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nope, snaf, not in TO i just make an annual pilgrimage to southern ontario to do a family visit thing. i'm actually in bc
/nothing to do with celebrity gossip
Also the Beatles quit touring in 1966, and they hit it big in 1964, so that it was all "new stuff" still then.
I wasn't making any argument or using the Beatles to illustrate an point ... I was just curious! The discussion made me think of how their music drastically diverged in such a short time and I could not see them singing for the fans She Loves You after The Ballad of John and Yoko.
From Salon:
TomKat spat? Now that the baby has arrived and "Mission: Impossible III" is out, the lingering question is when, where and if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will actually get married. Already some tabloids are pushing for a breakup -- this week's Life & Style Weekly carries a story that all's not well at home between the couple. They allegedly had a "huge argument" over Holmes' wish to take baby Suri to visit her folks back in Ohio, and an insider says, "Katie's very unhappy and beginning to realize she may have made a major mistake being with Tom."

The beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning?
"Katie's very unhappy and beginning to realize she may have made a major mistake being with Tom."

well, about time!

my roommate subscribes to Interview, and Lindsey L is on the cover. she really is beautiful. I'm pulling for her to pull a Drew.
What is wrong with that man, throwing a fit because he doesn't want her to take the baby home to see her parents? Can you say CONTROL FREAK? Maybe he's just worried that she will get away from him and snap out of the spell she's under. I read somewhere that he flew her to ohio and was going to fly back to pick them up. Good lord!
I was looking on YouTube yesterday & came across a video of a fan harassing Brandon Davis. She was pissed about the Lohan comments, it is pretty funny. He did not respond at all.

Seems like I read about some celebrity breakup recently, but I cannot remember who it was.

Re: music & artists playing only new songs. I think that is sorta lame. I don't have any problem with them playing new stuff, but I do think SOME of the older tunes should be thrown in. Especially for people like Madonna who charge insane amounts of money per ticket.
I vote for a mixture of new and old songs. If the old stuff was great it makes sense to play it again, especially when the band knows the fans will go crazy (of course 'great' is endlessly subjective). The hope when seeing a band promoting their new stuff is that it too will be great, but it is bound to feature in the set in any case. It makes sense that any tour is to promote the new album.

Saying that, seeing Bob Dylan in the 80s when he only played his then-new xtian 'rock' had to be a bummer.

Fwiw, other people wrote Madonna's songs for her first 2 albums. She wrote most of True Blue herself and since then I think it's been a mixture of her and other people writing the tunes.

Personally, I loathe her new stuff. The first time I heard 'Hang Up' I thought it was by some third rate European dance act.

/unsolicited music criticism + Madonna trivia
if katie grew a backbone and turned this shit around NOW while she can grab what public support she has and run with it, i might even give her the benefit of the doubt about being a dumb twit. otherwise, i could care less about her. i'm more concerned for that baby.

snafooey, you're a better man than i. if i saw lou reed live in person and he didn't play walk on the wild side, i'd fall into a puddle and die on the spot. i would also think if you wrote a song - or performed it and made it famous - that billions of people loved, you'd be proud enough to play it all the time. even sting still plays police songs in concert, with gusto and finesse. class act all the way. but then i'm biased. *putting fingers firmly in ears in anticipation of the sting-bashing that will surely follow la la la la la*

and in another episode of casting directors on crack:

Cate Blanchett to play Dylan in biopic

seriously, wtF? cate, cate, cate. i still haven't forgiven you for what you did to my beloved kate! i'm not a dylan fan, but this just smells like a disastrous career move.
A lot of different actors are portraying Bob Dylan even Heath Ledger AND Michelle Wiliams. Don't ask me why.
karianne, how about a link to that B.D. video on You Tube? I was unable to watch it on another site, but I'd like to see it...
(Psst, Snaf - there's a live version of "Walk on the Wild Side" on Lou's Take No Prisoners album. I highly recommend it.)
here it is amilita. Ugh, he is just so smug. I want to slap him.


That Dylan movie does indeed sound like a disaster. WTF?
psssst, mando, can you take fingers out of ears long enough to hear that I'm with you on the Sting lovin'? Mmmmm, Every Breath you Take...

Run, Katie, run.
oh man, i want to buy that girl a big slice of pie. that was awesome!

ETA: did anyone else see access hollywood last night? apparently, katherine from AI has been asked to be tomkat's wedding singer??
Oooh, thanks karianne! I can never find stuff over there when I try to search for it...

I love that girl! And I hate him...I usually don't wish bad things upon people, but I hope he is unhappy. He seems as if he might be.

And I'm not a giant Sting fan, but I like anyone who handles their fame with grace and appreciation and remembers where their bread is buttered and all that. I just read something in one of the gossip rags that said Johnny Depp is the nicest about signing autographs and Cameron Diaz is the worst...she makes fun of the people who ask for even wanting one.
...all the more reason for everyone to love my future husband Johnny Depp.

*squints and glares at all you beeyotches*

Back off him!


(free katie!)
I like how she kept yelling "why don't you go take a shower!"
that girl = my new hero.

team lohan
I do feel bad for musicians who feel trapped into playing the same old songs a millions times that everyone expects. It must be pretty boring. Still I love that every time I see Depeche Mode they do a solid mix of old and new and it is always amazing.

Also I can back up Dusty on the Dylan front, not only does he play the songs differently all the time, these days you are lucky if you can even understand what he's saying. In two hours of him playing I understood ONE SENTENCE, barely, and it was "allalongthewatchtowuhhhh". So he does play his old classics but you still barely realize he's doing it.
i have seen dylan twice and would totally go back for thirds. but then again, we own almost all that he's ever done, complete with numerous versions of many songs - so maybe i'm biased.

i love how he changes his songs up. at one of the concerts we went to, he started out singing my favorite song, tangled up in blue, in the first person, then started singing it in the third person.

and i love that he sings house of the rising sun from a woman's perspective.

but i can't see cate as him, even if it is from his androgenous period. hmm. i'm sure i'll see it though.

