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welcome back, babydrool ... so nice to see you!
and thanks for the recommendations. raves from you are high praise indeed!

i finally used my $50 gift card at sephora last night, and bought two things. and still had to shell out an additional $20. and yes, i was in desperate need of said two items (chanel chance eau de toilette and clinique pore minimizer t-zone shine control), but jeez ... i wish i had less expensive taste. i'm a little pouty.

maybe the siblings and mamasan will actually read and utilize my gift registry this xmas, though.
mmm. sephora. gift card. mmmmm.

I just bought my mom her christmas presents from their website... including this limited edition frederic fekkai shimmer hairspray with diamond dust in it. (no wonder it was nearly $13, for hairspray!) I never use hair products myself, but this sounds like it could be fun for the holidays. maybe she'll let me try it out.

et alors, the current dilemma: I want to buy my first eye cream. I'm nearly thirty. my skin's drier than it used to be. winter makes it worse. I'm battening down the hatches but I've only ever used regular face creams - anyone have a favorite eye-specific cream? I don't need anything, like, hydraulic. just non-irritating, moisturizing, ready to fight any fine lines that might be lurking. some de-puffing action is always welcome for this insomniac girl too.

hell, I don't even know what to look for in an eye cream. I went to the drugstore but I didn't know what ingredients I should get excited about. clearly I missed eye cream day in girl school.
Hi, Mando!!! When's the next NYC Bustie gathering? Never made it to one but would still love to get together and finally meet!

FlyingF, I like the Neutrogena eye cream with copper in it... light and doesn't irritate my eyes or my wallet!
FlyingFrog, I adore the Burts Bee's Eye Creams not to mention all of their other products. Go to their website. They usually have a sale or two unlike the co-op which charges full price and then some.
i threw out my burt's bees eye cream because it was giving me milia, those little white bumps you get on the edges of your eyes. it's very thick and greasy, and didn't seem to help my tiny fine lines either (i'm 30).

i just bought some lush stuff and i'm trying their eye cream--i like it so far. it doesn't irritate my eyes or anything, and seems soft. lush stuff is so expensive though--i'm going to wait and see what i think of it with time.
I've been using this roll-on eye stuff from a brand called "lumene" that I got at a CVS. It is really light serum and it works well for de-puffing and my dark circles.

I'm so jealous that you ladies get a gathering. I'm in Cali and the last gathering I heard about was a couple of years ago to see Hedwig (Im not actually "new," just new to this name..sorta..I used to be "blackcherry").

I'm on a mission to find red lipstick,yet again. I'm (fake) blonde,have blueish-greyish-greenish eyes,pale skin,and gold freckles. I have a couple of golden reds but my bf doesn't think they look good on me. Any ideas?
blakcherry, sorry i am almost a month late on responding due to not being able to check the lounge lately, and perhaps you used the alternative mentioned by now, but wanted to let you know i have had great success with talika's eyelash cream (it's in a blue pot and sephora sells it as well as talika's site. product is thick). they say to apply twice a day -- i always only did it once, at night. during the day i wear hard contacts and don't want stuff on my lashes obviously (unless it's mascara of course). personally, i use a cotton swab to apply and i follow the instructions.
if you find another product/method works for you, do let us know! smile.gif
Spirit-Better late than never! I have been using the mavala stuff (once a day) but I can't really guage its success yet. I think the little gap in my eyelashes filled in (a little...kinda?) but they look pretty much the same otherwise. Then again,it has only been a couple of weeks. I didn't use the castor oil long enough to be able to judge either. While my lashes may not have grown, the mavala stuff is certainly great under mascara (makes my lashes LOOK fuller and longer) and my lashes seem to be falling out less.
Wow, it's been a while, because I don't even know how to use the new lounge! I sort of got addicted to LJ, and it sucks a lot of my web time.

I must be on the same wavelength as babydrool to come back and pop in. smile.gif I was checking out the info on nyc, because I am moving there this month, and I had to stop in my favourite thread.

