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Which shades did you get, Aural?

I finally got a chance to paint my nails today. Went for my old fave, Valentine by Revlon. Probably the best, bloodiest red ever. Glossy red nails make me feel so damn fierce.
Flame, Gothic, Twilight, Frenzy, & Crave. They were on sale for $6.75 a pop instead of the regular $9, I'm waiting for Passion, Beloved, & Midnight. I've tried Flame (very pink red) & Gothic (classic red). Staying power is okay, seems to be best if you stick with the included balm instead of using something else.
That's hilarious. They're totally targeting the Twilight fans. The line is called "Just Bitten," too.
Yeah, I noticed that, too. The original rollerball line names were Cherry Tart, Plum Wicked, & Blood Orange.

I used Twilight today & it did not make it through lunch & a large diet Pepsi. Meh.
WHOA! So Revlon's Midnight stain is MIDNIGHT. Out of the scrillions of stains I have, it takes the deep purple cake!

And now I think I know what you mean when you said the CG ones were kinda runny, my Midnight marker got jostled around a bit in my bag & there was a pool of lip ink inside the cap. Runny indeed!

Holy moly! Passion is like using a hot pink highlighter on your lips!

Got to test a couple of those stains out today and Midnight really is a great, rich colour. Loved Gothic's bold shade of red, too. I'm tempted...very tempted indeed. That'll be my treat to myself if I do a good job purging my apartment over the next few weeks. The last thing I should be doing right now is shopping. But...the pretty red lips...

I've still gotta find a lipstick that matches Adrenaline by Annabelle, though. Out of all the shades I've tried over the past couple years, that one is my absolute favourite. It has a richness to the colour that really catches the eye, and it matches my skin tone perfectly. It suits me so well that it makes a bold red pout look natural on me. I just can't stand the poor quality. It's so sticky and heavy, and yet it still doesn't wear well. Despite its shortcomings, though, nothing else I've tried compares for colour. But I found a new brand whose name I cannot for the life of me remember right now (something beginning with a V, I think) that makes several shades of red, plum and berry, all of which look quite ravishing. Must investigate.
Girl Power
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful and I follow the rules around here. tongue.gif


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Huh. No wonder I've never seen this fabulous Adrenaline of which you speak, it's only in Canuckistan! Are they not making it anymore or have you just been having trouble getting another tube? If they've stopped making it you can always try Three Custom Color Specialists. It's not cheap by any means, but they can whip up just about any color you like.

Do continue keeping us appraised of your valuable cosmetic findings!

I've already had my first Just Bitten balm casualty. Who the fuck thinks it's a bright idea to slap a non-retractable balm on the end of a marker so that it's free about 3/4 of an inch? It's just begging to be broken! Which is too bad because it's actually a pretty good balm.

Speaking of balm, I've been using Eos lip balm since a favorite youtube fashionista turned me on to them. They're really emollient, long lasting, & the little spheres are easy to find in your purse. They also contain more lip gunk than a tube. I've tried them all save the new lemon variety, I think I like the vanilla best. For some weird reason, the vanilla only comes in a stick, but it's a good size.
It's not available in the States? That's strange. It's totally still available here, and affordable to boot. I just got fed up with the sticky texture and constant reapplying. I wish they'd improve the formula and just keep the pigments. Maybe I had a bad tube, or it just got too old. I've been experimenting with other lipsticks and the Adrenaline still has a special place in my heart. I miss it; I think I'll just go buy another tube and put up with its shortcomings. It is one of the budget brands, after all. Funny how the name is another word for my username, too.

Speaking of pigments and formulas, has anyone heard of Lipstick Queen? They offer a lipstick made with shea butter and 90% pigment. I drooled a little just typing that.
Nope. I checked out their webpage because I was curious, no US retailers.

