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Great idea!! Now, if I could just learn to sew!

oh my goodness girl, where is your domestic you?! geez, i'll make you one of those too ok? you buy the lentils. sillypants.
Has anyone else ever had anything like this? my period doesn't like me any more! last month it came for about 4 hours and this month it's 5 days late (if it is planning on apearing at all). I took a pregnancy test but it came out negative. I'm on birth control (marvalon) but I have been for 14 years with no problems.

Should I be worried?

I skip one sometimes venetia and I'm on the mini-pill. It is disconcerting to say the least! I wouldn't worry if you're not otherwise uncomfortable, but take note of the changes and mention it to your doc. I think some fluctuation over the long term is normal, but I'm not a doc. Hope it shows up soon...
Thanks Sybarite. Yes it appeared today, in a half hearted sort of way. Maybe it's just intending to be lighter now I'm in my 30s.
I too have entered the red tent, under the moon. Does anyone else suffer from really bad constipation -as well as cramps- during their period? Ouch. Every month it gets worse. I, too, hope that coffee eases cramps cos I need to be on a caffeine high to get through today.

sassy, did you see the microwaveable bears we were discussing last week in kvetch? cuddling one of those to you tummy (whilst eating some B&J and watching some of the Depp) really soothes the cramp.

/off to the microwave.
I saw those bears. I think I may get one with my next paycheck.. smile.gif

Yes, I get the period poops. I hate them!

Should be entering the red tent sometime this week. I don't mind it, but I just wish it would get here.
almost there. boobs the size of grapefruits and don't nobody dare hug me!! grr, face a bit spotty too. that's how i always know. 'cept for when i forget, then i'm all like "hey, what's up with my skin? and how come i'm so bloated and achy all over and grumpy and shit?" and then i start and i'm like oh, right... silly me.

ok girls, bad, very bad, terrible horrible no good very bad news.

caffeine, chocolate, sugar, dairy, meat, grease, alcohol, all very VERY bad for cramps and such. very bad. don't complain to me about how crap you feel while you're all high on ice cream and coffee you silly, silly things you.

sassy, i'll make your lentil pillow in the shape of a bear, k? ha ha.
QUOTE(pepper @ Sep 19 2006, 09:10 PM) *

caffeine, chocolate, sugar, dairy, meat, grease, alcohol, all very VERY bad for cramps and such. very bad. don't complain to me about how crap you feel while you're all high on ice cream and coffee you silly, silly things you.

Yeah, things are much better for me if I stay away from sugar in the week or so before my period. If I forget and drink a bunch of Coke or something I get cramps. sad.gif

It's funny (not ha ha) that what pepper mentioned has been scientifically established for years, yet doctors don't tell you this they just hand you a script for drugs. Meanwhile you are unknowingly counteracting the drug by what you are eating. mad.gif
Gone again after one day! I should be thankful but I'm also going to talk to my Dr.
Grrr...where is it?

I'm Grrr-ing too Sassy... Usually I get it by Wednesday of my green-pill week (which would be today) but I haven't yet. I just switched pills, though, and this is my first month of Mircette, so it's probably just that, my body not sure what's going on. BUT I was on an anti-biotic for 10 days this month and that makes me a little nervous... We used condoms the whole time I was on it but you never know... If it doesn't show up tomorrow I'm getting a test. Yeah, I'm super-paranoid!
I just started to just be on one medication only for my seizures this week. I'm hoping that's why it's late. I just wish this damn cramps would stop. My body is probably just like wtf? I had been on the other drug for like a decade....

I dunno; I have found gin in particular cuts off the cramps. Even 1 G & T makes a difference.

Not that this is a license for drinking gin all night... dry.gif
Hallelujah! It came this morning... Yay!! (Normally I wouldn't be this thrilled but I was getting a little nervous.)
oh, uh, all this talk of bad cramps has given them to me! i took TWO of those pills this morning before i even got out of bed. worked like a charm though, i feel fine now. shakey and sweaty from rollin around in crampy half-sleep but better-ish.
Still. Not. Here.


