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I think using a brush as an applicator (easy to keep clean after each use) is a good way to test out your theory, Doodle. But I think there might be a possibility that you're reacting to the concealer too.
They're usually made to be a bit thicker than foundation and the bases for them can be a problem (they usually use lanolin, which a lot of people can't handle at all) or a stearate of some kind.

No chance that they can be returned to where you bought them for a refund?
just thought i'd stop in and recommend my new lipstick because i'm all thrilled! my roommate's mom has incredibly sensitive lips (the skin is damaged or something) and all she can wear is bodyology lipstick, which my roommate recommended to me, since i have very dry skin.

i am lipstick addicted, and since i buy most things on the internet, i figured i'd have to give up on my addiction, but i found a great shade, adn the texture and staying power of the stuff is decent. it's not perfect long lasting stuff, but i think that longwearing lipsticks generally feel like shellac.

anyway--bodyology supernaturals lipcolors. recommended!

i just got this exfoliating stuff too (same brand) which is like a beach, mixed with moisturizers, consolidated into a tube. i call it my lip sander. it seemed odd at first but now i love it, because i can take care of lip peeliness, which i'd never been able to really manage before. (i'd tried using a toothbrush but that never seemed to work.)
Oh, duh! I don't know why I didn't think of that. It's just that I remembered getting zits in the past after using a sponge applicator type concealer (different brand, I think), and I assumed that the sponge was the issue....

...thanks for the input!

chacha....I've never tried to return used cosmetics! I wonder what Shoppers Drugs' return policy is...
I'm not sure what it could be, lately, at the Shoppers'. Now that they've fortified their cosmetics sales staff with black uniforms and full foundation/blush/liner/mascara/lipstick/coordinating hair colour product requirements, I bet they think they can intimidate us into keeping stuff we're less than thrilled with forever.

But that's no reason not to march right back in there, keep your eyes from wandering over their glittering display cases and dazzling LCD television monitors and present said offending purchase with the receipt and the reason for return. The worst they could say is, "No."

But at least they'll know to warn other customers of the allergic possibilities of the product.

But you might still get your money back, which would be great.
Doodle, this is an outside chance, but possibly worth considering - if you've had problems with sponge applicators before, the bacteria theory may well be a good one. Another is that you may be allergic to latex, often used in small/cosmetic sponges. Have you ever experienced irritation with any other latex product?

ChaCha is my girlfriend. I have decided.

No, sweetums. You don't get a vote in this.

*Abducts Miss Sexy Heels*

I have also abandoned foundation for the most part, since going mineral. It has gone a LONG way to taking care of the "chalky" issue Sapphire and I discussed one time some months ago. I do still use foundation and what I now refer to as "full face" makeup on Saturday nights when I want to just primp for hours, but I can also say that, like a lot of other BUSTies, I've enjoyed some improvement since ditching the 5-day-a-week foundation habit.

I've also come closer to solving the problem of what to do when I run out of my Maybelline Smooth Result stash (bought several bottles on eBay, heh), which I still feel is the best foundation I ever used ... Usage is, of course, significantly down!
I can't find the receipt. Isn't that always the effing way.

Well, I've started to try it with q-tips, so we shall see.

maimy, I do use cosmetic wedges to apply foundation. I don't remember if they are latex, but I don't have a problem with them. I do wash them with Palmolive dish soap and hot water between every use, though. I have had a problem with...*ahem*...latex sex toys and condoms, though I never figured out if it was the toys/condoms or the Astroglide, which isn't that great a product (but that and K-Y are all you can buy off the shelf in this part of the world, so if you don't remember to stock up on the good stuff when you're out of town...). (That was way TMI, wasn't it?)

chacha, they are rather frightening-looking now, aren't they? Our Shoppers got a new store, very big and modern, and they're very proper and fully-cosmeticized now. Some of them have been fully-cosmeticized (and hair-curled, hair-bowed, and perfumed to within an inch of their lives) for a long time, though. I don't mind them - I just wish they wouldn't stalk me when I'm browsing. Every four minutes, some different woman comes up to me and asks me how I'm doing. It's like a rotating shift of three or four of them, always sneaking up on me to plague me with queries about my shopping experience. ARGH! They're worse than those Aeroplan people in the airports...who seem to have a new booth every twenty feet and practically stick their feet out to trip you just so you'll stop and talk to them.
You're right, they've always been a little bit scary--especially if, like me, you had a habit of making your cosmetics purchases after a evening of socializing...say, around 1am or so. But that was when I lived in the city, and they'd actually be open at that hour there. Also, there'd be a lot less of them around, so after answering the first line of questioning, they'd usually let you browse in peace.