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Feb 4 2010, 04:29 PM) *
I am in lurve with Lipstick Queen lipsticks. They are pricey, but once you use one, you'll know they are worth every penny. Beautiful alone, even better when mixed up. Medieval is a sheer red that gives every complexion a sweet, cherry pout. Works well with/over other colours, too. Black Tie Optional can be a little gothy straight from the tube, but is fantastic over other colours, it can really stretch my fistfuls of stains into dozens of permutations. Very matte, very moist like all LQ products. I have a Sinner lipstick (90% pigment) in Rouge that is absolutely gorgeous. The colour is intense! I also bought a Saint in Rust (10% pigment) that is a perfect subtle sexy colour. Last but not least is their Butterfly Ball lipstick in Goodbye. The BB's all contain a light blue undertone that is supposed to make your teeth look whiter, I just know it looks faintly shimmery but doesn't make me look like I am twelve. It's grown-up sparkly.

OH are they gorgeous! But $18 a tube! Worth every penny, though. The formulation is so smooth, so moist, so packed with color. It's not as much as say, a $45 tube of the Tom Ford Black Orchid that I covet so very much.
One of my friends is a Mary Kay rep and I hosted one of her makeup demo parties tonight - so much fun! I must have tried on 6 or 7 lipsticks, three of which I really liked. One, called simply "Red," was a very bright, rich red with a bit of a berry tone, just a little brighter than Adrenaline, and I thought about buying it. Also really liked Black Cherry, which was a little more berry toned, kind of a beet-magenta. I tried another one called Berry Kiss, which is a little lighter and more subtle than my usual ultra-bold reds, which I almost bought. It's very wearable and very versatile; it could be worn at any time of day with almost any outfit. I have very fair skin, brown hair and green eyes, and it seems berry tones suit my coloring well, even though I never feel particularly drawn to them when they're in the tube.

I tried a couple eyeshadows and a blush, too. The blush was super subtle and natural, gave nice contours without looking like I was wearing makeup. I ended up buying a mascara, which I'd planned to buy anyway. I've been using the same one for ages now and I really needed a new one. Oh, and I also got a lovely dark gold eyeshadow as a free gift. And a makeup bag. And I earned three dollars from my friends' purchases! The skin products were fantastic, too. My face and hands feel great. A successful night, to be sure! I'd definitely do it again.

I wasn't crazy about the textures of MK's lipsticks, though. They were quite sticky and waxy, not as creamy as I'd like. They were also quite glossy, and I'm more interested in a medium or matte finish these days. And at $16.50, they're no bargain. That's the same price as a MAC lipstick, which I much prefer. But if it just takes an extra buck fifty for shea butter and 90% pigment, I'd much rather shell out for the Lipstick Queen! Maybe I will. That $45 Tom Ford lipstick I wonder what it would feel like to wear a $45 smear of coloured wax. Probably pretty awesome. I dig the Bruised Plum.
QUOTE(epinephrine @ Aug 9 2010, 02:20 AM) *
That $45 Tom Ford lipstick I wonder what it would feel like to wear a $45 smear of coloured wax. Probably pretty awesome. I dig the Bruised Plum.

I'm not one of those people that likes to buy "branded" things. I'm very conscious of labels & I don't like over-paying for ridiculous goods to be free advertising for said goods. Why should I pay for the privilege to have some person I probably wouldn't even like's name on my chesticles so they can get a free plug? Especially when I consider that most of it is being mass produced in a foreign country by women & children that don't get a decent wage. Plus, I'd just feel like an asshole wearing/using/carrying something I didn't like just to blend in with everybody else.

BUT. This? *Is* Tom Ford lipstick. The man has not made a single misstep in his entire career. And when you buy Tom Ford you are pretty much buying the highest quality of the highest quality of the highest quality because he doesn't fuck around with anything but the best. He's impeccable. IMPECCABLE, I say.

Whenever I spritz on my TF perfume, I sniff myself all day long. I am the most ferocious, awesome, primal, kickass me I can be when I smell like TF. I well imagine if I shelled out the cash for the lipstick? I'd probably dampen my panties in paroxysms every time I just touched the fucking tube, let alone when I actually used it.
auralpoison is running a 20% off promo on all cosmetics/cosmetic supplies for the next forty-eight.

Also, right now Medusa's Makeup is offering up a collection of twelve of their full-size lipglosses for $29. That is a HUGE deal, you're saving almost $80!