And seriously period poops at work...grrr....
Ugh, I'm having a bad period. Yesterday I had to leave class early because despite using a super plus tampon and a panty liner, I managed to bleed right through to my fucking jeans! Gawd! It was quite embarrassing but luckily my guy friend said that no one really noticed me leave. Either way, I want some fucking chocolate.

I am still late, and it caused two grand mals at work...bleh.

hi, i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice.
i have been lightly but fairly constantly spotting since day 22 of my cycle, i'm on about day 27 now. You can only ovulate twice so i dont really know whats going on! im 17 but my cycles have been fairly regular (34 daysish) for a couple of years now.
do i need to get down to the doctors?
thanks in advance for any help!
WEEEEOOOOO!!! I'm so excited. I got my lunapads in the mail today! I wish I had my period. I don't think I have EVER wished I had my period before. I just had it last week, so I still have a while to wait.
helenclark - I wish I knew more to tell you. I know at 17 things are still changing and going on in your cycle so it could just be that, but I have no idea.

I am on the 8th day of my period. This kind of sucks.
Thanks kittenb smile.gif The spotting turned into a period for a couple of days, and I'm back to spotting now. So including the spotting, I'm on my 12th day of my period biggrin.gif kind of an exaggeration though, i dont think i beat you...
Bumping for Deschatsrouge.

Does anyone want to talk about PCOS?
I need to vent.

I have pcos and have been bleeding on and off for three months. Two weeks ago I was hemorrhaging and anemic so the doc put me on a bc taper(three bc for three days, two bc for three days, ect., you get the idea) . I stopped bleeding for the length of the taper. It started up again two days ago. Today I went to the doctor and she told me since I can't afford depo-provera that I will have to live with the bleeding and misery for three months because thats how long it will take for my body to get used to the bc. I'm so incredibly frustrated because I'm a student I can barely afford to eat much less use tampons, pamprin and bc at the same freaking time.

I could take another taper but I just don't have the money to keep buying bc at that rate. I know if I go off bc I will bleed myself into the hospital. I'm just so sick and tired of my god damned uterus. I'm sick and tired of being anemic, there are some days I can't go to class because I'm so tired, I've tried taking iron pills but to no avail. This shit is wearing me down so bad I'm at my fucking wits end.

I need help.
(((((deschat))))) That sucks so bad! Are you in/nearby a large city? I know that the free clinic here in KC gives bc away free, maybe one near you does? I have PCOS too, but bc (especially at those levels) just made me constantly puke. My periods are so sporadic anyway it's less of an issue for me (they used to come once or twice a year, now it's every couple months). Speaking of.....

Why, why, why NOW! *shakes fist at evil moon goddess*

Anyway, I hope you can find some free bc. ((((deschat))))
Last night I effing bawled my eyes to a theripist, my mom and Mrs. Rouge because I'm soooo not looking forward to the anemia and how hard it's gonna be trying to function in it and the expense I will incur having to buy the mega packs of tampons and bc.

I feel so angry that the doctor has just given up. My mom did some research and suggested I try and get in on one of 20 clinical trials being held for meds treating pcos. I'm thinking of having my uterus removed too. I'm not sure how I would pay for it since it's an elective surgery, but I can still fantasize.

On a more positive note my Parents are sending me some money to use toward my treatment of pcos, which includes buying tampons and medicine.

