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Not yet. It's on Monday. Why aren't you on LiveJournal yet?
She does look like a mess, but since shes pregnant I won't begrudge her the fat thing. I would rather gain more than less weight while pregnant. your supposed to be fat when you get pregnant.
but I never liked her. Well maybe when I was twelve. but she seems like a genuine idiot, at least thats what she's potraying. good for her, I suppose.
Have you seen the PETA ambush of Beyonce? Hahahahaha...priceless! They bid on ebay for a dinner with her, and once they were there they attempted to educate her. And they recorded it! I love it! (Though I do have my qualms with PETA, I really hate Beyonce AND her tacky-ass furs even more.)

Video of what went down:
I don't see why she couldn't just have a conversation w/ the lady. is she afraid of her own opinions? is she stupid? the PETA woman was being very polite about it. it wouldn't hurt Beyonce to just talk to her.
Who's trashing Louisiana?

I was raised in Kentucky and have an accent to go with it. I will trash the trash all I want. Bklyn, you are such the thread police, stay in a political thread if you want to be PC.

"thanks black people and whatev."!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW, I am raising two kids, and NOTHING like how I was raised. No riding in the back of pickups on the interstate here. No sitting in the front seat, no coke for breakfast with toast.

Anyone who has the resources of Brit Brit has NO EXCUSE to be that DUMB.
Luci--I'm dying over here for the invocation of "I am not one of your faaaaans!" That was so funny. Oh please oh please oh please.

Hey, Brit's next video of her "truth" should be a mock-up of Mommie Dearest, very tongue in cheek, only instead of the cheeto or the tot, Christina would be played by K-Fed.
Clover, that's exactly what my sister and I were talking about. It's not like they threw a bucket of red paint on her and yelled "FUR IS DEAD!" or anything. Her face just completely blanked out and they weren't even being rude or obnoxious.
aqua, i seriously laughed for 5 min on that KFed thing. :-)
"K.fed!!!! Bring me the axe!!!"
jem, i love that you said she was fat. cause she is. and shes still in better shape than me, but if i had her money, i wouldnt look like a two bit whore that ate 5 bags of cheetos for breakfast every day! i also would never wear something so inappropriate for someone who isnt in the best of shape.

oh, and she still is rich, forbes has estimated shes worth about 100 million even after k-tard.
(off-topic whisper psssst - jem - I've always been on LJ but hadn't yet deleted my four year old 20 year old girl angsty posts...I have done so now...same name as here. That goes for all y'all)
oh yeah. Britney is probably still tiny, with just a bit of pregnancy weight, but *my god* did she ever look fat - and not sassy and curvy and proud to be round fat. She looked lazy, unhealthy, the-last-fruit-I-saw-was-the-strawberry-filling-in-my-poptart fat. It was the truckstop whore outfit and hair that did it.

I'm going to hell.
squeee, luci, i'm addding you! and you too, jem!

i'm pissed cause i can't find anywhere to watch the brit video. youtube took it down! i need my train wreck!
Damn, I missed the brit video, too. I saw the pictures though.

What I find most frustrating about Britney is that she could be so cute if she just dressed more flatteringly. She has definitely fired any stylists she may have had. If she was wearing a cute empire waist top and longer skirt or pants in that interview, she could have sat up straight(instead of hunching forward uncomfortably and crossing her legs awkwardly to hide her coochie) and would have looked much better and she wouldn't look fat, just voluptuous and pregnant. She just has really horrible fashion sense. Her clothes are all way too tight, too short, no proper foundation garments and poorly fitting, and that makes you look bigger. And it is really a shame that she looks so bad, considering how much her outfits probably cost.

When I see her my hands just itch to throw her at Clinton and Stacy on "What not to wear" to make her over.

Okay, I'm gonna watch the Beyonce/PETA video now.
word, marileen. plus, why does she have to wear those freaking platform thongs all the time? ew.
Not to mention the hair. Nice extensions Brit.
Lunasol, here's Part One of Four of Brit's Dateline Youtube will probably take that one down too, but it's there in the meantime.
I want to weigh in on the 'southern' commentary. I think David Cross said it best when he said that [hick] culture is the same no matter where you go, be it Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Mississipi, Alaska, or Calgary. Same hairstyles, same drug problems, same footwear choices, same parenting skills.

