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Right now I'm diggin' Badger Balm's Chai Rose and Lavender Orange lip balm.

Oh and I just found out we're (St. Louis) getting another Sephora!
my report on the visibly even line (of neutrogena, by heylady):

the cleanser is great. although i have dry skin, i NEED a foamy cleaser in order to make me FEEL like i've cleaned all the schmutz off my face. this stufff does that, AND it makes me all soft and flake-free. it is the only stuff that has made me feel like i have the way-uncommon, much talked-about normal skin.

the moisurizer is just moisturiz-y enough for spring and summer months, but you may need to kick it up a knotch for fall/winter (if you have dry skin like me). it really just smells like i'm doing something right. all soy-talked about and good.

as far as making things look more even,,,yes, i have more of a "healthy glow" rather than an "alcoholic flush" these days. does nothing for dark circles, though. i don't know about pregnancy spots, as i've never been.

crossing in the skin care thread.
my new love, green tea antioxidant face complex (moisturizer) by h2o plus. soooo good. $35.
my skin drinks it well. (i have sensitive, dry skin) [not makeup but relevant i thought.]
Hey Ladies! (newbie here) I just launched an incredible site devoted to all thing green for greengals... organic, natural and earth friendly bodycare and more. Offering deals/coupons from natural companies, in depth product reviews and one-stop shopping. I am having contest currently, sign up for our newsletter and be entered to win some body care goodies. Please come by and visit, ;)
hi greengals,

thanks for the link. I suggest you cross-post in the "shameless self-promotion thread" located in this forum as well; that actually might be the optimum thread for your info.

welcome to bust!
Cross-posting a question from Best Product Ever to cover extra bases:

The last happy purchase this weekend was L'Oreal's self-tanning spray. Though it seems to work fine, I have been having issues with the spray button. It seems to me really hard to work, and I wonder if I am missing some sort of funky operational quirk or something - from the copy on the package, it seems like it's supposed to spray nonstop, but I can hardly hold the button down to *start* it. And I don't think my arthritis is THAT bad. So I was wondering if there might be some trick I am missing? I know, dorky - but I've missed shit like that before ...
so, i just got my bare minerals today (llamas, you rock, and once i perfect your mix cds they will be in the mail. it's a pain to re-organize playlists in itunes!) i got the second lightest and a mineral veil. it's a tidge too dark for me (but i've also got not much sun yet this year, and no matter how much i avoid i invariably pick up a bit of a tan), but i did have a super-pale mineral translucent powder from physician's formula that is perfect for winter, but a bit too pale for summer. some custom mixing, and voila! my skin looks flawless! and it also looks makeup-free, which is even cooler. i've always wondered how people manage to cover up zits and stuff, and now i can, too.

my panoramic curl mascara broke the other day. the thing that scrapes off the extra mascara came off the bottle and is now stuck to the wand. whaaaa! i loved that mascara, and it wasn't old enough to replace yet. whine whine snivel snivel. one day when i don't mind getting mascara all over my fingers i shall try to fix it

ETA I just opened the mascara and the damn thing was fine. grrrr. now it's just toying with me. also, i noticed that the bare minerals actually makes my pores fricking DISSAPEAR!! they're not big to begin with but damn, that's amazing stuff
Yay, tyger, glad you like the bare minerals! :-)
ooohhh curioushair, your from st. louis too! i did not know about the 2nd sephora. where will it be? i am so psyched b/c the one we have now doesen't carry half the stuff the ones in chicago do.

i am addicted to dermadoctor products. they are wonderful if you have crazy skin like me that is super oily and breaks out regardless of how well you take care of it. i too love the bare minerals for my skin type. i have big pores but with bare minerals it looks like i have model skin. all fresh and even and pore free. how did i live without these products for all these years??!!

ladylibrary - The second Sephora is coming to the Galleria sometime this fall, I think. They were still building it the last time I was there. This will be a problem, as I live only fifteen minutes from Brentwood. I see myself going broke by November.