It sucks b/c there is not really a way for me to get free bc.
Gosh, Deschatsrouge, this sounds terrible! I have PCOS though my symptoms are different. I've read up on it lot, though. One of the things they are testing currently (they did at UVA about a year ago) is inositol. You can buy it at GNC or get in natural sources like carob (you can but the powder at a health food store and cook with it like chocolate or make hot chocolate drink) in soy lethicin, and in buckwheat (you can order this super special buckwheat at Eveything I have read about this is good--and it looks like it will serve as a treatment but it's a little tricky to market as a government-regulated medicine since it's basically a vitamin. It has restored my friends' cycles and seems to do a good job for my skin. You might incorporate plenty of that into your diet. Also, have they ruled out any fibroids or something else? Did you have a vaginal ultrasound? And supposedly, you can drink two cups of spearamint (sp?) tea a day for excess hair, if that's a problem too. and more than 2 cups of coffee day can really mess with your hormones. I have not found the pill to be good for me. In fact, not to sound discouraging, as I said I have different symptoms from you, but I always had breakthough or irregular bleeding with the pill. The patch was the only hormone I could tolerate but then it seemed dangerous. Supposedly, certain pills are better for PCOSers--the monocyclic ones with certai kinds of progestins (like ovcon 35 or ortho-cyclin as opposed to ortho tri-cyclin). Do you eat meat? You might consider switching diets to something like an insulin resistance diet. Also, if you are overweight you might think about going on metaformin which might help all this. And, if you don't exercise, it is supposed to really help with the blancing of the hormones. You will get better!! Hope I haven't overstepped by giving so many suggestions but wanted to give the whole range in case something connects with where you're at. My heart goes out to you...also, most cities do have a public health department where you can get free pills or at least a clinic that has reduced rates--much cheaper than planned parenthood.
Hey Lapis if it's ok with you I'm going to copy and paste your entry and print it out. There is an herbalist where I live, they most likely will have all the stuff you suggested. I really appreciate all your wisdom.

I am on metformin and ortho tri-cyclen lo. I only have excess hair around my navel, not on my face or anything, I guess I lucked out there. I am also on a bipolar medication called seruquel, so I'm going to talk to the doc before going on any herbal remedies. Right now the cost of treatment is what is most prohibitive. I contacted some folks to be a part of clinical trials but one was already closed.

I haven't gotten an ultrasound and I don't drink coffee, I do drink a big cup of tea every morning.

Trying to keep my chin up.
Deschatsrouge, Carob and buckwheat are just foods which you can buy at a natural food store and inositol would be there, too. Have you looked at It might be a good resource to post questions to or to find accounts about your experiences. There is also but I prefer soulcysters. Really, if you stay on the pill you might switch to a monocyclic one. Not to insult your doctor, but you were only put on that one because they pay for advertising--people say the hormone levels are too low in tricyclic pills in the first week to help PCOSers. Have you been to a reproductive endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS? I know it all costs money, but maybe a specialist could help--and the faster you get the right kind of help, the more money you save. This website has lots of answers to questions ...Ovcon, loestrin and Demulen are supposed to be good pills for bleeding and are all monophasic. Also, can you take ibuprofen for the bleeding? I remember my doctor said I could take more than the normal amount to cause the uterus to contract and stop bleeding--it might be worth looking into. and do all these medicines get processed by your liver? Maybe you could switch to nuva ring to give your internal organs a rest...
I visited those websites, thanks for telling me about them. I'm going to call GNC to see how much inositol is after I find out if it will react to my seruquel.

You are not insulting my doctor, I frankly think she doesn't give a crap about this she basically threw up her hands and said there is nothing else I can do unless you can afford costly medicines and treatments you have to pay out of pocket for. I hate having to treat myself and even get basic education about this disease because of her lack of professional interest and/or ineptitude.

I think I'm going to stay on the ortho tricyclen- lo for three months to see if it helps at all. I have been on so many different birth control pills in the last two months (like four) it would make your head spin. I'm tired of spending so much money on bc for it to just not work, I'm really poor, I'm on food stamps for Christs sakes, medical care is a luxury for me at this point. I don't even qualify for Medicare or Medicaid because I'm single and have no children. Besides, the more I change the longer it's going to take to even out my homones. That, and I feel completely helpless, the one person who is supposed to help me won't. Like I have to live in misery because my doctor is stupid and I have no other options or money.

Because of money I'm stuck with this doctor. I am a student and the only health service I can afford is the free one I get through the university. I used the services find on the url you posted there are no providers in my area, even if there was my insurance doesn't cover specialists.

I think I'm going to go to a therapist so I can vent my frustrations on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Sorry I just took over this thread.

This whole rant probably belongs in the "I don't have medical insurance" thread. Sorry.
I went to a different doctor yesterday and she took me me off metformin and birth control. I signed up for patient assist so I can get a mirena IUD which will stop the bleeding for five years. I no longer feel like crap.
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Mar 2 2007, 12:48 PM) *

I went to a different doctor yesterday and she took me me off metformin and birth control. I signed up for patient assist so I can get a mirena IUD which will stop the bleeding for five years. I no longer feel like crap.

