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Re: Yves Rocher, I've only used the bath products and I find them way cheesy smelling and nothing special.
I wanted to pop in and say thanks again to whoever it was that recommended MAC powerpoint eyeliner to me. The two I ordered arrived and they're great! Stay put much better than what i had before.
I don't normally post in this room but it was suggested that I post my comment here. I just got this really great nail polish. It's by OPI and it's call I'm Not Really a Waitress. I have to say that the color IRL is nothing like the color you see on the picture on their website. I'd have to say it's closer to this color IRL. If anyone is looking for a new shade of red that pretty much goes with everything I'd definitely recommend I'm Not Really a Waitress.
pugs, i couldn't open your links, but i looked it up on i'm not a red-polish-wearer, but i might actually consider this one. it sure is purdy.

help. i can't decide which lipglass to buy and i'm afraid i'm going to buy all four! i go for neutral, mauvey glosses, and usually wear viva glam VI (warm plum with multi-dimensional pearl), but now i'm torn between viva glam V (neutral pink w/pearl), corps-de-ballet (soft plum w/silver pearl) and the raquel welch bodymind (neutral pink w/gold pearls).

they last me forever. but i don't need four $14 lipglasses for chrissakes!

i know i know. some people have real problems. unsure.gif is offering free shipping this weekend. if anyone's interested.
Mandolyn -

I'm glad you were able to see it on The other day OPI's polish section was down as well. I'm really not a red polish kind of chick but this one is so pretty. All day today while I'm cleaning I just look down and think about how sexy it makes my hands look. Mr. Pug has even commented (totally not like him at all) that he really likes the color. says it's "perhaps the most popular -- & most universally beloved -- nail polish color...". It's now my favorite.

Again let me just say that the picture on the website doesn't do it justice. It's much more pretty IRL.
Pugs, I just love I'm Not Really A Waitress! It's a very pretty and flattering red.

Mandi, I have the Corps-De-Ballet and love, love, love it. Okay, so maybe you don't need four, but is three really *that* bad? tongue.gif

Mandi, I second the Corps-de-Ballet...I tried it on, and even though it wasn't the right shade for me, I wanted so badly for it to work because it's just such a gorgous color.

And LMP, I haven't tried I'm Not Really a Waitress; thanks for the recommendation!
thanks, ladies ... you talked me into it. i love the lipglass so much. these four will last me eons.

is it sad that i'm really really excited about this purchase?
OPI is about the worst-wearing, least-pigmented polish in my quite-extensive collection. Since I ditched acrylics and went natural, I can't stand OPI. It doesn't wear for shit, and its color intensity is way too weak. I can't get a decent manicure out of it with fewer than three coats, and it's NOT fast-drying, so we're talking about two hours for an OPI shade. Not worth it for me ... and I'm someone who quite loves to waste time on cosmetic efforts.
Maimy -

What kind of polish do you recommend?

Let me add that the OPI polish I bought does chip a lot and does take forever to dry. I still love the color though.
A Sephora is opening up in my city! I just had to announce that to people who would understand how truly momentous this news is. Of course, it's not opening for another six months but I can wait. Gives me time to save up and plot my opening day strategy.
I went to our first Sephora's grand opening and it was insane! Good luck. Bring lots of cash.

I was in the make-up cabinet (yes, I keep makeup where I should be keeping towels and stuff because I overfilled my medicine cabinet. I'm a big ol' product whore) looking for something else and I found a bottle of Channel's Cobra nail polish. Still fresh as the day I bought it. At $18 bucks a pop, it's pricey, but so good.

Got a bottle of Sonic Death Monkey yesterday. I haven't tried it as a shampoo yet, but I love the smell (and the name). It's chocolatey/tobacco-y/orange, sort of.
I'm so jealous of the Sephora opening in a city near you! Nothing fun ever happens here. Le sigh. I could always go online. My big thing is that I don't wnat to buy something without actually knowing what the colour looks like.
I've filled up my cybercart at the Sephora site so many times, only to abandon it before actually going through with it. It's hard to buy things without knowing the texture or how the colour really looks. I was all set to buy some eyeshadow once because it was the perfect shade of green - then I saw it on a different monitor and it looked yellow and garish and I realized I had no idea which was closer to the truth.

I don't know if I'll make it to the grand opening. Just the thought of all those elbows gives me a panic attack.
I bought Benefit's 10 today: a blusher and bornzer (looks like dandelion and hoola) and it's shimmery and lovely; I also saved £5.50 ($11) smile.gif .
Yuefie and LoveMyPugs, you're right about I'm Not Really A Waitress. It's terrific! Thanks for the recommendation.

