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i read in an article that she and her father recently reconciled after there was a disagreement about how her family was portrayed on that pseudo-reality show she had/has, but she wasn't there when he actually died.
I'm so sad to hear Aaron Spelling died, although most of his contributions to television were considered "fluff". I have to admit most are a part of my television memories from childhood, good memories!.
I just listened to Jessica Simpson's new song, and it really does sound like a sped up "Holiday" by Madonna in the beginning
OMG she actually uses a part of Diana Ross's (not sure if it was with the Supremes) "Aint no mountain high enough"!, whats next?!!
That 'statement' of Nelly's does look cobbled together now that you mention it, not that that stopped me from swallowing it wholesale. I'm clearly too eager to believe the worst...

I thought Sienna looked good in Alfie, I have to say. But she can't act for toffee.... and I too hate her hair short.

Gofugyourself (aka my spirtual BFF X2)mentioned a Cameron and Justin split.
What is with the slew of weird deaths in the past day or so- Aaron Spelling, then the son of the billionaire that Anna Nicole was fighting over the money with died and JonBenet Ramsey's mother died. I guess they come in threes.

Maybe there will be some developments about the JonBenet case. The daughter of a friend of my family is a criminologist for the FBI and she's said since the day it happened that the parents killed her.
How was Aaron Spelling's death weird? He was an old guy who had a stroke, right? Or do you mean the weirdness of what kinds of people they are?

How did JonBenet's mom die? I think the parents did it, too...very interesting what your friend said, polly. Boy, I'd love to have drinks with her and have her tell me a bunch of FBI stories!
My intuition always pointed to the Parents in the JonBenet Case too, now matter how mant times I heard otherwise. Didn't her mother have Cancer, maybe it was from guilt? I'm sorry that was uncalled for, seeing as the woman just died!
Yeah, she'd been fighting ovarian cancer since 1993, three years before JonBenet died. She was in remission until three years ago. I think this friend of the family believed it based on the way she was killed, the dynamics of the family and the way the investigation went down- how the family reported it and all. She had an older brother, who was maybe 10 or so when she died- he'd be about 20 now- I wonder what happened to him.

I just meant an odd mix of people dying suddenly, amilita. I didn't think Aaron Spelling was as old as he was. I guess when I think about all the TV shows he has done over the years, though, it makes sense. Except for a brief 90210 phase in jr. high, I never watched any of them.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban got married. Best of luck to 'em. Anyone who spent THAT long married to Tom Cruise deserves some hapiness!
thepointybird, ITA!!!
thepointybird, you're right, she does deserve happiness- but damnit, Keith Urban was my celebrity boyfriend!

Keith Urban? Really, anybody's better than Tom Cruise. i hope the two are blissfully happy.

The whole JonBenet thing, always seemed to point to her parents. I think maybe karma got her mother in the form of cancer.
poorly written story & weak journalism, but it's still a topic i had noticed; kind of reminds me of that post a while back with the pictures of the heftier male actors.

"chunky" leading men
Well I personally LOVE how Jack Black "Mr.S" describes himself as chubby AND sexy in School of Rock - it's such a positive message for those boys and girls with a little more weight than the average kid (my friend's son is one of them)
I have no problem seeing men with a few extra pounds on the big screen, it seems like the media feels the need to point it out. I don't think the average viewer even cares anymore, just give us a decent movie - PLEASE!!!
From the 'chunky men' article:
'Hollywood starlets, on the other hand, shouldn’t hold their breath for a reversal in body image. “It’s never going to stop for women,” said Ms. Stern.'
i am chubby AND sexy, too.

asking the obvious question:

where's a leading lady who is cute, curvy*, and sexy?

*and i am not talking size 6 "curvy", ima talking size 10+!
I'm not surprised Jessica Simpson's new song does sound like a sped up "Holiday" - her first single sounds like The Boss' "Jack & Diane" at the beginning...
well fuck.
frankly, if women have to starve, i want to see men do it too. not that i mind a belly in real life (or scrawn, whatever), but this audacity, that men get to be "relatably" chub and still score with the beautiful thin, 22 yo (and notice all the women interviewed were young and "pretty"---when do we get to see a big-gal get the poster boy? it happens in real-life, but in screen, its just monique and queen latifah.

sorry to delurk and rant, i just get SOOOO pist about the flab double standard.
didn't miss simpson do stuff before 'i think i'm in love'?(that song actually sampled jack and diane, but i haven't heard her new one. is it a sample, or a sound-alike? and isn't springsteen the boss? jack&diane is john cougar/mellencamp/) or was she only famous in canada during her pre-newlyweds stage?