The West County one is cluttered and tiny, and it never seems very clean.
amen curious! everytime i go there i end up spending a small fortune and the funny thing is that i don't even wear a lot of makeup. i just like to buy it. :-)

again with the bare minerals, i saw they have this new stuff that you use to make your skin look good in natural and artificial light. i really want it since at my work the lighting is awful and everyone always looks sick b/c of it. god, their products are great. has anyone used it before?
Curious--I'm in St. Louis. I work at West County MAC.

In my experience, no Sephora is ever really that clean.
I think I am the only person who Bare Minerals doesn't work for. :-( I wish it did! Maybe y'all can help?

I am whitewhitewhite. Like Rose McGowan white. Kinda blue white. I feel like the Bare Minerals stuff has a yellowy undertone to it so it looks goofy on on me, even in the lightest shade. Meh heh heh.
I love mineral foundation but I had the same problem with Bare Minerals possum. I like AromaLeigh and they have a wider range of shades. Jane Iredale's lightest shades are bisque or cool sand, they are ok.
Well well well, after how many years of not wearing any makeup (too many, I tell ya!), I'm plunging back in. This should probably go in confessions considering my guilt, but I spent $28 I really don't have on Tarte cheekstain and, well, I think I'm in luuuuuuuuuuuuuve. I LOVE IT! It works well for my skin. It hasn't made my face break out as it did for some of you in the archives.

Has anyone had any luck with tinted moisturizers? Like maybe Neutrogena? Or some other drugstore brand? I'm of medium/olive-toned skin and I'm thinking of getting some tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, seeing that it's summer and I'm almost out of my regular moisturizer with sunscreen. I just want something with pretty sheer coverage, but I don't want to look like I'm wearing anything. What do you think?
Possum, I use Larenim minerals, and they have foundations, mineral silks, and also something called Porcelain Glow, which doesn't seem to have pigment in it. I am very pale, but olive skinned, which is an impossibly unusual combination. So I go with their 1C foundtion, which happens to be pretty yellow, and mix it with the Porcelain Glow, to lighten it significantly. Perhaps you can find a combo like that, if you want to try minerals?

(One of the things that drew me to Larenim, apart from the rec from someone here, was SAMPLES. I tried the whole new world of minerals for under $20, and actually - having bought the samples nearly a month ago, I have not run out of them YET.)

Raisin I so wish you would come visit so we can have a girly slumber party and play with makeup ... and then go out and dance and drink ...
Oh my sweetness, I wish we could do that, too! Or you come up here! Or we meet halfway-ish at WB's. It's got to happen SOMEtime...
(Keep an eye peeled in October maybe. There's a convention called Chiller we're hoping to go to - fun, fun!)

In slightly-more-on-topic news, I just received a package of DML Facial Moisturizer. This was recommended to me by my dermatologist like two and a half years ago, and I finally eBayed me up some. I shall report on efficacy soon ...
Chiller? In October? Is that some sort of Halloween-type affair?

Okay, can one of you explain to me what I'm supposed to do with creamy eyeshadow that comes in a tube? I got a teeny tiny tube of Bourjois Survoltee, dabbed the tiniest amount I could on my pinky finger, and smudged it over my lids. I was only going to do a smallish sweep, but I quickly decided to go for the whole lid (NOT up to the browbone or anything like that). HA! A little went a very long way. I love the color (a very shimmery rose), but I don't think it's right for me (brown eyes). Is it? I looked kind of weird with it on. I just don't know what to do with it, but I like the idea of applying makeup with fingers and I loooooove anything that comes in a tube.

What do you think?
(It's a horror/sci-fi movie con. My first time I met Wilma Deering and half the cast of Buck Rodgers, Radar O'Reilly, and (*pant!sigh!*) Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. More fun than a dance club fulla monkeys, I tellya.)

I am unversed in the ways of the Cream ... leaving that to others ...
raisingirl- I only got the hang of putting eyeshadow of any kind a few years ago and my first kind was the cream ones! I hope this helps.