Have a wonderful time at Sephora, PLynn et all!

i'm just stopping in to report on how much i LOVE the MAC mineralize skinfinish pressed powder... i was using aveda pressed powder before and although it had a nice finish, it always ran out so quickly (price relative to size was rather incongruous) and came in a square-shaped tray that wasn't especially friendly to big round brushes. also, all of the aveda shadows, blushes and powders come as refills, so you're forced to buy the (not cheap) aveda compact.

anyway, i've switched to MAC and i'm not going back; the mineralize powder comes in a big round compact and the super-fine powder yields natural-looking, sheer coverage while smoothing out my flaws. plus it's perfect for my combination/oily skin. i totally recommend it!

we're FINALLY getting a MAC stand-alone store in my city sometime in the next couple of months... i can't wait!
Is Ulta a lot like Sephora?

I looove Sephora, but the closest one is an hour away in non-traffic conditions. In fact that's where they hooked me up with some Stila tinted moisturizer. I have a hard time finding anything that doesn't look like war paint because I'm so freakin' pale.
octinoxate - I PM'd you - did you get it?
*delurking with questions*
I'm a total eyebrow maintenance newbie, seriously, just did my first [minor] brow plucking yesterday after visiting the BeneFit counter. I went back and bought the brow zings, tried it at home and didn't do too bad. Any tips on application?

Also, they used several brushes on me yesterday (face, eyes, brows). How important are the brushes and do I have to buy them there?

I'm falling in love with the BeneFit stuff already-can't wait to go back for the Dallas and some lip color. Maybe tomorrow since I will still have the 15% off for opening a new account...hmmm...

Ulta is even better than Sephora in some ways, because they offer (at least mine does, and mine is a small ghetto one!) cheap makeup from Wet 'n' Wild all the Way on up, as well as hair, body lotions, and perfumes. All things body maintenance you can think of. That, and mine provides hair cuts and waxing! However, it's not as specialized as Sephora, so it won't always have what you need that way. Best to browse both!! wink.gif
My favorite beauty supply store ever is Beauty Brands. They carry mostly hair and nail care, but their make up selection is also aces. Has anyone ever tried Bare Minerals? They've got the best blush, especially the peach toned ones. Does anyone have a suggestion for a nice berry toned blush? Origins carries my favorite eye shadows. Their golds are beautiful.
I went to an Ulta for the first time about 2 weeks ago.

while yes it's impressive, I was a bit disappointed all the same, bc it was considerably smaller than the one my friend had told me about (2 floors?) in Denver and didn't have the in-store variety of hair-care products that they offer online. they did though, have the hair salon and a lot of other wonderful things.

I bought Pur Minerals mascara and *Love It*. it's honestly the best mascara I've ever used, and doesn't clump or flake or bother my contacts. you don't even need to use an eyelash brush w/ it bc it's application is so even. def worth the $15**

I also bought Pur's eyeshadow in charcol but haven't tried it yet.

I am trying to use Only mineral makeup totally, but haven't found any lipsticks or glosses that look appealing enough to try so far. - any suggestions?

also, Afterglow minerals are changing their products.. got an email about it recently.. don't know if they'll be better or worse but I think I am through w/ them. I have been using their Just Peachy blush sample as (the best ever for my fair freckly complexion) eyeshadow and it's no longer available either. sad.gif
........ w h y ? for the love of MAUD why do they do that?

on the up side, my frecklette & I both bought highlighting kits for our hair at Ulta; kits we haven't seen anywhere else before.
the nearest Ulta to us though is a good 90+ minute drive.

is Beauty Brands like an Ulta/Sally's /Sephora's and are they regional or all over?
good god, it was a huge pain in the ass for me to log in using my old userid.
i think it had cobwebs on it!

i got the new seasonal sephora catalogue, and if you are making an online purchase make sure you use promocode SURVIVAL3 to choose some yummy things like a make up forever lipstick or jonathan styling cream.

my skin has totall changed, and i dunno if it's the texas sun, my 32nd birthday or all the antibiotics i've been on recently (or a combination of all three).
my pores are so big you can SEE them in photos.
and let's not even get into all the other little imperfections.

