tried Weight Watchers? Did it work for you? Any tips or advice?

I kinda blew this first week, I totally went over the points by eating some food at a Wedding and eating out a few times. I guess it's a learning curve to find out how to reduce your calories (or points) and still feel full. I'm thinking I need to reduce the carbs and eat some more protein.

What do you guys eat to help you feel full?

raspgirl, I tried Weight Watchers about 6 years ago. It didn't really work for me because I found it more unhelpful to go to a meeting every week where everyone talks about food!

For me personally, I find I'm most succesful when I'm not thinking or talking about food all the time. I mean, yeah, it's necessary to look at new recipes and think of ways to eat healthy but sometimes it's just too much.
for the longest time i used to make myself feel better by thinking that everyone around me was fat and i hate anti-fat sentiments (ie. fat=diseased life), but i'm just so tired of maintaining my politics and i look at myself and want to throw up. well, not really, i just ate a delicious sandwich. i guess i'm just confused as to how to get back on track. and what track was i even on?

thanks for listening! xo.
anna k
I feel like I'm doing Bikram when I do regular yoga, and the heat comes in through the windows and makes me sweat. It's not pass-out heat, but it still feels good.

I feel like my breasts have gotten fuller (they are already a triple-D), and no matter what kind of sweat-inducing workout I do and how well I manage my diet, my weight stays the same. I try to look at it from different angles, like my breasts make up a lot of weight and won't get smaller, or I've been feeling frustrated by things and my body bloats up as a result of physical stress, I don't know. It's annoying, because I've gained about ten pounds overall, and I can feel it in my breasts and have backache, or will feel my stomach bloat. My arms and legs are strong and good, I just have soft muscle tone and always feel more soft and curved, rather than smaller and compact. The good news is that I can feel my stomach muscles though, and I like how my shoulders look. I also like how my butt feels more muscular and firm rather than just being an ass. It's like I have to take the good with the bad.

I liked doing ballet for several months, but felt embarassed over having a big chest and dancing in front of a mirror with other dancers who were better than me. It was a beginner's class, but the others had done ballet or other dance off and on and were more skilled and more graceful. I like how it worked my butt and waist though, I felt stronger and sexier and more feminine. I just can't afford it now, I want to save my money for my rent and bills and my savings account.
Annak, I think you're right, even a little heat can be helpful in yoga. At least, I find that to be true because I'm not super-flexible, especially since I usually only do yoga in the summer. I find it easier to work out if I have a class or a specific activity that I'm doing, like you and the ballet class. I hate just going to the gym and lifting weights, doing cardio etc. I also hate running! I find it boring, boring, boring! That's why I like yoga, and swimming, and fencing - becuase I feel like I'm doing something fun. Of course, I'm sure "fun" varies from person to person. I do worry sometimes that I get to focused on how much I'm exercising.

Raspgirl, I think everyone struggles with portion control. Especially in our Western culture, where we see so many food images throughout the day on tv, and in print media - I know that I'll see/hear a commercial and desire the food they are advertising. I've never done weight watchers, but I've known people who have and it worked well for them. You'll have to tell us what you think of it!

Anyway, I'm going to yoga tonight, so I'm trying to hydrate myself! I fenced yesterday and will again on Thursday - I am trying to take a break from it for the summer but seem to get drawn back in for various reasons. rolleyes.gif
Portion control is a HUGE issue with me. I've always had a problem with my eyes being bigger than my stomach, and my stomach being able to hold more than it should. I just LOVE food so much. Here are some things that helped me:

Buying small bowls and plates: I almost never use a regular sized bowl or plate for anything anymore. It helps me to dole out smaller portions, and then I consider myself done when the dish is empty.

Portioning out leftovers: I buy one-cup size tupperware containers, and when I store that extra pasta, soup, casserole, whatever, I put it into a bunch of little containers. Then that is my portion size for the leftover. I do this with fruit and things too.

Cut it in half. I make a sandwich with one slice of bread instead of two. I cut my banana in half and only put half on my cereal, etc.

