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Katie looks a lot more like Edie Sedewick than that Sienna Miller does I'll tell you what. It's too bad Katie met that vile little gnome and opted out of doing the part. I think she would have done really well as Edie.
BTW---I HATE those big puffy nasty fake lips. I think that vile Lisa Rinna looks like she has an enormous Mink's vagina perched atop her face. Hurl.
But Angelina's are hot because they're real.

Funny fake lips:
dropping by quickly, hoping this hasn't already been posted... I have to say it, I LOVE this!!!
misspissed has some really good goss today:

*A source close to Jared Leto has revealed to People that he and Jessica Simpson are "an item." ewww

*Us Weekly is reporting Zach Braff and Mandy Moore have split up after going out for a year and a half he's MINE...all miiiiiine!

*Us Weekly reports that on June 4, Britney Spears was spotted picking out pink thongs at a Victoria’s Secret in Mission Viejo when she decided to change Sean Preston’s diaper on the floor next to the cash register. d'oh reports:

*According to Star Magazine, Nicole Kidman is sporting a little baby bump while arriving at a yoga studio in Tennessee.

*According to friends close to Ashanti, she's four months pregnant! The father is not known, but some insiders are claiming it may be Nelly's baby. The two have been dating for the past off and on for the past three years and Nelly may pop the question now that his chick is expecting

*Was People Magazine doings lines with Blohan when they compiled their list of the hottest bachelors?

Judge for yourself:

Taylor Hicks - ?????
Nick Lachey
Jake Gyllenhaal
Donald Faison -
Camila Villegas
Ace Young
Bobby Deen -
Jon Tenney
Kenney Chesney
Matthew McConagay
Chris Evans
Archie Kao
Ryan Seacrest

i have no idea who half of those guys are!

Um, Archie Kao is hot & I'd totally shag him. He's Archie the AV specialist on CSI.

Everybody else, not so much. I'd like to punch Ryan Seacrest in the face. Seacrest, OUT!
Ha, I'd pay good money to see that Aural. I loathe that dipshit.
Taylor hicks ? WTF?
He's like a cross between Jay Leno and Michael McDonald. NOT attractive!
That Brit Brit, she is one smart cookie.

Spears in Diaper Drama

Britney Spears stunned shoppers and staff at a Victoria's Secret lingerie shop last week, when she changed her son's diaper on the store's dirty floor. The Toxic singer was shopping at the shop in Mission Viejo, California, on June 4, where she purchased some pink g-stings with eight-month-old son Sean Preston in tow. The tot needed to have his diaper changed and the 24-year-old plopped him down on the floor next to the cash register. A shocked sales associate recalls, "We don't have the cleanest floors. She just put him down and changed his diaper and then handed it to a sales clerk saying, 'Can you throw this away for us?' We told her that we couldn't put that in our trash." Spears' parenting skills have been questioned several times this year - in February she received a visit from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) after she was photographed driving with her son seated on her lap. In April, Sean Preston was briefly admitted to hospital after he fell from a faulty high-chair while in the care of his former nanny, and last month Spears defended herself again after the baby was spotted slumped in the back of her car.
Next thing you know, they'll be a report of Britney shitting on the floor of a Victoria's Secret. I mean hello, there are bathrooms!!!!!
i think diaper changing in non bathrooms is ok.

but retail stores? not so much. retail LINGERIE stores? especially not so much.

my favorite part is when she gives the dirty diaper to the salesperson to throw out. classic!
it depends - poopie or peepee?
I heard that the diaper story is BS and a new version of a story that hit British tabloids a few months back. They had her changing a diaper at a restaurant table. As a fellow Mom, leave the girl alone ! Talking to the press...Shit her hormones are bad enough post prego and now prego make mistakes, etc. when you are not in the limelight... I have fallen with my kids in my arms. I always say the first one suffers most, you make the mistakes and learn from them...

I actually feel for the girl...go figure!

Anyway, so where are we on Tomkat, was she ever prego? Did she have it way before the suppsoed date? Why no pics yet?

oh my goodness, I can't believe britney spears cried in the matt lauer interview. I wish I had a clip but I'm too lazy to look one up. I feel for the girl.
Here's a really crappy one. All the clips are being pulled off YouTube.

Condensed (clear) clip of above version.

Commercial for it.

I feel bad for her, I really do. Ditzy as she is, I feel for the girl. And if you ask me, Matt was kind of an ass.
yeah. he wanted to make her cry.
Here is a girl that used the media and Paparazzi to get attention and beam her to the public eye to acquire the fame and status she has now.

