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Dusty, as far as I knew, they were only rumours before - although I'm not sure it's necessarily confirmed now either.


Angelina Jolie is set to break her pre-birth silence with an exclusive interview on US TV. The reclusive actress, who is preparing to become a biological mom for the first time in Namibia, agreed to chat with Today show anchorwoman Ann Curry for a segment on the breakfast show, which will air on Thursday. Wearing a brown tunic dress, matching trousers, cowboy boots and a head scarf, Jolie chose to conduct the chat as she walked along a dirt track road in Namibia. The Tomb Raider star tells Curry that her heart bleeds for the suffering children of Africa, like her own adopted daughter, Zahara Marley. Jolie says, "She's from a country where six million kids don't go to school every year... Her mother died of AIDS and they wouldn't have had any funds to send her to school." Curry was the only media person allowed to get close to Jolie and Brad Pitt as they prepare for parenthood in a fortress-like compound. Other prying photographers and reporters have been kicked out of the country by officials.

I thought they found Zahara's mother. . .? I guess it was never confirmed.
please please please check out Go Fug Yourself right now.
rita, i adore you.

whereas i don't share your fluffy-bunny-pot-o-gold-ending wish for britney (talentless cretan that she is), i am eating up your scenerio nonetheless. YOU, my dear, should be writing for gofugyourself!

and yes, run don't walk over to gofug RIGHT NOW! i think they wrote it special for us. hee.

eta: flowbie. *clutching side, falling on the ground laughing*
I think I've died and gone to heaven....

*goes back to GFY to re-read and laugh like an idiot again*

"Jonathan Rhys Meyers: "Well, this is awkward.""

It's funny because you just know it's all true.
The look on Keri Russell's face is even more telling than the other one posted. The Jonathan Rhys Meyer cooment is priceless.
Ohhh man, I needed a good laugh *wipes tears from eyes*

Kudos GFY, kudos to you all.
The Fug Girls on NPR
oh goddess. you know you're way too into this stuff when you start dreaming about TomKat.

specifically, i dreamed that they were somehow involved with the TV show I work on, and that the whole key to this entire thing is that Katie was screwing our prop master, someone I work very closely with, and the baby was his. Tom "valiantly" stepped in to protect both Katie's honor and PropMaster's marriage. at some point in the dream, the entire crew (except of course for the prop master) demanded for them to come out with it already, in the form of an organized action, complete with press conference, chanting, signs, a sit-in, etc.

it was one of the most surreal dreams i've had in a long time. i think i need to take a break from all this celebrity gossip for a while. but not GFY, of course.
I had a dream about TomKat last night too!!!!

I met Katie somewhere and ended up hanging out with her and the baby. We talked about how the baby was bigger than it should be given it's age. The Tom came in and told me that babies born into Scientology are healthier and tend to grow faster. He took Katie and the baby away and I told Katie to call me if she needed a babysitter.

I can't believe I had a dream about this. How embarrassing. Maybe I need a celebrity gossip intervention.
Ahhhhh!! He's taking over your minds! I'm positive that it's a scientology brainwashing technique that's making it happen. Too funny though, catsoup! Of course scientology babies are healthier.

Old news, but on the topic of the Nick Lachey interview- I read it and had an extremely strong urge to comfort him. Poor guy cried during the interview. And the beyotch refused to do therapy with him? How lame. Usually it's the guy pulling that crap. He deserves better! (sniff, sniff)

I don't know about y'all (haha) but I'd really like to know definitively one way or the other on this Britney Business! What I'd really like is for her to do a cover story confessional on the topic. What gives? Is she knockered or not?

I am still wiping the tears of laughter from reading Mission Unfuggable III. It gets funnier each time I read it. Maude, I love Heather & Jessica.
Oh wow, you guys think you're dreams are bad??

A couple nights ago I had a nightmare(yes I think that word qualifies) that my husband LEFT me for Katie Holmes. In the dream I'm still(and currently) pregnant and he had me drive him to a parking garage where he was meeting Katie to take her to a Cubs game!!!