Sounds great! This is an exciting change!! You might just doublecheck with your doctor about the mirena and its amount of progestin. Basically, one of the reasons they like PCOSers to be on the pill is because our progesterone tends to be low. If not on the pill we are more at risk than the regular fem. population for things like endometrial cancer--just hoping you are completely covered!!
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Mar 2 2007, 04:48 PM) *

I went to a different doctor yesterday and she took me me off metformin and birth control. I signed up for patient assist so I can get a mirena IUD which will stop the bleeding for five years. I no longer feel like crap.

I feel for you deschatsrouge!!! I hope that you continue to feel better!!!
I have been going through something similar on and off for the past 4 years.
When it first began I didn't have insurance, and had such a hard time finding treatment- that I just gave up.
When you are beeling endlessly AND have people making you feel like crap because you don't have insurance- it is one of the worst things in the world! I really hate how hard it is to find people that will take you seriously when you don't have medical insurance.
Even after I did get insurance- it was so hard to find a DR that took it seriously that once my bleeding went back to normal- I stopped trying to find out what was wrong.
I was fine for a few years, but when the whole bleeding for weeks/months on end started again- I decided to get serious about treatment. I am lucky in that I found a DR who took it seriously, and we have been working on it for a few months now. She is actually an infertility/reproductive specialist, and belongs to this group
Why did your new DR take you off the Metformin? I have been on it (without the b.c. pill) for a few months- and thought it was helping until recently when I started bleeding again for about 3 weeks. With the clotting, and anemia, and the expense of tampons- it feels like it is never going to end. I was reluctant to go on the b.c. pill- because I hate the way they make me feel- but am starting to think that may be the only way.
I actually initially came into this thread to vent because I had to have some clots removed from my uterus- and it hurts so badly!!! In the past few months, I have had so many pictures taking of my girls parts- I have started a folder with all of them.
It feels like it will never end! For me it is a combination of the excessive bleeding and cysts. Oh and I had a polyp removed as well. My OBGYN initially diagnosed PCOS- but today after what she saw, she has sent me for more blood work, and wants to discuss the photos of the cyst, and blood results with a general practitioner.
Lapis, that is interesting regarding the carob! I am going to look into adding some of that and soy lethicin (which my mom has been after me to add for a while!) carob is so good- it won't be difficult.

Once I start typing all of this out, it seems like so much to say at once! Sorry!!!
YIKES! Deschatsrouge, I don't mean to just jump in here, but the metformin is meant to deal with the underlying cause of the PCOS (me too), and I'd be concerned about the long-term consequences of the dr. taking you off it. I see an endocrinologist to manage the PCOS - doesn't sound like that's an option right now but I'd seriously ask my dr. the reason for being taken off it.

I just came in to whinge about my period from hell. Due to the PCOS I sometimes don't cycle for several months and have to do a progestin challenge to jump-start things - did that last in Nov. and was considering refilling my Provera scrip to do another when I finally started - which was 2 weeks ago. Normal period, then suddenly everything ramped back up and for a week now I've been bleeding like a stuck pig. Finally this a.m. I think things are starting to wind down. I called a nurse practitioner I work with and she said to check the inside of my lower eyelids and if they look pale to take a multi-vitamin with iron. Sure enough... I'd hate to have my hemaglobin checked right now.
Maxine The PA took me off the metformin b/c it was making me bleed "like a stuck pig" I'm going back on it when I get the mirena inserted. I liked the weight loss and appetite suppressive effects. I have university medical insurance but it only covers visits to the university "doc." I'm lucky to get in to see them, I will never be able to see an endocrinologist, if I did I'd have to pay for it myself. The clots are awful huh? I have pulled some monsters out of me. (see a post I made in the grody-gross out thread a while back.) My PA told me to watch out for bacterial vaginosis, which can appear when menses last too long. I'm eating yogurt every day for that. i'm hoping to get away with not having clots and polyps in my uterus because it sounds like they suck. ((((Maxine))))

((((Vesicapisces))))) Whine away. Like you I go for extended periods of time w/out menses. Mrs. Rouge says my uterus is procrastinating. I too have to get my hemoglobin checked. Have you noticed it's the docs who don't give a shit, but their NP's and PA's who are really trying to help us? Like they are the only ones who care, besides your fellow Busties, who ask that you whine here as much as you want.

