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Full Version: Becoming healthy (or, "When did my bottom get so big?")
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Ok, this weather sucks. It's been raining non-stop since yesterday, and it's supposed to rain straight-through to Tuesday. And it's not even soft, warm, spring rain. It's cold, yucky, bundle-yer-ass-up rain.

At least the rain has given me an excuse to sleep in and rest a little. My muscles need a break. (But I'll still go to yoga tonight.)

I'm kinda proud of my restraint: last night I got together at a Japanese restaurant with a bunch of old friends from high school. The pitchers of Kirin beer (which I love) kept coming, and I had NONE of it. I had a couple of miniscule cups of sake. I barely even got buzzed. I just enjoyed the taste with the food. They were all trashed by the end of the meal and ready to move on to one of my favorite bars. I hugged everyone goodbye and went home. I was in bed by 1 am, and today I have no regrets.

You're right, Pixie, Pop/soda is totally toxic. And just tastes gross too.

Amilita, I'm right there with you. I've cut back to one cup in the morning, and if I'm working, I have one small cup at the beginning of my shift which starts at 5pm. And I'm sorry to hear that your gym's re-opening has been postponed again. That SUCKS.

So, speaking of migraines and such, that's why I don't get a period, RisaLa. I used to take the pill in the normal way (with the 1 week of placebos) and I would only spot for a day, but I would get wicked migraines. My doc said it would be fine for me to take the active pills continuously to avoid this. I do just that, and I'm a much happier person. Some people argue that the pill causes weight-gain, but that's *usually* just water weight. For people like me, not being on the pill means severe PMS in which I'm so depressed and irrational that I can totally justify eating half a bucket of fried chicken, a pint of mashed potatoes, and a root beer float in one sitting, thus causing real weight-gain vs. a little pill-induced water retention that I can just sweat out. Plus, without the pill, I'm cranky/tired/sluggish and wind up skipping any kind of physical activity. Oh, and before the pill, I got really bad pimples, which I used to hide under layers of makeup, which meant that I hated going places like the gym where I'd have to show my makeup-free, pimply complexion to the world. And that concludes my mini-essay on why the pill rocks my world and why I still take it even though I no longer sleep with men.

RisaLa, what kind of allergy meds are you taking? Have you tried any of the sprays like Nasonex? I start taking that before the leaves bud on the trees and I'm good to go all spring. I do the saline spray and then that each morning and I can run outside without allergy/asthma crap getting in the way.

Catlady, yoga's a great primer for cardio. You'll probably start to feel so good that you'll want to do cardio soon. I had such an amazing yoga class on Friday that yesterday, despite my tendency to feel less motivated on rainy/cold/grey days, I had my best run ever. I really feel that it's connected.

Zora, that's great! I totally hear you on that weird, simulaneous energetic/tired feeling after running.

My co-worker ran nearly 18 miles the other day... and then CAME TO WORK that evening. He's 42. He only started running in his 30s. I want to be him when I grow up.

And maybe I will. Yesterday, I registered for a marathon this fall. Training sessions start in 3 weeks. Have I lost my mind?
Sigh...I had a baaaad weekend. I never know whether to post here or in WW, since I'm unofficially tallying points, but here goes.

I fell off the wagon and binged for the last two days on all kinds of dairy, sugar and refined carbs (which I usually avoid, but once I start it's a train wreck). Last night I used getting high for the first time in awhile as an excuse, but I felt disgusting the whole time I was cramming chips and cookies into my gullet. Today I went to the gym and had a great workout despite the shitty weather, THEN came home and ate mac and cheese and ice cream and cookies. I'm not even PMS-ing...this just makes no sense! Actually, I have my 5-year college reunion in a coupla weeks and I think I'm obsessing about being thin for it. Thus causing me to overeat in typical self-defeating fashion.

My stomach hurts and is all stretched out. I think I gained at least 3 pounds in the past 3
s crazy how it takes me 10 times as long to lose weight (or maintain it) than to gain. I need to eat only fruits and veggies and do yoga for a week straight.
Hey kbot, I've definitely been there. In fact, I go there regularly. I'll be eating great for a while, and then for a short period--usually a day or two--I just cannot stop gorging on junky food. I think it's partially physiological, because if I'm eating right and exercising I start to lose a wee wee wee bit of weight and my body says, "Girl, get me some more fuel in here!" But it's probably more psychological, because if I think I have or will lose weight then maybe I get a little freaked because feeling like I have a couple extra pounds on me serves some function, fulfills some emotional need for me (eg, giving me some small but consuming "problem" to focus on when I don't want to think about bigger stresses?). I think it also happens when I start to feel deprived, like I've been eating too healthy and I just want to pig out on brownies finally, dammit!

