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AAAAAAH...The mental imagery of Jem's last post!
(Although I'm sure it's spot-on.:-)

*runs away, shrieking*
to go back to the OT fertility talk, i always thought it was just that, since the body isn't "supposed" to ovulate when we're lactating, and hey, you're all busy and stuff and not exactly prioritizing birth control, it's just statistically more likely, not necessarily due to any biological thing. a lot of people just think breastfeeding is its own birth control and so they don't use anything else, and your body signals are out of wack anyway due to the hormones, and all that stuff.

but maybe there is something biological about it, i dunno.
So when is Lance Bass going to come out of the closet?
raisin, LMAO!!!! Wasn't he once engaged to Beverly Mitchell or Jessica Biel or someone else totally out of his league? I saw Bev on a commercial today and thought of him.
apparently namibia's national society for human rights isn't very happy with brangelina:

"Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt should be banned from Namibia, say charity campaigners.
Namibia's National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) branded the couple "colonial overlords" and accused them of taking over the African country when Shiloh Nouvel was born this month.

An NSHR spokesman said: "To shut down a national border so she can give birth in peace is a massive abuse of power."

The human rights campaigners claim Angelina and Brad "used heavy-handed and brutal tactics" to persuade the Namibian government to agree to their demands."

(from defamer, who is skeptical of its source)
Bklnhermit, I think that's it exactly re: fertility.
Check out this little gem from Connie Chung. I think she's ready for American Idol!
Oh, yeah...I heard that Connie Chung bit on Howard Stern the other day while driving to work. Priceless. I was laughing so hard I almost missed my exit!

WTF was she thinking???!! Damn!
Happy belated birthday Jem!

Just for fun, here are pictures of puffy male celebrities from ABC News.

Male Celebrity Bloat Watch
I think this might just be me, but every time I read the name "Nouvel" I pronounce it in my head like noo-vulle (rhymes with Louiseville).

Just thought I'd share.
Every time I pronounce Shiloh, my brain wants me to say "Shylock", which I think is even worse!
wow. The non-bloated Vince Vaughn looks like a completely different person!

Also, does anyone else think he's butt ugly?
Is it just me or do all these male stars look lthey are detoxing from drugs?
Dare I say that Thin Vince looks a little like... BRAD?! Ever so slightly.
Allure did an issue all about different types of being sexy and beautiful, and they have a really narrow view for what's beautiful:

Cute Is . . . a big wide smile, apple cheeks, dimples, bright eyes, and an innocent manner.
Examples: Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson, Goldie Hawn, MK and Ashley Olson, Kirsten Dunst, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Ripa, and Ginnifer Goodwin

So being cute is just looking like apple pie and cream? I think Drew can look very beautiful and glamourous in certain photos.
Pretty Is . . . symmetrical features, soft hait, high cheekbones - and a core confidence in one's own beauty
Examples: Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley, Julia Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Bosworth, Natalie Portman, Mischa Barton

I think that Julia, Natalie, and Halle are all more than pretty, and Michelle had an exotic look with being very skinny, having cat eyes, a deep feminine voice, and high cheekbones.

Sexy Is . . . full lips, hourglass curves, and the ability to make men want to have sex for pleasure and procreation.
Examples: Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss, Gisele

Most of these women have the va-va-voom look of dark features and big breasts, and fit the "bombshell" image. I think that Jodie Foster and Ellen Barkin are hella sexy, and neither fits the above look.
Hey raisin, that is exactly what I thought when I saw that picture.
I think some of the male celebrities look better now, mainly b/c of what choofums said....they all looked a bit unhealthy earlier.

Oh, great another female celebrity proclaiming, "I'm not a feminist!!!!!"

Nelly Furtado, who recently released her third album, 'Loose,' dropped by NBC's 'Today' show in New York's Rockefeller Center today to perform a number of new songs.

During the program, the 'Promiscuous' singer revealed she's ditched her bohemian, pro-girl schtick in order to transform herself into a full fledged sex bomb for the new album.

"I went through a feminist phase and read a lot of philosophical stuff. Some of the male bashing brainwashed me for a bit so I stopped. I love men! I'm just now catching up. My video choreographer taught me how to move in all these different ways. I'm more at ease with my body than I've ever been."

