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Has anyone found a solution for pre-menstrual tender breasts?
yeah, what obelix said. i once had my gyno appointment right after my period, and it turned out i was still spotting a tad. the gyno just said, 'oh, by the way, you're spotting a bit, no biggie' and laid a pad under me to catch the runoff. very chill of her.
My understanding is that it's not the best time to get a PAP, though, if you're bleeding. I've had my gyno reschedule because I was...I'll have to try to look that up later.

strokesbabe, I used to take vitamin E to help with tender breasts...also give up/decrease caffeine intake. Oh, and the pill, if you're inclined anyway.
crinoline-did you ever find out what happened? i don't know anything, but it almost sounds like a miscarriage-all the blood and the tissue. But I have NO CLUE what I'm talking about. That was just my first thought. Did you call your dr. up to ask about it?

I've started my period when I'm still taking my last week of pills, but never a full week like that, more like a few days.
hey lady-poos,
I had the Depo shot administered a couple weeks ago, after a hiatus since August. I'd been on it for about 4 years, but then went off of it due to my epileptologist's request. So I went back on it once I got the go ahead. Anyway. I start my period, and I tell you it's the most painful period I've ever had in my life. I'm not exaggerating. It felt like there were air bubbles or something in my abdomen, and my diva cup didn't work like it usually does. That is to say, like a charm. It let blood leak all over the place, and I'm still bleeding heavily, which is unusual. I usually have shorter periods with "dregs" days. And I haven't been sexually active for a couple of months, and not intercourse for more. I'm on the phone with my doctor's office now. Help me! Anyone know about severe menstrual pain??
ok whew. Going to doctor on the 23rd. But still, opinions wanted...

All of your observations make me laugh/cry...
im so confused can someone help me???
my periods are very irregular. feb and march i didnt get my period at all. i know i wasnt pregnant because i wasnt having sex. but on april 19th i had unprotected sex. then on april 29th i started to spot. but pregnancy test said negative. april 30th it turned into light bleeding wich lasted until may 4th. on may 2 i had unprotected sex again during my period. then may 5th i started to spot continuosly up until may 9th. but the problem is that the spotting is now a dark red a bit more but it only comes down when i pee and wipe. can some one tell me if this is still my period or is it possible that i had gotten pregnant during my period.????? has this ever happened to anyone else? i dont know whats going on and its driving me insane!!!
it IS possible to get pregnant during your period.

You may just be having some more spotting left over from your period. If you got pregnant during the period that lasted until May 4th there is NO WAY you'd be having "implantation bleeding" or anything so soon.

I think what you have going on just may be hormonal. Hopefully the spotting/light bleeding will stop here soon. Wait it out until your next period is due and see then.

BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, unless you are trying to or want to get pregnant, use condoms! Or get on birth control. You can go to Planned Parenthood or your county health department and get birth control without your parents knowing (if that is an issue) and for free!

Even if you are on birth control you should STILL be using condoms unless you have both been tested and are in a monogomous, long-term relationship -- NO JOKE. I only say this from experience!

you really ought to go to the doctor and get checked out, it could be so many things! you could have some kind of infection, a miscarried early pregnancy, who knows... not to freak you out, but i really hope you go get this checked out!

good luck.
am i the only one in the world who gets her period every 6weeks - 3months, and am not on the pill? had my hormones checked, and they're fine...
is there any way of getting rid of pmt? something that would actually work because i don't think i can keep on spending one week of every month wanting to kill my self and everyone around me. i've had it ever since i got my period but it's just getting worse and worse. and what's the deal with B6 vitamin, how much are you supposed to take it?
lux - I don't know about getting rid of pmt, but if you're not on bc, I'd recommend trying it. I found my pmt reduced noticably when I started taking the pill - and those around me noticed too. I know it's not an ideal cure, but if it's bad you might want to try it. Or you could try talking to your doc/gyno, they might be able to suggest something better.
Fucking bad cramps today. Thank God I have the day off. I'm going to cave it with a pint of dove ice cream and my Golden Girls dvd... yay!
Ugh. Period is late probably due to stress and new meds.... I just hope it doesn't decide to come on when my boy is down here. :-( Fucking cramps...
QUOTE(strokesbabe @ Apr 26 2006, 07:33 PM) *

Has anyone found a solution for pre-menstrual tender breasts?

