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can someone recommend a great pressed powder for pale skin that is combination oily/dry and somewhat zitty? god, i sound so hot! i keep going to target and just staring at them all. i want something that i can use to take the shine off and to hide some of my rosy rosacea, but that won't make me break out.
Maddy, I have had the best luck with Physician's Formula Translucent Multi-Colored Pressed Powder. I too have combo skin and get the pimplies. The powder's great for not aggravating the breakouts and takes the shine off my whitey white skin. They have green colored stuff in a liquid form and a concealer form, and either one would take the extra rosy out of your skin w/o agitating the delicate balance, too. Isn't it great when your skin acts like endangered wetlands?! oily, dry, flaky, pimply, rosy, pale....I just wish it would make up it's mind....
does anyone get facials? my pores are clogged around my forehead and nose. i use philosophy's "purity" cleanser, then witch hazel as a toner, followed by clinique's superdefense for oily skin as a moisturizer. i am pretty consistent about cleansing day and night. i know that i could use a good facial scrub to have around, but was wondering... what exactly happens during a facial?
I'm beta testing the new Physicians Formula mineral makeup. It's half the price of Bare Minerals. So far so good. The brush that came with it isn't too bad, kind of like the baby buki (or whatever they cal it) brush, but the handle's a little stubby. I'm wearing medium beige, which is rather light for a beige. (I'm the second or third lightest Bare Minerals or Mac N3 Studiofix, for comparion.) Color's good. I'm the rare woman with pink rather than yellow undertones and find Bare Minerals to be a little sallow, except for the lightest shade, which looks death white on me.
((pinkmartyr)) Facials are wonderful! My sister is an esthetician, and every now and then I get a freebie from her. Basically, you just lay back in a comfy chair and you get a good cleansing, steam, scrub and scalp/facial massage. Its really relaxing and cleans out your skin, but just a note of caution, it can actually cause you to break out a little a few days later because it brings all the bad stuff out.
Also, if you're breaking out, you might want to consider using less harsh products. Using a lot of products for "oily" skin can actually dry you out and cause your skin to produce even more oil. Try skipping the witch hazel and just use a light moisturizer when you're done with your cleansing.
((yummyyum)) For false eyelashes, the little individual ones work best because you can place a few around your eyes to make the lashes look longer but not so fake. They only last for the night though. As far as makeup...the good stuff generally costs more because it has a higher concentration of pigment in it. So, the color goes on your skin truer to what it looks like, and requires less coats. MAC makes terrific eyeshadows and lipsticks. For mascara I haven't been able to find anything that beats Lancome. It is soooo worth it if you have stubby lashes like me! The rest of it I usually just go with drugstore brands...especially Loreal, which is actually owned by Lancome.
Sorry for the long post..just passing along some of the stuff I learned by having an uber-girly older sister!
Pinkmartyr, a facial should include an extraction, which is where (prepare for ew-ness) they extract blackheads (around your nose and forehead usually) with a tweezer-like thing. The rest of the facial is very pleasant. Usually they will cleanse your face(usually using massage motion), apply a toner, do the extraction then follow it with a mask, which stays on for about 15 minutes. For me, facials are the only way I can get those stubborn nose pores really clean and they make your skin look (and smell) great. I have heard about the phenomenon Zahia describes, where your face expels toxins a day or two later, but it's never happened to me.

I try to get one at least twice a year and apply a mask at home weekly-ish in between.

I originally came in here to rave about my new lipstick. The only makeup I wear (except for mascara at weekends) is lipstick, so I thought I'd splurge for the first time in my life. I prefer a good red lippy and am *so happy* with my brand new Chanel red. It stays on like no-one business, give a great colour and seems to moisturise. Well worth €25...
QUOTE(yummymum @ Jul 7 2006, 06:03 PM) *

Has anyone ever used fake eyelashes? Ugh. It sounds so bad. But i'm actually interested in trying them out for special occasions. My eyelashes are perhaps my worst feature - sparse, thin, puny. Anyway, I'm just looking for recommendations. <BR> <BR>And-- I'm tired of my makeup. I bounce back and forth between drugstore makeup and the good stuff. Currently I'm using a mixed bag of drugstore stuff. Some of it is kind of old and I'd really like to pitch it and try a new brand all together. I'm really bad about this part of "being a girl". And I'd really like to start paying more attention and treating myself a little more. So some friends of mine use MAC cosmetics. What other good brands are out there? <BR> <BR>

Going back in time for this one a little ...

