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I HATE HATE HATE waiting. It doesn't help that you already have pms and you're pissed off at everything, but then you also have to wait for it to show up? My peroid shows up anywhere from 28-38 days in the cycle, every time I wonder, maybe this is the month it's just not showing up. Doesn't help that I'll be away from possible medical attention for 3 months, isn't that the best time to worry about being knocked up? especially when you know you're pms-y so you clearly can't be, but since you are pms-y it doesn't matter that you know, you still panic....
angie, i know the feeling. i've been using an online tool to chart my cycle for a little over a year now, and so far it's been anywhere from 19-36 days; an average of 29 days, with a "standard deviation" of four days. the best prediction i've observed so far really is the lunar cycle: i personally tend to start bleeding right around the first quarter. luckily, i've no remote chance of being pregnant at the moment...but yeah. the pms-y panic thing is awful. hang in there!
Well there it is. I don't know if herbal menstrual regulators have been discussed here before, but I just wanted to note that I am not a fan. I had a bottle of Vitex (chasteberry) that is supposed to help regulate your cycles if they are long by increasing your progesterone. I've recently been reading some bad things about it, but last night I thought, well, I may as well see if it can at least start the cycle going, so I took ONE 500 mg. And I woke up this morning with cramps like I haven't had since I was a teenager, and lots of blood. Now maybe I was going to start my peroid today anyways, but there is no way I would normally have had cramps like this, and since we all learned in high school that too much progesterone is what causes cramps, it looks like I will never be taking Vitex again! oww.
i do believe there used to be a diva cup vs keeper thread in here but i cant find it. so i'll ask my Q here and hope that its the right place or i'll recieve direction...

ever since giving birth, my diva cup and my box are just not getting along. i LOVE my diva cup. i started wearing it after my first baby so i used the #2 (mumma one) even tho he was a C section. and it was great and the world was well.

but since vaginal birth its a painful process, it puts pressure on my sensitive bladder, and i've been breaking out, which never happened before = my guess because it makes my lips vulnerable with all that pulling and stuff so when i wear a pad for the last day or so its just not a good scene.

soo.. the Q here is: do you suppose the keeper would irritate the queen as well? or does anyone have any other recomendations?
My understanding is the divacup is less irritating than the keeper because it is medical grade silicone. The keeper is about the same size, and rubber (?) so I bet it wouldn't be better. I bought a ladycup when I was having divacup problems (same thing - too much pressure on the bladder, I got UTIs because of it, and it made me sore because of the friction from putting it in) and the ladycup was MUCH better. It is smaller and made of much softer silicone. The only problem is it's a lot harder to take out because when you go to grab it, it kind of skooshes up and there's nothing to grip, also blood sometimes gets everywhere. But if you can handle that, it might work out for you. Or try the smaller size divacup? I eventually had to give up because of the UTIs and bladder irritation, but I do miss it. It was so very convenient!

Maybe if you work on lots of kegels, it will help as well?
thank you angie! i'm sure i can find the ladycup on the net?
I bought mine on eBay. The official distributor sells it there for cheaper than they do on their own website. Or maybe it was hte same price but with free shipping, I don't remember.
Ugh. I'm bloated, my boobs are HUGELY swollen, & my uterus aches. And it's that kind of dull, low throbbing ache. Blergh. Meh. Feh.
I hate the diva cup. I don't care if the keeper does retain odour (and it does, and actually I do care that's why I tried the diva. sigh) that diva cup is so darn flimsy, it just sucks. Can't they make it a bit firmer so it sproings back into shape once inserted? It can't collect anything if it's crushed flat. Drr.

I think I'm starting early menopause, else why the heck is my period varying from 21-36 days apart for the last few months? I had my hormones tested and everything is apparently a-ok so what gives?
Pepper, sometimes shit is just wonky. My cycle is 29-31 for two months, then stretches out to 36, then back to 29-31 for two months & again with the 36 days. It's retarded.
Pepper have you tried the other versions of menstrual cups? I have the "lady cup" and that springs back into shape once inserted. Never tried the Diva as the lady cup came recommended to me.
the ladycup is definitely more smooshy than the divacup. with both i usually have to kind of slide a finger around it once inside to get it to pop open, but it's not too tricky. different strokes, i guess.
More smooshy than the Diva Cup? Egads! I don't know that I'll be shelling out another $50 to try an even smooshier one. I might just make some flannel pads and be done with the insertion type for a while.
Ok, if our cycles are going to be all crazy like can my face at least stop breaking out every damn month? Seriously, wrinkles and pimples, it's so not pretty.
breakout, cramps, low back ache...yaaaay

if i had a hot tub i would get in now and not get out until bedtime.
Is there any consensus on the best catch to use during sex (involving peen)?
I usually just throw down a towel, but I'm looking for something discreet at the moment (cause I'm a lady!).

I've narrowed it to Sponge vs SoftCup. Are there leaking issues with these?
Suk, I've always just used a towel or changed the sheets immediately after. How big is your shower? If there's enough room to manouever it may be your best option. Or a hotel, then they can clean up after.

