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Yippeeee, the bleeding stopped! I've researched my butt of and found some herbal, all natural treatments. I ordered a few things and have been using them. I feel so free for the first time in over a year. I can already feel a change. I'm hoping it will last. Thank God for the internet and being able to order online LOL.

Hope everyone is well.
Super pms WOOT! Emotional weekend, tremendous appetite. Now I'm broke out and bloated with tender, swollen breasts. I want to go running. The combination of exertion and knowing i'm doing something good for my body always makes me feel better, stronger -- powerful. But right now my boobs are so achy even minor movements seem like a huge undertaking. The pain has decreased since yesterday. I'm hoping this will continue & I'll be able to get some movement in this evening.
Okay, I seriously just started to overflow my Diva Cup after having it in for less that two hours! What. the. FUCK!

I know that stress can cause a period to get heavier and I am under stress as I have a midterm tomorrow (and so far all of the quizzes we have had have been extremely confusing) but seriously, less than two hours and the damn thing is overflowing? That's messed up.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Also, I am so tired and I just want to sleep but I feel like I have absolutely no time. I just need like, a week to sleep and do nothing. This is why my school needs a fall reading week. Blargh.
Does anyone know of any recyclable or more environmentally friendly lines of pads at all? 'Cos I'm so in the market for a few, reasonably priced I've been looking all over the internet and really not finding anything.
i totally feel for you cg. i had a couple of days this cycle when i was around 2 hours. less than sounds icky/frustrating. make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need. not a bad idea to run things past your regular dr. if you have one. good luck surviving midterms!

Missb, i got some pads at "the healthfoodstore" called "natracare" i don't know HOW ecological they actually are, and i'm sure there are other brands out there but they seemed fairly reasonably priced. I just got the little ones for when my cup overflows. I keep thinking i'll sew some reusable fabric pads for myself... but i never seem to get around to it. there are several folks on etsy that sell reusable menstrual pads too... hope that gives you enough info to target your search!
missb, try Lunapads.

Thanks, mumble. I've brought it up to him in the past but he says that since it's not a constant thing (it doesn't happen with every period) that it's most likely nothing to worry about. Plus I have been under a lot of stress this week with midterms and presentations and feeling like I don't have time to breathe and I've heard that can majorly mess with the cycle. Another strange thing though is that my doc said that a lack of iron can cause heavier periods. I'm anemic so I take iron pills everyday but I need to work harder at getting more iron from the food that I eat.
Ugh, I just clued in to the fact that the reason why I am so listless, so broken out, and feeling so HUGE is because I'm due to start my period next week. I keep forgetting what the week before is really like because for the first time in eight years I'm not on the pill anymore. I stopped taking it because I'm single with no man in sight for a loooong time and because I am on pill-cancelling antibiotics anyway so it would be kind of a waste to take them. But I forgot all about this horror and now I feel completely icky.

I'm going for a hike tomorrow and to some Fall Fire Festival thing so that should make things a little better but until then rantranrant/sigh.

((((Bloody Busties))))
Missb, Lunapads and Party in my Pants are both good. There are also sellers on Etsy, and also a company callled HagRags as well. I need to buy more myself.

(((pms vibes for rogue)))

I tracked my period until March (when I'm getting married), and figured that I'll get my period the week before. I certainly hope I don't get it on my wedding day!

starting to get bloated and cranky and food-craving-y, and my period is not due for another 3 weeks.
p, sometimes I swear there are symptoms still leftover from the period. Like, my period ended Thursday but yesterday I felt crampy. Wtf?
Do any of you lovely Busties have any remedies/advice/suggestions for relieving bloating? It's day one(ish) of my period and I am dying. I thought this should be over since technically the PMS is over but ohhhh no. It had to remain and is now making me so uncomfortable and driving me crazy. I feel like a whale, seriously. I can even see the bloating and I am so not used to this because I never got this way while on the pill.


ETA: And thank you, sassy. =) I also hope you don't get your period on your wedding day! That would be awful!
i have been taking pamprin maximum strength, which seems to help with the bloating. i'm also drinking a ton of water - like finish a 20oz bottle of water, refill it almost immediately.
Agreed to P176. I try to drink up to 120-200 ozs of water during the bloat...