For me the best way to deal with it is to not sweat it. By refusing to freak out about a food binge I deprive food of some of its magic power over me. (Oh yeah, background: I used to be anorexic.) And by refusing to go into a super diet mode (eg, only fruits and veggies), I decrease the likelihood that in another week or two I'll feel deprived again and then binge out again.

I also remind myself that the worst case scenario about one of those food binges is that I gain a pound or two. And so what? Even with another pound or two (or ten, or twenty), I'm still fucking hot and intelligent and funny and have great style.

Tomorrow's a new day. Just hop back on the "becoming healthy" wagon and don't worry about it.
Thanks Octin!! Exactly what I needed to hear. Those episodes used to happen much more often for me (sometimes followed by purging), so it freaks me out when they happen now. I'm not talking about a little dessert or some fries one day--that's perfectly normal. I mean eating to punish myself (for what??), until my stomach is killing me and I can't fall asleep.

But today I've gotten back on a regular schedule and not even making myself go to the gym. I completely identify with the feeling of how always being just a little overweight fulfills some emotional hole, of something being "wrong"....
Well, I am officially 2 pounds away from my first weight goal! I don't know what happened this week, but everything worked together and the pounds just started falling off. I think I lost 4 lbs last week. Mr. P and I were noticing last night the definite change in my overall shape. I confirmed it this morning on the scale at work. This is such a pick me up. I love that I know I didn't achieve thsi with crash diets and short cuts and that this is the real deal weight loss that should "stick".
OH...KBOT79! Boy, can I *relate* to what you said!
I actually wake up in the morning, and I KNOW I AM NOT HUNGRY--but I'll eat anyway. Story of most of my days.
HOWEVER--I went to the doctor today, after several months of extreme water retention. He tested my blood for all kinds of shit, and I'm waiting on the results.
I couldn't BELIEVE what the damn scales said I weighed: Let's just say it's like 3 times what I *should* weigh.
I've found myself in size 3x clothes. I don't actually shop in stores anymore. I just order off of ebay.
I huff and puff if I walk to the mailbox and back. Or do anything *else* that requires movement.
I'm just tired of it. I'm tired of being fat as hell, and I'm tired of feeding when I KNOW I don't want to eat, not really.
My appetite is waning over the past few days, though...guess that's a "plus."
Guess I'll just try to eat healthier, and start walking? (yeah...that was a question posed to myself.)
gah... i think i don't have any ab muscles. billy kicked my butt today in that area.

ris, i think the cardio may be on the horizon. i was in the airport yesterday listening to my ipod's techno playlist--the one i used to use for running--and i had the sudden urge to run/dance/throw a rave.

and _oct, work your curves. i've noticed that in the times when i was plushier i got more pull. that also ties into my theory that the dirtier you are, the more likely you are to get hit on (now, i don't actively practice this, but there have been days where i was just rank [i.e. allnighters or whathaveyou] that i got hit on, and i was just like wtf?)
Ha! Catlady, you're so right! It's always when I'm nasty and sweaty and wearing crusty soccer shorts and no make up, just having left the gym, that I get attention.

And yeah, actually, the times that I've weighed the most have probably been the times that I've attracted the most men as well. I chalk it up to the fact that when I was skinniest, it was because I was the most unhappy I'd ever been... and on the flip side, when I gained back most of the anorexia-induced weight loss was when I was happiest. Happy people are attractive. Self-loathing shows, and it's a turn off.

Catlady, I love love love to dance for cardio. Does that interest you at all?
And so what? Even with another pound or two (or ten, or twenty), I'm still fucking hot and intelligent and funny and have great style.
-- Yeah, girl.

Ok, Octinoxate, I tweaked the muffin recipe, and this latest batch is the shiznittle.

Healthy Blueberry-Banana Muffins


2 cups either Kamut or regular whole wheat flour
¾ cup flaxseed meal
1 tbsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt

2 cups blueberries (fresh or thawed and drained frozen)

½ cup low-fat plain yogurt
1 cup pureed bananas (about 4 medium or 3 large)
¾ cup sucanat
3 tbsp vanilla extract

3 egg whites


In a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients from the first section and mix.

In a small bowl, beat ingredients from second section.

Pre-heat oven to 350°.

In a small bowl, beat egg whites until stiff.