I usually go for a smokey look or a light wash of color and use my fingers to apply too.
For a smokey look I start with the eyeliner first and make the line a bit wider than what I want when I'm done (it will be dulled a bit from the cream).
Next, I start with a small ammount of the cream (MAC ones are my favs) and put a small dabs accross my lid, using less on the inner corners. Before it dries smudge to your desire.
The best part of cream is that you can just wipe your finger across you lid to remove some if you find the color too heavy.
Pale pinks look flattering and natural on any eyecolor. The only way eyeshadow can veer toward weird is if you look like Mimi from Drew Carey or match your eyeshadow to your entire outfit!

Back on topic. After almost a year of no makeup (for work related reasons) I'm back in love! Birthday presents pour moi: Benefit "Dallas" a bronzy/blushy powder and Cargo "one base".
Well well well, the makeup faeries must have been on my side because I got some compliments on my makeup (I erred on the conservative side, i.e. no smoky dramatic eyes) at the wedding this weekend. I feel like I'm new to this all over again, so I just hope I don't look horrible in the photos. ::crossing fingers::

It's funny what wearing pounds and pounds of makeup in one's formative adolescence will do to a woman. I went off to college and stopped with the makeup cold turkey. Now, years later when I could benefit from using concealer on my undereye circles (but I don't do it on a daily basis, not yet), I do feel like I'm re-learning a whole bunch of stuff probably because I never really learned it right the first time.

BUT DAMN IT IS A LOT OF FUN!!! Maimy, I'm looking forward to that sleepover, whenever it ends up happening...

And Bunny, thanks for those tips. (I ended up returning the pink cream; it was too shiny for everyday use, and I wanted to buy other stuff.)
Of course, to properly judge these photos, WE WILL HAVE TO SEE THEM ...
haha! Give me a minute, will ya?!

I'll write to you when I get them myself.

And why on earth aren't you on LJ yet? I know you want to waste time like the rest of us over there!
Totally changing topic, but does anyone have any experience with urban decay? They have some cool-looking eye pencils and a nice red I want... but just curious to know if anyone's had major issues with thier stuff.

I use a brush for cream eyeshadows... a little thin paintbrush. I have a couple that come with a brush, and you can then go a-smudging with fingers.
mornington, I have the 24/7 glide on pencil in covet from Urban Decay and I quite like it. Goes on smooth, stays in place and wasn't terribly expensive. Not too glittery either, more shimmery than glittery.
has anyone else had bare minerals cause nasty breakouts after a few weeks' of use? i have the nastiest zits i've ever had (other than cystic acne caused by a food allergy) on my forehead and chin, which is where most of my makeup gets put. it could be a coincidence, so i'm gonna try laying off the bare minerals for a week or so and see if it clears up, and then try wearing it again to see if that was the cause, but i was just wondering if it had had that sort of effect for anyone else.

i don't want it to be the makeup! it made my skin look so perfect! it felt like nothing was there! it didn't rub off! whine whine snivel snivel

I noticed that I started to break out after about 2 months of using bare minerals. I found out that I just really needed to clean the brushes (duh, in retrospect).

Now every couple of weeks I wash them with a gentle shampoo...rinse them in the sink until the water runs clear (make sure that you hold the brush by the handle and the hairs facing down towards the sink so that the water doesn't go against the hair direction). Then gently blot them witha towel and place them over a ledge in the bathroom to dry with the hair hanging off.

I haven't really had any problems since.
mornington - I use Urban Decay eyeshadows and I find them to be awesome. They come in cool colors, have lots of pigment, and they stay on all day.

I have a UD liquid eyeliner in Speed (a light iridescent blue) which I thought would look super cool but turned out to be messy and difficult to apply. Sometimes it flakes off in spots, too.

I also have a metallic silver shadow which is really really cool looking, but it's loose powder in a tube and very messy to apply. I wet the applicator a little then apply it little by little. It still makes a mess, though.

What else....oh! I like their Lip Gunk, too.
I was at Sephora over the weekend and got talked into buying an eyelash curler. And I'm having trouble using it. It's like my lashes are too short to be curled in it. Any hints?
mornington, I love urban decay's camouflage concealer.
i'd be eager to have a lesson in eyelash curling also. my lashes have become hopelessly short. *weep*

d-bunny, i plan on splurging on "dallas" soon sooner soonest. methinks it's going to match perfectly the blush + bronzer i'm combining right now.

