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QUOTE(seven @ Jun 1 2007, 06:28 PM) *
Why does it piss me off so much to here women say "i'm not such a huge feminist" or even "not sure if I would call myself a feminist"... why? I know that I try not to judge people, but when I read what J. Alba said, I feel like shaking her. Why are women afraid to call themselves feminists. Well, I know why, but that fear of judgement has GOT to go.

That bugs me too. Why bother even saying it?

Obviously everyone knows who Jessica Alba is. People can plainly see that she's not a fat ugly hairy man-hating bitter lesbian in a flannel (have I left anything out???) so what is there to be afraid of in saying that you are a feminist?
hellotampon - I agree. She is blatantly an attractive, healthy, wealthy, cover-of-magazines type of girl...I would think it might be even more empowering for her to say, "lookeeeee here, I'm all of these things that the media hypes to be "perfect" AND I'm a feminist."

It would be refreshing.

Seven, you said it perfectly with "Why even bother saying it?"

It's a statement that must be made by every girl-of-the-moment who looks like she might have an ounce of intelligence. She's got to calm everyone down about it, so none of us feel threatened by it. And it's not like they're ever asked, "hey, are you a feminist?" either (or that part's rarely recorded, if it is asked). It's always just stated, like an apology, completely unbidden.
Another big reason that many women don't identify themselves as "feminist,"
along with being successfully intimidated by all the anti-feminist BS,
is 'cause they think individualistically.

When I ask women who take their own equality very seriously, but don't....
this is what it so often boils down to:

They're concerned to assert themselves in their own lives, in relation to their father, boss, bf, husband, etc
and they might connect this with similar challenges that their gal friends are up to,
but there's little sense that this is part of a larger effort....
that includes pay scales and promotion practices at Walmart,
age old sexist doctrines of Catholicism, Judaism,
teenage prostitutes in Africa who are forced into unprotected sex,
brides in India who are being murdered because their doweries are too small.
etc etc etc. etc etc etc etc etc

Once the larger project comes into view, then there's no other word /ideal than "feminism" that covers it.
dude. sarah silverman is awesome. yea, i watched the mtv awards..mainly b/c she hosted it, mixed with a big bag of guilty pleasure of watching what people were wearing...

anyhoo - she rocks it, esp because she ripped on all the behavior of the girls who suck. namely, paris hilton, blohan, etc...

apparently paris left early b/c of silverman's comments regarding the jail bars being painted like penis' to make her feel like home. tee hee. i'm evil, this I know.
Sarah Silverman is amazing! I wish that they had more skits with her in it. I assumed that because she was the host that they would have her do all sorts of stuff and we would see more of her, I was kinda disappointed by that.

I loved when she was talking about Paris! You could see it all over her face when Sarah started talking about her that she was seething! She was so mad! I loved it.
So Paris is out of jail and under "house arrest" for an undisclosed "medical condition." Ugh. Stupid bitch.

If anyone else cried all day they'd just say "tough shit." But no, this is Paris we're talking about.
I was just coming to Post about Paris. The Officer from the sheriff dept. was talking around in circles saying that she had served 5 full days in jail which is the normal serving time for a crime of this manner, which if that is the case I was totally unaware! And if she was at the movie awards how does that count as a full day and the same thing with today? I realize that they are counting this as a "reassignment" and she is serving her term out at home, but at the same time is that fair to anyone else who has done the same thing she has? I am sure that anyone else in there would want to spend their time at home too. I want to know what her medical condition is.
that is such bullshit about Paris. I just read that it had to do with the fact that she was refusing to eat the prison food and had not eaten in a couple days. Not like that's probably difficult for her to do or anything....

Does she not realize that this will make her fodder for even more jokes and sneering at her? Not that it really matters, I guess.

but it does piss me off at the such obvious preferential treatment she's being given. I really wish the court would just say "fuck you, you're staying" and keep her there. I've gone from being mildly amused about the whole paris / jail thing to just being disgusted all the way around.
HA! That was my original theory (about her refusing to eat) this morning as soon as I heard she was released. Check this out.

