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good to know! thanks AP!
these are all the people that do great make-up tutorials on youtube i subscribe to them all. each of them are fab in their own unique way. for the love of everything holy go check them out.
Duh. I'm such a goon to have forgotten this, but Sephora does tag all of it's natural cosmetics. You should check them out on your search, Spot-on.
Oooh good to know! We have a Seph in the local mall so I will check them out when I am there next (maybe Dec) Thanks AP!

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Nov 8 2009, 04:58 PM) *
Duh. I'm such a goon to have forgotten this, but Sephora does tag all of it's natural cosmetics. You should check them out on your search, Spot-on.

Well I found ELF at Target and bought a mascara for $1 to try. Not allergic to it (YAY) but the mascara itself is absolutely crap. Very clumpy and not good at all. Wouldn't recommend it. I did get a liquid eyeliner and that was fine though.

Actually found a list of companies that Peta approves and was glad to see Clinique on there. I used to use their stuff YEARS ago and LOVE their mascara. Might see what they have on offer over the holidays smile.gif
Did ya squeegee the e.l.f. mascara? Once I gave it a de-clumpifying once over with a papertowel (I do this with all mascaras, I don't have particularly lush lashes & tend towards clumpiness.) I found it suitable. Not great, but okay.
I'll try that AP. I mean I didn't expect miracles for $1 so no biggie
AP thanks! That worked a treat! Musta just been the brush gunk, seems fine now smile.gif Never had to do that before, odd
Y'know, that's one of the handful of legit tricks I ever learned from standard lady magazines. Most lash brushes take on too much mascara so it applies clumpy. Of course, this means that you're wasting money because you're wiping away half the damn product, but what are ya gonna do?
AP, massively huge thanks to you (I read back a few pages in the archives) for the CG lipstain recommendation, and to RV backing you up. I tried that wild berry one and it is the puuuuuuuuuuuuuurfect shade of red for my olive-y skin. I had to hold myself back from smooching the mirror, srsly. I never would have tried it in the store just from the looks of it, so thanks a million for the rec. It might be too much for me to wear every day during the day, but fuck it, I might just go with the inappropriateness of it and make it my signature lipcolor because I love it that much. hee!
No problem, I'm all about sharing the wealth! Cod knows I've learned a lot from all of you!

Y'know, I don't subscribe to day/night lips. While the colour of my own natural mouth is a nice blush (I get asked what lipstick I'm wearing frequently), I prefer bold colour even during the day. I wouldn't go with a smoky eye or anything Beth Ditto during the day, but a strong red lip is classic to me at all times. Go for it, Raisin!
I went for it, in broad daylight. AWESOME.
Okay, so I've some beauty product news. I bought some individual stuff & some product samplers that were on sale or free with purchase.

First up, Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs nail polish. Can I just say, I DIE! They are tres awesome. Mme. Moriarty is exactly what it says it is: a wet, glossy blood red. Two quick coats & I was set & looking fierce. Destroying Angel is a dark, dusky brown with an undercurrent of purple. Very nice! Robotic Scarab is a sparkly kind of rusty brown. I really like it. It complements my LQ Rust Saint lipstick beautifully.

I am in lurve with Lipstick Queen lipsticks. They are pricey, but once you use one, you'll know they are worth every penny. Beautiful alone, even better when mixed up. Medieval is a sheer red that gives every complexion a sweet, cherry pout. Works well with/over other colours, too. Black Tie Optional can be a little gothy straight from the tube, but is fantastic over other colours, it can really stretch my fistfuls of stains into dozens of permutations. Very matte, very moist like all LQ products. I have a Sinner lipstick (90% pigment) in Rouge that is absolutely gorgeous. The colour is intense! I also bought a Saint in Rust (10% pigment) that is a perfect subtle sexy colour. Last but not least is their Butterfly Ball lipstick in Goodbye. The BB's all contain a light blue undertone that is supposed to make your teeth look whiter, I just know it looks faintly shimmery but doesn't make me look like I am twelve. It's grown-up sparkly.

I've tried some new HIGH END ($24 a pop!) lip stains, Tarte, Givenchy & Stila. The Tarte isn't even close to being a stain, so I dunno why they are calling it that. The color was nice & sheer, but not wear all day. It is HYPER moisturizing, though. Like, one app was good for a moist couple hours. The Givenchy is really little more than a magic marker on the reals. It even smelt magic marker-y. The color was nice, though & it wasn't drying at all. The Stila sucked as expected (2/$10 in a bargain kit), but smelled nice. In the end, stick with the CoverGirl, it's just a better product all around.