I guarantee that right now there are parents from Washington to Florida giving their kids Mountain Dew and Skittles for breakfast.
Gawd, I was at the flea market a couple of weekends ago, and I witnessed some AWESOME parenting. A little girl, in a diaper (dirty) t shirt and shoeless with a baby bottle of coke.

NICE! Caffeine and Sugar! Nice work!
Hell, my dad used to not like to warm up my bottle when it was his turn to give it to me, so he'd dump in a little coffee. He was no dumb hick, either--the man had a Master's in business. Odd parenting decisions are made the world over by all types of people.
True, my mom used to rub whiskey on my gums when I was teething.
It's my birthday. Love me.
faerietales, thanks for that link of the PETA intervention with Beyonce. Who knew she was such an empty vessel? Apparently, the Machine has taken this pliable kid from Texas and just poured into it a scientific cocktail of stardom. And I notice she's getting thinner too. It's the Jennifer Lopez marketing bid: to "cross over" (i.e., make money from white folks), she's got to be deracinated another 40 percent or so. That ought to leave about, what, 2 percent original content?
Beyonce will probably never get rid of her furs (they're the stuffed animal she can take out in public while she plays grownup), but good for PETA for exposing her as such a pod.
Yeesh. At least Pink would have told them to fuck off.
It wasn't just your mom that did that. That was a practice that many parents partook for a couple hundreds of years from ALL over the world. That's what Dr's used to prescribe in the Victorian age for teething.

As for Brit, she really could be taking care of herself better. And I don't begrudge any woman their weight gain while pregnant. I get big while pregnant but not in a gross way. It's all in how you carry yourself. I have don't even have an eighth of her money and yet I can look polished and put together while 8 months pregnant.

The girl is just an idiot.
*love and glitter for jem*
I wish I had a good scoop for your day, but alas, I am lacking.

"Who knew she was such an empty vessel?"

Me! *raises hand* Me!me!me!!!

Keep rockin' toots!
Where is all the love for Santa Angelina?! She's adopting a twin for Shiloh!! Respected Canadian Source
Well, that explains it. From the New York Post:

BRITNEY Spears needs guidance. "Dateline" staffers were shocked when they showed up with Matt Lauer to interview Spears last week and found the pop star alone in her Malibu manse. "Neither of her publicists, Leslie Sloane Zelnick or Nanci Ryder, showed up," said our source. Spears insisted on doing her own hair and makeup - a regrettable decision. Web sites derided her hair as a "rat's nest" and, when she started crying during the interview, one of her fake eyelashes fell off. "When [the NBC crew] got there, they thought they had the wrong day . . . During the interview, no one was there to rein things in," we're told. Spears, when asked about Kevin Federline being with a pregnant Shar Jackson when they first met, shot back, "Julia Roberts' husband had a pregnant wife when he hooked up with Julia, but no one ever talked about that!" Spears wore flip-flops, a see-through tank and micro-mini jeans. Reps tried to control the damage on Friday. "They asked NBC not to release footage to places like E!," said a source. Asked why Spears was on her own for the interview, Sloane Zelnick said, "Britney is a grown-up and makes her own decisions."

Happy Birthday, Jem!
i just love it when Those I Hate become trainwrecks. LOVE IT!!! i feel so ... so ... justified!

and it's another episode of Adopters Gone Wild! *severe eye roll* i just have such a hard time buying into the sincerity of brad and angie's humanitarianism. color me jaded i guess, but they're just too look at us aren't we wonderful for my taste.


i hate that whole "we're country" bullshit excuse for bad behavior. i had a friend whose sister has a klan tattoo and a swastica tattoo (each on her ass) and the whole "we're country" excuse gets thrown up.

having said that, i like fat trashy britney. i feel like we're seeing her true nature. i'd be a fat, trashy celebrity if i got famous.
ok, just watched the britney and the beyonce vids. y'know what? if what snaf found on the new york post is true and that she really got them there without any kind of glossy pr backup then i have a lot of respect for her. sure, brit is dumb as a bag of hair but at least she's TRYing to make her own decisions and control what is going on. it may be the wrong decisions but ohmigod i was so very disappointed with beyonce. she didn't say A WORD during the whole thing. just looked bemused and scared. i shouldn't be surprised cos she's not exactly known for her political statements but i just hoped she'd be able to hold a conversation...
It's 10:28pm here, before I'm too late...
Happy B-day Jem!!!
::catching up on the videos after being in dial-up hell last week:::

-Beyonce vs. Peta: B, you could have said somethin'. If even to tell them to get out yourself. You're 24. How long you gonna let Tina play Stage Mom?

