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(((Luxi)))...that's awful, I'm sorry.

I wanna start buying the Body Shop cosmetics. Damn, Anita Roddick looked good for 64.
i like bodyshop and i am really picky. i also like their ethical and environmental stance.
Hey Luxi *big hug*
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by japanese straightening but if it's the same as chemical straightening then I say go for it. My friend had mega crazy curls and got them straightened and it worked really well. The only thing to say about chemical straigtening is that you'll want to invest in some hair masks 'cause the chemicals can really dry your hair out. But the results are good, my friend's hair stayed completely straight for almost a month and was pretty straight for quite some time after that. I think if your hair has a tendency to be straighter it'll last longer. Hope that helps!
Hi everyone. This is silly but does anyone know if Max Factor Lipfinity (or a similar product) is likely to kill the skin on your lips?

I've never really used a colourstay lipstick before so when I bought it I assumed it was just marketting hype, and got the fright of my life when it wouldn't come off! I had to use eye makeup remover (which I don't even really use for eye makeup, since I use liquid liner).
venetia, I've used Lipfinity quite a lot, and haven't had any trouble. Yes, it does take make-up remover or the like to take it off, that's why I like it. Once I apply I tend not to have time to touch up during the day (I'm like that with clothes and make up: I'll fuss away in the morning, but once I'm ready I don't give it another thought for the rest of the day). At most I'll put some non-petroleum based lip balm on after lunch if I remember. The shiny topcoat does tend to wear off during the day, but the color definitely does not. If you don't use/keep around eye make up remover, any petroleum based product will do. I usually have that baby oil gel around, and that works great (and keeps my lips soft at night). Sorry it startled you, it IS surprising to find a major brand product that actually does what it says!
Thanks Sixelacat, I feel reassured, and that's good to know about the petroleum-based products too.

I'm like that too with clothes and make up - set and forget - so I feel quite happy to think that I will still have my lipstick on in the afternoon. I bought it in a sale because of the colour and now that I know it probably won't do anything horrible, I feel pleasantly surprised.
luxi, I had my hair Japanese straightened last year and it was pretty good. I don't know, some of my cousins had a better experience with it, I just found that I still had to blow dry it otherwise it would be slightly wavy. But there was never any frizz, which was a big deal for me cause my hair goes really frizzy in the humidity.
Hows it going ladies! I havent been on in a while but i am pleaswd to read cosmetic and beauty posts from you all. smile.gif
we're getting an Ulta here
we're getting an ULTA here !!!!!!!

<squee's w/ joyful childlike bliss>
hello beautiful ladies! does anyone have experience with larenim cosmetics? i'd like to order some foundation samples (the loose powder ones) but the colours are really difficult to distinguish on the website. i'm particularly interested in the "w" colours, but can't tell if a higher number equals darker colour, i.e. is 2w the lightest, then 4w would be darker, and 6w ever darker, and so on? anyone? bueller?
agent wasabi, I can't help you w/ that bc I haven't tried larenim (am still partial to Pur), sorry.
it is vexing to try to guess what shade something online might really turn out to be; that's why I'm so Psyched (!!) that we are getting an Ulta here, limited choices as compared to the internet yes, but the ability to try them 1st more than makes up for it.

ok, bc you all here were the first ones to hook me into minerals and stuff, I just came across an article and a website that is totally informative.

the website is called Skin Deep and it lets you look up specific products from their data base & rates them on a scale of 1-10 as to how potentially harmful they might be to you.
sinse my frecklette's skin has gone haywire and I am so into trying to go as naural and less chemi as possible, I plan to systematically investigate as many of our daily use products as I can, to see if there aren't better choices and substitutions to make.

here is the link, the article itself is well worth reading w/ out going to the site.
Bump for sybarite.
Cheers bunnyb! I couldn't find this *dur*

I'm looking for recommendations for a light foundation. I have been lucky with my skin so never learned how to put on any kind of base or foundation. However, these days my skin could use some help to make it as even and pale as it used to be! I'm too lazy to start wearing base regularly, but there's a wedding coming up and I'd like to get something nice to even out my skin. I have no idea how to put this stuff on but remember from high school that sponges are supposed to work well. I'm looking for really light coverage and if it could reflect light a bit that would be a bonus.