Yummy, I have pretty mediocre lashes, and *have* used false lashes ... but have you ever tried Lancome Definicils mascara? The trial size (the regular apparently doens't work as well - oddly). I've been a total convert to this stuff since WalkingBitch gave me some last March when she visited for St. Paddy's day. For one, I've only used maybe three tubes in just over a year, and for two I got SIX tubes on eBay for under $10. So there's that. But more to the point ... this stuff is incredible. I'd post a recent pic of my lashes with this, but haven't explored posting options yet - but I had no idea I could get this kind of length out of mascara. Ever.

As to falsies, I do wear 'em on rare occasion, but only when I am interested in looking really "costumey" - last time was New Year's, I think. (I have also tried the single-lash falsies, but those are impossible for my shaky hands to get right. I think they require more investment than I'll ever put into my lashes ... especiallly with Definicils right there in the drawer.)
Oh, sybarite, Chanel lippy is the shit. I even love the way it smells.
Oh my god ladies, I look fantastic in coral red lipstick. Who knew? I am looking at myself in the mirror - and yes my lipstick is orangy, yet it looks great.

A miracle. I feel very mid 1980s.
its been hot and humid around here, so i was concerned last night when i decided to wear serious eyeshadow and related eye products last night. on a whim, i decided to try the smashbox photo finish primer. its a gel and really enchanced my skin. for my eyes, i applied concealer then used the MAC eye paint in a neutral color just on the lid. i topped that with an assortment of lancome and mark eyeshadows in a range of blues, and used black eyeliner with purple shadow smeared over it. when blended, it was a nice blue-hued dramatic eye, and stayed true all night.
as for my skin, i did have to use blotting sheets once for shine. i don't know whether to chalk that up to the weather or not. i am wondering what would happen if you used philosophy's "the present" (clear gel that soaks up oil like a powder) with the smashbox photo finish on top.
i got a lot of compliments last night, so now i am actually considering playing around with products for the next few months and doing my own make up for my wedding. this would be really fun, and i would be proud to pull off an impressive looking diy make up job on my own. the only thing that scares me off about it is the concealer... i can't find anything that covers and holds for an extended period of time. any suggestions?
FYI...I was lurking in my local TJ Maxx the other day and found a little goldmine of Bliss seems they're discontinuing their makeup line and it's starting to hit those places (skin twin for four bucks!). Yay!
OK, there are a lot of MAC addicts here right? Has anyone tried the new plushglass glosses? (they're supposed to be 'plumping').

The last time I tried something that's supposed to have that effect it was a whole lot of burning (cinnamon oil?) and not much else! I have some faith in MAC though.
pinkmartyr, what do you need the concealer for? Under eyes? Blemishes?

I don't usually use concealer, but when my undereye circles get bad, I use Ooh La Lift by Benefit. It is pink creamy stuff that cools your undereye area, too. I have never used their Boooing! concealer, but I have heard that it is good for blemishes.

When I try to use concealer for undereye, it tends to cake after a while. And it smears with my eyeliner. I guess it gets too wet under my eyes.

I just ordered some waterproof eyeliner from Avon, and I hope it is good. Right now I'm using Makeup Forever black eyeliner pencil and, although I love it's softness and dark pigment, it gets messy. Same with Benefit Bad Gal. I love lots of black eyeliner, so this is a problem for me.

For foundation, have any of you ever tried the Shiseido Sun Protection Foundation? It's Very Water Resisitant, and SPF 42. It doesn't streak, and it stays put for a long time. It also has really good pigment, so I don't use concealer most of the time. It costs about $30, put I find it to be a good bargain because it spreads so nicely and doesn't need to be reapplied often. I don't use powder with it, either.

I find that the foundation spreads even more nicely if you use an exfoliating scrub right beforehand. I use Aveda All-Sensitive moisturizer with a drop of Aveda sensitive skin balancing oil in it. It seems so make my makeup go on really smoothly.

OK - so after all these years, I have finally found products to be loyal to. Except for the black eyeliner. Still looking.

There's a makeup thread here....where have I been *whoomp* heh heh

*goes back lurking but ready to join in at some point*
I recently got my makeup done by someone and she put false lashes on me as per my photograper's request. They are easy to get used to imo--I slept in them, I hauled her baby around, and generally forgot they were there. Oh, I wear contacts too, if that helps.
I like the "lightening touch" from the bodyshop for undereyes. it's also quite handy for dabbing on the odd blemish. It doesn't stay on wonderfully, but pretty damn well.

