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I just got back from the city. I went there to see "I'm Not There" because of my need to see Heath, and his last scene in the movie made me all teary. I'm so sad. I'll continue my Heath memorial tomorrow with all my dvd's he's in (and I have a whole bunch). *sigh*
I couldn't face watching any of my Heath dvds last night; I'm going to leave it for a few days. I haven't seen Candy but I've ordered it from my rental company and it's on its way so I'll start with that.
My friend called me last night to tell me the news about HL. I was seriously shocked. I've always liked him, I thought he was a good actor and seemed so down to earth. I feel sorry for his poor little girl. How does someone like him die, but Lohan, Spears and Winehouse are still alive?

I wonder if he suffered from servere insomnia? I remember reading that he had a hard time with the Joker role - from what I read he said that the role was physically and mentally exhausting and he barely slept 2 hours a night and that was with taking Ambien. Speaking as someone who had a brutal bout with insomnia for about a month, that can seriously make you crazy, even hallucinations. (a least i did)
Have people read the latest "details" in Heath Ledger's death? Um, wtf?

The morbid speculation is beginning to make me feel really uncomfortable and sick and saddened in equal measures but, at the same time, I can't stop myself reading...

It appears to be a tragic accident but there always has to be some seedy Hollywood mystery. I'm just blown away that a bloody Olsen twin is involved and that she distanced herself from the events immediately by stating (through her publicist) that it wasn't her apartment -news articles even edited it- and now it transpires that she was actually called before 911. What kind of world do these people live in that they phone private security firms before the emergency services and that they think of their own public image before the death of a friend? I suppose we will never understand the world of celebrity.
I also tried to watch some Heath Ledger DVD's yesterday, but I was too sad... I had to put them away and watch something else. And I agree with bunnyb, the fact that these people call private security before 911 is messed up.
Looks like Brit is back in the booby hatch. This time again, in an ambulance, but escorted by a big bunch of police and helicopters. Wow. Just I actually feel badly for her, really bad. I feel like we're watching a slow version of Marylin Monroe or whatever. Like she's going to end up dead and it will be too late.

Can't ANYONE help this girl? She obviously isn't helping herself... unsure.gif

Britney's dad has been given temporary control of her and her estate.

Wow, she must be a mess.
I think Britney's been diagnosed as bipolar, and I think its a good thing that her dad has control of her estate. Hopefully this will give her an opportunity to get herself together.
The newest from the Brit saga.
that's crazy. and so sad. it reminds me of brian wilson and the relationship with his psychiatrist. i think it was his psychiatrist. although, i am not saying britney is as musically gifted as brian wilson...but something about the story sounds similar.
Delta Burke is also in a psych ward right now for OCD and hoarding.

I feel awful for Brit. Now she's out of the hospital, acting erratic as usual. Why the hell would they let her out so early? She's supposed to be there for 14 days!
her parents released a statement about what was going on. This is quite horrifying. She is clearly not well!

I read about this release from the AP.

also, the nyc coroner is saying the Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose.
Kirsten Dunst has entered rehab!

Eva Mendes just left.
The writers' strike is over!!!
Really?! REALLY?!!!
Gah, my sources now say that it's not over. However, Dunst is definitely in rehab.
I just heard tonight on the CBS news that the writer's strike is officially over. Now if only they can write enough of my faves to last me through the winter!

Boston Legal

I also heard on the news that the strike was over.

The ME said Brad Refro died of a heroin overdose.

Has anyone else heard about this ruckus going down with Kat Von D sending hate mail to Ami James?
Yeah, she sent him an autographed photo of herself and called him a jewbag and drew a swastika on it.
Chris Garver is saying she hand delivered it to the shop...
The poll on TMZ seems firmly in the Ami camp & has KVD's statement through her publicist. Oh, & the pic itself.

... I'd like to see a statement directly from Chris Garver saying that she handed it to him, not just something that TMZ wrote. Kat Von D is a smart girl, I really can't see her doing something like that - who knows, I could be wrong, but I just don't see it. The pic looks like someone drew around her signature (not that that proves anything, but still...)
Try this link.

Yeah, I'm not convinced that's real.