I'm willing to go somewhat upmarket. Any suggestions?
sybarite- Im not too sure about the foundation part. If i wear any then its usually one of the Loreal Paris foundations that come in the glass bottle (mainly because theyre one of the few brands that dont give my pale skin an orange tinge).A few friends have told me that Benetint by benefit is quite good. Its a tinted moisturiser rather than a full on foundation, so it wont be so heavy and theyve just released a 'Lite' version if you have pale skin.
Anyway, I just wanted to recommend using a brush to apply. Ive only recently started doing this instead of applying with my fingers and ive found it works loads better:). The sort of brush that looks like this
starship, benetint is a liquid blush; I think you mean You Rebel? I haven't tried that but I would recommend for you, syb, either the light non-fiction foundation or some kind-a gorgeous, which is a foundation faker and goes from cream to powder. I wasn't big on foundation as it always "caked" on me but after trying both of these I haven't turned back; also, like you, I am quite pale so these work quite well. I would recommend going to a Benefit counter in a department store and tell them what you are looking for and they'll test them out on you - always try before you buy!
whoops, thats the one i meant bunnyb. thanks for correcting smile.gif
although i like benetint too...
syb, i'd recommend bare minerals

this is basically a line of makeup that is all made of powdered minerals. i use it here in africa, because it is SO frelling humid, and it's light enough not to feel cakey at all but covers enough to make my skin look more even.

you can buy it at sephora (my bff bought me the basic kit when i was in the states last november) or at several other stores, depending on where you live. it helps to actually be able to try the product on to best match your skin color (there are tints that match fair to quite dark skin).

i like their eye color as well.
Ooh, I like the sound of bare minerals tes. Thanks for that! Now I just have to see if I can afford it...

Thanks too for tips about using a brush (I thought that was just for powder bases and blusher, not liguid foundation) and for reminding me I should try the stuff out first. I feel clueless about this whole process and don't want to look plastered in badly applied makeup that doesn't match my skin.

I think there's both a Benefit and a Bare Minerals counter at the posh dept store in the city centre. Wish me luck...
i really like the product, syb, it is a very natural look, not cakey or streaky and! it doesn't run in the heat!!!

have fun with all of this, it can be really great. take a girlfriend, live it up!

I hit up a Benefit counter last night and the woman working there was fab. She actually whipped out some concealer stuff and used that on me and it blended in perfectly so I bought it. I may well go back and pick up the non-fiction foundation. Cheers bunnyb! I will definitely try the bare minerals too if I can find it here.

Sooooo... I'm back with another query. I'm wearing a silver dress to this wedding in a few weeks. Silver is probably not the best shade for me so I'm trying to work out what to wear on eyes and lips to counter it but complement it at the same time, if you see what I mean. My default is red lippie and mascara and a bit of black eyeliner if I'm going out, but for this I'm thinking a dark pink lipstick instead with a bit of dark grey around the eyes?

I used to wear loads of eye makeup at school but for the last 10+ years have really only gone for the above lippie + mascara combo. I remember that putting on eye shadow takes some practice or you get a muddy mess, so I'm hoping to keep it simple as I won't have time to experiment ahead of time.
syb, dark silver or light silver and is it sparkly? I'd definitely go with the dark pink, for some reason I find silver and red lippie doesn't *quite* work (at least with my colouring, back before the hair went pink). Maybe a dark blue eyeshadow or a touch of eyeliner. I can't remember if you ever do green, but maybe a touch of forest green?
I need some new makeup ideas and thought somebody here might me able to help. So here a pic ( sorry not a great pic) .I would love to here your ideas smile.gif
Sorry lunia, as you can see I'm somewhat of a makeup luddite myself... although I think a good red lipstick brightens up anyone's face, especially the skin. It takes a little while to find the right shade for your skin tone though.

Morn, it's a light silver dress with an overlay of silvery lace/embroidery (it's a great dress smile.gif) I agree about silver + red lippie=not a great combo. I think it's because the silver's just cooler whereas the red is too warm. Or something.

I wasn't initially sure about your suggestion of a little green but now I can see how it could work. Blue occurred to me but with the silver and pink lipstick I think it would be too 80s or something. I'm thinking the green or a dark gray, and maybe eyeliner rather than eye shadow...

/goes back to totally overthinking this outfit.

