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Okay, I know this has been discussed at length before, but can I please just reiterate how much Gwenihana is getting on my last nerve?

From (I highlighted my favorite line):
You can excuse a girl a bit of vanity – even Gwen Stefani. "If you had paparazzi outside your house, you'd make sure you looked good, too," the singer and fashion designer tells Harper's Bazaar in its May issue.

Stefani, 37, says she was "dying to get out of the house" when she was pregnant last year, but says: "I had to sneak into the back of my brother Todd's car – eight months pregnant – and lie down on the floor. Just so we could go to Target."

Baby Kingston was born in May 2006 and Stefani immediately set about losing her pregnancy pounds. "It's so much work afterward to get the weight off," she says. "If you just do it, it comes off. And when you're nursing, like I am, your metabolism is like whoosh!"

Still, Stefani admits that she struggled to keep her size 4 figure even before her pregnancy. "I hate talking about it, but it's true," she says. "I've always been on a diet, ever since I was in the sixth grade. It's an ongoing battle and it's a nightmare. But I like clothes too much, and I always wanted to wear the outfits I would make." She adds with a laugh: "And I'm very vain."

She says she contents herself with "all the healthy stuff" most of the time, "but I let myself cheat once or twice a day with a cookie or pizza."

Stefani can expect quite a workout when she embarks on her two-month U.S. tour to promote her new album, The Sweet Escape, on April 21 in Las Vegas. After that? Well, she did tell Ellen DeGeneres in February she was "ready to go" for another child.

"Now I'm in a repeater zone," she confirms to Bazaar. "I just want to make babies and make records."

Luckily, she's got help from her husband of more than four years, Gavin Rossdale. "I even wrote in a song, 'You seem like you'd be a good dad,' " she says. "So, yeah he's lived up to my expectations, more than. He has always been very loving and romantic."

w.t.F?! She could no longer make clothes to fit her own figure if she gained 5-10 pounds?!
QUOTE(blanchedeveraux @ Apr 13 2007, 09:37 AM) *
Cod forbid anyone sees you pregnant without makeup? Or without your midriff showing (or even - gasp - with a midriff that is "average" looking)?

Not to defend what she says, b/c it made me knid of sad, but if I had press on my doorstep and the ever looming threat of the Go Fug Yourself girls, I probably wouldn't step out of my house w/o full hair and make up too.
Cod forbid anyone sees you pregnant without makeup? Or without your midriff showing (or even - gasp - with a midriff that is "average" looking)?

Just checked perezhilton for the LAST TIME. The negativity that the website is spreading is just so wrong. There's a pic of Pamela Anderson w/o any makeup with him stating "rough in the face!". I'm sorry, but to me she still looks beautiful. She is all smiles and looks genuinely happy.

The woman is 39 years old... WTF is her face supposed to look like? Botox-injected?

I'm so over the woman-bashing shit.
Gwen Stefani already pissed me off in Bust when she wouldn't answer the feminism question because "no one had ever defined it for her." Um, pick up a dictionary, dumbass. And by the way, we all define feminism for ourselves in the end, anyway. (I was also kind of mad at the interviewer for not pushing the question, i.e., picking up a dictionary and READING the definition to her.)

ETA: also, I hate Perez Hilton so much I refuse to give his blog any hits. Nevermind pandering to it, the man IS the lowest common denominator.
perez hilton is like those awful grabby gay guys who think its okay to pinch your tits cos they don't want to fuck you. i'm sorry, but harassment and misogyny are harassment and misogyny, no matter if it's your boyfriend, a gay guy, or fucking ann coulter.

word, mouse.

I agree re: perez. He's gotten much, much worse lately I think. I don't go to the site ever anymore, he's a real dick.
QUOTE(kari @ Apr 16 2007, 08:28 AM) *
I agree re: perez. He's gotten much, much worse lately I think. I don't go to the site ever anymore, he's a real dick.

I'm the same way. The site used to be entertaining, now it's becoming downright disturbing.

The guy is just becoming horrible towards all women. And certain stars that at one time were his favs he's now just nasty about. I know so many other people who hate this site now.

I check once in a while(my husband is addicted to just reading it but not believing a word) but the guy has gone off the deep end.

Oh, by the way in case I missed something here, did anyone else understand why People magazine felt the need to put yet another cover story about someone's weight loss out? And why Valerie Bertinelli??? And why does she say in one sentence that it's sad 14 is considered Obese in our country and 0 acceptable, and yet she turns around and says how desperate she is to go from a 14 to an 8.

