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St. Ives whipped silk. It absorbs quickly, leaves no residue, and didn't make my skin break out
Oy I didn't even think of the break out part! I'm putting that one on my list Crin.
Has anyone ever used NYX cosmetics? Particularly their loose pearl eye shadow pigments? I just bought some and i'm excited about trying them. These are about $1.25 each on cherry culture's website. I figure you can't beat that - especially when I've heard so many good things about NYX - via the youtube makeup community.

The only con i've heard is the little bottles the pigments come in are not very conducive to neat usage. Most people end up transferring the powders to the small mineral makeup jars. (tutorials also on youtube)

Let me know what you gals think about NYX in general...

Link to the Cherry Culture webiste they sell all different brands of cosmetics. Their site rocks!

Also the link to NYX cosmetics official site

Hope this helps.

QUOTE(vixen_within @ Dec 10 2008, 08:48 PM) *
My skin is dry dry dry all over. How do you all keep your bodies greasy?

Raw shea butter is THE shit. It's thick and can be hard at first, but it melts in your hand like butter and makes your skin feel soooo super soft and wonderful. biggrin.gif You can find it at natural grocers but it's cheaper if you buy it at a vitamin store. It's a wee pricey compared to most lotions, but it is unparalleled in the realm of body moisturizers and can double as the best lip balm you ever used!
Thanks Oly! It's like last winter (and this same problem) never happened - I forgot all about the wonders of shea butter.

konphushion, looove the sparkly eyeshadow.
Bunny Saves The Day
I just bought a glittery gold mineral (ulta store brand) eye shadow & I LUUUURVE it!
I'm not a 'glittery kinda gal' as I'm not you know, 20-something, but this is such a fine grade of sparkel- I want to wear it every day!
so, i put on self-bronzer last night, and CLEARLY, i did it at night, as in the harsh light of day i have horrid streaking. we're talking in between fingers, down my arm... my question is, besides vigorous soap and water, is there a way to get rid of the streaks faster?

i keep thinkin of that lady sovereign song "tango" where the chorus keeps going, "bitch, don't you know you're orange?" tongue.gif
QUOTE(crazyoldcatlady @ Dec 19 2008, 10:41 AM) *
so, i put on self-bronzer last night, and CLEARLY, i did it at night, as in the harsh light of day i have horrid streaking. we're talking in between fingers, down my arm... my question is, besides vigorous soap and water, is there a way to get rid of the streaks faster?

i keep thinkin of that lady sovereign song "tango" where the chorus keeps going, "bitch, don't you know you're orange?" tongue.gif

Exfoliate with a scrub. Good luck.
konphushion, looove the sparkly eyeshadow.

OOOh i got my lil Cherry Culture haul ladies. The colors are beautiful. They are very shimmery and fine powdered. I'll definitely have to get those mineral makeup containers. Let's just say I had shimmery copper dust all over my desk from trying to test it out. LOL NICE! And it does not come off surfaces without smudging everywhere.

Guess that means I can no longer use my computer desk as a makeup counter HAHAH. Other than that, I think I'll be satisfied with the quality.

Anywho, just thought I'd share that in case anyone cared or considered buying NYX Pearl Mania.
I feel like such a fashionista lately. I'm wearing all these scarves and my Mrs. Rouge bought me a wonderful hat for Christmas. It's in the Raspberry Beret division of greatness.

I also am shopping the thrift stores and finding wonderful things!
Okay, beautiful Busties!!

I was taking a shower today and looked in my little magnifying mirror and YUCK! I've been working in a lot of dirty, grimy dungeony mechanical rooms lately, and my pores are NASTY. Can anybody recommend some good masques or something to get them looking good again??? Preferably something I can order online???

My skin actually tends to be dry this time of year, which contradicts the whole pore thing, but...whatever.

Treehugger, the only face scrub that has ever actually worked for me without breaking me out is Queen Helene oatmeal and honey scrub. And it's nicely cheap. smile.gif

Cocl, this is really late, but I randomly discovered that the cream bleach for facial hair and whatnot takes self-tanner off immediately.
The best bang I ever got for my facial buck (Hmmmm . . . that sounded dirty.) was St. Ives Apricot Scrub (I use the plain formula, though) & Blue Clay Mask.. I've been using them off & on since HS even though the site said the blue clay was new. I took some with me on a school trip once & thought it'd be funny to walk around in my mudmask. They laughed until they could actually see where it sucked the gunge out of my face. By the end of the trip everybody had tried it, even the boys! does carry it, but probably so does your local pharmacy.

Queene Helene is good, too.