So much for tracking... I just got my period 1 week early. I thought I was just bloated due to a lot salt this weekend.
Weirdness. sad.gif

Off to order more pads!
Drinking water will make me feel less bloated? Hrm, I will have to try that. And look into Pamprin - is it anything like Midol? I've never heard of it before.

I just feel horrible. Like I just want to curl up in bed and never be seen or heard from again. Ick.
((rogue))) Move over, you're stealing the duvet.

I feel like utter shit today. I was going to go wedding dress shopping tomorrow, but that's not happening.
I have NO energy, and the house really needs a cleaning. I did order some more pads from Party in My Pants.
I also would love a 3 hour nap.

P, I bought some Pamprin on your suggestion and some PMS ice cream last night. Of course, B&J were out of my favorite flavor. Damn Publix! sad.gif
party in my pants?? i love that name.

yea, water flushes everything out. just be careful you don't drink too much - water flushes both good and bad stuff out of you. a gallon or less spread out through the day should be fine.

i know to stay away from salty foods, but damn it's so hard!

i liked pamprin better than midol, based on my particular symptoms. i don't get cramps very often, so i needed something that was more of a diuretic than a painkiller.
LOL sassy. *Moves over* I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling crappy. Wedding dress shopping would definitely not be any fun when you feel horrible. And cleaning? Fuhgedaboutit. My apartment is usually clean but when I feel this bad there is no way in hell that am I scrubbing the bathroom. I did manage to do the dishes last night though, hehe. And I agree with P, Party in my Pants is a great name!

The bloating isn't as bad today as it was yesterday/last night, but now I have cramps. Happy happy, joy joy. I swear sometimes if I was asked to change genders I might do it. Seriously, I really think periods are the most annoying thing ever and would really be happy to be without it. Ugh.

*runs over to the water cooler*
Yeah, the house still looks shitty, but I did get it in that nap. 2 and a half hours man. Wow.

That's okay. I haven't been drinking water today, and hanging out in my pjs watching Hulu. In a very bumming mood. I'm heading to Mellow Mushroom tonight for dinner, and that sounds fine with me. Talking about sodium..hahahaha. A beer and a slice and all is right with the world.

For some reason my period has gotten worse over the last couple of years. Does aging affect it? I swear these periods are worse than they were as a teenager! Ack. Does anyone ever feel sick on their cycle? I always feel like I'm getting a cold, and then it goes away after my cycle is done.

Sassy, mine have definitely gotten worse (more cramping, more moodiness) as I've gotten older--even though I'm on the mini-pill. I have no idea why this should be but it is a drag.

For the last 10 days I have been experiencing many of menstruation's greatest hits, many of which have been namechecked below. Over a week ago I had a near-meltdown in public which was moodiness induced, went home and curled up in a ball. Last weekend was characterised by heavy bleeding and ongoing, painkiller resistant cramps. Joy joy joy. I coped by napping a lot. Then the clocks changed so now it's dark at 5.30pm which combined with everything else makes me want to simultaneously stay under the duvet and howl at the moon. Or drink lots of wine and eat lots of cheese.

/venting. Thanks for listening. I am sorry so many of us are experiencing this but oddly comforted I am not the only one...
((((Bloody Busties))))

I'm glad I'm not alone with all this crap - I think this month I might go back on the pill (even though I don't really need to) because a) I have a surplus of it lying around and cool.gif I'm (hopefully) going away next month for five days and I think my red friend is supposed to show up around the same time so I'm just going to block it by consecutively taking the pill to make sure nothing shows up and ruins my mini-vacay. I'll probably ditch it again after I come back, though. It's just too much of a hassle to take when I don't have to and I don't like putting things in my system that don't necessarily need to be there.

I'm feeling better today (cramping gone, bloating still around a little bit but not as badly) but I would still rather be home in my warm bed catching up on Heroes. =)
((Bloody Busties)))

It makes me feel better I'm not alone in this. I felt like utter shit all day and night yesterday. I even woke up crazy early (5:30???) from cramps. My body aches too like I was working out very hard.