As of now I haven't stopped bleeding, but I am not hemorrhaging. If I was on metformin right now, I would be. I have to say that because I'm so used to bleeding, It was the Doctors lack of initiative that was causing my misery. I just need a health care professional to not throw up their hands and at least TRY something even if it's to take me off metformin. I can't afford to stop trying, I'm a student and my ultimate goal is to graduate and get into grad school. And for the doc to just look at me and tell me I had no choice but to bleed and be helpless was disheartening. I never let anything rule me or break me down, not rape, not disease, not mental illness. So if that means yanking out my uterus myself to remain strong, so be it.

Ladies, I'm glad to commiserate with y'all. I love you gals.

I hope I'm not a thread hog.
So Tues. I went to one of my employer's family planning clinics and had a medical assistant do a finger stick for a quick hemoglobin test - 7.9. That's the level at which they start looking at possible hospitalization and/or transfusion! Over the next couple of days I wrangled with various medical professionals, and finally got lab work that said the "official" hemoglobin (from an actual blood draw) is 8.9, so I'm on iron for at least the next month. Feh. Let's just hope this is not shades of things to come - bleeding myself dry every month or two.

im sorry, i don't normally post in this thread but i am in so much fucking pain right now i have to rant somewhere and i know you guys will understand.


i am so fucking angry at my womb right now. first of all, worst timing ever as i go on a week vacation to austin leaving tomorrow, which will involve drinking and music and lots of cute boys. also, i have absolutely no desire to sit on a plane feeling the way i feel now. usually my cramps are easier the second day, i fucking hope they will be.

i have a million things to do today to get ready for said vacation and i can't do them. i drove to go buy a suitcase and go to the bank; standing in line for the suitcase i almost passed out and had to get out of line, leave the stuff i was going to buy there, and drive home in so much fucking pain, hoping i would get home before something awful happened. i HATE feeling this debilitated by my period!!! i hate it actually disabling me from doing things i need to do. i took three tylenol and i still can barely stand up, i'm lying on my belly on my bed with my laptop.

my periods are much much easier to deal with when i'm on bc, but a) i don't love the idea of putting extra hormones into my body, cool.gif i don't get laid enough to not feel pissed off every day when i take the pill, and c) it makes me an emotional wreck.

yeah, i like advil better too. tylenol was all i had...but honestly, neither really seem to make a difference if my womb is angry enough.

i feel so much better now though. earlier today was vicious but i feel ten billion times better.
yeah i don't post in here much either, but this is too weird.

i live 800 miles from my sister, and haven't seen her in 3 months.
today, we both started our periods.
at the same time.
when we were both shopping at our respective target stores.

gives new meaning to that damn red target symbol
i just ordered some tlc pads (fabric washable pads don't sound nearly as difficult as i'd imagined them)(and these are way cheaper than lunapads and the like)

...and got them in the mail just in time for my period to start

...except that the fabrics she used were HIDEOUS bright colors and even though they'd just be going in my panties, i just didn't want to deal with crazy headache-inducing prints every month.

but i emailed the lady who makes them, and she ended up calling me and describing some other patterns to me to see what i'd like, and she's making me some replacements, which is really sweet of her (and great customer service).

but i'm having my period and i'd been so looking fwd to wearing cotton pads this month. sad.gif

it's true about advil kicking tylenol's ass. i usually take three at a time--though it's a higher dose than recommended, it helps with vicious cramps and bad headaches if i take it in time.

once my cramps have gotten to a certain level, though, no painkiller in any dose can touch them. i hate that. i have to be very aware of when they're coming on and do preemptive advil strikes.