I will read through this week, but hello to all of my busties, and a quick plug for the aromaleigh voile foundation. I have been using it for TV work and on myself. I absolutely love it, and I look like I am not wearing anything. It also comes in super super light colors--I'm thinking of maimy here.

Anyway, I am off to research the cool places of nyc. I hope I can meet some of you New York busties!
*Squee* a shout-out on makeup!!!! I'd love to try this stuff - is it possible to find samples, VV? Though I have been loving the minerals for daily wear, my Saturday Night full-face regimen has not changed, still with the foundation etc. - and Maybelline Smooth Result was discontinued, so even with hoarding a few bottles it can only last so long ...

Also, how are you? Please say you'll stick around a little - eh?
maimy--i've missed you so! yes, you can order samples of the voile on the website--they are super cheap and last about a week for me. also cool to know that they advertise in bust, so that is a plus. i'm a fan of their highlighters as well. i think i have a candlelight one. when i get settled in nyc, i could mail you one also. i have a few samples in each colour for work. just let me know if you'd like me to. the alabaster is amazingly light. and there is a color called ghost that you can mix in to lighten your foundation even more. i love that stuff! i do plan on sticking around--it's been a crazy year, but i have internet installed in my new apt in brooklyn. smile.gif

dusty, mandolyn, babydrool--hi! i've missed all of you! is junglista around? or jilliec? pagangrrl? kisses around.
Oh, thank you VV!

I'd love samples - it appears you can get 'em on the site, too; I'll probably spend a few min. there tomorrow when I am not so tired. But PM me any time, even if not to be all nicey-nice and give me stuff ... Heh.

I'm finding with the switch from traditional foundation, pale and perfect color matching are much less of an issue. The minerals are so sheer and the point is to wear so little, I just throw some of my foundation color in with some of their "porcelain glow" (no pigment, but no pearly shine either - it's a nice "cutter" to balance tints) and dab with about half and half. SO nice. (This is the first makeup I've ever worn that is beautifully improved by a little bit of sweating ...)

I am so loving the model's golden-age-movie-starlet look on the home page!

QUESTION for my cosmetically-wise compadres: I received a double-ended clear BOOM lip gloss with an eBay purchase a few months ago, and am running near empty now. It is a really nice gloss, but the only place I have found it online appears to be some sort of local wholesaler in L.A., and I'm not even sure their online ordering system even works. Has anyone else ever used BOOM? Does anyone know where I might be able to find it? eBay searches were a bust, and I can't remember who the seller was who used it as a bonus, so I'm hoping to find a hookup ...

Grazie, ladies!
oof, so late in saying this - my internet time is so random. but thanks for the eye cream tips, ladies. I ended up with a lumene product (not roll-on, it's a little tube). hydra tender soothing eye cream, it's called. I chose it because a) it says 'for sensitive skin' and I have the kind of face that gets rashy if you look at it wrong, let alone pile on gooey creams; b) it wasn't too pricey; c) as I was dithering at the shelf with a couple products in my hand a woman walked by and said "get the lumene stuff, it's a great brand." sold! and the skin around my eyes is definitely looking less dry and crinkly after a few weeks of use. awesome.

I also want to say, as cold weather approaches, that sally hansen's radiant hands nails & cuticles cream is a-mazing for preventing the chapped knuckles and peeling cuticles of winter. but it's not greasy. smells light and citrusy. I love it. $6 at the drugstore.

blakcherry, I'm on a red lipstick hunt too. why is it so hard? I am starting to wonder if maybe I just can't wear it. I always look like a clown. so I stick to the boring ol' berry shades and sneak envious glances at the girls who can pull off real-red. bah.
FlyingFrog, it's about figuring out whether you're a blue red or an orange red. People talk about "true" red, but in cosmetics there are very, very few actual primary colors to be found. Even the nearly-true red-reds I wear would look more pink if you drew a line on white paper with one. That indicates the blue-red, which looks best on me.

I can't really speak to the complexions which look best with what, because it seems to me many of the guidelines or rules on those things are difficult to apply. I am very sallow/olive - but, because I am also extremely pale, the yellow and green undertones of my skin don't get the same effects with color cosmetics that someone darker than I am, but with the same skin tones, would. I think a lot of olive or sallow people would probably look better in the orange reds than the cool reds I prefer.