Here in the country, though, it's quite a thing to run smack dab into one of those teams of perfectly coiffed and "done" ladies just as you finish wiping the muck from your boots and trudge in from the vineyard, complete with 2 months' worth of grey roots to cover up and not much concern for the exact shade of red you used the last time you had a minute to dye your hair. I "get" that they're working (heck, when I'm working I also groom myself!) but these ladies are FOCUSED. On that, and on the many keys they must dangle in order to release the entrapped cosmetic product they now store in Fort Knox-like glass cases. I just hope they are paid well.

Oh, Maimy!! I'm blushing....I must go and brush my hair.
Doodle (hee!) I figured it was unlikely, but all options when hunting, right? *Grin at the TMI*

I have nothing of relevance to contribute to the thread ...
chacha, thanks for the laugh, I needed one today!

Ditto, maims...

Oh, and what is up with the new deal at Shoppers, where some of the products (the more expensive ones, but not expensive enough to be locked behind glass) have the price hidden under this SECRET FLAP? A secret flap you can't possibly know about unless you ask the sales woman for help??? WTF? I think it discourages more people from buying than encourages them.

So we're on Day Two of Project Q-Tip. I'll let you know how it turns out...
meep, write them a letter doodle. customer feedback is unbelievably important to corporations. i learned a thing or two about 'escalating a complaint' at the bank. they actually listen. amazing. they're still assholes, but they're assholes with ears apparently.
Pepper is so right. A letter--an email! To the CEO in charge of Marketing (never to customer service--always go above them). This has worked really well for me in the past, too. And I love having the internet for this purpose--you can look up the corporation and check out their annual reports to find out who's in charge of what on a national scale. Trying to get this information over the phone from watchdog receptionists is just too difficult now.

Doodle, I KNOW about the secret flaps--what the?????!!! at the Shoppers'. They're killing me lately. But that flap business? Has made me more and more determined to apply and reapply the most expensive perfume testers they have displayed in the store. Even if I'm wearing grape gear and earth.

(Dear Murray Koffler et al, Chair/CEO/God of SDM: I don't need no stinkin' flap to know the price of Joy, Chanel, and Rive Gauche, people. And if you lock that stuff up, I'll make you unlock it before I use the testers like Steve Martin would--extravagantly, with abandon, and then with complete indifference to your sales pitches. Don't test me: the outcome will be tearful. But not for me. Hugs, ChaCha).

trial run w/ the afterglow sample set... improvised brushes w/ 2 old (washed well) and 2 from an unused manicure kit ).. so far my skin looks.. a little better?
didn't cover my chin pores quite as well as I'd hoped but my nose skin looks as smooth as it did when I was 10!
used the same blush from my cheeks to do my eyes ( as I normally use peach colors anyway), w/ a little of the whitey-looking finishing powder and enless I am totally wrong, my eyes are Popping right now.
.. but again, need to see how it looks outside the real of my house mirrors.

report back later !

freckle the almost new N improved? biggrin.gif
Who needs "improvement" when you are Freckleface?? Refinement will be fine, if you enjoy it - but you hardly needed an upgrade.

RAH for makeup experiments that go well!

I have had one of those myself of late - a very metallic, very warm gold shadow on my lids, with a deep blue or jade green contour LIGHTLTY smudged a bit up the browbone; even a republican risk manager at my office noticed, and complimented the look. I am Teh Happy with this success, as it was a makeup tryout I was thinking of using for The Big Date after kog3100 comes home. Apparently, admiring Keira Knightly's premiere night smoky eyeshadow was wisely done.
maimy very pretty!

and yah, the test is always ' will anyone notice?' for stuff like that.
if conservative rep did, then I'd say it's a Win. smile.gif I hope you knock the socks off kog3100, but if he doesn't love you for your mind then meh on him anyway.

jury is still out on my final opinion.

I think I get why 'the Brushes' are such a big issue at all the sites I looked at, bc mine are sorely lacking so today I'm going to stop by wal mart or some place and get a nice but synthetic set, and go again.
but for today, a skating party, am going to try the other colors in the set.

hearts & smooth pores for all~
ok, after 3 days trial run w/ it, I think I am nearly sold on the afterglow.

the second color groupings have worked better, and am still using the peach blush as an eye shadow and it looks fabulous!! the Lighter Foundation 3 gives me good coverage ( my hand is still a little heavy but I'm working w/ it) w/ the First Blush for my cheeks, right on the apples.

the only thing I am Not liking so much, is the Setting Powder Translucent. it's clear but white, and honest to gosh but feels and smells like chalk to me. I don't know why.