Pour wet ingredients from second bowl as well as the 2 cups of blueberries into large bowl and mix until blended (no flour clumps) but don’t over-mix.

Fold in egg whites.

Spoon into muffin pan. Fill ‘em up to the top—they don’t rise as much as cupcakes.

Bake for 35 – 40 min. At 35 min, do the toothpick test. Don’t take them out until the toothpick comes out clean. They should be nicely browned on top.

I like to dunk them in yogurt for breakfast.

I'll haveta try these too! I made your carrot-flax ones last week and they were delish. I used honey instead of brown sugar(less since honey is sweeter), but they weren't fluffy enough.
Ris, those sound really good. Too bad I don't have a mixer (for the egg whites). Do you store the ground-up flaxseeds in the freezer?

A virtual toast to all of you for still being hot, intelligent, funny, and with great style no matter what your weight is.

You know what gets me? Take the amount of weight I still want to lose, give it to me in a box, and I would not be able to move the box very far after lifting it up. Yet I've been carrying it around for how many months on end with no rest? (And yeah yeah, I know all about weight distribution and I can't compare a heavy box to a human body, but please humor me here.)
Oh, and the hardest part about this month-long commitment to get back on track (it's APRIL 25! Where has the time gone?) has been trying to not eat right before I go to bed. Like right now, I should be going to sleep soon (I have a super-early morning tomorrow), I've brushed my teeth and washed my face and everything, but for the last hour I've felt hungry. In the past, I would have eaten crackers or yogurt or ice cream or buttered toast (mmm, buttered toast ::Homer Simpson drool:: ) or whatever, even if it was just a half-hour before going to bed (BAD HABIT!), but it's still a little weird to be changing it, be aware that I'm changing it, and getting used to this new feeling. But it's a better feeling than feeling the food digesting while I'm trying to fall asleep.

(I'm not talking about a rumbling stomach, give-me-food-NOW feeling, just a dull I'm-feeling-a-tiny-bit-hungry feeling.)

Thanks for listening to me vent. Good night.
Thanks a lot for the recipe, Ris! I'm tentatively trying to go vegan at the moment, but I wonder if I couldn't sub in some applesauce for the yogurt/eggs. Or maybe soy yogurt...? Anybody know if you can bake with that stuff?
Oh I think I might have gotten over a hump, so to speak. I feel really good. Went out and ran on Monday night. I think that's what did it, because I was actually running with someone, and not alone this time. Then my treadmill and workout today felt great! I wonder if it's bad that I'm not totally expended right now. But maybe that's just because I'm getting in shape. I know that I will have a few muscle aces after I sleep on it- always do after a legs day.

So yes... this seems to be getting easier. And the "number" is down by 3!!!!! Finally. I keep looking at my stomach in the mirror, becuase it feels like I've lost 20 lbs. And anyway.... i don't look much different. But I feel a million times better! Oh well... baby steps, right?

I can't wait to get out and run again. Is that endorphins? I also found a good running partner for at least one night a week. Hey, it helps!

They may be cutting my tae bo class to one a week :-(, so I'm thinking of getting a DVD and doing a workout at home as well. I remember discussion in here about DVDs, although I think those were for yoga. In people's experience, is a home DVD workout as good as a class, or do you need that extra discipline?
Hmm. I usually get a few pimples the week before my period (when I'm still taking the active pills). It's better now (on yasmin) than it used to be (on ortho tri) but still annoying. I wonder if taking the pills all the time would work for me... HMMM. What pill do you take Ris? I should ask my doc when I go back in July. Last year she prescribed Retin-A for this problem but I have been afraid to start it because my skin is SO DRY anyway, and it's not like a month-long thing. Blah.

Well let's see about my allergy drugs. I take Zyrtec, Nasonex and now Singulair. And eye drops. Probably I should do saline spray but it makes me feel like I'm going to vomit. And now I started the stupid allergy shots so maybe next year I'll only need the Singulair. We'll see. It was so stupid when I went to the allergist, it went something like this:
Me: "Ahh sometimes when I run or walk or ride my bike outside (obviously), my chest gets tight and I start wheezing and coughing and my hands get really swollen and itchy and my sinuses close up. And the only thing to make it go away is copious amounts of benadryl."
Doc: "uh huh uh huh yup"
Me: "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Why does that HAPPEN?"
Doc: "ummm, you're having an asthma attack?"
Who knew.

Those muffins sound delish.

