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Since I'm being quite the thread hog, I'll pick an easy one and shut up:

"Embrace the pain, spank your inner moppet, whatever, but get over it."
When she was bad (season 2 premiere, cordy to buffy!) I'm being bit of a thread-hog too but I could not resist answering my favourite quote EVAH!


eta: k, "We are defined by the things we fear."
master in nightmares!

oh, everyone should read the 'fray' comic series (you can download it off mininova, you just need a torrent client and a comic book reader. i can hook you guys up with links to stuff if you want). it just proves joss plans everything out years in advance. crazy man.

quote from me, eh?
"My name is Buffy"
"Anne" (season 3, episode 1)? I'm not checking this one cos it will be a nightmare to do so, besides, guessing is fun!

eta: buffy said it obviously. Oh, actually, could it be buffybot? or Cordy or Harmony pretending to be her? or does Spike (and Angelus) not do impression too?

okaaay, you're obviously thinking of paryicular episode tyger so we'll try to pin it!
okay, i'll throw another one in from the same episode. it didn't occur to me until i saw bunny's post that the episode i'm thinking of is obviously not the only one in which this line is used

if i was blind i would see you
okay, i'm thinking it's still "anne" and angel says that to buffy (in her dream when they're on the beach)?
I think I'm right but I won't be here for week so someone's welcome to shanghai (if I am) :-).
sorry, bunny, yeah, you were right. i just figured if you were sure on your guess you would have google-checked it (that's what i do, in any case)
Okay. I'll take bunnyb's turn b/c this one has been in my head for days:

tyger, normally I would.

Hmmm, "stealthy"? Xander as GI Joe in Hallowe'en (season 2)?

I love this game! I'm still away but checking in for a mild Buffy fix!
Nope. Wrong character and season. Hee!
buffy to angel in gradutation day when he runs into a doorway?

ETA: i checked it. here's mine:
out for a walk bitch
I know who says this, I know what season and who is being spoken to, but I cannot remember what episode! It's making me nuts!!!
No Place Like Home, Spike to Buffy, after he's been lingering outside her door, she asks what he's doing, five words or less. Then he storms off and there's a bunch of cigarette butts on the ground. It's awesome.

"Kind of like Falcon Crest"
That was the one where The Scoobies, Faith, and the Potentials tracked Caleb to the winery.

"It's a vineyard. An evil Vineyard."
Spike: "Kind of like Falcon Crest"

I love how Spike is a Soap Addict....

Here's one for you...

"He looks like Mister Caution Man, but the sound he makes is funny!"
xander to giles in...of fuck, i know this...surprise! 'bout the birthday party!

Male strippers?
Buffy to Xander in the first episode of season four, the Freshmen, right?
"Sensing a disturbance in the Force, Master?"
Just interrupting for a second to post Joss Whedon's Equality Now speech.
where are all the *other* buffy lovers?

hint please?
That last quote is one of thoes "I know who sid it but I don't know why or when."
Sorry I have been gone so long. Extended vacation. But I am back and ready to play!
glad to hear it! shall we commence a shanghai?
Ok, here's a hint: Xander says it...
I'm a Buffy lover! I almost have all the seasons. I will have to keep watching though, because I don't know how to play these games you have started.

Oh. I've seen all the episodes of Firefly and absolutely loved it!
Well, I officially give up on this quote.

On a happier note. I saw a few minutes of Giles the other day. God bless the FX channel. I get all my random Giles moments there. I miss Anthony Stewart Head being in my life every week. I hear that he is going to be on DR. WHO and that makes me very happy.
Anthony Stewart Head rocks my world. I recently completed my BUffy collection and everytime I see Giles I smile. cool.gif
Okay I give up too! Please rosered, give us another quote! I miss this thread sad.gif.

I heard Giles is going to be in Dr Who!

eta: I am such a doofus - this is where I heard/read it!
okay, rosered. it's in one of the halloween episodes, Fear, Itself. i don't remember what season, but riley the ick was in it. whatever season that was. xander says it to oz, about the sound system that oz is setting up in the haunted house. i think that may be the one that buffy wears her red riding hood outfit too. but i may be getting the halloween episodes mixed up.

i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to be back in the lounge!!!

i'm also apparently stalking bunnyb. sorry, querida, it isn't intentional. promise!
why, tesao, darlin', I don't mind! and we're happy to have you back! ecstatically tongue.gif

Okay, you're up with a quote! I googled and checked you were right! well done - that's been driving us batty!

So, any quote from any buffy ep and we need to get ep (and season if we can) and who said what to whom.
bunnyb, you are as sweet as hunny!!! (bunnyhunnybee!)

okay. i think it is EASIER to guess the quotes that it is to come UP with them. so, i'm just going with an easy one:

"i swear that hydrant wasn't there."

Yes I am wink.gif

This one may be blatantly obvious but I'm not getting it - Willow to herself in Hallowe'en (season 2)?

Ooh, actually no - I think I could see it cos Willow was invisible in that too but is it Willow when she's invisible in Season 6 when she comes back from England?
bunnyb: yes, you are as sweet as a hunnyb,


that is not correct.


guess again.

"I'm asking you please no!/
It isn't right it isn't fair/
There was no parking anywhere/
I think that hydrant wasn't there..."

And Tesao's. line is from "Once More With Feeling." As sung by Marti Noxon. A few lines later, almost impossible to hear is "And I'm not wearing underwear."

THANK YOU for solving that "Disturbance..." line. I knew it was Xander and that was all I could remember. NOw I can see the whole scene.

BRB w/ my quote.
I am thinking "I swear that hydrant wasn't there" was from the episode where Buffy gets her hair cut, turns invisible and a hydrant on the street disappears and then comes back all mushy.

Did the "Once more with feeling" episode foreshadow it a little in that song, too? That would be neat.

"If the Apocalypse comes, beep me."
Interrupting cos I love ya all:
Wow, and here I thought this would be an easy one.
big smootches to bunnyb for the scrapbook link. It was like taking a mini vacation today. *mwah*

Damn but Nathan Fillion is foine! They better be working on FireFly 2.
Noone else biting? okay then: buffy in "never kill a boy on the first date" season 1 ep 5.

"I understand that this sort of thing requires ice cream of some kind."

oh, and as it's Friday: my favourite Giles pic
The picture link did not work. Dammit!

I think that was from season three, "The Prom." Giles to Buffy.
I'm sorry- it worked om mine but not on one using now.

It was indeed.
"Nothing can defeat the penis!"
Hi, I'm new to here this forum.

Xander says that in Go Fish.

all you have to get is character and ep (season if you can but that's an easy one with go fish) so your turn with the quote!
Okay ... I've been playing a Kingdom Hearts quote quiz before, and I should warn, I neber go with easy quotes.

"Well, I've always wanted to see Oxnard."
Was that Willow in the first episode of season 7. When she was at Giles' estate?
I was just visiting with my friend from Wisconsin and she saw all my Buffy seasons in a row. She said, "You have a lot of Buffy. Buffy, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy!" I said, yes, it relaxes me to watch the episodes. I always know what's going to happen and I love the characters to death. She gave me this look that would make an innocent bystander think that something was growing out of my head (lol).

Yes...that was Willow at Giles' estate in England at the beginning of season 7.
Step the back up?! Did I really get that one?

Total guess.
So, I guess here is mine:

There's nothing uncool about healthy teeth and bones.
Err, sorry, no it weren't Willow ... actually it was Pike from the BtVS movie, but I don't know if that was allowed ... but I'm leavin' this place anyway .. whatever
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