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Check out the F-word, Cloverbee - we're all over it there. :-)

If that doesn't push her over the edge with people, I don't know what will.
While I think the Oprah is drunk and heady on herself-- I think the woman is smart enough to understand that she is an entertainer and not a politician and has said as much herself.

I hate the elitist attitude toward books- if people are reading more amazing books fiction or non- fiction vs. more Danielle Steele-- who cares who they heard it from?
I thought this was funny - I found it on Salon:

Jeremy Piven has been busy this week in the run-up to the start of Season 3 of his show, "Entourage" -- on Monday, he was dropped by his publicist for unspecified reasons. "He has morphed into his obnoxious 'Entourage' alter ego, Ari Gold," a source tells Page Six. On Monday night, he hosted the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards in New York, where he was making a big deal of flirting with models. Later that night, he got into a spat with Stephen Dorff while waiting for the bathroom at Manhattan nightspot Bungalow 8. A spy tells Page Six that the "very high school" tiff went down like this:

Piven: "Yo, what are you doing? You know you don't need to cut the line!"

Dorff: "I can do what I want!"

Piven: "No, you can't!"

Dorff: "Yes, I can!"

Piven: "You're a has-been!"

Dorff: "At least I am a movie star -- you're only on TV! Cable TV!"

After which Piven allegedly starting yelling and security had to be called in.

dude, J Piven is still smoken hot and Srephen Dorff is and has always been NAST.

What a couple of tools.
I waited on Stephen Dorff once. He was chatty and flirty--almost excessively so--but not slimy per se. He left a £10 tip on a £30 bill, which I thought was decent of him.
Did anyone else hear about Alanis Morrissette and Ryan Reynolds breaking up?

Is anyone else wondering why the hell it took so long?
He is so gorgeous and I am so glad he dumped Mr. Ed. That is all.
jem made me snort water through my nose and it hurt and now my nose AND feet hurt. Who looks more like a horse? Sarah Jessica "do I really have a face like a horse?" Parker, or Alanis Morrisette?

I vote SJP
SJP definitely. Although I'd like to throw good old Camilla P-B, the Duchess of Cornwall into the who-looks-like-a-horse race.

Yes, that pic is mean, but it amuses me every time
Bwah haha! Tom Cruise has cooties!!!

Damn it whos Ryan Reynolds? I feel so out of the loop.
Jennifer Love Hewitt has the horsiest face of all, doodz! Right here.

I don't know who Ryan Reynolds is, either, but that might be because I'm American (if he is, in fact, Canadian).
Aw, I liked that Ryan Reynolds & Alanis Morrisette were a couple.

Ryan Reynolds has been in a bunch of cheesy frat boy movies, but my favorite was his role in Blade Trinity - no other reason to see that movie. He's funny, but he needs better representation (IMHO.)
Awww....noooooo! I'm so sad for Alanis and seemed like they were a good match, he a good balance of silliness for her zen mama seriousness.

If you haven't already...go rent Ryan's movie "Waiting." If you've ever worked in restaurants, it is all the more funny. Like office space, but with food. And lots of penis jokes...which is a staple in many kitchens I worked in.
Oh god that movie Reynolds did, Just Friends(I think that's what it's called) was so incredibly hysterically funny.

My husband gets a kick out of him and rented it one night from netflix. I could NOT stop laughing through that film. I mean rolling on the couch, face red laughing. It's a little corny but soo sooo funny.
"Just Friends" was really funny. I hate to say it but I'm kind of sad about the breakup, too. I liked that he was with someone a little more unconventional looking like Alanis and she always spoke really highly of him so they seemed like a nice couple. I think he's pretty hot, too - he got really buff for Blade Trinity!

I don't have any good gossip news but the rant at Lindsay Lohan's mom on GoFugYourself is awesome.

HA. Heather and Jessica are my heroes. I think Lindsey should be commended for getting a bit of meat back on her bones, but she prolly is still doing coke like silly. I think she is a good actress and I second the notion that she pull a Drew. She still needs to flash Letterman before her party days are over, then she can get on track and maybe be a star producer one day.

THIS had me rolling on the floor! They totally look like they just got dropped outta some portal ala John Malkovich. I love it!
Apparently in the prenup it says Katie will get $3 million for each year she stays married to Tom (up to $33 million). If their marriage lasts longer than 11 yrs, the contract becomes void and she gets half of his stuff.

Sounds like true love to me!
No kidding. Hilary used to be so cute and round, with big boobies. Now, not so much.

