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Ugh, I have craaaamps. I started a tiny bit early but it wasn't that significant. Mostly I just wish that I had a chocolate cake to devour. And I want to sleep alllll day.

I really don't know if this is the right place to ask this---but I figured one of y'all would surely know the answer. I'm otr right now, almost 43, haven't had a female visit in quite a long while and something happened this afternoon to me that truly has me kinda freaked out.

I removed my tampon and found a piece of tissue on it that was NOT a clot, it was NOT blood. This was a piece of tissue, about the size of a tiny pea. Clear-ish, but with a dark spot on the end of what was probably blood, almost a black spot. It had the consistency of a piece of raw meat, very firm. Oval shaped, not bloody.

What the hell WAS this? In my 30 years of having periods, this or anything close has NEVER happened. I am decidedly freaked out. My tubes were tied in '93, so it's not some aborted tissue or anything.

Has anyone ever had a similar occurence? WTF? Please help, this is not a joke and I've been a member here for a long time, I'm not a troll.

Ugh. I was wondering why I was so grumpy all week.. I have a question for everyone here. Am I the only one here who, if they are going to catch a cold or be sick, it is always around that time of the month? I think about half the time I get sick, it is on the exact same day that I start bleeding. This month, I had a really mild cold for 2 days and was starting to feel better until last night, when I suddenly started my period 4 days early. Then, boom, an hour later my nose was running and my head got all stuffed up, couldn't sleep all night, and have been flat on my back all day. I haven't been this sick since high school. What gives? Does just a little bit of blood loss screw up your immune system this badly?

Quietmadness - I can see how that might scare you. Sounds like no one else has had that happen. I have absolutely no medical knowledge involving this, but... it doesn't sound that weird to me, I mean, the lining of the uterus is blood and tissue, not just blood, right? If you are in pain or otherwise feel weird, then I would go see a doctor right away, but otherwise, I imagine it might just be associated with your uterus cleaning itself out, especially if it has been a while since your last period.
Angie, I feel like I go thru the same thing! I always feel as though I'm catching a cold or the flu. Maybe due to hormones, our immune systems are down? I've only noticed it in the last couple of years though. The cold like symptoms go away after my period ends.

I'm PMSing hard core right now. Yuck.

hm, maybe it's because the immune system gets a little weaker with stress. it happens to me too.

Quiet Madness, you should also ask here: or here (you need to be a member for the 2nd one though) It's the combined knowledge of 1000s of experienced women.

my cycle is due for the weekend i'm visiting my bf's parents, which means i'll probably end up bleeding all over their pretty pottery barn bedding. i wish the pill wasn't the only way to control the timing.
So I just quit birth control in February after having been on it for six years non-stop and using it to skip my period every month. I am now experiencing my first "real" period since the BC and it is horrible. Really bad cramps and the bleeding is insane. I'm glad to rid the artificial hormones from my body, but it will take me a while to get used to this again. dry.gif
quietmadness - does it seem something like this? If I read the info correctly, it can happen in both pregnant and non-pregnant cases.

i defiantly have heard that women are more likely to get sick the week before they get their periods. and that your caloric need increases that week. something about that phase of the cycle must totally sap energy.

in other period related news, i'm on my 6th consecutive 21 day period in a row. i chucked my diva cup somewhere i can't find. i think i'm going to go buy some tampons just for tonight. sad.gif

i made a dr's appt, but i suspect they're just going to throw birth control at me to regulate things. in a moment of impulse i picked up some red clover when i was at the store today. anybody ever use it to regulate weird periods? when i google it, mostly stuff about menopause comes up. i'm 27 so, i shouldn't be developing strange cycles now & early menopause doesn't run in my family. not sure what to think.
Thanks for all the support, y'all! I am now OTR again, no weirdess as of yet, though--knock on wood!

Kitten and Girl Logic---I'm thinking it might have been a bit of decidual cast. It looked exactly like the greyish white-ish tinged with dark blood cast bits at the very bottom of the inside of that photo. Also looked just exactly like a picture on the vaginapagina site of the casts under "weird period" postings.

