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Hey all, I don't know if this goes under the skin care thread or this one, but it's about my scalp.

Last night I dyed my hair using Clarol's Natural Instincts. It looks good, but my scalp has been really itchy ever since I dyed it and I think I might be reacting to it. I've dyed my hair in the past and never had any problems, so I'm a bit concerned. Also, the itching is driving me crazy. Any suggestions as to what I should do?
I did it! I did it! I cut my hair into a just-below chin length bob!

I feel so much better.
lilac, take some benadryl and wash your hair with gentle shampoo. theoretically it'll go away soon. and from now on always do your allergy tests before dyeing
Yay, Busty! Any pics? I need inspiration. :-)

~*~*~anti-itch vibes for Lilac's scalp~*~*~
Maybe I'll have pics later today. We're taking the bustybaby to the Magic House.
Lilacwine, have you tried any Scalpicin? I've never had your problem, but a friend of mine that liked to have lovely faux copper tresses swore by it after she dyed.
Okay, I tried what everyone suggested and the itching has subsided for now. The Scalpasin has a tendency to wear off after a while but it works, and the benedryl did have some effect. Thanks for the help.
Hi all. I'm thinking about buzzing all my hair off tomorrow. Any of you done this before? I'd love to hear about it.
Me me me.... I buzzed my hair off years ago. I must admit I didn't do a whole 100% buzz, I had a long thin strip of bangs that hung just on the sides of my face (kind of framed it), but it was very little hair and was literally just a strip about 1 inch deep so the rest of my head, top, sides and back was buzzed. My bangs were died bright red. I loved it! Post a pic if you do it, I'd love to see!
I've done it...once in college, not all the way but maybe down to a quarter inch. I might do it again 'cause frankly, I haven't had a good hair cut in months. I just moved to a new city and have no idea where to go in my price range.

I have a really cute picture of me in Venice right afterwards...can't find it on my 'puter right now, though...

oh, blanchedeveraux, the cute of it growing back in! like the pics of natalie portman a few months ago. So damn pixie-ish...
It's great to hear positive feedback about this. Several people in my "real life" (admittedly mostly men) have been discouraging about it, mostly on the basis that they feel women with buzzed heads don't look attractive.

I have this sort of ironic reservation about doing this: I worry that I'm not cute enough to "pull it off" and will just end up looking unattractive like the guys say. The irony lies in the fact that the main draw for me to shave my head in the first place is that I want to check OUT of the cuteness game, I don't want to worry about how my hair looks, how I look, how I measure up to conventional beauty standards.

I suspect maybe this is one of those things where the act comes first and the appropriate mindset comes as a result? That I'll stop caring about how I measure up conventionally after I do something that definitely makes me *not* measure up in that way? Hence the liberating aspect of doing this?

(Although, maybe none of this is 100% spot-on since I still think that women with shaved heads can be dead sexy, and that would negate a lot of what I said above. But since most people would disagree with me, maybe that's a moot point.)

Octinoxate, you may find this interesting: nation

I believe it's fair to say Sars at Tomato Nation is NOT your pixie-cute shaved girl, and she did this for charity - but she is rocking it, and she seemed to get a lot out of especially the initial cropping. The essay commenting on that is here:
Lucizoe, I got a good haircut at a place called Salon Seven downtown--I read elsewhere where you've moved to. It was kind of pricy at $80 but I can give you the guy's name if you'd like?

Octinoxate, two friends of mine cut their hair really short (not buzzed though) for similar reasons. They both had beautiful long hair and felt very defined by it, and getting it cut was liberating for both of them. Saying that, they've both gone back to long hair; and one did regret it at times but overall remained happy she'd done it.

I wore my hair very short for about a year, was convinced after having it cut that nobody would ever fancy me again, and met not one but two boyfriends during that year, which worked out well. :-)
I did it! And I love it. I'll post a pic if I can borrow someone's digital camera.

Maimy, thanks for the links, I'll check 'em out. And thanks for the input, all!
I have pics of my hair. She cut it a little shorter than I wanted, but it'll grow in in a couple of months, so I'm not put out.

(These are cross posts with Friends and Family)


me too
Busty- ditto!
very sexy and together and the kiddo is adorable too! would kill for pouty full lips like that.. <le>

oxtin: any pic yet?

and now for our viewing enjoyment...

well, I finally gave up on looking for the "perfect" short haircut pic and went in the washroom, got my new scissors and set to cuttin!
I now have a very layered, piece-y, stick-y out-y, pixie like style and with the way my hair waves up it just looks great (to me anyway) and I can take little girl barretts and pull the short (bangs) front over and clip it. Even though my hair is fine, this cut makes it look like it has so much more body and it didn't make my face look too big. I'm happy!

