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bummer, double post.

Whenever I think about Katie, I always think of this picture of her with the nastiest cold sore...YUCK! How do you go from Nicole Kidmann to Katie Holmes (and start doing cartwheels on TV n' shit like you've never been in love)!?
Charli, are you referring to the pictures when her shirt came up a little and you could clearly see stretch marks on her stomach?

I think KH gave birth to something alright.
i can't believe i'm going to say something in defense of my arch-nemesis, but once you become a parent, your protective instincts kick in with paranormal strength. i can completely understand - even an insane attention-whore celebrity like TC - not wanting to share their wee one with the world.

jdepp fans: this has got to be the best photo of him eva. ye gods. *drool*
holy mother of all things riotous, he is a sexay man.
I'm sorry, but Johnny Depp has gone WAY down in hotness factor for me. He needs to cut his hair, shave and take a shower. He needs to go get his teeth whitened, throw away every item of clothing he owns and go shopping for things that are new and clean and don't look like pirates would wear them. I think he was at his hottest in the Don Juan De Marco era. But if he were to start dressing like the wardrobe he had in Blow, I might cream my pants. I think two celebs who always look great in public and have good hygiene and great taste in clothes are George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
Johnny Depp is one of those actors i never think are attractive in pictures - his features are a little too fine, too pretty-boy, for me. however, there is nothing hotter than johnny depp in any movie (except willy wonka, ew). i think his hotness is all in the way he moves and carries himself.
With him it's eyes, cheekbones, lips, and voice. Those are the highlights of his sex appeal, I think.
IMO, he's the hottest in Chocolat. Yummmm.....
Um, is this supposed to be good-looking?

I'm sorry, but Johnny Depp can do no wrong. His acting is flawless, he seems like a genuinely nice person, and he's a head above everybody else. I wish young Hollywood would take a cue from him.
dare i start shit?

clearly this is the sexiest picture of Depp...
I remember that period in Pittdom. Was he doing that for a role or did he just smoke crack or something? That was definitely a doozy. Brad seems to be inspired by his woman of the moment, whoever they are at the time. There was some website a while back, can't remember which one, which pointed out that fact and had photos of him with each girlfriend and he totally died his hair or changed his clothes accordingly to look like each one! I guess Angelina is a positive influence, because he's been looking better and better since he's been with her. On that note, maybe that's why Johnny has looked scrappier and scruffier of late. That Vanessa Paradis is kind of gross - like an even skinnier, more bobble-headed Goth-version of Christina Ricci, and he is always going on and on about how hard it is to contain themselves through an awards show without being able to smoke and drink, so they are probably a bad influence on each other! Either that, or Johnny is just taking his movies way too seriously and is morphing into a pirate...
Maybe Johnny Depp got his inspiration from K-Fed?? He totally looks like him in that photo!
pinkpoodle, ITA! i LOVE him in that movie - but I pretty much love him in any movie or picture! The way he looked in Willy Wonka was kinda scaryand insane looking, definitely NOT hot!
K-Fed? I so DON'T agree!
I'm all about the Depp too and crazyoldcatlady thanks for that gorge pic and to mando for bringing up the sex-god to begin with. Watching him in chocolat makes me think of covering him in chocolate and licking it off...
I still thought he was hottt as Willy Wonka. His asexual weirdness was kind of a turn-on.
aye, matey, i'd walk the plank for an unbathed, scruffy jdepp over a perfumed, clean-shaven, armani-clad brad pitt any day ... arrr!

if someone is offering me clooney, however, all bets are off. as a matter of fact, i had a mucho sexy n'affectionate-as-hell dream about myself and his georgeness the other night, yes indeed.
If they were both bathed and shaved, I'd take Depp in a heartbeat over Pitt. But I wouldn't accept a dirty Depp over a clean Pitt. But I too agree, with regards to Clooney, all bets are off. He is a MAN in the best sense of the word. And he's from my hometown in Kentucky, y'all, so hands off!
Clooney, there are no words for his brand of hotness. He just is.
I think Johnny's sexxxiness is so versatile and that makes it all the better- his boyish innocence in Benny & Joon, his shut-in S&M look in Edward Scissorhands, the cross-dressing in Ed Wood, his scrappy pirate look in P.o.t.C, his asexualness in C.a.t.C.F.....ah, this is the stuff fantasies are made of.

My boyfriend has an "If I Were Gay" crush on him, and trust me, it wouldn't take a lot of arm twisting.