hello....i've perused this thread in hopes of finding some info on my situation....but, i have not had my cycle since the end of january (i "normally" get it 6weeks-3months apart), and i'm not pregnant or PCOS or on the pill - and i have noticed water retention as per PMS....but no period....any ideas? besides stress? i've had my hormones measured/tested before, and they're supposed to be at normal levels....thanks
p.176, Did you have a vaginal ultrasound? That's how to check for PCOS. For example, I have normal hormone levels but have PCOS (visible cysts, slight acne and slightly more body hair than some people)--and it sounds like the most likely/common explanation. Some questions to think about--though of course you don't have to answer here: Have you tried using topical progesterone cream to regulate your cycle? Or been to an acupuncturist who uses Chinese herbs? Do you have low body fat? Are you overweight? Eating disorder? Do you have a family history of infertility or uterine cancer? The acupuncturist can help a lot. Certainly stress can throw things off or it could be perimenopause--but you might want to get checked out. The concern can be that bodies need progesterone to balance out the estrogen so that you don't have too much estrogen circulating around, causing potential health issues in the future. I hope this post doesn't insult your intelligence--but these are some questions I would ask myself and if any of them are yes, take the answers to a reproductive endinocrinologist or acupuncturist who specializes in reproductive stuff. It can be so hard to get help--but you are armed with awareness and self-knowledge--good luck.
lapis -

p.176, Did you have a vaginal ultrasound?
no, because i've never had any signs of pcos.

Have you tried using topical progesterone cream to regulate your cycle?
no, i honestly don't want it every month - i like having it every couple of months but it's annoying when it's not regularly every few months.

Or been to an acupuncturist who uses Chinese herbs?
Do you have low body fat or are overweight?

right now on top of it all, i have a yeast infection caused by antiobiotics i was on for a sinus infection - adn i thought i was getting my period yesterday but i was not - apparently it was some slight bleeding brought on by the infection? argh.
p. 176,
Thanks for answering these and glad you are on top of it. Hmm. Another route you could take is to determine whether or not you are ovulating by taking your basal body temperature at the same time every morning before you wake up using the bbthermometer. If you ovulate, then maybe you just have a super long cycle. If you are not, you might think about the vag. ultrasound. Are you of Asian descent? They can have PCOS without having the typical external symptoms. While not bleeding every month may seem convenient, some people think it can cause long-term health issues. Best of luck!
thanks lapis. i looked at the PCOS websites, and i don't have any of the symptoms of it - not even a hint of a symptom. but it's good to know what to look for.
as for ovulating, i have a gyn appt coming up soon, and if i don't get my cycle before then, i know my dr will probably be annoyed. so i can ask him if he has any ideas other than the pill, and i'll look for a basal thermometer.
ok, i have a question i just know brilliant busties can put my mind at ease about.

my cycle is usually long - like generally a full four weeks. but sometimes it's longer, like five weeks or more. this only happens every couple of months - like the past couple of months, i've started bleeding on the 26th, 26th, 28th, 28th, etc. by the calendar, i should start bleeding any day now, but i'm pretty sure i won't for at least another couple of days - making my period a week overdue. this happens every couple of cycles - every couple of months i'll be sitting around going, hmm, i should be bleeding, for about a week or so before my period starts.

is this just a normal cycle fluctuation? my period tends to run and hide at hormonal upsets (like the morning after pill), but other than that it's pretty steady. just weird that every couple of months it lengthens out. should i be worried, or is there anything else i should look for?
skinwithoutscars, I can't help you but I am going throught the same thing right now. I should have started my period 3 days ago. I had a pap a few months ago and everthing was fine. I can't be pregnant either because Mr. Artstar and I have been too busy to do more that just fool around.

What sucks is I currently have all the annoying PMS symptoms right now... my boobs are tender, I'm bloated, and my face is zitty. I can remember last year I got my period around the middle of the month, so maybe it's switching back? I just wish the damn thing would get here already!
Well, it started today.....just in time for the weekend. Gah!
So, out of the blue (after being on hormonal BC for about 3 years) my period comes 2 weeks early and HEAVY. I'm a little worried because there seems to be no real reason for it. I take the medication everyday at the same time, and there havn't been any big changes in my life. Hmmmmm....
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