However, based on the previews for this week's LA Ink, she is kind of a bitch. Anyone who hasn't seen it, they have this small skateboard ramp in the shop. One of those Jackass-doofuses comes in and convinces Kat she should put up a bigger one. So she has one built that's the entire width of the store front, with the low point being right in front of the front door and one of the other tattoo artists is pissed off because there's a f-ing huge skateboard ramp in the middle of a tattoo shop, right behind her area. Then they show Kat making fun of her for being pissed off.

I like Kat (assuming this anti-semetic stuff isn't true), I think she's a great artist, but it seems like she tries too hard to be cool sometimes. What if some dumbass skateboarder flies off the ramp and hits one of the tattoo artists while they're doing a tattoo? That's only a little permanent. Or what if someone tries to come in the front door as someones on the ramp? Why the hell do you need a damn skate ramp in a tattoo shop?

Well, this is all based on the commercial, so it may have been edited to create drama- we'll see how the actual episode is.
I like kat as an artist, but there is something about her on the show, both of them, that I just don't like.

And I prefer Miami Ink to L.A. Ink. I heart the boys in that shop.

As for the note, I am not too sure what to think. why would she come all the way back to Miami for that. I also thought she had a little more brains than that.
I don't know much about that Chris guy but something about Kat bugs me. Maybe it's her voice or her crazy makeup or her face tattoos. I can't put a finger on it.
I think she's cute, but I think it has to do with her personality. She doesn't seem to bright, and she seems kind of bratty to me.

I never saw why shegot fired from Miami Ink, can someone enlighten me?
I didn't really see it either, just pieces here and there....I don't know if there was a specific incident, but I think she was really unhappy in Miami, bitched about it constantly and they were tired of her whiny drama.

I actually think she's one of the few people face tattoos work on- the stars in her makeup tattooed on?
correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't the "last straw" for ami basically when kat was doing a phone conference with those fat gariputos from oc choppers (discovery channel), and she told paul sr's old lady that she wouldn't do a heart tattoo because it was grade school or lame or something like that?
I knew that she was being a brat, I just didn't know if there was one episode in particular.

She's a great artist, but has to cut down on the bitching. I don't know what to think...
Jane Fonda said a bad word...

Did anyone hear/see what the word was?

There was some other older female celebrity recently who dropped the f-bomb on Good Morning America when Diane Sawyer was interviewing her. I don't remember for sure, but Diane Keaton comes to mind.
i'll bet it was 'cunt'. just my guess (seeing as she was talking about the vagina monologues and that she'd been asked to say the word in the performance - then she said it on air)

christ. we've come soooo far. you can finally use "vagina" and "penis" on the air on network TV and you can't use a word that is (apparently) being used in the context of a performance. I swear, the US is so puritanical.

ok, rant over..
anna k
It wasn't a big deal. She said something like, "I was asked to participate in the show, doing a monologue called Cunt, blah blah blah," it is barely noticed when she says it if not for the media attention.

Hell, Inga Muscio had a best-selling book titled Cunt.
I betcha if a man said cock or dick on television...
it was totally in the context of ART.

i have an idea, let's put PANTS on michaelangelo's DAVID.

and cunt the book was awesome, btw.
that reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons where Marge makes a stink about Itchy & Scratchy, then Michelangelo's David shows in Sprinfield and other people make a stink but not her.

So, Brit is launching a world tour? WTF? I've not even bothered to look this up, however I did read that the judge has extended the control her father and lawyer have over her. And her manager Sam Lufti is m.i.a, so he can't be served with a restraining order.

Yep, I was right- it was Diane Keaton who dropped an f-bomb on GMA. Here's the clip...and here's the Jane Fonda clip.
J Lo had twins, a boy and a girl.
snow white
twins are pretty hot in h-wood right now
Yeah, actors can afford fertility treatments.

I hate Jennifer Lopez. I'm not sure why, I just can't stand her.
I hate JLo too. I always have, and I have no guilt saying she looked all puffy and awful this last month.