Clooney is definitely appealing, too- unlike Brad Pitt, he has gotten better looking as he's getting older. I like Ocean's Eleven George better than ER George. Seems like it's taking more and more pancake makeup for Brad to maintain his looks.

one of my male friends once stated 'ask any guy, he'd sleep with johnny depp. and if he says no, he's lying. everyone wants to sleep with johnny depp'

brad pitt stopped doing it for me when he had that manky gross beard on his face a few years ago. but in a pink housecoat in fight club? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mmm, johnny is all of the sexeh.

except for the bit that belongs to george. and to pierce brosnan. Who both seem to be growing old gorgeously.
Isn't it funny how George is the Great Equalizer? Everyone finds him sexy. Especially at the Oscars....mmmmm...

Also, catlady, that picture of Johnny is quite sexy. Cause he's doing something. He's sexy when he's moving.
no one should have as much charisma as Clooney does. It's like he accidentally got doled out the good looks and charm of 100 people's worth at the factory.

(and yet...I know he reaallllly loves me. Just as soon as he meets me.)
i've loved clooney since his shaggy-haired 'booker' days.
and his 'falconer' stint.
get away from him.
he's mine.
swoonin' over mister clooney.good lookin' and probably a helluva...conversationalist.

i love me a bit of the depp, though there are times he does look a little smelly.

my other candidate for the "aging hotly" club is none other than david bowie.

I'd take a dirty Depp over a clean Pitt and over Clooney. Maybe it's because I've only seen pictures of him and not live footage in the last few years, but Clooney does nothing for me. Surely this means I win at Johnny Depp?

Although, yes, Brad Pitt was hott in Fight Club. Never before or again, though.

And I agree misspissed, bowie aged real good.
No to JDepp. I have never ever seen the interest in him. He just looks a bit skeezy to me. Dare I say it... a bit.... K-Fed. (Please please don't banish me from bust!) Same for Brad Pitt actually.

Now Mr Clooney. Even though he is two years older than my mum. I still would. Any day of the week.

ETA: Especially when he is in a tux. Rowr.
Crazyoldcatlady, you have actually given me palpitations with that photo of my boyfriend!
-My parents live in France, and are friends with the parents of a well-known french film director. They are constantly winding me up with tales of dinner with Depp! -None of them true, by the way!
Edward Norton was hott in Fight Club. brad Pitt is a pockmarked Man Lady and I am not having it.

I heard Paris Hilton's new song and shit myself in horror.
jem - you crack me up "shit myself in horrow" - bwahaha!!

If offered pitt or clooney....damn, I just wouldn't know what to do there...I'm not sure I could choose. Those 2 boys were my very first childhood crushes - JD on 21 Jump, and Clooney on that first ER sitcom - the bad one with Elliot Gould....he was yummy even then with his mullet. There's something so very sexy about the smirk always resting in his eyes.
He has that mature twinkle in his eyes, the same one my mum goes ga-ga for in Bruce Willis.

I couldn't choose, I would want them all ... on a platter.
Man--Now Y'all git! Back away from my Clooneydude! Git!

I have this memory of him I like to harbor: The way he looked in that wife beater t-shirt in "O Brother." All hot & sweaty...with that 40's haircut goin' on...slightly dirty...ohhhhhhh. Mmmm.
<<< LONDON (June 30)- Former "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff had surgery after severing a tendon in his right arm in an accident in a London gym bathroom, his spokeswoman said Friday.
The 53-year-old actor, who played lifeguard Mitch Buchannon on the TV beach drama for 11 years, was shaving at a gym in the Sanderson Hotel on Thursday when he hit his head on a chandelier, showering his arm with broken glass, his publicist, Judy Katz, said.
Doctors operated to repair the injury and Hasselhoff spent one night at St. Thomas' Hospital in central London, Katz said. >>>>


I mean……… did he...... “Hit his head on a chandelier” … but…...

Was he riding on someone’s shoulders while shaving in the bathroom or something?
jane, you beat me to it.
at "riding on someone's shoulders".