I got a sample of BareEscentual Buxom gloss a few months ago & liked it. It is supposed to plump lips, but mine are plump already, so whatevs. I do like that it's minty, not too tacky, long lasting, & packed with colour. I bought Betty & it's fantastic.

I've gotten a few little kits & samples of some other stuff. I haven't played with the two bareMinerals samples yet, but they send you a little kabuki brush that is great. The Benefit kit came with a couple samples of little freshening up/walk of shame products. That Gal is a nice primer & Some Kind-a Gorgeous evened me out without being too heavy. The Posy tint was too sheer for me to really like, but the Highbeam is a kick ass brightener. I did REALLY like Dr. Feelgood. I'm getting a bit older & I like the mattifying effect it has & it does make my tinted moisturizer go on more smoothly. And a little goes a long way. The Tarte kit was only so-so. I fell in love with the Sandy/Danny gloss, the three lip sheers were nice & minty, the glistening powder was almost as good as the Highbeam, the eyeshadow was nothing to write home about.

And as I said, I am getting older, so I thought I'd try some fancy skincare stuff. I bought a Philosphy set on sale, but have yet to dive into it yet. I tried some of the Hope In a Jar & it is fluffy & soft. I'll let you know how it works out!
I really like rich, deep lip colours, and I'm in the market for a good lipstain because the deep colours I like to wear look really awful when they dry and cake and fade and settle into the cracks and do all that annoying lipstick stuff. I've noticed a few recommendations for the CoverGirl lipstain, which is good because that's all I've seen that's within my price range (and I have a coupon sitting around somewhere), but I've heard that the actual colour looks nothing at all like the packaging (which all looks a bit too subtle to me, anyway) and none of the stores I've been to offer samples! For those of you who've tried them, can you recommend a shade? My two favourite lipcolours right now are Adrenaline by Annabelle and Black Cherry by Revlon. If any of CoverGirl's lipstains are similar to those, let me know, because that's what I want!
Wow. Revlon Black Cherry. That is a name I haven't heard in a looooong time. That was my go-to lipstick in high school. It makes a pretty good stain itself if smudged on in layers with a fingertip.

And you are right, none of the CoverGirl lipstains look like their packaging/suggested colours. Wild Berry Wink is a true red, but doesn't look it at all if you go by the container/adverts. Gimme a couple days to scare up all the colours I do have & I'll see what I can tell you.

Honestly, the Givenchy is probably the closest I have to what you want in just one sweep. Build up a couple layers & it could give RBC a run for it's money.
Awesome, thanks. I was thinking of springing for the Wild Berry Wink, it looks the most like what I wear already. I just checked my bank account and I have more than I usually do this early in the month - must be time for an indulgence! Maybe I'll go shopping later and check out that Givenchy.
So I found a store that actually has samples of all the CoverGirl lipstains and decided on Perfectly Plum. Just shopping around for good prices now, because there seems to be quite a range. Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick is on sale, though, and I'm thinking of getting one of those. Anyone here tried it? Also, does the CG lipstain bleed, or need to be used with a lipliner? It seemed very runny when I tried it, likely to bleed into the cracks.
A single CCG stain shouldn't cost you more than $7.99. And I cannot comprehend how it was "runny" unless somebody shook the marker up but good. It should just be like a regular marker. No lipliner, anything on the lips is gonna clog up the felt tip. Your lips should be completely clean before application.