Using measuring utensils. This is a big help. I use meauring cups and spoons like crazy. If the cereal or ice cream box says 1/2 cup is a serving size, then I get out my 1/2 cup measuring cup and that's how much I put in my bowl.

Hope any of this is helpful. I know these things sure worked for me because as soon as I got my portions under control I dropped extra weight I didn't even realize I had.

Oh, and lemme also plug my FAVORITE bars. I loooove chocolate and cookies and these bars are awesome. Clif NECTAR and Clif Z-BAR. They're totally healthy, and taste like decadent desserts. They're also cheap. I get them at Trader Joes. And because they're already self-portioned, I can eat just one bar instead of a handful of cookies.

Oh yeah, and for those of you talking about going orgasmic over cereal - ME TOO!!! My favorites are Kashi Go Lean, Go Lean Crunch, and Go Lean Hot Cereal. I also love their Mighty Bites. And the other thing is this Flax Seed Cereal - I can't think of the brand right now but it comes in a green box. It has pumpkin seeds in it too and is soooooooooo good!
anna k
Do you guys get a meaty feeling to your butt after you've worked it out a lot? Like it feels strong and full, a full booty, but has a meatiness that swings a little when you walk? That happens to me when I work out a lot. Thanks Billy Blanks!
oh hello, my first post in this thread.

i feel really relieved to read how many others struggle with portion control. i feel like i am a very self-disciplined person in general EXCEPT when it comes to food. and i'm sure it's some kind of instant emotional substitute for something. sad.gif

here's my problem: i work 60-80 hours a week, often 7 days. sometimes i don't even go home, i just crash out on the couch at work. i can't remember the last time i had a chance to cook myself a meal. most of the time i sit, there's not much movement involved in my job and i have no full control (though some) when i get to eat. so sometimes, i end up not eating for 6 or 7 hours straight and when finally given a chance i stuff myself because all of a sudden i realise i'm absolutely starving. on top of that, my work is practically my social life, so when everyone around me decides to order a full fat curry and pig out, i tend to join in. i WANT to join in, it's the fun bit.

i don't know what to do to improve my diet!???!!! i tend to try and eat salads, yoghurts etc, but when days are 15 hours long you end up genuinely needing a whole tin of biscuits in order to make it through the day sometimes. within the first 6 months of starting this job i gained a stone (6 kilos) and it looks like it's there to stay... and needless to say, i don't feel good about my body or my health. sad.gif

anyway, enough of my ranting already. having said all of the above, i do have my dream job and i consider myself lucky and privileged in every other way! but any suggestions regarding overworking and overfooding, please share.
Hi Wayang - wow, you sound like you're crazy busy!! It's gotta be tough to try and keep yourself fed correctly.

The only suggestions I can make is to keep a cooler or small fridge at work and keep it stocked with:
Hardboiled eggs
mini salads
mini wheat pita and hummus
trail mix
little cups of cereal
Clif Nectar bars or Lara Bars
Gnu food bars
carrot sticks
protein shakes
etc...all foods that are small portioned and snackable.

Then set an alarm for every two hours. Every time your alarm goes off, go grab one of the small things in the fridge/cooler/shelf. and eat it. This'll keep you getting healthy calories in your stomach on a regular basis to keep you going and won't allow you to get so hungry that you pig out at the next meal.

If it's a breakfast, lunch or dinner time, eat two-three things from there. Just be sure that anything you put in there, make sure it has plenty of protein, less than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving, and doesn't contain any refined sugar. This'll make sure you don't crash and burn on a major high and low.

And don't feel guilty about indulging in curry with the pals. That sounds fabulous!!!

I hope this suggestion helps smile.gif And congratulations on holding your dream job!
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Jul 9 2007, 10:47 AM) *
For me personally, I find I'm most succesful when I'm not thinking or talking about food all the time. I mean, yeah, it's necessary to look at new recipes and think of ways to eat healthy but sometimes it's just too much.