QuietMadness - eating healthy and starting walking a lot more is a great place to start. Once you get moving on that you can pick up other activities! Good luck. One easy thing to do is: when you're looking for a sweet, eat fruit instead of candy. Satisfies the sweet craving but is MUCH better for you. My personal weakness is cookies, but I find that if I have strawberries or pears or grapes around, I eat those instead of the cookies.

CONGRATULATIONS PixieDust and YummyMum. It is awesome to approach (and ultimately reach) your goals. Makes you really want to stick to it, eh?

I personally just bought a new tennis racquet now that I'm allowed to play again (I had shoulder surgery in Nov of last year). I can't wait to hit the courts.

Hi, Sybarite and Octinoxate :-) Hee.
Ha! RisaLa, I just fired off an email to you and then came into this thread, and here you are! (And all after doing my saline-Nasonex routine and eating one of those delish muffins. Coinkindinkies.) To answer your question, I'm on Yasmin too. I love it. I'll be on it til menopause. Sounds like allergy-induced asthma. Not fun. I hope the shots help. I'm sure they've come a long way since I was a kid. Good luck with tennis and your race! Be careful with that shoulder!

Syb, that sucks. Are they at least replacing that class with something else that appeals to you? If not, you may as well try a DVD.

Yummy, I'm so glad that you had a positive running experience and that you want to get out there again! Fabulous!

Raisin, I store my flax meal in the fridge. It takes me about 2 months to go through a bag, so it's not like it's hanging around for ages. Should I be putting it in the freezer?

Octinoxate, I don't know about baking with soy. Artemis would, if she were around. (I'm hoping the bold lettering is like a Beetlejuice call.) You could probably try it with apple sauce though.

Kbot, I know. That recipe was kind of heavy. The second recipe, in which I used mostly baking powder instead of all baking soda, came out lighter. Next I'm going to try it with apples and dried cranberries.

Quietmadness, I agree with RisaLa. If you don't walk much normally, and all of a sudden you start, it makes a huge difference. I remember years ago, when most of my friends went off to college and were gaining "the freshman fifteen", my other friends who were at NYU and walking everywhere practically LOST the fifteen. If you're not used to walking so much, you may get sore. Stretching afterwards helps. A little stretching before bed will help you to not feel stiff and creaky in the morning. Good luck!
syb- that's a tough call. i've been to class tae bo, but have mostly done it at home. i was a lot more sore after the class, i feel like having others around pushes you more, but i also know i'm more likely to stick to something that doesn't require getting into a car, driving down the road, paying money... then again, i like the variety of the live work outs, videos do get old after a while. ANYHOO, it doesn't matter now, b/c the closest tae bo center to me shut down :-(

BUT this also brings up a point i wanted to ask all of you: I love doing yoga in my own home, but I wonder, how much does a class help in positioning? Each time i do it @ home, there's always some element of "i hope i've got this position right". I'm assuming I am, basically b/c my ass is tighter now ;)
2 of those 3 pounds are gone again, and when I've felt like raiding the fridge at night, I've done yoga. Still not as fit as I'd like, but I've averaged 4X a week at the gym plus occasional yoga and pilates for the past 4 months, so I'm giving myself props for consistency (in exercise if not in diet).

cclady, I am broke and so usually do yoga at home. My friend in boston is an instructor, so once in awhile I'll do it for her and have her adjust me...that seems to work for now. if only the $5 yoga co-op in park slope had become a reality!
Risala, if I had to make a bet, I'd say that taking Yasmin continuously *won't* help the pimples. At least not at first. I have a very similar history to you: took ortho tri, helped with the acne, went off the pill then later switched to Yasmin, which cleared up the zits too, but I still get the occasional pimples nowadays even though I'm still on Yasmin. BUT- the last big breakout I had was when I decided to take Yasmin continuously (to avoid getting my period at an inconvenient time). For me, every time I fuck with my body's hormonal rountine (whether that means getting on the pill, getting off it, skipping the period, whatever), I tend to break out. Maybe that would normalize after several months of skipping the period, I don't know.
I love being on the pill and want to stay on it for as long as I can. It's just about killed my sex drive, but at least in my 30s I don't have to deal with crazy irregular periods and pimples (well, not many), like some of you have mentioned.

Ris, I was only asking because I know flaxseed has a very short shelf life. I don't know if one is better, fridge or freezer, but I'm sure it beats leaving it out on the counter. What do I know?!

ETA: You know exercise is officially part of your daily routine when, after you exercise, you come home and you forget to circle the day on a little calendar you have hanging up on the wall to specifically motivate you to exercise! Ha.
there are free yoga classes directly.across.the.street from my apartment. I will go someday, I swear.