So I'm pretty sure that's what it was---it just freaked me out. It wasn't near as big or anything as other girls' stuff has been---it was only one small pea-sized thing, but still ...

Thanks gals! (((hugs))) cool.gif

mumblestutter, according to Gail Edwards, a fairly well known Maine herbalist:

"Used for centuries to regulate hormones, phytosterol-rich red clover contains ten times more phytoestrogens that soy.....Red clover helps regulate the menstrual cycle, but due to its blood thinning effect it's best avoided by women prone to heavy bleeding"

She also recommends chamomile (" a highly regarded emmenagogue"), blessed thistle (taken in tincture form), and lady's mantle ("ten drops of fresh tincture three times daily for a week or two before the expected onset of menstruation") for regulating the menstrual cycle.

Has your sleep pattern changed recently? I have heard that women who work the night shift or stay up all night can end up with wacky cycles. One of my Ayurveda teachers' teacher has written a lot about regulating your menstrual cycle by stregthening your shakti-prana, through connecting to the moon cycles and the and Earth, in her book The Path of Practice. Her name is Sri Swami Mayatitananda, and she started the Wise Earth School in Asheville, NC.

I hope some of this is helpful to you!

Just a period rant...

My tits fucking hurt!!! mad.gif

That is all.
Just playing the waiting game this week. don't want to wear anything while waiting, don't want to ruin any underpants or car seats in public. Getting a little nervous each day it doesn't appear...

Not having to play this little game with my body is possibly the only thing I miss about the pill.
Painful painful cramps woke me up at 230am. I thought it was my tum disagreeing with the chili I had for dinner. NOPE! Just my period. Pass me the muscle relaxants.....
I am still in awe of how bad my pms was this month. This was my third cycle off the pill, and things are definitely returning back to normal. It's kinda funny, because my pms now is basically the way I felt all month when I was on the pill, but it was still hard for me to handle. Wow.
Ugh, I haven't even started bleeding yet but I've been getting cramps. I just want it to start up already. I need to go buy more Midol.
ARRRRGHHH! I'm back again. I absolutely hate the way I am feeling right now. I feel like this huge mess of emotions. I feel so bitchy and irritable and at the same time I just want to burst into tears. And what's even worse is that there is absolutely no reason for it. I think that's the absolute worst feeling in the world to be so upset without any actual reason. What gets me even more is that I once looked up charts of hormonal changes for women on the pill and women without the pill. Supposedly being on the pill is supposed to keep my hormones and emotions in check but it seems to have no effect whatsoever!! Gah!
Terrible pms here too. Has anyone else noticed that some months ALL of the pms symptoms are worse? I guess it makes sense, like, extra hormones or something? I've been alternating between raging bitch and blubbering mess for about a week, my boobs are bigger than ever (I'm usually teeny tiny, but now they're a full handful, like twice as big as usual), and my skin is breaking out.

Does anyone know what can make one cycle's symptoms so much more extreme? Can it be controlled, or is my body just doing what it wants?
I've noticed sometimes months are worse than others. I figured it was just hormones. Sometimes my PMS lasts for longer than a week. It's weird. I just hate the water weight, the crying fits, and all the boob aches.

BBC: Menstruation genes found -

Not as relevant as it first may seem, but hopefully interesting.
Christine Nectarine
after nearly 10 months with no period, i'm on my second time bleeding this month. bloody hell!
i'm trying to appreciate the fact that i'm not cramping like i used to, but i've been so spoilt the past year, plus my boobs are tender, which is new to me. does anyone else find that they get hot and itchy? they feel swollen all the time, although not actually that much bigger. weird.
Ugh, I wasn't sure where else to post this. I am having horrible cramps and my period isn't due for another week and a half! Does this happen to anyone else? It doesn't seem to matter what kind of birth control pill I'm on, it still happens! It's horrible and I just don't understand why my insides are cramping when I'm not anywhere close to getting my period.
I'm all crampy & meh today. I just want to lay on the sofa.
CC girl, that happens to me... to some degree, anyway. My first cramps aren't debilitating, but they are uncomfortable and I don't usually start bleeding for up to a week later. It's a drag. I'm currently putting it down to stress; my doctor agrees but says I should keep an eye on it.