My question sort of leads off this. For the last 3 months I have been spotting for about 10 days before my period starts in earnest. Blood shows up when I wipe after having a pee, and maybe a few drops throughout the day. Enough to stain my underwear but just little enough that it feels like a waste of a pad and would probably make tampon wearing uncomfortable. If I have sex during the spotting period there will be a ton of blood all over him and dripping afterwards, then it will ease back until my body decides it's time to go. Still with some spotting, but not much. During this ten day period I am generally bloated and at the start get super moody ( I actually threw a sponge at my dude this last week and yelled, 'Well fine then, since I can't do anything right then you clean the spot on the sofa. I hate you!' and went up stairs and cried. It was like every menstrual stereotype ever.) and miserable.

When I've spoken to my doctors they've acted like it's no big deal, but really it is, it's uncomfortable and a waste of money considering all the pads I end up using for no real reason.

I'm not interested in going back on the pill since in recent years every pill I've tried has either made me a crazy person or messed up my gut pretty badly.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this or do you know someone who has, because I could totally use some advice. I'll probably try my GP again once this cycle finishes. But I thought I might do some information gathering beforehand.

Huh. Pants, I got nothing. But I hope it gets better soon & isn't anything dangerous. (((((Pants)))))

Suk, I've never had any drama using a soft cup. In fact, several months into our now almost four-year relationship, my partner one night just blurted out, "Doyouevermenstruate?" all embarrassed like. There was never any tell-tale blood anywhere & I pretty much never said no to a romp, so he was beginning to wonder. I explained the Instead phenomena, of course he was wildly curious which led to an impromptu demonstration & then a good hard shag.
I second the ((((pants)))).

I did have something similar going on, and my doc wasn't concerned for a looonnnng time. So I found myself a new doc, because really, bleeding after sex (of the nonmenstrual variety) was disturbing and most definitely not normal.

It could be a number of things that are really relatively benign, but I wouldn't trust a doc who didn't want to check things out.

Good luck . . . .

i know exactly what you are talking about. i spot on and off from the start of my ovulation til my period actually starts, and if i have sex, especially with the boy since he bumps my cervix... well, there are several extra loads of laundry every month. the mr isn't quite such an issue, but it still happens. i'm really tired of it, too.

honestly, unless it's bad, i just wear dark skirts and no undies and go to the bathroom a little more often. i can't use tampons anymore, anyway, and pads irritate my skin (think diaper rash *shudders*), so as long as i'm going to be home, i just don't worry about it. if i'm going out, i tuck a washcloth into my panties.

i've been told that i am the stereotypical girl-about-to-be-on-the-rag for that week or so before i get my period, too. last week, i went over by the boy, curled up on the end of his bed, and started crying. no idea why. i just did. he flipped out and was all "what? what did i do? i'm sorry! whatever it is, i'm sorry!" so i sat there, laughing and sobbing and snot running and generally gross. no fucking clue why. i hate crying and will usually do anything in my power to avoid having anyone see me cry, too.

i finally started bleeding today. i can't decide if i feel better or worse, yet. the migraine i had this morning i could have definitely lived without (and the nasty "migraine hangover" that lasts the rest of the day), but the cramps have eased up at least.
Thanks folks, at the very least it's good to know I'm not alone. smile.gif

I'm going to give my doc a try again next week. maybe even try to see one of the other GPs at the surgery.

I don't like to do this, but will probably exagerate my symptoms a little (although to be fair this month was totally miserable and has now been followed by lots and lots of cramps, yay.) as that seems the best way to spur my GP to action.

As fucked as the US health care system is, I do miss the thouroughness you get when you actually have healthcare sometimes. The UK's system has a lot to reccommend it but sometimes you do feel like you're being passed over for the more 'serious' cases. It's not that I want ALL the resources, just a few more.
(((pants))) Good luck with your GP! Let us know what happens. If you are not happy with your doc, then, you should definitely see someone else.

I had a spotty month when I was terribly stressed (really self induced stress) about getting a new job (which I got). I never had it happen to me before. Kinda weird. I definitely felt off balance, mind and body wise during that period.

I knew I loved Bust for a reason! Thank you Busties for introducing me to the Softcup. I think I will give it a try.

I have been so bloated! I know I've not been eating well. I'm trying to shake old habits and adapt new ones. I've noticed when I carry a little more weight in the belly area and am not exercising regularly.....back pain, bloating...I feel like a damn about to burst!!! mad.gif
Thank for all the good thoughts! I did get to see a different GP yesterday and she's got me signed up for a pap smear in two weeks time (just started spotting again yesterday so couldn't do it then), some blood tests to check my hormones and then she sent in a request to get me an ultrasound and check out the state of my insides. Even though I know it'll take a bit to get everything sorted I'm happy that she's ticking all these boxes rather than giving me a shrug and suggesting Birth Control. And I didn't even have to cry or wildly exaggerate! smile.gif

So fingers crossed we'll actually figure this out
Good to hear someone is taking your concerns seriously, pants! smile.gif
Any news, Pants?