I still need to get a good set of synthetic brushes ( would Sally's have them? bc even target didn't have much selection) but do think I might order real sizes of this in the coming weeks.
scale of 1-10, maybe a 7.5 - 8? my skin has a nice smooth overall look to it, which may be as good as it gets.
Quick report on my Afterglow samples: They arrived yesterday, and I've worn it for two days now, and so far so very good. It feels absolutely weightless, and provides excellent coverage, especially for my reddish spots! I, too, am having issues with the heavy-handedness of my application, but it's getting better. The only real problem I have with it is dryness, but I found that using moisturizer beforehand really helps.

I am going to try it for a while longer before I buy the standard sizes just because I need to make sure that it doesn't irritate my skin, and also to see how it fares with my monthly week from hell. I heard that mica can be irritating to some skintypes, and this has mica in it.

More soon. I definitely think the samples are worth the $$. The company ships pretty fast two!
Hi, make-up mavens!

*sigh* I've been absent from this thread for too long, due to family stress that made everything else seem frivolous. Now things have settled down a bit (knock on wood), and the cooler weather is making me dream of new things for fall.

Does anyone have an eyeliner that they just absolutely love? I've tried many over the years, but never found one I've been gaga over. I want something in rich, dark colors. Probably not metallic or too frosty. Has anyone tried the Almay liners that are part of their collection that is geared toward your individual eye color (I'm blanking on the name)?
YAY! Sapphy!

It's Intense-I-Color, but I haven't tried the line. (Er, so to speak - b-dm-PSSSHHH.)
Eyeliner: I'm actually using mink brown eyebrow powder to line my eyes. It goes on wonderfully and looks great!
I have the Intense-I-Color geared toward green eyes. I don't use a lot of it though (it's liquid, therefore a pain in the ass to get right). After I put on mascara I go in between the lashes and put little dots to make it look like I have more lashes. It's a lovely effect (affect?) biggrin.gif
(Effect in this context. The noun form of affect refers to a person's demeanor, usually emotional.)

I like the dots idea, I might have to try that on one of my no-liner evenings ...
So the look of the purple glitter mascara is subtle at best. Finaman shone a flashlight on my lashes and could see it then, but under any normal light conditions it just looks like you're wearing mascara. Enh. Maybe if I put on like six layers you might see it.

In better news the Rimmel stuff I got free with a mag subscription is really good. There is a fantastic red-with a bit of gold lipstick with reasonable staying power, fantastic roller eye shadow in metallic silver, gold or purple, and liquid eye shadow in a nice gold as well that is great as a top liner over the roller gold. It's a bit lighter than my all time favourite sparkly eye stuff, Avon's Luminous Liquid eye colour in Mystic, which looks amazing with about three coats.

I would love to find an Avon lady here.
sapphy, I am a big fan of Nars eyeliner in Manon (a rich purple that's not too overwhelming.) On the cheap side, I bought some eye pencils at Walgreens, by a company called Jordana, two for $3, and they've got great color and excellent staying power.
I just found a Clinique High Impact mascara in Black Honey on eBay and I am so very happy. I love anything purple-ish or burgundy. I will have to check out that eyeliner sidecar, sounds pretty. Right now I am using Revlon Color Stay in Raisin, but the color just doesn't really stay for me!

sapphy, i use MAC powerpoint eye pencils and i LOVE them. i just got a purpley one called "bordeauxline" and a bluey-greeny one called "tealo." they go on really smooth and consistent, and they aren't smudgy.

in other news, my local dept. store has the Clinique bonus on right now; i bought some airbrush concealer (love love love it) and pink blush, and got a nice cosmetic tote full of 'free' goodies. one of the items included is a lipstick in 'different grape', which looks surprisingly great on me. i'm not usually much of a lipstick person (i'm all about the gloss), but this one feels nice to wear and looks great with some sheer pink gloss over-top. i love it when free stuff is actually wearable; i usually wind up giving away half of the free stuff i get in makeup bonus deals.
Okay, here's my dilemma.

I've been using a fairly good mascara--I can't really complain about it. It's Mac's plain old mascara, in black.

