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yeah, what if she crashes the weddings of people who have never been fans? i mean, sure, oprah can come to my wedding, even as a surprise, because, hey, i've always thought she was cool. but i have to say that if, i don't know, Ben Affleck dropped by, i'd be all 'um, hi, excuse me, i'm real glad that you've decided to bestow your whatever on my happy day, but, erm, i really don't give a crap about you and now we're going to run out of chicken..."

i mean, is she really that much of a megalomaniac that she thinks that EVERYONE would just love to meet her?
hee...I would go "Oprah who?" and see if her head exploded...

does anyone else remember Tim Meadows' excellent Oprah impression, wherein she traveled via sedan chair carried by zombified housewives in matching sweater vests and khakis, chanting "oprah...oprah" and in which she referred to herself as "The Oprah"? As in, "The Oprah has spoken!"

No kidding. I mean to be able to afford the venues she chose to crash...These people were shelling out mega bucks for dinner and such. I guess she couldn't risk crashing a Redneck wedding(I live in OK)It be one thing if she crashed and said, hey, I'm footing the bill....but the article said she bought the brides dishes from Dillards!

I dunno...I like Oprah for the most part, but having just been married myself, I would not have appreciated anyone upstaging me on MY DAY!
Zoya, I kinda lost them after that too.

I doubt the Oprah crashes weren't staged at least to some degree (confirming with members of the wedding party if not the couple themselves?)- if only b/c she's not going to risk the PR nightmare of showing up somewhere where she's not wanted.
I saw something the other day on one of the sites posted in this thread and it was a billboard with a big smiling Oprah that read "Oprah goes to Auschwitz"; it disturbed me greatly. Now the Pope going to visit I can understand but Oprah? televised? beyond tacky. In fact, tacky is such an incredible understatement and insensitive doesn't cover it either or even expoitative. okay, you get the point, I have no words strong enough to express my disgust.
Who cares? It isn't as if Oprah is really doing all that much to motivate women to do anything other than go on the same diet as her.
I'm totally sure those people wrote to her and invited her to their wedding and she chose from those few requests which one to "crash". nothing in television is that spontaneous.
I have nothing real to contribute to this thread. Except that I used to like Oprah, and now I think she is just a power-tripping egotist who gets away with it because she has a reputation as being generous.

Wow, I guess I have strong feelings!

And Dr. Phil! Why didn't she just leave him where she found him? Ugh! He is nothing more than a rude, condescending, arrogant bully. He makes me WANT to get drunk all the time, buy a bong, and put butter on my 16 oz. steaks.
I used to be a big Oprah fan as well. but ever since she went to Natchitoches(sp), LA where "everybody loves Oprah" and they had a big parade in her honor, I've lost interest. That kind of ruined it for me and Queen Oprah.
bunnyb did you end up seeing the episode? Although I'm pretty indifferent regarding Oprah, it was actually quite interesting. She went and toured Auschwitz with a man who lived through the horrors - I believe he was a child or young teenager. I hope those people who who say the events never happened, were watching - it was so eerie and sad. The episode had nothing to do with worshipping Oprah, which is probably why I kept it on
ok, I have nothing to contribute about the whole oprah-thing; I'm not a fan

but has everyone seen this & I'm totally behind the times? I think it's cool, actually.

Mary jane & dani california do sound really similar. bah.
Thats quite cute. Go team jolie!
clover, i didn't see the episode, but i once lived in Natchitoches and that SO sounds like something they'd do there, voluntarily. ever since Steel Magnolias (which takes place and was filmed there) they have been a bit caught in the headlights of celebrity. the ladies of the town tourism committee probably wrote to oprah and proposed this sort of thing.
Not sure if this is a repeat- Rachel Weisz names her son Henry Chance...
Finally a pic of the baby, Brangelina's that is... p
Here's a story about Oprah crashing those two weddings.,1,19200,00.html?fdnews

And yes, I'm still angry about this. Time for me to get a hobby I suppose! But seriously. If we were to ask those wedding guests what they remember about that day, do you think they'll mention the vows the couple took? Will they even remember what that day was supposed to be about? No. It'll just be OprahOprahOprah. I feel deep sympathy for both couples. One of the most important days of their entire lives - one they've spent a great deal of time and money on - and yet they get up-staged by fuckin' Oprah Winfrey. Bitch.
Ick! Newborns are so gangly to me. Brad looks so smug. I really really don't like him. I'm for Team Jolie and Team Aniston to beat Team Pitt's sorry ass. He just really gets under my skin.
ok, my usual reaction to newborns is "meh," but I have to say, I think that's a pretty cute shortie. Though it's mostly the pose that's cute (and I'm assuming he is posed, though he looks genuinely asleep).