And WTF was up with the site earlier? I couldn't post anything for a couple of hours there.
syb, I wore a grey and white dress to a wedding in November and wore a smoky, glittery shadow by Urban Decay (the colour is called Strip) with a grey kohl eyeliner (stainless) from Benefit (no surprise there!) I was really pleased with the effect and it lasted for a full day/night and still looked freshly applied. I can't remember if I went for pink gloss on lips or a nude lipstick.

I am so looking forward to stocking up on Benefit make up when I visit the States in July although I may have to buy the above pencil beforehand as I seem to have mislaid it sad.gif.
syb, on the pink/blue... I think it would depend on the shade of pink, but then again I don't do lipstick very often. you could always try out several faces with the dress... take photos and stare at them for hours... not that I do that at all.

and i couldn't post anything either, most annoying.
Has anyone ever tried this stuff?


It stimulates eyelash growth. We had a patient come in yesterday and the hygienist noticed how long her eyelashes were and asked if she had extensions. She told us she used this stuff.

It's a bit expensive- $140 per tube ohmy.gif

But one tube lasts 5 months when used daily, and they say you'll have the optimal results in about 4-6 weeks. After that, you only need to use it a couple times a week to maintain.

I don't know if I want my lashes longer that badly, but I thought I'd pass along the info.
Any reviews on BeneFit's new posie tint?
amazonprincess, i tried the sample at sephora and HATED it! what i love about the original is that there's hardly anything to it--it's thin and watery, it doesn't leave any residue on your skin which is what makes it so natural-looking...the posie stuff is like regular cream blush kind of texture--thick and tacky. i was NOT impressed and actually really disappointed.
It wasn't as good as I expected, amazonprincess, but didn't find it as bad as mouse. I don't wear it on top of foundation though so maybe that makes a difference? I agree about the consistency though; it's more like high beam (and moon beam) than benetint. I like the colour though.
Thanks for the info, sounds like something that wouldn't go with my oily skin.
Queen Bull
QUOTE(lunia666 @ Apr 12 2008, 06:20 PM) *
I need some new makeup ideas and thought somebody here might me able to help. So here a pic ( sorry not a great pic) .I would love to here your ideas smile.gif

HEY fellow southern bustie!

so, idk if youre still looking for new makeup ideas, as this was kind of an old post. ha. anyway, i think that u have the prettiest eyes! what i do with mine, brown tho, not blue ha, anyway, i look at the almay trios to play up a certain color, then go to like whole foods or something to check out the same colors in a healthier version. That could totally change up ur look. more glam but still everyday wear. The only thing with the blue is, I lived with a girl who used the same palette but didnt blend, OMG, she came off like clown like, seriously. So just blend in the blue and bronze shadows, then pair with like a clear, nude or light pink gloss on those amazing pouty lips. I wouldnt recommend a whole hell of alot of foundation or powder, cause it looks like youve got great skin, and tight pores. happy.gif Hope that helps a bit, even if it is, like five months later!
Has anyone tried the new Physician's Formula Organics? I like the powder and the tinted moisturized is ok, but I hate the concealer and am not crazy about the lip veil. The concealer is so sticky that when I tried to apply it pulled the hair out of my face. Maybe I should use it for my eyebrows :-)
And they smell weird too.
No I haven't tried it. I've been using a combination of Mac, L'Oreal True Match, & Make-Up Forever products and will probably wait until they run out before trying something new, as they've been good to me. smile.gif I'm also using Quo cheek tint, which is great & has lasted forever. I must have bought it last year sometime.
Has anyone been to Olay's website? You can get a free online consultation and recommended products based on your individual needs. I tried it out the other day - cool and very new technology-ish. lol
Not sure if this has been discussed before but does anyone know of any good foundations/products for super-pale skin??? even the fairest shades of most ranges usually give me a rather unappealing orange tinge
i got oh-so excited when the nicola roberts range launched (jellypongpong). although the colour was great, the product itself was disappointing and looked awful on:(
any suggestions?
the orangey-ness could be from a bad colour, but if it happens over the course of the day it could be the oils in the product reac\ting with your natural oils, or oxiding which makes the foundation darker.