It's such bullshit. She'd first said she had the option of going to pay jail, but that she was going to regular jail to show everyone she could do it. Yeah, right.
wow, a lot of criminals would be very interested to know that all they have to do to be released from prison is refuse to eat! Genius! Why haven't any of them thought of that before? tongue.gif

faerie- I was thinking along those same lines. If she had just served the sentence, she'd probably be much more popular when she got out. Way to go Paris-become even less respected than you already are.
The paris thing really is pissing me off. More than I should spend my mental energy on.

As just one example, I worked with a girl whose sister, to whom she was very, very close, was locked up, in essence, because of her mental health problem, not because of any crime (a suicide attempt was prosecuted, ffs). She killed herself shortly after being imprisoned. THere are thousands of stories like this, of especially women prisoners, having serious mental health problems, medical problems, etc, and it's just a "tough shit" attitude in society.

Jail is supposed to be hard, you stupid cow.

No preferential treatment my big fat ass.
yeah, I think that with this release from jail bullshit, what little shred of respect anyone may have had for Paris has been completely lost.

One would think her PR people might have thought about that and advised her against leaving..

god, I can't believe I just said that. heh.
Hmmm.. the news reports in the UK are saying she was removed for her own safety because she was heading for a nervous breakdown. Because she couldn't sleep, didn't eat much and was crying a lot. Show me ANY woman imprisoned for the first time who sleeps well, eats normally and doesn't cry? It's a joke. I don't understand why they even bothered sending her in the first place. Clearly, celebs can expect to get away with absolutely anything. I expect that one day, some LA partygirl will wrap her Benz and herself round a tree, but I fear the more likely outcome is that one of them is going to crash into an innocent motorist and kill or seriously injure that person before we see an end to all this. Depressing.
What end to all this?

I don't think there will be one.

As a mental health professional that sounds pretty normal to me. (I know--as a professional I shouldn't make "diagnoses" by what I hear second or third hand, but honestly....)

I repeat--jail is SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. That's what makes it a punishment. What, do most people go skipping off to their cells, sing in the showers, etc?
okay, normal inmates who are are "suicidal" (as she was rumored to be, who knows) are put on SUICIDE watch, and if you're that far gone, they get a trip to an inpatient psych ward or the state mental hospital. not to a mansion.
this paris thing isn't over. she has a court date tomorrow morning to face the judge who originally put her in jail (who is PISSED) and rumours have it that sherrif baca, the man who released her due to a "medical condition" is going to be charged with contempt of court. i would not be surprised at ALL if it turns out he was bribed.

i have to yell, though--for FUCK'S SAKE, medical condition??? what the HELL does she have that any other woman in that jail doesn't?? i would bet this year's salary on there being a significant percentage of poor black women in that very facility with much more severe medical conditions than paris' (if she even has one) that are being told "tough titty". people are already screaming about white privilege, let alone rich privilege. this is disgusting.

and what is this showing a: all the rich celebutards like blohan who are basically killing themselves and b: all the girls who see paris as a role model? awesome, i can drink and drive and crash my car and endanger myself and other human beings and it doesn't matter at all as long as i'm rich, white and pretty!
my brother was in jail for a few days and they wouldn't allow him to take his prescribed anti-anxiety meds even though he kept telling the officers that he needed them. i've heard of pregnant inmates being forced to give birth while handcuffed to their beds in the emegency room. hell, i've heard a lot of fucked up inmate stories. having a "medical condition" usually doesn't mean shit if you're in jail. ugh.

i think it would be really really really amusing if the judge got pissy and decided that this little maneuver was decidedly NOT good behavior on paris's part, thereby landing her the full 45 days in jail instead of 23. wishful thinking...
I really hope the judge takes some sort of action. Someone needs to right this.
It won't happen.

In fact, Paris' little hi-speed punishment will probably set a nice precedent.

Maybe other wealthy celebrities in prison will appeal, based on the kind of preferential treatment she got. Are the Menendez brothers still in prison?

Paris Hilton going back to jail!!

Oh My Gah, the photos of Paris sitting in the back of the cop's car sobbing make me so happy. They just give me a warm feeling inside...I needed a little pick-me-up today. Thanks, Judge Whatever-Your-Name-Is.
this. is. awesome.

she's back to 45 days in jail, not her original 23. my wishful thinking came true! *erupts into evil cackle*

and she screamed "it's not right." um, no. it's not right that you got preferential treatment in the first place.
Since when is being a spoiled fucking brat a medical condition?
I've had a rather craptastic week or so (a lot of small but very, very annoying things, then a root canal and a severe cold on the same day, followed by a nosebleed today, still with cold) but you know, I feel just a bit happier right now.