Can we say hypocrite? And can I PLEASE slap her silly.
in other gross man news, anyone else get the creeps from marilyn manson's "evan rachael wood is my twin" comment?
Why Valerie on the cover of People? I think the simplest answer is because she's now doing ads for Jenny Craig. Cross-contamination uh, advertising! Yeah, you gotta love the American way, huh? blink.gif
I read somewhere today, that John Travolta proclaimed that he was as famous as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Which I thought was incredibly arrogant on his part. But then he went on to say the only difference between himself and them was that his 'religon' helped him from going down the dark paths that killed Elvis and Monroe. He went on and on about out Tom Cruise is all I have to say....there is competition for craziest follower of a fake religon.
I'm just disturbed at how much media attention these Scientology people have--much, much more than they had in the past. i mean, why are people even interviewing Travolta? Has he got a new film out? Why is Tom Cruise taking up so much media space even now, when there's nothing new coming out in his work also? Their names are just always in the news so we are always aware of what they're up to, even though they're producing nothing. Just goes to show how powerul Scientology has become.

Perez Hilton is just peeved that the celebrity women he hunted down like a sycophant have finally told him to stop leaching on their blood, and he's mad they won't play with him anymore. No one needs him.

Lindsay Lohan's Myspace account has been hacked into.
I dunno, when you boil them all down, aren't all religions kinda weird? Scientology is freakish to me, yes, but if I were someone who'd never heard anything about Christianity or any other major world religion and someone sat me down and explained the beliefs to me, I'd think they'd sound freakish, too. I'm not by any means criticizing anyone's faith; I just think that if religion is boiled down, they all seem a little weird.
All religions are what they are--and I suppose all of the major ones take their turns at creating images and stories which end up suiting their purposes for control and power and empire-building.

Scientology is in the process of doing this now, in Hollywood; and film's a really effective and powerful medium for spreading a certain type of point of view or belief.

Thing is, however, that so many of the "successful" scientologist big names are not very good actors or actresses. And when you're just making films to promote a religion, the films tend to be very tedious and limited. They have our attention for no reason whatsoever. They certainly aren't "artists" and I'm tired of watching movies that are just one long commercial.

I guess I just want a film industry that will still allow people to create something different from this typical stuff, without having to churn out the "usual" propaganda for someone's monetary gain at the expense of our imaginations. I want films to be about more than just the bottom line and making converts for your cult with such a powerful tool.
Okay so did anyone really think Marilyn and Dita were going to last? come on! It was only about the goth wedding ceremony photo shoot Vogue layout. Now that was somethin'!
I think Dita thought it was going to last.

Well, at least she had me convinced that she wanted it to last.

Men. Phooey.

This picture of Marilyn & his "twin" is downright creepy.
He looks so old and saggy next to her.

Anyone listened to the Alec Baldwin voicemail to his daughter? It doesn't sound like him...maybe I'm just the only person in the world who doesn't know that he "puts on" a voice? He admitted that he left it, but I was skeptical until I read that he admitted it.

Oh yeah, that kid's gonna need some therapy. I'm sure there's more to the story, but that's just awful to do to your kid.
oops, that link I posted expired. it's not the same pic anymore.

Polly, the voice he uses is not his actual voice? Does it sound at least similar?
I found the MM and 'twin' photo after scrolling thorugh a few. She's totally done up 40's style a la Dita...
The voice on the voicemail sounds completely different, at least to me, than how he sounds in movies, TV whatever. Part of it is that it's a crappy recording.

Do we know how this got released to the public anyway? Did Kim Basinger release it?

Poor kid.
re: MM and ERW - anyone notice that she has "lolita" sunglasses hanging from the waist on her skirt? that's creepy.
Alec Baldwin has always been an asshole - he pulled some really bad shit during the divorce and custody battle with Kim Basinger; not saying she was angellic, but his shit was far over the edge into manipulation, crazymaking, and abusiveness. (Not to mention that he keeps citing so-called "parental alienation syndrome," which is the kind of bullshit I've seen used by abusers all over the family court system, to blame women for children's often very reasonable fear of daddy.)

I think the tape was part of a court proceeding temporarily revoking his access. It would have been publicly accessible as any court document, I guess. (OTOH, if it wasn't public, I wouldn't be surprised if the kid herself released it.)

Gawker has an apparent transcript - there's more than in the original audio clip I heard.
Baldwin is clearly a spoiled rotten psycho brat. He should have never tried to have kids.

I must say that from the lovers pic of MM and Lolita that they share the same MAC permanent lip stain in smashed berries
chacha, John Travolta is being interviewed because he's in the upcoming remake of Hairspray. In full drag.

As for Dita and Marilyn, I kind of actually did think they were going to last. At least, they looked good together.
Oh my cod. That poor kid. Was he drunk?
Oh, yes, I'd forgotten that Travolta was playing Edna Turnblatt in the remake of Hairspray. I imagine that Divine is spinning so fast in his grave that he's reversed the space-time continuum, and today is really last year.
travolta playing the divine role? which moronic asslick suit came up with that idea?! somebody's parents need to be slapped.

zoya i noticed those glasses too. ugh. why would anyone date him... he's sooooooooooo super unattractive. but then, women date jack nicholson. go figure.
that poor kid. Baldwin needs... well, keeping away from the child.