Hasselhoff has surgery after freak shaving accident.
"The accident may have been some kind of karmic justice. Hasselhoff recently disappointed audiences across the pond by canceling his debut pantomime role as Captain Hook in the musical Peter Pan, due to open this year in London. He reneged on the theater gig after learning the schedule would clash with his current day job, acting as judge on the Regis Philbin-hosted, Simon Cowell-produced talent search, America's Got Talent."

so, um, the chandelier gods were after him?
and, pantomime? herr hasselhoff has yet another off-shoot career as an interpretive dancer now?
I'm imagining him being unable to stomach seeing only his face in the mirror for ten minutes while shaving, while having to be out of view of the speedo of doom (y'all have seen that, right?) he's jumping up and down, whilst shaving, to get a full body shot in his bathroom mirror, and cracks his head on the chandelier

*boing boing boing*

ETA - jem, I say this once and once only. You step back from my Ed Norton and I won't have to cut you. He's MINE!!!!!!1one!!!

honestly, anyone who goes to a gym with fucking chandeliers in their fucking bathrooms deserve whatever they get. :P
You can have him. He may be hot, but anyone that balled Courney love is probably crawling with cooties.
*trying to stop my eyes from bleeding at the horrifying image of david hasselhoff boffing courtney love*
Ed Norton is too far on the pasty, mouse-y, nebbish-y side for moi. He looked to much like my friend N in Fight Club & that gave me the willies. He is supposed to be crazy smart, though, so he's got that goin' on for him. I agree with Jem. I wouldn't fuck him with another gal's ginch.

I like George Clooney's voice. He's a handsome fellow & all, but I like his timbre more than his/face body. Plus he seems to have a sense of humour & that's always nice.

Brad who? Pitt, you say? That the blonde fella that played a stoner in True Romance & a crazy in 12Monkeys? Meh.

I guess my vote goes for Johnny Depp.
Happy Canada Day, to all of the Canadian CG Busties!!!
Damn it! Where can I see those stolen Brad and Angelina baby shower pictures? They've been removed from the usual suspects. Help a sister out, people!
This genius senator named Rick Santorum was arguing in favor of the existance of weapons of mass destruction, and he held up something to support a claim and said something to the effect of, "Look, it's right here in the classified document."

Really? It's in that CLASSIFIED document that you're waving around on national television, huh? It's rare to see something that cartoonishy stupid in real life, but when I do, I have to laugh my ass off. Wow, what an idiot.
Oh wait, I was wrong before when I said Brad Pitt was only hot in Fight Club. I remember when I saw Thelma and Louise for the first time, I was like, oh now I see why people are into him.
for me, brad pitt began and ended with thelma and louise. johnny depp just gets better with age, but blow is the hottest. (yeeeaaahhhh, black betty....))

david hasselhoff fucked courtney love? for real??

Not David Hasselhoff, Edward Norton - they dated for awhile. Too much gossip overlap going on here. This is how rumours get started! :-)

ETA: Paris Hilton's new song sounds like the hangover puke of Blondie's "The Tide is High."
lol, I was having icky mental images too and wondering how the hell that hook-up took place.

I fancy all three (Depp, Pitt and Clooney - clarifying as don't want to start any more in-Bust rumours!) although I agree that Depp and Clooney are maturing like fine wine whereas Brad can look somewhat haggard in certain photos. I harbour an uber crush for him as luscious, long-haired Louis the vampire but prefer him with shorter hair (a'la Ocean's 11 and 12).
ha! snafooey, I totally read that as David Hasselhoff and Edward Norton dated for a while. And then I got a mental image. And then I poured ammonia into my eyes and tore out my own soul.
i can take or leave brad. he's attractive, but he's also totally boring, and the recent action of ditching the supposed love of his life and ruining the supposed only hollywood marriage that was working (tho admittedly i like angelina much better than jen) makes me lose respect for him, in addition to the way he seems to glom onto whatever his current girlfriend is into without much of his own opinion on anything. tho one of my best guy friends when i was a teenager looked remarkably like a younger, scrawnier, sweeter pitt, and i had a huge crush on him for a while (the friend, not the pitt). and yeah, brad is not aging well.

clooney--i never gave him much thought at all, amazingly. i used to watch e.r. but i liked noah wyle better, because when i was seventeen i was all about the prettyboys. but now, looking at these photos y'all are posting, DAMN. but really, any offspring of rosemary clooney has gotta have something special.

depp--definitely aging incredibly well. and delicious in everything he's been in. i think part of the crush is the versatility he has as an actor--clooney, unfortunately, doesn't have that going for him. he's good, but he's not "i can do ANYTHING and do it well" the way depp is.
mister depp is on the actor's studio tonite at 9 pm. it's a repeat from 2002. last night i watched his repeat on biography.

depp overload ... yowza!
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