High end, I like the Lush biofresh Brazened Honey, but you have to buy it in store only. That shit shaves of ten years!
Ooh, the blue clay one seriously works that well? I'll have to try pores cling desperately to their gunk, so most masks do nothing for me.
Im with auralpoison on the apricot scrub. i have dry skin but still get spots n stuff sometimes so like to use somethingg. its one of the few face scrubs that doesnt dry my skin out cos it's kinda creamy. not sure which one i use, think it might be one designed for sensitive skin.

if its the pores on your nose you could try those strips that are sposed to pull everything out but they never seem to work for me. has anyone ever actually used some that work? just to clarify, im talking about the things that make you look like thiss:
Oh, boy does it work, Llamas. I have pretty good skin, but I sometimes get tiny blackheads on my nose & on my chin under my lip. Once the mask is dry, my nose/chin will be littered with tiny dark spots of gunge. It's disgusting, but fascinating to look at.
and once again, CH is here to pimp out Clarins. Their masques are very good. I used it when my skin was dry and scaley, it worked wonders.

Although I must say that I discovered the joys of Lancome face cream, shit mimics botox, not that I need it, but my skin feels absolutely amazing.
AP, I picked up said blue clay mask today and just tried it, and omg, visible-crap-yanked-out-of-my-pores goodness. Thanks ever so much for recommendation, even though it was for treehugger! laugh.gif
I'm going to have to look at For some reason the drugstores in my area don't carry crap for masques. You'd think in a city this size....but naah.
I'm so glad it worked for you, Llamas! It does it's job & well. I've never had much luck with the porestrips (I've put 'em on boys & holy moly! Snake city!), but that Blue Clay is a disgusting wonder for the skin.
Treehugger, have you checked at any larger grocery stores? The drugstores here didn't have it either, but Giant Eagle did.

And seriously, pore strips on boys are the best thing ever.
I'm curious to know what the active ingredient is in the St. Ives blue clay masque. Can one of you tell me? I'm wondering how it compares to the Aztec Secret Indian clay (which I love) whose main ingredient is bentonite.

Reason #302 to find myself a boyfriend: I can use pore strips on him! laugh.gif Oh hell, in an ideal world I'd probably put a mud masque on his face, too.
It looks like the blue clay one has both kaolin and bentonite in it.

And there for a bit I was living with two boys who weren't exactly the man-facial type, and oh, the things I pulled out of their pores. I'm pretty sure some of the little snaky things were half a centimeter long.
Thanks, Llamas! Whenever I hear kaolin, I think of Kaopectate (gross, I know)... ugh.
Hello Ladies
Do any of y'all use a primer under your base or foundation . I am looking for a good one for very oily skin. I used a few mainly Smashbox regular and light formula the Tart clean slate primer. Most of these don't seem to work for me or make my skin worse. Thanks Ladies smile.gif
lunia, I definitely recommend the MAC SPF 50 Prep & Prime. It is teh luv for oily skin!
Anyone know what to do to keep your eyelids from looking like oil slicks??? No matter how much I blot, I end up with creased and oily looking eyeshadow. I usually use a base, but it doesn't help.

Do any of you have this issue??
Have you tried UDPP or TFSI as a primer? I have oily lids as well and these worked well for me but I did find the UDPP drying over time.
Huh. I *like* having slightly shiny eyelids. My eyes are almond shaped & small, so most eyeshadows are a no-no for me. I sometimes use a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny dab of vaseline to give myself a little shine there.

I am on the Great Stain Search. I loved the YSL ones when they were still in production, I bought a grip of the Sephora ones when they made them as well. I tried Stila, but their little ghetto felt tips dried after a few weeks even when I pulled the tips out with tweezers & turned them over. Benetint was nice, but lacked colour options. I liked Tarte stains on the cheeks, but found them ineffective on the lips; also too few colour options. The Sonia Kashuk liquid & the various brand gels I tried had the same cons as the Benetint & Tarte.

This week I ordered six shades of the CoverGirl Outlast lip stains ($7.99 a pop, pretty cheap comparatively.) & two shades of the more expensive Pixi stains ($18?! a pop.) in hopes of finding the perfect no budge pout. I will pass on intel as it comes in if anybody is interested.
omg, aural, i am stain addicted. i can not not buy a stain if i find one.

tarte is from target, yes? i know they have a few at target-- that's why i can't go into their cosmetic section, because i always buy some stain or another. my favorite-- and it sux because they don't make it anymore, was the pinch of color by loreal. mostly because they didn't know that they should be skimping on how much they gave you. i've had the 3 bottles i bought about 5 years ago, and am just now starting to finish them up.

i don't know if they still carry it at sephora, but the vincent longo stain is pretty terrific.

i also love prestige's red stain lip stain. it's a great deep red, and cheap, sold at most drugstores.

