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She may -- she seems a lot more happy now that she has (mostly) come out with her relationship. I'm glad to see that you these child star celebrities can turn their lives around. It can't be easy to spend your adolescent years in the spotlight like she did.

vixen -- I'm not sure what I think about that cover of Anne Hathaway. I also love her to bits, but I dunno... Although it's kind of cool that she seems to be being taken more seriously. I feel really bad for her recent ordeal with the scumbag ex-boyfriend who is now in jail.
vixen, I like the cover but only because I'm a bit of a sucker for that haute couture look. I've heard that Anne Hathaway's new movie is really good, it premiered here at the film festival.
She needs to have a sandwich.
Travis Barker and DJ AM were critically injured in a plane crash today. Travis' assistant and security guard, the pilot and co-pilot were all killed.

Blink-182 was always a guilty pleasure band for me. I don't really know anything about DJ AM, other than he was engaged to Nicole Richie and he used to be fat.
Isn't it a rule that celebrities who lose their lives in a plane crash become ipso facto legends? Also motorcycle accidents, but to a lesser extent.

I agree with the child-stars thing. Every time I see Tina Yothers I want to adopt her and make it all okay again.
QUOTE(bustygirl @ Sep 17 2008, 08:34 AM) *
She needs to have a sandwich.

I'd agree. I think Hathaway's heading towards unnaturally thin. And I'm not a big fan of haute couture, so I'm not so fascinated with the W cover, although I do think she looks better without the bangs. She's a very beautiful woman, but I don't like it when fashion and makeup artists make women up to look fake and overdone.
Well there ya finally go.

That new Anna Hathaway pic looks pretty good. I'ma go see it because TVotR's tunde Adebimpe is in it.

And y'know, I'm not surprised that Hathaway's lookin' rather bony. If my boyfriend plead guilty to all kinds of criminal shit & the authorities took my gifted jewelry . . . I wouldn't be eating so hot either.

Weird Blink182 question . . . they say Barker was burned on his torso. Do you suppose all his ink is gonna be messed up? The guy is walking around with what must be several thousand dollars worth of work on him.
YAY! I hope Ellen gets Lindsey her team-switch toaster in the mail.
dude, maybe lohan is learning to be discreet with her relationships for a change. good for her. oh, and i totally busted up when the article referred to their acknowledgment of their relationship as "bumping vajayjays."

AP, i'm pretty sure the ink let alone the flesh is missing from his lower half.
I did a little research & found this from a researcher at MSU: "Because tattoo pigments are deeply embedded in the skin, even severe skin burns often do not destroy tattoos."

And this from Wiki: "These inks are injected deep enough into the skin that often tattoos will not even be destroyed by severe burns."

He's got mostly second & third degree burns, so I guess it's entirely possible that plenty of his ink will survive his trauma. To be burned all to hell & to lose so much personal, physical life history would suck especially hard for a guy that's invested so much time & energy into it. At least he got out alive.

Wolo-tv, the local ABC affiliate out there played a recording of Barker screaming for help. I thought that was pretty fucking tacky.
This is just too obvious.


and clay, i mean, sweet bajeeze. take long enough????
must say, the ll and sr relationship is my fave among celebs today. i'm quite pleased for there to be a
cute, young girl on girl couple. i was surprised by the clay aiken announcement, if only in a what took
so damn long sort o' way. is anyone really surprised???
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Sep 20 2008, 03:10 PM) *
Travis Barker and DJ AM were critically injured in a plane crash today. Travis' assistant and security guard, the pilot and co-pilot were all killed.

Blink-182 was always a guilty pleasure band for me. I don't really know anything about DJ AM, other than he was engaged to Nicole Richie and he used to be fat.

i felt kinda depressed when i heard about it; I've always had this strange attraction to Travis Barker. Thank god he's still alive. smile.gif
I'm surprised that Clay came out with it finally, but I do respect that he said he doesn't want to raise his son to lie, so maybe that was the deciding factor.

It seems very surreal about Travis Barker and DJ AM - I'm glad that they made it.