I always kindof cheered Dita and MM on - I think she thought it would last; she doesn't seem the sort to make any decision like *that*. And Lolita/ERW is definitely trying to morph into Dita. I think she'll put up with his bullshit better than Dita... prior to this, I liked him, he seemed to have a brain despite being as weird as they come. But now... urgh. She's younger than me.
Doodlebug, that wasn't the actual transcript - it was a joke/reference to Alec Baldwin's character in Glengarry Glen Ross.

While I am in absolutely no way defending Baldwin's psychotic rant to his preteen daughter (whose exact age he apparently can't even remember!), I still don't think we know the whole story. As in, Ireland is obviously better off with Kim, but I don't think she'll be winning any mother of the year awards either. Using your kid as a pawn - even when the father is obviously unstable - is not cool.

Also, I come from an large, stable, loving and close-knit family*. We still all live in the same city and are in each other's lives on an almost daily basis. While no one has ever used that kind of language with me (I'm the youngest) - both in terms of swearing and being threatening - the tone of that message, the "Stop acting like a goddamned brat!" aspect of it? I've had worse verbal beatdowns from my siblings, although, yes, I recognize it's different when a sibling does it than when it's a parent (I once knew someone whose older brothers used to tie him up and throw basketballs at him - and they're all good buddies now). While I think he is in some serious, serious need of major counselling (those threats seemed more idle and frustrated to me than serious, but I doubt I'd recognize the difference as a twelve-year-old), I really believe there are more sides to this story and that this message is more directed at Kim than at Ireland. The fact that it was probably her who leaked it to the press right in the middle of a custody battle speaks volumes. They are both using this kid to hurt the other - still - even though their divorce happened years ago.

*We're I guess what you would call "ethnic," though, so being loud and in-your-face is somewhat expected. tongue.gif I don't pretend for a second to know what it's like to be raised by a rageaholic, but I also know that my parents - both of them - would never have put me in the middle had it ever come to a situation like this one. Again, I would like to reiterate that I am not defending that phonecall. I'm just saying that I'm not on Team Kim either.
I think Travolta is such a queen anyway, and with this role he can eat as musch cake as he wants.
Why do we need a Hairspray re-make? I understand the Broadway musical version (even though I despise musicals 99.9% of the time, I appreciate their cultural value), but that movie was brilliantly done the first time- why re-do it. $$$$$, I know.
I was so excited that they were making the musical into a movie because I adored the Broadway show and this way I could see it anytime I wanted when it came out on DVD, but then I found out about the Travolta thing and it just ruined it for me. I saw a clip of him in his costume and trying to be Edna and it was so hideous.
Regarding the Baldwin/Basinger fiasco:

I come from an often very brash Irish mother and let me tell you, sometimes we'd get the piss slapped out of us or told we're being asses. I never thought too much about it. I wa also a pain in the ass at the age of 12 sometimes. Hell, my 9 yr old can have a mouth on him sometimes that is enough to piss off the Pope. Otherwise he's a sweet kid. But when he gets in a mood, oh my dear.

What I'm saying is that sometimes kids can be really irksome and can piss off their parents enough til something verbal such as Baldwin's rant at Ireland, will come out. I'm not condoning it, I'm just saying that there is no such thing as this being something "new" for a parent to do to their kids.

And as far as Basinger is concerned, she's a nut. She's been crazy for years and years. I mean we're talking the woman at one point didn't leave her house for 7 years. Or some crazy number like that. She has a horrible fear of being out and about and of most people. I've read stories over the years about what a nightmare she is to work with on sets.

I fear for this kid having to be raised with both of them. But at this moment I'm going with her as the crazier one to have to live with. I'm more then certain that she leaked that tape. She had to have. Especially if it was sealed.
Basinger/Baldwin chaos:

I have to say that when I first heard the recording, I was in shock. I guess it's that same shock I get when I see a mom yelling like that at her kid in the grocery's mainly shock b/c it's seeing/hearing a very private matter brought into public, and it is a little embarrassing to be able to hear it/see it. I definitely agree that kids can be all kinds of handfuls. I was, I know that much. And as mentioned prior, my parents def did their share at yelling at me and my siblings.

So I think both Alec and Kim need to keep their private lives, esp when it involves their very aware child, private. It's so weird that the recording was leaked (well, weird may not be the right word...more like...wrong). It's even more wrong for us to judge, I guess. But hey, none of us are perfect...and celebrity gossip is, well, gossip!!!!!!! smile.gif It fuels my celeb mag addiction!