I am continuing on my search for a decent handcream. So. dry.
puppykitty, i need the concealer for undereye circles. the rest of my skin is (thankfully) clear and has a nice texture most of the time. right now i use a MAC concealer and studio fix, both applied with make up brushes. I do also use a MAC circle lightening eye cream. It does a good job preparing my skin for make up, but I've noticed no difference in my circles after over 3 months of use.

my skin is cool toned, so my under eye circles are bluish. using a warm-toned hue concealer or foundation under my eye works best because it cancels a bit of the coolness out. sometimes i feel like my under-eye circles are quite creepy looking... and somehow i feel like they've gotten worse since i started eye drops for glaucoma. i'll be sure to check the side effects of my meds.

i wonder if i need to use a liquid foundation in place of concealer, with a powder foundation on top? any ideas?
QUOTE(zawadi @ Aug 9 2006, 04:43 AM) *

OK, there are a lot of MAC addicts here right? Has anyone tried the new plushglass glosses? (they're supposed to be 'plumping').

The last time I tried something that's supposed to have that effect it was a whole lot of burning (cinnamon oil?) and not much else! I have some faith in MAC though.

Oooh I LOVE Mac! But I haven't seen those new glosses. But I have tried 2 other ones, one is "Venom"(I don't remember the manufacturer, but I bought it in Douglas. They sell it in Sephora too) and another one is "Thin Lips", by Wexler(they sell this one in Bath and Body works). The one that works the best/you can feel it the most is Venom, cause you can certainly taste/smell the cinnamon AND it BURNS. The Wexler one is not that bad, but I don't think it gets as good effects as the Lip Venom.
Pinkmartyr, I've had wonderful luck doing exactly that. I like Maybelline Smooth Result foundation, but they've discontinued its make - I've gotten a few bottles on eBay, but when it's gone I don't know what I will use. It has such wonderful coverage without the cakey-makeuppy look. Over that, my Larenim mineral powder, just enough to set. I follow with a wet sponge to de-mattify a bit, so my skin looks neither too dry nor made up. The end result is good coverage with a very natural, moisturized appearance.
maimy, i bought something new the other day!

its called "amazing concealer." it was $40, you can get it at sephora but the bath and body works flagship stores are also carrying it. there are several shades. i'm olive and the medium beige/light worked for me. the girl at b&bw had me try all of them til we were sure of the color. its thick, and you only need the tiniest bit. so far, i am very happy with it. it lasts a long time, esp with a really light dusting of studio fix overtop. but, if i decide i don't like it, i can take it back anytime for a full refund. i agree that its pricey, but i'm willing to pay for something that works, esp since you don't need much to cover.

my friend lisa and i are really curious about the mineral powders since you all seem to like them so much... in your opinion, how are they different from a regular powder?
I have been dismayed lately to realize that the pores on my (prominent) nose are HUGE. I know that nothing can actually shrink pores, but should I be getting regular facials or something? Or those scary dermabrasion things? I can sort of cover with makeup (using primer so my powder doesn't just cake in the ginormous cratery holes) but I would love to think this might be reversible.
“I am continuing on my search for a decent handcream. So. dry.” Mornington, I know it’s the last thing on your mind, but I’m very much sold on curel, and may very well never switch. I’m all about the “light” feel, quick-absorption & long-lasting effects. i’m never far from a tube. Their new “natural healing” line smells divine.

Faith, I’m a huge fan of clinique’s pore-minimizing line, especially the instant perfector & t-zone shine control (cannot live without!). I’ve tried the refining lotion, but didn’t see any “strengthening of the pore walls” as touted. Then again, I suck at keeping up with regimens.

I have run out of my beloved viva glam lip glass and am going thru serious withdrawals. there was too long a line of snotty customers at the dept store yesterday, plus i had the kid in tow. Anyone know of any free MAC shipping promos? not sure i can go another week without!