Here is a pic of my new hair..... the photo kind of cuts off the top of my hair, but you get the idea. It is really about the same length all over. It was a swing bob that came just below my chin, beofre I cut it.
voodoo and busty!
love love the haircuts.
I'm having issues with my new cut and color. Although I've had my hair every color under the sun, I recently went from 3 years of this:
To this:[img][/img]
I sort of feel like I'm too old for the bright red now that I'm almost 32, but at the same time-- I'm not sure if the platinum really suited my complexion.
Advice? Should i go back to platinum?
saktii - I'm REALLY diggin' the red and the new cut..... looks great and you are beautiful! WOW! Compliments your face shape and skin tone. WOW!
hey busties? Are there any otc shampoos that don't test on animals that maybe DON'T contain wheat protein? I looked at Aussie brand stuff, but I couldn't find a no test label. I want a volumizing thing but my scalp can't handle wheat or soy, really. I might try ABBA just in case I can. Help?
Awwww, thank you Blanche and Voodoo! And thanks for the thumbs up on the red. It's so hard adjusting to a new color.
Awwww, thank you Blanche and Voodoo! And thanks for the thumbs up on the red. It's so hard adjusting to a new color.
thanks for the link blanche! Very helpful.
Ahh, Voodoo, you do yourself proud!

Saktii, I adore the red. I adore YOU, too, of course. And I will cry a whole lot if you aren't here to stay, but that's another thread. And I adore the blonde, but I like the contrast.

Take it from a 38-year-old who's still rocking blue lip gloss on occasion: Totally appropriate. And goddesslike to boot.
voodoo_princess, much kudos! i can totally picture you in little girl barrettes! thanks for sharing!

blanche, now it's your turn for pictures!!!

saktii, you can definitely do both blonde & red. and probably brunette too. you're freaking gorgeous, and have a face that can be either "soft" or "edgey". i think i prefer the blonde, but stick with the red for the change-up. i know all about lusting for The Change. and never ever fret about age, darlin. anyone can clearly see you rock those young-looking genes hardcore!

i do believe i'm over my OHC (obsessive hair compulsion). LOVE my new short, edgey, just-trimmed bob. LOVE the just-refreshed highlights. ADORE my new stylist. haven't been this happy with the color, length & low-cost-of-services in about 6 years. i may never Change again. boredom be damned!

photos sooneth. promise.

i am also getting comfy at my new little bodega salon. who the fuck knew?
mandolyn, isn't is so amazing when you find a stylist with whom you
i love my stylist, i just wish he did color, too.
the colorists at that salon are eh, and the services are incredibly overpriced.

i've made peace with my hair (this week, at least). i'm just letting my hair do its thing, going natural curly and tousled looking. i'm letting it grow grow grow for as long as i can stand it, and then i might go for the cut that george o'malley's gf on grey's anatomy has..i cannot seem to find a pic of the actress, and i haven't a clue of her name, either.
you simply can't actually be in your late 30's! I'd never guess just by looking at your pic!
Hooray for looking younger!
(Saktii, I earned every minute of it. And thank you, milady. You gorgeous thing you, it's SO fab to see you around again!)

I need to get a trim before the man returns home at long, long, long, long last. Think I'll be sticking with the general shape I have found, and rock the slightly shorter bangs I accidentally found I liked last time I trimmed 'em.
i just cut my chin length hair into a cute pixie cut for summer. it is blonde and messy and i adore it. it takes like 2 seconds to do in the morning. i loooove it!!

saktii you look like you are in your mid twenties pretty girl!!! i like both colors but i really love the platinum. you looked like a sexy Bond girl.

Aw! Thank you, ll! I'm starting to become annoyed with this red nonsense. I may just make an appointment at a salon and have them strip it out.
I usually *ALWAYS* do my color myself, but, this time-- maybe I should go to a real prof.
can anyone suggest something for my superlong superfine tangled mess of hair? I can't leave it down due to tangles.
clover, i have short hair but it is really dry from coloring it so i use john freida leave in conditioner followed by his frizz free shine serum. it makes my hair super soft and shiny and i bet it would help with your tangle problem. you get that stuff at target and it is pretty cheap.
(Cloverbee) I too have long superfine hair that seems to tangle almost out of spite as soon as I or my hairdressers run a comb thru it! (yes, I have 3 "hair people" that all are aware of this affair!)To avoid breaking off the ends and looking like an 80's fried mess, I condition the hell out my hair from my ears down and hide my comb while my hair is wet! I find that if I comb/brush out my hair before I get in the shower I have less tangles. Also I only wash my scalp (where it's actually oily) and put a thick conditioner on every other day; so far been good. I usually use some combination of Redken Repair Wear, Neutrogena Triple Moisture and whatever color care conditioner my sister has tossed to me. I hope that helps.
Busties, do any of you ever wish you had your old hairstyle/color back?
For maybe 2 years I had a love for blonde asymmetrical highlights that led to almost 2/3 of my long hair being blonde. It was fun but so much upkeep (and washed out my olive skin) that I gave it up! Now that I'm back to dark brownish red I miss the volume I used to get from the bleaching ...haircolor ruts are no fun! I have a color appointment as a birthday gift in 2 weeks and am at a loss for what to do!
bunny, the richer your hair color the fuller it looks. i would go with face framing highlights with low lights peaking through on the underside of your hair. that will make your hair look much fuller and the upkeep is easier. going with a more natural all over color with the highlights and lowlights will make your hair style last longer.

just my advice. im excited to know what you decide on so let us know.