dos anyone have anything to say about bare escentual's rare minerals skin revival treatment?
it sounds like it's what i want but i don't wanna plunk down $60 unless i hear something good.
I never usually come in here because I don't do anything special with my makeup. But I've just started a new skin care regime, thanks to my dermatologist, and he said that if I want to wear foundation I need to use something oil-free. I had been using Mac liquid foundation but it's fairly oily so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I usually need something with a wide range of colours because I have a somewhat unique skintone (my mom's white and my dad's Indian so I've always had trouble finding good colour matches).
Yesterday, a department store here had 10% off all makeup so I went to the Benefit counter and bought Some Kinda Gorgeous foundation faker (cream to matte) and their new Love Your Look cream blush and silky finish lipstick. Can't wait to try them out.
candycane_girl, what i've been doing lately is mixing powder mineral foundation with my moisturizer. it's rather easy to control shade/opacity that way

also, i'm hopelessly addicted to nyx eyeshadows. they're bright and fun and drugstore-priced and rather uncreasy. i'm in loooove tongue.gif
Thanks for the tip tyger. I had been wondering if it might just be easy to go with a powder foundation but then I was afraid of it really accentuating the dryness of my face. I hate buying drugstore make up because it never seems to match my face so I usually go with stuff that I can get from the makeup counter at The Bay.
QUOTE(amazonprincess @ Apr 2 2007, 03:32 AM) *
*delurking with questions*
I'm a total eyebrow maintenance newbie, seriously, just did my first [minor] brow plucking yesterday after visiting the BeneFit counter. I went back and bought the brow zings, tried it at home and didn't do too bad. Any tips on application?

Also, they used several brushes on me yesterday (face, eyes, brows). How important are the brushes and do I have to buy them there?

I'm falling in love with the BeneFit stuff already-can't wait to go back for the Dallas and some lip color. Maybe tomorrow since I will still have the 15% off for opening a new account...hmmm...


Benefit stuff is great - I was at macys and I think it was the lacome place was really rad. They took me and showed me what really worked and had a ton of colors to choose from. It was pretty rocking. biggrin.gif
I'm a redhead so that's hard anyway but yeah... they really know their stuff! AND Benefit stuff is really cute!
I'm new at the eyebrow thing too - would you suggest the eye zings? (I'm afraid even haha)
So far so good on the browzings eye brow kit. I am quite fair skinned with light eyebrows (dark blond/lt brown hair) and the lightest one works for me. It seems to go on pretty light, actually I havn't had to clean it off and start over so that's good. I'd recommend visiting the counter and trying it. But I like it.
Well, I bought my first make up today.

Ever since I was about seven, I've had a strong fear of makeup. I thought I looked like some sort of an alien, or a man. While sometimes I'd have an impulse buy or two, it never really interested me. Plus, I hated animal testing, and I thought all companies did it.

Well, after discovering there was more than what I saw at the local smiths and my mother's make up drawer, I decided to try it. So I went and bought some. I've found that I really like bright colors, and more obvious makeup. I like things that make me look paler than I already am. Odd to say the least.

Now that I know what colors flatter me, I'm wondering if you all know of any places, either online or non-virtual, that sell natural, non-animal tested makeup. I know about Medusa's Makeup and Urban Decay, but that's about it. Also, do you know of any places I could such things that are not online? I've tried Whole Foods and a natural drug store(I have no idea if it is local or not) with out to much success. I live in a small NM town near Santa Fe, so somewhere in lets say, New York, would be out of the question.
LJ - body shop is great; I love thier brushes and basics. Lush do make-up under the name "Be never to busy to be beautiful" and they have gorgeous colours. But I don't know if they post to the us (I've got a feeling they do now). Avon don't test on animals, and according to the interwebs, nor do clinique or estee lauder. I found this listing, which is taken from "the little book of cruelty-free". peta probably have an equivalent listing. and you could try hippyshopper, although they don't concentrate on make-up alone.
I heard that you have gorgeous skin, Dina! I was just thinking about you last night in the car when we heard Incubus on the radio...
Has anyone here ever experienced a slight burning sensation when applying liquid eyeliner? I've never had a problem with makeup before but I bought some Almay liquid black liner and it burned a little bit.
Good grief, Candy - I've been wearing makeup for 25 years and never had that happen. I'd email the company. It doesn't sound good!

Candy, depending on the place you bought it, you might be able to get a refund. Besides, a lot of drugstores have packaged makeup lying around for long periods of time. Eye makeup in particular has a very short halflife. Maybe the chemical changed or you just had a reaction to an ingredient in it.

Almay is supposed to be "hypoallergenic" right? Would definitely consider writing a complaint to the company -- they sometimes bend over backwards to please you.... you might even get some free stuff .... hopefully nothing you are allergic to!
I'm allergic to something that's in all brands of makeup except for MAC. Yes, it can make your eyes burn and water. Some brands (even almay) even give me little blisters on my face when i use them. I have to be soooooooooo careful. Maybe you're just a sensitive girl.
I forgot to say that I too am usually a MAC girl in almost all respects (foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick). Although another funny thing is that in the past I had always relied on the MAC makeup remover wipes and I felt like they were irritating the area where I had put on the eyeliner. I was really curious about trying liquid eyeliner but now I'm not so sure. I only bought the drugstore stuff (from Shopper's Drug Mart) because I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on something I might not get the hang of.