I could catch up on Flash Forward and old episodes of Northern Exposure, but feel the house needs cleaning. Mcgeek ahd I got into crazy fight about that last night. Men just don't understand sometimes. They'd be hurting if this was them!!

Non period related, my trivia team won 3rd place last night!

sadly, i read the other day that pms symptoms get worse as you get older. argh.

I was really tempted to call our team last night, Party in my Pants. wink.gif
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Oct 29 2009, 08:33 AM) *
I could catch up on Flash Forward and old episodes of Northern Exposure, but feel the house needs cleaning. Mcgeek ahd I got into crazy fight about that last night. Men just don't understand sometimes. They'd be hurting if this was them!!

Oh my goodness, if men had to put up with this we would never, ever, ever hear the end of it. I know we wouldn't! Even men who don't complain about colds would do nothing at all if they had to put up with monthly bleeding, cramps, and bloating. Howie Mandell actually has a joke about it. I was watching him do stand-up one night and he was saying that he really admires his wife for continuing on with her everyday life while she's menstruating because he (and most other men) would be screaming and whining and freaking out over it. I was falling out laughing when I watched him go on about it. But it's true!

As for FlashForward, I need to start getting into this show more because I just found out that Dominic Monaghan is now on the show and I lurve him to pieces. He and Billy Boyd really stole my heart as Merry & Pippin in Lord of the Rings. So whimsical and cute! I'm going to try and watch some of it online this weekend.

And congratulations on your trivia win last night, sassy! Hurrah! =)
My PMS bullshit has definitely lessened with age. My flow used to be a major event instead of a minor nuisance.

i got an iud about 2 years & with that came a predictable, bearable increase in pain and cramping. but within the last 6 months my flow has gotten really heavy and about 8 months, the pms has been OUT OF THIS WORLD. i love my life, but right before i get my period i've been feeling positively DYSTOPIC. i feel like the world is falling apart & i can't get out of bed.

i made a long overdue trip to the dr's earlier this week. she said if i go on birth control for 2-3 months there's a good chance it will help with both the flow and the pms. so, i return to the pill. Hope This Works!
Hello busties,
I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with ruptured ovarian cysts.. I've had 5! The first one when I was 16, then in the fall of 2007 I had three within the span of two months, and then the last one last year. The ruptured cysts and my cramp pain is always on the left side. Every doctor I've seen about it has told me that I don't have PCOS and that my ovaries are fine and healthy, but I just find it strange that my pain is always on the left side around the left ovary... I don't understand how I could always get pain centered in that particular spot and ruptured cysts there and still have a healthy ovary. Anyone else had experiences with ruptured cysts?

Speaking of cramp pain.. I've always had terrible cramping, and when I was a teenager it used to hurt so bad it would make me throw up. I have some ibuprophen 800mg perscription strength pills from my last ruptured cyst and I sometimes take one when the pain gets overbearing. Sometimes it's the only thing that takes the edge off. Any guy who thinks women are whiners about pain can shove their disbelief about the level of pain up their ass.

I had to work yesterday while cramping.. major blah. I also get this weird feeling of being hot inside my body and cold on the outside (i.e. goosebumps), which I think is weird. I hate having zero energy during the day. I feel like I could sleep for 10 hours easy.
Oh my freakin lord, craaaaaaamps! I should be getting my period today but it hasn't even totally started. It's getting there, mostly I'm just getting the darker discharge (sorry if that's TMI). In the meantime, I am exhausted and I really wish that I could spend today in bed instead of working on an essay.

Does anyone else get completely whacked out during their period? I mean, it feels like someone slipped a sleeping pill into my food or something!
Man I am fed up with this whole being a woman and bleeding crap! I went to the doctors last week cos I was having breakthrough bleeds (I am on oral contraceptives). Anyway it seemed like it was when I stepped down hormone levels with the pills so she switched me to a continuous hormone pill. Still breakthrough bleed! ARGHHHH! Seriously? I mean it's bad enough we have to bleed once a month now I can't wear any light panties for fear of ruining them. I just called the surgery again and left a message for my doc. I just want this sorted out damnit!
I hate being in the office at work when its my week, I just wanna work from home with no pants on. I was called "ice queen" at work today, I wish they would have said "ice cream", because I really want some (soft serve). And some landscaper is outside my window with the leaf blower, I must kill him now. Now here comes another one on a damn tractor, I want to make both them bleed worse than I already am. My head and bloated self want to explode mentally and physically.
Okay, I am officially in a BAD MOOD!! I just managed to fill up my entire Diva Cup in less than an hour. I mean, what the fuck is that? It doesn't happen all the time but I don't know if I should be going to the doctor or what. Also, it seemed like there was a really fucking huge clot in there, like much bigger than normal.