Try Evening Primrose Oil? Um, I didn't try this but my Mum did and apparently it helped with sore boobs and her PMT.
QUOTE(impactdixon @ Jul 17 2006, 03:38 AM) *

Try Evening Primrose Oil? Um, I didn't try this but my Mum did and apparently it helped with sore boobs and her PMT.

i work at a breast care center and and our doc recc. vit e (but talk to your doc cus too much is bad) and decrease the caffine!!! also hrt will cause tenderness but sometimes it helps.
I'm not sure if this is the right thread to post this question in, but here goes...

Have any of you ever heard of/experienced periods that get lighter (or shorter) over time? Mine have gradually gone from maybe 5 days when I first began having periods (age 12) and through my early 20s, to only 2 days now (I'm 31). They might not be that much lighter than before -- it's hard to remember -- but they always last only 2 to 2.5 days. The first day is very light, don't even need a tampon, the second day is pretty normal or heavy, then the third day is light like the first.

Is this normal? Could it be endometriosis? I have heard that as you get closer to menopause your periods get heavier. I've never been pregnant and haven't been on the pill or anything else for ages. Up till now I haven't thought there could be anything wrong, but I recently asked my sister (age 23) about hers and she said she has it for 5 days solid.

Any ideas welcome...

I used to have really regular, normal to light flow periods.

Then, about 4 years ago, I started getting really irregular periods. Well, I haven't even had one in 6 months, and then BAM!

Now I'm having my first one in 6 months, and it's an ass-kicker. Heavy, cramps, clots. Used a whole box of tampons--and it's only day 3.

WTF?!? mad.gif wacko.gif
Throughout the year the number of days in my cycle seem to go up and down gradually, the lowest is around 28 days and it's gone as high as 46 days before, I think, but usually only once in the year and then it starts going down again. Right now I'm on day 40 and I am so ready to just get it over with. mad.gif
I want the blood to frigging get there!! This is the second day in a row that I've found myself crying for no reason (with the exception that my job sucks!!) I loathe PMS. And my boobies hurt. sad.gif
Ugh.....I'm on my period again already. The last day of my last one was about three weeks ago. I guess I started at about the same time I did last month but time flies. Thank god for Advil and heating pads.
Has anyone had any luck with luna pads? I was thinking of going the cloth pad route now that I have some money. Any thoughts?
I use the divacup, but I also have lunapads for light days or sometimes I just don't feel like putting the DC cup. I really like them. They're really soft and comfy and you just soak 'em when you're finished to clean off the blood then throw 'em in the laundry. They come in funky colours too.
QUOTE(artstar @ Aug 22 2006, 12:09 PM) *

Ugh.....I'm on my period again already. The last day of my last one was about three weeks ago. I guess I started at about the same time I did last month but time flies. Thank god for Advil and heating pads.

How many Advils you take? I take advil, tylenol, motrin, but nooothing gives me relief from my cramps! And the worst thing is that I'm having cramps TODAY, because I forgot to take my birth control pills 2 days in a row and now I'm bleeding a little sad.gif aaah god
Pain killers have never helped my cramps either. Luckily they're only really bad one day so I can't complain too much...but on that one day...ouch!
anaprox (which is just the brand name, it comes in many different varieties) is what i have used for falling-down-puking-passing-out bad cramps. it's prescription, of course, and works every time in about 20 minutes. i've gone from devastated to happily riding my bike to the market in less than an hour. nothing else ever worked even a tiny bit for me.
QUOTE(erinjane @ Aug 27 2006, 02:43 PM) *

Pain killers have never helped my cramps either. Luckily they're only really bad one day so I can't complain too much...but on that one day...ouch!