For now, though, as soon as I get over my transitional agoraphobia, I'm going to start running in the mornings again. Yup. Totally.

Raisin, I hear ya. I'm actually at the stage where I miss tae bo if I don't do it twice a week, not just for the results but because I enjoy the workout itself. Which is why it sucks that it'll be cut back.

Saying that, I've been really lucky. The classes take place at my regular gym just down the road for my office and are included in membership fees, which are €30/month. I initially joined for the pool and sauna and steamroom, but these classes have been the best bonus. I knew it was all too easy...

CClady, that's exactly my concern. I can probably manage to recreate the movements, kicks etc, but I won't know whether or not I'm doing them properly. Still, if there's still one class a week hopefully I won't get too far off track.
I usually lurk here, but I have some questions and such, so..... I am thinking it is time for me to become active and start exercising as I have been "bigger" for a while now and though I don't gain, I don't lose either. There is absolutely NO excuse for me, as I do not work, and only stay at home and sometimes watch friends children. I have been looking at the Tae Bo videos and have found the full set at ROSS discount store for about $10.00, that's good right? So, I was wondering if the Tae Bo has alot of jumpy, bouncy stuff that might be jarring to my back? There is a piece of my spine that is broken off and lodged into my spinal cord. The neurosurgeon will not operate with hopes that the piece will "float" and it does not act up all the time, but when it does, it it BAD! I just want some type of workout that will burn the fat, but not really jar the back too much. I can definitely be active, run, bike, jump etc. I just try to be a little careful, so the spine piece doesn't shift into the cord too much. As long as there is not ALOT of flat footed jumping, I'm ok.
I would prefer to excersise at home and the main goal right now is to burn fat. I have good mucsle tone but it's under the fat.
I don't eat very much, at all, which the Mr. says is bad for me, but I am not hungry!!!!! I tried drinking those slim fast things just to have some sort of "meal", but usually I skip those too. I'm not sure why I eat so little and still stay big, I guess I just have one of those metabolisms. The Mr. says it's because I eat so little, that when I do eat it all turns to fat. That figures.....
So, does anyone have an idea for fat burning, that I can do at home, that is active, but not overly jarring? Any other tips? I've been reading the archives so I've picked up a few things. Thanks!
Welcome, Voodoo Princess. With a condition like that, you should ask your doctor what kind of exercise would be ok for you.

Hey, Sybarite, you should talk to some of the people in your class and see if a good deal of them feel the same way you do. If so, maybe you could all write letters to the general manager of the gym about keeping two tae bo classes a week.

Keep it up Kbot! It sounds like you're doing great!

Catlady, I think yoga at home is great if you have already taken classes. Teachers move you into the right alignment in the asanas. Over time, you can feel when your body is properly aligned. They also show you where you're "holding on." Plus, I just get so much more out of chanting when it's in a group. The sound vibration in the room is so powerful. Speaking of which I need to get some breakfast in me so I can bike over to class. I haven't been to yoga since last Friday, and I've been a cranky, tense bitch without it.

Lucizoe, have you moved to NYC yet?
voodoo, I agree with your man - your body might be going into "starvation" mode and hanging onto every calorie it can, cause it's not getting enough to burn off. Seems counter-intuative, but if you ate three small, balanced meals a day, you might see more pounds drop than if you starve yourself.

Since we keep talking about the pill, can I ask if anyone uses midol or anything to help with the water retention bloat that comes with the pill? I just went back on after three years off - it's been 3-4 months now - and I swear I get so much puffier on the pill than I did off of it. I've already complained to my doctor and switched pills once, I'm on tri-levlen. It drives me absolutely batty - I work so hard to stay healthy and fit, and then for a week and a half out of every month I have this sudden beer gut! Of course, I finally faced up to the fact that I've gained a little weight these past months, all that sitting around at my desk eating while I finished my dissertation. So I'm really working on portion control and saving sweets and wine for special occasions, rather than making them daily occasions. Any suggestions on the water retention?

Ris, what race are you running? PM me if you have any training questions (though let me know in here if you do, I never check that e-mail account). That's so cool, I miss marathon training. Speaking of, I'm off for a run!
Voodoo, if you have the money, definitely try to talk not only to your doctor about exercise but also to meet at least once with a personal trainer to customize a workout that will accommodate your spinal issue. Back problems are scary, NOT something to mess around with. That said, most workouts can be modified to low-impact (read: not jumpy) versions. I do low-impact options myself a lot of the time because I have weak knees. For instance, instead of classic jumping jacks, I keep the arms going but do the legs one at a time, stepping out to the side then in instead of jumping them out and in.

