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anna k
Angelina creeps me out with her collecting of children. It comes off more as a hobby or collecting dolls than being a mother who wants lots of children. I think she'll have a handful when those kids become pissy teenagers.
I was sad when I heard about Richard Jeni's suicide, too. Very funny guy.

annaK, I think Angelina is getting creepier and creepier. I understand that she can afford the kids but christ how many does she need? And will she really have time for them all, with her type of career and charity work?
anna k
The names that come to mind have been Mia Farrow and Josephine Baker. Josephine did it until she couldn't afford kids anymore (career not making much money, less popularity, difficulty in upkeep) so Grace Kelly took pity on her and helped her out. Mia's number of kids is varied, some have died from their disabilities, and others were blind or deaf or missing a limb. The most famous ones have been Soon-Yi and her college-educated teenage son. Angelina is just wrapped up in her own world.
I have nothing but respect for Angelina.
polly, ani had a girl. i found this out at one of her concerts, and the ppl next to me and i were talking about how the little girl is going to be quite the feminist smile.gif

i dunno, i think her heart is in the right place. i was flipping channels and i saw this interview where she was talking about visiting all these third world countries and how it made her former life look so trivial, and stupid. i thought that was good. i think she means well. madonna, on the other hand......
R.I.P. Richard Jeni...

QUOTE(dusty @ Mar 15 2007, 12:36 PM) *

If Angelina's collecting babies, does that make her the new Mia Farrow and Brad the new...oh, never mind.

Heh. Dusty, just yesterday I commented to my friend that Angelina is becoming the next generation's Mia Farrow. Yeah, Brad -- don't really want to know about that comparison.

I have to wonder if Angelina has made some really smart investments with her money and has planned financially for this growing family she seems to be collecting. Maybe she'd leave movie-making for good, who knows? Then again, I'm not sure who's the better/worst actor, her or Brad, and which one would be a greater loss to Hollywood ::snort::. I don't even care, come to think of it. Interesting that she has to adopt these children officially as a single mother since she and Brad aren't married.
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 15 2007, 09:42 PM) *

I have nothing but respect for Angelina.

I agree. She is adopting babies that no one wants, i.e. brown children as opposed to the requisite blond hair blue eyes trophys and I don't see anything in the world wrong with that especially when she can afford to. I honestly think that she is sincere about what she is doing. And she is senstive and sentient to the ills of what is happening to countries in the third world and is actively using her position as a goodwill ambassador to shed light on their problems and concerns. Of course no one really knows why she is adopting but I suspect that perhaps she sees the devastation and feels powerless to stop it but at least with her donations and trying to save one child out of the mess than it is worth it.

That is a whole heck of a lot more than I can say about other celebrities who do nothing socially relevant but take up bandwidth and space.

Forget Brad-Go team Angelina.

I think it was my mother who was telling me that Angelina also donates something like 10% of her income, per film, to a charity. Something like that.
Angelina's latest adoption was this week's People magazine cover story. According to the article, part of her motive for adopting a Vietnamese kid would be so that Maddox would grow up with another Asian kid in the house. So, presumably, we can likely expect her to adopt another African child, so as to likewise make Zahara feel less like a minority in her own home.
it was 1/3 of her income to refugee causes (search for "stupid income"). and most sociologists/child development experts agree that it's better for minority adopted kids to have a similar-race sibling rather than be isolated. so that makes sense.

i personally think four kids is a lot, but i know people who have 8, 10, or even 12 bio-kids, and if they can have that many, then i can't really justify knocking angelina at this point...
Ah well, it's good that the kid isn't living in a Vietnamese orphanage.
OK, maybe one shouldn't be able to adopt kids any closer together than one could naturally give birth to them? I feel like if she keeps adopting at this rate, her kids are not going to get the individual care and attention they need. I'm adopted myself, my older brother (also adopted at birth) is 2 and a half years older than me. Couldn't Angie make MORE of a difference by giving that orphanage a few million of her spare dollars???
I really don’t see why she should have to wait 9 months before she “should” be allowed to adopt again and I don’t see how a large number of siblings, adopted or blood, should effect quality of care especially when she can obviously afford to provide for their needs.

