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Hey now! I actually own Porter Wagoner CDs. The man had panache in his Nudie suits! You couldn't pay me enough to buy a Keith Urban disc, though.
wow. Is it possible to hate, nay despise, someone just from watching them laugh?

I mean, the affected way she holds her phone...and covers her struck me out of the 48230 times I have seen a picture of her, or read a quote, I have NEVER, EVER seen her actually moving, or actually heard her say something! I know she was on that horrible show but I'm proud to say I never saw it.

God I hate her. More hatred than should be allowed for people you have never even met.
Aquagirl, who is this of which you speak? Nicole Kidman? Lindsay? Eva Herzigova? Stella McCartney? Or Janice Dickenson? All of them bug me.
I think she means Paris Hilton in that creepy video of her and that bloated loser ranting about Lindsay Lohan's pubic hair.

While I know that I've always known that Paris Hilton is worthless trash, it's never been communicated quite so clearly as in that video - listening to her coked-up giggle, you can tell she's too stupid to understand that this could easily destroy what little 'career' she's built up. The media guys watching it know though, you can hear the excitement buzzing - you just know they're hearing dollars, the price of their photos probably went up everytime whatsisname screamed 'firecrotch!'
I'm guessing aquagirl meant Paris.

I've only just watched the paris/brandon video, and serious heartage to GFY. And... urgh. I can't stand Paris. Or Brandon. I feel kind-of sorry for lindsay.
at the risk of being excommunicated from the cool lunch table .... who is brandon davis?

sorry, but i just cannot watch that video. paris hilton makes me run screaming in the opposite direction.

and while not a lohan-lovah, i now feel sorry for her. a little.
Hee. Don't worry. Brandon Davis is rich. That is all. I've seen him lurking in the background of photos, but this is the first time he's actually, uh, distinguished himself in anyway
oh, GFY girls, you are so awesome. They are like the cool girls in high school who stuck up for all the dorks and trashed the alpha crowd mightily.

And Paris Hilton really needs to be dropped off in Darfur or Nigeria without her cell phone, credit cards, identification, cash, or shampoo. With Brandon Davis as her tour guide.
That video is beyond pathetic. Its like, mind-numbing. "she makes 7 million which to me is poor". Who talks like that? Gaawd. I cannot imagine living through high school snarkyness and posteuring 10 years after high school. I hope Lindsey leaves this scene while shes still young. what turds.
I really can't feel sorry for Lindsay on this one. In every interview I have ever read, she name drops a lot, and not always in a flattering manner. You would have to figure that if you flap your jaw to the press about these people, they will reciprocate, and these are "celebs" not known for their tact or class. Yes, it's repulsive, however, not exactly unexpected.
That video made me want to cry. What happened to tact and grace? I want celebrities that I can look up to, not people I'm ashamed of. Nobody should say the things that guy did about anyone.

I miss Katherine Hepburn.
Paris Hilton now joins Jessica Simpson and Tom Cruise on my celebrity hitlist.

Brandon Davis is not a celebrity therefore he can't be put on my celebrity hitlist.
I've just been doing a google image search for still's from 'Rosemary's Baby' (it's for work), and a fair amount of pregnant Katie Holmes pictures appeared. Ha!

Has anyone here made that connection before? Because it's a good'un!
"Lacks any redeeming qualities, any humanity, any deoderant.." ahahahahaha I heart the fuggers 4-eva.
What a vile vile boy. I can understand why Paris is pissed at Firecrotch (She did go on a date with Stavros and Stavros is Paris's man) but she seems to have forgotton that SHE stole Stavros from Mary-kate in the first place.

And doesn't she remember all the shit Brandon Davis talked about her when that video of Paris calling a black man a nigger came out? He ranted about HER to all the tabloids and now here she is, cackling like a coke whore, with the very douche who attempted to ruin her 'career' last year.

I have no sympathy for Lindsay Lohan, however. She talks so much shit about everyone else and she is such a hater (Writing "Scarlett is a bloody cunt" on a bathroom wall becasue she's jealous of her was beyond UNCALLED FOR)that I can't really muster up any pity when the ballet flat'n'legging is on the other foot.

These people are all disgusting and I actually wish our country would revert from Captialism to Socialism so we could take all thier fucking money and reassign it to those who actually need it, then give that greasy douchebag a job in a treatment plant where he could smell real diareah. Maybe he'd be less inclined to insinuate other people's vagina smelled like it then.
I was in a salon getting my hair done the other day and we all spontaneously agreed that Paris Hilton is not at all attractive. She isn't. She's hideous. And she always had that snobby, smirky, twitchy face. OOOgly
I wrote this last night and then fell asleep before posting it so, here it goes.

I am lame. I just spent the last hour looking up info on the Davis family.