Congrats and good luck on your decision to make some lifestyle changes.

Dragon, I don't know how to cut down on pill-induced bloating (besides maybe avoiding salt that week?), but I can say that on Yasmin I get little to no water retention. Neither does my sis, who's also been on Yasmin for years. In fact, Yasmin gives me no side effects at all, except taking away my acne. (Score!)

You rang?

It should be fine to replace regular yogurt with soy yogurt with that amount, and for that purpose. But I wouldn't recommend applesauce; it doesn't have the protein that yogurt (regular or soy) has, which you need to bind the ingredients together. A good portion of the fat in the muffins has already been replaced by the banana puree, and taking out any more will make them dry and crumbly.

They sound awesome, btw!

(Oh, and just so y'all know, just lurking here has been inspiring. I can now run a mile without being tuckered afterward, I've lost 17 pounds since January, and my diet has improved. Yay!)

Voodoo, I have to agree that it sounds like your situation would be better off evaluated by your doctor. But seriously, walking is the best thing ever.

Dragon, I don't take anything for water retention. Again, cut down on the salt, maybe?

Artemis, love, stay a while! :-)

I'm wearing a red dress suit today and indulging in a little bit of wardrobe-induced happiness. Yay!

And if any of you care... if I don't post here for a while, it only means that I'm buckling down with work and getting stuff in early so I can take on more responsbilities. Whoo!
Artemis, that is so inspiring...I finally feel like I'm slowly coming out of the SAD week Mr.Luci and I are waking at five to go walking...hopefully we'll be up to running in a month or less...
ARTEMIS! That's fabulous! 17 lbs is amazing! (Not that you weren't already stunning, but you must feel great! And I'm assuming that this is in addition to the 2 lbs of mucous you lost when you were sick and the 160 or so pounds ;) you let go of around that same time.) Good to know about the soy yogurt. I really love this recipe. It took me a few batches to play around with it, but I think I've got it now.

Dragonbait, I'm running the Nike Women's Marathon in SF to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So, that means that TnT owns my ass til the end of October. Thanks so much for your offer. I probably will PM you once training starts. Oh, and if anyone would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the cause (I've signed a committment to raise an assload of moooolah), PM me and I'll send you a link to my fundraising homepage where you can donate online.

But, I'm starting small: I have a 5K next Saturday to raise money for women's cancers. Today I exceeded my goal--I raised 130% in 5 days!

And right now I'm busy beating myself up for not running today. I rode my bike. I made it to yoga. I want to run. BUT I'm going out dancing with my friends tonight as a last hurrah for my best friend who is moving out of NYC and getting friggin' married. We're meeting for sushi at 10 and should hit the dance floor by midnight. I'm afraid that if I go do my four miles now that I won't have enough energy to really enjoy myself tonight. That is what the logical Ris says, but another part of me, this little insane person who I have not known before in my adult life, is experiencing major guilt about wanting to take a nap instead. I have a goal time for the 5K, and I keep thinking that if I don't run today, that I won't reach it. I will run tomorrow. I will run tomorrow. I will run tomorrow. (I'll just keep repeating this to silence the little insane person.)
(bad catlady, bad catlady! no work out yesterday, got drunk last night and ate carbs at 3 am; too hung over to work out today, ate too many carbs today as well; locked into some god awful wedding event all day tomorrow, no working out tomorrow, either. sunday, you best be bustin' yo ass.)
nice work, artemis! I have free passes to the LIC YMCA if you ever want to some with me of an evening.
This summer my mother and I are launching our campaign against our wieght. I'm worried though, because she is in her 50s and has had ankle surgery, so no jarring exercise. She should lose 40 or so pounds to really be healthy. Can anyone recommend an exercise that will be low impact on her ankle but high impact on her wieght? Thanks
Hey Ris, what is your goal time?? I'm curious because I was just thinking the other day what my goal time would be. Of couse, everything is relative. And I just got to the point where I think I could even finish a 5k. But at the end of the summer, I would love to be able to do it in 25 mintues. I used to be a good runner, and still hold 2 school records at my HS. So even after 2 pregnancies and 3 kids, I would love to get somewhere in that vicinity. Although, I have taken 10 yrs off! LOL Anyway, it motivates me to read about your running.

crin, what about swimming?
I've been doing ballet once a week for five months now, and I really love learning new moves and holding my balance and coordination. I used to have a poor sense of balance, where I couldn't ride a bike, roller-skate, or ride on a skateboard. Now I can stand on one foot while bending my leg in "attitude" for 30 seconds at a time. I love to do arabesques, balancés, grand battements, chassés, pirouettes, and sissonnes. (anyone who has practiced ballet can probably guess what these terms mean).