i tend to do my lip stains in layers, because you can get a really intense color that way. i don't do it as much, but i used to do what i called a curdled-blood-red lip color that involved 2 stains and a gloss. my friends would always ask how in did it because they could never find anything as intense. here's how i did it:
    first you apply the lip stain. a few coats. this is your under tone, so you can do it with a bronze or a purple instead of a red.
    once that is dry, use prestige red stain-- the combo of the stain and the prestige stain bump up the color
    last, put on a clear gloss. it may sound redundant since the prestige stain is a gloss too, but the last layer really blends the colors.

another trick i use is the bit lip-- it's less intense and more natural, but it makes your lip pop.
    when you apply the stain, wipe away the bit at the edge of the lip line on your top & bottom lips.
    repeat step one until the center of your lips is a deeper color red, the outside edges of your lips should be only slightly darker than natural, and the darkest part of your lower lip should be the center or the "meat" of it, the upper lip should be darkest in the center.
    once the stain has dried, apply a clear, transparent red gloss evenly. i recommend rimmel's shock gloss.
kon, yeah, i have the same issue. the eyeshawdow ends up going into my creases and loses it's color. i bought this Benefit Eyeshadow Primer which seems to do a decent job.

my favorite lipstick that gave me a good lipstain appearance is by Clinique. I've been using it since high school.

that clay mask sounds amazing. as i've gotten older, i've noticed that i can't use the harsh stuff like when i was younger. i have this nice maturing and sensitive skin thing going on. dr. hauschka stuff works wonders for me. of course, it is alot of $$. the best cold cream to take off my makeup recently has been pond's cold cream.
I also love the stain, cuz you know it ain't goin' nowhere. I like the Pixi brand at Target too (though I agree, it's pricey) I love "Pure" in lip blush, because it just darkens my natural color, so it's great for everyday, class wear.
Tarte is foofoo high-end, dunno 'bout Target as we have no Target. It's great as a cheek stain, I've been using the same tube forever. They started with the stain & then went on to other beauty exploits.

I'm a firm believer in colour layering. You've seen the mouth, GT. Something must be done!

Back in the day, I used non-toxic red Sharpies. The red was classic, but it took careful dot dot dot application to keep you from looking like a freak.
Star, I've used the Black Honey Almost Lipstick for years. They put out a limited edition Black Honey High Impact Mascara and I had to have that too.

Konphusion, I have the same oil slick eyelids that can't hold color for nothin', so I feel your pain. I really like Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Man, I can't get the stains to look anything other than ghastly on my ghostly pale self.
So far, the Covergirl Outlast Lipstain is worth all $7.99. I put it on about eight hours ago, had dinner, a few beverages & I'm still going strong. Wild berry Wink (Yeah, the name makes me cringe, too.) is a strong, solid red & looks goooood.

I have the black honey gloss, I didn't much like the Almost Lisptsick, though.

GT, I wish they sold Prestige around here, but they don't. I really liked their liquid liners.

ETA: The Pixis got here today. Pretty sweet. They smell all fruity-like. They ain't worth no $18.99, though that's for damn sho.
snow white
wow, what kind of rock have i been living under that i haven't really heard of lip stains? i've never worn lipstick b/c i hate feeling like there's something on my lips, it's gonna get on my teeth! and my glass! and all the lipstick is gonna wear off and i'll be left with a silly lip liner ring around my mouth!...

but lip stains seem like something i could do. and you find these at regular stores??? hmm.

"Back in the day, I used non-toxic red Sharpies. The red was classic, but it took careful dot dot dot application to keep you from looking like a freak" -auralpoison

^ thats badass

latley i've been wearing alot less makeup b/c the other day at the hair dressers (with their big mirrors and blindingly bright lights) my face looked swallowed by powder. so now i use a light foudation, cover stick, mascara and little "swoop" of liquid eye liner on the top lid. i like it better b/c now you can see my freckles (which i've actually missed, go figure) and i feel bare faced.

i've been useing maybelline lash stylist b/c it has a comb to really coat all the lashes which gives great length, but i'm really looking for some crazy volume. any suggestions?
Snow White, pour vous: Covergirl Outlast Lipstain. Available at drugstores & such. Because I live in BFE, I ordered mine from

ETA: It's on sale right now at *coughs* Walmart & comes with a free tube of gloss.
snow white
thanks auralpoison smile.gif can't wait to try it
AP, thank you for the tip about the Cover Girl lip stain. I'm a big fan of lip stains, but there seems to very few color options out there & they usually cost at least $18 each, so I was thrilled to see what CG has to offer.