Ooooops! I almost forgot! I ordered some of the new American Apparel nailpolish. It's supposed to be free of all kinds of stuff. There's been a lot of drama surrounding it being "hazardous" & AA pulled it for a while. I didn't sweat this because I tried to order from abroad several months back & was advised that they could only ship ground because ALL nailpolish is deemed "hazardous". The colours look really fab & they're pretty cheap compared to a lot of stuff out there.
I'm in Canada; it's usually about 10 bucks here. I know I can find it cheaper if I look around a bit, though. I saw it on sale for 6 a couple weeks ago before I had a chance to check the colours. I wish I'd snapped it up then.
Well, I picked up the Plum Pout and was delighted to find that, applied generously, it looks almost exactly like Adrenaline, my favourite lipstick which I'm constantly getting compliments on (although I woudn't call it a plum). It was on sale for seven bucks and I had a coupon for a dollar off, so it worked out pretty well. It's got the most pigment of all the shades they had. It applies nicely and feels wonderfully clean and light, especially after all the heavy lipstick I've gotten used to. It's water-based and doesn't hold up to moisture at all, but as long as you keep it dry it stays put beautifully. I tried to wipe it off with tissue paper like a regular lipstick yesterday and it didn't budge. It stood up ok to my tuna sandwich, but was almost gone after a few sips of water. It did feather a tiny bit into the cracks around my lips, but I doubt anyone but me would ever have noticed. And when some got on my teeth it was a bitch to get off. It's a bit dry, so I put a layer of Burt's Bees tinted chapstick over it. Great to wear at work, where I'm constantly worried about smudging because there's no mirror to check in, but useless on a night out if you're going to be drinking.

I'm considering Revlon's new violet lipstick. I wonder if it would be too goth on me. Probably. Meh, maybe if it goes on sale...
Hi there, I am new around here but a makeup enthusiast!

Something I've been looking for lately is a really good, full-coverage concealer for breakouts. Any tips? I have tried Smashbox High Definition Concealer as well as Pop beauty no show concealer. Pop works ok but is a bit pricey at 24 dollars. plus, it comes with stick and liquid, and i prefer the stick and feel gypped paying for the liquid part too. i've been thinking about trying Clinique, since that's what my mother always used, but wanted to see if there was a miracle drugstore or other reasonable brand. I also have benefit boioing concealer for under eyes, and like that, but it is a bit too sheer for breakouts.

Things I'm in love with:

Benefit High Beam cheek and brow highlighter--looks like nail polish, but totally isn't. blends well with foundation.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Waterproof (edit: this is the best mascara I have used in a long time... i went through cargo-texas lash, better than waterproof, clinique-high impact mascara, stila-lash visor, bad gal lash non waterproof, plus a bunch of maybelline etc and finally found this)

Urban Decay palettes (I have the three big ones and use them all the time. the colors stay put all day if you use a primer)

Clinique touch base for eyes for neutral/natural lids

Urban Decay Primer potion in sin for shimmery lids

Smashbox foundation and primer in photo finish

Milani green liquid liner

Sally Hansen insta-dri formula nail polish

Kat Von D for Sephora palette in Beethoven

So yeah... that's what I'm using lately.
Glad you dig the Highbeam, too, Toasterbottom! That stuff is boss!

QUOTE(epinephrine @ Mar 21 2010, 06:37 PM) *
It stood up ok to my tuna sandwich, but was almost gone after a few sips of water. It did feather a tiny bit into the cracks around my lips, but I doubt anyone but me would ever have noticed. And when some got on my teeth it was a bitch to get off. It's a bit dry, so I put a layer of Burt's Bees tinted chapstick over it. Great to wear at work, where I'm constantly worried about smudging because there's no mirror to check in, but useless on a night out if you're going to be drinking.

It's funny how what works for one doesn't work for another. CG stains didn't work so hot for you & Tree, but RV, Raisingirl & I all had good long lasting results with the stains. I had zero feathering at all & have had it stand up through food & a great many beverages. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "useless" for a night out drinking, I'd rather apply a stain twice in a night than have to apply lipstick over & over again.
Aural, I do, I do!

Bought the CG lipstain in plum pout, I agree it's more of a red... I like it, though! Thanks for the tip.

Also scored some other new stuff today at Sephora... replaced my Clinique touch base for eyes in Canvas, and am trying a new foundation primer by Benefit called "That Gal." It's supposed to brighten my complexion... We shall see.
I'm back! While at WalMart noticed the hard candy line and picked up a cream shadow in green sparkle ("ammo"), SPF 15 tinted moisturizer and a couple of tinted lip balms.

The moisturizer is a little thick for my taste, but blended well with my skin tone and is supposed to be SPF, which I liked.

The tinted balms don't have much tint, but the package is cute and the balm seems to work ok as a regular lip moisturizer.

The eyeshadow goes on sparsely, not nearly as bold as the package, so I was a little disappointed in it.

From what I've read, the concealers and things from this line are a-ok, but the color "payoff" isn't very high with any of the shadows or pencils.

(While there, I also splurged on some more CG lipstains... sooo pretty! I feel like a 40s actress wearing these matte shades.)