Did anyone else hear about Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend getting pictures of her breastfeeding developed at Wal-Mart, and that the pictures are now 'out there' and whoever tries to sell them could be charged with child pornography. That boy sounds like a reeeal winner.
Jeez, I never even thought about the implications of an underage mom breastfeeding and the potentials for what would sadly be considered kiddie porn; there could be weird criminal issues there as it is, let alone what happens when a dumbass boyfriend takes pictures and has them printed.

Like she doesn't have the money for a digital camera and photo printer? Why the hell are they taking their pictures to WalMart to begin with?

Sorry, not surprised about Clay, or Gayken, as Kathy Griffin calls him.
yeah, clay? no surprise.
lindsey? surprise.
my first thought upon reading the clay headline is, omg, what the hell is kathy going to do with THIS?!
(speaking of which, guess who scored excellent seats up close and personal for one of her february NYC shows? i'm going to surprise the kidlet with them for xmas. talk about an interesting mother-son 'datenight' ... hee.)
That was my thought, too and I love that you're going to see her with Danny, mando!
thanks, polly! i know i'll be having massive second thoughts that day. i should make him wear a sign that says KATHY, WE LUV YOU FEEL FREE TO SAY THE F & C-WORDS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!

anyone need a laugh today, go read the fugly girls.

i wish i could write a sentence as brilliant as this: "I mean, REALLY? You could fit her imagination inside an egg and still have room for the yolk. And maybe a meatball."
the jamie lynn thing is boggling my mind in uncomfortable ways. she's a mother, she's BREASTFEEDING, and yet she hasn't reached age of consent. she's still considered "kiddie porn". at the same time, there is this horrific business of the evangelist who believes that puberty should be considered age of consent and uses this as an excuse to marry 12 year old girls. it's such a weird limbo area.

an aside--anyone know how old bambi whatever the fuck her weird-ass name is palin's boyfriend is? could he be tried for statutory rape? i mean probably not because if so it would've already been an issue, but...weird.
Yeah, the whole Jamie Lynn thing is messed up. I can't get my head around it either.

I think Bristol Palin's boyfriend/babydaddy is the same age as her.

He's eighteen. His myspace was hilarious before they pulled it: he didn't want kids.
Tsk! What would TJ Hooker think? The mugshot is priceless.
Goodness. Thoes are some crazy eyes!
She looks like she should be in anime with big eyes like that.

not the worst mug shot ever.
Not the worst, but your first sentence was pretty much what I meant.

So it looks like Ryan Reynolds & Scarlett did the deed over the weekend & are now officially wed. Start the clock, please.

ETA, They let Travis Barker out of hospital! Yea for him!
Ok I know there's been a short break from thr Brittney drama BUT supposedly she has a sex tape out and shes willing to pay WHATEVER to keep it off the interent. Her ex paparazzi Boyfriend put it out. Shame on him! Just when this girl is trying to do better and get it together this happens. tisk tisk.

P.S. I got this info via Pereze Hiltons blog
O.J. Simpson was just found guilty on all 12 counts for the robbery/kidnapping fiasco in Nevada, on the thirteenth anniversary of his murder acquittal:
Rumour has it that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again. apparently she didn't think you could get pregnant while breast feeding.*.

*you know this seems to be a common theme among some people. You don't get your period while you are breast feeding, ergo it's okay for you to ride bareback. C'mon!!!
I hope she's not pregnant again, for her sake. I don't trust that boyfriend of hers.

Has anyone else seen the promo shots for Britney's new video "Womanizer"? It's airing this Friday on 20/20... she looks really good in the pictures, and its nice to see that she's getting back on track. As for that sex tape, I think he recanted and said it didn't exist. Maybe Britney's camp was just able to pay him off quickly enough...
It's official. Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing.
Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were shot and killed in a domestic violence dispute, and her 7 year old nephew is missing. sad.gif
they found the body of a child in the missing car. not sure if it's jennifer hudson's nephew. i feel so bad for her. so tragic. it is big news here in chicago.
*sigh* police have confirmed it was him. multiple gunshot wounds.