Prestige makes about the closest to a true-red lipstick I have ever found, and I have been a red-convert for about fifteen years. They're a drugstore brand, but I highly recommend their lipcolors. I own at least five of them, and they're all very good; have been using Prestige for three years or more now.

If you have any tubes of failed color at home, take a sheet of very white paper and do some color tests to see what pigments are in them. If you have more than one, it should be pretty easy to sense what undertones are at work; by far easier than it often is in the tube or even on your skin. (I have one Maybelline red that looked so fire-engine red in the tube, but which turned out to be so pink it actually tattoos my lips magenta; I hate it on its own, and it's a failed experiment - I use it as a mixer.) Figuring out what's not working on you can help you find another direction to go, usually a better one. Good luck!
Hi , VeronicaV -- glad to hear you are moving to NYC! So much to do and see -- grew up here and no other city seems to compare.

As for a "true red" lipstick I can recommend Vincent Longo in "Americana" -- works for pale/olive/ or dark skintones because it is not blue red or orange red -- neutral. A bit pricier than drugstore brands but I don't wear red everyday so it lasts forever. If looking for a red tinted lippy that is not so in-your-face -- Benefit Benetint works pretty well and can be used for both cheeks and lips.

Recently bought Vincent Longo lipstain in "baby boo" (I liked the name) -- lasts forever but the colors stain really dark and dries superquickly before you can lighten it up. I've figured a routine to apply clear lipgloss with lightening speed after the stain to get lighter but longlasting results but its kinda annoying. Obsessed with lipstains because I hate having to reapply lipgloss/lipstick every hour -- need staying power. Don't like the longlast lipsticks in the drugstores because they are so stiff and dry up my lips. Anyone recommends a brand they like?
I've decided to just stop trying to find an all-day "long lasting" lipstick. They are all so drying, some of them were actually uncomfortable. The worst were the ones that came in little tubes that you painted on, then covered up with some kind of questionable grease substance afterward.

If I decide to put lipstick on now, I just apply it and reapply it as I need to. It's not that hard to do, and I don't feel like my lips are chapping instantly.

I found a couple of samples I'd been given that I forgot about: by Eco Bella. I'm actually surprised--I got a tube of their black mascara, two tubes of their liquid lip gloss ("Peace", "Power" and "Passion" colours--love the Peace, but the others are too pink for me) and a couple of tubes of their lipstick--one in a deep red (like a burgundy red), the other in a bronzy colour. Their lipsticks are very moist, kind of sheer, but the colours are good if nothing exciting. Just nice for every day wear. I like the idea that they're not filled with a whole bunch of scary dyes or strange, animal-by-product bases.

The mascara, however, is exceptional. Seriously. Better than Mac, which I've been using over the last year; better than an outrageously overpriced Estee Lauder mascara I decided to try about a month or so ago, and better than the drug store brands I've been using forever. I can't believe I let this sit, forgotten, for so long!

Quick question: Does anyone have a suggestion for a product that might "brighten up" my skin a bit? I have your standard fair, freckly complexion that tends to get a bit dull in the winter. I'd like to get a bit of a dewy look.

However, I don't tend to like to use foundation because my skin is very sensitive. The plus side to fair skin is that a little makeup tends to go a loooooong way.


Luna, thanks to VV's recommendation (which came JUST at re-ordering time) I got some new toys at Aromaleigh, and one of them might be good for you. In mixing the pigments I received just last week (which turned out great), I had ordered one with a slight pearl finish to it - not glimmer or glitter at all, but a very light luminescence. Adding that to the matte minerals gave a wonderful oomph. One of the things I liked about minerals when I started them this spring was that they were actually improved by a light warm-weather sweat; and, of course, with winter on its way, I'm not getting that particular "glow" these days. Heh. Anyway, so the "Illuminator" powder from Aromaleigh, with the subtle light-catching sheen, might be a good item to try - even if you don't use mineral makeup. I would imagine you can mix it in with blush or regular powder pretty easily.