#9 for the color I'm going to do at home, maybe a touch lighter probably, and #18 for the cut, w/ the bangs alittle more side-swept bc hair in my eyes makes me itchy.

just got an appt w/ the new place, for 5:30 tomorrow evening and I am psyched!

was sooo ready today to do it Right Now (you know how you have to be in the right mood?) but the lady, and then the other lady, was booked solid, so tomorrow it is.

I *promise* that this time I will take pictures!!

has anyone tried Revlon's ColorSilks before?
it was uber cheap, like $2.97, which makes me suspicious, but it actually had the color # and brand I've been using as a a guide to get the same results.

stoopidist move ever?
I put lemon juice in my hair when I was working outside last weekend, and then couldn't figure out why it was so DRY.
..sometimes I am too dumb to be allowed out w/out a keeper! I Do know better than that & did it anyway!!

Aw, Freckle - we'll forgive you (now if only your hair does!) ...

My dyeing schedule is fucked, because kog3100 was supposed to be home by the end of May and there was an unfortunate (and indeterminate delay). In order to have it all pretty and fresh, I was going to do it like two weeks ago ... and now I am turning into Lily Munster, and have no idea when will be the right time!

(I know, I know. I do it to myself. Still, it sucks!)
I'm really, seriously considering putting BLUE tips on my bangs. I have to make sure I'm not going to see my gramma for a little while, though.
do it, busty! do it! i'll live vicariously through your hair!
(for both my summer jobs i have to keep my hair colours that occur naturally on the human head. which means dyeing my hair cotton candy pink with blue bangs as i had originally planned has gone out the window until at least september, maybe longer if i keep one or both of the jobs. i'm going to go crazy!)
so in a bout of depression, i decided what i needed to do was dye my (blonde) hair read, a la when i was 20.

not. cool.

i can't rock that look anymore (sadly) so now i'm looking online for color undo-ers. i've found one 'n only colofix; anyone had an experience with this product, or had to undo their hair? should i bite the bullet and pay (out the arse) for a professional to tackle this for me?

i know it's not going to go back to "normal" but i just need to take the edge off...
my hair looks frawkin AWESOME!!

very mia farrow, short, gamine, absolutely Love it and LOVE my new forever ever-more stylist too!

no pix yet, but soon, very very soon I totally promise.
I no longer even have the urge to do something absurd to my hair, like put platinum streaks in it or the like. or at least not yet. I think this may be, The' Cut.

she took oodles of time to consult and play with my hair, and then cut ( we were alone in the shop) for more than an hour, cut, razored, cut some more, dried and styled, razored and cut a bit more, Very much happy with the results.

I'd forgotten the buzz of excellent hair bliss! :-)

I hold the paintbrush ever so carefully

methodically lifting and stroking the color onto each seperate section

piece by piece I work my way , til as the chemicals start to process, and I sense I must hurry, I grow bold and reckless, dabbing and poking, jabbing and rooting, attacking my hair as I imagine a great impressionist or modern artist must feel when overpowered by sheer emotion and the Need To CREATE.

my hair is my canvas and I feel greatness surging through me now, onward and onward, over the top and behind the ears, shy and desperate feathers over my hairline mary shelly's frankenstein if ever there was

mixing and stirring, a styrafoam bowled concoction as sure as a palet, til at last there can be no more done,

I rest, view the clock, to begin

the Wait.

Coloring My Hair
turned out good.
nothing dramatic, but very natural looking.
I like drama better and want to mess with it again,but know I need to let it rest awhile now.

and the cut, still love it but think it's a bit of a fright to others bc I can't make it do what the stylist did and I have all manner of bits and pieces sticking up willy nilly & maybe love it more bc of that. I find myself walking around shaking my head like a Beatle and then grinning manically, knowing it's even mussier.
Hee. Wonderful, Freckle! Just for that, I will commit emoticonization (something I only rarely do): :-)
Yay! I'm a blonde.
Well, a paler shade of reddish brown that in direct sunlight looks sort of blonde. (But I secretly fear I look a lot like Johhny Depp in What's Eating Gilbert Grape)
it sounds pretty curious, good for you!
catlady, since red fades pretty quickly i reccomend using dish soap, washing with that a few times in a row and then conditioning your hair like crazy. then you could probably use a mild hair bleach to get the rest of it out.
Thanks blanche and freckleface. I'm trying to convince myself that it's more Geena Davis and less Johnny Depp.
suggestions for fine straight hair on a round face that is already fairly short .. ?

I'm trying to let it grow out and at it's longest it's about six inches.

Here's a pic that is a few months old so the hair is longer, not shaped and just icky looking. The back has multiple cowlicks so it works best if it's shaved otherwise it tends to flatten and point upward (it grows opposite of the rest of my hair).

Any suggestions?
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