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you know, what you do when you hijack someone's msn or aim or whatever is either confess embarassing things (usually to do with odd fetishes or beastiality), confess love, or come out of the closet. so, you know, if someone was playing with his aim that is a typical thing to do. you'd hope someone wouldn't do that during an interview, but you never know.

then again, if i was celebrity i'd do something random and low-key like that if i felt like making my sexual orientation known. does anyone know if there have been any other statements about mr leto's preference for the peen?
So have we figured out whether he's a picklesmootcher or not? I want answers,dammit. is Jordan Catalano a bone smuggling butt pirate or what?
could it be possible he's bi?

i mean, not everyone's sexuality is so easy to pin down, even for themselves...
Firsties! The baby is here...It is a girl.
So we don't have more "Tom Cruise like confusion", here's the possible meaning behind the name Shiloh...
After that mess, I definitely know it does NOT mean Princess in Hebrew...LOL!!!
Oooooh! From IMDb:

New reports Britney Spears has split from husband Kevin Federline have not been denied by the singer's publicist. British newspaper the Daily Mirror claims the couple's relationship has grown so strained, Spears has banished Federline to live in the basement of their California mansion. She reportedly returned from New York this week to find the aspiring rapper drinking and smoking cannabis in the house. Sources tell the newspaper Spears had hoped to save the marriage for the sake of their son Sean Preston and their unborn second child - due in October - but has lost patience. A friend says, "She wanted to wait but their relationship has become so hostile she just doesn't see how she can make it work." When quizzed, a spokesman for the star refused to deny the claims.

Ditch that KFed, girl.
Congratulations to Angelina and Brad. It's been a baby-tastic weekend.
yay for angelina & brad!

I kind-of like the name. At least they haven't told us it's hebrew for princess.
Apparently the name Shiloh means "his gift" in Hebrew, I like it even more now. Cause seeing as it was apparently him (according to the tabloids) who truly wanted a biological child (not to take away from his adopted two), so maybe the baby was "his gift" from Angelina - I apologize, can you tell I'm tired...LOL!
ashton flew across the country to attempt to impregnate an ovulating demi. what? why, oh why do i read stuff like this? why?
I LOVE the name Shiloh!!!
"Shiloh, when I was young....
I used to call your name...."
Neil Diamond,yeah!
on the one hand, I really hope that Brit has kicked k-fed to the curb. On the other, keeping him banished in the basement, drinking and smoking, does prevent him from unleashing his sperm on the rest of the world...
lot49, thats too funny! ITA - Stop spreading your seed K-federjerk!
So true, so true. Why is it that the skeeviest people are also the most potent? We've already got three little admitted Kfed's running about. Makes me wonder how many illegitimate Kfeds are out there...
(hangs head in shame). I actually gave birth to an illegitimate K-Fed spawn some years ago.
hahahahaha jem!
jem, I think that should have gone into the Busties Secrets" thread. Maybe under a different name.

I so heart CG busties.
You gals just made me spit out my coffee from laughter. LOL. :-)
Congrats to Angelie's/Brad's baby. I think that's a cool name.

i heart this thread. i really really do
when i hear the name Shiloh, all I can think of is this book:

which was required reading in my middle school!
my mum thought of the dog too! I heard on News that the name means "messiah" or "peaceful one".

eta: oh, and jem cracked me up too!
The worse part is...

(I named her Suri.)
My first thought, too, was, "Why'd they name their baby after a dog?"
you owe me a new monitor. i just sprayed vodka & lemonade all over mine.

sorry to come late to the party, but before jared leto was famous, he slept with a lot of girls in NYC. and i mean girls (my friend was 16-he was 23)-extra classy. he could still be bi, tho.
and we shouldn't forget that just because jared leto slept with girls doesn't mean he isn't gay. quite a few of my gay male friends had sex and/or relationships with girls, same with some of my lesbian friends and guys.

i looked at mister leto some more, and it seems to me like he toys with what he says his sexuality is (he's said in an interview with Out, i think, that he was gay, and then flirted with his interviewer). so, either he thinks it's a joke to say you're gay and i lose respect for him, or he's really unsure and jokes about it because he's just not sure if he's straight or whatever
I don't know why Jared Leto is still famous. He's kind of blah and a so-so actor (Requiem for a Dream excepted). It sometimes looks like residual love for Jordan Catalano, but that was 12 years ago.
I think he relies heavily on his looks to cover for his lackluster talent. I think he's trying to get the attention that he craves and that he hasn't had since the J. Catalano days. I really don't think he's gay. he's trying to get a reaction from the girls. you know, "I wish I were queer so I could get chicks" kind of thing.
Jem, you are too funny.

