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I think for most people its not about "glamour being brought into our otherwise mundane lives", instead its like watching a trainwreck (as cliche as that is). None of us really want to live our lives like Paris in any way, but shes like an experiment, what happens when someone lives like an absolute idiot ALL THE TIME. What makes the experiment doubly interesting is the money she has at her disposal. But all in all, no, I don't think its a matter of envy, most people just enjoy watching the sheer ridiculousness of it from afar.
i wish that paris was going to get a real taste of what being a rich white girl jailed for violating a suspended license in a southern california women's prison really would be like, but i predict no one is going to lay a finger anywhere NEAR her. can you imagine the excess money and mentality that family has to pour into lawsuits against anyone who touches paris in jail?

ETA: poods, i miss you too! i will continue to peek into the okayers thread every once in a while but my new job is making me work really really hard and i don't have any time to bust at work and keep up with things sad.gif
What really pisses me off is her mother talking about what a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money this is, what a joke it is, when you know that if some mere mortal were driving on a suspended license, drunk, and put a scratch on her little waste-of-space daughter, she'd be demanding much worse than 45 days in jail. No, bitch, it's not a joke. It's justice. I think a little more than 45 days would be better justice, but I'll take what I can get.
anna k
She'll probably be released early due to good behavior.
well, honestly, i do think her sentence is probably a little unusual. i think that a "normal" person in violation of the same law who was as remorseful as paris probably displayed herself to be wouldn't get nearly two months in jail. i wouldn't be surprised if she's being singled out for who she is, as her lawyer complains, but i don't think it's because anyone is trying to make an example of her or being vindictive, i think it's because, while she might not have any other violations in her past, thanks to her fame the entire fucking world knows that she's a self-centered, alcoholic, pot-smokin, irresponsible, disrespectful, dangerously-hard-partying hypocrite with absolutely no appreciation of her huge privilege, and everyone knows she's NOT SORRY at ALL.

(tv geek aside: i think it's funny that article was written by sandy cohen. i bet sandy cohen could've gotten paris a better sentence)
QUOTE(mouse @ May 5 2007, 06:48 PM) *
i think that a "normal" person in violation of the same law who was as remorseful as paris probably displayed herself to be

I don't know. I think if she was remorseful she would not have been late to court.
YEAH! Paris Hilton is going to motherfucking jail!

That is the best news I've heard all day. Almost makes me believe in a godhead of some sort. wink.gif

All people who drink and drive should be locked up. Particularly if it's not their first offense. Drunk drivers kill and maim thousands of people each year. Parents lose children, sisters lose brothers, husbands lose wives. I feel no sympathy whatsoever for ANYONE who gets behind the wheel of a car while impaired, and less if they have the money for a cab.

Fuck Paris.
QUOTE(bustygirl @ May 6 2007, 04:58 PM) *
Fuck Paris.

yeah, let's go to Rome instead.

WORD bustygirl; she should have gone to jail first time around for DUI.


um, bunny, i lurve you....
I agree with bustygirl. Being on the fire dept in my town, I see first hand the devistation that drunk drivers leave behind. The sad part is that it's not usually the drunks that die in the crashes they cause.
I don't believe she was singled out, most states are pretty harsh to drunk drivers if they get caught a multiple times, especially if their license was already suspended, and if they didn't follow through on their treatment. She got was she had coming to her.
I feel no pity for Paris Hilton and jumped around with glee when I found out this news.

God help us if she actually gets a pardon.
who cares if she didn't know her license was suspended? she was still driving drunk with her fucking lights out! that shit isn't okay even if you don't have a suspended license, idiot!
I've never heard of getting permission to drive for "work-related reasons" while having your driver's license suspended for driving drunk, does this actually happen?
Wait--I thought losing the privilege to drive was SUPPOSED to cost you things like access to your work, and even your job. And your career, in many instances, because of the loss of your reputation for things like common sense or giving a damn about other peoples' lives.

This happens to people a lot less wealthy all the time, and they have to manage.

When it happens to wealthy people, they can hire cabs or drivers, or rent a location that's very close to work. I hear there is no financial difficulty for heiresses--at least none that can't be fixed with a phone call to allot more money for these kinds of expenses. It's not like you wouldn't question a "publicist" about it, anyway.

Paris just looks dumber and dumber. Someone should tell her to just stop talking.

yeah, let's go to Rome instead.

How about Ibiza? We can lay on the beach and eat Tapas at night. wink.gif
QUOTE(jemisoutrageous @ May 4 2007, 06:33 PM) *
Hey BFF GGG---
I also have agoraphobia. I so want to talk to you about it. I am going to MySPace you.

Rightie o! I just had a panic attack!