I completely agree with you! It can be a good and a bad thing to not think about food. Sometimes I get so busy that I end up skipping meals and then binge eat later. I think about what I ate and then ask myself "Was I really that hungry?" . And Oreo's father has noticed me gaining some serious weight in the past few weeks. I'm going to have to make some serious changes and stick with them. It's a combination of exercise and my eating habits.
I had one of those experiences earlier this week that just made me realize how extreme and horrible my weight gain has been. I've gotten bigger every year in the past couple of years and I had a wedding to go to this weekend. I didn't have anything at home that fit (it's all Indian clothes and I needed 3 outfits). So I went to a store where I've gotten a lot of clothes in the past and I could barely fit into their biggest sizes! Here's what got me. The outfits are like, a long shirt and pants. When I tried on a bigger size the shirt would fit but the pants were so tight. So the sales lady put two pants that were different sizes over top of each other and guess what, they were the same size! Why would anyone do that?

So yeah, that was really depressing. Especially when the sales lady recalled how a few years ago I was so much smaller. I can't really say what size, maybe 44, whereas now I was a size 56. sad.gif

Jaymi, you're so right about the portion sizes. My mother and I were talking about portions and how sometimes pre-portioned foods really can help. Of course I don't want to rely on them so I definitely need to start measuring things out. I'm going to be in my new place pretty soon so I'm excited about being able to eat what I want, even if the healthy stuff costs a bit extra. I also think it will help with when I actually want something sweet. See, right now when I get some cookies or something my brother ends up taking almost the whole bag after I've had like, two. As a result I end up eating more at one time because I know that it'll disappear soon. Now I'll be able to buy something and actually have it last for a while and therefore I won't wolf it all down.
anna k
I've been working out a lot with kickboxing DVDs, often trying to build my strength, lose fat, and feel more steely and strong. I like to pretend that I'm training for a fight or a movie, and really changing my body. It's a fun mentality to get into, especially with doing side kicks and roundhouse kicks and upper-cut punches.
Hello, Ladies!

Okay--I am something of a fitness-idiot, and have a serious question: see, I've been working out a little in the momings (between working an overnight shift and school I have roughly an hour, so I go to the gym that's located, literally, between work and school! wink.gif Message from the Gods, perhaps? biggrin.gif), and I'm really liking the overall tone my bod's taking on (I swim a lot, and it feels really good on my joints and muscles!)...

BUT--I've noticed, now, that since my pregnancy *7* years ago, I've picked up a swayback!! blink.gif I bellydance, too, so I have been trying to keep my "psoas tuck" in place to protect my back, but...well, how do I "shorten up" my abdominal muscles, in order to get my hips NOT to tilt DOWN like they are? I've been holding myself in, and trying to do crunches here and there to bring them up, but it doesn't seem like they're really gettin' me anywhere...

Any ideas/suggestions? I have a pool I can use, as well as a weight room, in addition to floor exercises, etc.

Many many thanks, ladies!! If I can get my hips to sit level again (and take out the resulting back/hip pain because of it!), I'll be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!! biggrin.gif
Thank candycane - in fact, that portion control thing inspired me to create more solutions and write a short piece for Girlistic Magazine's upcoming Food issue. Since it's something I really struggle with, I was excited to get to put something together for the mag.

Who you live with sure makes a difference. I used to do the same thing as you - eat a lot because I knew it'd be gone. Now when I get that anxiety when something good hits the table, I remind myself that I'm lucky enough to be able to buy/make more if I want it, and letting other people chow down will only help me, because it'll require me to just eat a little.

But, man, when those cookies come out, it's so hard not to grab a big handful!!!

Dejennma - I have no idea about certain exercises to try, but you might check out - my partner gets a lot of the exercises we do from this website and it might help.
Thanks Jaymi. I'm going to be moved into my new place right in downtown Toronto on Friday and I truly believe that living in a big city is going to help. I'm not goingt to have my car so I will have to walk everywhere and rely on Toronto transit only for really long distances. Plus my building has a pool and an exercise room with an elliptical trainer! I really think it's going to help to have exercise facilities just an elevator ride away.

