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Was she always this stupid and we just didn't know it because her handlers managed to keep it from the public?

Yes, she was always stupid. Maybe the kinder term is "immature", but I for one have no sympathy for the girl. She treats her sons the same way she treats those poor little boutique dogs of hers: like accessories. As little respect I have for Paris Hilton, at least she hasn't made any babies.

Sorry to bring up the Scientology arguement again, but I'd like to say that I agree that the Catholic church has extremely shady manipulations of its own, thats why I left it...but with that in mind, why is it acceptable for the Scientologists to get away with that stuff? It seems strange to me to defend them simply because "well, major religions started out as cults too." I mean, do we *want* another scary cult to become a mainstream religion? I don't.

Britney must have always been that stupid - although tbh, her teen years haven't exactly been conductive to developing common sense. I still feel sorry for her, as no-one seems to care enough to step in and really do something, and I was hoping she'd make a comeback. Or grow up and settle down, and she's none nothing...

pam anderson scares me. and ewwwww... come on, he screwed paris! no no no!
i actually feel bad for britney. but crazy is as crazy does.

and pam anderson. well, i tried to like her. i mean, VIP was a funny show. but, she just has absolutely no taste in men. terrible.
"stupid", no. mentally ill, yes.

i think it was a good decision to take the children away from her, but i hardly think it was a good decision to give them to k-fed *sigh*

girl needs to go to therapy, get on serious medication, and be surrounded by people who tell her she's worthwhile as a person, even when she doesn't look like a sex symbol.
greenbean Britney surrenders the kids early and goes to the dmv.

girl needs to go to therapy, get on serious medication, and be surrounded by people who tell her she's worthwhile as a person, even when she doesn't look like a sex symbol.
I totally agree, but sadly I found out the hard way (having a mentally ill person in my family) that its nearly impossible to convince a person they need help when they are, literally, crazy. And you cant force an adult to get help, unless they do something illegal (and even then they could resist). Thats why there are many crazies in the street---thanks Reagan!
Hey, Y'all! wink.gif

Been a while since I've posted, but I've been lurking around for a bit reading y'all's posts. (Such good fun!)

I am one of the poor saps who feels bad for the Britney. I personally know how it is to fuck up big time and then have to pay. Gah!!

Pam Anderson's shit is just freaking me out. Ewwwwww!! The dudes she picks are always! Who was it below that said that? Right on, sis!


Plus---that dude she's trying to marry now?? Yeah. Just wierd lookin' as hell! ohmy.gif
I totally agree Mouse.

I feel really bad for her. I feel bad when any parent gets their children taken away from them.
i have to say, i actually really like pam anderson. i think that, while she's certainly not an intellectual, she has her heart and greater intentions in the right place, and she's thought enough about many things to have really strong opinions.

sure, she's a big slut and i totally hate her taste in men, but why does that have to matter? to each her own. men who do that don't get condemned for it. she does exactly what she wants, she's totally honest and accepting about who she is and the choices she makes, she's not in any of those trashy catty celeb fueds, she's down to make fun of herself (see borat movie), she's an outspoken supporter of peta, she's battling hep c and supporting finding cures and demolishing stereotypes of both it and aids, she loves her kids and is raising them well as a single mom. she produces her own show. while yes, she got and lost (and got back?) the boobs, she's not all stretched out plastic surgeried, and she's not starving herself or flashing her vag in inappropriate places to get attention (appropriate ones, though, yes). she strikes me as being really comfortable and happy with herself, for all that she is, and i admire that. at the same time, she doesn't put on any holier than thou airs like a lot of celebs who are doing good things.

sounds pretty feminist to me.
anna k
I'm mixed on Pamela Anderson. She looks so hard for her age and hooks up with sleazy immature guys, but she's cute and likeable in interviews, and seems both trashy and classy at the same time. I liked her beach house on MTV Cribs. It was a little overstuffed with furniture and other stuff for being a small house, but I liked the shots of her running on the beach with her golden retriever.
i guess i'm with mouse, yeah the dude is super sleazy, and it's sure to end in ruin, but i can't see what's wrong with wanting love. don't we all?
Yeah I was reading my horoscope recently (I'm a Cancer) and it described Pamela Anderson as a true Cancer gal: opininated and emotional, who sometimes seems like a slutty party girl but is really searching for "the one". Guess I can relate, heh.
I heard this morning that Britney gave her kids up 48 hours earlier than she had to because she had a tanning appointment?

