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snow white
QUOTE(quietmadness @ Jan 4 2008, 07:23 PM) *

Looks like Miss Britney has officially lost custody of the two boys, and done got hauled off to the booby hatch!!


haha! someone else says booby hatch!

i'm sick of celebs, i want someone more interesting in the lime light. lohan looks like a dirty street walker, paris has always seemed like a confused boy-tranny and brit, well...

plus i think angelina jolie really does hate her only natural born child, probably b/c she's "too perfect".

i heard on the today show that suri cruise may actually be the product of l ron hubbard's sperm and than tom specifically picked katie to fit in with his "calling" from scientology. now that's goss i can sink my teeth into. i like how our next savior is a girl. smile.gif

edit: i just read that article anoushh and i doubt katie felt like she was in rosemary's baby. she seems pretty content to me. maybe a little drugged up but still...
On a happier note Nicole Kidman is expecting a bebe with Keith Urban.

I heard a rumour that Brit is preggers with a third bebe, but I don't know how much truth there is to that.
snow white
probably preggers with that poparrzo offspring. she really is turing more and more into anna nicole smith.

i'm glad nicole kidman and keith urban are still together. at least there are still a few sane couples left in h-wood.
her situation really is a sad one, I do feel really bad fpr Brit, she is clearly not well! We were talking about it at work at lunch yesterday, and one of the workers said she clearly has mental health concerns. I know that someone, I do believe it was Mouse, said something about this prior.

Lynne Crosbie of the The Globe and Mail wrote a really good opinion piece about it, of course I can't access it online because you have to pay for some online access...
I suspect that Britney may be manic depressive. If she does I find it very sad her family isn't getting her more psychiatric help (and no Dr.Phil did not count)
I don't think that Britney's mentally ill. I think she's just really fucked up emotionally and can't deal with not getting everything she wants. It's almost like she does this stuff to pull the spotlight back on her (this time--away from her sister). Really, she's been in the public eye for so long, that she probably feels that her value is exclusively tied to her fame and appearance. When that doesn't work out, then of course she's gonna freak out.

ETA- That would be so juicy if Suri Cruise was the product of L. Ron Hubbard's sperm!! (no pun intended)
What do you think mental illness constitutes, then?

And "Dr." Phil should be shot. It's a new low, which considering the subject is saying something. He should be up on some ethics charges or something.
Dr. Phil is an assweasel.
Dr. Phil is such an ass for using this to boost his ratings and fame. Loser. I didn't like him before, but now he's way waaay low on the list.

Anoush, at the risk of raising some feathers, I don't think being emotionally fucked up is the same as being mentally ill. To me, mentally ill means having some kind of physiological condition in which the brain is misfiring or malfunctioning. Granted, I'm not a doctor, nor have I studied psychology or psychiatry in depth. I don't have a well-thought out answer, just a sense of what is different. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and mania-depression runs in my family, and from what I've witnessed (and experienced), those are different conditions than going through a hard time in life and not being equipped with the emotional tools to deal with it. Who knows? Maybe Britney really does have some inherent "wiring" issues. Manic-depression, schizophenia, etc., tends to develop in the 20's, so that could very well be the case. Emotional "illness" isn't any less serious or painful or worthy of treatment than mental illness. I just don't like how western society lumps it all together and throws a pill and a Dr. Phil book at it.

Actually, those can be signs of mental illnesses as well, if they interfere with functioning, cause significant distress, etc.

This idea that mental illness is purely physical is an offshoot of the attempt to--rightly--destigmatize mental illness by showing it's not a character weakness, etc. But this dichotomy between the biologically functioning part of the brain and the emotional feelings we have is false.

The brain can physically change in response to intense emotion, distress, fear, trauma, etc. And some pretty intense distress can come when a person's core sense of self is damaged, or never formed in a healthy, mature way, with healthy, mature coping skills. It's just as real as what happens when a person is bipolar.

Brain changes can result in emotional changes, too. It's chicken and egg.

I am a therapist by training and I have a master's degree. That doesn't mean I know everything--if anything it's served to make me realize how little I know in the face of the complexity of human beings in the world. I'm just saying I do have a background. I can't make a diagnosis from afar, but I can say that she seems pretty damaged to me. It's pretty clear that family was fucked up and she's showing the results.

Incidentally, addiction is a mental disorder as well. It's not uncommon for people who have chronic, pervasive problems in relationships of all kinds, intense distress that they don't know how to manage--which again is a real and legitimate mental disorder--to develop problems with drugs and alcohol as part of a desperate attempt to cope with intense, overwhelming feelings, of anxiety, emptiness, depression, etc, etc.
I agree that it's all intertwined and you have a chicken-egg thing going on. It seems like everyone is depressed and taking pills though, which pisses me off because I have struggled with depression my entire life, and not just sadness or a hard time, but the kind of depression where you have trouble staying awake during the day and you contemplate killing yourself during the times when you are awake. My brother's OCD was destroying his life. He went through hell prior to his diagnosis and treatment, and yet it will always be there. When all these sad people with family issues are walking around calling themselves depressed, as though they have a medical condition, it undermines the seriousness of real conditions like OCD and depression. It just gives those people an excuse to indulge in self-pity, even though they haven't experienced shit compared to, say, my manic-depressive cousin who has to take multiple medications everyday. Now HE is mentally ill. Like I said, my argument isn't really reasonable or totally's mostly, heh, emotional!! I mean, really, most of the time, people are just dealing with "life," not actual "illness."
in lighter news, nicole richie had a baby girl.

christ, we learned about her pregnancy nine months ago!?
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 7 2008, 08:51 PM) *
On a happier note Nicole Kidman is expecting a bebe with Keith Urban.