Oh man was I upset.
And in the morning, rather confused. hahaa
Yummy, I wanted to comfort him too! I honestly had no opinion about the guy until I read that. I think its one of those, "wow, hes just like us" momments, and it reminded me of the heartache I've been thru myself. Most of the time break-ups seem so fast and easy for famous folk, but I guess Nick isnt famous enough to be that jaded.
Got this from Popbitch:

"On Saturday, Charlie Sheen launched his new range of children's clothing. The day before, wife Denise Richards applied for a restraining order in which she accused Sheen of watching internet porn sites featuring young girls."

But the link is not working, so I dug this up on Defamer. It's the third story, from April 21st.
Even without the porn associations, that's just a weird product for him to be pushing - it's not even women's clothing, it's clothing for little girls. It's like if J.Lo decided to push a line of coveralls for gas station employees - what's the connection?

Jessica tells her side of the story

I haven't read his interview yet (and I can't stand either of them so I'm not trying to defend her either), but I still always got the sense that he married her just so he could finally shtup her.

Ritahayworth, before Britney records that comeback, we're going to have to suffer through lame odes/warnings to Jamie-Lynne first. I tried to find the link to "To My Sister (Little Me)" (a 50-second video of her doing a dance routine to a limp ballad in which she talks about the "life that [she] bought") but Youtube is apparently down right now. If the idea of her having another baby with K-Fed depresses you, the image of Britney doing high school talent show moves to a song about how shitty her life is while a nanny pushes Sean Preston back and forth in a stroller behind her will push you over the edge. Seriously - it's pretty sad. You can't help but feel bad for her in spite of everything.

This link may or may not work
One thing I am finding really interesting about Spears is the way the media is treating her these days. I don't know how many websites I've seen referring to her as "fat." She looks to be about my size. And I ain't fat. No really, I'm like a size 8. All I can wonder is "what the hell?" Sure, she isn't as super-skinny as she used to be, but she just had a baby not too long ago. OF COURSE she's going to be a little larger than she used to be. I'm really bothered by all the videos I'm seeing that are supossed to be funny because she's dancing and she's supossedly "fat." It actually really makes me sad. (Yes, actually, really. I said it. I'm not ashamed.)
It's true - the video was sad to me b/c it came across as a kind of cry for help. The cruel and misogynistic comments following it were as predictable as they were spiteful. I know a lot of people (myself included) haven't felt a lot of sympathy for her being that she still has more resources (financial anyway) than 99.9% of the world and that she should have known what she was getting into when she hooked up with someone's whose second child with another woman was still on the way, but the level of vitriol seems really disproportionate and mostly unrelated. It's all about the white trash, ya'all.
Snafooey, they did find zahara's mother. There was an interview with her in a UK paper a few months ago. She was Ethopian, quite young and pretty and said she was happy for zahara to be taken care of by angelina, as angelina could give her a better life. It was odd and sad.

No link, sorry... I just remember reading it.
Zora, I totally agree about britney. First of all.... we must remember that they are slamming her for being fat by Hollywood standards- which everyone knows is a crock of crap! Yes, she is a little bigger, and in my opinion could help herself out a lot if she were to just do her hair and wear makeup. But I read somewhere where she said that being called fat was upsetting and that she and Kfed are happy with her body. That may or may not be true. But overall I think it's a healthy attitude to have. Some people's bodies just adjust to post- pregnancy differently. It's not easy for everyone to just go right back to the way they were. And who could blame her for not wanting to be a gym slave with a new baby at home? My opinion is that while she may not be taking very good care of herself, she is not really FAT FAT, just not really worried about what everyone thinks enough to train just for the media!
snafooey--I'm assuming the only connection between Charlie Sheen and his clothing line is the fact that he has two daughters. I still wouldn't buy his clothes if I had a little girl, though.
i don't think britney is fat AT ALL, by any standards. she looks normal. she looks about the same size as i am (and people frequently tell me i'm "tiny"), as thin as most of my rather thin friends are. she doesn't even look 'still carrying around the baby weight' fat. she looks to be at a relatively ideal weight. those sweats she's wearing in the video (and her general choice of clothing in papparazzi photos) doesn't do much for her figure, but you know what, my grubby clothes don't do much for mine, either. a makeover, sure, but a diet, not really.
I saw the story about Charlie Sheen's clothing line (Sheen Kids) on Access Hollywood the other night. So weird. He said he was sick of his daughters' clothes falling apart in the washing machine. They interviewed Jon Cryer (Ducky!) his co-star on that lame sitcom and he looked like he thought it was weird too. He said that Charlie dotes on his daughters and this is like an "ode" to them. I would dress my daughter in a Sheen Kids outfit for the sheer irony of it.
I am embarrassed to admit this but....the other night I watched some of the E! True Hollywood story on Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards. He's got a history of assault charges against women. I couldn't watch too much of the show just bc/ he is so gross.
just caught the tail end of a commercial for that idiotic david spade show on comedy central: "this just in: angelina jolie has announced she will be adopting britney spears' baby." <flashing spliced image of angie holding preston>