I went on last night and started bookmarking that looked somewhat healthy because I really needed some inspiration. I realized that I only know how to make pasta and chicken enchiladas, which are delicious but probably too cheesy to be healthy. I'm only about a 15 minute walk from school so I might have a lot of lunches at home, and that's kind of hard because I never know what to have for lunch. Of course it wouldn't be so bad if I occassionally try out some of the local Thai restaurants, right? tongue.gif
Dejennma - I have no idea about certain exercises to try, but you might check out - my partner gets a lot of the exercises we do from this website and it might help.

Many many thanks, Jaymi! I'm headed over there now! smile.gif

Like I said: I just want to look like I'm NOT trying to stick my stomach out as far as it can GO all the time, ya know? biggrin.gif
Candycane - it sounds like you have an awesome new plan, with walking and all that. Just taking the time to cook helps you get fit because you know exactly what is going into the food and you have more control over keeping it natural and healthy. I loved when I got my elliptical - they're awesome! But I've gotten bored with it and am trying new exercises for awhile.

Speaking of tricks - My partner and I work at the same place and I make her keep my lunch pale in her office because if I have it at my own desk, the whole thing is gone by 9 am. HAHA! So it's all those little tricks that help us out.

Gosh - the mention of Thai food...I've been craving it!! That, and mangos. haha!

Dejennma - let me know if you find anything on there you like. smile.gif hopefully it'll help out...the most important thing is that you're aligned so that you don't have any back problems later on or anything.
Hi all. Any of you familiar with or practicing the Schwarzbein Principle or the Schwarzbein diet? I've been doing it for less than a week and already I'm ready for some support. It seems to me like a pretty well balanced diet and the book sings lots of benefits. I'm impatient though. With crash diets, I see results quickly. With this diet, results are slow and steady. Anyway . . . Just wondering if anyone else here is trying to do the Schwarzbein diet. I need all the help I can get.

Hi fiddle,

I'm not on the Schwarzbein diet but might be convinced to start--then we could be diet buddies and support each other smile.gif Lately I had a rude wake-up: I got on a *high-quality, accurate* scale instead of the crazy one I was using, and I'm definitely heavier than I thought sad.gif While it is, of course, just a number, I had already noticed that I'd put on a bit of weight lately (not too much, maybe 4 lbs)... and I'd like to lose some. I think 10 lbs would be a good, healthy, attainable goal for me. I already try to work out when/how I can, and eat as healthy as I can, but sometimes my best efforts in those areas aren't enough (eg, I won't get results, or my motivation will falter and I'll just have a midnight pig-out!). I was thinking that maybe having a structure to put my best efforts into-- eg, a diet-- might actually help me stick to the fitness/good eating plan. So, what's this Schwarzbein stuff about? Thanks! (And good luck to ya, in the meantime!)

I'll try to explain the Schwarzbein thing. Let's think here . . . hmmm. . .

It's easier to put the link to the website here and you can look at it for yourself. Fair enough?

As far as I understand it, the diet part is about limiting carbs to 15 grams of real foods carbs per meal, eating plenty of healthy protein, plenty of real and undamaged fats, and never getting too hungry (eating balanced snacks). The key is to eat a balanced meal. Also, sweets, artificial sweeteners or oils aren't allowed. Caffeine should be weaned off of. You should take a good multi vitamin.

So far, for me, so good. Today is the fourth day and I've lost just one pound but I feel really pretty good. I have energy. I sleep better. My farts don't smell as bad. I could stand to loose 50 pounds so this is going to be a long term thing for me. I'd be glad to be your diet buddy though. Good luck and good health.


hey fiddle,

that sounds like a really sensible, healthy diet/lifestyle plan. i'd be totally down to learn more about this at the library and maybe join you in it. question: did you do the testing they recommend prior to starting? i took the online quiz and they wanted me to buy a $500 lab test package-?!?! I'm definitely not going to spring that kind of cash but i might do the diet nonetheless. still, i'm curious as to what the test is all about...
Hi Octinoxate! How are you doing?