RIP Isabella Blow

Maybe there's more to the anecdote that the article doesn't say, but it's kinda weird that when she attempted suicide off the London Bridge and broke her feet, couldn't wear heels anymore, other designers sent her flat "shoes make everyone feel better!" I guess it's touching in a way.
All I learned from that article is that Victoria Beckham is a monumental idiot.

Too bad Isabella Blow is dead. Now there is no one who will wear outrageous and risky clothing (except for Anna Piaggi). Just really bad fashion put together by questionable stylists everywhere you look.
That is one badass hat thing.

A bit late on this, but....

I just got a ticket yesterday for failing to yield to a pedestrian at an intersection. I was totally sober, of course, but the point is, I could have hit the poor woman. Even though I'm unemployed and totally broke right now, I accepted my ticket pretty humbly - I couldn't even try to fight it, knowing I had done something totally careless and stupid and potentially life-threatening, whether or not it was accidental. So I can't relate at all to this Paris Hilton business.

But then, I guess I expect this kind of stupidity from Paris Hilton. What I can't get over is her parents! Holy enablers, Batman! If that were me, my parents would be saying something like, "Well, maybe some time in jail will be good for you. It'll give you some time to think about your actions."
Ty ties one on...

can they take away his annoying bullhorn privledges while they're at it??
It's been ages since I've been Busting regularly so apologies for the cheekiness of this post. I've been charged with coming up with 10 questions for a Heat round for Finaman's next pub quiz for the post doc association and since I haven't been able to get ahold of the Queen of Celeb Goss, Vivienne, I'm begging here for assistance instead!

First off I would like to find a few examples of famous beards and merkins, I can only think of the obvious (Tom & Nicole/Penelope/Katie).

Also during the Jordan/Beckham scandal a few years back, Beckham's lawyers actually got Popbitch taken down, right? I'm a bit fuzzy on the details but want to get it straight as it is one of the better alleged celebrity hookups.

Would be great if anyone can remember who Vivvy said Jude Law and Sadie Frost regularly had foursomes with- am thinking it was Kate Moss and her baby-daddy or was it another couple?

A forced outing would be helpful as well. Maybe a bit more dramatic than Lance Bass.

Any other juicy tidbits of the past decade or so, preferably with a British angle, would be most appreciated!
um, chacha, can i reiterate, that i lurves you sooooooooo freaking much?! said "merkin" lol...
The feeling's mutual, Girltrouble! wink.gif
fina, I think the other couple in the Jude Law/ Sadie Frost foursome were Danny Goffey and Pearl Lowe (drummer from Supergrass and Gavin Rossdale's babymama). I am mystified as to how I know this.
fina, funnybird's correct: is Pearl Lowe's daughter not reportedly Law's?

I'm wracking my brains trying to remember who we cited as examples in a cabin up North... Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend?

Probably one of the best known forced outings would be George Michael (even though the world and his brother knew he was gay).
Awesome, thanks so much, I couldn't remember who we had discussed before either, bunny, but it was definitely those two.

Funnybird, well done! Most impressive. I think that might be too hard a question for a pub quiz tho... will see. I want this to be challenging but not impossible!

George Michael would be a good uncloseting. Hmm.

ETA: I just googled "jude law pearl lowe" and got 177 000 hits so obviously this is a lot more well known than I had realized! Defo will include it as a question now!
fina, wasn't george michael outed when he got caught trying to solicit sex from an undercover cop in a park bathroom in either LA or beverly hills? and i don't know how sudden of an outing it was....did you ever see wham's wake me up before you go-go video?? yeah, i knew then that he was gay....
this just in: Michael Mayer broke it off with Jessica Simpson! WTF? Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago that they were taking pics of one another on the beach, embracing...etc...etc...bleh bleh????

Which started me wondering...what happens to people...within weeks, what appeared to be love/lust turns to dust????

hmm....back to lurking... dry.gif
You mean John Mayer, right? Yeah, I heard about that this evening. I was more surprised that they actually dated in the first place! wink.gif
The Mayer/Simpson rumours have been going on since she was still married to Nick Lachey. Supposedly they met at some function & he told her to call him if she ever got divorced. As much as I dislike Mr. Mayer's music, I still find it hard to believe that he & Jessica had much to talk about. I figure they shagged, he got tired of her being just plain stupid & they broke up.