Funnily enough, Cover Girl used to make a loose powder with a very subtle sheen which, when they discontinued it, I had an impossible time replacing/replicating. I've been playing lab-scientist with loose pigments ever since running out of the last of it for years trying to capture the non-glimmery glow it created, with varying success. It was called "Illuminator" - and this Aromaleigh stuff is every bit as good as that, even without pigment. It may actually be a slight improvement; I wore it in daylight twice this week, and could not have really done that with the CG loose powder.
santa was ab fab with me this year, and i now have oodles of $$$ to spend at sephora! i'm trying to plan this out carefully so i can stretch my gift cards to the max .... so does anyone have any makeup/haircare/etc recommendations, or anything on their wish list i can check out?
I am madly in love with anything by Benefit. Punkrockboy got me the new Dallas pallette. Their Dallas line is somewhere between a blush and a bronzer. It makes my cheeks look sunkissed, even during the rainy winter in Portland!
punkrockgrrrl, I love Benefit too! Santa brought me a pocketpal (benetint and gloss wand), showoff eye shimmer in new colour mint julep (torquoise) and TWO Realness of Concealness boxes so I exchanged one for Dandelion blush (I was running out). I also received a box set of Ruby&Mille makeup that covers all the essentials!

2 x Lush gift boxes too so I'm looking AND smelling pretty wink.gif.
Oh bunny, my make up sista! I am also quite fond of Dandelion and benetint. Question: Do you use the little brushes that come in the Dandelion/hoola/dallas boxes? I find them all too small!!
I hate to diss a recommendation from one of my beloved BUSTie sistahs, but I am back to report I don't like Aromaleigh as much as I did the Larenim. Aromaleigh seems to collect in the creases by my nose, and the coverage is much more makeuppy looking than Larenim. It looks cakey after a very little while, and doesn't even seem to correct flaws. I'm finding myself depending on cover stick underneath it, and it doesn't seem to hold on top of that at all naturally.

I do still like the illuminator powder, and will probably mix that in with bits of my preferred makeup regimes, but as to the other two items I bought - well, I am just glad I bought them on sale ...
punkrockgrrl, those brushes are teensy, aren't they? I have the bluff brush which I use on powders (mainly for my bluff dust and get even, the latter is *fabulous* at concealing redness, which I need) and although an expensive brush it has a good head but small body so great for throwing in handbag!
i just tried some samples from Aromaleigh over the weekend. I used the Voile mineral foundation and also the mineral concealer. I wasn't impressed with either of them- I found them to be make-uppy looking, too. I will have to try larenim.
also from aromaleigh, i tried the super bright shadows from the ROCKS collection, or whatever it is called. the colors were really pretty, but i wasn't impressed with their blend-ability.
Hi everyone. I have a quick make-up question: is it possible to find a (non-liquid) eyeliner that stays where I put it? I've tried a couple different brands just from the drugstore and all of them blur off by halfway through the day. Is that just an inherent quality of crayon-type eye liners or am I using the wrong brands?
punkrockgrrrl, i am a huge fan of dallas also - i even gave up my longtime, beloved lancome miel glace for it. but i do wish they'd package it in a transportable compact. i'm considering buying the palette, but the lip shines will be a waste (plus it doesn't look very purse-sized).

_octinoxate, i'm a MAC eye pencil gal. you don't get the same precise effect as a liquid liner, but it does stay put well (and i have oily lids). you can get a pretty thin line if you keep it sharpened.
Pink, thank you for the second opinion - I wasn't 100% sure, but it really didn't seem to measure up. I'll probably try to use up the voile and foundation by powdering my decollate' with it; I so hate waste. But I am definitely waiting for my new order of Larenim. I could not have been more pleased with it.

Aromaleigh included some samples when I ordered from them, but I have not used them. Bright pink eyeshadow in a teeny-tiny little ziplock bag. I'd get half of it smudged all over the back of my finger before I had half enough to even try to smudge with the front of my finger. And a white lip gloss. I would have enjoyed extra samples, but teeny-tiny baggies are a crappy way to package them. I'm like - what am I supposed to do with bags of smudge ... ?