It sounds like they do a full run of hormone testing (tested through saliva samples...that would be the bulk of the $500 testing fee) and then your standard stool and blood tests. I'm not sure you'd need to do all these tests to improve your digestive system's optimum function anyway, but if you really feel you suffer from parasites or hormonal dysfunction you should undergo some diagnostic testing in order to rule out more dangerous possibilities in your case. You may be able to do the same kind of tests through your GP, and they won't be quite as costly that way or they may be covered by your health insurance).

Schwarzbein's diet is not a bad one, it's basically a real food diet that focuses on protein rich foods, high quality, pure fats, nutrient--rich, unrefined and fresh carbohydrate foods but I think you could speed up your weight loss on the diet by adding foods that are lactofermented or just by soaking some of the grains and legumes she lists as "real carbohydrates" so that they are free of phytic acid and are more easily absorbed. I also think you could add a few more fats to the list she cites, just because improved research has been done since her first book, the Schwarzbein Principle, was published. Coconut oil, for example, actually uses far more caloric energy in the body than it provides--and as an added bonus it's effectiveness in the body for restoring health and encouraging weight loss is tremendous . And that's just one example. Real dairy/raw milk cheeses and raw cream butter (from pasture-fed cows) are also extremely effective in weight loss, but I don't recall them mentioned in her book either. All in all, it's a wonderful approach which won't sabotage your metabolism like "crash" diets or any calorie-restrictive diet will. But you can add some useful nutritional tricks and go even further.
Hi chacha! I'm pretty good, thanks! I mean, life has plenty of ups and downs to it, you know, but I don't want to derail the thread too much by going into all the details of my life smile.gif How are you?

Thanks for the input on the schwarzbein principle! What, exactly, do you mean by "lactofermented foods"-- is that like yogurt and kefir? Also, how long does it take for coconut oil to go bad, stored at room temperature? I have a jar that I bought almost a year ago (when you first recommended it!) and am wondering if it's still good...

This looks like the right thread. I've been counting calories and doing okay, but I kind of fall down when it comes to the exercise. I'm getting a heart rate monitor to help motivate me. Has anybody else had success using one of these?
It's good to see you Octi--I've wondered how you've been doing and I've hoped you've experienced some wonderful improvements. That coconut oil is stable at room temperature and is quite likely still very good: open up the jar and sniff to see if it still smells fresh. My experience is that it's one of the most stable fats around, even at room temp, so it should be fine.

Lactofermented foods do indeed include the yogurt and kefir you mention, as well as cheeses and such things as sour cream and creme fraiche (that is, if they were made with raw dairy, which has all the enzymes and active bacterial cultures). But they also include foods such as sauerkraut, pickles (look for brands like Bubbie's, which must be stored in a fridge to keep the cultures alive), fermented soy such as real tofu and soy sauce that's made using fermentation methods, kimchi, basically any number of "pickled" foods. They exist in every culture which still eats traditional foods---the Japanese diet, for example, has plenty of variety there (umeboshi, for one). Lactofermentation boosts nutrient absorption and also seems to boost nutrient content of the foods treated with this preservation process. The end result is you eat less food but gain significant nutrition from those foods. A lot more bang for the buck and you end up with a fully functioning digestive system to boot.
I'm not taking her tests either. Not for that kind of money at least.

I'm finding it difficult to follow the Schwarzbein diet whilst on the fireline or at the fire department. I'm lucky to get peanut butter and carrots or almonds. I take nuts with me but they don't last long. I'm glad fire season is going to end in a couple weeks. Anyway, today was hard with the diet. I did alright with meals and snacks until afternoon when we had a wind event and area fires blew up. It's not like I can say, hold on guys. I need to prepare my food and then I'll tend to your fire. It's a process. I do what I can. So far, so good.

Kiss the Fidler, do you eat meat and dairy? If you do I can give you a bunch of suggestions for what to tote around so you can eat quickly anywhere.