A friend of mine got passes to one of her video shoots, and all the extras on the set were warned not to even look at her if she was in their presence, much less approach her. Well, my friend was a HUGE fan and got an opportunity to go up to her, and he said they tried to say hi, and she completely blew them off and acted as if they weren't there, even though they were face to face. He was soooo pissed. I would be too.

fyi, he says Uma Thurman and Hugh Jackman are quite lovely in person.
I don't much care for JLo either. She's largely a hack. Her acting is usually subpar at best & her singing is obviously heavy on in-studio production. I do appreciate her stance as a strong Latina & her fashion line does include plus sizes, even if it is mostly whore wear. But it ain't enough.
I'm stepping in the hate on for JLo, I've not been able to stand that woman for years. Jenny from the block my ass.
Y'know, it makes me wonder. Somebody suggested a sort of celebrity hater thread ala "Shag, shack up, shove off a cliff" that was soundly veto'd as people didn't want to hate. Somebody said something about not being that "desensitized" to want to be involved in it. So it got the nay-no & I agreed. For diff reasons, but I agreed.

But Celebrity Goss? Yes, in this thread, the hate is strong.

Not to beat a dead cheetah, but the fuck was Diablo Cody wearing at the Oscars? Dior or no, it was fugly.
FaeryT: You mean to tell me JLo was so into herself, so pristinely unique and so faaar above the rest of us that people were instructed not to even LOOK at her?? Awww hell no. Not even ALMOST. Wow. I don't even know what to SAY about that. I am astonished that someone (anyone) would feel so "superior" to other people and then turn it on in such a blatant, in-your-face kind of way.

I am officially disgusted. dry.gif

AP, I totally agree on Diablo Cody's dress. On that note, my notes from the red carpet:

Katherine Heigl - that red was too orange-y and bright for her coloring, IMO. She should have gone with something about the color of Helen Mirren's gown.

Laura Linney looked great, even though I was sick to death of black everything.

Surprisingly liked Cameron Diaz's gown. (I usually hate what she wears, like that blue-and-red striped thing several years ago.)

Renee Zellweger has Barbie's body - wide shoulders & tiny waist, ridiculously long thighs.

LOVED Amy Adams' dress, although overall I was a little sick of the mermaid tail skirts.

Kelly Preston - great color (kind of marigold orange) just not on her.

Weird - the dress Patrick Dempsey's wife wore looked like sort of an apricot orange in one set of pictures and almost a Chinese red in another.

Anne Hathaway - again with the odd boob enhancing flourish! Wasn't it an enormous bow last year?

Was it me, or did anyone else think that Harrison Ford has had some sort of mini-stroke or something - one side of his mouth wasn't moving when he talked.

And I'm officially sick of Nicole Kidman bracketing every fucking thing she says with "I'm-pregnant." I.e., "This is the first time I've been in Japan - pregnant." Borring, sweetie. I know it's been a long time coming but not everyone is as enthralled with your spawn as you are.
I liked the way Diablo Cody's dress showed off her tats.

I thought Renee Zellweger had more than the usual pinched look on her face.

I keep hearing Daniel Day Lewis' wife's dress being dissed, I thought she looked great.

I thought Tilda Swinton looked great, but I think the bracelet belongs on the other wrist.

Harrison Ford has always mumbled out of the side of his mouth.

I think Nicole Kidman has always been more attractive as a redhead.

I didn't like whatsername Hanna Montana Cyrus.

I never liked JLo either, but she was good in that movie with George Clooney. That's about the only thing I've seen or heard her do that I liked. Oh, wait, I liked Angel Eyes, because it was so obviously Toronto, not Chicago.

Word on Rene, she reminded me of the episode of Family Guy where she was an ant eater.
I fianlly Fugged tonight & I wondered . . . the hell is wrong with Jennifer Hudson? That dress was a NIGHTMARE in fabric. I try NOT to have a uniboob.
seriously, AP, i was astonished that the fug girls LIKED that!!? jennifer hudson is an incredibly attractive woman but that was the worst possible neckline she could have worn.

and ellen page? come ON.
I know this is off topic, sorry... but i just have to...
Christina Aguilera's new swollen mommy boobs look horrid, painful, and veiny... I wish she would do us all a favor and cover em' up...

Back on the subject... Diablo Cody's dress was shapeless, but I liked the display of tattoos. I thought Jennifer H. looked great, uniboob or not laugh.gif
Tilda S. is soooo strange looking in a good way, she looked like an amazon... but, I agree the bracelet should have gone on the other wrist.
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