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appmtnwoman - have you tried Mercedes Lackey? (might be Lackley..). I liked The Black Swan by her, a reworking of the Swan Princess story. Or Polgara by David Eddings - which isn't so centered on a love story (although there's definitely love in it) and excellent summer reading. (But I'm a sci-fi/fantasy reader so...)
I liked Mists of Avalon but had no idea there was a SERIES. I don't know if that's a good thing or not
Yup, it's a series, although I haven't read them all.

Mornington, very odd but I came across The Black Swan recently whilst researching the same myth mentioned before! And I LOVE Polgara, the character, (and Eddings in general). The Belgariad and The Mallorean are fantastic and my favourite light reading; I also have a soft spot for them as they were my initiation into the fantasy genre, courtesy of the boy.
OK, in the "day late and a dollar short" department, I finally borrowed The Time Traveler's Wife from the library and DAMN I love this book. I'm going to make everyone I know read it.
I just read the book Drugs Are Nice by Lisa "Suckdog" Carver. If you were a part of the punk scene in the mid 80's-mid 90's, reading this book might feel alot like taking a stroll through your own teenaged years. Plus, it manages to be both funny, sad, and disturbing at the same time. I like, especially, the fact that Lisa always takes responsibility for the things that happened to her in her life, crazy though they may be.
Oh, my ex used to have all issues of Lisa Carver's 'zine Rollerderby. I love her writing, too.
Sounds good, saktii. I just ordered the Lisa Carver book.

I read one of her other ones, the title escapes me at the moment, but I think a lot (or all) of it was from Rollerberby.
I finished Ali Smith's The Accidental today. An interesting read, it's unconventional in its structure (five beginning, middle and ends for each character) and I liked it for its mixing of high and low culture (it's literary in sections although not esoteric). It's an easy read but not a pointless one.
Yeah, I liked The Accidental well enough, but I thought it was just okay -- not earthshaking in the least.

Meanwhile, Curtis Sittenfeld's new book, The Man of my Dreams, is getting shit on by reviewers, but I thought it was just as good as Prep, which was pretty good.
Finished In Cold Blood yesterday. I swear that anywhere I go now, I can't help but eye two middle aged men together as suspicious characters.
Girlbomb, I finished your book over the weekend. I absolutely loved it. Thank you for writing it.

(Oh and your pic in the back is lovely! Brains, bravery, AND beauty! I may have a new crush. :-))
Thank you, catsoup! (blushing smiley)
I finished Trudi Canavan's Black Magician Trilogy the other day. I read all three books in a week; they're fascinating and incredibly readable. The story is quite fast-paced, and the characters are believeable (and human). I like fantasy, but I was recommended them by someone who doesn't like the genre. I'd recommend it if you want something light - but not fluffy - and fun to read.
Right now I'm reading Pagan Night by Kate Braverman.
Girlbomb, I found you! Awesome, completely amazing book you wrote. I loved it. Read it in one sitting.
I've read a couple of good reviews of The Man of My Dreams. I'm wondering if there's some leftover animosity after she trashed Melissa Banks new book awhile ago, like she's now Faye Dunaway after doing Mommie Dearest or something.

I liked it and thought it had a lot of interesting things to say about female insecurity/self-perception. . .but I still thought Prep was better. Certainly not a "sophomore slump" by any means, though.
speaking of melissa banks, i picked up her new book yesterday in borders and flipped through it; feeling poor so i didn't buy it, has anyone read it?
I read The Wonder Spot. I liked it. I liked Girls' Guide as well, maybe a little better. I heard an interview with her recently and she sounded like a nice person. Not phony or pretentious.