REALLY???? ohmy.gif I had always heard that Nicole couldn't HAVE kids. In fact one time long time ago, she had told Oprah that she couldn't conceive....Wonder what happened??? That's awesome.

nah, that was only cos she wasn't shagging the pint-size closeted freak.*

Christina Aguilera had a baby boy.

*although she disclosed recently that she'd had two miscarriages whilst with him.
For some reason I always thought it was Tom Cruise that was infertile. Maybe she was covering up for him. This is why the whole L. Ron sperm thing, while really creepy, doesn't surprise me.

Another point about Scientology - I am a law student, and I have to do a fair amount of legal research, and it reminds me of the thing where everyone is supposed to be 7 degrees (? not sure of the number) from Kevin Bacon. No matter what I am researching, it seems I am never more than a few degrees from a Scientology case. They sue everyone! I'll probably get sued for posting this!
QUOTE(cecilia @ Jan 12 2008, 11:15 PM) *
For some reason I always thought it was Tom Cruise that was infertile. Maybe she was covering up for him. This is why the whole L. Ron sperm thing, while really creepy, doesn't surprise me.

Another point about Scientology - I am a law student, and I have to do a fair amount of legal research, and it reminds me of the thing where everyone is supposed to be 7 degrees (? not sure of the number) from Kevin Bacon. No matter what I am researching, it seems I am never more than a few degrees from a Scientology case. They sue everyone! I'll probably get sued for posting this!

Isn't it 6 degrees? I'd like to be a whole lot closer to Kevin than that, dude. A LOT closer. laugh.gif

Tom probably IS infertile, but I tell you one thing; That dang baby Suri looks JUST like Katie, don't y'all think?? She is a beautiful child. Tom Cruise just creeps me out in general. Never have cared for his films, etc. Just creepy. sad.gif

Suri totally creeps me out.

So does her mother. And so does her alleged father. But yeah, the kid is freaky.
When those two divorce, something creepy is going to come out, as if Scientology isn't creepy enough. That whole hook up is just wierd.

Christina Aguilera had a bebe boy.
I'm really hoping that Suri rebels when she is older and writes a tell-all book.
when suri was born (or rather, the first time she was "revealed" to the world via bad magazines), my friend and i called her "the alien bjork baby". she is totally a cross-breed of bjork and something from another world. and probably robots.
Speaking og Tom Cruise, there is an authorized biography coming out on him...ohhh I see in the info that this is where the rumours of the sperm of L Ron Hubbard came from.
I'm still holding out on Suri's father being Katie's ex. I cannot wrap my brain around the idea of Tom Cruise being able to procreate.
maybe this should be in the confessions thread..
either way.
there was a link titled "brittney skips court to go to church"... the clip was about three minutes long from a helicopter, filming brittney and her crew ducking britt into a church. then for the next minute, all they filmed was the outside of the church... cut foward... britt being rushed back to her SUV then driving off. fucking insane. i actually watched the whole thing. what is that? why the fascination with this girl? i mean it's built up like she's such a big deal, and then i shamefully watch this clip, and it reminds me how ridiculous the whole thing is.
sorry to those busties who love her, i guess i just dont understand why the public wants to know what happens every waking minute of her life.....? i mean really, it's like people love to see her self-destruct.. no compassion. but then that goes into the whole thing about how these celebrities choose this life and that's just how it is.
"but i cant take a shit in the bathroom without someone standin by it" - eminem yo.
sorry for the deepness... not trying to derail, just sayin.

They say TC is fighting them tooth and nail on that "unauthorized" bio. And---didn't I hear something about them getting a guy arrested? Didn't that guy apologize profusely and all that? Hmmmm....

Anybody got links on TC being a flower-boy? I'd love to read that, or links about the time-line/wierdness about Suri.

It's too bad, though. Katie is so gorgeous...

"flower-boy"? what does this mean?

a coworker today postulated that britney has stockholm syndrome. she's dating a papparazzo!

seriously though--something is Very Wrong with that human being. i don't know if it's drugs or mental illness or just a life where no one ever told her she was worth anything unless she was in a fancy outfit and people were watching, but something is really bad and wrong. i don't care if she brought it on herself, she's obviously in way too deep at this point and i have nothing but sympathy anymore.
There's been some speculation that Britney is bi-polar, what with her laughing as they carried her off in the ambulance after her three hour standoff. I also feel sorry for her, because she obviously needs help, and is not in the proper mental state to go and get it herself, and this paparazzi boyfriend of hers seems like a terrible influence.