Annnd I have enough new crap to try out for now... I think I'll take a break from all this hardcore shopping.
I just bought and tried on the Wild Berry Wink CG lipstain based on what I read in here and I love it!

I am not a lipstick person. My lips are full, but my mouth is small, so in my limited experience with lip color, it usually looks bad on me. But this looks great! The color is perfect (I have brown eyes and light olive skin) and my mouth doesn't look tiny. I also like that it's matte. Last week I accidentally bought a tinted chapstick that's like, purple, shiny, and a little shimmery, and it looks terrible on.
snow white
hellotampon, that's exactly how my lips are. i think it's called a cupid's bow and it always reminds me of flappers with their little tiny pouts. i also have a hard time with lipstick, i think i'm just picky (i also hate glittery lip polishes). i like really tinted sheer gloss, so my lips have strong color but it's not as high maintance as lip stick. i've been using neutragena sheer lip gloss and HiP intense lip gloss. but i'm still searching for the perfect high powered, low maintaince tint.

anyway, i originally wandered in here to see if any ladies in here had any experiences with wigs. i'm going through chemo right now and i just want some wig advice from women my own age, not old biddies.

here's hoping smile.gif
Wow. Uh, that's one hell of a way to drop a bomb there, Snow White. I am saddened to hear you are unwell. Fuck cancer! Much love & healing vibes to you!

Have you started chemo yet? Because shit can start falling out as early as two weeks in.

Picking a wig is a daunting task. Yeah, you want the right colour, style, shape for your face, etc, but there's a lot of other stuff to think about. You have to consider price (They can be MAD expensive!), environment (How long you'll need it, weather where you're located), & lifestyle.

Have you been to a store yet to get measured & such? Try anything on for size? My gran got hers from TLC after hitting a wig shop or five in OKC. She made the shopkeepers crazy even though at least one store was staffed with a lot of survivors!

Of course, that did not stop me from buying her a pink polyester beehive.

You might want to give Mandolyn a shout out, she's the only Bustie I can think of that may have some first hand insight for you.
snow white - My aunt lives in DC and her hospital hooked her up with a wigmaker who matched her original hair color by blending different shades. The best part was that, even though it was an expensive wig (it really looks natural) her insurance refunded most of the cost.
You might want to check and see what kind of program / suggestions your hospital offers.

Good luck!

((((((((snow white))))))))
((((Snow White))))
I'm sorry, Snow... no advice here. Hope you get well soon, though.

Seems silly to mention, but I'm trying some new things... stila jeweled eyeshadows and eyeliners. the eyeliners go on sooooo well, but they are def not waterproof like they say.

The jeweled eyeshadow might be better if i applied it with a brush instead of with my finger... will report back later.

Toasterbottom, I'd rec a sponge tip applicator for the shadow & you're going to want to layer for full effect. The glitter sticks really well if you're into that sort of thing!
Aww SnowWhite, I hope you get well soon! I'm sorry I don't have any help to offer as far as wigs are concerned, but I have to admit I've always wanted to experiment with them.

Well, since everyone is sharing their favorite new make-up, I wanted to share mine! It's a new line called Concrete Minerals, and it's so totally punk rock smile.gif I love the primer, because a little really goes a long way. The cool thing is that on their etsy shop, they have really affordable samples for sale, and their eyeshadow is true to the color and really goes a long way! Now, if only they started making lipstick wink.gif


Those eyeshadows are awesome! I love that dramatic colour.

I'm really into watching the makeup tutorials on Youtube right now - they're great for inspiration, and it's also fun to watch the transformation. Here are a couple I like: Drag queen! Candy colours!
I just wanted to plug my fave Etsy-based mineral cosmetics co, My Beauty Addiction.

They also have some great face creams, bath & body, etc.
Nice links, everybody. The only mineral cosmetics I've tried are from aromaleigh, which I've been pretty happy with, but it's always helpful to have more options. Bare Escentuals was the first mineral makeup company I'd ever heard of, but I never bought anything from them.
I just wanted to say that MBA is running an eyeshadow BOGO through Monday. TWO fab mineral shadows packed with awesome pigment for $5! That is one helluva deal, bishes!
Damn, damn damn. I should have done my research earlier - I just found out that Covergirl tests on animals. Now I need to find another brand that does a good lipstain. MAC does one, maybe when I'm not so poor I'll check that out. Although I think it's just limited edition. They may not even be around that long.
I was wondering if the MAC stains ($16) are limited edition, myself.