I just started The Man of My Dreams. I adored Prep. I read a lot of it at a cafe over a couple days. Some days I was crying, some days I was laughing. :-)
Thank you, ophelia. I am much honored.
Cat, I loved Prep and I just finished The Man of My Dreams. Curtis can really capture angst and youthful romance so well. I want her to write as a mature woman now too! I love her writing.
Yeah, I think Curtis Sittenfeld is almost like Lorrie Moore, in the way she nails an emotional state that hasn't yet been described.
Oh I was wondering when lorrie morre was going to come up... I LOVE LOVE LOVE her short story from Self-Help entitled "How to Become a Writer". Probably the only effective second-person narrative I've ever read. That, and eerily accurate...
Finished "The Thinking Fan's Guide to the World Cup" whilst in Germany. The title was extremely it gave me notions of each country in the World Cup that I've not known prior to reading it.
Anyway, two authors chose 32 other authors to write about specific countries: their experiences with that country, a brief history and football/soccer history of that country. Brilliant idea, as I was able to talk to anyone from any of the countries involved (provided they speak English/Spanish) about their countries. For instance: Japan has the most efficient toilettes(sp), Holland ride the mose bikes per-capita, Sweden has the friendliest prisons and why Spain and Paraguay have their own dialects of Spanish.

I'm half-way through "The News from Paraguay" now...and I like it.
I just finished Paula Kamen's All In My Head. I strongly recommend it for anyone suffering from headaches or any kind of chronic pain. (I know what a migraine feels like, but I can only imagine the hell of having an unrelenting one for the past fifteen years.)
I have to give props to Jami Attenberg for her first book, Instant Love, which is really good. Like Melissa Bank's The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, or Curtis Sittenfeld's new book, it's interconnected stories about women and relationships, and it's really sharp and interesting. There's an excerpt available on the Amazon page above if you click "See all editorial reviews," but it's not long enough, and the later stories are the ones I liked best. Anyway, many thumbs up from me.
Today I picked up Jeanette Winterson's Sexing the Cherry (everyone tells me I should read her) and Phoebe Gloeckner's The Diary of a Teenage Girl, which I love already, even though I've only read 13 pages.
Ucch! Phoebe Gloeckner. I fucking LOVE that book.
The News From Paraguay.
Liked it a lot and I did dig the characters. I liked out the turmoil in some locations in the book weren't physically noticeable in neighboring areas...reminded me of the states when initially driving thru lower Mississippi/New Orleans after the hurricane. All that having nothing to do with the book I'll also add I like reading about areas near where I've Panama.

Freaking Prince of Tides is next (it was pushed on me so it bumps "Property" in the book-que I've got).
Doxy, I loved the Prince of Tides. Nothing like the movie (which was total. crap.) so if you've seen it, don't think the book will be anything like it.
Doxy, Prince of Tides is one of my favorite books. You'll love it, and don't watch the movie.... the only good thing I thought was that Nick Nolte did a decent southern accent, and that they filmed it in SC.... ah, Lowenstein....

Any good summer reads lately?
oh, yes ... prince of tides is a gorgeous read! (and i can't help it, i still watch the movie every once in a while. shit casting/acting, except for kate nelligan. but such lovely cinematography.)

i'm still trying to get thru anansi boys by neil gaiman. it's my first gaiman, it's fun, i heart his style ... but i'm just such a crap reader these days. my concentration is fershit. maybe i need a dose of chick lit. *shudder*

tabloid love has peaked my interest. i know not why. i'm not a fan of bridget jones or her clones. but maybe i need something ... lite. and vapid.
I'm sure everyone and their grandmother has read it already, but I just finished The Da Vinci Code. Not bad for a summer read if you haven't read it already. It moves fast and it's interesting in that "making esoterica appealing to the masses" kind of way. I haven't seen the movie but after reading the reviews, I don't think I will.

Oh, and before DVC, I finished Middlesex! I'm glad I read it, and I did end up liking it, but ultimately I don't think I'd put it in my top 10. Oh well.

Now I'm reading Girl With a Pearl Earring, on loan from my mother. She also gave me Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, which I know nothing about. Anyone?

I read Prince of Tides years ago, and I think I liked it, but I went and saw the movie and now I can only think of Babs. "Lowenstein..." Snicker. :-)
I loved Middlesex! I want to read it again.
I also really liked Prep.