-Brit: Girl, you're a white hot mess. There's a certain part of me that loves it. In the scruffy-homeless-puppy-on-the-side-of-the-road-that-is-plucky-and-scappy-and-all -it-needs-is-love-and-to-be-hosed-down kind of way.
Oh sweet fancy moses, here's a Brit quote I had missed until now:

"Actually, I didn’t know [that Shar was 6 months pregnant with K-Fed's spawn when we first hooked up]. I didn’t know until two months later. But I don’t blame him because him and his friends—I’ve talked to his friends about this. They weren’t technically together when he came to me anyways."

This was right before she launched into the Julia Roberts thing.

Um, not TECHNICALLY together? He didn't tell you for 2 MONTHS? You think it's okay because his FRIENDS told you it was no biggie?


sorry if this is a repeat here -- I think I've been keeping up with my beloved CG thread, but I might have missed something since the thread's been en fuego.
has anyone else realized that lindsay lohan looks like she's 40 all of a sudden?
was angelina on 360 with anderson cooper yet? if so what happened?
Thank yuou for all The Attention Celebrity Whore birfday wishes. You people complete me.

Hee, hee, Speedy. Right fucking on. Beyonce is a boring puppet.

I love me some Pink, too. She WOULD have told them to fuck off.
Britney and K-Fed need to be ordered to that same parenting class that Marge and Homer Simpson had to take. Hey, it worked real good for Marge and Homer.
Dear God, can't these babymaking machines called celebrities be stopped??? Heidi Klum is already pregnant AGAIN with another Baby Seal. Didn't she have her last baby like yesterday? For a hilarious take on her new bump, check out
Hee...I was just gonna post about Heidi Klum, too. But somehow, when her hubby is hot AND they seem to have such a stable relationship, it doesn't seem tacky to me that she's knocked up with a 9-month-old. Unlike a certian pop star.
Amilita, it's not that I think it's tacky, it's just not healthy! I would think the body needs more time to recover, you know?
Actually, you are at your most fertile after you have a baby, your body is ready to do more. Your birth canal is ready and waiting.

Oh, I totally think of Britney being pregnant again as tacky! Sorry...I don't mean to offend, but she just seems young, dumb and irresponsible.

The usual recommendation is to wait 1 year before getting pregant again; you are very fertile sooner, but it's good for the body to have some time to recoup. Heidi's baby is 9 months old, but I'm not sure how far along she is now. I can't fact-check easily, but I think Britney was around 4 months postpartum when the 2nd bun was put in the oven.

But even if it happened at exactly the same time, in my mind, Brit-Brit = tacky. Heidi = not tacky. It's the whole package, ya know: hubby, hair, clothes, public persona, etc.
Completely ignorant and OT, but what happens to make you at your most fertile after you've had a baby? Are you ovulating longer or more frequently or is it just easier for sperm to meet egg?
I don't know if there's any science to back it up, but it's just common knowledge/belief in the women's health field that your body has "clicked" hormonally or something and is rarin' to go. Also anecdotally, you hear of women who had such a hard time conceiving and then once they do, they go on to have several kids one after the other. Now I'm curious if this can really be backed up...I've heard Dr.s describe it in this vague way though, as in, "Oh, your pregnancy mechanism has clicked."
celimene - the baby heidi just had is not seal's sprog - its a byproduct of her ex, I think he was a racecar driver or something in Italy.
no, that's the two-year-old...the last one is seal's.
I am so traumatized by all this talk of Britney's ready birf canal, her uterus just giggling and winking (and possibly chewing gum) at K-Fed's Spermies white boy dance thier way up her snatchasourus and into her willing and able and especially ready birf canal. No more!
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