You'd be okay with Tarte stains ($24), Stila stains ($24). Truth be told, they aren't the best stains but they don't test.

They don't test & Josie Maran's stain ($19) is pretty intense color-wise, but didn't have much staying power. Urban Decay ($17) doesn't animal test, but I've not ever tried it. I have a Tokidoki pen ($15), but I do not know if they test.

Benetint is shady about it, they don't test "finished product" which means they use stuff/buy ingredients from other companies that do animal test. Givenchy is also a no go, so is Avon's Mark for the same reason. Target's Pixi brand doesn't seem to test some of their products on animals, but it's not listed as one of the stain's merits.

I thought I'd include a few resources for Busties:

Uncaged UK
My Make Up Mirror
Leaping Bunny
Caring Consumer
Skin Deep Cosmetic Database
QUOTE(snow white @ Apr 21 2010, 10:21 AM) *
anyway, i originally wandered in here to see if any ladies in here had any experiences with wigs. i'm going through chemo right now and i just want some wig advice from women my own age, not old biddies.

(((Snow white)))

I apologize for responding so late to your post, Snow white. Keep posting in the Lounge and let us know how you are doing.

*~*~*healing vibes for snow white & fuck you cancer*~*~*
(((snow white))) my best advice is, no matter how cute they look online or in a catalog, or how inexpensive they are, do NOT buy a wig without trying it on first. two days before i started chemo, i went to a salon that specializes in wigs and their fabulous stylist set me up with a wig that looked exactly like my real hair, only better. so i still felt like "me". luckily insurance covered it. of course, now that i look at photos from last year, i'm like, whoa, i SO look like i'm wearing a wig! i actually wound up ditching it much earlier than i had planned, because it was summer and humid and i just couldn't stand it anymore. but from march - july, it was my best friend.

i hope all is going ok for you. feel free to PM me with any questions. (i'm 49, though, lol!)

my new faves:
M.A.C. zoom lash. staying power (even on my oily lids), comfy for my super-sensitive eyes, curl, definiton and ooomph! worth every penny.

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF 15. decent coverage, soaks up oil well, feels very light.

ulta waterproof automatic eyeliners: good quality, great colors, not a lot of money. i layer with shadow for an low-maintenance smokey eye.
My MAC pens got here today! Yea! Very natural color so far, wear seems to be okay.
Hey folks, I just wanted to say that Snow White posted today, I PM'd her & she's on the other side of her illness, she'd doing well, & "staying the course". She also said she'd give Mando a holler & I hope she does.
Thanks for the tip Ap, I think the layering did it.
Thanks for the update, AP. Glad to hear she's doing ok!

Just perusing the hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube again ('cause that's how I study for a linguistics final...) and I found this awesome chick: Vintageortacky. She's adorable, she's got over 200 videos, and she does lots of really fun, over-the-top looks as well as lots of cute, wearable ones. Enjoy!
Revlon got on the stain train a while ago with a stain that had good staying power, but was a bitch & a half to use since it came as a rollerball applicator. They have now launched their new & improved version, Just Bitten Lipstain & Balm with stain at one end & balm at the other. We shall see.
I heard about the Revlon lipstain! I'm totally going to try it out when it makes it into stores here. In the meantime, I just bought one of Revlon's matte lipsticks in In The Red and am really happy with it. It feels really clean and light and wears a lot better than my regular lipstick. I almost bought it in Wine Not, which is a brownish plum sort of color, but I'm glad I went for the red instead. May still try that one, though.
Saw those Revlon lipstains at the store today, but there weren't any testers! Anyone tried them yet? There was one called Midnight that looked like a nice rich burgundy, but which looked like it could have been more brown than purple. Several reds and berries, too. I need to find one that matches my Revlon In The Red lipstick, which is a little on the orangey side. I like layering lipstick over a lipstain because you get such a nice smudgeproof foundation and it gives you such a nice, crisp lipline. I know that's what lipliners are for, but I've never gotten the hang of it.
This link from has a pretty decent template for what the colors look like, better than the Revlon site anyways. Mine should arrive Monday, so I will know more then.
Okay. So the Revlon stains have a nice color saturation. I'm not sure about the wear yet, but the balm? Needs to be re-thought. It's just kinda stuck on the end of the marker. I can tell already that I'll have it broken off in no time & it's certainly not something I'm gonna stick in my pocket.
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