Oprah. omfgwtf. roseviolet, word. I'm getting married in two months. I would be mortified. MOR-TI-FIED. I would sue if she trampled on my reception with a camera crew in tow.

And the press is reporting this like it was a complete surprise to everyone -- so even if it was pre-arranged in some with members of the wedding party, etc., Oprah's minions are spinning it like it was a genuine crash. WTF?

And I need to get a hobby too, but before I do, let me just say: I hate that woman for unleashing Dr. Phil upon the world. And for dishing out approval or disproval of everything that crosses her existance. And for encouraging the masses to depend on her judgement.

Damn, now I'm all pissed off too.
That baby has her lips and his nose - it remains to be seen if that will be a good combination in the long run. Those are some pretty well-defined features for a newborn.
You have to read some of the comments on that site about the baby.

I think the ones saying the its photoshopped are correct. If you look close enough the kid has teeth.

Babies don't have teeth when born. Plus there are some parts that look a little off bodywise all over the photo.

Besides I heard it was People that won the photo rights. Which makes sense, that's the one mag Angie seems to cooperate with in the past year.

As for Oprah, I have to tell you, coming from Chicago and hearing about her constantly here-she is such an annoying person. Someone needs to take her down a peg or two. She has WAY too much power. I don't get why people take everything she has to say as gospel. Too many women do everything she says rather then think for their damn selves.

grrr sorry. Had to rant. She makes me nuts.
I think she should run for president

President Oprah

Wow...the lawyers are all over that website already...the pic of Shiloh Nouvel is already taken down.

Must've had some truth in it, the pic's gone and there's a threat letter posted.

Wish I could've seen it...
Here it is elsewhere (for now)....
I find it weird everyone is getting their panties in a twist over the Oprah-wedding thing. I'm sure the couples are fine about it. I guess I just don't understand all this animosity toward Oprah. Yes, Oprah is completely full of herself or whatever everyone's problem is with her. I think she's always been like that, though. Oh, well. Big deal.

It was great to see a whole daytime television hour dedicated to Elie Wiesel's experience in Auschwitz. Where else would you be able to see something like that? Admittedly there were some awkward moments between Wiesel and Oprah while they were walking around the concentration camp but I thought it was really great episode.

I humored myself thinking about starting a drinking game whenever Oprah mentions The Color Purple or even just the word, "purple" until I saw an interview with her talking about how much that book meant to her. She said the book profoundly changed her life. She had never told anyone about the sexual abuse that happened to her and when she read The Color Purple she felt like that was her story. She became obsessed with the book and bought hundreds of copies of it and gave them to everyone she knew and even to strangers on the street. Her obsession with the Color Purple eventually led her to become a big star and changed her life in a number of ways.

It's funny when you think you're criticizing a person when you really don't know what you're talking about at all.
I don't really have strong feelings about Oprah one way or the other. But if she came to my wedding with a camera crew, I would be annoyed. It doesn't sound like she asked the couple prior to showing up. It's rude to just show up to an intivation-only event like a wedding. Even if you are Oprah. If the couples didn't mind, fine. But I would mind.
Oh. God...I was trying to get over the whole Oprah thing and then everyone started unleashing about Dr. Phil....If I am not mistaken..he is origionally from here too! *shaking my head and thinking I should have left town with RV*

Gardnerella- I don't knwo the annimosity is against Oprah personally...I just got married a little over a month ago, and I would not have appreciated ANYONE uninvited showing up..much less someone who is going to bring in cameras and basically hijack my guests for a while. All in all I don't dislike Oprah, but I think that is very uppity of her to just waltz into these weddings and expect everyone to be happy to see her.
I still like Oprah because she has done alot to raise the bar in reading habits and literacy among Americans, but she does get caught up in the fanfare. I think it's impossible to avoid when one is constantly being showered with praise and adulation. She'll probably snap out of it when she finally makes the misstep that everyone inevitably makes in the spotlight.

I think fans would have been better served by Oprah crashing small businesses run by women and bringing funding, expert advice, volunteers, or maybe a paid vacation or group insurance access for the staff. Weddings are more fairy-tale to be sure, but that has American Dream written all over it, and could really change people's lives forever.
oooh, mel that would have rocked (the small business thing).

oh gawd gardnerella, don't make me feel bad for bitching about Oprah in the CG thread! I'm glad you brought up what you like about her since the bitching can be pretty one-sided. But the entire CG thread is dedicated to criticizing people when we don't know what we're talking about.