I almost nabbed four of those Tom Ford lipsticks from eBay, but the bidding eventually drove them up to within MSRP range. Drat!
I basically wear no makeup during the week except for lipstick, so I splash out and use a Chanel red. I have to say I feel I get what I paid for: the colour is notably more vivid than cheaper brands and goes on smoothly (which is as well as I am low maintenance about application.) If I had the money I'd probably go for the TF lippy. Still didn't like his film though.
Just curious, here. I recently heard a stat that claimed that American women use 12 personal care products per day, on average. Do you guys feel that this stat reflects your average day? Even on the days that I bother with make-up, I can't get up to 12 personal care products. (And, for the record, I guess that by personal care products, they mean "consumer products". So, when I exfoliate my skin with baking soda or use shea butter to moisturize, they don't count as care products). A "big" make-up day for me is foundation, eye-liner, mascara, lipstick. Sometimes with a concealer, too. And I guess once in a while, I put gel or mousse in my hair. But honestly, my "average" day is toothpaste, deoderant and some Dr. Bronner's and I'm done. This 12-a-day stat makes me feel really frumpy or something.
I'd count my DIY stuff as product. I make hair masks pretty frequently, facial ones, too.

I tend to run around barefaced because I don't give a fuck. On an average day: exfoliating facial cleanser, body wash/scrub, conditioner, foot scrub*, Potion9, body cream/oil, deodorant, tooth paste, mouthwash, moisturizer/sunblock, perfume/oil, lipbalm, eye cream, night cream. I do shampoo every now & again, but not often. And all summer I was spritzing myself with natural bug spray since the bugs find me delectable.

If I among the civilized folk? The above, but with my "face": primer, tinted moisturizer/sunblock, concealer, brightener, eye liner, shadow, brow gel, mascara, lip stain, cheek stain, lipbalm.

*Despite my dozens of pairs of shoes I am usually sans shoes or in flipflops, so my feets gets gnarly! My pedicurist is gonna have kittens when she sees me tomorrow!

See, I knew I was getting frumpy. I do own plenty of girly gunk that is just taking up space under my bathroom sink. Maybe if I started glamming up just a little bit I would feel less depressed during these last, miserable scorching hot dog days of summer.
Oh, goodness! I wouldn't go with "frumpy". Perhaps "streamlined" or "low-maintenance". wink.gif

You have a family & an active lifestyle that keeps you on the go, it seems to me that a lot of people in similar situations stop taking time for themselves whether it be in personal grooming or whatever. I mean, you could spend fifteen extra minutes doing a mask, but that fifteen minutes could also be the difference between giving the kids a little extra book-learnin' time, doing something extra for work, or getting some lovin' from the male unit. It's all relative.

If you think it will make these last dog days not suck so bad, I do rec doing a little beauty something-something for yourself. Haul out he beauty gunk! Hell, sometimes just doing up the nails with a nice soak, a dab of EEVO, a buff & a shine can sometimes make a gal's whole day!

Personally, I kinda need routines & doing the same ablations most mornings start may day off in a good way.

Oh & I was once again outbid by some asshole on eBay for Tom Ford lipsticks, Black Orchid & Bruised Plum. Wench drove the prices so far up that she saved a whopping three dollars off MSRP. What's the point of buying it off eBay if you're willing to pay full price?

Well, I broke down & done did it.

Oh, & below? I meant ABLUTIONS, not ablations.
I found a new DIY beauty book that just came out...the recipes are actually pretty reasonable on the pocket book. "Return to Beauty: Old-World Recipes for Great Radiant Skin" by Narine Nikogosian. She had a very successful career on the Sunset strip with all manner of up-tight celeb clients, blah, blah, blah.

She swears by potato slices under the eyes (as opposed to the famous cucumber routine)... and she uses yogurts and/or sour creams to even out skin tone and lighten freckles and age spots.
She also recommends avocado mixed with vitamin E oil or 1 tsp avocado mixed with 1/4 tsp plain yogurt for an eyecream that will rival any $tore-bought big money product. I'll have to give this a go and see how it works...we sleepless Mommies often have tired, racoon eyes.
The blush was super subtle and natural, gave nice contours without looking like I was wearing makeup. I ended up buying a mascara, which I'd planned to buy anyway. I've been using the same one for ages now and I really needed a new one.
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