George Michael was outed long ago in a cruise-y Beverly Hills public restroom where he solicited an undecover cop. Most recently he was re-outed by crusing an ugly old man in the English woods somewhere. Craig Ferguson uses the pic of the guy he approached at least once a month because he was creepy as hell.
haha, yea uh...John Mayer. Must've been thinking of Michael...MYERS?? who knows...anyhoo - somehow he doesn't strike me as the brightest crayon in the box either.
i never understood the john mayer crushes. i think he's kinda hideous, and his songs make me wanna barf (especially that one about girls turning into mothers). i did hear him on an interview on npr and he was surprisingly more well-spoken than i expected but still, i don't get the love. then again, i think j simp is uggggly too, so maybe they were well matched. TOO BAD SO SAD.
I don't understand what was illegal about George Michael and the undercover cop thing. Like what happened? He was just hitting on him?
anna k
He was exposing his penis in a public place, i.e. the men's bathroom. The cop was undercover and either lured him or George propositioned him (I believe the former), and when George took his penis out, the cop left and brought the rest of his squad with him.

I also didn't get the big deal out of Paul Reubens being busted for masturbating in a porno theater, where many other men do the same, or why cops were hanging around there.

I thnk John Mayer is a good guitar player and funny in interviews, but I don't like his singing voice and he has lame taste in women (Jennifer Love Hewitt being his other famous girlfriend).
Scott Stapp busted for domestic violence.

Never having been a Creed fan, I don't know why I am so interested but this guy has struck me as the biggest hypocrite for a long time. Wasn't Creed supposed to be a subtly Christian band? All about being a good person and deep and stuff? And then I hear about some sex-tape scandle w/him and Kidd Rock (sadly not with only the two of them as that would have been frakkin hilarious! Or scary.) So anyway, I just hate him.

And there is some weird internet legend, w/pictures, of him looking for sex at a Denny's in Florida at 2 AM. Arms Wide Open, indeed.
Never having been a Creed fan, I don't know why I am so interested but this guy has struck me as the biggest hypocrite for a long time. Wasn't Creed supposed to be a subtly Christian band?

it's so great watching the mighty fall. seems they do it faster and harder (and funnier) than the average joe.
Can anybody tell me if the whole Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal is made up by gossip mags or really happening? I haven't seen any photos of them looking couple-y and am starting too think its all crap. He's a cutie! Good on ya, Reese, if its true wink.gif
QUOTE(mouse @ May 19 2007, 11:47 AM) *
i never understood the john mayer crushes. i think he's kinda hideous, and his songs make me wanna barf (especially that one about girls turning into mothers). i did hear him on an interview on npr and he was surprisingly more well-spoken than i expected but still, i don't get the love. then again, i think j simp is uggggly too, so maybe they were well matched. TOO BAD SO SAD.

Yeah, John Mayer is indeed starting to look like a brunette carrot-top....
mouse!!!!! it's a feminist defamer! hallelujah!
Dog Mishap? Riiiiiight.
*seconds this*

mouse, I heart you. I already love that site!
everyone seen this? Part of me is all "yay beth ditto", but part of me thinks it's NME sucking up where they fucked her and Lily Allen over earlier this year...
I saw that. You should see all the comments made about her on ONTD thanks to the nudie cover. They probably are trying to make up for not including the ladies earlier this year.
anna k
Jessica Alba does come off as being self-involved and thinking she's smarter than she really is. She bitches about being treated as a sex object but will still pose in a cut-out bathing suit for GQ and play up the "sexy girl" thing.

She says the woman's voice isn't present in Hollywood? There are plenty of female directors and writers and producing heads and actresses who have had a lot of respect and success. Just calling it a "male-dominated world" is limiting and self-defeating.
Why does it piss me off so much to here women say "i'm not such a huge feminist" or even "not sure if I would call myself a feminist"... why? I know that I try not to judge people, but when I read what J. Alba said, I feel like shaking her. Why are women afraid to call themselves feminists. Well, I know why, but that fear of judgement has GOT to go.

If only Jessica Alba became more educated (perhaps she already is and just doesn't speak well in interviews/press), she would understand that in order to re-make society in a way that is truly gender blind, where men are free to adopt traditionally female roles, and women masculine, according to their talents and inclinations, she has to stop referring to this world as male-dominated. Ok, I'm done ranting. The individuals on Bust already know these things...

anna k
Noted female directors that come to mind: Mira Nair, Lisa Chlolodenko, Allison Anders, Nicole Holofcener, Martha Coolidge (though the last thing she did that I liked was Introducing Dorothy Dandridge), Sarah Jacobson (only made one feature length, but she was still impressive to me), Mary Harron, Sofia Coppola, etc.. They work in and around Hollwood, either doing high-profile "indie" pictures or directing TV episodes, the most notable being HBO shows. Sarah Polley and Adrienne Shelley just made their feature film directorial debuts and are getting critical acclaim for it.

Next year there will be a comedy I'm looking forward to, Spring Breakdown, starring Amy Poehlar, Rachel Dratch, Parker Posey, and Amber Tamblyn. With that wealth of talent it promises to be looking smart and hilarious.
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