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wtf? why would anyone want to see that???? if my daughter had died or cod forbid my husband, i would NOT want to subject myself to seeing the dead body TWO WEEKS later! what are they trying to prove? i just don't fucking get it!

oh, and mouse, THAT is the best link this week! i love ggg's avie, and part two, well, that's just hilarious.
jesus. fuckin bury or cremate her already. the poor woman let a shitty enough life; let her at least have a dignified death.

anyway, glad to supply some entertainment, girlygirlgizzle !
Britney re-entered rehab tonight. Again.
I don't understand why it's taking so damn long for the paternity test results in the ANS case. It doesn't take Maury Povich that long to deliver paternity results!! These guys would probably save a lot of money and time if they just went on Maury Povich. Heh.
Bunny, should we take bets on how long this time lasts for Brit?
i think part of the problem is that the two possible baby daddys are legally better served by NOT submitting a sample. hkstern is on the birth paper, so he is the presumed dad until proven otherwise, so he is avoiding ponying up a sample because he has a lot to lose.

<runs out of room, cackling madly>
That's hilarious aquagirl!! Take pictures!!

So is that the deal with the paternity case? They're not submitting samples? Losers.
Dooce's take on the Britney Spears situation.
Another take on Anna Nicole Smith.
Both of those are very good viewpoints, IMO. Anna Nicole was certainly no Marilyn Monroe--or anything close--and I've said before that Britney is clearly mentally ill and desperately needs good professional help.
blink.gif WHOA... blink.gif

vesca-- i loved that Link-- it really i think the theories towards the end really hold water. there was some survey that come out a bit ago talking about how most teens think fame is the most important goal in life... maybe it's me, but i find it disturbing that privacy could be so easily tossed aside. most strikingly privacy from the gov't...
I've worked really hard to avoid any Anna Nicole Smith stuff (and you HAVE to work hard to avoid it), but I came across this post today on a feminist blog that I thought I'd share: Sex kittens and whores which asks feminist questions about ANS and sexuality.

I will also take a look at your link, vesica. Thanks for that.
This might also belong in the youtube thread, but I thought it was applicable here:

Craig Ferguson on Britney

Late night talk show host's monologue about his own experiences needing help and being sober for 15 years, and why he will no longer be making any more jokes about Britney. Worth watching.
what a classy, awesome guy. I always knew I loved Craig Ferguson, and now I know it's for more than just the accent....
oh, that's so good!
Wow - what a cool way to take the high road and not in sanctimonious way. I would like to think that perhaps his 12 minute monologue inspired other people to seek help or at least planted the idea.
I saw that last week & it just solidified my love for the man. Whenever I used to watch late night chat shows, I used to wait twenty-five minutes for all the crap to be over with & get to the guests. With Craig, the best part of the show is often his monologue. He gave a eulogy of sorts for his father when he died & it was one of the most touching things I've ever seen.
I can't be alone in my unexclainable happiness for Jessica Simpson and John Mayer, can I? I have never given her much thought before and I know barely anything about him, but they look so cute and happy together. It warms my heart.
lol.... i can't get with you on that, but i am glad there's a post that doesn't have to do with those other two blondes ( you know, the dead one and the bald one) that seem to be everywhere in the press nowadays....
John Mayer just pisses me off because of that stupid "Waiting for the World to Change" song (among many of his songs that irritate me). That song sounds so well-intentioned yadda yadda yadda, but what it is really saying is "The world is messed up, but we're gonna sit here and just wait for it to change." It's a song about apathy, really. So really, he irritates me, and I really have no feelings about her except, "meh".
I'd rather listen to alley cats fuck than listen to either Mayer or Simpson, so I don't much care about their 'ship.

I cannot wait for tomorrow's Fug report on Oscar fashion. I hope they rip Gwyneth to shreds. What the hell was she wearing & what was up with that hairdo? Don't little kids want to pull on hair like that?

Naomi Watt's dress was weird with the whole sort of sleeves thing. It would have been kinda pretty without them.
gak! pbs just had glenn cambell on and he looked like a george hamilton red leather lobster.... wtf?! no tanning bed for you glenn....why do they do that? why? *shakes her fist at the crazed, vengeful county gods*

...oooh...buck owens *gets hypnotized by buck*
uh... GT, technically Ms. Spears is not a blonde anymore... she's.. uh...ummm....
Best Family Guy moment - Chris graffiti-ing a fence with the words: THAT'S ENOUGH, JOHN MAYER

I laughed myself sick
Blanche - Helen Mirren. She's awesome.
Helen Mirren looked amazing last night. Her's was one of the few dresses that wowed me - Forest Whitaker's wife Keisha, J-Lo and Reese Witherspoon's also made an impression, especially Reese's.
the oscars, random thoughts:

- when the interpretive dancers started in:
- when celine dion came onstage:
- happy for helen. best dress, hands down.
- happy for alan arkin. love him to pieces.
- sad for eddie murphy. always had a soft spot for him, despite his disastrous career choices.
- sad for peter o'toole. but he should've won 45 yrs ago for lawrence of arabia.
- rooting for the hair-pulling, all-claws-out cat fight between beyonce and jennifer.
- whoever chose ellen's wardrobe should be shot.
- robert downey jr. should NOT make substance abuse jokes when he looks like he's still using.
- what the fuck was up with jack's bald 'do?! i was hoping for a britney joke.
- only waited for the end to see marty get his oscar. even tho i sort of can't stand his movies. but the guy's so likeable.
- waaaaaay too many montages. yawn.
I liked Gwenyth's dress, though I don't really like her. Helen va voom! She looked amazing. Cameron Diaz needs to go back to blonde. Reese Witherspoon looked like a toothpick.