Yesterday, I heard James Blunt give a rather good interview about the celebrity industry, and how gross it is and that maybe people should be focussing on the two wars going on, and poverty, instead of the minutiae of entertainers lives.

Too bad he's such a talentless wanker....
oh snap! laugh.gif
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Oct 2 2007, 11:37 PM) *
i guess i'm with mouse, yeah the dude is super sleazy, and it's sure to end in ruin, but i can't see what's wrong with wanting love. don't we all?

Of course we all want love. But at some point a gal has got to learn that there aren't a lot of diamonds to be found in the dumpster, ya know?

Pam dates - and marries - the trashiest, oilest guys around. It's no surprise to me that these relationships don't work for her. And this next guy is possibly the biggest loser of all! I mean, if you want to be with a guy who will love and respect you, you should probably avoid the guy who's most famous for selling homemade sex tapes for fun & profit. Or maybe that's the thing that brought them together. Afterall, it's one thing they have in common. rolleyes.gif

I'm sure Pam is a lovely person in lots of ways, but on the whole, I think she is supremely trashy. Hopefully someday she'll learn to respect herself enough to dig out of the dumpster & find a nice guy.
Hee at 'talentless wanker' and 'diamonds in the dumpster'....
I am one person who wishes we never had to hear from James Blunt ever again. Shut up shut up shut up......I feel like I have to cover my ears and sing la la la la la la la whenever I ever see a photo of him. It's pavlovian, and not a choice. To hear him prattling on about celebrities when he's made his fortune manipulating that industry (it wasn't by his "talent", ffs) is just too much for me.

On Pamela Anderson: I don't know if she just likes the bad boys, and refuses to write them off or judge them because of their reputed pasts or whatever...but she does seem completely in control of the way her image is used in the media. And that is saying quite a lot to her credit. I always think of her as the sex-doll icon equivalent of Dorothy Parker: quite effective and powerful in her own business interests, but truly vulnerable in the department of her desires. Unlike Dorothy, though, I don't think Pam feels like she's as resourceless as Mrs. Parker did. I could never imagine Pam trying to kill herself over and over again, until she finally got it right.

Girl Trouble: we do all want love, we do all need it, and it's the pursuit of that need fulfilment that leads many people to make less than commendable choices. Seems to me we like to condemn a lot of women for that. Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson...
On Britney - she reminds me of a girl that I knew in hight school. She lived w/my family for a little over a year before she ran off with my sister's ex-fiancee (b/c that's the kind of classy town I am from.) Anyway, this girl was not a great mom and should never have had children. She wasn't mean and she loved her kids but she didn't know what to do with them and she would not put forth the effort to learn. She kept trying to find the right guy who would make all the horrible choices that she made work out. Finally, she gave up custody of both her children to the one nice guy she ever hooked up with (the father of her son.) Last I heard, she visited when she remembered to but her kids are as happy as they can be w/the guy. I just think that she did not want thoes children or she would have tried harder to keep them.

As for Pam Anderson, I always thought she seemed pretty sweet. I just don't understand what she is doing with those guys. I mean, it makes no sense to me at all.

On a happier note, I saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah the other day. Apparently her son has struggled with autism for years. She had really become an activist in learning about and treating autism with natural food medicine (connecting food allergies w/autism, finding the best stuff for behavioral issues.) It was a really inspiring interview. And it said wonderful things about Jim Carrey, whom she is currently with, I think, and how much he has learned b/c he loves her and her son. Holly Robinson Pete (sp) was also on talking about her son. Just the whole story was informative and heart-warming.
I know a lot of super cool girls who date f@#king morons and I guess that's how I see Pam Anderson's relations with men. It's a little more extreme though because of the celebrity factor. The thing I like about Pam Anderson is that she seems so REAL, despite how made-up and fake she looks. Her flaws are obvious and many, but so are her strengths and principles. I don't get any B.S. vibes from her.

