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doodlebug, I had dinner with the only Vancouverite I know this evening (the boy's bro-in-law) and asked him if he knew of Surrey and he said, yes, he grew up there! Although he agreed with your analysis. He's told me before that it's the car-stealing capital of the world but, thankfully, he turned out alright (he's a very much in demand physio, intelligent, great guy to be around)

I feel fatigued with gossip now the spawn's been officially popped. I am awaiting the shitteth to hitteth the fanneth.
Denise Richards is calling Charlie Sheen out:

read this and then follow their link for the whole story
Goodness, cucumberfruit, that is messed up!
How frightening! Poor Denise! I must admit that a part of me was worried that Sheen might be the manipulative, controlling type. Especially when he started going on talk shows and talking about their relationship. Frankly, I don't trust celebrities who talk about their relationships on talk shows. I feel that people in truly healthy, committed relationships are more protective than that.

Which brings me around to Tom Cruise. Is it true that he did an television interview before the end of the week? An actual sit-down interview to talk about the baby? Before the child was even 48 hours old?! Someone please straighten me out on this.
yes, he did. actually i think it was promotion for MI3 (his other cast members were there), but still. i had cut him some slack considering the baby wasn't born, like, during the actual premiere of the film. But him holding a promotional interview for a film and spending the whole time talking about his "girlfriend" and "their" "newborn" baby really underscores the way he's willing to use his relationships and family as promotion for his career.

as far as sheen, doesn't he have a history of abusive behavior?
I read Denise Richards' entire declaration (the one linked in the article cucumberfruit posted). I don't know why I feel compelled to do these things. But I'm sure glad websites like The Smoking Gun exist. Having read what he put her through and all the ways he threatened her (his fascination with Nicole Brown [Simpson]'s autopsy photos??? creeptastic!!!), I think Denise Richards probably had to dig deep for the courage to leave once and for all. I hope he's not allowed to see those kids unsupervised. And that she kicks his ass in the settlement.

Here's the thing I don't get and have never gotten about the TomKat baby thing...isn't he supposed to be infertile? Isn't that the whole reason he and Nicole Kidman adopted, and he and Mimi Rogers never had kids at all...? I had an inkling, but I never totally realized what an incredible political machine the Church of $cientology is, until this mess came along. Their powers of obfuscation are incredible.

On a completely unrelated note, here is a video of Pink performing her new song, Dear Mr. President. *sigh* I'm so totally in love with her.
THAT is some fucked up shit. Especially the part about the porn star he cheated on her with having died of 'unspecified causes' and his reaction to her questioning him about it. 'No COmment'. 'No comment'. How cold and dirty.

The thing is, what did she REALLY expect, marrrying Charlie Sheen? And all the self-satisfied, self-congagulatory interviews they did together, her smug, 'I changed him and I married into Hollywood royalty' attitute---of course I feel bad for the girsl ,but I'm also kind of 'You reap what you soe, bitch.'
yeah, the whole thing is fucked up. they both freak me out, but he freaks me out more.

ETA: also! in the celebrity baby blog photo he's doing the creep-out hand-on-the-belly move. if that's not a warning sign of wacked out celebrity fatherhood, then i just don't know.
I don't see how any woman - not even one who made an "ambitious" marriage - deserves to be abused, or somehow earned her abuse. I don't get it.
Me neither doodlebug. The very rich and very famous are not ultimately different to you and me. They're still accountable for their behaviour.

What struck me in Denise's declaration (obviously in addition to the examples of abuse) is how her husband's own celebrity was used to intimidate her and coerce her into not speaking out.
Hey Jemisoutrageous, I think the prostitute/ porn star Chloe died of liver failure. I looked her up to see who she was, and what she looked like and in an article it said she had numerous health problems, epilepsy, etc.
I am certainly NOT saying she deserves to be abused, Doodle.Re-reading what I wrote I can see how you could take it that way, however, so--

To clarify, what I meant by 'What did she really expect, marrying Charlie Sheen?' was that he would continue to abuse drugs, gamble and seek out prostitutes, regardless of how many 'I changed him---he's a new man' interviews she gave.

light, I know, I read that,too, but I also read that she had epilepsy and leukemia--either way, it's very sad, as she left an eight year old girl and seven year old twin boys behind.

And while I was researching, I read that Kim Walker, who played the Mega-Heather in Heathers--- "Did you eat a brain tumor for breakfast?" actually died of a brain tumor a few years ago. I had no idea, but that is creepy and so sad.
OMG. I had no idea. That movie is one of my all-time favorites. RIP, Heather Chandler.
I think Denise Richards saying "I changed him" was her trying to rationalize her decision to be with him (and convince herself) and save face with the public, who basically considered her a laughingstock for getting together with such a notorious character in the first place.

I still think he peaked with his cameo in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
"No. Thank you."
"I meant, are you here for drugs?"

I don't know,snaf--even waaaaaaaay before they got married she was so smug and 'look at me' about the whole thing. I still feel bad for her though. we've all been with assholes we thought we could change but she had kids with him.
is charlie sheen a scientologist too?
couple days late so it's off topic now, but I can't help it...