Wonder why that would be?

Little cow still hasn't learned a thing, though, has she?
It's right and just to an extent but I'm still not happy.

Isn't this Paris' third offence? And doesn't California have a "3-strikes-yer-out" law, that says on your third conviction, whatever that conviction is, you're in for a life sentence?

How is it people who steal pizza because they're starving and get convicted on that as a third offence end up being thrown in prison for life, and we're okay with that...but 2 times drunk driving and once drunk driving with a suspended license = 45 days in jail, if you're Paris Hilton?

Bugs me almost as much as learning that a Museum of Creation has been opened by two thieving fuckwit born again rightwingers, somewhere in Ohio; and it cost $60 Million to build, and it's massive and attracting full house crowds.
Isn't this Paris' third offence? And doesn't California have a "3-strikes-yer-out" law, that says on your third conviction, whatever that conviction is, you're in for a life sentence?

I'm not sure about Calif, Colorado has a three-strikes-and-you're-out provision but it's only for violent offenders and certain felonies. DUI isn't a felony and I don't know the details about how many times it takes to lose your license. I was sort of hoping that she would go drive hammered again and run into a tree and kill herself because she hadn't learned her lesson but her going back and crying, "It isn't right," is almost as good.
(I don't know what that was up here before but it was an error.)

Interesting. I just learned something if everything you read on the internet is true (ha):


Copyright © 1996, Landmark Communications, Inc.

DATE: Wednesday, September 11, 1996 TAG: 9609110485


Such laws vary from state to state and allow or require life imprisonment or long sentences for three-time violent felons. The federal ``three-strikes'' law calls for a mandatory life sentence.

In Virginia, about 400 convicted felons are serving time under a "three-time loser'' statute enacted in the early 1980s. That law, which eliminated parole for anyone convicted of three separate violent offenses, was rendered moot when the state abolished parole altogether for anyone convicted of a crime committed after Jan. 1, 1995.

A tougher "three-strikes'' law, which took effect in July of 1994, allows Virginia prosecutors to procure life sentences for those convicted of a violent crime after having served time for two prior such crimes.

The Department of Corrections has no statistics on the number of inmates serving time under the "three-strikes'' law. The survey says it has been applied rarely.

In one instance last month, Chesapeake Commonwealth's Attorney David Williams used Virginia's "three-strikes'' statute to procure a life sentence for William L. Griffin Jr., who was serving time on robbery and firearms charges when he stabbed a sheriff's deputy in the neck. Without the statute, said Williams, Griffin's maximum sentence would have been 20 years.

The federal "three-strikes'' law was aggressively promoted during debate over the anti-crime bill in 1994. However, the law has resulted in only nine convictions, with another 24 cases pending, says the survey by the Campaign for an Effective Crime Policy, a coalition of criminal justice officials who want more emphasis on prevention.

Six of the 22 states that have passed "three-strikes'' laws since 1993 - Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee - have had no convictions, the survey said.

But in California the law has led to imprisonment of more than 15,000 offenders that will require $4.5 billion in prison construction over five years, the study found.

California's law considers any of the state's 500 felonies - violent and nonviolent - as a third strike and has second-strike provisions for some crimes. The survey found that 85 percent of the second- and third-strike convictions were for nonviolent offenses.

DUI is a misdemeanor unless you are convicted of "felony DUI" and I guess Paris wasn't. Let her drive some more--maybe she can make it.
*in absolute schadenfreude heaven right now*
oh my, yes mouse. this-- this is what the phrase schandenfreude was created for. why do i feel like running up a green hill singing, "the hills are alive with the sound of music!"? ah. this is really quite delicious!

good goddamn, i'm gonna sleep well tonight. not that i think that she's some hardened criminal, but i just feel safer, happier, knowing that she is locked up. and what's more, the wonderful bonus of the hilton parents realizing their money can't buy everything. my oh my. delightful. *sigh*

life can be so damn sweet.
I just got in from a long day and right when I signed on I saw an amazing picture,mmmmmm hhhhmmmmmm Paris crying her eyes out. awwww poor baby, no special treatment for you. Grow up and live in the real world, where when you do something wrong you dont always get a slap on the wrist or a stern talking to. I love that mommy and daddy cant buy this away.