i loathe spade, but i may have to actually watch this one.
Heh heh.

How embarassing is it that I am boring everyone I know with Tom Cruise conspiracy stories...
Ok, I am in the gossip today....

I was just looking at's most beautiful people pics. They also have most beautiful couples....get this. J Lo & Skeletor are one and Britney & KFed are another. ?? It is the 2005 list, but still.
I think that's mean to say Brangelina have the most beautiful family. That's like picking on everyone else's kids. How low can you get?
Mando, the Angelimaniacs will probably have a "That's not right! She's adopting third world baaaaaaaabies" fit at me, but that Spade quote almost made me choke it was so funny.

Dusty--me too! I'll say something and my friends will say "Um what? Where did you read that? You actually spend time on this?"
I'm sure you all know that on the bust main page is the catch of the day (or something like that) from the Bust Personal ads. The other day was this woman who when asked what she was looking for in a mate replied "tom cruise preferably!". We can only hope her sense of humour is as sick and twisted as ours.
(wiping a tear away)
mando, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said! thank you!

I like to picture Jon Cryer shaking his head, retreating to his trailer, and calling Molly Ringwald to talk about Charlie: "No. I'm serious. Today he brought in all these baby clothes. No, I am not making this up! His own damn line! He wanted me to take a bunch of them home! No, of course not! I HAVE NO IDEA!! Where does he get any of his ideas?"

oh god, that Britney dancing clip is just....ow....I can't breathe. oh god, it's like her very own Star Wars reenactment nightmare.

and I can't stand the vitriol about Britney's weight. It's like this collective "how dare she?" No one ever thought to say that when she stopped going to school at thirteen and was some poor sixteen year old idiot who did a thousand sit-ups a day and was working 24/7 so she could be a little cash machine for that crazy-ass mom and who clearly felt so starved for love/male attention that she proposed to two Cletuses in a row after 24 hours of being with each of them. And she's writing songs about how awful her life is. But oh my god, she gained weight -- yeah, that's the tragedy of all of this.

I love our scary unwillingly-obsessed dreaming support group.

(and oh, thanks raisin -- I love RH; she married Orson Welles and a prince -- see, that's what you do after a childhood of eight shows a week! Come on!)
karianne, "skeletor" bwahhaha!!! that's too funny.
TC FREAKY UPDATE: His reasoning behind Katie now being called Kate is "Katie is a young girl's name. Her name is Kate now she's a child-bearing woman".

Does anyone else think he might have accidentally said "vessel for my spawn" but the scientologists made him change it in case they come across as too wacky?

Also Charlize Theron is in talks about playing Marilyn Monroe. I think she'd be quite good in the part.
So, you aren't allowed to grow-up, in Tom Cruise's eyes, until you've given birth? On behalf of the childfree and the childless I would like to say a nice big Fuck You Very Much Mr. Cruise and Please Go Away Now.

And word about Britney, RH. Poor girl. Cod I hate the culture I grew up in.
Word, Rita.