I'm still on a quest for a good hairstyle for when kog3100 comes home. Anyone know of any good hair sites? I've got like a week and a half.
does anyone have any suggestions on a good foundation to hide discolorations and uneven skin tone from acne? thanks so much!

_octinoxate, i agree with mando re: MAC eyeliner. their powerpoint pencils are the best i've come across. i'd love to use liquid eyeliner but i'm far too clumsy and usually wind up looking like a clown!

and now i've got a question for y'all: i'm in the market for a new set of makeup brushes. in particular, i want to get a new all-over face brush (for powder and bronzer) and one for blush. what's the difference between natural and synthetic fibers? is one better quality than the other? are they each suited to certain skin types?
Stargazer, I really love Illuminare Mineral Cosmetics Extra Coverage Foundation as a concealer and Ultimate Finish as foundation. You can get them at for a couple dollars cheaper, plus free shipping. They usually send discount codes every few weeks if you sign up for their newsletter. The discount code right now is for 15% off (it's usually 10%) and it's YOU15G.
hm, thanks for the tip about MAC eyeliner. I think I'll pick some up... is that the kind of thing I have to get at a department store, or what?

Maimy, I don't know of any hair websites, but I find that just going to a salon where some fabulous gay man works and giving him free reign over my hair has always worked well smile.gif

Star, I've got no info about foundation, but I know that the proactiv brand makes a "skin lightening cream" that's supposed to make acne discoloration (those dark/reddish/pink spots) fade faster. Might be worth checking out.
thanks yuefie and octinoxate!
I don't 'get' the Dandelion. Its sooooo pale and I'm pretty pale so I don't know how it even shows up on other people.
I'm pale too dusty, I dunno ... I bought it as I thought I would look like Rag Dolly Annie with the georgia and ended up just liking the glow it gives me and sticking to it. I should maybe give the Georgia a go too ... (I'm running out of Benefit products to purchase anyway!)
You use it as blusher, Bunny? I guess I'm just an eighties whore, I'll end up an old lady with two strips of dark blusher under my cheekbones.

I kind of liked the stuff to put under my eyes, and what did I do with the lip liner they sold me for an eye pencil? Hmmm.

The pocket-sized Benetint I managed to spill in the Sephora store in Vegas and thanks to Mr. Dusty's quick intervention it wasn't a fashion disaster, so I figured I better stick with the regular size even tho the small one is sooooooo cute.
Octi, good thought but my last fab gay man left town a few years back ... and, if I'm honest, I really want to do my hair myself. I'm somewhat attached to the idea of keeping it simple and keeping it soft, so that he can take it down with a flourish and we can get to the mutual ravishings (me with beautifully tumbling tresses falling about my shoulders). Heh. However, I did hit a few sites today, and printed out enough to go on.
How did you end up doing your hair maimy? Soft and romantic sounds gorgeous.

Has anyone ever used Paula Dorf Lip Slides?
I'm looking for a high quality gloss that is NOT tacky, but has some staying power. I'm mostly looking for hydrating shine with quality pigment. Unfortunately, I live in a part of the world where I have to do any quality cosmetics shopping online, so it can be difficult to gauge exactly what a product will do.

I'm also looking at her flat eye liner brush to replace my old tiny liner brush, the flat one looks like it gives more control.
Hi, Crin! I haven't been able to welcome kog3100 home just yet, so haven't done the Big Date hair - but did do some experimenting and found something. See How Do You Wear Your Hair for details, heh.

In makeuppy news, I now adore Larenim even more than before. I placed an order in December, and the local post office (in the bottom 5 in the nation, last time I checked) never got it delivered. Not only did the OWNER of the company respond to my inquiry personally, but her customer service guy followed up SEVERAL times, via email and on the phone, and made sure I received a replacement order gratis.