I am sad about Alanis and Ryan too.
Aww.. I'll volunteer.>1=7701
I just realized that a lot of the young starlets are resembling Bratz dolls. Sad.
Ryan Reynolds is Canadian, but I only know him from American movies. He is cute though. He was on that show "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place," which was probably lame but I was only like 12 when it was on.
See, now, Ryan Reynolds will alway be angry Billy from Nickelodeon's Fifteen to me. He's imminently fuckable now, but I always see little Billy.

As cute as he is, he hasn't been given the opportunity to stretch as an actor. He plays just about the same snarky, disaffected character in every film he's been in. Yeah, he's funny, but it's obvious that there is a lot more there. I really think he has potential to be a great actor, if they'd only give him a chance to prove it.
lol @ cloverbee's slate article: "At this point, Over the Hedge is poised to pass Mission: Impossible III in domestic grosses. Yes, talking animals are out-grossing Tom Cruise—and they're not even Pixar animals.


what's with the overuse of the term 'starlet'? is this a new fad? i thought 'actress' was finally going the way of 'poetess', and now we've got 'starlet' making a comeback? i read a review of the da vinci code where the male author actually referred to Audrey Tautou as a starlet and immediately thought well, it must be because she's french. *severe rolling of eyes*

eta: k. well. maybe i'm overreacting. as per, a starlet is "A small star. A young film actress publicized as a future star." but it still makes me bristle. what would the equivalent of a male "upcoming, small star" be?
bratz dolls? HA! i love it zora!

(ever sit back and wonder how pop culture got so fucked up? i ponder this as i navigate between D-Listed and pinkisthenewblog... the extent of my existential musings)
The Piven-Dorff smackdown - what really happened:

"Jeremy throws his arm out to stop him and says, 'No, no, no. You are going to wait in line like the rest of us, you privileged, spoon-fed son of a bitch.' Then Piven turns to the long line of people who are all watching and asks, 'Anyone wanna see this guy cut the line?' People shake their heads no. Dorff starts making threats and gets in Piven's face. Piven doesn't move an inch - in fact he laughs and taunts him with a chuckle and says, 'What are you gonna do? You're nothing, baby! Nothing'...
Dorff was fuming and his face was turning red. Dorff started to say something about 'having class' and how Piven just made a huge mistake because he has some very powerful friends. Dorff leaves him with this gem: 'You are done, see you in line for my next movie.'

ETA: The starlet thing bugs me too, especially b/c it implies that the actress is not to be taken as seriously regardless of success - monetary or otherwise. Hell, I've still heard of Reese Witherspoon referred to as a starlet - why, b/c she's not Julia Roberts? Angelina Jolie was referred to as a starlet right up until she hooked up with Brad, it seemed. And someone like, say, Jessica Alba (who is pretty much always referred to as a starlet) may not have a ton of credibility but she's probably more of a box office draw than many of her male counterparts. The facts are, as that Tom Cruise link below pointed out, there aren't a lot of true stars left period, male or female - either someone is a star or not.
yeah. exactly, snaf.

i will guiltily cop to buying tabloids every once in a while, and in the last one i bought, there was one of those "stars! they're just like us!" sections. there was one image of philip seymour hoffman eating popcorn, and another was of reese witherspoon carrying shopping bags. his tag was "reigning oscar champ", whereas hers was "walk the line star". no mention of the fact that she's the goddamn reigning oscar champ, too.

it is this kind of stuff that really bothers me (as opposed to, say, the burger king ads--see @@I#&!*( annoying ads thread) because i think that nobody realized. i think it's just an automatic reflex to assume that the female oscar isn't worth as much as the male. BLAAHHHHGHGH.
well, good for Jeremy Piven, then. Honestly. Wait your fucking turn in line.
YES!!! Bravo Piven! I met Dorff once & was appalled by him. He's a self-important dickhead. A lot of people have sucked off Jack Nicholson over the years, you ain't special, bub.
Paris backed her SUV into another car:,1,1577874.story ?coll=chi-news-hed

(Sorry about the link- they use commas)
I have it on very good authority that Piven is an asshole too, from a friend who had the misfortune of working with him.

But I guess he's a lot less of one than Stephen Dorff.
Wow. Is this the state of celebrity gossip these days? Queue hopping tiffs and backing into Honda Civics? We need a grade-A bonafide scandal, stat!
No scandal to report. I just had a look at the angelina n' brad n' baby photos in Hello! They're actually nicely done, very naturalist (except for her liquid eyeliner and mascara). There's a few of brad staring misty-eyed at the sprog, and a couple of angie looking at him beadily, as if gauging his reaction. At least getty/Hello! and presumably People got their money's worth.