I've had good luck for with pale colours in Make up For Ever and Jane Iredale products.
I've had some luck with MAC, although if it is what starpiste said about your natural oils reacting, I'd see if you can go in the morning, test it, and go back if you like it after you've done stuff. They're pretty nice about that.
starship, I'm a big fan of clarins. It is a little steep, but a little goes a long way.
"traceless" foundation by Prescriptives in level 1.
I am super pale and the foundation is extremely blendable and light, so I can use it through all seasons
Woohoo! I think Amazon Princess brought this up before in this thread, but I've just been trying Physician's Formula talc-free mineral face powder. Why oh why haven't I tried this before? I love the stuff, it's great for my skin, and the colour actually matches. And it doesn't cost a million $$. Thank you Shopper's Drug Mart cosmetics lady! I have super sensitive skin - and this powder foundation does not make me react, in fact I think it might actually be helping my complexion. It has kaolin in it ladies. KAOLIN. I could seriously kick myself for not trying it before.
i dont think its some kind of reaction- i just find it really hard to find a shade that's pale enough. I'm about as white as they come...
Thanks for all the suggestions:). I'm gonna hit the beauty counters this weekend with your advice in mind..hopefully it'll be more sucessful than past attempts
I mentioned this website before but if anyone likes Olay products their ( website offers consultations...they ask you specifically how you'd like to improve your skin. So far i've been using the olay clarify and cleanse daily face scrube and the Complete all day moisture cream spf15
i have a similar problem to yours starship. i always had to mix my foundation with the gothic white foundation, or use loose white powder over to avoid the orange effect. now i live in las vegas so i can actually wear the "porcelain" or "ivory" colours.
Hey, starship and hiddenpoet, I have the exact same problem. My pasty pale white self could never find a foundation (or powder) light enough. However, I started buying mineral foundation and it is effing rad! It is light enough, covers well, isn't heavy and it lasts a super long time. I like Larenim. They even have a Goth line of makeup with super bright crazy eye shadows and they have a goth white mineral foundations to boot. They have a website and if you live near a Whole Foods, chances are that they probably sell it.
How do you apply your Larenim foundation? I can't seem to do it without getting it all over me.
QUOTE(amazonprincess @ Nov 22 2008, 11:38 AM) *
How do you apply your Larenim foundation? I can't seem to do it without getting it all over me.

Well, you put a little bit (and I do emphasize a little bit here) on the inside of the lid and swoosh your bush into it really well. Then, you can tap off the excess and then brush it into your face in a circular motion. You should start with one layer and then keep layering until you get enough coverage and you can even use a small brush to cover any blemishes or under eye circles you want to hide. It's really subtle and won't look like you have on foundation. It will look like you have supremely even-toned, clear, glowing skin and it lasts all freakin' day! They sell brushes for the make-up on their site or at retailers that carry it (like Whole Foods), but you can get away with using other cosmetic brushes. What's awesome is that you can get away with using less over time because you totally break out less from using it (I swear to God). There aren't any sythetic chemicals in it or oils that irritate your skin and it doesn't clog pores. I've even slept in it and rolled into work the next day still looking fabulous. I'm really into natural beauty products and Larenim is one of my favorite discoveries next to Desert Essence's Oragnics line (they make awesome shamppo, conditioner, skincare, lotion, etc that have no parabens, sulfates, SLS, silicones, EDTA, pthalates). Good luck!
I just bought a bottle of black nail polish! biggrin.gif
OMG. The mall where I live just opened a Sephora!!! It was make-up heaven. I am in lust with Lavanilla's all natural perfumes (especially the Grapefruit one), body washes and lip gloss! Oh! Sephora gives out samples of products if you ask for them. I brought home a sample of the Phyto relaxing balm I have been wanting to try but not spend $30 on only to find out it doesn't work. I'm going to try it the next time I blow my hair out. It's also all natural, which I am so stoked about. I quit using silicone in my hair but had to start again because frizz was out of control. If that stuff works, I'm gonna buy it. They have a line of mostly natural (and some organic) make-up called Korres. They have this lip balm that is to die for. It comes in these little pots and is tinted in the best colors. I tried the plum and it left my lips soft as butter and bright pretty pink.
gotta love sephora. havent been to one for an agee though
i solved my foundation problem by buying a pure white foundation (targeted at goths/geishas ha) and just mix a little of that with the stuff i thought id wasted my money on before and voila- perfect shade:)
My skin is dry dry dry all over. How do you all keep your bodies greasy?
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