As for the Tom Cruise thing, I'm interested in hearing about what this biographer has to say. He's crazy. Also, I just watched a new interview with Katie Holmes on Letterman, and one from years and years ago, and its like she's turned into some hybrid of robot/zombie compared to how she used to be. It's so sad, because I really like her.
Re: Brittney....I was wondering about personality disorder....perhaps Borderline.

That being said, I think it's quite sad how the media continues to follow her every move. Is anyone really enjoying watching this train wreck? I hope the answer is no.

Christina & Nicole both finally had their bebes?

Given how some people are, the answer is sadly, yes. I had a coworker who was addicted to those gossip sites and she seemed fascinated by the disintegration of Britney. It had something to do with her being such a trainwreck, wondering how bad she could get and then ranting about how horrible a person she was.

This person also liked Paris Hilton because she had enough money to go wherever she wanted and didn't have to work, so I don't hold her up for an example of taste.

Then there are also the tabloids and paparazzi, who are making a lot of money off of this, so they're probably enjoying it too.

Unfortunately it wouldn't be such a media train wreck if people weren't watching. I just don't know what it will take for people to lose interest in her.

And Paris Hilton as an example of taste?? Hahahhaa. I feel sorry for you lilac for having to deal with that person:P

Nicole and Christina had their babies on the weekend I think.
Nicole Ritchie's baby is named Harlow Winter Kate Madden... very pretty, just loooooooooooong! It seems like she'd been pregnant for like, 3 years.

And Christina's is named Max Liron Bratman.
Yeah, they have pretty nice names. Christina's baby is more of a normal name. Nicole Richie's baby's name would be less long without the Winter, which seems kind of rando, but I agree, pretty name nonetheless.
Lily Allen had a miscarriage. sad.gif
props to the gofugyourself grrls and to the "worst dressed list" guy (sorry, can't remember his name, blackstone?) for not bashing on britney during this recent trainwreck. there is still some integrity out there in celebrity land.
I don't think Mr. Blackwell has any integrity. Maybe publicisists, but no integrity.
It's weird. On some level, it seems like the public loves to watch people like Britney totally bomb. People love to see celebrities fail. I think people also like to see celebrities succeed though, too. Maybe people just like the extremes. I still don't understand how paparazzi work can be so profitable, because most people I know don't care all that much. I realize that this is sorta ironic for me to say in a celebrity gossip thread, but still!! Who buys this stuff? I've never known anyone who spends money on celebrity gossip (or at least not that they've told me). I guess, nowadays, you can sell your stuff to a gossip site and that gossip site gets adverstisers. I really don't know how it works, but it sure is interesting.
Mr Blackwell, ugh. I can't stand it when people say women in Hollywood are too thin (like Posh, who he said was to thin) but once they get past that size zero mark, they are too fat. Mr. Blackwell, make up your mind!

I read today in the Globe and Mail that Lily Allen miscarried, there is also a cover story on Macleans magazine that asks when it was cool for teen pregnancy, and got into the spears sister, Lily Allen deal. I didn't read the whole thing, though, I was in line at the grocery store.
I can understand Macleans getting into the Spears situation but Lily Allen? She's not a teenager. I mean, still a bit young to have a baby but it's better than being 16. It's so sad though, she was about 3 months along. I thought that only the first 2 months are like the "danger" period.
I think where the article was going was how women are seeing their young idols getting pregnant. Also my mistake, it appears there is no mention of Lily Allen. The article isn't a lot of infomation related to celebs in there.

Here's a link to the article.
The thing that really disturbed me about Lily Allen's pregnancy is that I read somewhere that she has been with her boyfriend for only 4 months. So they had been together for one month when she got pregnant, right? That does NOT sound good. I'm not saying, "Thank goodness she had a miscarriage," or anything, but ... well ... maybe fate has other plans for her. And maybe that's a good thing.
I agree that Lily Allen got pregnant very quickly, but she was handling it very well. She had stopped her partying ways and was trying to prepare to be a good mother, and its really too bad that she had a miscarriage, they're hard enough to deal with, never mind in the public light. Maybe fate did have other plans for her, but I think that she would have been okay even if the plan included a baby. Maybe I'm just an idealist.

Historian likens Tom Cruise to Goebbels.

On a different note, apparentlt, according to one of the gossip sites, Brad Renfro had a young son.
i'm surprised no one has insinuated that lily allen had a smashmortion
Why would they? It seemed that she wanted the baby.
Heath Ledger died.
omg. i rushed into the Lounge cause I just saw the news posted in my email about him. Terrible. So sad.
I was seriously shocked about hearing that on the news. I had a huge crush on him when I was younger.

Very sad.
Wow. Just wow. I was just talking to somebody yesterday about how good of a young Joker we thought he'd be.
When I heard, I was absolutely astounded. I still am. Of all the people. I would have never expected.
anna k
Yeah, he looked good as the Joker in the Batman trailer.

I wasn't a fan of him (he seemed pissy and sour), but this is a real surprise. It's so sad for his daughter, will grow up hearing about him but not remembering him, like Frances Bean Cobain.
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