I think one reason why it's going so slowly is that you're probably not eating enough protein (the peanut butter, nuts, and veggies you mention are often more carb than proteing, and 15g/meal is a really restrictive amount of carbs). On this diet an almost constant eating cycle has to be established in order to promote an optimum metabolism and to keep the blood sugar levels steady. If this isn't done, the hormonal balance in the body never becomes established and your body will act as though it's starving. Which means, no matter how little you eat and how much you exercise, you will not lose weight.

A while back everyone posted a bunch of portable protein rich food options that can be used as snack foods anytime. I know it's impossible when you're tending to emergencies, and that you might go hours without food that you need to have, but if you can structure this so you are usually eating steadily and eating lots of the protein/fat/carb proportion you need, then the occasions where you have to do without won't have a huge impact on the body. I'll try and dig up that list, but if you can let me know whether or not meats and dairy are part of your diet, I can make a few suggestions besides those on the list.

thanks for sharing your knowledge about the schwarzbein diet. it's nice to chat with someone who understands it and has a good grip on what she's saying. Next time I go into town in something other than a fire truck, I'll stop by the Good Food Store and pick up some Coconut oil. I love the flavor of that stuff and have used in, in the past, just for skin care. Anyway, I don't eat meat (or fish or chicken). It's not a moral choice for me. I was raised vegetarian in a religious family. It was part of the church teachings not to eat meat. I've since grown a brain and left the church but don't like meat. I find that when I eat it, I don't like how it tastes and my body doesn't tolerate it well. I end up getting sick. Yucky. I'm allergic to eggs but do eat lots of dairy. Whole dairy. Yummy. I'd like to see your suggestions for protein rich snacks that I can stuff in my pockets and take with me. I've been packing lots of nuts and occasionally get some raw veggies (carrots travel well).

other things i'm doing:
taking a good multi vite and vit b complex, taking more calcium, taking magnesium, taking amino acids when i eat tofu (i eat LOTS of tofu), eating more veggies when i'm home to prepare them, taking vit c, taking essential fatty acids, trying to get more sleep (tricky), and making a point to relax at least once a day.

we'll see where this goes. my wife and I are going to measure our bodies this weekend to see how we change. In a couple weeks, we'll measure again. we're also going to take naked pictures so we can see the changes.

again, thanks for your input. it's helpful.


again, i really do appreciate your input. it helps alot.

How's this for a start today, in your opinion?

breakfast: scrambled tofu with broccoli, garlic, and goat cheese. ate until i felt full.

snack: 1 cup fresh from the garden warm from the sun strawberries (10 g carbs) with cream and 1 oz. raw almonds (6 g. carbs).

i'll eat lunch in about 2 hrs. don't know what it will be yet. i try to eat something about every two hours.

Ah. High protein, when you don't eat meats or fish....can get tricky.

And, to boot, you're allergic to eggs. Challenging.

Well, if you're going to do dairy, which you love, please please please source raw dairy foods. Then you can carry raw milk cheeses to snack on, and benefit from the full fat, complete enzyme content, and boosted nutrients. These are a little pricier, but well worth it for nutritional and health benefits. There are more and more artisanal cheese makers around these days, and many of the best health food stores and organic food stores now import raw milk cheeses and sell locally made varieties. Quite a few of the cheeses imported from places like France and Italy are already raw milk--parmiggiano reggiano, which is an excellent cheese to eat as a snack or as a dessert, has always been raw milk and will always be. Look for that name on the rind to know it's the real thing (the use of the name is controlled because it must be made, from start to finish, in a very precise way). Find a good cheese shop where you can benefit from the owners' extensive knowledge, sample before you buy, and save tons of money by buying cheese "ends"...Always include some in your "snack" packs.