ETA the flub double-standard bothers me, too. though on the british verison of the office the girls more likely to be normal-sized. not really big, but the 'i'm ten pounds over my 'healthy' weight' size. not that it bothers me that men don't have to be sticks to be famous. i want a "fat" girl to have a role *other* than the wacky/quirky sidekick for once, dammit!
I won't date a guy who doesn't have a few extra pounds. just my style I guess.
yeah, that whole double standard is sooooooo annoying. i like how they had to mention that the "girls on the street" were pretty. because if they're not, clearly it doesn't matter who tey're attracted to.

tyger - i loved that about the british office. i loved that dawn, the object of affection, was chubby.
Misspissed is voluputous and SMOKINGLY hot.Oh, yes, I went there.
Y'know, I didn't think Luke Wilson was very cute until now. I have a preference for a little meat. A friend of mine bitches about his weight all the time, but I think he's perfect. Still solid, but starting to go soft at the edges.
Did you see Luke Wilson in "The Family Stone" with SJP? I thought he was cute in that role, as well, which is more fitting to his current look.
What gets me with regards to standards of weight and looks of male celebrities vs. females has always been the obvious unfair differences between female and male news anchors or telejournalists. The women are all thin and beautiful, perfectly coiffed, etc., then you have a bunch of men who look like Larry King!
misspissed...I've heard Kate Winslet say she wouldn't trade her curves for thinness...of course she hasn't been in much recently.
Yeah, that's definitely one of the most egregious examples of the phenomenon. She's reading the news, for crying out loud - even she has to be up to your "Does Joe Average want to bang her?" fuckability standards?

To be fair, you've got a few prettyboys in the biz, but there's really no comparison.

ETA: A really short but scathing review of Nelly's new album.

ETAA: But didn't Kate lose a lot of weight? Also, even at her "heaviest" (Titanic-era) she was about a Size Eight, tops. I remember because around that time, we were pretty much the same weight, height, measurements and I was thin to the point where relatives were asking concerned questions (I was fine - I started exercising regularly when I hadn't before) but everyone was talking about Kate like she was epitome of womanly curviness. Not that I wasn't aware of Hollywood's out-of-whack beauty standards before then, but that really put it into perspective for me.
jem, you are TRULY truly outrageous.
spanks :-)

ok, so we have one or 2 semi-curvalicious actresses. 3 cheers for hollywood representing all body types. *pffft*

(correct me if i am wrong) speaking of Monique and Queen Latifah, has anyone noticed difference in how it's *slightly* more OK for women of color in the media to be a bit more curvy than white women?
I know, we've had the conversation about how clothes sizes of today can be misleading. I weigh anywhere from 120lbs. to 130lbs, and I usually can wear a size 3 sometimes a size 5 if it's small. And I don't go to high priced stores, this is at the average to low income clothing stores. Most people see me as small (I see myself as average), but to Hollywood standards I'm probably a "big" girl. I can't fit into a size 0 sometimes at Old Navy, and 'cause I don't look like Kate Moss or Nicole Richie I'd be "big or bigger"???? I have a very athletic 8 year old that weighs 44lbs, and she's starting to worry that she might have a big belly - 'cause she see's these girls as tiny and glamorous. I try not to dwell on it with her, but tell her to exercise the spot she doesn't like. These unrealistic ideals really do affect the general public (unfortunately), and I'm having to deprogram my child because of it!
has everyone seen britney's new 'do - picture on the moose.

re the weight thing... does anyone remember the time renee zelweger (don't ask me to spell) gained weight for Bridget Jones? She went all the way to a uk size ten or something *gasp*. And looked faintly normal-sized.

I'd say Kate Winslet is curvy... definintely very small, but curvy.
ah, Misspissed, you've touched a subject about which I have many loud and stubborn opinions: the Hollywood BMI Adjusted for Ethnicity.

In a nutshell, my spiel is this: as suits an exotic, nonwhite actresses are permitted to be "fat" and sexy, or at least not to hate themselves. A fat white actress is obliged to play her avoirdupois for shame and pity. But ethnic actresses, who are already pretty amusing for being mouthy and obstreporous, are that much more more comical and exotic for behaving as though they were still desirable. Like the coquettish hippos in cartoons.