Interestingly, Brandon Davis's father is named Bilo Zarif. His mother is the daughter of the oil tycoon. I wonder what happened there. I found some pics of his mother, Nancy Davis and of his father.

I came across this archived blog about his family too. The Rockettes thing is a little coked-out-weird but exactly what you would expect I guess.

Also, Howard Stern rips into Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton on his radio show.
thanks for the brandon davis enlightenment. once more, busties make me feel like i can at least pretend i'm in the know.

miss_jane, is ashton kutcher on your celebrity hitlist too? just wondrun, cuz so far you and i are three for three. hee.

jemisoutrageous, how do you find all this stuff?? you're a veritable font of gossip! double hee.

zora, i so agree. there is so little dignity and class out there anymore. i mean, i'm sure kate and grace and audrey and ingrid did their fair share of catty backbiting and dissing, but at least they were demure about it. or maybe they weren't. maybe the gossip columnists weren't sniffing up their asses back then. maybe there were boundaries and at least a semblance of 'off the record' and an honor system.

or not. talking out of my ass here. someday maybe there will be other far worse scumbags that will make paris and lindsey and mary kate look like goddesses. *shudder*

now. someone needs to tell me who the peldon's are. i've gotten nothing definitive via google, dammit. are they just party-circuit celebs too?
O.k. I don't mean to sound naive. Well I guess am, seeing as I only talk to a 2 and 3 year old all day. What exactly is a firecrotch? Is it to mean that her crotch is burning (from some disease), and makes her partners feel like they're on fire? Or is it because she has red hair - down there?
Sorry if someone already asked this?
courtney peldon goes out with crispin glover which makes me sad

the peldon's are crappy actresses
Firecrotch= Red pubes.

NOt really an insult.
Considering my redhead fetish, no! not an insult at all!

And, what is up with this "redheads dying it BLONDE" thing? Oh, the humanity!! I just saw Laura Prepon on the last 70s show with blonde effin hair. And Lindsay. And even Axl.

Come ON! OWN IT!!!

Maybe this should go in the "crimes of fashion" thread...
whammy, i think i read somewhere that laura prepon was actually blonde, and she dyed her hair for that 70s show. but her blonde hair now is tooooo light. some people need to accept their dirty blonde fates
Mandy-di-dee...I have no life and I read US, In Touch, Star AND Life and Style every week.
mando, not at the moment but give me a reason and I'm sure I can find a place for him!

I thought it might mean she had a std too, but then I realised it was on about her red hair.
I just wanna say that I'm not a fan of Lindsey's either, and I thought it was funny when Nick Lachey dogged on her,...but Brandon Davis went over the line, and whats most pathetic is that as rich as he is, hes not witty. I mean, I like my rich people to be intellectual snoots with conversation skills rich with double entendres and cheeky riddles. But to repeat "firecrotch" over and over again as if he invented the term? thats pretty juvenile and not even funny... not what I would expect from someone who could afford higher education and travel.
why does everyone (GFY and stern) have to use weight to take down brandon davis? granted, he's horrible slime for what he did, but does calling him "fat" really right the wrong?

i though men loved redheads. . .
behere, i agree...

greenbean, i like what you have to say about his intellect - i think more people should go after that/criticize that, rather than his weight/bloatedness. and i thought the term firecrotch referred to some kind of std, too.
It wasn't even him saying it. If you notice, Paris Hilton kept whispering it in his ear.
Why does fugly's mother look like she's looking skyward in every picture? It looks really bad, like she's either unconscious or so bored she doesn't care who sees her roll her eyes.

But wow, that's a whole lotta celeb immaturity. Glad to see them out there, wasting resources and bringing down the IQ of humanity in general. Didn't they always tell us when we were in high school that things get easier when you're an adult, at least the socializing-in-the-sandbox part?
I feel sorry for Britney Spears. She almost dropped Sean Preston when she took him out to go to FAO Schwarz. They advertise her as such a bad mom. I bet she wishes she wasn't famous anymore.
Free Spirit, She is a crappy mother. Everything she's done so far has proven thus. The latest car seat incident is just another way of proving it. And I never bought her excuse the first time around, if she was really worried about his safety he'd be tight in his car seat. Facing the proper way. Sitting on her lap while she's driving he had more chance to get hurt then secure in a car seat. She has rocks for brains that one.

The story goes she had a glass in one hand the baby barely in the other, and such long pants on that she kept tripping over them.

The girl should not be having a second. And especially with that dumbass husband of hers.

As for Lindsay and that Scarlett rumor, I heard that's all it really was. That it's just some gossip going around that she wrote that about Scarlett but it was never proven true.

I actually like that girl, I don't think she behaves that great. But I remember being her age and yikes, I was out partying and not being the smartest either. She just needs someone strong to reel her in and help her settle down. The girl actually does have acting chops and if she chilled out and got serious she'd be pretty terrific.