What I really want, but cannot find anywhere, is a tinted mascara. I actually found one made by Revlon a few years ago, called Fabulash. It came in a shade of dark red that was very subtle--but just red enough to make my eyes look very green. It wasn't a noticeable red, but it did the trick. Only if there was direct overhead light on my lashes could you tell there was any red in the mascara.

I've never been able to find it again. I know purple's nice and it's available, and to a certain extent it even makes my eyes look more green...but I'm not a "purple" girl.

Does anyone know of a similar product on the market now? I know Yves St. Laurent used to make a dark red colour many, many years ago (I finally forced myself to throw away the ancient, dessicated mascara product just a couple of years ago...and that was difficult for me) but of course they just don't make it anymore either.

Anyone know of a really nice, red toned mascara I can still buy?
Thanks for the eyeliner suggestions, ladies. I feel some shopping coming on this weekend!

Fina, it sounds like you got quite a collection of goodies from that subscription. Score!

Sorry, ChaCha, I have no help to offer for your dilemma.
ChaCha, I've got nothing better to do (my toenails are drying), so I'm going to do a bit of hunting for you. smile.gif

[spends a while poking about on Sephora]

... and I found something!
Smashbox That's A Wrap mascara in Burgundy

Looks pretty red to me! I also found a reddish brown from Paul & Joe (they call it Acajou) and a reddish prune color from Bourjois Paris. But I'm only about half-way through the mascara options at Sephora, so if I find anything else, I'll definitely post it.

Thank you, Roseviolet! I never think to look in Sephora, but I've been browsing through the site now and it's full of new discoveries. The Acajou sounds like a nice, auburny colour...

Greetings! I am considering buying the Talika Eyelash Lipocils and was wondering whether any of you've tried it and what you thought. I remember someone discussing it a long, long time ago (way before the new lounge) but I don't remember whether the review was good or bad.
I bought a $23 Vincent Longo lipstick the other day just because I liked the shade name: Wet Kitty.
blackcherry: that's the stuff that's supposed to help you grow thicker eyelashes if you apply it daily, right? around then i bought a less expensive, similar product that had also been recommended, but i didn't have the patience to deal with it every night, so i didn't see results. i forget what it was called, but i got it through strawberrynet.

i do remember people talking about it working, though, and saying that you have to make sure you get it at the very base of your eyelashes when you apply it.
i bought the Talika Eyelash Lipocils, but also didn't have the patience to apply it twice daily. plus it irritated my contacts. i also remember a bustie saying they'd used the cream and it worked. but again, you have to follow the directions faithfully.
I'm sorry for being lazy--I'm sure someone has covered this before--but I was wondering if anyone has tried the L'oreal mineral makeup and if so, what they thought of it.

Basically I was hoping to save some money, but if it's crap, then there's no point.

Also, mascara recommendations anyone?
Anoushh- I have the L'oreal mineral makeup although I've yet to make up my mind about it entirely. I can certainly say it's not bad or unworthy of the price it costs. I don't usually wear foundation, so some of the issues I have might just be my own. For instance, you know those lines that some people have when they smile? Not wrinkles, per say (I've had them since age 8). Well, I've found that if I accidently apply too much on my cheeks, it tends to accenuate them. But I think that's true of all mineral makeup to a degree. The mineral makeup has a matt texture and is relatively easy to apply. I think it's a good buy just as long as one knows how to apply it properly.

Thank you all for the Talika-related advice. I would really like to improve my eyelashes but I definately lack the diligence to apply it twice a day. I don't even wash my makeup off before I go to bed every night (and,on a more gross note,I've even "forgotten" to brush my teeth before bed) so it would probably be a waste of money in my hands. Sally's has this "Claudia Steven's eyelash thickner" or something like that. I'm pretty sure it won't work, but it's probably cheap enough to be used as just a clear mascara/brow gel if all else fails. I've read that Talika has a drippy consistency, is that true? I've also read that if you stop using it after having used it for the recomended time,your lashes go back to the way they were.
I bought the loreal mineral foundation and broke out from the brush.
apparently, it's made of goat hair (fairly common now that I am learning more about brushes sinse then) but the company was really great about refunding my full purchase price right away.
due to the reaction, I haven't been able to really guage the actual makeup itself, tho I do still have it and need to figure out a way to seperate it from it's brush on top. as much as I'm liking the Afterglow minerals I ordered the sample set of ( still using it, all these weeks later! either I don't wear much makeup or it really goes a looong way) I'd not be against finding a mineral line I didn't have to Order.