Today there was a first: I actually used my Accuvibe for non-masturbatory reasons. laugh.gif

Cripes, I have no idea how I lived with horrible menorrhagia for so many years because just a little ache today had me digging that vibrating head into my muscles like I thought I was gonna reach my vajayjay through my back!

Does anybody else just have that one day of their cycle where things just go berzerker lady cave? Where it's heavier down there than Bootsy anchoring the JB's? Because I am having that day & it is like the mighty Mississip down there!

I have 2 of those days this month AP, instead of my typical 1. Maybe it's something about August?

still running through tests here. Had my smear on Friday, need to get my blood tests run this week, I've just been putting off going to the clinic where they do them, and then on the 13th I get my ultrasound. The NHS is slow but steady smile.gif

When I got the smear on Friday, the nurse who did it mentioned that she'd had a lot of similar cases recently, which doesn't exactly make you feel better, but at least a little less alone.
Has anyone tried re-usable pads? I love my Diva cup, but need a bit of back-up on heavy days.

I looked at Party In My Pants and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.
genghis cunt
This is off topic, pap was normal! It wasn't for a few years but this is my second normal one in a row! And I am PMSing!!!
Congrats on the normal pap!

Mine was remarkably uneventful this month. Drib drab.

I am confused: Sexy Period. Pantiliner panties. SEXY pantiliner panties. Is there something wrong with me that I don't think I can feel sexy during my cycle? Even if Idris Elba followed me around telling me how hot & sexy & bodacious I am? And he had chocolate cake & a good bottle of scotch? Because usually I just feel bloated & cranky & tired. I'll stick with my big soft cotton-y grannie panties.

Uh, but I'd take Idris Elba anyways! laugh.gif

I've never used the cloth pads, but I know they've been mentioned before & that folks dig 'em. Perhaps the archives . . .
genghis cunt
I want to get some Luna Pads for the lighter days. Any input?
Ghengis, honeychile, look around. There are at best ten-fifteen posters around here anymore & they mostly stick with babies/kids, little boobs, & confessions. Your best bet for Luna Pad info is in the archives of this here thread. If you use the search function in this forum only with the phrase "cloth pads luna pads" it highlights the phrases in each thread which makes it easier to scroll back through the pages. That is how I found this from the Diva/Keeper thread:

QUOTE(kittenb @ Jun 15 2009, 08:41 AM) *
I bought some more Luna Pads though and I couldn't be happier. I had been using the Luna Pad panty liners and, while I like the way they felt, I had some issues w/movement. So I overcompensated and bought the long liners. They are pretty big so I have been wearing looser skirts. However, they are so comfortable! I am happy that I bought them and I will save my Cup like my contacts, for special occasions and swimming. laugh.gif

Along with my long pads, I bought an Overnight. I love it. Yes, it is big, but it so soft and I don't feel like I might leak onto the bed sheets anymore. I want to buy a second one of them.
genghis cunt
Thanks, lambpie! happy.gif
That's sugarbutt to you, missy!
genghis cunt
Oh my GOD! This is my third (or fourth?) month on Yaz. Haven't had a period since early January, but I am PMSing like hell. Crappy moods, cravings, body aches, intestinal issues, all for nothing!
Bad period this month. My regular three-day headache is much worse than normal. I've been popping Advils like candy. Today I'm feeling super bummed and down on myself, causing me to wonder if it's just PMS or if I have a lurking sort of depression that's just breaking through now while I'm in my weakened state. Hope I feel better this weekend.
genghis cunt
Megamoon isn't helping either.
anyone notice a heightened sense of smell while ragging? has this been discussed here before? probably. just something i've noticed within the past year or so.
genghis cunt
Whenever I get a real period I will check for smell-itivity. I just crave dairy and get suicidal.
PMS makes me so short about dumb stuff. Like, right now I am irrationally pissy with a complete stranger for committing a "stating the obvious" barge. I know that if I were NOT about to surf the crimson wave I'd not even have noticed, but since I am? I am practically foaming at the fucking mouth.

And I nearly burst into tears reading about how Sandor Katz stood outside of his friend's room when he was dying & how he & the friend's partner made a shrine around his bed.

Oh, & my nails are all even & perfect & I know I will fuck up at least three of them because my nails get all dry & brittle during my flow.


And fuck you if you're one of those, "I hate women who use having their period to excuse their bad attitudes". I am legitimately an utter pill when I've got the PMS. When I was fourteen I threatened to literally KILL my father for fucking with me & he was rightfully afraid. He left me alone for the next week & a half because he knew it was entirely possible that he'd meet his end at my hands & that I'd not even bat an eyelash.

i feel your rage. FUCK EVERYTHING
Fan-fuckin-tastic website about periods, directed at teen girls but great for anyone
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