I love doing this part in class:
Adage, Adagio [French: a-DAHZH] Adage is a French word derived from the Italian ad agio, meaning at ease or leisure. English ballet teachers use "adage," the French adaptation, while Americans prefer the original Italian. In dancing it has two meanings: (1) A series of exercises following the centre practice, consisting of a succession of slow and graceful movements which may be simple or of the most complex character, performed with fluidity and apparent ease. These exercises develop a sustaining power, sense of line, balance and the beautiful poise which enables the dancer to perform with majesty and grace. The principal steps of adagio are pliés, développés, grand fouetté en tournant, dégagés, grand rond de jambe, rond de jambe en l'air, coupés, battements tendus, attitudes, arabesques, preparations for pirouettes and all types of pirouettes.
anna_k, that is so awesome! I wish wish wish I had more confidence...I haven't danced since I was a kid and always wish I could start again...just feel too old, too chubby, too silly looking...

Yay for anna!! and all the healthy Busties!!
Artemis that is awesome.

Ris, tae bo is being cut back because the instructor has developed a knee problem, so I'm somewhat concerned she's still able to teach at all... and of course that her knee is ok. (Makes me a little wary of what tae bo might be doing to my knees, but so far so good, and I do really like it, as I've raved here before.)

I did some tae bo stuff at home today actually and it rocked. Good fun and made me feel less lazy on a rainy Sunday.

IME swimming is great for an overall workout, especially for heart and lungs, but not great for losing weight. I swam a half mile 4 times a week for a while, and it actually bulked me up. What about some gentle yoga to start? I remember reading you only lose weight if you break a sweat while exercising.
Warning: this post may be disjointed and/or incoherent. I'm killing time as I wait for my dinner to be delivered. I started to fall asleep but was jolted awake with severe hunger pangs.

Ok, so I've had a productive weekend after beating myself up on Friday for not running. I went out dancing that night. I allowed myself to sleep in on Saturday, but then went for a 3-mile run, and then over to my best friend's place where I helped her pack up her apartment 'til midnight. This morning I rode my bike to yoga. Had a great class, then a great (and rather large, but healthy) lunch, and rode around the park and home. Ran some local errands, and then threw on my running clothes and went to Central Park. On the train, I was thinking that I was pretty tired and should just run the route for next week's 5K. It was my first time running in Central Park. I didn't know how bad the hills would be or how I would deal with them. I even gave myself permission to walk part of it if I felt fatigued. Well, I am proud to say that I did not walk any of it, in fact, I ran/jogged the full fucking loop--6 MILES! That's twice as much as I had set out to do today! That's also THE FURTHEST I'VE EVER RUN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I felt great afterwards. I was full of energy and even thought about going out for a drink tonight to celebrate. Well, I got home and crashed. Big time. I don't even have the energy to cook or go out and pick something up. So, take-out's on the way. In the meantime, I'm finishing off a liter of Smart Water.

Ok, just ate my food. Feeling much better.

Wow, Yummy, you were a track star! I was never even on the track team. My goal time is 30 minutes. I'm not that fast yet. Well, I can be faster if I'm running a short distance, e.g. I can run a 9 min mile if I'm only running a mile... oh, and if it's flat! ;) I don't really expect to get to be that fast. I'm a rather short girl. (But then again, I know a Bustie shorter than me who's a pretty fast runner.)

Crinoline, good for you and your mom! This is such a great time of year to do this! Like Syb said, yoga's amazing for you, but I don't know how it is for significant weight-loss. But it may get her strong and limber enough to do other types of exercise. Do you think that cycling would be bad for her ankle? If not, the stationary bike might be a good idea--also the eliptical. What about some of those aquacise-type classes? Those are supposed to be nice and easy on the joints.

Good for you, Anna K. I studied ballet for 10 years. I was even a dance major my first year of college. I've tried a few times over the past decade to go back to class, but each time just breaks my heart. Have you been attending any performances?

I'm happy that everyone's doing so well!