Also, I need a lip liner to match, if anyone has an suggestions. Something neutral or mauve-y. I prefer creamy, push-up liners, because I can’t be bothered with sharpening pencils. But the last one I bought – a l’oreal color riche – broke off long before it was near the end. I hate when that happens!
Has anyone else seen this? There was a post several pages (months?) back, way before the upgrade, someone wanted to know what was in MAC's cosmetics. MAC's on the list, along with pretty much every other cosmetic line. (MAC's ingredients are fairly benign for a mainstream line, by the way.)
I was going to post this in the skin care thread, but it doesn't get a lot of action. I'm wondering what is your favorite exfoliator (for the face)? Or do you just use a regular cleanser with a washcloth? What would you recommend? My skin, apparently, is crazy sensitive. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to deviate from the topic at hand... thanks in advance.
baking soda works wonderfully, raisin. It's deceptively effective, so be careful when using. Also, I've used yoghurt and oatmeal, along with a green tea steam to calm sensitive skin. The former two are good exfoliators, surprisingly.
Raisin, I swore by baking soda when I was having extreme skin problems about three years ago. DO heed the warning that it is surprisingly effective! But take a shot at it. It's wonderfully economical, of course - and it's excellent for sensitive skin (or even less sensitive skin!).
Mando, I tried clinique and no success. I think it's genetic (my dad has the same nose) which is why I was thinking of a peel, but I am afraid, very afraid. smile.gif
QUOTE(faith @ Aug 22 2006, 08:01 AM) *

Mando, I tried clinique and no success. I think it's genetic (my dad has the same nose) which is why I was thinking of a peel, but I am afraid, very afraid. smile.gif

Maimy, I have to thank you belatedy for your laurenim rec. I got some gorgeous eye pigment, bronzer and hocus pocus samples that are lasting me forever. Such fabulous colours and so cheap! YAY!
Okay, so what do I do with the baking soda? Do I mix a spoonful of it with some water and make a paste? How often would you recommend this for starters? And do I use it after I wash my face or in the place of washing my face? Sorry for the retarded questions, but, well, YOU know...

And Taligator, thanks for the PM info (I'm lazy, so I'm responding here!). I'm a little scared to buy anything off HSN, though. Is it sold anywhere else? First I need to pop my eBay cherry!
I mix it with equal parts of Cetaphil cleanser and some water.
At a half-price sale, I picked up Maybelline's Unstoppable mascara, and it is awesome. My lashes look huge and it doesn't flake whatsoever. Also a big fan of NARS eyeliner these days.
hey all-

popping in w/ a heads up word of warning:

I bought neutrogena's mineral sheers foundation powder and used it the first time this morning;
within an hour I was having an allergic reaction to it, with a buring and sort of numbness to all the places I put it on heaviest, across my cheeks, nose, chin etc.
my skin is light but not sensative usually.

came home, washed it off, but still feel moderatly tingly and not in a good way either.

called the company & they were very nice, and are sending me a refund for the amount I paid, and said it might be a reaction to the brush, which is made of goat hair. that said bc I also used the mineral eyeshadow and it feels fine.

I am bummed, bc I was really looking forward to trying this, but now will have to find something(mineral) else instead.
( & honestly wasn't impressed of the finish it gave me anyway)

- are All minerals the same?

which is a good brand to try and where do I get it at?

I remember someone here raving about minerals not that long ago when we still had the old format.
thanks much ~
Hmm, very strange. I can say, I've always been allergic to Neutrogena anything, because they use some sort of ingredient (I've guessed it is a fragrance; so many of their products have a distinctive, similar scent) in their line which irritates my skin. This has been true since the 1970s. I wonder whether they use it also in their mineral line. I do know that the problems I had with Neutrogena were, at least at one time, extremely common - half the people I knew in middle school/high school/college couldn't use their stuff.

So possibly they do have some ingredient which may irritate. Have you ever had problems with Neutrogena in the past? Good starting point to figure out what is wrong, if so.

A good second step is to research other mineral product ingredients, for comparison. Most sites should at least respond to an email inquiry, if they don't actually list them.

I use Larenim mineral, and I'm about to come out of the closet. I use a puff for application. I know everyone else requires brushes, but I've been a puff user for twenty-odd years, and I prefer the control. I also prefer the conservation of product, if you will - puffs don't drop powder anywhere but my face, and as little of the cosmetic as one does want to use, I do like good coverage at my eyes and sometimes my nose or chin. With a puff, I have better control. And I just use the Cover Girl cheapie velour puffs. Not natural, to be sure, but in all fairness I've never heard of anyone being allergic to them.

If the company rep is right, you might search for a brush in a fiber or "fur" that you know you have used in the past, to be sure you don't get some sort of surprise like goat hair. Or try another method of application altogether.