Other suggestions: lactofermented foods like pickles, olives (you can get the ones that are stuffed with almonds, peppers, lemon, or garlic, usually imported from Spain...and the little cans come with pull off tops...)

yogurt that is rich with fat and active cultures (you can buy the plain yogurt and flavour it yourself with fresh berries and nuts, or enriched with coconut oil and real, unsweetened coconut

nut butters other than peanut--try cashew, sesame seed (has lots of calcium), almond, hazelnut, etc...most of these nuts have less carbohydrate than peanuts, and they taste great with raw veggies like zucchini sticks and celery.

"fruit" vegetables, such as avocadoes. You can make a great avocado salad using the same ingredients you'd use to make guacamole--simply dice your veggies, including your avocado, instead of mashing them together.

small amounts of fresh berries and other low carb, low starch fruits.

Yeah, it doesn't look like much but really, it can add up and really save you.

Some other tips: please be sure you're using the real, fermented tofu. Soy products like soy milks and all those meat substitute foods are full of soy which is usually genetically modified and unfermented...meaning it is goitrogenic. Yes, that means it will negatively impact your thyroid gland. And this has a direct and lasting effect on your weight loss as well as your hormone balance. Peanuts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower...these foods are also goitrogenic. Avoid eating them raw and limit your consumption of them. The veggies lose their goitrogenic effects if they are cooked or lactofermented (that's why sauerkraut is such a healthy was invented as a means to preserve the veggie, but also as a means to make it safe to eat).

Use a very good quality sea salt, like the grey coloured Celtic or Britanny sea salt from France. It's always a bit moist, comes in larger coarse grains, and tastes much more strongly than table salt, so you use less. It's also loaded with trace minerals that are absolutely imperative to optimum metabolic function, such as iodine. I'd also suggest taking some potassium on a daily basis to help support kidney function, as well as chromium picolinate to help with sugar metabolism in your cells.

how's that for a start? Love the fresh berries from the garden....but I would have thrown some cheese in that snack to keep me going. I have to keep my blood sugar stable and that would not keep me going for too long without more protein.

Also: body measurements are a great way to see "whole body change". When I put my patients on these kind of protocols, I always make them put their shoe sizes and head measurements down in their records. They think it's crazy...until they can see that weight loss happens even there! Plus: the naked photos sound like a fun diet extracurricular. Enjoy.
Chacha, thanks for your concern and follow up. I have, indeed, had some good improvement! In fact, in a symbolic way tomorrow is a momentous occasion, because I'm giving away my wheelchair!!!! I've progressed to a point where I can usually comfortably do 35 minutes or more on the elliptical machine, and do fairly advanced physical therapy/ general strengthening exercises for my legs. As usual, daily function lags a little bit behind, as I can still only walk around for maybe 30 minutes at a time before some pain sets in, but I'll take that over the old situation, any day! I'm thinking of trying to stop my antidepressant in about a month, as I went on it primarily as an aide in helping me heal physically. Also, I've been getting great results with acupuncture lately, so I'll be keeping that up.

Now, I am indeed focusing on the "becoming healthy" project, as I'm at my heaviest weight ever--- which is still not "overweight" in terms of BMI or anything... and I also have more muscle than ever, I think... but still (as I mentioned) I'd feel better about 10 lbs lighter. Actually, truth be told I'd feel awesome at the current weight if I just shifted the muscle/fat ratio. I should probably do the measurement-taking thing as well... fiddle, chacha, what parts of your body do you measure?

Fiddle, did you read/ do you recommend the Schwarzbein book?

Also, fiddle, I just want to thank you for your work. I know it must be incredibly demanding, in many ways (not just limited to the healthy eating we're discussing) and I respect you for it!
Oh, wow, Octi! I am thrilled for you. I'm so happy you refused to accept the "that's all we can do for you" conviction you were faced with months ago. See how far you've come? I'm not sure why it seems to be a human compulsion to underestimate other people, but everytime I hear a story like yours I think the word "prognosis" is the equivalent of a dirty trick. Congratulations on doing so well and in healing yourself. Happy throw-away-the-wheelchair day! I hope you have many reasons for happy dancing (without incident!) in your future.