If you ask me, Lindsay reminds me of Drew. She kind of erupted at the same age and did the same crap, messed up. Then one day straightened out.

As for Hilton and Davis, they're both losers. I wish Paris Hilton would just disappear or better yet, go off to the jungle and get kidnapped by cannibals.
hey charli,

after watching that video, my money is on paris dying in a car crash (who issued her a driver's license anyway?). plus cannibals wouldn't snatch her unless they needed to pick their teeth after a real meal...
While I was getting my hair done yesterday, I was reading Us Weekly, (I don't usually read it- I rely on you girls to supply me with the celeb gossip I need!) and it was an older issue, right after the high chair incident. They had a little sidebar article about the specific high chair that she has- it's some brand that I've never heard of, and it cost $49 at Target, KMart, wherever. I thought, Couldn't she afford a better high chair? I don't think anyone's even blaming the high chair itself, but my SIL based her choice of crib, high chair, car seat on the safety ratings and her high chair was about $150. Not that expensive=safe or cheap means not safe, but it was just surprising that she wouldn't buy the most expensive, designer high chair they have out there. And of course, no amount of $ means that human error couldn't prevent it from happening. I wonder if she had one of those "child proofing consultants" come through. I think she really needs some parenting classes. She's just dumb as a box of rocks!
Aw shucks, I think I may be the only person left who hearts Britney. She just needs time, no one is perfect. She has so much going on, everything must be overwhelming in her life. Granted she will never have financial worries, but look at everything else. I wish her good luck. I think she is normal and down to earth (why is she the only person to get picked on for eating cheetos, smoking cigarettes, and drinking red bull? why does everyone want to say she is trailer trash when she wears her comfy clothes and just wants to come outside without having primped for 2 hours prior) i feel that everyone has all these expectations on her just because she is in the public eye, but she is a person first. I hope she is doing fine and makes a comeback (even though probably not likely) Anyway, I heart you Britney Spears and I love Overprotected and Slave for You.
*Runs out of thread ducking for loving Brit Brit*
(back to lurking)
I have to come out on Team Lindsey's side. I admit that I was hating on her for a while - a few acting credits and since then a life mostly wasted on booze, coke and namedropping. BUT THEN I realized she was only 18! Geez, I'm 29 and I'm only just starting to contribute to society. I agree with charli... she needs some time.
Ummm, Britney also has enough resources to take responsibility for her lack of knowledge re-child rearing, and hire herself a nanny and some experts. It's hard to work up sympathy for someone who has taken no steps to rein in her ignorance about subjects which may actually mean life or death for her own damn child. I could give a shit if she walks around in flip flops and curlers all the time. She's an idiot.
aw, free spirit, you can always sit next to me.

in other news, good on Halle for calling that DJ on his racist crap.

and I was so excited with my little celeb sighting yesterday! I was going to the mall, and hit the elevator button to go from the parking structure to the mall. The doors whooshed open and standing in front of me was Jay Manuel! It was hysterical because he was taking up all the room - he was in the middle with everyone else mooshed into the corners, looking for all the world like he was mid-pose. ("I need you to be FIERCE -- like THIS!") Then the doors slid shut and the elevator kept going.

It was awesome.
maybe Britney is one of those rich people who is also cheap?? I know people like that. they have millions but complain about having to spend $15 for a haircut!
as for PH, charli and gogosgirl, you crack me up!!
As I've said before, I do feel a little sorry for her because every parent (especially with their first kid) has some oops experience- she just has it playing out in the media, and unfortunately, doesn't seem to be striving to remedy her ignorance.
behere, i totally agree...but in gfy's defense, they've always been pretty great about weight--congratulating when a skinny starlet starts looking healthier, and giving heavier subjects the same treatment as anyone else--dissing their clothes based on fit and style, not necessarily the body underneath, and ESPECIALLY not letting them off the hook just cos they don't fit a hollywood beauty standard (i think that the attitude "everyone is fair game" is somehow more respectable than only picking on skinnies). case in point, the entry below brandon about plus-size model emme.

the epithet "tubby" was pretty out of character for them, but reading the rest of the post i think they meant it as, he's gross and bloat-y, most likely because he doesn't take that great care of himself and clearly drinks too much for his own good.
i feel terrible for britney spears. accidents happen. all she can do is her best and at least she wants to be around her baby and cares more about him than her hair and ass. how is pointing a finger at her laughing about what a horrible mother she is going to help? new moms need as much love and support as the baby does. and every new parent is a confused idiot at first. there is no way to be truly prepared for all the shit that can happen from the moment that kid is born, expensive highchair or not.
CNN has a new story about how Britney stumbled and almost dropped the baby (but instead just dropped his orange hat)