Right now I am reading a book for my book club. It's called A Dirty Job and it is by Christoper Moore. It is a really fun book. It is about a guy who happens into a job as a "death merchant." He doesn't become the grim reaper or anything, but he has a role in the passing along of souls. It sounds serious, but really it's sort of a black comedy.
I don't know why it's taken me so long to recommend this book, but Alamo House by Sarah Bird is one you must, MUST read. Nothing I say could do this book justice. It is funny, it is smart, it's one of those books you'll want to read over and over and over again. Unfortunately, it's out of print right now, but I checked and they've got copies for $.75, and evilAmazon has lots of copies also. It's definitely worth looking for.

Mando, you especially will like it. It's right up your alley!
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is beautiful and delicate and poetic. I read it a couple years ago (my mom gave it to me, too -- coincidence?) and really liked it.
karianne, I just saw A Dirty Job in a bookstore the other day. I haven't picked it up yet but I thought it looked kind of funny.
wow, my mother in law gave me balzac and the little chinese seamstress also... how bizarre. must be something about that book! (i liked it too)

finally pulled kite runner back out last night. i don't know why but i haven't gotten into it yet.
gaiman does take a while to get used to. Anansi Boys wasn't the first book I'd read by him, but I do find that I need to want to read. I liked Towelhead by Alicia Erian - I can't remember if I've recommended it before - but it's excellent. Katie Fford is good for trash, mando - I steal her books off my mother when I'm in need of chick lit (she's also, I believe, related to Jasper Fford; I think she's his mother).

I need a summer read now. I feel the need to spend money on books.
Ooo, Falljackets, Kite Runner is one of the next few on my book list. If you manage to get into it, let me know what you think! My stepsister said it was a "difficult story" but I don't really know what she meant by that. Hm.

ETA: That IS weird about mothers and BatLCS. I wonder why...
christopher moore is GOD. i've met him. so i know. a dirty job is fun, but not his best imho. practical demonkeeping and lamb are my all-time favorite faves. with Island of the Sequined Love Nun and The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove close second & third.

many mwahs to you, (((jules)))!
Thanks, mando! I was thinking of reading another book of his, he is just fun I think.
Kite runner... finished it this weekend and it ripped my heart right out of my chest. Very very very good book - lots of happy and the sad is all worth it.
Half way through Jonathan Strange and enjoying it thoroughly! Next on my list is Annie Proulx's Close Range incl. Brokeback.
Oh Novels! I'm so glad I have time for you again! Must make time to do the archives this week.
Mando, Lamb is my favorite. I so love Christopher Moore. So jeolous you met him, but that's so rad.
karianne, i forgot to mention lust lizard is the sequel to demonkeeping. actually, if you don't like demonkeeping, you won't like anything else of his. that one's a good test.

apologies to busties who are completely sick to death of my shilling of c. moore!

eta: x-post with (((sassy)))!
No way Mando - I, for one, am glad to hear more about Christopher Moore. I'm a long-time Tom Robbins fan and I was looking for a similar type of author. I read Fluke (it was the only one of his my library had) and I was really disappointed, but now that I know his others are better, I won't give up!
Summer Vacay Reading List:
"A Long Way Down" -faboo
"The Memory of Running"-also faboo
"Any Place I Hang My Hat"-ditto.
I'm currently reading "love in the time of cholera".

serioulsy in love with this book. its amazing.

Free e-book downloads until August.....
I've downloaded quite a few and was just too excited when I heard about this.
I posted in Community Forum, but no one seemed interested.
I have found quite a few good reads at this book fair so if anyone is interested, check it out.
Nothing beats a free book
Have you read "One Hundred Years of Solitude", cellijenni?

I'm new to this thread (goodness knows why!). I work in a public library so I'm always finding new books I want to read.

My current reading list is
In our time: Memoirs of a revolution - Susan Brownmiller (currently reading)
The Abortionists Daughter
Cinderella's Big Score: Women of the Punk and Indie Underground.

Has anyone read any of these?
hello this is my first post.
Antigone by jean anouilh to be read and reread
cellijenni, i'm also reading love in the time of cholera. i plan on spending the weekend with my nose in that book. i haven't been able to really get into it yet.

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