A couple years I was watching the Vancouver Pride parade when a small float came by for the organization Out in Surrey. Everyone clapped politely but you could see a ton of supressed giggles. The two gay boys next to me cracked up and didn't even try to hide it - "Out in Surrey? My god, why wouldn't you just move?"
charlie sheen is in need of some scientology says tom cruise. lol. not really.
Ha! Doodlebug, that's exactly what my best friend said when she heard the name. Surry Cruise . . . sounds like a horrible suggestion for a starved Sunday afternoon.
Ha ha, sassy! I had not taken the name that far in my head, but yes, it sounds like a gawdawful afternoon indeed!!!

Oh god, I shouldn't have come back into the Lounge tonight. Now I'm having Surrey flashbacks. Ohhhh...airband contest....oh, scary memories...

clover, I'll bet TC actually IS saying that right now, to someone, somewhere. To Xenu, maybe, at the special spaceship landing portal he had built behind the house.

We should invent a counter-$cientology cult religion and go get rich in Hollywood. It could be, like...Bustology.
Meant to post this in my last one, but pushed the button too soon. Blame the red wine. :-)

jem, thanks for the clarification. I understand what you are saying, but I feel similarly to snafooey on this one. And also, she may have genuinely believed she changed him - because he probably told her so. Over, and over, and over. Both abusers and addicts are fantastic manipulators, and here we see the two combined into one man! Eek!
First we have to appoint a bad fiction-writing bustie as our leader. and then all we have to do is come up with a fantastic story right out of E.T. and there ya go! we're bustologists!!
And Brooke Shields shall be our leader. But only in the loosest, feminist-collectivist sense of the word "leader," aka, meeting coordinator and typist of minutes.

Note that both "Brooke" and "Bust" start with the letter "B," which, also of note, resembles either a top-down or bottom-up view of the female cleavage, when viewed with one's head tipped to the side. Ergo BUSTology! (The "ology" part will come from the rigourous analysis of whether you are a top-down or bottom-up viewer.

Note that in some fonts, one bulbous protrubance of the letter "B"'s cleavage-resembling form may be smaller than the other, as is the case with many real life women. See? It's meant to be. Meant to "B"! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Eff, I have a 9 AM meeting...I need to go to BED. Another lovely "B" word.
Oh no, Charlie. You're not abusive at all.

Deny this. (Via the Smoking Gun: transcribed voice mail messages from Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards.)
Is "fuck" the only adjective he knows??
I know the conversation has swayed from this, but I just read the Rolling Stone interveiw with Nick Lachey, and it was quite touching! Honestly, I have never seen Newlyweds and I have never even heard a song by Nick OR Jessica, and I only know their drama from gazing at the tabloid headlines when in line at the market. But, despite my disinterest in them, it made for an intriguing read, and I hope the nice boy finds a real wo-man for himself.

also, I didnt know she cheated on him with Adam from Mar00n 5! Thats nuts 'cause I used to know him back in the day. He used to date hippie chicks but I guess thats changed!
It just gets weirder and weirder.
are we surprised? I think Tom Cruise honestly thinks that he is the first person to ever become a father of a baby.
'High Fidelity' Coming to Broadway
mandolyn, a friend emailed me that article. I'm disgusted. That's one of my all-time top five movies. I'm a huge theatre buff, but c'mon! Not everything translates well to stage.
Oh my god. Charlie Sheen is a total a-hole and probably world-class abuser. I never thought much of Denise, but it must have been so scary for her and it took a lot of courage to leave and know this story would come out because he has shown that he's dangerously volatile. Poor Denise and poor kids.

The f-bomb? Ok, yeah. But calling her the "n word"? Jebus. Total crackhead madman.
Keri Russell doing M.I. 3 press with crazy. The look is telling.

Got the picture from the Gilded Moose.
omg, amilita. That pic is priceless.
HA HA HA! Oh boy. Thanks, Amilita.

No comment on High Fidelity, except WTF?!

CS is an asshat and good for DR for blowing his poorly-secured cover. The only thing I've ever liked him in was that scene from Ferris Bueller. How telling, you know? (His new-ish sitcom with Jon Cryer (Duckie!) sucks big hairy donkey balls.)
The weirdest thing in the whole DN/CS scandal is that now she has hooked up with Richi Sambora! EWWWW! I never understood was Heather Lochlear saw in him, and I REALLY don't understand the whole "loqueer" hookup with David Spade. Why do these hot women hook up with these loser men? And I thought Heather was supposed to be friends with Denise? I guess not anymore. How does Denise expect to be taken seriously in her allegations when she's seen publicy making out with Sambora? Tacky.
Um, I don't see how her being tacky and making out with her supposed friend's former husband makes her allegations any less true or valid.

In fact, she could be selling her ass on the corner and it doesn't invalidate her experience with a drug/prostitute/deviant pornography/gambling addicted, abusive prick like Charlie Sheen.