Well, now I know why I've been fantasizing about cheeseburgers all morning.
wow CCG that is mega heavy flow! I usually change my cup morning and night and I'm done. But then when I was younger and first had my periods I had really terrible time with heavy flow. I'd go see a doc if it's that heavy to fill the cup in an hour!

mmm cheeseburger! Totally not on my eating clean diet plan this week, but now I want one too!
Well, I've gone to the doctor before. I'm on birth control already and he said that since it only seems to happen once during the flow and not continually that there isn't really anything to be done.
BAD PMS. I had a cheeseburger and fast food yesterday twice! I do realize this was due to emotional eating b/c of the dog being in the hospital. Horrible cramps and back ache today!!!! Off to watch Glee and the Golden Girls. Now just craving cheesecake! And bad crying jags as well too....

Whyyyyyy do I have cramps if I am no longer on my period?! Wtf is this?
Good Cod,

Why are my boobs blimping out so much this time? As a small breasted Bustie, it is INSANE to me to have to hold them up when getting out of bed in the morning!


I think I'm going to start bleeding-oh, right about the time when I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner-what timing, huh?
Yeah I'll probably end up starting Thanksgiving day. My calendar says the 27th. I have no stress this year as we're hanging out at home with no relatives, but the whole dog in the hospital thing didn't help. My cramps are still there! I just want to start damnit! Plus my breasts are hurting something fierce. I've been crying at lame holiday ads which I normally mock.

Bah. My toilet isn't flushing right, and I think a tampon is the culprit. mad.gif
ok, here's a weird one - has anyone ever just had a tampon - disappear???

I put one in last night before i went out, was out 5 hours, came home to take it out, and it was GONE. just - GONE. I've never had one just fall out before, I mean, I suppose it could have come out while I was peeing at some point, but you'd think I'd see it. I nearly pulled my IUD out, feeling up there for the tampon, feeling the IUD strings and initially thinking "oh, there it is, how did it get up there?"

did my vag just suddenly become so cavernous that a tampon could fall out without me knowing??? huh??
It sounds like you checked in the areas around the cervix. When I used the today sponge, it would slide into the back of my cervix during the removal process.

So, you don't remember any way how it might have slipped out by accident, such as using the bathroom. Hhhmmm. I would probably go to the gyne to be safe.
well, there is a chance it could have slipped out - I was at a bar seeing a gig and I went in and out of the bathroom about 5 times during the night. Add to that being bundled up in layers because it's so cold out and I could quite possibly have just not noticed that it fell out. It just seems really weird that a tampon would spontaneously fall out..

I'm gonna check some more, but there's not that much room up there - I don't see how it could get up much farther than where it's supposed to go.

can you imagine if I have to go to the gyno?? "um... I put a tampon in and it just disappeared. No, I don't remember taking it out, because I didn't. Yes, I really DID put one in... etc ...etc..." ha

That is weird. The only time I've ever had one just slip out was when I first started using them & didn't yet have a handle on the rate of absorption. The little sucker was completely full & just rode on out when I sat down to remove it.

QUOTE(zoya @ Dec 20 2009, 11:54 AM) *
can you imagine if I have to go to the gyno?? "um... I put a tampon in and it just disappeared. No, I don't remember taking it out, because I didn't. Yes, I really DID put one in... etc ...etc..." ha

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 16 2008, 05:56 AM) *
I did know a woman once that forgot to remove her final tampon of her flow & didn't notice until she tried to insert a new one a *month* later. She'd had sex with her husband, she didn't notice any rank, nothing. I guess her Britney's contractions must have forced it down low enough for her to finally feel it . . . but she did get a good talking to by her doctor after.
see, that's what I'm kinda wondering - I used an ob, and ever since I got the IUD, the first couple days of my period are really heavy - so sometimes I can go through a tampon really quickly - so I'm thinking maybe it just kinda *slid* out.

like I said, gonna check more in a bit (been running around all day) but goddamn was it weird when I got home last night, went to take the thing out, and found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. eek!