I gotta see the most recent Britney performance. I'm assuming it's already on YouTube. *runs off to watch*

ETA- Kitten, I saw Jenny McCarthy on Good Morning America recently and she seemed so grown-up and sincere!! Not at all the bratty skank that she used to be!!
this highly amused me! laugh.gif
So I'm sitting here watching stupid Entertainment Tonight (yeah yeah, perpetuating the cycle) and they are "reporting" on Britney's first court-supervised visit with her children and I can't help but think SHE CAN CHOOSE to dodge the paps: SHE CAN CHOOSE to not drive a convertible, SHE CAN CHOOSE to not live the minutae of her life in the public eye (other celebrities who are just as famous do it all the time), etc. etc. etc. Waah waah wahh, she's not a fuckin' victim of the paps. I don't really have a point here except to say I find it all fucking annoying.

Ah ha ha, James Blunt totally is a talentless wanker! I hate that "you're beautiful" song of his. Barfarama.
anna k
I believe people can avoid the paparazzi too by leading normal lives and not being bothered by people, they may choose to be famewhores or to get attention. I live in NYC, and have seen several celebrities walking around, and thought they looked ordinary and unassuming in person. Britney and Kevin didnt have to put their kids' faces out there. I like that Christian Bale and his wife chose not to publically reveal their daughter's name to the press, or that Christina Aguilera is obviously pregnant but not making a press release about it. I found out that Zoe Kravitz, Lenny and Lisa Bonet's daughter, is attending my old alma mater in her freshman year. I don't think she'll be bothered, as she isn't a celebrity (she's done some film roles, but isn't like a star kid), and Ron Perlman's daughter attended my school too and nobody bothered her (probably because Ron isn't too well-known). Living a private life as a major celebrity can be done, and Britney gets off on the attention even as her life is falling apart. It's sick and sad.
JLo is pregnant with twins?! Those poor, poor children...

anna, where do you see these celebs walking around? because my friend and i try to spot celebs everytime we go into the city, and no such luck. well, i saw heather graham and austin scarlett, but other than that, no go.

i don't know if brit can really avoid the paps. true, she could NOT drive a convertible, etc. like you said, but i think the time of her being able to pass for a "normal" person is long gone. she's a bigger (and different) level of celebrity than, say, christian bale or natalie portman. she could (and should) stop doing things to draw more attention to herself and stop hitting the club scene, but really, if you look at all the photos, a lot of them are just her at restaurants and gas stations (*sigh* wearing ratty extensions and no pants...)

and she's trained the paparazzi to follow her around and photograph her exploits through her entire career. i think it's snowballed to a point that's mostly out of her control now.
anna k
I've seen Elvis Costello and Heather Matarazzo in the east forties, Sam Rockwell and Martha Plimpton at the UCB comedy club in the west twenties, and Fred Willard at a theater in the west seventies. I don't hang out in Soho or upper Manhattan much, where a lot of famous people have residences. I'm originally from Long Island, and for being such a big place, there's a lot of people I know who knew some L.I. celebrities before they were famous or have seen them around. Dee Snider, Billy Joel, Eddie Murphy, Natalie Portman, Lindsay Lohan, Heather Matarazzo, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, etc.
I cannot believe that we let this thread drop so far down!

Anyway: R Kelly's publicist has resigned b/c it seems that he slept with her daughter:
ICK! That dude is such a sleezeball I cannot believe it.
that Charlie Sheen/Denise Richards drama is becoming too much.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Dec 2 2007, 05:56 PM) *
I cannot believe that we let this thread drop so far down!

Anyway: R Kelly's publicist has resigned b/c it seems that he slept with her daughter:

When will ppl learn to keep their little girls away from him? rolleyes.gif
I mean, he's slept with every person's daughter, niece, and little sister that he's worked with!

I guess well all 4got about his the marriage to Aaliyah (when she was 15 and he was 26)
Looks like the publicist's daughter was 19. Isn't that a little old for R. Kelly's tastes?
Since he has known her since she was 4, there is no way of knowing when he started sleeping with her. Not that this isn't all just theorizing but I really dislike him so I'm willing to do it.
So true, rose!!