Although, this just happened. We will have to wait and see what developes because we have all seen it before. She is goin back for now, but I am sure that if there is one teeny tiny loophole someone will find it and she will be back on the street partying pantiless and goin on drunken hamburger runs before we even know what hit us!

so there is this rumour going around that paris' "medical condition" is, in fact, a stress-induced anal herpes outbreak. now, i don't know if this is true--frankly it seems far too awful and coincidental to be--but IF it is.........godDAMN. girl's uppance has COME.
That would be too fucking funny. The city of love would be closed for business.
I'm hoping so damn hard that's true. it just takes this to a whole new level of schandenfreude.
It would take a much bigger trauma than that to close the city of love. I'm thinking along the lines of supergluing her thighs together. Anal warts would just be Tuesday for Paris.

i have to admit this, and then it's gone into the universe and i'm done with the thought: i actually felt a a teeeeensy shread of pity for her when i saw the pics of her crying in the back of the squad car. not b/c i feel for her, exactly, but i feel for the situation where we've all found ourselves, when we thought something was going in one direction and then it's jerked away from us. oh well though. shit is tough. too bad, so sad.

ok...i ALSO am happy she is going back in though, because she deserves it. just as i would deserve it, had i done the same thing.

... ... going back to watching SAW on tv....
Have you guys seen this? Day 4 in particular had me cracking up! smile.gif
that is f*ing funny!!!
hahaha! that is awesome.
What rock was I under when Kelly Osbourne said someone in her family was HIV positive? Have we found out who it is?
polly, the media forgot about that story pretty fast; i never even heard a reference to it since then, so i have no idea who it is.

BUT, i gotta say, i heard THE BEST explanation for paris hilton's craziness/bizarre medical "condition":

she's in withdrawal from drugs.

makes. so. much. sense.
So is it official or is it not official that Nicole Richie is pregnant, seeing that it's the cover story for US Weekly?

She probably sleeps in her makeup all the freaking time and now she's gonna be A PARENT?! Who has to CHANGE DIAPERS?! I mean, really.

Somebody hold me. Please. I'm sick of all this shit!
I think TMZ is about as official as it gets these days and I've seen it reported there so I guess it's true! I'm not totally convinced yet, though.
Personally, I'm surprised that Nicole can even menstruate. Girl needs to hit the Chips Ahoy pronto.

In honest-to-goodness real baby news, Christina Aguilera is pregnant. Remember back when people thought she was trashy? She looks like a saint next to the girls out there now. No trips to rehab, no car accidents, happily married before getting pregnant. She's a freakin' role model!
Yeah, I think the most confusing thing about Nicole is definitely the fact that she could even get pregnant. I mean, she still looks like she barely eats!
I am so sick of hearing about Paris and Nicole.

Yay for Christina though, she has put a life together for herself. A very un-dramatic, somewhat normal life.
I didn't think it was possible for an 80 lb woman to menstruate either, never mind conceive. I mean weren't there pictures of her with her hair falling out? Sheesh.
Feh, Christina is trashy even if her public behavior doesn't promote it, only now she's pregnant and trashy = klassy!

Right, how on earth can Nicole be pregnant if she doesn't get a period? Somebody explain this to me. And somebody tell me how at 4 months of pregnancy she's not going to be toppling over from the extra weight.

So has anyone seen the recent pictures of My First Name Ain't Baby, it's Janet, Miss Jackson If You're Nasty? It's a shame she keeps yo-yoing.

Is anyone else glad that Jennifer Lopez isn't in the public eye as much as she used to be?

I'm bored with ONTD, etc. Where's the good gossip? blink.gif
Wow, where are all of you?! blink.gif
I am glad that Jlo is out of the spotlight too. She was everywhere on everything and not for anything interesting. She had all of those specials on MTV about her clothing line and then the dance show(which my mother watched and loved!).

Nicole is going to look so weird with a pregnant belly!
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