Now that she's not a feminist, she also sounds like shit and dresses like a whore. I saw her recently performing on TV and could not believe how tacky and silly she was! She also can't dance to save her life. So fuck her and her anti-feminist ways!
ew, I could never stand her nasally sound anyhow.
I'm sad about Nelly - I saw her on SNL a couple months ago, and thought - WTF? Guess I won't be listening to her anymore. I did like her first two albums, and we saw her live for her first tour, and she was such a presence, and I loved her earthiness and lack of flash. Guess that's over. And yeah, the new single bites as does her dancing.
Because, of course, you can't possibly be a feminist and love men! Jeez...
God, that really does make me sad, and was only 2 years ago that Nelly did a benefit concert for the feminist organization I'm involved with, AND did a press conference with us...and we were very insistant that she understand the exact (political feminist) nature of our organization before she commit to doing this...she was very supportive of us. *sigh*
it makes me sad, too, doodle. she now goes on the list of artists i have lost all respect for, and thus will never pay money for their music. i caught, like, five minutes of the 'making the video' thing for promiscuous, and she seemed so vapid/ditsy. plus, she called her new album loose. she said it referred to the fact that her album had no fixed concept, but i don't know anyone who won't see 'loose' and think 'vagina'
"My video choreographer taught me how to move in all these different ways. I'm more at ease with my body than I've ever been."
My question is, why can't you be at ease with your body AND be a feminist? And from what I hear, being a feminist goes far beyond male bashing (although I am not a feminist, so I can't say for sure)
jez, i honestly can't tell if your bracketed remark in tongue in cheek or not
it's catty to say this, but what is this thread for if not for letting out my inner feline? i'm guessing she doesn't dance in front of a mirror. nelly, you're the kind of girl made for silly bedroom dancing in your underpants with your friends. not this hip-hop i'm no longer a feminist because i love men i'm trying to be sexy just like my choreographer taught me thing you're doing. go back to being like a bird! birds are cool, and they don't hate men! see?
I was truly joking, and I didn't mean to offend anyone - sorry if I did!
What I meant was that I'm sure feminists are at ease with their bodies.
There was an issue of Bust with P.J. Harvey in it, and she too took the Nelly Furtado, "I'm not a feminist," approach, which was even more ridiculous, considering she was agreeing to be interviewed and photographed on the cover of a feminist magazine!

The two words that I absolutely think can and should go together, that lots of people don't understand are FEMINISM & CHIVALRY. In other words, While I fully expect to make the same amount of money as men do for the same job, I really appreciate it when they open doors for me, and do the little things that any gentleman would and should do for a lady.
s'okay, jez. it just wasn't quite ridiculous enough as a comment to be for sure joking. i didn't really think you were being serious, but i didn't want to react like that and have it turn out you weren't feminist, though it would be silly for me to think that, come to think of it. i'll blame it on waking up at 5:30 this morning.

why don't these people realize they can be active in showing that not all feminists are man-hating lesbians? because saying they aren't is just perpetuating the stereotype, because we all know why they shy away from being identified as feminists
ah. i can't say i was a fan of nelly to begin with. i think it's a shame that she thinks of feminism in those terms, but if i had liked her before, i wouldn't stop listening just because she doesn't understand the meaning of a word. i don't know.......i'm very confused about the "i'm not a feminist" debate. because i think there's a lot to be said for the argument that the next generation is going to grow up with it being a "dated" term. the important thing is attitude, not terminology...and regardless of her bad fashion sense and/or supposed promiscuous ways (and c'mon, is it really so "feminist" to call another woman a slut in so many words?), she's female and she is making her own way. she may not be that intelligent, but she certainly has power.

my two cents. i really don't want to start a debate. this is why i don't hang out in any of the f-word threads.....i kinda wish celebrity gossip would stay just that. meh.
I think Nelly's going into that "denial" stage (the 20's) where a lot of women think feminism is a bad thing because "the boys" don't like it, and they're afraid the boys won't want to talk to them if they're feminists. Somewhere, somehow, Nelly knows in her heart that if it weren't for feminism and the advances and opportunities it created for her in just that last 40 years or so in this country--she'd still be swabbing out toilet bowls in an overpriced west coast motel with her mom.

Or maybe that fact will hit her when she gets into her 30s. It sure does hit a lot of women who are decade-long non-feminists, enjoying the fruits of feminism.

As for PJHarvey, was 50ftQueenie just marketing? Sinead O'Connor did some similar feminism bashing stint way back in the 80's when she ended up publically denouncing feminists for being angry about celebrity rapists (Mike Tyson was the celeb in question at the time, and Sinead went on a huge pro-Mike anti-feminist rant in the media). None of this stuff is new, and it's calculated to stir up interest in the celebrity doing the feminism bashing. For Sinead, it backfired (who listens to her at all now?). Too bad. She was talented.

Anywho, there are so many women who are amazing musicians and artists and they aren't afraid to be feminists or even support feminism. Who gives a flying goddamn about the ones who want to earn a buck bleating about how they're not feminists? I don't, and they won't be getting any of my feminist money as a result.