I bought 2 of them today: Teasing Blush (415) and Wild Berry Wink (440). Both colors look much darker on my skin than I thought they would (based on the packaging and the website), but for me that was a pleasant surprise. I thought the Teasing Blush would be more of a mauve with some brown, but on me it really lives up to the name - a nice pink blush, just a bit darker than the natural pink of my lips. A great casual color. The Wild Berry Pink looks like a true blue-red on me. A great, dramatic punch of color. I think I'll be wearing these a LOT.
Can I get a witness?! That Wild Berry Wink is GORGEOUS, no?

I am so farking happy that this stuff is being used by ya'll. I really am. Stain is such a simple & GOOD idea.
snow white
i bought 435 Flirty Nude, 440 WildBerry Wink, 420 Sassy Mauve.

i like sassy mauve but it's alittle too dark, so i'm gonna get teasing blush (which what the web site recommended in the first place). i haven't even opened wildberry wink yet, i might return it for teasing blush (god, these names are rediculous!!! lol)

on my lipstain binge i also bought the lash tubes mascara from loreal and i'm not impressed, just like every other mascara with lash conditioner. the best mascara i've found is lash stylist from maybelline. anyone know of a mascara that can give a lot of volume? my lashes are really long but when i put mascara on them they look spidery, so i'm looking for something to fill them out.
QUOTE(auralpoison @ Mar 8 2009, 09:04 PM) *
Can I get a witness?! That Wild Berry Wink is GORGEOUS, no?

Testify!!! After 6 hours & one meal, I checked my lips in the mirror. The color had faded a bit, but it still looked good. The staying power is a lot better than Benetint.
See, I don't know why, but I tried those stains, and they just don't seem to last on me. Lipsticks seem to last longer, which is bizarre to me. I tried sassy mauve and it was actually a little light on me.

Anyway, I'm here seeking the perfect red lipstick. In a drugstore brand. I seem to keep trying different ones, and haven't found the "ideal" one for me yet. When I google, I come up with MAC's Red Russian as being pretty universally flattering, but I don't think it's a drugstore brand, is it???

Somewhat fair skin, dark brown eyes, brunette hair, and blue undertones (cool colors work best)

Any suggestions on new ones I could try? My most recent one is CG's Maximum Red 964, which ended up orangey on me.
snow white, the cover girl in the orange tube is pretty good for a drug store brand, but if you want to give something else a go, may I recommend Lancome! I've used both, and both are wonderful, but lancome is absolutely worth the cash.

tree, honestly, instead of a drug store brand I would go a little more upscale, even something like lancome is totally worth it. I was also going to suggest MAC. But neither are drug store brand, but you should be able to find it at department stores. Sometimes that extra cash is totally worth it. Okay, I find all the time the extr cash is worth it. If there is one thing I do not think women should skimp on is make up (coming from the woman who spends outrageous amounts of money on face cream...)

Lancome Mascara

Lancome Rouge Lipcolour
I have seen the light ladies (and gents): Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation is my new favorite. It's semi-matte and oh-so luxurious. It's totally buildable, but I only dab on a little with my foundation brush and sweep it, and bam--an even complexion. OK, so it's pricey, but it is well worth it. After applying, it looks like a professional makeup artist did it. I sound like a saleswoman, but it's because I am in love with it.

Does anyone else use it?
MAC is a higher-end brand, so no drugstore that. In MAC, I like Ruby Woo & Marrakesh.

When I wore lipstick my two favorite reds were Chanel's Red No5 (They've been making it since they started making cosmetics, it's THE red to me.) & Aveda's Crimson Sage (Discontinued.). I have a really beautiful vintage style red I got from a company I *think* I saw in Bust from Besame Cosmetics. The packaging is so cool!

Drugstore, Loreal's Saucy Sangria is pretty nice. Revlon has several nice reds, Fire & Ice, Love That Red, Certainly Red, & their all time classic Cherries In the Snow (which is too pink for my tastes).

I've been using Rimmel's Eye Magnifier mascara because I like that the little brush isn't so much a brush as a little round comb. And I always blot it with a papertowel bit so I don't look like a raccoon.
QUOTE(ihateoly @ Dec 11 2008, 02:43 PM) *
Raw shea butter is THE shit. It's thick and can be hard at first, but it melts in your hand like butter and makes your skin feel soooo super soft and wonderful. biggrin.gif You can find it at natural grocers but it's cheaper if you buy it at a vitamin store. It's a wee pricey compared to most lotions, but it is unparalleled in the realm of body moisturizers and can double as the best lip balm you ever used!

Just an update on this - Oly you were so right. I found some raw shea butter in Harlem, the yellow stuff, and it's amaaaaazing. I don't like the natural smell, but I just combine it with my favourite body spray and it's perfect.
Smells a bit like Crisco, doesn't it?
Yeah, or like melted crayons.
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