My periods are somewhat erratic due to my pill; I'm on the mini-pill, progesterone only. They're consistent in their inconsistency, basically following the same pattern each month. I mostly find it annoying; I just want to bleed already and be done with it.

(Can you tell this is happening to me as I type? dry.gif )
I'm crampy and achy today. I started 4 days early, but at least I didn't start yesterday. I was out on the water. I hate it when I get my period on the beach....
omg, I can't believe how horrible I feel right now. First off I'm confused. This is now my second period that has been almost non-existent and yet the cramping is nearly unbearable. The thing is that it gets really, really bad to the point where I am sweating and trying to breathe deeply because of the pain but it (thankfully) doesn't last that long. However, it's like, for 15-30 minutes I do feel like my cramps are debilitating. I feel like I can't go off the pill because my doctor told me that from what I've described I would most likely be even worse without bc pills. Ugh.
Does anybody else get fatigue and have trouble sleeping the week before they start. I swear the week before it takes everything I have to drag my self out of bed and go to work in the morning. I feel drained of any energy and at night I have trouble sleeping. I toss and turn a lot and wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all sad.gif

I'm starting to wonder if something's up...I just got my period again, only twelve days after last one! WTF????
I'm going crazy. My period started last Monday and it's apparently still going. And I'm still getting cramps. I'm feeling really emotional like I just want to cry and I'm in pain. The thing is that it will stay for 5 minutes and then go away. And actually my period goes away and then comes back. It just keeps going away and then coming back in this stupid cycle that never ends. I'm so frustrated.
Fucking cramps!!!!!

That is all.
Got the flu nine days ago and was just starting to recover... but then...
MY PERIOD STARTED (two days ago)... heavily. Really heavily. Have soaked countless overnight pads thus far. Wow! It was not supposed to start until the 30th, and there were no cramps to warn me of its impending arrival. That is not unusual for me, and I suppose that being almost entirely cramp-free is a good thing... but it would be nice if I got some warning!
I suppose I just need to look for the other symptoms more closely. Sigh.

By the way, have any of you girls noticed that anxiety increases during ovulation or right before the bleeding starts? That happens to me regularly and it is absolute murder. I already have anxiety, and sometimes right before my period it gets so bad that my heart races constantly and I cannot stop crying.
Cramps are terrible and the headaches can be just as bad. That time of the month is always tough. But its part of the process.
Ugh, I am quite annoyed. I got my period yesterday while I was out volunteering and it was 4 days early!! One of the reasons I like being on the pill is because it makes me regular. Until now, I guess. I hated the fact that I had to just sit there and put up with terrible cramps because I didn't have any midol with me.
Okay, so my flow? Done gone buckwild. I need to make a gyno appt & I can't remember . . . I need to make the appointment for two weeks after the last day of my period to get the maximum benefit, right?
Yes! CandyCane, that's what my period does and it drives me nuts. I used to have no problem with my periods, they're always short, little flow, and painless. They are still like that now except now I have the most excruciating cramps!! My cramps, however, while I was busy volunteering on the fourth for once lasted more than 2 hours and started it up when I came home, I had a small towel drenched in hot water over my lower abs. It felt like "she" (I like to call my vagina in feminine words until being permanently named) was doing pilates or something. I don't get it. Mind you I don't need the pill for anything almost as needless as the male species.
Still bleeding since April ladies. I was just officially diagnosed with PCOS two days ago. I reallly don't think the doctors know what to do with me except bring me at this point. I think its all hog wash to be honest. They just want me to come in so I can pay another 20.00 copay and bill my insurance.

I'm seriously SICK to death of wearing pads, tampons, and the like.