Angelina Jolie already donates millions to organizations and her time as a good will ambassador among other things, so she is having an impact however small, economically and socially. However I find it odd that people continue to criticize her for adopting children that no one would even think about adopting (that are not from Russia or China), especially when she is not only satisfying their basic needs, i.e. food, shelter, water, but is providing them with a comfortable lifestyle and a chance to thrive. So she may not be a Warren Buffett, Oprah, or even Bono, but she is doing more to bring awareness and is trying to help in her own way with her money than many other stars or monied indviduals would ever think about doing.

It seems as if people keep projecting their own ideas about what a family “should” be onto her. It may seems like a haphazard, gypsy lifestyle, but it works for her and her children seem happy (although we can never know) and are getting their needs met. What about that family they featured on TLC that has 16 birth children? They seem pretty well adjusted and loved. Its not like she is an evil Joan Crawford and no one caught her driving with Maddox, Shiloh, or Zahara in her lap, dangling them from a balcony or having questionable sleepovers, therefore, one could hardly call her an irresponsible parent. The fact that she would even want to adopt children and has some kind of social conscience at her age to me speaks volumes.

I still think that what she is doing is great and I commend her efforts for wanting to help-her way.
the thing that bugs me about angelina (and i do agree with all the previous points made regarding her good-doing...i mean, damn, compared to her peers, she's mother teresa) is that the children feel hand-picked, which makes it feel a bit superficial and "accessorizing". she doesn't get on a waitlist saying "i'm willing to take whoever the neediest child is, and provide for them unconditionally"...she goes and looks and finds one that SHE likes. i read that people article too and she was talking about going out and finding your family, which to a certain extent i agree with and respect, but really, her adopted children are exceptionally beautiful and i have a nagging feeling that there were probably needier, uglier children that she passed over.
but mouse, nobody does that. people pick the kid they feel some affinity with. as for 'needier,' well - do you mean she should have gone to a different orphanage or adopted a kid with serious health problems? that's a whole different category of adoption...and the kids in the same orphanage should all be equally needy, shouldn't they?

i don't think angelina's kids are exceptionally beautiful. i think maddox, for example, is attractive in the way all children are attractive (which is mostly by not having the wear and tear that adults do), but not especially gorgeous. i do think mainstream western culture tends to do this thing of objectifying asian (and probably other races too, but african-into-white adoption is still rare) kids by saying they are all beautiful, gorgeous, cute, whatever, and it is essentially a result of their being visually unfamiliar. i've seen it in the press about angelina's kids, i've seen it a lot with the rash of chinese girls being adopted into the u.s. and i've also been the target of this kind of comment...and this kind of attitude is shocking to me because it doesn't allow for the individuality of the kid, an attitude i think angelina must have moved beyond because she's raising the kid (and there're always plenty of photos of her actually doing things with her kids).

ETA: and i don't buy the 'accessorizing' idea. for one, the photos of angelina with her kids always involve her wearing the same loose pants, loose shirt, sunglasses and ponytail, which is the uniform of a lot of moms. she is also always looking like she's trying to ignore the paparazzi. she has a very different 'persona' when she's trying to look glamorous or be photographed. there are plenty of stars who will pose for an off-the-cuff snapshot (gwen stefani, for example), but she ain't one of them.

speaking of parenting, what is happening with britzilla?
word grenadine and yemaha.

yemaha, both of your posts sum up exactly how I feel about Angelina. As I said, I have nothing but respect and admiration for her; she is not accessorizing or cherry-picking her babies but helping where she can. I admire that she is often photographed with her children in her "mom uniform"; that she IS photographed with them - they aren't at home with the nanny; that her nomadic lifestyle takes them around the world teaching them more than most children; her showing them how privileged they are; raising them true to their birth culture; apologising in press for Pax immediately being in the public eye....

as for giving an orphanage millions of her money: Angelina and Brad have donated a considerable amount of money to a variety of causes (maternity wards in Namibia, Daniel Pearl Foundation, NoLa after Katrina, Pakistan after earthquake...)

in terms of the children being beautiful: they have beautiful parents but I think they look beautiful because they are happy and that can't be said for many Hollywood families/families in the public eye. britzilla being a case in point.

i'm sorry, maybe i'm unaware of typical international adoption policies. i didn't know it was standard practice to get to choose what kid you end up with. i thought it was more of a "you get what ever works out" sort of deal.
Angelina has significant resources (i.e. money) and is using at least some of it to provide a comfortable home (and inevitably university education) to children who would not otherwsie have access to these resources. I don't have a problem with that.

