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When I saw the close-up of Rose McGowan, my first thought was, "Wow, Judy Garland looks great for being dead."

*carol burnett tarzan call*
good god *goes back to staring at rose mcg*

gwynnie does not know how to smile properly. i think an actual smile off her might be one of the signs that the end is nigh.

i liked meryl streep's outfit, until you reach the bottom and realise how long it is. trousers or go shorter on the kimono, woman. although i really liked that she was willing to be different.

apparently, someone at nbc has given posh her own tv show.

woah. was that a hair ball? reality tv: the refuge of the rich + talentless. for some odd reason i find myself unable to hide my loathing for the lolly-headed-twig we call posh.

wonder why....

hey-- can we restart the tradition of SPY MAGAZINE of referring to celebs by insulting phrases?

wait--does anyone else remember SPY? i still only refer to trump as "the short fingered vulgarian."
*makes a secret wish for spy & nest to return*)
Oh, I remember SPY magazine. It was the reason PhotoShop was invented.

And I still think of Trump as the short fingered vulgarian; I still secretly make the SPY wish for ugly, sexist rock pigs who vote Republican to "someday die in their sleep (choking on their vomit)"; and I still remember that article on anti-rape devices published shortly after that Kennedy got away with yet another sexual assault-turned-to-murder (at least it kept him from a TV career! So far). SPY was a great, howling, political magazine.

But I'd hate to see what would have become of it had it continued to publish (either suppressed or converted: ugly either way).

Anyway, NOTHING IS STOPPING US if we want to start the derogatory name thing. Nothing at all.
The times, they are demanding it anyway.
yay! now all we have to do is start having dance battles ala britney+jt.

speaking of...

good phrases for the 'fuzzy headed popstar' and the 'playboy corpsicle?'

(i like the fuzzy head part, but the rest needs work.)
I actually thought of Robert Downey's remark pretty funny. It's pretty tame compared to comments that have been made by other people over the years.

My roundup:

-[color=#6633FF]The show itself was too long. They needed to cut the interpretative dance skits, the sound effects schpeel, the Jack Black/Will farrell thing was "ok" but still unnecessary. Half of Ellen's stuff could have been cut back.

-Nearly four hours for the show was just way.too.long. I lost interest half-way through.

-I was happy as pie for Marty Scorcese, I've loved all his movies so I thought it was late but well-deserved. And I thought it was super cool that Spielberg, Coppola and Lucas were the ones to present it to him YAY!

-Did anyone else notice Jennifer Hudson's right breast trying to break free during their song? Holy crap! I had to turn the channel I was so fearful it was going to explode. Well that and those songs from Dreamgirls really, really sucked.
- I really can't stand Beyonce. I want her to go away. And learn some fashion sense.
-Dear Jennifer Hudson, get your hands OUT of your pockets.

As for fashion choices:
-Gwyneth-I loved the dress, I agree that it was something out of the 30's. I even liked the color, though I think a blue or green on her would have been fabulous.
-Maggie G-Loved loved her dress. She looked gorgeous for just having a baby.
-Kate Winslet-Dress was nice, I wasn't blown away though. If it was a different color I may have liked it more.
-Cate Blanchett-Wasn't a fan of her dress. She's done better.
-Nicole and Naomi-I loved Nicoles dress minus the bow. Take the damn bow off. Only she could pull something like that off. Naomi-It was ok. She's pregnant though and sometimes these gowns are hard to find for pregnant starlets.
-Jennifer H-Ugly dress. What the hell was she thinking? And the pockets? no no no. If Andre Leon Talley really did urge her to get this dress he should be ashamed of himself. And she should wonder what kind of vendetta he has against her.
-Anne Hathaway-Why? She's always gorgeous. Always. This dress was just too 80's with the big black bow thing and all the white lace.
-Helen Mirren-Impeccable. She's gorgeous. Her GG dress was even better if you ask me. The woman is HOT for a 60 something woman.
-Meryl-She always goes low key and hippiesh. She's raised four kids, I wouldn't be up for glamming it up like a sex kitten either. I still dig her laid back style.
-Jessica Biel-Loved the dress and the color. Not her hair.
-J.Lo-Loved, loved the dress. Hands down one of my favs there. Not usually a fan of hers but I dug that dress.
-Penelope-Yuck. I didn't like it and I don't get all the fuss over it. It looks mega boring to me. Nothing about it except all the dead birds stuck to the end stand out.
-Kirsten Dunst-Blech. She looked horrid if you as me. Ugly ugly dress
-Reese-Great dress, loved the color. Please don't turn Nicole Richie on us Reese. I hope it's just the post divorce stress(I lost 30 lbs after my separation from first husband-in three 1/2 mos-there went the last of my baby weight. haha).
-Beyonce. Woman needs a better stylist. She always looks hoochie.
-Sally Kirkland- Why, why why why do they STILL invite her to these things?? Is it to purposely make fun of her??
-Cameron Diaz-Don't like anything she wears. Just don't like her.