So, I came to ask for some type of healing vibes from you all. I'm exhausted from this. If anyone has any suggestions as far as treatments go, I'd love to hear it.
Hey busties,
@ Thirteen -
There is this thing called d.i.m. - all natch, extracted from cruciferous vegetables. Get it in Health Food stores.
It's supposed to help the body digest excess estrogen (which most of us have because of all the plastics mimicking estrogen etc. )
Helps my PMS hugely. And evens out the difference big boobs-small boobs, which is a gulf with me.
Dunno how it interacts with the pill though - overall the effect is as if you're mildly upping your (relative) progesterone levels, so it shouldn't counteract it, I think. But PMS anxiety is the big difference.

PS: Please tell me if it's not cool to suggest products here - I'm not like a salesperson of this or anything.
sevenseconds, we can usually weed out the trolls who are just trying to sell things (ie. the poster in the cooking thread who kept pushing Kraft products) from people who are just making suggestions.

My period itself isn't that bad but I feel like a crazy person. I may have mentioned this before but cc_boy's best friend is a girl. I'm usually okay with this but every month, like clockwork, I start feeling jealous and possessive. It drives me crazy because I know that it's only because of my period. I also feel really vulnerable and needy and I start thinking about negative things that have happened in the past (last night I kept thinking about the day that cc_boy and I broke up and how we were both crying and it felt so awful).

In addition to all the emotional stuff I am so tired but I've only been sleeping for 4 or 5 hours a night (I usually get 8 hours) and yet I can't seem to fall back to sleep or take a nap. Because of this I've been getting headaches.

Also, my vag actually hurts. It feels like I got fucked with a gigantic dildo or something. I don't even know why.
So true, candydane_girl.
I also get jealous and possessive and alpha as all hell while my brain has a ball bringing up all sources of pain and humiliation past and present it can lay a... - wave? - on. It gets some kind of a sick kick (the brain, not me;) on these days by dripping this black syrup of suffering and self-pity into my chest. Yup, I so hear you, sister.
I have to admit I stopped the d.i.m. after a few years (i never did the full dose anyway, just one a day) because I noticed that besides making me calmer, it made me less desperately... um, creative. I guess I need all the angst I can muster to finish this project I am working on, so I decided, what's a few embarrassing late night phone calls in which I demand and blame and exaggerate and make a general fool of myself -- compared to this incredible thing I will have to show for it at the end. That latter one being my project*)
So I figured, my own PMS blackness is preferable to all the imagination-enhancers i can easily get my hands on...
So the whole curse, blessing, disguise scenario - I find it true.
Anyone else feel that way?
I just don't really need to sleep and my memory is viscious and the way I connect things to things just... PMS is like speed for me that way. But when I am not working on something, Holy Mother of Pearl.
Otherwise, have a nice one, everyone.
I think it *can* serve a purpose. PMS, I mean.

QUOTE(konphusion26 @ Aug 10 2009, 02:52 AM) *
Still bleeding since April ladies. I was just officially diagnosed with PCOS two days ago. I reallly don't think the doctors know what to do with me except bring me at this point. I think its all hog wash to be honest. They just want me to come in so I can pay another 20.00 copay and bill my insurance.

I'm seriously SICK to death of wearing pads, tampons, and the like.

So, I came to ask for some type of healing vibes from you all. I'm exhausted from this. If anyone has any suggestions as far as treatments go, I'd love to hear it.

Kon, I also have PCOS and I know exactly how frustrating it can be. I also bled like a slaughtered goat. It was frustationg trying to get diagnosed and find a treatment that worked. I eventually got a Mirena IUD, and that stopped the bleeding.
Yay, my period is over! It only lasted for about 4 days which is practically unheard of for me. However, I'm not getting too excited yet because it's been known to disappear and then come back with no warning, so I'm still packing some tampons in my purse.

((((deschat and kon)))) that must really suck. Is there any specific treatment for PCOS?
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Aug 27 2009, 03:16 PM) *
((((deschat and kon)))) that must really suck. Is there any specific treatment for PCOS?

because PCOS manifests itself in such a variety of symptoms, docs ususually chose to treat the symptoms. I for example have heavy bleeding, obesity, and high lipids/cholesterol. so these are the symptoms that I get treated for. If I had unwanted hair growth, I'd get treated for that. It used to get me down, but I got a mirena iud which stopped the bleeding, and I take metformin for the obesity/cholesterol, and I'm all good. No worries.
I HATE cramps and bloating!!