Angelina en famille have also kickstarted Namibia's tourism industry, which probably yields mixed results but is likely overall beneficial for the country, IMO.
So she may not be... Oprah, or even Bono

Thank fucking god.
oh, i dunno, busty...i'd rather read "A" magazine than "O" magazine anyday...
(of course there actually did use to be an "A" magazine, though it was not about angelina).

the problem i'd have with it is if angelina's kids are on that f'ing infernal "my super sweet 16" show.
International adoptions have far more flexibility than domestic adoptions in that they are between the country of origin and the parent, therefore no matter what your economic status, an American has far more leeway in picking specific physical, mental, emotional criteria for the child because the US government does not have the authority to prevent you from picking the country of your interest or the characteristics and sex of the child.

This probably explains why so many people go to countries like China (all those useless girls) and Russia (a sea of blond haired blue-eyed babys) to adopt. Also, Third world countries in particular are far less likely to have stringent baby guidelines as opposed to first or second world, precisely because they may lack the infrastructure and these children are probably a drain and a burden on already dilapidated and inefficient system. This obviously leads to child slavery rings, abduction, and a host of unscrupulous practices etc which is why Angelina Jolie was right to go through the countries respective legal rigmarole and governments along with the adoption provider to petition for adoption(s) as opposed to Madonna just going in some village and picking out a baby.

Moreover, I agree with grenadine’s point of physical attractiveness as being some selling point to Angelina. I have live around Somalians and Ethiopians as well as Southeast Asian groups like Cambodians and Laotians and Maddox and Zahara are certainly not the crème de la crème in terms of looks, thus I think it is a ridiculous to entertain the notion that she picked them because they would look appealing like those ubiquitous Manolos (or whatever) and Gucci bags.

If you want to berate someone about accessorizing their children, how about all those faceless white couples here in Cambridge who love showing off their adopted Chinese or Korean Girls and how they saved them from certain death or languishing in some indifferent orphanage.
The Vietnamese officials in this case actually came out and admitted that the adoption was fast-tracked due to Ange's celebrity status much like Madonna's recent adoption (, plus, they confirmed the fact that she had to adopt as a lone parent, as unmarried couples aren't allowed to adopt from Vietnam. IE, we KNOW she's with Brad and they have 2 adopted kids as well as their own child, but we're going to ignore that fact and let her adopt as a single mother anyway? Angelina is not a single mother. I don't really care about how much money she has. That's no reason why ANY country should bend its adoption rules for her, which they have blatantly done. Rules are rules. They should apply to each and evey adopter in the same way - they are there to safeguard the welfare of the adoptive child. In this case, Angelina has not gone through the specific country's rigmarole, she has steamed in and in the space of a couple of weeks been given a baby. I don't doubt that her reasons for adopting are genuine - people who adopt children have to go through a hell of a lot more upheaval than most. But really, it seems that she's getting given kids willy nilly, almost as a publicity gesture, simply because she's famous and has a shedload of money to flash about. That's not a good precedent. Can I just ask - how do all these Ange supporters feel about Madonna's adoption of David?
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Mar 19 2007, 05:36 PM) *

the problem i'd have with it is if angelina's kids are on that f'ing infernal "my super sweet 16" show.

Ush, that show is horrifying...................but I keep watching it. ohmy.gif
Oh, I'm not defending Oprah. I can't stand her, or Bono. I meant thank god there's not another one of either of them.

I actually like Angelina. Other than the fact that she has lousy taste in men, she seems like you could have a beer with her.
pointybird, the Vietnemese authorities did NOT bend the rules for Angelina and she made the initial application last summer according to this article.