Hey Doodle! How goes?
Nelly Furtado is a talentless idiot. She's a one or two hit wonder who will show more and more skin until she eventually fades comepletely into the background.

When her old song would come on the radio, I would curse and run to turn it off. I can't stand her awful gulpy, screechy voice.
There is so much wrong with Nelly's statement, primarily the word 'brainwashing' and saying she's at home in her body because her choreographer 'taught' her some moves. The feminism is a dirty word whining frustrates me because it's so damn stupid. She needs to go find her phone already.

As for Sinead O'Connor, she's still around but she is a bit of a loon. One of her more bizarre stunts was deciding to become a priest a few years back. Her last album was a series of reggae covers. Mostly she just hangs out in Dublin smoking spliff and occasionally causing a ruckus in the newspapers.
I saw the same performance turbojenn saw and she was just awkward and looked uncomfortable and the music was boring, and it was like, ack!! This somewhat cool folksy popsy woman was trying to be Britney Spears or something -- it looked like some marketing minded promoter/manager type had made a horribly bad decision. She just looked ridiculous.

It definitely seems like career desperation to me.
Ugh! The idea of "trying" to be Britney's making my eyes pulsate.
Yes, I was also referring to her SNL appearance and I said exactly the same thing, "Nelly Furtado has lost her mind and thinks she's the new Britney Spears!" It was like seeing a grown woman attempt to be a teen pop star. Sad.

I don't think PJ Harvey was trying to cause a ruckus or get attention by saying she didn't consider herself a feminist - but that she was afraid to alienate some of her audience (ironically, she is alienating all of us gals who do consider ourselves feminist - and we are the majority of her audience!) But yeah, chach, there are plenty of great female musicians who will readily take on feminism and love their men too and don't have any qualms about speaking out -Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in the latest issue for one, and I love her!
Y'know, I really doubt Nelly Furtado said that, or at least said it in that form. It looks like something that cobbled together - Those quotes aren't from the Today Show, they're from an interview with Blender magazine, which is just a more music-focused Maxim. If anyone was going to pick it out the "I love men!" bits, it would be Blender.
Plynn, you're right. I looked at the clip of Nelly on the Today Show on YouTube and she never said that. I should have looked into it more when I posted it, I guess. Another blog posted more quotes from the interview in Blender. The quotes could be a skewed version of what she said. It is definitely possible. I hate "music" "journalists".
I gotta say it's kinda good to see the Male Celebrity Bloatwatch photos. In reality, we all tend to spread out as we age, so I'm happy to see the media point out that skinny guys in their 20s don't always maintain those svelte figures and gaunt faces (unless they do massive loads of coke). Fair is fair.
Sienna Miller is gross. Why does she get work as an actress? She has the worst sense of fashion of any actress I've ever seen and now this:
hasn't sienna been in a total of one film? I think it was Taxi or some such, and she just stood there.

She's only famous 'cos she goes out looking like she does, and has an on/off relationship with Jude Law.
No, unfortunately, she's been in a bunch of films, including Wonderland, Layer Cake, Cassanova, and recently wrapped up Factory Girl. She gets really good roles in good films (well, I don't know about Cassnova, but the rest of them are good), and I just don't get it!
Wait...not Wonderland. That was Kate Bosworth. Wrong skinny blonde...
Having never seen any of those, I can't comment. But I suspect she can't act for toffee. (It was layer cake I was thinking of, not taxi... layer cake has a taxi on the cover).

I don't know why I don't like Sienna, but I just don't. Bah.
Probably because she's just plain tacky!
In Layer Cake, Sienna Miller displayed her lingerie-wearing skills. Really, it was funny how small her role was - she was there to look sexy for a few scenes. If anything, it wasn't that bad because it added to the whole retro feel of the film, having the cute girl show up for a few scenes...

But as for acting or legitimacy or anything like that...not so much
gardnerella - the first blog was really misleading and made it look like she had said that crap on the Today Show. I just went exploring because I didn't want to believe she had said anything so stupid. I've never been a big fan, but always had a vague impression of her as being pretty cool. Playing the women's centres benefit was part of that, also, last summer I was on vacation near Victoria and a local told me that she had bought a bunch of land near an endangered river and donated it to the land conservancy (thus saving it from massive hotel construction). I just don't want to believe she can do that and then turn into a Britney clone...
I hate Sienna Miller's haircut. I thought she was pretty with long hair, but the short cut just makes her look like a soccer mom.
Aaron Spelling died. I wonder if Tori was on good terms with him.

Also, I read that Cameron and Justin broke up. Is this real?
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