Anyhoo - as for Kim being "crazy" for not leaving the house...I wouldn't call that crazy. More of unstable. Not even that, I guess. She did have social phobias, which to me, isn't crazy. I do agree that the both of them prob have more problems than your average couple...

ok, enough rambling for me....

*dragging knuckles back to work....
...and now Basinger has hired a bodyguard for her daughter. rolleyes.gif I feel really sorry for that kid.
QUOTE(CharliNye @ Apr 24 2007, 03:00 AM) *
And as far as Basinger is concerned, she's a nut. She's been crazy for years and years. I mean we're talking the woman at one point didn't leave her house for 7 years. Or some crazy number like that. She has a horrible fear of being out and about and of most people. I've read stories over the years about what a nightmare she is to work with on sets.

It is called agorophobia. I am agoraphobic.

I am not crazy and for awhile it was hard for me to leae the house because of panic attacks.

You should watch your words.
I'm watching FOX news (I know, I know...stupid thing to do), and Greta "the bitch" van Sustren just had the fucking nerve to say, "What if Ireland is a precocious little girl and SHE's the one who leaked the tape? There's obviously a lot of hatred there."

I can't believe she even went there. That kid is like 11 years old or something!

re: agoraphobia, I also know several people who have different levels of agoraphobia. They're not crazy.
So what did the actual recording say? Because the transcript someone posted here earlier was appalling, and then I found out that it was a parody from some movie that he did.
i think there's a recording of it here (on tmz).

i don't know. i think alec is a total ass who's a tad on the scary psychotic side, but they make it sound like he was screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs. seriously? my dad's screaming would make alec's sound tame. granted i'm talking in terms of volume, since my dad probably wouldn't go so far as to use alec's words. but alec just sounded pissed and extremely thoughtless.
My dad would have used Alec's words and gone even further! He still does! And, as a kid, I would have "leaked" the recording too, especially if I knew how it would impact his "celebrity", and if I knew it would make him look bad to people who were interested in any news they could get about him. No doubt Ireland is very much aware of the way her parents are perceived and how important their public images are to their careers; she's probably also aware of how valuable "dirt" can be. What child doesn't have "revenge fantasies"? What child doesn't entertain trying to carry them out? Chances are really good she wouldn't anticipate this kind of reaction, I'm sure...but it would hardly be what anyone would call a shocking kid response to a "hurtful" parent.

If I were Kim Basinger and I'd had all that crap written about me in the 80's and 90's I'd probably want to keep from leaving my home in California too. Agoraphobia certainly isn't "crazy": in certain situations it seems like an appropriate, self-preserving response (albeit an extremely limiting one).
I dunno, my parents have gotten angry with me and my brother but I don't recall them ever using language like that. Maybe it just depends on the type of household you're raised in.

As for Ireland being the one to leak the tape, I doubt it, but coincidentally I just read an article at the Globe and Mail website that talks about kids airing their parents' fights on blogs and Youtube.

It's a pretty interesting read. I was going to link it, unfortunately the link doesn't seem to be working right now.
Angelina Jolie was seen giving a lap dance to an ex-lover, Olivier Martinez.
Britney Spears did a surprise concert.
Hey BFF GGG---
I also have agoraphobia. I so want to talk to you about it. I am going to MySPace you.
Holy shit!!! No way!!! What did she do?

Have you guys seen the recording of The Hoff yet? Apparently, David Hasselhoff asked his daughter to record him if he ever relapsed into alcoholism. Here it is!!

ETA- Mouse!!! I miss you!! Come back to the Okay thread!!
She violated her probation and drove (without lights) on a suspended license. Paris Hilton is going to jail, Paris Hilton is going to jail... now those are catfights I want to see. Spoiled rich princess in the prison system is a recipe for a wake up call and a few broken bones. I wonder if Nicole will join her and film an ep of The Simple Life?
Why does this Paris Hilton information make me laugh like a little school girl?
i dislike paris as much as the next gal, i think she is a weird aberrant tumor symptomatic of our culture these days.

that said, i was really disturbed by this, posted on TMZ:

" Paris, you are what we all aspire to be; rich, famous, and free. You are the epiphany [epitome?] of all our dreams. You do as you please 24 hours a day. Most of us are prisoners to our daily grind. We support you Paris because you bring glamour and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives. Some suffer from extreme jealousy, that is why some attack you. Thank you for letting us live vicariously thru you. Good luck.

David @ newstalk1270 . com
Cartersville, Ga"

article and discussion here:

are there people who really think this way? i mean, i know this is just one guy, but are there people who think their lives are so . . . inevitable that the only recourse they have is to live vicariously through celebrities? the thought that this is how a lot of people think makes me horrified.
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