That's all.
on pcos -
i was diagnosed last fall. i'm not a doctor, and everything i say below is based on my experience, and not all of it may apply to you.
no there's no one treatment. technically, there's no treatment for the hormone disorder, just treatments for the symptpms. yes, it does suck.
in theory, treating the symptoms makes the hormones go back into a sort of order. it depends on how much the hormones are out of balance, and WHICH hormones are out of balance. i believe that the heavy bleeding can be caused by NOT getting your period regularly, so then everything comes out at once.
the main complications from pcos are the metabolic ones. actually, pcos is considered a metabolic disorder not necessarily a reproductive disorder. pcos can lead to high cholesterol, type II diabetes, high blood pressure. it's no joke that exercise, in the case of pcos, can basically save your life. i think we all know the benefits of exercise :-)
i also learned from jillian michael's latest book that exercise also causes the hormones to behave properly - so that you're hungry at proper times, tired, etc.
keeping the weight and blood sugar, i think, are the main ways to keep pcos under control and to regulate periods. if the pcos is causing very out of balance hormones, the dr may prescribe the pill, because of course that regulates everything.
i think your task now is to cope with this difficult new development. therapy (to discuss frustration with drs, and to brainstorm other ways for coping), exercise are definitely helpful. multivitamins are also helpful for keeping your energy levels up, and of course keeping you healthy in the meantime. it never ceases to amaze me that hormone imbalances can really cause lots of other illnesses - like, for me, i catch colds or have allergy problems more readily now than i used to. hormone imbalances can also cause nausea, so have dramamine on hand maybe.

I'm having horrible PMS this month. Not the best time to go dress shopping...

I tried the sea sponge tampons from Jade & Pearl. I always see the ad for it in the magazine and here at lovely, and finally decided to give it a whirl. I was a little nervous at first that it would get stuck or something but turns out they are soooo much more comfy than tampons and surprisingly easy to use! Very excited about saving $$ on tampons. I get very short, light periods ever since I went on the pill, so it's such an annoying expense.
Ugh, day one and I've got cramps. In fact, I had cramps yesterday. I just hate how emotional I get with this stupid period. I always end up feeling really needy in my relationship with cc_boy. I hate that because I know it's just hormones but it still happens every time. Same as me feeling like I want to punch random people in the face (I live in a big city so there are lots of random stupid people to deal with daily). Ugh, I just want to stay in bed but I really have to read today.
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Sep 20 2009, 12:04 PM) *
Ugh, day one and I've got cramps. In fact, I had cramps yesterday. I just hate how emotional I get with this stupid period. I always end up feeling really needy in my relationship with cc_boy. I hate that because I know it's just hormones but it still happens every time. Same as me feeling like I want to punch random people in the face (I live in a big city so there are lots of random stupid people to deal with daily). Ugh, I just want to stay in bed but I really have to read today.

Same here ccg. I don't have cramps yet, but going thru a lot of the same emotions. Some random cashier started telling me her story about the disaster of the floods (mainly in Georgia where I live), and I almost screamed that all I wanted to pay for was my diet coke, and I didn't want to hear a sob story.

I hate PMS.

Mcgeek and I aren't doing too great either right now, so that's not helping me much.
i finally got my period today; i was expecting it last week, so we bought pregnancy tests that now i don't have to take :-) and now i'm sort of in a better mood than i have been for the last two weeks. (now i'm only annoyed 'cause i was in a 3 hour long meeting with someone who thinks his job is superior to mine, and it is not, nor is it worse; it's just different....of course, i could just start being an asshole like everyone else around me and be like, oh my job is superior to yours/i could do your job better). end rant....i'm just happy to not be pregnant, and i hope my clothes will start to fit soon!
My period finished last Thursday (I think) but yesterday I had bad cramps. wtf?
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