Having been in an emotionally abusive relationship that also escalated in to physical violence at the end, I feel that my current sex life should not have any bearing on whether or not my truths should taken seriously.

I know that this is the celeb gossip thread and that we are supposed to be catty here. But her allegations and experiences are just as serious as any other persons, whether or not she is a celebrity and whether or not she chooses to be a tacky, man stealing, exhibitionist with poor judgement and bad taste.
Right now on gofug
This right here: "Philip Seymour Hoffman--the Man Who Beats the Shit Out of Tom Cruise" almost makes me want to see MI3. I said almost!
I'm afraid to see MI3, I know I would be totally rooting for the bad guy...
Us Weekly can't be wrong!

Btw, I heard somewhere that U.K. Scientology headquarters were originally in Surrey, England - I have no idea of that's true or not, though.

Tyger, I wasn't being that charitable. That article seems to imply that Suri is the Hebrew equivalent of, say, Bertha.
OH GOD, SNAF................ you are shitting me. It was bad enough that she had to reproduce once with that -- what do you guys call him? Cletus?! Does she think it's gonna save their marriage? Gah. Puke.

Is the sex that good, Brit, that you lose all sense of judgment? Oh wait, you didn't have any to begin with. Silly me.

(Why do I care?!)

ETA: I don't need to be a psychic to know they are sure to split before this second baby is born. What a disaster. How typical.
Calm down now, lively. I'm not saying she is invalidating anything she claims about Charlie. What I'm implying is that it is not very smart to be seen in public kissing another man (a famous one at that) when your divorce hasn't even gone through and you have just made huge allegations. Any idiot would know better. I'm not saying Richards deserved to be treated the way she was, however, she's no rocket scientist, let's be honest. She married him AFTER the whole Heidi Fleiss scandal where he admitted to having been with prostitutes, so she obviously knew he was f'ed up in the sex department, plus he had a well-known drug addiction problem. And after her amazing performances in movies like Wild Things and 007, I think it's safe to say she's not exactly a genius.
oh I want so badly for her to leave Cletus, move away from her creepy mom, and just spend five years being a single mom, taking her kids to preschool and then running home to finish her community college homework, and normalizing, and then run into Justin one day at Coffee Bean and surprise him with the fact that she is finally a freakin' grown-up and then have them get back together when he breaks up with Cameron because she won't ever get married. She'll record her "thought you had me counted out, didn't y'all, bitches?" album, they'll get married and he'll adopt her kids, and they'll be one big happy family except every once in a blue moon when Sean Preston's not around, Justin won't be able to resist and will tease her by only answering "Popozao!" to everything she asks and she'll go from smiling to stone-faced in 1/18 of a second and mutter "that is NOT funny!" and he'll tease her until she admits okay, it is a little funny and then they'll go pick up Sean Preston and his sister and go on a picnic.

Why yes, I can actually feel my brain cells dying, since you ask. good god, what is the MATTER with me??!!! Why do I do this?????
Britney. I say this in my friendliest, fan-liest way possible: I want to hurt you.
RH (BTW, whenever I see your name, I keep meaning to tell you I love it), I think I need to go far away and study Beowulf for an extended period of time in order to undo the cerebral damage brought about by this celebrity gossip ridiculousness.
Re: celeb gossip ridiculousness

I actually had a dream last night that I was at some press junket and had to tell Tom Cruise that Katie had just gone into labor.

THAT's how sure I was that he'd turn the birth into some publicity stunt. That, my friends, is severe cerebral damage at its finest.
I so truly in love with gofugyourself. Heather & Jessica are damn funny and should never,ever,ever stop doing the site (but if they do, I hope it's because they get an awesome deal writing sitcoms for HBO).

Speaking of gofug, is it me, or is Lindsey Lohan, fug ensemble aside, looking slightly less like a walking corpse? (pic is below TC ones)
Rita, I kind of want that to happen too.
Well yes, it is glaringly clear that she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I never implied she is a genius either. I thought I made it pretty clear that I too, think she is an idiot. Yes, she knew what kind of guy he was before she even met him due to his highly publicized "fall from grace", if you will. Yes, she has clearly made some poor choices and shown impaired judgement.

What I was pointing out is that the fact of her being a complete moron and utterly classless for publicly making out with her supposed friend's ex (yes, before her divorce has been finalized), still should not supercede having her allegations of abuse taken seriously. That is all.

Oh heaven help Britney. It's always been obvious she's no rocket scientist either, but now I find myself feeling kind of sorry for her.

I SO heart GFY and the uber sharp bitches behind it.

I read that Nick Lachey article too and actually felt myself sympathising with the guy. It's clear he really loves that dumb fuck twit. Also, he seems to have a pretty good grip in the reality that he is a mediocre talent, and that he opened himself up to all of the public scrutiny.

High Fidelity... WTF?! Indeed.
lively, that is exactly what I wanted to say about DR but couldn't articulate. Word.
I didn't think it was news that Britney was pregnant, she's been pregnant for a while *puzzled look*...
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