Here's the measurement list I use:

1. Measure around your head, just above your ears and over the part of your forehead which sticks out the most.
2. Measure around your neck.
3. Measure around your shoulders--put the tape measure right at the top of your arms directly underneath the point where the humerus appears to meet the clavicle.
4. Measure the widest point of your upper arms (yes, both arms).
5. Measure your chest: for women, across the back and at the widest point of your breasts, as if you were being measured to fit a bra; for men: the widest point of your upper back and around.
6. Measure your waist, just under the solar plexus or just under the ribs.
7. Measure your hips--women at the widest point and around; men, at the top of the hip bones.
8. Measure around the thighs.
9. Measure around the knees.
10.Measure around the calves.
11.Measure around the ankles.
12.Measure the wrists (this is the easiest place to get a general idea of your bone size, overall)
13.Record your current shoe size.

That's it.
Thank you for your compliment re: my work. I reallly appreciate it. I'm proud of you for taking steps to improve your health. It's good to see that people can actually turn things around in real life, not just in books and cheesy tv shows. You go!!!

I have a question for you too. I've been on this new venture for about a week now and all of the sudden, I'm sick. My throat hurts. I feel as if I've been hit by a truck. I have a low grade fever. I talked to my mum about this and she went on a similar diet about a month ago. She too became sick a week after she started her diet. Her diet guru said it was because her body was shedding toxins. What's your opinion on this? Am I shedding toxins or just a bug. Oh, speaking of bugs, my dearest has mono (i had it in feb/mar of this year). we're both taking herbs to combat virus yuck. I hope I'm not getting that again. Grrr. . . Anyway, wondered what your opinion is.

We measured our bodies last night. It was sort of fun and quite surprising. Wrote it down and put it away. We'll get it out in a month to see where we are. We're both still enjoying our adventure of a healthier lifestyle which is different for us. Usually we take something and run with it for a few days, less than a week before we drop it and kick it to the side. It's very smokey here d/t the fires in our area so we're not exercising regularly yet. We're taking one thing at a time. Other than today when I'm sick, I'm trying to be on a regular sleep schedule. In bed by 2200 and up by 0630. That is hard for me. Mornings suck. They hurt. Period. I'm hoping that in time, with the improved nutrition my body is getting, that mornings won't hurt as much. We'll see.

It feels good to be doing something good for my body. I wonder why I waited so long.

Thanks for the positive feedback, ladies! It feels great to have made such improvement, and have such increased freedom over my lifestyle. For instance, now I can comfortably grocery shop with an actual shopping cart, instead of zooming around in an electric cart that made me feel self-conscious-- and was really cumbersome!

Ok, so, I picked up the Schwarzbein book today at the library and have skimmed it over. Sounds good so far. I also picked up a book about the diet industry in America, which should be interesting and also help me keep focused and not give in to dieting hype.

I'm a little bit afraid to measure myself and take nakie photos... unsure.gif I don't want it to bring on a bout of insecurity... in general, I'm a bit wary of embarking on this venture of increasing awareness/efforts about my food and diet, bc i used to be anorectic and need to be careful not to relapse into unhealthy patterns.

ok, off to read the Schwarzbein book! Good luck with your efforts, ladies!!

P.S.- chacha, i believe you when you say that organic, whole dairy products are generally healthy, but they also can promote inflammation, right? I need to avoid anything that does that since part of my injury is inflammatory-based.
We measured and will take the naked pictures anyway. Speaking for myself, insecurity is already running rampant. Not much I can do to make it worse at this point. I used to be one of those 100 pound genius annos. I was proud of my bony self. Then I joined the fire department and learned that I had to eat to be able to keep up with the guys. So I ate and gained weight, got into shape, gained muscle. Then went on fertility meds and gained 50 pounds. Gone my healthy fit self. Hello 180 pound out of shape insecure (childless) again depressed self. So, measuring is reality. Room for improvement. And ready to work for it. Anyway. . . that was a tangent, wasn't it? Point was that I'm already down about my body so measuring won't hurt.

Gees, I ramble when I'm spaced out. Sorry.

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