Oh God, me too! They only come for one day every month, but its the most painful day! I remember when I was still a university student, I would skip all my classes the day the cramps came, because they were oh so painful sad.gif
QUOTE(dani837 @ Aug 27 2006, 05:38 PM) *

How many Advils you take? I take advil, tylenol, motrin, but nooothing gives me relief from my cramps! And the worst thing is that I'm having cramps TODAY, because I forgot to take my birth control pills 2 days in a row and now I'm bleeding a little sad.gif aaah god

It depends on how bad I'm getting them that month...The intensity of them varies. One month I'll barely have cramps and then the next they'll be pretty bad. Those months I usually take two Advil, which take about an hour to start knocking them out. If I'm able too, I'll break out the heating pad and lay on it until the Advil starts to work. About 4 hours after the first two I'll take another one if they're still there. That'll usually gets rid of them for the rest of the day. I usually have to take another dose that night, though, because they start coming back. Believe me, I know how lucky I am that Advil works. I've known quite a few women who have to use prescription painkillers to get rid of them or just tough it out. On another note, my PMS mood swings seem to be getting worse. My anxiety flares up and I start crying for no reason. My temper also gets out of control. I mean really bad..the urge to break stuff and throw things. It's like I turn into the frickin' Hulk. I just don't remember it being that bad when I was in high school.
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Aug 24 2006, 09:52 PM) *

Has anyone had any luck with luna pads? I was thinking of going the cloth pad route now that I have some money. Any thoughts?

I've been using something like lunapads (slightly different design, same idea) for about 7 years or so. I'm still using the ones that I bought originally plus a couple that I made once I figured out how they were put together. I like them. I generally use disposables if I'm going to be away somewhere and have to switch pads because you have to keep them wet until you wash them, otherwise they stain. That doesn't happen too often though and they've more than paid for themselves.

I usually have a small bucket with water and bio-bleach (not the chlorine kind because that can damage them, at least the ones that I use), and I rinse them out then put them in the bleachy water. I change the water each time I do that and then put them all in the washer when I'm done (usually only 2-3 days in the bucket).

Anyway, they leak less than the paper pads (I find), but you do need to be prepared to rinse them out and keep them wet until you wash them (unless the instructions for lunapads are different than for the ones I have).
Been thinking of heading down that route because I figure I'll save more money in the long run. And they're more environmental friendly Thanks for the advice tatiana! smile.gif
Thanks for all the advice on lunapads. I may try them.

Gawd, I hate being bloated!!!
Cramps suck.
anaprox works wonders chica. get a perscription. there are some less expensive non-brand names of it too.
Any over the counter?? Midol doesn't do shit.
nope. you need a perscription if you get it that bad. i think so anyhow. i used to barf and pass out, no joke, it was that terrible.
it's better now but i still keep those little pills in the medicine cabinet. they really, really work. like i could get up and go for a bike ride after 20 minutes. after being pukey passing out. seriously.
ANAPROX it's a magic word when you get cramps and shit that bad. it's made for that and nothing else.

feel better. a hot water bottle or heating pad really helps too.

I'll have to ask a doctor. I guess I need to find one first. I just need a normal doctor.

Maybe I'll buy a heating pad this weekend.

Apparantly, Aleve is the OTC version. I may try it. I heard Aleve is good for migranes as well. I have to go to the drugstore next week anyways....
sassy, until then you might try microwaving a wet washcloth and putting it in a ziplock baggie. Works in a pinch.
Sweet! Thanks sixel...
oh, that is a good suggestion six. a kettle and a cloth and a ziplock, nice. (i have no nuke box).

i haven't ever found ANYthing over the counter that works for my cramps or migraines. i used to go to the hospital for an iv and serious drugs for extreme head pain but i discovered that t-3's work ok most of the time (thankfully codeine doesn't make me nauseous, which is funny considering how sensitive i am!). but anaprox or a variety of it is the only thing that has Ever worked for me for cramps. it's amazing how i can go from absolutely devastating pain to perfectly fine in less than half an hour. i mean it, it really is that good.

hey, insomniac anyone? ha ha.
Raises hand... (about the insomnia)

I may have to try aleve and those disposble heating wraps (theramcare I think) until I can get to a regular doctor. I don't think my neurologist can prescribe cramp meds without seeing me. And I'm not seeing him into Nov!