As for the men-Mark Wahlberg and Daniel Craig get my vote for hottest men. I want Daniel Craig. oh god.
Anybody seen the Christian Bale cover of GQ? So freaking hot. I almost bought it just for the pics of him. He is sex on a stick. He's in the running with Colin Firth for man of my dreams.
Hey, the brief bits of interpretive dance were better than the whole fifteen minute dance-stravaganza they used to have that hogged up the beginning. Choreography has it's place in cinema, but it always seemed to show the worst of the Oscars. Gaudy, over-blown, & cheesy as hell.

Query: Why did they feel the need to show us the announcers? That Lafonataine fella & the lady that welcomed us back to the Oscars. What did that accomplish?
if you didn't feel terrified for (of??) britney spears's time.
so the playboy corpsicle is going to be burried in the b'hamas. i think i like "wigged out coochie bearing mom" much better than "fuzzy-headed popstar."

how would you describe paris hilton (airheaded heiress?) or camron diaz + her freakishly large mouth...?

Charlotte Church is pregnant (possibly only relevant to UK BUSTies). She's just turned 21.
Angelina has filed papers to adopt a Vietnamese child.
I would describe PH as an unwashed cum receptacle.

Of course, I'm not known for my sensitivity. wink.gif
is it me or is angelina just collecting babies? somehow i get the feeling when she gets older we're gonna find out she's been going all "mommy dearest" on those kids....

now i have to think of a description of her...

busty: wow. you just cut to the chase don't you? lol. i'm playing my own personal game from spy magazine, where i come up with a euphemistic phrase for a celebrity. and as much as i'd love to call ph that i don't think anyone else would know who i was talking about.

unless...well, let's try this " a certain hotel heiress/cum recepticle was caught in a drunken dance battle with the kojak-ified coochie bearing mom in a LA club."

hmmm i think i might be a bit too verose...
bun, i kindof wish Charlotte Church happy. She seems - well, normal. Yeah, she's young, so's he, but hopefully...

Billie Piper is getting married again. the day before that was announced there was all this speculation because she and her fiance/fellow actor in this play left the venue looking, well, tired and unsmiley. And she was seen hugging Chris Evans. *gives up*

Angelina worries me. Her kids are all so young. Yeah, she'll have help, but still...
Oh my, I haven't been in here in ages, but I felt I had to come and see what the reaction was to the latest Britney news, only to find it hadn't been posted...?!

Evidently, she attempted suicide with a bedsheet and wrote "666" on her forehead before running around screaming that she was the "anti-christ". This was all at her rehab clinic.

Now I'm starting to feel sorry that I enjoyed her downward spiral so much the past few years...
Lys, where did you hear this news? Whoa. Talk about girls gone wild.
Salma Hayek is pregnant and getting married...
She went from Edward Norton to a businessman?? Go figure.
lys, i think that story got called out as bullshit. REAL ULTIMATE BRITNEY is HILARIOUS ridiculous though.
is it me or is angelina just collecting babies?
my roomate is disgusted and thinks Angie just has a thing for collecting beautiful brown kids.

I can't deal with the Salma thing. I saw that on my way out to work. She went from Norton to Old Man. Eew.
aawww. don't blame selma. mr norton broke up with her after frida. i think i remember her saying in an interview that she was suprized by it.

Unwashed cum receptacle! I love it.

I read that Eddie Vedar is going into rehab.

I think the Selma thing is great. I really like her.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are starting to annoy me.

If that Brittney thing was true, can you imagine, wooooooooo.
Are you sure you didn't hear Eddie Van Halen was going to rehab, Culture? I haven't heard anything re Vedder...
Yeah, the Paris Hilton fragrance line holds absolutely no appeal for me. I hear her name and think Walk of Shame with unbrushed teeth, cigarette hair and nasty sweaty/semeny cootch.

starvailance had a line about britney's perfume:
"i've smelled that girl. she smells like red bull and urinal cakes."
Yeah, I've gotta imagine neither of those gals is particularly fragrant....