*apologizes in advance for dylan-inspired near-derailment...*
Jodie Foster loses herself in the moment.

I'm on Team Lohan too - she's done/said some really, really stupid things, but then I remember what I was like at her age and while I wasn't snorting designer drugs and clubbing every night, I wasn't exactly Ms. Together either.

Yeah, it's weird, Mando. I would have thought I'd be upset too, but in the moment it made sense - I didn't miss it.
oh my god, snaf: did you get that from popbitch? poor ol' foster. its like watching my mum trying to rap. love her. yo yo and thrice YO.
They linked to it both on and - I'm guessing it's making its rounds pretty quickly all over the blogosphere.
i dunno. i thought jodie was cute. then again i went out and bought a black hoodie in solidarity after i saw the mosh video and i'm two years older than her, so ...
GFY made me realize that Clay Aiken is starting to look more and more like Bud Cort.

Not that I'm like following Clay's appearance or anything, but that's the first thing I though of when I saw that picture!
mando, I think I love you even more now
Polly, omg! You're right. Heh. Bud was way cuter... :-)

Yeah, WTF is up with Cate playing him? I'll probably still go see it. I've seen Dylan twice, and both times were great. FJ, he did that at one of the shows I saw too. It was kickass.
Bud was much cuter.

Now I feel bad for giving my Dylan tickets to my sister a couple of years ago- I had seen, like, 3 concerts that month and I was just concerted out. A couple of years before I got 3rd row center tickets for my parents for their anniversary. So funny, though- the tickets weren't even on sale yet. I went to Ticketmaster a few days before they went on sale just to see how much they would be, expecting them to be way more than I could afford. They were doing some pre-sale and didn't require a password. I got two perfect tickets for $40 each- I couldn't believe it! Usually those pre-sales are really crappy seats. I was just stunned when it happened.
Jordan Catalano! Could it be?
OMG!!! I always wondered about his dating life. I never suspected as much, though. well, good for him!
not surprising re jared leto. not at all...

and have you seen faye dunaway and john corbett on Go Fug Yo'self?
what THE FUCK happened to my darling Aidan???
you know, the jared leto thing doesn't surprise me. my gaydar is amazing in that the hottest guys (in my opinion) ALWAYS end up being gay. and he was waaaay up there on my hot scale
Ah, Jordan Catalano. Say it ain't so. Well, not suprised. Please tell me that John Corbett isn't gay!!
Plus he's taken to wearing eyeliner lately. If that isn't gay I don't know what is. ;p
Oh, my sweet and creamy lord, the Ladies of Fug have been at the top of their snarky, witty game this week - just a few of the priceless moments that made me choke on my coffee this a.m.:

"'Father, father! Fraulein Maria's come back from the Abbey!'"

"'s not bad in, like, a fun, dumb, chaps-wearing, fur-turban-sporting, Posh Spice way. It's bad in like a bad, tacky, sad, I Have To Stop And Pick Up Some Ointment, Barefoot in the Esso Bathroom Britney way."

"I never trust a woman with marabou straps unless her name is Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan and she is threatening to take away my South China Sea oil leases."

And, um, under the Eurovision entry, that Croatian singer? OK, correct me if I'm way off base, but... look at that pic. Left leg over there, check? Right leg over there, check? WHATTHEHELL is that in the middle? Is milady packing, or am I (heh) nuts?
Agreed that the mistresses of fug have been especially evil, and apt, this week.

Jared Leto went out with Cameron Diaz for a while. He was spotted in Dublin a while back and described as skinny and smelly, apparently.
i want to frame the faye dunaway piece. hee.

oh, and doxy, if you're out there, hilary is apparently officially free.
Oh, man, those Fug photos! John Corbett now looks the way he would have looked if Carrie had married him and he'd stayed in every night watching sports and eating KFC.

Gwen Stefani had a baby boy today! His name is Kingston {smirk}.
Heh. What's happened to my Chris Stevens.... :-( I wonder if he's still with Bo Derek? She'd let him leave the house like that? Cool name for Gwen's baby.
If no one hijacked Jared Leto's AIM and he is actually gay, I say "yay!" He's very pretty.
It seems to be celebrity baby season! I like Kingston too.
There was an article from The Sun (a British paper- not sure if it's legit or a tabloid) saying that Britney kicked Kevin out of the house again. Their URL is all wonky and I can't post it, though.

Do we think this is true? I haven't looked for the story anywhere else.
The Sun is DEFINITELY a tabloid (I tend to think of it as loo paper, except that I would refuse to have any of their libellous and seedy print gracing my precious ass) but it may be true, it's britkev after all.
Gwen, you love Jamaica. We get it.

Still, it's kind of a cool name. . .although I've heard he's going to be called "King" for short. Not as cool.

Is that why Jared Leto is always so dishevelled and smelly in public? Trying to throw people off his trail or just subverting gay stereotypes of always being immaculately groomed?
I swear, several years ago Jared Leto hit on a friend of mine (girl) at a radiohead concert (he was in the audience, and it was before he shacked up with cameron). He was real cocky about it like, "my hotel # is this, dont tell anyone" and my friend didnt go. She said he was short with a big head (literally) and she wasnt interested.
I heard Gwen and Gavin named the baby after where he's from in England, not sure if it's a town or an area of a town. I'm sure it helped that she loves Jamaica!
I think it's cute!
yup, kingston is a place in England - kingston-upon-thames. it was a town, but it got eaten by london
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