I think it is unacceptable to put your BABY on your lap when you drive. I have two step kids and their parents who made in a year, what she makes in a day, WOULD RATHER DIE THEN DO SOMETHING AS STUPID. The whole "My dad would sit me on his lad, so I could drive, we're country" thing is B O G U S.

#1. If you were old enough to KNOW what driving is, then I bet you were older than an 8 MONTH OLD BABY THAT CAN BARELY HOLD HIS HEAD UP.

#2. If you were really little, I doubt that car had an airbag, that on impact, would deploy and snap your neck in half.

The whole "cheap shots", bullshit. Fuck her, she is an idiot and an incompetent parent who chose to procreate with one of the worlds biggest losers.

Seriously, if I was that doctor who treated S.P after he fell out of the high chair, I would have called child services on her, too. She is in over her head, and slings that kid around like he is a baby doll.

When she was questioned about how she almost flattened him, while walking, the whole "Accidents happen, my brother when he was 13, wrecked his motor bike like 3 times, y'all!"

What does that have to do with your inability to use a stroller and your 9 MONTH OLD BABY WHO HAS NO SAY IN THE MATTER AND DOES NOT KNOW WHAT A DIRTBIKE IS. What a dolt!

Plus, what was up with her look? Courtney love circa drug meltdown/club girl cloberring mess, meets, Louisiana Housewife Saturday Night at Wal Mart.

I think she needs to get her fucking act together. Boo fucking hoo Brit, the rest of the world needs to parent responsibly, so do you.

She sucks.Soooooooooo trashy! But I thought that the first time I ever laid eyes on her.
her eye makeup drove me nuts.

couldn't someone have helped her pick out her clothes and comb her hair? I mean if you're going on national tv to talk about how you're a good mom and your marriage is fine, shouldn't you, at the very least, look the part?

It was crazy seeing the old clips of her, looking so well-kept but now? I'm 4 years older than her, but she looks 10 years older than me. And she has the money to do something about that.

her eye makeup drove me nuts.

Um, yes, and yes. that is all.
She wants to have her 2nd baby in Namibia now.
i third the gum comments! that was my first thought.
Ditto most of your Britney comments. I was shocked at how she dressed on national TV for an interview in which she was attempting to gain sympathy from the public. She was dressed like a $2 whore from Shreveport. The denim cut-off miniskirt, the ridiculously revealing shirt, in which her pink bra kept making an appearance and her left nipple was clearly about to pop out of, her fake eyelashes, one of which was about to fall into her eye, her horrible messy pink lipstick, her awful pallid and bumpy skin, her greasy hair, her thong platform shoes... EwWWWwwww!!! And the gum chewing...dear god the gum chewing! And when she said how her dad had her on his lap driving...and we're country...that's like saying "My mom smoked crack when she was pregnant with me, and I turned out okay!" NOT acceptable.
The stupid girl doesn't even know how to use air quotes correctly. I don't think that even Britney comprehends the depths of her unintelligence. What a fucking train wreck.
britney. britney. britney. please fire your PR peeps. even if they're relations. every time you open your stupid mouth, you just make it worse. what little role model status you had left with little girls is fast going down the drain. i hope.

i want namibia to just say no. hee.
if we're going to throw political correctness to the wind with terms like 'trashy' and '$2 whore', can we at least quit trashing Louisiana?

not all of us are like that, you know. though i DO think a lot of Britney's PR trouble has to do with the fact that what is acceptable in the rural south is VERY different from what is acceptable in the rest of the country. this is not to excuse her egregious behavior, but just to shed some light on why she does what she does and why she's so bad at reconciling it.

for instance, one of my childhood best friends and his wife have two small children which they are raising back in Louisiana. On their flickr account i saw pictures of their infant daughter put to sleep on her stomach, and i know they had their little boy circumsized without a second thought, purely because that's what people do. And they're not atypical. Obviously that stuff is not anywhere near in the same league as knowingly using an unsafe high chair or changing diapers on the floor of a victoria's secret. But I think a certain amount of people's reactions to her have to do with cultural differences between north and south and what is considered acceptable childrearing practices there.