as for madonna and david, yemaha (an "Ange supporter") commented on that directly below your post.
What we seem to have are 2 different reports, both by the BBC, one stating that "Vietnamese authorities are only reported to have received Jolie's request for permission to adopt at the beginning of March". The other report quotes that "US agency Adoptions From The Heart has rebutted a claim by a Vietnamese official that she was "fast-tracked" to complete her application more quickly". So we can't actually be sure what happened. I want to make it clear again that I do think adoption is a good thing. However, I don't think all the couples who have to jump through hoops to adopt children should be made to wait for months, whereas the very rich seem to able to adopt in a matter of a fortnight. Once again, I will say, it's not about how much money the adoptive parent might have, or how much space, or how many resources - EVERY prespective adoptive couple or single person shoud go through THE SAME process.
pointy, i'm confused about your objecting to angelina adopting as a single parent. my understanding is that the rules are not being bent for her, but she is being subject to vietnam's rules, which say that only married couples can adopt jointly (thus, she has to adopt singly and can't share the initial legal responsibility - once she is the adoptive parent brad can adopt per u.s. laws) with brad. they weren't doing her any favors there.

also, the boy angelina adopted from vietnam is three years old.

yemaya, i hear you about the yuppie parents with korean or chinese girls. i especially dislike the ones who put their two adopted asian daughters in matching t-shirts that say "china doll."

busty, we are agreed. beers all round, and thank dog there's only one oprah. bono i find less offensive, if only because i am not constantly forced to stare at "Bono: the magazine" in checkout lines.

ETA: although i'm not convinced angelina was "fast-tracked," i think if one objects to the very rich getting better service worldwide (but especially in post/neo-communist asia, land of s-l-o-w bureaucracy, widespread poverty, and the concomitant culture of bribery) one has a bigger bone to pick than with one chick who adopts a kid.
That show is so fucking horrifying!!! I was watching it with my husband Sunday afternoon and I was like, "I hate every one of those little fucking cunts. I hope they die. I want California to break off the United States and fall inot the ocean. I want to kill them."

I can't believe that sort of entitlement exists. It makes myt skin crawl.

Mostly I came to tell you that I think Nikki hilton is so fugly, though.

Nikki Hilton is so fugly!
hey, i live in california! mad.gif
this is a funny ad on craigslist about angelina:

New French Quarter Resident Seeking Mom Friends
I want to have a few beers with the Craigslist Mom. She rocks!
Not that this was an easy item to miss, but... Anna Nicole Smith's cause of death was ruled to be an accidental overdose.
OMG, that Wynonna thing is totally f'ed up! I feel so bad for her.

the man's name is roach, wynonna. that should tell you something.
I hate asking this because it just proves my shallowness, but didn't they do the DNA on the ANS's baby over a week ago? Are those results out yet? And why do I care about this? *flogs self for shameful media-whoring*
DNA results, at least as far as my office goes (I work in child support and we have to do paternity tests all the time), can take 4-6 weeks to come back, so I'm thinking it'll be a while before we know who the baby-daddy is.
I think they're dragging it out for media/publicity's sake. It's been frikkin' forever since they started this whole paternity thing. Geesh.
This is so wrong. So very very wrong.
"The Cure team up with Ashlee Simpson: Robert Smith works with pop star"
anna k
News that Robert Rodriguez cheated on his wife with Rose McGowan. Since I like Rose, this is shitty to read.
huh. i like her too, but i can't say i've always been impressed by her man-judgment.
Birkhead is Danielynn's, that is going to be one screwed up kid when she's older. What a mess to be born into.

Anyway, does anyone else have a problem with the Reese/Jake thing? I do, but I think it's mostly because he's MY fiance dammit. (Although I did like him with Kirsten.)
hi ~ long time since I have posted....
delurking just to say that I was happy to hear Larry's the dad. true, i know nothing of these people...but Howard k. FREAKS me out

ok...back to lurking...whee!
QUOTE(anna k @ Apr 3 2007, 09:28 PM) *
News that Robert Rodriguez cheated on his wife with Rose McGowan. Since I like Rose, this is shitty to read.

I am so hoping that this isn't true... i really loved that he had been married for so to do some google research.
oh and I am trying to ignore the Robert Smith Ashlee Simpson thing...
my whole gossip world is being shaken right now. dry.gif
*scratches head* Robert Smith and Ashlee Simpson working together? This world is crazy!!!!
Johnny Cash's house burned down. Warning, there is a pic at the link.
No, I heard about the Cure/Simpson collaberation last week:

(Sorry to post that link, I wish it weren't true.)

So sad about Cash's old house. sad.gif

(edit oh crap that's not the right link, ignore me I am scatter brained today)
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