This is hilarious. My mom dropped me on my head on a concrete floor when I was a baby and lost me in a Las Vegas casino when I was 8. And she is mother of the year. (non-sarcastic)
honestly, i like the fact that even though britney supposedly 'has money', she goes for the $50 target stuff as opposed to the swankiest designer baby yuppette crap.

firstly, i have a feeling she doesn't have the money we all assume she does -- from what i've heard, she got SCREWED on her first record deal, and in the music industry there isn't a whole lot of money to be made at the beginning of one's career. And she hasn't shown the shrewd business skills of someone like Madonna. she probably doesn't have a good financial planner. she's also supported her family with the money she's made. so as to how much money she really and truly HAS (as opposed to contractually provided stuff, celebrity goody bags, credit, etc.) none of us can really say.

i also wonder if stuff like the $50 high chair wasn't a baby gift from an old friend or family member -- there's something extremely snooty about people who are the only one in their circle to have money, and then 'have to have' designer crap, thus making everyone else in the family/community feel bad about not being able to live up to that.

i like the fact that she doesn't think she's too good for Target. Most people in this country get their baby stuff there or the equivalent, and most of their kids survive childhood.

And i'm not knocking correct carseat placement or anything, but when i was a kid 20-odd years ago those rules didn't exist (i remember circa 1985 my newborn brother coming home from the hospital in a front-facing carseat). And we all lived through it.
I'm with you on some of your points, bklyn, but no, we didn't all live through front-facing car seats. Sorry. Just like we didn't all live through the era of no car seats, or no seat belts.

Safety regulations are there because dangers actually exist. Babies actually get their heads stuck between the bars of cribs and become injured, suffocate in their sleep on fluffy pillows, get strangled on the cords of venetian blinds, drown in shallow buckets of water, etc.

This shit is serious. Ask any parent of a dead baby. Ask my husband, who has epilepsy due to scar tissue on his brain that is likely there because his father shook him. I fell on a concrete floor as an infant, and I'm OK, but that is LUCK.

Accidents happen, but I don't accept people doing stupid stuff when they know better, have a choice, and have resources...all because it'll probably be OK. And please don't say all cavalierly, "We all lived through it," because that isn't true.
i know that. again, i'm not saying we shouldn't use those resources, follow those guidelines. that child safety regulations should not exist.

i just wish people would leave that poor girl alone.
bklyn, you bought up such a good point regarding britney's money. chances are, she doesn't have quite as much as we all think.

some of the mistakes she is making are just lack of plain ol' common sense. i am as clumsy as they come, and because of that i wouldn't try and carry my infant as well as a drink. while wearing platform shoes. but hey, that's just me and my choices.

where is her momma? doesn't she have any friends or cousins with kids? i feel like she is raising this child alone, albeit in the media spotlight. every parent, new and otherwise, makes mistakes, BUT in this day and age we all have resources to prevent some of the more common mishaps. there are tons of books out there that are chock full of baby tips.

all that said, i actually feel bad for the girl. it is such a trainwreck, and i find myself more and more fascinated by it every day.

that brandon davis is just ICK. ewww. i want to wash my eyes off with ammonia after seeing his greaseball face.
and while i usually don't agree with sizism and "fat" comments, it is sort of nice to see the tables turned for once and hear comments like that about a guy.
Word, Amilita. Also I don't buy "give her time" as an argument. You don't always have time where a child is concerned. People have this idea that because babies and toddlers can't tell you and/or remember about things that happened to them as little ones, it somehow doesn't count later on. Let me tell you--so very much damage can be done at that point. Doesn't matter if they remember or not. A baby once it's born is not that much less vulnerable--and in some ways is much more--than when in utero.

So yeah, we didn't all live through it. It's just that those who didn't aren't here to say so. And I'd cut her more slack if it seemed like she gave a shit about being a good parent, rather than it all being about playing some mommy game.

Oh, and however much money she has, it's a shitload more than me.
Y'll have seen the Trent's comments on Britney right?
If not check it out..freakin hilarious. "help me jeebus!"
Poor kid. Britney looks drunk.
This is so fucking awesome. Who actually would admit to getting bitch slapped by Tommy farking Hilfiger? Axl, that's who. 491135921

You got slapped around by a fashion designer & a not very good one in my opinion. Perhaps you'd like to make an appt with my hairdresser in Five Points. She'll give you a weave that's a damn sight better than what you've got & she could totally kick your ass.

This makes it even funnier:
Yeah, and besides the drink and the platform shoes is the fact that Britney never has her jeans hemmed!

And I do think celebrities have some degree of control over how much they are in the spotlight. If you take money to have a reality show about yourself, you are not doing what you can to preserve your privacy.

And she may not have tons and tons of money, but she's not exactly wondering where her next meal is coming from, so a big whatever to that. I have some sympathy for her, but not much. She does seem very alone, which is sad and has to be scary. She's made some really stupid decisions, and the biggest one was to procreate with K.F. in the first place.
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