this is so, so sad. that poor family.
This story really breaks my heart. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for them all. Jennifer Hudson has seen so much success in recent years. She even got engaged a little while ago and her new movie just came out. She's been riding on the crest of the most amazing wave. And then to have this nightmare thrust upon her ... how do you even breathe? It's so devastating. My heart really goes out to her and her whole family.
I just can't imagine what the Hudson family must be going through. Just proves that something like domestic violence can affect ANYONE, no matter who you are, or what kind of socio-economic position you are in, what society you are in... it's so sad. I sometimes don't sympathize with celebrities, but in this case it's just so incredibly terrible and tragic... so sad... I really do pray for them. That poor child.
Did anyone else know that Wanda Sykes is gay? Every time I read one of these stories I feel happy that another celebrity is open about his/her sexuality but then I wonder if it should even matter and then I feel vagley guilty. But then I start thinking that it does matter to that people who are able to be open about it are open, especially performers who work in family friendly and children's movie. I would never say that anyone should be forced out of the closet but I want to applaud those who are not. Does that make sense?
I'm listening to a radio interview of a woman who runs a company called celeb4aday

You hire her company to follow you around with paparazzi, taking photos, surrounding you whenever you exit a building, asking all kinds of questions, making a bit fuss over you and your entourage.

Sounds like the twilight zone.
If only Kim Kardashian knew about this before she made her nasty sex tape...heh.
kitten, I did not know about Wanda Sykes being gay either. It was just kind of funny b/c in the interview I read with her she said something like "well, everyone knows I'm gay." News to me. I know what you mean about feeling good for actors or performers who are out of the closet. I think that goes for anyone, I'm always happy when someone can be true to themselves without having to hide.

Kim K makes me ill. Why won't that woman just go away?
I know it's Schadenfreude, but I'm really happy that OJ got sentenced to fifteen years for his latest fiasco. I know he'll likely be out in six, but that guy deserves some prison time. I think he killed his ex-wife & that Goldman fella & skated. And then to squirrel his money away & not work to pay restitution to the families? I only wish he'd been in AZ where he'd live in a tent shanty town, wear pink scrubs, & eat moldy baloney for six years.
Pin-up queen Bettie Page in hospital after heart attack
i am probably the only person on this website that thinks that OJ didn't kill his ex and the dude, but there were holes in that case that the mainstream media did not cover. i only wish i could remember the name of the author that wrote a book about it and i think testified on behalf of him because the evidence was so badly tampered with by ??? So, don't ask me for details, I was listening to a radio program, i've already tried to find the dude's name, but i am just too tired at the moment. long day, namean?

Schadenfreude - great word.

OJ is a dumb ass. Bye, Bye dummy. I hope OJ gets bitch slapped many, many times by somebody named Bubba.
I really think OJ did it. He had a history of slapping women around & just pretty much being an asshole.

The Germans do have a way with words even if it sounds like they are hacking up a lung.
Did you guys know that Obama is a smoker? I had no idea!
I never knew Obama was a smoker. Well, My mom is a smoker. i don't see what the big deal is actually.
aural, I'm with you on OJ. I believe he killed Nicole and Ron Goldsmith. But even if he didn't & got off fair and square, his gloating about it has really irked me. That stupid book he tried to publish ((If) I did it). Ugh. And what dumbass gets away with murder and then commits another crime?? Why not keep a low profile, you know, follow the laws? Idiot.

flanker, I did not know that til recently and I too was shocked. I hope I don't offend anyone, but Obama just doesn't seem like a smoker. Maybe it's those pearly white teeth.
With OJ, there was DNA evidence, you can't fuck with that, unless he has a useless twin out there.

But I agree, thank goodness the dumb fuck got some jail time.
QUOTE(musiclovr89 @ Dec 9 2008, 03:02 AM) *
I never knew Obama was a smoker. Well, My mom is a smoker. i don't see what the big deal is actually.

The summer our city banned smoking in bars and clubs, my smoker friends were urban pariahs. When we saw some black helicopters flying overhead one day I asked "Gosh what do you think they're doing?", my friend dryly replied "Looking for smokers." I think smoking is actually starting to seem immoral, reckless, and even indecent. Which kind of makes me want to start...
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