But as a nonwhite actress moves in from the fringes toward full personhood as a character or as an entertainer, her weight handicap (like handicap in golf, not a physical handicap) is severely reduced. As soon as she starts to seem somewhat desirable, exotic as she is, she has to lose weight. That's so she doesn't gross out a mainstream consumer who could possibly stomach the idea of sleeping with someone from another race, as long as that insurmountable difference didn't include all that gross, acculturated FAT.

A big ol' yellow/brown/black girl's dizzying variables could be a nice bit of sexual seasoning as long as you don't have to contend with them beyond the surface. And she stayed in character.

But to submerge oneself in the deep, actual difference of another race would quickly shove the midly erotic right into hardcore horror. A pleasant little fantasy would literally be crushed under a runaway load of squeamishness.

That's why William Petersen is so fat.
(I adore you, Aural!)
In that link you posted to the Gilded Moose, mornington, there's an interesting NY Times article about Amy Sedaris and her apartment. It's exactly how I pictured it! And there's some interesting details about her. I had no idea she was 45! She looks closer to 35, except, of course when she's doing an older character.
Beyonce 's wardrobe malfunction:
Beyonces boob looks a little scary..

I like Brit's colorjob.

I love Amy Sedaris's place.. I want her to adopt me.
Camryn Manheim doesn't play anything for shame and pity, though. She just plants her lovely big ass onto her motorbike and says fuck you and rides off into the sunset. *sigh*
I am a woman of colour, and we have all different types of nipples (as I'm sure do ALL women) But I just have to say it, her nipple looks like it's been suffocated and is ready to fall off! So much, that I'm not sure thats what we're looking at - maybe it's a shadow. Otherwise Beyonce needs to stay away from these restricting types of bodices for awhile!
Y'know, you see a headline like this and you hope it's from The Onion and then it's not. ((sigh))
OMG!! Bwahhahhaha!!

Axl Rose just got arrested for biting a security guard in the LEG!!
In Sweden.

That's why I find him amusing -- he's a total ROCKSTAR in the classic sense.
dammit polly!! I actually thought I was gonna beat ya'll TO it!

double post.

He can't handle alcohol. It's the primitive blood we nordic types have ;-)
That Beyonce photo looks doctored.
Star Jones in leaving The View.

So Rosie's pushing her out, eh?

They should also get rid of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Did anyone see this episode? She sounds like a Stepford Wife, but with talking points. Sandra Bernhard (the guest) can be annoying (and if anything, Star is actually pretty restrained in that clip), but she's a comedian and she makes political jokes - so what if she describes Laura Bush as "medicated"? What did you expect when you invited her on your show? Plus, she called everyone "honey," and only Elisabeth did not seem to get it and took personal offense. This was the first time I'd seen her since her days on Survivor (I don't watch The View but it's been making the rounds on the blogosphere), and UGH. She's the reason there should be no such thing as reality "stars."
I love how Nelly Furtado is looking like an over-tanned and face-lifted version of SJP, who looks kind of like a horse/foot in the first place.

Brit's new color job makes her look vaguely like Janeanne Garafalo. I'd be quite embarassed if I were Janeanne.

I'm so totally with you guys on the standard for "fat" women on TV. Did you know that Camryn Manheim's role on The Practice was originally for a man, but they re-wrote it to fit a "big, brassy broad?" Props to her for landing the role, but it sucks that it couldn't be written the same as all the other female roles on that show, complete with what people would term "feminine" character flaws.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck drives me crazy, she acts like a Republican robot. Like you're not allowed any thoughts outside of the republican viewpoint, or you'd be betraying the party. I'd rather have her leave than Star, who I couldn't care less about either - but if I had my d'rathers it'd be Elisabeth
Well they have to leave SOMEBODY there for Rosie to make fun of!
Rosie used to guest host the View some years back. She was awful. I remember Barbara Walters pausing to send her offstage b/c the ywere discussing womens gynecological issues and Rosie kept giggling. Babs said it wasa serious topic and she had to go...

That was before she came out and was all Ï am Rosie, hear me roar.!" I dunno which way I like her...

As for beyonce's nipples: I used to help women with breastfeeding issues and all of my friends (and I) have or do breastfeed our kids. Nipples and areolos come in all shapes and sizes-BELIEVE me. Doorknobs and thumbtacks...
"That's why William Peterson is so fat."

I sure have missed Speedy. Sigh.
speedy. that was impressively succint.
You said in a few sentences exactly what frustrates me about the narrow roles for women of color. Im so sick of the sassy loud black girlfriend with the big booty working as a foil for her obviously more attractive desirable and ladylike protaginist (insert starlet).
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