I'm sure he was pursuing her before she was 18. Who knows. Maybe he actually waited til she was 18.
I seriously doubt that R. Kelly waited to sleep with her until she was 18, if they were doing it they probably did it before she was 18.
He's been grooming that girl for years.
So.... unsure.gif Is Britney pregnant or not? unsure.gif

I mean...with all the crap going 'round about it now, who knows?

man, i feel bad for britney---i wonder who would even have sex with her.
I am shocked! Just shocked I tell you!

Pamela Anderson files for divorce

It seems like only two months ago that Pamela Anderson was aglow with happiness over her quickie Las Vegas wedding to Rick Salomon.

Actually, it was.

But the 40-year-old ex-"Baywatch" beauty has filed for divorce from her 38-year-old husband after just two months of marriage.

Anderson cited irreconcilable differences in papers filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The documents were first obtained by the celebrity Web site

Anderson and Salomon wed Oct. 6 during a break between the 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. shows of "Hans Klok's The Beauty of Magic" at Planet Hollywood resort, where Anderson was starring as a magician's assistant. The couple separated less than 10 weeks later, on Dec. 13.

Salomon is best known for making a sex videotape with Paris Hilton, his girlfriend at the time, and was previously married to actress Shannen Doherty. Anderson was previously married to singer Kid Rock and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

... not so fast!!

PS - we're working things out ...

seriously - don't you believe me?

ha! but the queston is ... do we care?? I think not.

i'm just wondering when the sex tape will come out. i can't imagine any other reason why ANYONE would date that sleazy asshole, unless they were desperate for sex tape attention. even pam had to know the deal, she couldn't have thought he loved her unless he's got world class game and a degree in hypnosis.
jamie lynn spears knocked up? i'm only moderately surprised. is that a stronger word than "pity"? 'cos i'm feelin that for the spears clan...
Oh snap, COCL. You scooped me on it, so good job on that. I can't say I'm surprised by it, either. Nice to see that she looks up to her older sis, eh. blink.gif
Oh man, are you serious?? How old is Jamie Lynn??
She is 16, and the father is her long term 19 year old boyfriend. She plans on raising the child in Louisiana.
Where I'm from, that age difference is considered statutory rape. I'm so glad to see that Nickelodeon, a supposed kid station, is announcing this oh-so-happy event. It's just sad, sad, sad that this is supposed to be a not-unpleasant piece of news.

At least Britney was over 18 when she got knocked up.
snow white
QUOTE(Divala @ Dec 19 2007, 01:31 PM) *
I'm so glad to see that Nickelodeon, a supposed kid station, is announcing this oh-so-happy event.

i was a little un-nerved by that too... nick is a channel for little kids!

i actually heard the "news" on the e! channel, as a "breaking news story"...nothing like glamorizing teen pregnancy


I went on a rant about this in the CBC thread. If this was any other 16 year old, she'd be demonized, but becuase it's someone who is *snorts* a celebrity, it's okay. Indeed snow white, talking about glamourizing teen pregnancy.

And, the Spears mother is writing a book about...*drum roll please* parenting. Let's see, would you take parenting advice from a family who's eldest daughter had both of her children taken away from her, shows her cooch to the world, drinks and drives, and the other daughter is now going to be a teen mother. Sounds like the kind of parents I'd take advice from.

I agree. The Spears' are just white trash, glamourized. In any other situation they would be scorned or looked down upon, not people to be looked up to. Sad.

Also, I heard that the Spears mother's book has been put on hold, indefinitely.

Looks like Miss Britney has officially lost custody of the two boys, and done got hauled off to the booby hatch!!

You know we are in insane times when K-Fed is the good parent....
I just read that Elyse Sewell (who was on America's Next Top Model) and her boyfriend Marty somebody, who is a member of the Shins, were both arrested after a domestic dispute. He's still in custody, and Elyse wrote about it on her LJ blog but locked the page not long afterward.

Sigh. Britney's breakdown, domestic violence's kinda all sad gossip lately. I long for celeb goss that's all about flirtations and unexpected hook-ups.
Speaking of insane times:

The headline is "Cruise is second most powerful Scientologist."
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