Ok, I'm gonna pass out now.
I went to two free performances at NYU, and I admired how students combined a ballet base with creative dance moves to music like Ladytron and M.I.A.

okay, a four day vacation of eating, drinking, and being merry ends today. back to the grind (i HATE when i let this much time go by w/o working out once i've started...)

ris-bad ass. i know how nasty those CP hills are; did it help to have all the other hardcore runners nearby?

and _oct, back to your post down the thread; i would love to dance for cardio. did you have something in mind? a good video? a good class?

speaking of video, did you people notice "video-bias" from people? i'll say something like, "oh i worked out this PM" and they'll say, "really? what do you do?" and i'll mention tae bo or yoga or whatever, and how i usually just do it at home. they'll respond with a bland "oh", like this doesn't count as *real* working out.

sorry, some of us don't have that extra $50 a month to blow at the gym.
Anna K, you should check out Momix when they come to town. They are one of my favorite companies. I have a feeling that you would really like them. Oh, and if you are an NYU student, NYCB has student discounts on the already-cheap seats. I used to get those and then I would move down a few rings closer to the stage during intermission. (Actually, in high school, I didn't even buy tickets, I would sneak in during intermission.) If that's not an option, you can get DVDs of the Balanchine Festival from Netflix.

Thanks, Catlady! I did feel bad-ass yesterday. This morning, I'm just feeling sore. Really sore. It did help to have all those other runners around. The energy out there is amazing and so inspiring. In a sick way, I kind of liked the hills. It feels so great when they're over! And getting to the top and then running down an incline and picking up speed feels fabulous.

Fuck those people who think working out at home with a video/DVD doesn't count. I've seen plenty of people over the years who go to the gym and just fart around instead of really working hard. Same goes for classes. I see people who clearly aren't giving it their all or who have kind of checked out mentally. The efficacy of any kind of exercise depends on the individual's effort, so if you follow a video at home and do it right, that's great.
uggh! All the weight I lost..I gained back this weekend! I can't complain too much though, the food where we stayed was fabulous! And tehre was so much of it! I guess I will just have to buckle down extra hard the next two weeks. Even if I don't make my goal, and even if I don't mak signficant weight loss, I have managed to change my overall "shape". That is a good thing.
Oh, my. I didn't go running on Friday because I was so busy, so instead I walked to meet my friends rather than drove. It was great! Then, that evening we all went to play Lazer Tag (apparently it's an Every Payday thing) and I had a fantastic time. It was quite the work out, running around in a dark room, ducking, crouching, etc. Then I went outside and sat down and my entire right thigh muscles twisted and pulled in the most awful way. So I've been limping around and having Ben rub arnica into it. I think it should be better on Wednesday when we go for our run. Goddamn that hurt though.
For dinner last night we had pasta with brocoli and shrimp. Yummmmmmm. Hot pepper flakes and lemon with pasta? Best thing ever.
Mmm... pasta...

Be wary of goal times, oh you first 5k'ers. If it's not your first, that's one thing, but for your first race I recommend just enjoying it and not worrying about the time. You'll be so hyped up with the crowds that you'll just run faster than normal anyway.

And congrats on the loop, ris! Those hills are pretty great, right? Hard but cool when you do 'em.

Ahh, the niketown SF.. supposed to be a good race. Yay!

No worries about the indulgent weekends ladies (and I include myself in that), let's all just look forward, look forward...

(oohh.. psst to the Brooklynites... I'll be haunting park slope yoga center for the rest of the week...)
Good work, ris! That is a huge psychological hurdle to cross! What's the 5K you're running?
Oh, FINE. So much for lurking!

Yeah, Ris, losing 160 pounds o' man helped—and not from stress, either. It's that I have more resources to give myself care in ways other than eating...(that and I haven't smoked weed since the breakup, which means my Saturday nights aren't spent with ice cream and chocolate).

Cinegirl, I'd love to take you up on your free pass! It would be fun to work out together. E-mailing you right now...

I am so impressed with all of you runners. Maybe someday I'll be there alongside you...right now I'm just thrilled that not only can I run a mile without stopping and feeling awful, I can run MORE than a mile! Wahoo! This is big for me--I've run more than a mile before but it's never been a consistent thing.

So along with the weight loss, I have lost my ass. I'm pretty hippy but from the side I have nothing now. I have never been in this position before and it's kind of weirding me out, so now I'm looking to tone up around there. Any good ASS MOVES anyone can recommend?
Heellllp...I was doing so well, thinnest I'd ever been (not that I have an obsession with being skinny), and now, my wonderful cute jeans don't fit as well. I'm on a new health kick, including vitamins and water and actively trying to avoid snacking. It's just so difficult and frustrating.
Please take my ass, Artemis. I have a lot to spare. hahahahahaha!

Yeah, sorry, no ass moves to share...
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