And Luci, I could not agree more.
Wow, I bet Katie Couric (successful first woman to anchor a network evening newscast who has also borne children) will really appreciate Tom Cruise’s belief that her first name is too young-girlish for an adult woman.

And count me in on the Britney stuff – it makes me sad that she gets attacked about her weight, too. Except for her horrid fashion sense, there is nothing wrong with how she looks.

RH, I love your Jon Cryer story, it made me laugh. I can just picture it. And there is something really fishy about all of the Charlie Sheen news showing up lately – last month it was him in the media talking about 9/11 conspiracy, now it’s all divorce nastiness/accusations and baby clothes.
I think Scarlett Johanssen would make a much better Marilyn Monroe than Charlize Theron. She just annoys the crap out of me for some reason and she doesn't have the curves to play Marilyn. Scarlett would just have to work on the voice (since hers is so deep), but she looks alot more like her than Charlize, I think, and she definitely possesses that innocent little girl trapped in a naughty woman's body thing going on.
You know, when Britney was in fantastic shape by Hollywood standards, was constantly shoving it down the public's throat in video after video and one mag cover after another. Just to remember how much she fed the machine that's currently stepping on her now.

It's not that I think she deserves it. Sizism is obviously a deep-rooted problem in our society that extends well beyond the sphere of Britney Spears. And also, the image she was selling was probably largely created by her mom, managers, and label, at least early on. But it would be great if the irony of the situation motivates her to lash out against the industry more publicly. (Heck, I'm still hoping she comes out to publicly rip "the birth of sean preston" sculptor a new one. But I guess I'm just dreaming there.)
Omigawd, that Britney vid made me laugh! Not because shes "fat" or anything, but those dance moves and her voice are (and always have been) so very laughable. I do think whats sad is that so many young Southern girls are told by their mothers that if they learn to sing and jazz dance and wear make-up and win pagaents and make Star Search, that then they will be "somebody", yet really, even if you make to the very top, (or in Britney's case, the very very top) you still can be taken all the way down and be reduced to "fat" and "trashy" by the time you are 26.
Oh, for pete's sake. Now the man is going to tell KH that she can't be "Katie" any more because it's not appropriate for a mother? Tell that to Katie Couric, hm?
I was all full of unbecoming glee at seeing the headline "Rush Limbaugh arrested on Rx drug charges.

The details are somewhat less satisfying, but still.....
I would love to see Rush get really nailed for something. My hubby always says if he ran into him in a dark alley.......well I'll spare you the gory details.
What young singer is in major trouble with her family after the matriarch of her clan discovered she'd been an ass and was doing drugs with her fashion stylist, whom now may be getting fired?

(From today Page Six announced that the fashion stylist Jessica Paster, has been fired, but still was on Jessica Simpson's photo shoot...but she has been fired for styling Ashlee.

That's all I got.
i know we've talked about this here before, but look how normal and cute Frances Bean is. And so freaking much like her father. Completely amazing.

Also, Jake Gyllenhal is in trouble for joking that soldiers in the First Gulf War had nothing to do and spent the whole time jerking off. Also, Ashlee simpson has been running around saying she's the pretty one. Ho-hum.
Rush's mugshot looks like a press shot.
God, but Frances looks like her dad. Wow.
does anyone know who rivers cuomo is marrying?
also, does anybody know why the hell bill maher hangs out w/ ann coulter??? I don't get that one.
oh, and rush limbaugh can kiss my ass.
Rivers is marrying his long time girlfriend Kyoko Ito.

sidenote: I accidentally stumbled on to his *personal* MySpace page once.

Bill Maher hangs out with Ann Coulter? Feh.

I agree, Rush can kiss my entire ass... and believe me, that's a lot of kissin'.
I don't know if anyone said this already but the STAR is reporting that Angelina Jolie is going to name her baby Africa.
I don't know if you've seen pre-plastic surgery Counrtney Love photos, but Frances looks so much like HER it's scary.

Kyoto Ito can kiss MY entire ass. She needs to back up off my man or I will cut her. RIVERS IS MY MAN. MINES!!!!!!
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