That said, I would be surprised if mineral makeups ARE all created equal, so take a shot at the ingredient inquiry too.

Good luck!
Huh. I use some Neutrogena products (but not the makeup) and haven't had any problems even though I am Little Miss Sensitive Skin.
good points maimy, and I will definately look into the ingredients and what the brush bristles are made of before I put anything else on my face. never would I have thought I'd have an allergy to something so simple.

I always loved the neutrogena hand lotion, smelled just yummy and worked fantastically. - I wonder if that's the same smell you noticed maimy? I don't remember any sort of scent from the minerals tho, so you might be safe were you (doubtedly) interested.

I confess: I am a cheapie makeup person, the last foundation (liquid) I was using was by Jane and had an spf to it and I Loved it. was sheer and light and easy to apply w/ my fingertips.

now however, my skin is changing again and I realise I need alittle more oompf to my coverage and would like to look somewhat more polished and pulled together and get w/ some sort of Line of products instead of the hodgepode of ole.
however, "organized makeup" freaks me the hell out.
like organized religion. " joooooooin usssssss." that's all the mary kay soccer mom women around here. shudder. no thanks!

a friend had said really great things about the mineral essentials (?) line from home shopping network that almost is starting to look appealing to me.. IF I knew they worked as well as the informercials.
I switched magazine subscriptions and got 50-60 quid worth of Rimmel makeup as my free gift, rock! It's mainly eye stuff, and all very glittery and/or metalllic, and it will be good fun come festive season.

And I don't care if it looks way over the top, I have wanted a purple glitter mascara for years now and am just going to buy the fucking thing and be glittertastic.
Go Fina! Today the marathon, tomorrow, glitter mascara!
Freckle, I am so a cheap makeup person. Part of the reason I went with Larenim was SAMPLES. You can buy a sample size (and the samples lasted me like a month) to try the stuff out. I was impressed with the color match from just a monitor pic. Of course, YMMV on that sort of thing - trying to shop for color by computer is notoriously awful - but I had great luck, fortunately. I also mix some of the foundation and Porcelain Glo, because I am THAT pale.

Their customer service is also great, and speedier shipping would be difficult to ask for.

Being a drugstore gal, I was a little reluctant to blow $25 on a full size at first, but the sample did reassure me. Having bought the full sizers three months ago or more, I'm not even close to halfway through either one of the two I mix, and I fully expect the $50 I spent on them to last at least six or eight more months, if not even longer. Oh, and I STILL have some left from the samples I bought - not all were foundations, and I haven't used some of the light concealers really at all.
I'm really not sure why it is, but I've heard from so many people that "mineral" makeups have caused some real irritations and sensitivities. I've only ever tried one that I got as a sample from a company that makes what they purport to be pure, toxin free cosmetics. It worked fine for me, but it's not my favourite foundation at the moment. That one comes from a drug store and it's probably loaded with all kinds of nasty Proctor and Gamble stuff.

I think some minerals are just not meant to be worn a) next to the skin, at all; cool.gif in certain combinations; and c) in combinations with ingredients in the product which pertain to its emulsification, or pigment, or fixatives. Talc, for example, is a mineral: but it's quite a nasty mineral to put anywhere near breathing apparatus or mucus membranes. It is in an awful lot of cosmetics, though; as is bismuth.

Anyway, I must go to bed. I noticed Maimy in here and wanted to say hello to La Maimi, who is as gracious as ever (and very likely perfectly groomed even though it is late).
i use mineral foundation and absolutely love it, but the different mineral brands are definitely not all the same. i started with philosophy's mineral foundation and really liked it, but they had a very annoying packaging that required you to shake it out into your hand or on a tissue before sweeping it up with a brush. i was willing to put up with it, though, becuase i liked the overall effect and that it was easier on my acne-prone skin. they eventually changed the formulation and the packaging (to an even more annoying application system) and it didn't match my skin as well or give as good of coverage, so i switched. i currently use bare minerals, and generally like them as well. it matches my skin tone well, gives good and natural looking coverage for my blemishes, and doesn't make me break out like liquid foundations do. bare minerals has a two step application, though, with foundation and a mineral veil, which is kind of annoying when i'm in a hurry. but i guess that's really no different than using a liquid foundation and translucent powder. also, bare minerals uses bismuth oxide, which causes a kind of glowy or opalescent finish that i don't mind, but some find weird. it's also apparently bad for you. i'm thinking of buying from afterglow cosmetics. i saw an ad for them in bust, and they don't use any bismuth oxide or talc in any of their products. they're a little cheaper than bare minerals, too. unfortunately, i'll lose the convenience of buying bare minerals at my local make-up and beauty supply store. but, oh well.