Reese Witherspoon is apparently 'getting over' her marriage split with the aid of Jake Gyllenhaall. Fair play to her, it's a big step up, in my book.
NOO!!! Jake's MINE! biggrin.gif

I really like Reese, and I love my Jakey, but I don't think I'd want to see them together. Though I agree that it's a big step up.
QUOTE(chani @ Mar 10 2007, 09:20 PM) *

Yeah, the Paris Hilton fragrance line holds absolutely no appeal for me. I hear her name and think Walk of Shame with unbrushed teeth, cigarette hair and nasty sweaty/semeny cootch.

Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blink.gif
No one is discussing the shocking suicide of Richard Jeni?

i didn't hear about it...:/

yahoo said it was Eddie Vedder. but I haven't heard anything about it since.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 10 2007, 04:10 AM) *

Unwashed cum receptacle! I love it.

I read that Eddie Vedar is going into rehab.
I think the Selma thing is great. I really like her.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are starting to annoy me.

If that Brittney thing was true, can you imagine, wooooooooo.

It's Eddie VanHalen.

Eddie Vedder is speaking or something at the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony.

I HATE Brangelina.. TEAM ANNISTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, it seems like they are trying to prove something. We get it, you like kids. Why don't you concentrate on raising the ones you have instead of compulsively adding to your clan? They are not shoes. With their "work" etc, it seems they would be strapped for time, kids do need individual "ME" time with mom and dad.
how bizarre, I remember the page exactly. They had a picture of him and he said he wanted to give his fans 110%. Whatevs.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Mar 12 2007, 08:05 PM) *

how bizarre, I remember the page exactly. They had a picture of him and he said he wanted to give his fans 110%. Whatevs.

“That’s why I have decided to enter a rehabilitation facility to work on myself, so that in the future I can deliver the 110 percent that I feel I owe you and want to give you,” the statement said.

From the link I posted.
ggg, thanks for the clarification,

note to self *never trust yahoo again* jerks.
Pagangrrl, I was at a party a couple weeks ago with my dad and this woman comes up to him and says, "has anyone ever told you you look just like Richard Jeni?" My dad said dryly, "no, they haven't." When the woman walked away, I asked my dad who Richard Jeni was and he said, "a mediocre comedian." I said, "Like Kenny Bania from Seinfeld?" My dad said, "yeah, pretty much." And now he's dead. I called my dad when I heard the news and he said, "someone probably told him he looked like me!"
i liked richard jeni. too sad.

congrats to the fug chicks ... and intern george!!!
Richard Jeni has been one of my favorites since I was in junior high school. Mediocre is not exactly a word I would use to describe him.
Richard Jeni was hysterical, not mediocre at all. He had a really large following, too.
humour is subjective, what is hysterical to one can be mediocre to the other; it's personal choice and does not make his suicide any less tragic.
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 13 2007, 12:37 PM) *'s personal choice and does not make his suicide any less tragic.

Absolutely not, bunny....I just meant it in an ironic way, not an insensitive way. When your favorite comedian is Lenny Bruce, it sets a high bar, though, so that's why my dad thinks he was mediocre.
oh, I realised that polly, I was trying to point out that you -or your father- weren't being insensitive, it was simply your opinion (well, his).
I hadn't heard of Richard Jeni until I heard about his suicide.

Donna Martin graduates! gave birth to her spawn. Oh joy.
I know, bunny biggrin.gif I was just confirming that what you were saying was what I intended.
Raisin girl...Ditto. I am so sick of seeing Tori & her husband all over the place!
Tori's kind of a hideous plastic beast. Ich.

Has anyone heard if Ani DiFranco had her baby? I thought she was due in February (or did she announce it last February, meaning she had the kid awhile ago?)
She may be a hideous plastic beast, but she does get off a few good one liners now and then. She can scandalize verbally in a way no one else can. And since everyone underestimates her...

I didn't know Ani DiFranco was pregnant!
If Angelina's collecting babies, does that make her the new Mia Farrow and Brad the new...oh, never mind.

ooooooh snap!

that was great dusty! hey... where have you been?

polly, i love you. that's the best. the "hideous plastic beast" had a quirky show on vh1 too. loni anderson as her self-centered mom was great. and i still can't get over that sylar from heroes was her gay best friend. still weird.
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