That's another thing. My hand and eyelids shook so much that I just looked like an even more deranged Amy Winehouse. It was not good!
When I first used liquid eyeliner I had the same problem. I ended up looking like a member of the oliver twist gang. I literally spent an entire day practicing and finally got the hang of it. I'd keep on trying, because I finally learned to master it!
candy, I have a problem with a lot of make-up removers, and I've started using olive oil (extra virgin good stuff if I can find a weeny bottle, but bog standard cooking olive oil atm). I found that actually helped my tolerance for eyeliner, although I still have to be careful with what brands I use.

and it took ages for me to get the hang of putting liquid eyeliner on...
I'm thinking that eventually I'll just go to MAC and get some good liquid eyeliner and I'll have to practice with that. Strangely enough, I was talking to one of my friends about the liquid eyeliner burning thing and she said that it burns her too and most of her friends who use liquid eyeliner. She kind of made it sound like it was quite normal for it to burn but I don't know. I don't think that is very normal though.
hey all, i have not posted in this thread before but thought i would weigh in on the eyeliner thing. i am allergic to many make-up brands and products but also love MAC as it seem to be oneo f the only brands that i can consistantly wear. i have used specailty "natura"l brands of liquid eyeliner and not had good luck but i do use the MAC liner with the brush and i love it. i honestly think the brush makes all the difference in how it goes on because others i have tried i can not get a thin line and look way too made up with a huge thick eye line. good luck.

ps. i also like to go to the MAC counter to have them show me how to use a particular product.. sometimes it is just a simple trick that makes all the difference.
hi all... this is more of a skin care question than a makeup question, but i'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good eye cream? i'm looking for something that will minimize dark circles and isn't too greasy to wear under makeup. i just bought this all-natural stuff and while it's great for wearing while i'm snoozing, it's not meant to be worn under makeup. there are so many eye creams out there and they really range in price, so any tips would be fab... has anyone tried benefit's "eyecon"?

in other news, the new revlon makeup eraser pen rocks my messy-mascara'd socks! smile.gif
Hi agent wasabi...I've been happy w/ Clinque's All About Eyes. They also have an All About Eyes Rich, which I've been using lately. I think I like the original a little bit better. I think both types are about $28.
Wasabi I've been using Yonka phytocontour for a while and it seems to be working. It lasts a really long time cause a little dab'll do ya, but I remember it being spendy. But seriously I haven't had to replace it for a while.

It has a powerful rosemary extract smell that will wake you up in the morning too fwiw.

Oh and it doesn't mess up my makeup. I sometimes use a touch of Skin Flash by Dior whenever I can get my hands on it (I don't want to buy it until I'm out of the other stuff I'm using) under my eyes, it's the best stuff I've found for that area.
Hey all. Unfortunately it seems that I am going to have to buy some new makeup because I lost mine! (including some really awesome blue-green MAC eyeshadow)

Anyway, I figured I would just buy some eyeliner and foundation and I'm thinking about trying Benefit foundation. Has anyone else here ever used it? I'm a bit apprehensive because it says on the website that they only have 9 shades and I've had issues in the past with finding a good matching colour, I think it's cause I'm bi-racial. But my complaint with the MAC foundation is that it always seems to wear off after only an hour or so.

Suggestions, anyone?
I use Benefit's Non-Fiction liquid foundation and like it lots but I have very pale skin so always go for the palest shade, no matter what.
agent wasabi,
I use and absolutely love MAC's fast response eye cream. it's sort of expensive at 28 bucks a pop but it's so silky and i love it. use it every day, even if i don't wear anything else on my face.

candycane girl, i'm using l'oreal's True Match and LOVE the stuff. It apparently has some kind of micro chips, i dunno, that refract somehow and give the foundation a really even match with the skin. Really I have no idea how it works, but it does in spades for me.
i haven't posted in a good long while but i've been a member for quite some time. i was recently in a car accident that left me w/ 2 broken hands more or less (hence the lack of capitilazation - i only have a few good fingers). i'm fine but it's left me unable to do many things, particularly my hair. it used to be straight but fl humidity has turned it into a rats nest. i'm considering japanese straightening. has anyone had any experience w/ this? i know we used to have a hair thread and excuse me if i overlooked it but i didn't see it anymore. i basically need a 'do that i can literally wash and go, i can't dry it or put any product in it. any help is very much appreciated!!!
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