Still didn't *buy* the magazine though. Hello! is insipid beyond belief.
Don't worry, I'm sure Tom & Katies "wedding" *cough*sham*cough* should be happening soon. Is anyone making sure that bridal fitness boot camp Tom sent her to is working? Xenu help us if it's not!
he sent her to fitness camp???
my apologies if this has already been posted...

..but a friend pointed out to me today that poor little shiloh is in for it once she hits junior high age, and boys start to get mean...

Think about it - Shiloh Pitt..


oh my.
yep, like 2 weeks after she supposedly had the baby, he signed her up for one of those fitness boot camps so she'd be back to her pre-baby body by the time they got married. Someone reported it here. The article didn't really say she wanted to do it, just that he signed her up.

Zoya, I was thinking more like "shallow pit" but yours works too! Poor kid.
see, zoya, this is why hyphenation is key.

then she can just be shiloh jolie. which sounds a bit silly, but you can't turn it into pile-o-shit.

there was a girl in my school named Irma Michelle Sierra-Moran who decided she was definitely just Michelle Sierra after somebody made the "I'm a Moron" connection. i saw her on myspace recently and I think she's Irma Sierra-Moran now.
i gotta say i highly doubt that anyone as a) intimidatingly famous and b) gorgeous as shiloh's going to be will really get picked on like that. yeah, sure, boys are mean to girls they like, and famous kids are resented, but not to a pile-o-shit level. i am not worried about shiloh's well-being, now or in junior high. seriously.
I hate the fact that I think about Shiloh so much. This is what happens to teachers during the summer. They become slaves to In Touch and Us. **mystery solved**
well by the time shiloh is older the big lips and all that probably aren't going to be the ideal anymore.
I dunno - I remember growing up in the Eighties and having big lips (and "How to get them!") touted as the ideal. Once collagen injections became available, they became even more fetishized b/c they were something else that a person could buy. It'll probably turn again, but within the next fifteen or so years? I think it's more than just a fad - like the way tanning used to be a sign that one worked in the fields, but eventually became a sign of wealth (i.e., you had the leisure time to sun yourself, the money to travel to exotic places when the weather got cold). I don't think big lips represent wealth (although people tend to advertise their plastic surgery more now than they tend to hide it, it seems) so much as a kind of supposed exaggerated sensuality, which is now considered very feminine (as opposed to the kind of femininity and "breeding" that thin lips used to represent) and not as threatening as it used to be (I don't know if that means a greater acceptance of women's sexuality or again, just another way to fetishize it - the expression "blowjob lips" comes to mind).

(Sorry, that was a really long post to an innocuous comment! :-) )
ah, i think beauty is beauty, really.
who knows if shiloh will even grow up to have big lips?

and even if she grows up to be as beautiful as her parents, everyone has an awkward phase.

i think the point here is kids will be cruel, no matter who you are or what you look like. the 'pretty' girls and rich/important kids got it just as bad as everyone else in my experience.

if shiloh's teased about her name, she'll either rise above it or deal with it somehow (going by something else, for instance). she could just as easily be taunted for something else.

though i guess jolie and pitt could offset that possibility by putting her in school with Apple, Moses, Suri, Lola, Rocco, and the rest. Shiloh Pitt will seem absolutely mundane...
i realize that was the point - i was merely commenting tangentially on the big lips phenomenon. i agree, mouse, that beauty is beauty as far as symmetry goes, but certain looks go in and out of style - if you compare angelina's lips to, say, the female stars of the thirties, there's a big difference.
I once read (in GQ or somesuch "FHM with brains" type magazine) an interview with Beatrice Dalle (remember her?), and the guy interviewing her spent about half a page banging on about why men love big lips on women. It was a load of flowery crap about how full lips suggest generosity of spirit and thin lips are mean and disapproving. I remember thinking, Mate, just fucking say what you're really thinking - that you reckon the chick with the fat lips willl give a better blowjob!
Does anyone know what happened to Katie...oops..KATE Holmes playing Edie Sedgewick. Apparently Sienna Miller has the part now. I was just wondering if they fired her or she quit when she got impregnanted. I'm glad. It would have been pretty pathetic.
(Off topic sort of: What's the deal with hyphenation of last names? You can go by just one or the other? I am trying to get my last name adding with a hyphen to my daughtert's name which is currently her father's.)
Sort of celebrity gossip!

Daryl Hannah has been arrested for protesting. She along with others have been protesting the eviction of a farming community in South Central LA. You can read more about it here on ONTD.

I hope that land doesn't become a Mega-Wal-mart or something.
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