Larenim kicks ass on so many, many levels. Go buy Larenim mineral makeup.

i can't help you with a great gloss with pigment, but i always recommend nyc or nyx lipgloss. it's super cheap (usually $2.95), but everybody thinks it's mac lipglass. it's a bit tacky, but super high gloss. and i put lipstick on and under it for pigment. you can get it at most drugstores or target.

also, stargazer, if you have uneven skintone, there is a little trick-- hydrogen peroxide (i get a big bottle at walgreen for 1.50) is great for evening out that. after your face is washed (soap and water, not an astriningent) take a cotton ball and wet it in it, then wipe your face with it. once in the morning and once before bed. it's slow, but the uneven tones will fade. i've had bad skateboard scars, curling iron burns etc, that you can't even see anymore, thanks to this. i am black so this was one of the best tricks i've ever found. it works better than bleaching creams, or anything else, and the 32oz bottle will last you a long time.

I have to say in terms of great lip gloss, I love Juicy Tubes by Lancome, and they come in great great shades. I am a huge fan of the colour miracle.

I am also a huge fan of Clarins tinted mosturizer, as I am foundation moron. Gives great coverage, too.

Are any of you fans of Yves Rocher products? I got a catalogue recently and I'm wondering if there are any must-haves -- skin products or makeup or anything else. Any opinions?
I've been into Nars eye pencils; great color and it stays put. I just picked up Badgal Lash by Benefit and am very happy, as I had a lot of trouble keeping mascara on my lashes, not under my eyes.

I like Georgia as kind of an all over powder. I use it as bronzer, as bronzer just makes me look dirty, but Georgia gives me a nice glow and I like the smell. Can't get enough of Nars Orgasm for blush, though.

I bought an eyeshadow pallette from Hard Candy a few weeks ago because in addition to 16 lovely eyeshadow shades, it had cool packaging and was named after a Pulp song. It's nice and portable too, I've been pretty happy with it.
Does anyone know of a good tinted moisturiser or any other kind of moisturiser which will also give my skin a more even texture? I don't want to use a full foundation or even powder, but some very very light coverage or light-reflecting quality would be great...
It's pricy ($30 US) but I like Prescriptives tinted moisturizer more than any other I've used. Stila's is okay, but I find the coverage too heavy.
I agree on the Prescriptives-totally worth it.
Their "Traceless" foundation is the lightest, sheerest foundation I've found, more tinted moisturizer than foundation, and it doesn't make me break out (I have sensitive skin)
has anyone found any really good mineral eye shadows?

I ordered 2 from Ulta online, their store brands ( $5** ea so I thought it was worth a chance) in Haze (soft purple) and Moss (soft green) and they are ok... sheer and a bit sparkely... but they flake off into my eyes and w/ contacts, it's not cool.

then I also have some from neutrogena, a 2 pack called Sand (lite brown/goldish white) and just bought Stone (pale lilac and a purply white) yesterday but haven't tried it yet. Sand has quite a bit of goldish shine (not quite sparkle but an irridescence?) and I expect the same from Stone too.

there don't seem to be a lot of color choices for mineral yet.. or maybe it's that the coverage I am looking for doesn't seem to exsist yet. the best one I've found is actually the Just Peachy Blush sample from Afterglow, bc it's sheer but more solid too.
I used to use Clarins tinted moisturizer, and I loved it! I think it also has sunscreen in it - not sure about that, though.
Cheers for the input all. I will check out the Prescriptives options. I tried Clarins' tinted stuff a while back and didn't like it I'm afraid: too matte or something.

I suspect I am looking for something more miraculous than actually exists. Fingers crossed!
For tinted moisturizer, I wasn't a fan of the regular Stila one but the newer Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer by Stila is actually really great - you don't feel it so heavy on the skin and it gives an even, glowy look that can still be wearable in the daytime.

My favorite bronzer is Cargo in Medium (frost) but it also comes in matte if you don't want a hint of sparkles.

The best eyeshadow base for no creasing/fading for atleast 24 hrs is the one from Urban Decay.

And..... probably my biggest find ever is Mark (Avon brand) Eyemarker in "jet" -- the purest black pigment you can get in pencil form -- stays put all day even on oily eyelids -- no sharpener needed as it twists up --- comes in different colors--- and only costs around $5!!! The best pencil eyeliner I've ever found and my sis agrees -- she keeps stealing mine.
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