which is not to condone said practices. i just think this is bigger than "Britney's such white trash" or whatever.
sorry but I think she epitomizes everything that is wrong with the south and makes normal people from there look bad.
Her gene pool is about as deep as a puddle.
She is truly and disgrace, and if I saw a non famous pregnant woman walking around like that i would be horrified. I dont think that just bc its acceptable in southern culture that it is somehow ok, if anything, that is more horendous and says alot as well. circumcision is something most people do in the north, and no where near compares to driving around with your kid on your lap and being so dumb that you wear jeans 8 inches too long and carry a glass of water around WHILE carrying your baby. I mean engandering your child is ok down there?
i watched maybe ten minutes of the britney thing last night (it was just the part where they were talking about all of her baby mistakes caught on tape)my first question is 'why on earth did i watch that?', but, more importantly, why does brit-brit get a dateline special? is it 'cause she's not a perfect mother and in the spotlight? it's not because of her career, that's for sure. i feel bad for her, because if she was just some girl without a career nobody would care if she drove with her child on her lap, or at least it wouldn't be making international news. at least she isn't taking her baby with her out partying so she can use the money she would have spent on a babysitter on booze (one girl i sort of knew had a baby at 17 or 18 and did just that)

i don't think i really have any celebrity gossip of note to contribute, though. i want pictures of baby suri, though. and why is there not a big deal being made of the fact that there are no photos? i smell something not quite right
I have to agree w/ bklyn on this one. I am from Louisiana and it is a totally different culture and I see it in Britney. But I would think that by being exposed to so many other cultures maybe some of it would have changed her. My parents used to give me beer before I started kindergarten. my parents never even owned a child carseat. I could go on but my point is that how you are raised does greatly influence your childrearing practices. Not an excuse but an explanation.
Has anyone heard about Janeane Garafalo being a Scientologist? It just can't be true...can it?
I'm with Mandolyn in that she needs to fire her PR people. No way should anyone have let her go on tv looking like that.

And I agree with Cloverbee in the fact that how you were raised greatly affects how you raise your kids. And she needs help from someone who knows what they're doing. I'm older than Brit but if I had a baby tomorrow, I would need my mommy to help for awhile. It's not like KFed is helping with anything. He's not used to sticking around after there's a baby.

I have a really hard time believing that Janeane Garofalo has fallen for that quackery. Please say it isn't so.

ETA. This has to be some kind of joke. Oh Janeane, why hast thou forsaken us?
I don't know if JG is a Scientologist herself, but on her show a while ago she heaped praise on TC's loony Scientology-based detox program for people after 9/11. She's caught quite a bit of shit for it.
i did try to give britney the benefit of the doubt. until i saw the head-snapping video. and her look of annoyance or embarrassment of whatever the hell it was. all i could think of was, idjit, stop and CHECK THE KID. regardless of whether it was her fault or not, the first concern should've been the kid. that was a SERIOUS head snap!

where she is from or how she was raised doesn't enter into it for me, tho i appreciate the discussion and different views in here. she's stupid. she's inept. she's talentless. period.

i will run and hide if anyone shows proof of this horrible janeane gossip. *weep*
"Is Janeane Garofalo becoming a Scientologist?

Possibly. According to Sam Seder, her co-host on “The Majority Report,” she is taking evening classes in Dianetics. (“The Majority Report,” May 2006)"

Found here.

And an article about Janeane Garofalo and her sponsorship of a detox program that AP mentioned.
Sorry if Louisiana folks are taking offense, but I feel able to make presumptions about the South, having been raised in Kentucky myself. I can assure you, being from the South is DEFINITELY not an excuse for anyone, as it is impossible in this modern day and age of living in the media, not to be exposed to the realities of infant car seats, driving safety precautions, and other expectations of mothers who need to protect their babies. My sister-in-law is a perfect example. She is from Southern Ohio (which is Apalachia and is very similar to the South), and is a nurse at a hospital, yet she smoked through her entire pregnancy (even after she miscarried her first), and drank Mountain Dew and even though her baby was born 6 weeks premature with chronic asthma, she continues to smoke around her in the car, in the house, etc. Guess what her excuse is? My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and after I was born, and I turned out okay... Exactly like what Britney said about her daddy letting her sit on his lap when he was driving. I don't care where the fuck you come from, don't have children if you insist on living with your ignorance and not protecting them from it.
thats what i was trying to say celimene, thanks for doing it far better. what does your brother have to say about all this? clearly, she didnt turn out all that great.
i don't think that cloverbee was trying to say 'my parents did this and i turned out ok', and i certainly know that's not what i was saying AT ALL.

cloverbee actually hit the nail on the head here in my opinion. britney is from a place where childrearing standards can be pretty backwards. she was clearly raised to such standards, and i doubt her mother or other older family members know much different.

'blah blah blah, and i turned out fine' and 'kids will be kids' are also CLASSIC rationales for backassward childrearing philosophies down there. doesn't make it right, but it does make it obvious that her publicist isn't exactly in touch with what flies in the rest of the country.

this is not to give her a pass AT ALL. but just to say she clearly doesn't know what she's doing. her mother probably doesn't either. her nanny also doesn't seem to know the drill (i'm guessing it's a similarly uneducated family member or friend they're hiring as a favor). and i would say the same of her publicist, PR team, whoever that is.