so, basically, in my experience and from the anecdotal evidence of other users i know, mineral foundation is better for acne-prone or sensitive skin than liquid foundation, and also gives an extremely natural finish. but each brand is slightly different, so search around. if you don't have a make-up store near by that will give you free sample, most of the brands sell samples. i got my samples off the internet, but now i can't remember where exactly (it was several years ago). there are probably people who would give or sell samples at once you find a brand you like, though, spending $50 bucks for a supply as maimy did for two colors to mix or as i do for the foundation and translucent veil, is a really good investment. on pot lasts me over six months, maybe eight, which really isn't that bad, and it has a natural spf of 15, so you don't necessarily have to use a daily sunscreen.

that's my 2cents, anyway.
Aw, CHACHA!!!! *Pouncehugging commences*
Maimy!! Hi Gorgeous!! I've missed you and I'm so happy you're hanging around. Gawd, yer excellent!
Physicians Formula makes a mineral foundation that's not bad. It's matte, unlike Bare Escentuals, which although I like it, leaves me looking a bit a like a face on grandma's brooch. I threw the box away, so I don't know what its ingredients are other than it is talc-free.
Speaking of sensitive acne-prone skin, I just placed an order with Afterglow cosmetics too. I just ordered a sample pack, which was reasonable (three foundations and 2 blushes for 20$ including shipping, even to Canada).

I am currently using MAC liquid stuff, and it matches my skin very well, but usually causes it to break out. My skin has been improving with my new skin regimen, but I still get massive ugly breakouts around the time of PMS. I attempted to try Bareminerals but found the texture very very strange to the point where I didn't even want to put it on my skin.

Will report back on afterglow soon.
I went to afterglow's site & it looks really good. like oceandessa said,
they have a 6 piece sample set for $20** that includes shipping & handeling, the products look good and Simple to use, so am probably going to order it this week.
I also emailed them asking for the content/makeup of their brushes, after my goat-hair problem.
of all the mineral makeups I've now researched, they appeal the most to me at this point.

my thing is.. my skin isn't acne prone or roseace or anything like that...but it is changing now, you know, that ' as you age' kinda thing? so maybe this will give me the light but better coverage I think I'm looking for?
I've quit wearing foundation entirely, and I almost never break out now. Sometimes, if I need some coverage, I'll use a tinted moisturizer, but I am truly better off without it. I realize that I am quite lucky to have the skin I do, so this isn't an option for everyone.

I bought some bright, fun eye pencils at Walgreen's recently -- $1.50 each. Gorgeous color and wowee did they last. Not that I can remember the brand name, offhand.
I ordered the afterglow sample set just now- hurrah!
freckleface and oceandessa- definitely report back on how you like afterglow. i still have maybe a month or two's worth of bare minerals left, so i don't quite want to order samples yet. i'd like to know what you think before i do.

sidecar- i wish is could go bareskinned, but just not an option. even when my skin is technically clear, i have to wear something to cover the old red spots since my skin is so pale. *sigh*

Hey all...I have a question to ask of you wonderful experts.

Over the last month, I've been plagued by the continuing appearance of small, red pimples. I've finally narrowed down the cause. I believe it's these new concealers I bought (green for red spots, yellow for purple marks), which come in a tube and have a sponge tip applicator. Since the new zits appear very close to the old ones, I think the sponge applicator is spreading the bacteria around on my face. I've never had this problem from the moisturizer, foundation, or powder I currently use.

My question is....since I just bought these concealers, is there anyway to save them so I can still use them (i.e., washing the applicator, using a fresh q-tip each time instead), or do you think the product inside the tubes will be contaminated from the sponge applicator? I only wear makeup about 2 - 3 times a week, so I've only used them a dozen or so times....I hate like hell to discard brand new products! Expecially when money is tight.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
Doodlebug, I think it's definitely worth trying using a new applicator. I mean, the worst that will happen is it won't help--and then you'll know. It's not like it's something that would kill you.

It might be the concealers themselves you are reacting to, unfortunately. But it's definitely worth a try to see if using a different applicator would help, I'd think.

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