probably haven't helped you at all sad.gif sorry!

fyi, tho I think this goes in the hair thread, Sally's has a great henna shampoo for brunette-redhead that is totally affordable, and also comes in a silver- blond formula (not henna obviously) too.
The best thing for long fat eyelashes is putting castor oil on them every night – I shit you not. I picked up the tip from another forum and it works. Lots of cosmetics have castor oil in them any way. I just smoothe a drop on with with fingers; some people use clean mascara wands. But yes, it really does work. Cheap as chips too.
Thanks for the tip, godslioness! I will have to give castor oil a try! In case anyone was wondering, the Claudia Stevens stuff seems to be working as well but it might just be psychosomatic. This would be better in the old busty business bureau thread,but since that's gone,I will post this here for anyone who tends to buy products over the net. I have made a HUGE purchase at (a bunch of Peter Thomas Roth skincare products) and not only do they wait an entire week just to process the order, but one of the items I purchased came sealed with f'en masking tape while the others were hermetically sealed. They were fairly prompt in responding to my email and sending me a return shipping label at their expense but returning the item and then purchasing a new one sounds like such a pain in the ass that I'm just taking the risk to my health and using the product as is. In case anyone is curious, its the Maximum Correction Complexion Pads. If any of you have this,is it supposed to have a very heavy medicine smell or am I slowly killing myself with poison?
Ok...tried the castor oil and it was fine for a while but as soon as I tried going to bed, that shit made my eyes water more than my ex-boyfriend. Maybe I put too much on? I haven't been sensitive to anything before...I've applied vaseline to my eyelashes and countless mascaras. I wonder what it could be. I'm going to try to mix it with vaseline and apply it with a mascara wond, being the masochistic bitch that I am =P.
That's weird. I have very sensitive eyes too and am allergic to almost everything but I've never had a problem. I've got two theories:

1) you put too much on?
2) you haven't got pure castor oil, but something that's blended with something else.

Ouch though, sorry!
I'm back to wearing Prescriptives Virtual Skin (I'm assuming they still make it). I like Bare Escentuals, et al, but they cake a little on my dry skin. The only problem is that I wear a weird color: Pure Petal. It's a light pink-ivory, and with the trend toward yellow-toned foundation (I have not one iota of yellow pigment in my skin, I swear), I'm afraid it might be discontinued.
Castor oil does have the ability to "draw" things out of the tissues--oil and dirt from pores, for example (and and it can go even deeper than that). The most important thing to keep in mind when buying castor oil is to buy the purest you can find--organic and cold pressed using an expeller, not caustic and toxic chemicals for the oil extraction. A lot of those trace materials can cause a reaction, so that may be the problem.
I tried the castor oil again (applied less and with a mascara wand) and it worked out ok this time. I think I may have either put too much on or maybe some of the other million and one things I had on my face may have migrated into my eyes with the help of the oil? I also bleached my eyebrows that day,so maybe my eyes were already extra sensitive. In any case, I will continue to use it (at least until my mavala stuff comes).

Has anyone ever tried the Phyto hair and skin vitamins? If so, any good? As always, thanks for all your imput.

Godslioness, I am still grateful for your suggestion...I would have never thought to use castor oil. I did some outside research and discovered that castor oil is used for a lot of non-constipation related things. I read, and I dont know how true this is, but plastic surgents use it on their patients. It's also supposed to be a good moisturizer. Olive oil is also great for the skin and hair, I've used it as a leave-in conditioner after bleaching my hair and it worked really well.
Blakcherry – glad it worked! Do stick with it, it really, really does the trick. I learned about castor oil at the Long Hair Community, and lots of people there do the "Oil Cleansing Method" which is a sort of internet beauty "cult product". It pays to do a lot of research though. I did it for a while using a few drops of castor oil and a few of almond oil, which is a much lighter weight than olive oil so didn't get my skin too greasy.
I'll probably go back to using it in the winter, but it works really well fulltime for a lot of people. You can also try doing a kind of scrub for blackheads using castor oil and baking soda.