'member my futile attempt to find clinique's discontinued quickeyes - my beloved eye pencil that also has matching shadow on the other end? well, they found FOUR of them for me, and they just came in the mail! these puppies are going to last me YEARS! and hopefully by then, one of the other estee lauder lines will come up with something similar (seriously, it's like the best eyeliner\powder combo in the universe, how could they discontinue it?!. i am in HEAVEN wearing my sable eyeliner today, i've missed it SO MUCH!

and i thought i'd share this:

vote & win - the best of sephora 2006. first prize is a $1,000 sephora gift card - yeah, baby!
WOO-HOO for Mando!! Eye happiness. Congrats, luv.
yay mando!

I got mac's studio fix foundation the other day and I love it! Urban Decay will have to wait and I've spent a fortune on make-up recently.
When I curl my eyelashes (I have short lashes too) I heat it up with a blow dryer for a few seconds (this is with a metal curler). Then I crimp it right next to the lashline (but not right on it, because it pinches), hold it for around 10 seconds, then "curl" the rest of the lashes out- and upward. Mind you, I don't do this every day because I suspect it's not too great for my lashes.
However, you may want to return to the store to ask exactly how to use your particular eyelash curler.
Oh! I do that, too!
i spent an OBSCENE amount of money yesterday at sephora. on dallas (which is everything i'd hoped and more!). and a blush brush. and a powder brush. but they're only the 2nd and 3rd ever "good" brushes i've ever bought in my life. and they seriously feel wonderful against my face. i want to have unbridled passionate sex with these brushes.

i'm a little worried about what they're made out of tho. i'm afraid to look. :-(
Ladies, I am going to New York in August, and I am absolutely afraid of my first Sephora experience and the lasting effects it will have on my credit history!

But just to think of all the goodness I can't get here: Urban Decay! Nars! ...........And I am sure I can get good mineral makeup somewhere in that city.

Seriously - PLEASURE OVERLOAD! I can't wait.

A majority of natural hair make-up brushes are created without killing the critters. Many are just shaved. Also, if you are worried about them being penned up somewhere and only exercised to shave, fear not. Animals who are mistreated have massive hair issues and therefore it would not be in a company's best interest to mistreat their little critters who are regularly shaved for their fur.
pagan, thank you kindly. i feel betta now.

have i told you guys how much in love with dallas i am? i shall never use another blush/bronzer again. and this from someone who's been stuck on estee lauder's mele glace (sp?) blush for over 10 years. (which i think they finally discontinued, sniffle.)
I bought a bronzer recently (a powder). I think I'm using it ok but when I put it on, I feel like my face looks dirty. My face is usually a lovely mix of pale and red so maybe I'm just not used to my face looking "tan" - what do ya think?
catsoup, it might just be that your complexion isn't suited to looking tan? my mom is like that, yet she insists on using self-tanner, so it just looks like her legs are covered in gravy or some such thing
Pagan, you are a reservoir of helpful knowledge! Thank you.

Cat, it sounds like that particular bronzer is too bronze. I've had the same problem, though I am a very pale olive (which is to say, sallow) rather than pink-and-white complected. However, the solution I've used may work for you. I cut the bronzer into another powder - perhaps a mineral makeup, or even plain talc (this is what I have used in the past, but you may prefer not to go this route). I used Johnson & Johnson baby powder on my face for 20 years, and had no issues with it, so the lighter application one would use for a bronzing application might work for you. I cut my own bronzer way, WAAAAYY down, like maybe one part bronzer to half a dozen or more parts something-lighter. Straight bronzer has always seemed to me a damn sight too strong for any but the most tanned skin.
has anyone used urban decay's lingerie and galoshes? i'd be all over it if the waterproofer bit worked well, as that way i wouldn't always have to buy my mascaras in pairs, one waterproof one not
I've been trying one of the lighter self-tanners on my legs, the kind you're supposed to use every day...Jergens, I think. Anyway, I'm afraid to take a razor to my legs, for fear I'll take off what I have built up, so I've been using an electric razor. Anyway, I still managed to have streaky legs.
Dusty, I've tried four of them this year, and Jergens was the worst (and least effective - I know it's not meant to be turbo-tanning, but I think the weakness actually contributed to the streakiness problem). The reviews, if anyone's interested:

#4 - Jergens whatever-it's-called. I gave it to my mom. She appears to have gotten good results, but here is my problem. Most of these products call for use right AFTER a shower/bath. Given that all but one of the ones I've tried (a) makes me feel sticky and (b) makes me smell like a corn chip after about four hours, there is NO way I'm using them AFTER bathing. Jergens is meant to be used every single day, no less. Again - no way, Jose'. Maimy don't play stinky corn-chip girl for a living.

#3 - L'oreal sunless tanning mist. Excellent color "believability", some pigment concentration at hands, toes (but not the usual trouble spots of elbows/knees - again, controllable). When used six hours BEFORE a shower or bath, every other or every third day, results built nicely and stayed well, even with shaving. Bottle, at $9, lasts fewer than half a dozen applications.

#2 - L'oreal sunless tanning gelee'. Excellent color "believability", some streakiness (can be controlled with a quick learning curve). When used six hours BEFORE a shower or bath, every other or every third day, results built nicely and stayed well, even with shaving. Tube, at $9, lasts several weeks.

#1 - Neutrogena Tanning Mist. THE BEST for non-sticky/non-stinky, hands down and by a wide margin. Goes on dry, color-change is good, no streaks or dark patches, and staying power is GREAT. Bottle, at $13, lasts about two weeks (can be found on Amazon at 2 cans/$18 for Deep, or 2 cans/$17 for Medium).
Thanks, Maimy! You *are* a goddess...
maimy, excellent reviews - thanks for sharing!

jergen's "natural glow" sucks. no matter how carefully or how often i apply, i always get splotches. i do plan on using it after my legs are tanned, when splotches won't matter. and i actually don't mind the smell.

my all-time favorite is still bain de soleil radiance eternelle, medium/dark. you have to stay naked or in a robe til it dries, or wear i-don't-care t-shirt & shorts, but i love the smell, and i get a very believable, dark tan in a few hours. if you don't shower before bed, it will come off on your sheets, no matter how many hours after you apply. and it also will come off a little when you shave (but not noticeably).

but i'm a sun worshipper, i freely admit. so with my beloved Bain de Soleil Mega Tan Sunscreen Lotion With Self Tanner, SPF 4, and a few more sunny days, i'll hopefully be able to go without pantyhose soon. (i know spf 4 is not good. but thanks to my italian heritage, i rarely burn and do at least use 15 on my face.)
I'll say this, not one of the ones I tried stained anything - sheets or clothing. Neutrogena, because it went on dry, also had the least naked-down-time, which is also nice.

The stickiness gets to me worse than the smell (though I did joke with kog3100 about coming home to sleep with a frito). I cannot STAND to feel sticky and dirty, and we get enough humidity that fighting gunky "lotion" skin is never going to be on my summertime fun list ...

I've been using DSL daily facial moisturizer lately, and it has sunscreen 25 if I remember. Hands and face, every durn day. Of course, compared to you, honey, I am a vampiress!! *Grin*
Has anyone ever used fake eyelashes? Ugh. It sounds so bad. But i'm actually interested in trying them out for special occasions. My eyelashes are perhaps my worst feature - sparse, thin, puny. Anyway, I'm just looking for recommendations.

And-- I'm tired of my makeup. I bounce back and forth between drugstore makeup and the good stuff. Currently I'm using a mixed bag of drugstore stuff. Some of it is kind of old and I'd really like to pitch it and try a new brand all together. I'm really bad about this part of "being a girl". And I'd really like to start paying more attention and treating myself a little more. So some friends of mine use MAC cosmetics. What other good brands are out there?

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