Britney has surrounded herself with ignorant people who are culturally unaware of how to appeal to non-southerners. and she clearly has no desire to eradicate her own ignorance. and looking at her husband he comes from the same completely backward roots. no wonder she's having these PR issues.
Oh Maude. How about B taking some personal responsibility?! Oh wait, she'd have to admit that THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG FIRST. Whaevs.

I'm laughing so hard at this:

The stills are even better than the video!

Snark snark snark! ::laughing myself silly::
HAHAHAHAHAHA. oh man. I know i will look that horrible and gross when i get pregnant but i sure as hell wouldnt if i had a bajillion dollars.

and funny side note-i posted a comment about britney being WT on some aol site and some RANDOM 23 year old fan of mine imed me about 5 minutes ago to fight with me about it. um what?
Here's my two cents on Britney -

I don't understand how anyone living in this media age could claim such ignorance. Maybe someone living in absolute poverty and isolation, but certainly not anyone else. And how could her family and "people" not help out. It's not hard to hire a competent nanny. Again, especially when you have money. My heart goes out to her because she is in the spotlight (and in over her head), and some incidents seems like honest mistakes, but she doesn't seem to be learning from them.
And I just can't wrap my head around the car seat issue. I don't believe it's a southern thing. I'm from the Tri-State area and my parents are PhDs, but they didn't put us in car seats when I was young. Because it just wasn't in the public consciousness. But it's a new age now (my childhood was much longer ago than Britney's, but still...), and new information must be absorbed. I mean, previous generations let their children work in factories, etc. until someone showed that this was wrong and there are other options. I just can't buy that as an excuse. And to be totally petty, if she were that clouded by her own childhood, how did she learn about baby pimp wear? Because I guarantee they weren't pushing that baby Kangols in LA twenty years ago!
I just see her turning into a Michael Jackson level train wreck, and I can't believe no one is helping her. Poor sweet mess.
Mandi, I think Brit may have already fired her PR people! Because nobody in PR would have allowed her to go on TV looking like that. The impossibly low cut top! The tiny skirt! And the gum! I'm just ... wow. Although I must admit, if she'd showed up on the show looking smartly polished and perfect, we would have been super suspicious. So maybe it's better that she was just, umm, herself. Maybe.

At this time I feel the need to point out that, until a couple of months ago, I worked at a bank in the middle of the Bible Belt. And I swear to you ... during the summer months, people would walk into the lobby of the bank & they would bring their children clad only in their bathing suits. No shoes. Just little kids running around the bank lobby in bikinis. Trashy? Yes. But common.

So I can understand the idea that Britney is just raising her kid the way she was raised. I know that when I was a kid, some of my family members drove cars that didn't even have seat belts, so of course the babies weren't strapped into car seats.
Times have changed. Laws have changed. And the law states that the baby should be in a car seat. No excuses.
I wonder if she doesn't have a bajillion dollars anymore...really, I think she might be broke/going broke. I mean, she's shopping in VS, not some fancy mommy boutique. And my nails don't look much better than hers, but that's because I really can't afford regular manicures/pedicures.

And it's not like she's tossing the trappings of beauty aside and going natural -- she's still wearing tons of makeup, bleaching her hair, wearing cute clothes (her definition of cute, not mine) etc. But it's obvious that she's all DIY now, instead of going to a stylist.

Also, she really must not have a PR rep anymore. Gum? Gum?
Wow, my favorite thread is on fire today! It must be because it's Friday...
I can't believe Britney and the Namibia thing...and how Jessica wants to adopt an Ethiopian baby.. these second-rate starlets (and yes, these 2 in particular are STARLETS) need to get their own acts together and not get all up in Angelina's shit. Sorry, it's not going to buy you class, people.

Can you picture Britney and KFed with the Namibian government, giving a press conference, compared to Angelina and Brad?? Too funny. KFed would be all "uhhhhh...thanks black people, and whatev."
re: raisin's linkie: omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod. and, uh, ew.

how could matt lauer keep a straight face? or keep from retching?

poor sweet mess indeed.

lol@ "thanks black people, whatev."
All right,I'm just going to say it. I know you're all thinking it so I'll go there.

(She looks really fat. And not pregnant fat but just fat.)

oh yes, I went there .And the fact that I am MUCH fatter than her is no excuse.

Toot toot toot! NBC is replaying the train wreck at this very minute.
I think she's gonna wind up all Norma Desmond meets Joan Crawford...

"Kfed! Kfed! Lock the doors! Why don't you give me the respect I deserve??!??!"


(jem jem jem jem - is it your birfday yet???)
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