And c'mon. She did unleash Dr. Phil.
Aw bless, cute baby (photoshopped or not). I read that they're donating the money from pics to charity. No pics of Suri yet? Hehe.

Jezabelle, I'm the UK so haven't seen it (I don't even think we have older eps showing here anymore, although I could be wrong). Glad to hear that it wasn't as distasteful as the advertisement (which may not have had anything to do with her or show but network).
I hate to say it, as I am SO DONE with it's parents but>>>>>>

THAT BABY IS GORGEOUS! It has her lips and his little nose. Cute poopoo!! Cute, cute poopoo!

Gard, I totally hear you, but calm it down a bit. The whole world is firmly burrowd in Oprah's *Gary. Could we have one place where we're free to just talk shit about her?

*Anyone see South Park?
the pics of suri would go to scientology. we know this.
Jamie Foxx is going to play Bob Marley.

hmmmm, babies all the same to me, that one didn't seem like anything special. Just another poop maker....

I am all for a women president. But Oprah? What are here views on politics, she never addressing political issues. I agree it's great that she has gotten people reading. But when I worked at a book store a few years ago, I despised her! She would drop the name of a book on tv and women would flock in to buy the book. But they only wanted the books she suggested, if we'd suggest "Eeww, this same author has another great book called blah, blah, blah..." They didn't care. They only wanted titles she dropped. Okay I'll stop bitching now....wondering off praying for a women president... But not Oprah, oh please not Oprah.
I've heard Oprah say several times in public (i.e. on television) that she has no interest in running for office.
I finally remembered where I'd seen that picture of "Brad/Angelina/supposed baby" before. What magazine was it that did an essay on the skyrocketing price of paparazzi celeb baby photos, and it had all these fake pictures of Brad and Angelina and their baby (with each caption saying it was fake). Wasn't that picture one of them, with celebrity impersonators, and someone photoshopped their real faces???

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
ok, maybe it was for real, since all these websites are getting threatened by Getty Images.
Yeah, Aqua, it was in New York magazine.
(to clarify - That was deadpan. I want to see a President Oprah as much as I want to see a President Paris Hilton. Not a whole bunch).

(eta-although I do remember reading about her having one show in 2004 where she was encouraging people to get out and vote...that was nice of her).
I would like to declare that Nicole Ritchie is not cute. That is all.

(I'm watching E. Her face is on every ten seconds)
Good ol' Gawker tells lawyers to bite their ass. (link with baby pic)

ETA: Here's a bigger pic that I snatched and posted before it too disappears.
Hello sues over baby photos Shouldn't they be concentrating on how the photo was leaked? And are they really surprised? This is the most sought after baby photo this year (hmmm, although we all want to see how big Suri is for a "newborn" and how much she doesn't look like the pint-sized fanatic). People are still going to buy Hello to see the full shoot and it saved a BUSTie from having to scan the photo!
From, via People:

Woody Harrelson and his wife, Laura Louie, have announced the birth of their third baby, another daughter, over the weekend: "In this crazy patriarchal world we live in, we are doing our part to balance the energy. We are proud to announce the completion of our goddess trilogy with the birth of our third daughter, Makani Ravello."

Good to know Woody's on our side.
I already jpeged it and saved it, who wouldn't?
Wow, that was really nice of them to do that.
You know Oprah always gets dozens of millions of letters. Maybe the crashed weddings were weddings that the bride had written to her about at one point.
Thanks, Doodle, for posting that link of Brad & Angelina's baby- all the other ones were taken down by the time I got there.

I don't think she looks weird or photoshopped. Also, I'm not so sure those are teeth, I think it's just her gums, maybe they're just light-colored or they're reflecting light a little. Anyway, it's actually normal and common for babies to be born with teeth. Sometimes if they're loose, they have to remove them because they could choke on them if they fall out.
Did everyone hear about Brad and Angelina's press conference? Check out (Entertainment).

Nothing of interest to report but CNN has pics of them at the press conference. Angie's boobies are huge! Anyway, I can't be the only sad sack out there obsessed with them, or the baby photos wouldn't have sold for $4 million. So there! Stop making fun of me! Stop calling me defensive! Stop calling me neurotic! Stop calling me a board hog!
Did everyone hear about Brad and Angelina's press conference? Check out (Entertainment).

Nothing of interest to report but CNN has pics of them at the press conference. Angie's boobies are huge! Anyway, I can't be the only sad sack out there obsessed with them, or the baby photos wouldn't have sold for $4 million. So there! Stop making fun of me! Stop calling me defensive! Stop calling me neurotic! Stop calling me a board hog!

this solidifies my hatred for this bitch!!
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