And that's before we get into aspirin masks and aloe vera and all the other internet skincare stuff!
I use a backing soda+cetaphil scrub. I've tried the asprin mask as well; I even mixed it with a hydracortisone cream (only tried this once,so I can't vouch for it). I used an aloe vera gel but it still felt too greasy for my naturally oily skin. I've read about the Oil Cleansing Method as well, but although it explicitly says it won't make you break out I just can't get comfortable with the idea of putting oil on my face, I'm just too pimple prone.
Yeah, it's a scary prospect! I used very little oil, and very light oil at that. I've now switched to removing it with ultra-mild soap, and that works well.
i am far too much of an oilslick to even consider putting any kind of oil on my face or lashes. but i don't doubt the magik!

speaking of sensitive eyes, has anyone tried max factor's lash perfection mascara? my sister swears by it, but she can wear anything. i can only handle clinique, l'oreal, lorac and paula dorf mascaras at this point. but i don't like any of their wands - most of them wind up far too spikey. i'm intrigued by the lash perfection plastic wand. i've given up on length, but i'm pouty i can't seem to get seperation too.

Mandolyn- I prefer the original Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara. I don't think the new plastic wand does much of anything other than making it hard to get thick lashes. I tried it when it first came out and after looking for it everywhere I was not a bit impressed. I prefer to "blot" the excess mascara off by putting my index finger under my eyelashes and blinking. As a bonus, this also curls the lashes if done while the mascara is still wet. I've also been blotting off the extra castor oil off my lashes.

I got my package from Strawberrynet! I didn't realize that they were shipping it from Hong Kong! It came in like 4 days which is much less than I've had to wait for more local deliveries. I'm trying the phyto hair and nail vitams and the mavala eyelash stuff for the first time today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for giraffe lashes and Rapunzel hair (eventhough my current 'do is more like Twiggy or Mia Farrow).
Hi, Lounge! Haven't been here in a LONG while... never seem to be able to consistently post but never able to stay away from this site entirely either.

Favorite products:

Eyeliner - Mark (Avon) eyemarker in Jet -- great staying power, pure black color, glides on smoothly - only $5 -- better than all the brand name eyeliners I've tried.

Hair Product -- Phytodefrisant - apply to towel-dried hair before blowdrying -- leaves my dry, overprocessed, superfrizzy hair soooo soft. Definitely worth the $24 -- Have tried all the hyped-up products but usually never impressed-- This is the only hair product that I was pleasantly surprised by and will buy till the day I drop dead

Mascara -- Lancome Fatale - wierd plastic wand/"brush" but definitely piles on a thick amount of pigment and makes lashes look fuller

Blush -- MAC blush in "Margin" -- a orangey/coral color with gold flecks that looks good on my yellow/olive skin and on my palest friends. Besides this blush will probably not buy MAC products -- everyone I know, including me, breaks out from it. Loved the coverage of StudioFix powder foundation but noticed my face developing pimples often ( never had this problem before -- only rare breakouts).

Bronzer -- Nars bronzer in "laguna" -- not a wierd orangey color like most and not too much shiny stuff -- looks like a believable mild tan

Eyeshadow Primer - Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion -- no fuss product that keeps eyeshadow looking like it was just-applied all night long -- only need a little dab so it will last long. very impressed with it.

Lipstick Sealant -- LipChic -- the only lipstick sealer that worked pretty decently, a european product --bought it online. Disappointed by a bunch of others I'd tried in the past.

Travel-size item -- Benetint tint for cheeks and lip with clear gloss on other end -- really handy!

Body Product -- Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub -- super expensive but the jar is fairly large and you only need a tiny amount with each use. The almond oil in it leaves your skin super moisturized -- I don't use lotion -- can last long unless you eat it (couldn't help but try it -- it's super sweet !). Boyfriend loved the light scent it leaves and wouldn't stop feeling my legs. *Mrrrrwwwrrr* wink.gif

Also love Neutrogena Rainbath in Citrus Marine scent.

Facial Cleanser - Aveeno Ultra-calming Cleanser -- stops irritation that leads to tiny little bumps around forehead and evens the texture of my skin (I tend to have combination/slightly oily). Sometimes feels itchy and it works great for it.

Shampoo/Regular Conditioner -- Dove -- gentle but cleans well, does the job -- don't see any reason to pay a lot.

Need to find another medium coverage foundation that won't irritate my skin, has a good color selection, and of course gives a flawless airbrushed look -- asking for too much? Any recommendations?
Its (((Babydrool)))! Yay!
QUOTE(dusty @ Nov 1 2006, 02:29 PM) *

Its (((Babydrool)))! Yay!

Hi, (((Dusty)))! Nice to see some familiar busties!
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