QUOTE(auralpoison @ Dec 20 2009, 10:12 AM) *
That is weird. The only time I've ever had one just slip out was when I first started using them & didn't yet have a handle on the rate of absorption. The little sucker was completely full & just rode on out when I sat down to remove it.

So, those Busties who also peruse the Grossies thread-you probably know why I am here.

I am terrified to flush my tampons lest I end up digging them back out of my toilet trap. Yuk. That was an experience I don't really want to repeat soon. On the other hand, I really don't want my cat to be digging in my bathroom garbage container, either.

Glad when this is over....I'm almost 42 now, you'd think it'd be pretty quick!
I am having the craziest most emotional period this month! Just in time for Christmas.
On the 23rd, I got really annoyed that the grovery store was out of canned pumpkin and instead only had pumpkin pie filling. By Christmas Eve, I could not stop crying about EVERYTHING and was flat out depressed. Cooking made my house smell nice enough that I was able to re-find my holiday spirit. On Christmas morning, I repeatedly burst into tears. Very inconvienent as we had spent the night at my boyfriend's parents' house and I did not feel like explaining what was wrong. By the afternoon I was fine and I would say that I had a nice Christmas altogether, I just can't understand what all the crying was about.
All of this after having a 2 week period that was very crampy over the Thanksgiving holiday. I have my annual gyne visit next month and I think I need to mention this.
snow white
treehugger, i only flush tampons in public bathrooms if there's no garbage. i figure if it over flows they deserve it b/c what am i gonna do, put it back in my purse?
on the other hand i've never thought about my cat digging it out of the garbage (and luckily she never has). now i'm gonna be paranoid when i go to someone else's house who has cats

speaking of tampon stories, my mom forgot she put a tampon in one time. i think it finally fell out like a week later all nasty. it really scared her tho b/c of tss.
zoya, if u can't find it after "looking" for it it must have fallen out. i mean, mine do slip out alittle sometimes, and they have come out while i'm on the pot. that's probably what happened, esspecially if u were drinking, u probably didn't notice.

anyone here use Nuva Ring? last month i put it in a week late and just figured i'd leave it in a week longer. i guess that's not a good idea bc i've been having cramps and outragous pms all week (not normal for me, essoecially w/ the ring in) so i took it out. i guess ill put it back in when after my period, but what was i thinking? that would have ment i would have been 35 days between periods, not 28. duh! i swear i could feel a hormone battle being waged in my uterus.
I just have to rant....

GAH!!!!!! I have been menstruating for THIRTY YEARS!!!! Longer than some people posting on this board have been ALIVE! I am tired of cramps I am tired of tampons I am tired of the mess, I am just sick of it! I am so ready for it to be over...
This is a RANT. This is GRAPHIC. GRAPHIC.

Okay, so I have only been menstruating for twenty-four years (Two thirds of my goddamned life!) & the last eight or so years haven't been as hellish as the first sixteen, but c'mon already! It's messy, it's inconvenient & is just an all-around pain in my fucking ass! I've been a little crampy (Back in the day the cramps would have been so bad that they'd have have induced nausea.) & a lot horny & a little grumpy, just short in general. I can't sleep & I have the trots. THIS IS NOT FAIR.

I topped out my cup in under two hours. TWO HOURS. I was laying on my heating pad when suddenly I felt that telltale *pop*. As soon as I sat down, a fat juicy clot popped out & then another. The Diva was overloaded. It's undignified & disgusting. I should not look like I murdered somebody because I'm bloody up to the wrist because my bod decides to super-slough. This is ridiculous!
I am so fucking BLOATED I could scream!
There are some great stories and reminiscences about getting your period in this metafilter thread about US tv networks refusing to air ads for tampons, etc, that use the word "vagina."
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