Thanks for all the advice!

Ugh. Need coffee.

I'm hoping coffee is good for cramps, because I've had a couple of pots now! I missed a meeting yesterday morning, so now have to attend one even further away (1.5 hours away) and was too worried about oversleeping to sleep, so I've been up aaaaallll night too! Just not a good week to be under the red tent (is there such a thing as a good week for it? tongue.gif ). Glad the washcloth/baggie helped, it's my gran's version of a heating pad. I also keep a wet cloth in baggie in the freezer, her version of an icepack.

I don't have a microwave either, pepper, I do the same kettle method wink.gif
oh, i don't know about coffee being so great for cramps. hope you're feeling alright there chica. ouchy.
it miffs me a bit that there is no allowance for being a woman in this culture. there's no consideration for being under the red tent, for pregnancy and childbirth/childrearing, for having less physical strength but higher organizational abilities (we're still not paid equal wages in almost every sector). wtf eh? we're half the population of the world already. why doesn't some women's group do something about that? our culture is fucking whacked when we are forced to Hate our periods, our bodies and what they do. i LIKE my period. it is there like an old friend every month, reminding me of my ability to bring forth new life, of my inherent creative power, of my connection with the earth, the tides, the moon, the universe. i'm sick of being forced to accomodate the patriarchy with my pain and my bloody sacrifice. fuck that man, i'm taking the first day off of work no matter what the fuck job i have from now on. i consider it my right as a woman. imagine if we all started doing that? what the hell would happen eh? they can't 'fire' us all for being OTR. ha ha.

~~end rant~~
I say we start a rag revolution. I don't understand why people go all apeshit about when woman are preggers, but consider a period a bad thing. Why arent' there moon showers? Celebrating that you're a woman sort of showers??

I plan to buy some cool luna pads (or others) my next paycheck to celebrate my moon time. Now, if I can get rid of my cramps. That's another story.

How cool would that be if ever woman took a sick day for her period? I think people wouldn't know how to react.... Heh.

End of rant.

I didn't mean the apeshit thing as bad, I'm just really annoyed about this girl at work who is preggers,and people are all freaking out about it.... and it's driving me nuts.

don't buy any, i can make some up no prob and mail them to you. they take about 15 minutes and i have LOTS of fabric. just find a picture of the style you like 'cause there are SO many.

I've been told by doctors that caffeine is really bad for cramps, so I wouldn't think coffee would be a good thing to try.
Now that's interesting. I wonder why. I mean, the best headache medicine for me is Excedrin, and that's just caffeine and aspirin. Tylenol and Advil don't do anything for me headache-wise. I wonder what the difference is for muscle pain.....
cramps are different than a headache or muscle pain though. cramps are about tensing and contractions and tenderness due to bloating etc. a muscle relaxant/anti=inflammatory combo works best for cramps, i think.
Hmm... see that's weird. You would like caffeine would be good for cramps. Strange.

Pepper, seriously? I'll PM you. Awesome. smile.gif Thank you luvie. That would so rock.

They were really bad today, but I used one of those Themacare wraps. I am going to write them a letter. It helped a lot.

And chocolate mint ice cream with brownie smashed in from Cold Cream Creamery helped wonders. And Fight Club. Ha.

Here's another variation on the heating pad (or alternative to buying an electric one): make a small pillowcase out of cotton, fill it with dry lentils, and sew up the end. Put it in the microwave for three to five minutes, and you have an hour or two of heat! For cramps it feels really nice to put it under your lower back... You can also use it in bed in the winter to keep your feet warm!
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