I used to love love love Jordan Catalano (gee, funny it's a CHARACTER), but his 30 Seconds gig is so lame. I ran into JL at Trader Joe's in LA how many years ago (when I was living there) and he was teh hottness in a worn-out purple t-shirt looking at stuff in the beverage aisle.
Apparently Jared Leto was just kidding... -gay-thing-20060529.php
Boy, that Jared Leto must get around! Behere and I both know girls hes slept with (or attempted to) on different coasts no less! Me guess, hes just an all-around slut!
(and yeah, if he didnt play JC he'd never be "famous")
ohhhhhh, he was *just kidding* was he? yeah, whatevs. i'm guessing he's an attensionsexual more than anything else.
"attensionsexual" *snort*

silly jared leto, gay is not manslut.
is it just me who thinks he looks delightfully camp in that picture?
He was 'kidding'? What a douche!
maybe Jared's running out of women to screw so he gives a nonchalant heads-up to the males out there. yeah, I was just kidding about that being gay and all wink wink.
i still don't think he's cute. he reminds me of an elf somehow.

misspissed I agree, he always looks shocked or scared to me - a deer in the headlights!
I don't get why a girl or guy for that matter, would find him at all sexy?!!
I do!! I was thirteen when My So-Called Life was on, that's why!! He will always be Jordan Catalano, and ergo, will always be the hotness. Always.

see, i never dug the JC anyway.
my so called life was (and will always be) an awesome show.
but i had the hotts for claire danes, anyway, so i guess it is a moot point.
Sophia Coppola is preg-nut by her boyfriend who is the singer of a band called Phoenix, which I've never heard of. I'm sorta mildly fascinated yet repelled by her, mostly cuz I really dig Spike Jonze and wonder why their marriage ended.
hee, amilita, "preg-nut" is a fabulous word
OK, also...has anyone seen the pictures of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise throwing a ball around outside? So ridiculous!

I mean, when did she give birth? Less than a month ago? Only in Tom's loony tunes, totally gay mind is that something a brand-new mamma would do with free time away from her baby. Wouldn't most have a massage or go to a nice dinner or a walk or something like that? Of course, if she's barely having any contact with her baby, maybe she's bored out of her mind and being let out of the house to throw a ball back and forth with her spazzy gay husband for enough time to have a bunch of pictures taken sounds like a treat...
Hee. When I used to work at an abort**n clinic, (trying not to attract tro**s) we had a regular protestor who had had the procedure at the clinic many years ago but was now reproducing with much gusto...and who wore a pillow under her clothes if she wasn't, in fact, knocked up. Oh, and brought all her home-schooled rug rats with her to protest! Anyhoo, her name was the preg-NUT. :-)
amilita... where, where.

poor ole' katy.
Oops, sorry! They are in today's post at Pink Is the New Blog.
thanks amilita!

(there's also a good picture on the guilded moose)

oh dear, the tomkat saga seems to be getting worse. I feel really sorry for her when she gets dragged into his photo-opportunity lunacy. Especially when she sprogged only a few weeks ago, and clearly looks like she needs some time to herself.
if she really needed time for herself she should take it. does she have a freaking gun to her head or something? she chose this f%&í up life!!! I feel no pain for the poor bitch.
People, do we really need to discuss (again) the fact that Katie did not give birth a month ago? .

Oh, and where have I been? Jake G and Natalie Portman are together?
bunny, i was wondering the same thing. i think that may be a sort of winking joke on the part of the gilded moose.

btw, i love their ohgoing gyllenhal series. there's something so cute and goofy yet snarky about it.
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