Mando..I know, Beyonce looked quite displeased about Jennifer H's win. I thought that was amusing. Suck it Beyonce!

Agreed...Robert Downey Jrs joke was in poor taste.

What did you think of Cate Blanchett's dress? I loved it. Beautiful.
I thought I saw tears in Beyonce's eyes. Tears of joy or jealousy, I don't know, but I'm rooting for joy.

As for the fashions, I totally agree with Karianne. In fact, ther were a lot of dresses out there that I really liked, which was nice. I think Helen Mirren looked amaaaaaazing. Proof that you can still be HOTTTT at 61. Loved it. I really liked Cate Blanchett's dress, too. I thought Gwyneth's dress was very sweet. And I hated that little coat/shrug thing that Jennifer Hudson wore on the red carpet, so I was glad to see the dress underneath it during the show. Lordy, that woman is luscious! Oh, I could go one and on about what I liked out there.

What I didn't like? Cameron Diaz (The brown hair + the tan looked baaaaaad on her). And Penelope Cruz (the top half of the dress was lovely, but the skirt was awful). And I still don't quite understand what Meryl Streep was wearing, but I think she knew that she wasn't going to win so she felt no need to dress up.

ETA: Maggie Gyllenhall really looked amazing, didn't she?
It's the Oscars, there's every need to dress up (even if Helen Mirren was a shoe-in).

Didn't like the fact that Jennifer Hudson's dress had pockets, gowns should not have pockets.

Didn't like Cate's dress (material and one strap not my thing for most part) or the colour of Gwyneth's.
i agree with the fug girls, reese is well on her way to bobbleheaddom and it doesn't look good on her (not that it looks good on anyone, but her chin is really taking over her face in a bad, bad way)
reese looks strung out to begin with, so what was up with the heroin-chic make-up?

everyone MUST read the fug girls live blog from last night. even if you hate the oscars.
do these chicks get PAID for this?

i can't wait til they tear into kirsten dunst's gown. even my son gave it a 'blech'.
Kirsten Dunst...the "gown", the hair, ugh. It was just bad.

I know Reese is in a stressful time right now, I will forgive her the skinnyness. As long as she doesn't go the way of the lollipop head for good.

I know...Meryl Streep....waaah? Not sure what was going on there.

Ugh. Kirsten Dunst's dress made her look like the ghost girl from The Ring.

I didn't like Naomi Watts' dress either. It reminded me of Charlie Brown.

Cameron Diaz looks so shitty with that brassy-brown hair color. It looks like she did it herself with a box of Colorsilk.

Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett looked the best, IMO.

I guess Jack Nicholson's head was shaved for a movie he's currently filming.

I liked Robert Downey Jr.'s joke!!

Ellen Degeneres was so damn funny, and cute!!
My notes from the red carpet:

Nicole K - what the hell is that thing on her shoulder?
Naomi W. - frumpy pale yellow
Jennifer Hudson - good shoes, capelet is too Flash Gordon
Emily Blunt - blue spangles - NICE
Anne Hathaway - looks like her chest is being swallowed by that bow
Kirsten Dunst - WTF? silver grandma dress
P. Cruz - top nice, fluffy bottom like exploded chickens
Cate Blanchett - WOW. Slinky
Kate Winslet - GREAT DRESS. Grace Kelly classy.

I didn't see Meryl's outfit until later, but yecch. What was that?
agree all around, except i really liked kirsten dunst's dress! fancy but not overly sparkly, vintage look, funky, cute, and above all, different than the rest of the trendies.
mandy, that was a riot. this is the best:

"JESSICA: OH, MY GOD, it's INTERPRETIVE DANCE where the people TURNED THEMSELVES INTO AN OSCAR. HEATHER: Who knew this was a horror-themed awards show?"

eta: i'm with you nick--gowns like k.winslets are fine, but there's no risk. no creativity or individuality. and i loved the vintage-y feel.
I think Kate Winslet is beautiful, but she always wears the same thing. I'd like to see something different.

I loved Emily Blunt's dress too! It was one of my favorites. Anne Hathaway's on the other hand...yikes.

I think Kirsten's dress would be fine for another function, I thought it was a bit casual for the Oscars.
It must be hard to be Naomi Watts and be friends with and have to stand next to Nicole Kidman on the red carpet. Watts' dress looked like it was headed for sagtown. I hate low dresses like that...they look like bad prom dresses...So happy for Jennifer Hudson...Simon, how's the crow taste?
Deleted post until I figure out how to link the appropriate image correctly.
I was shocked by how much I liked Gwyneth Paltrow's dress. Unusual color, 40s feel, subtle architectural details, and she looked like the only one in the world that could wear it and make sense. Usually I enjoy hating every aspect of her existence, so it's disappointing not to have anything bad to say about her dress. The smugly benevolent expression of approval she had every time the camera cut to her? Now that was hate-worthy. It was like she was beaming approval at a class of slow children. Yes, yes, you are improving and will someday be worthy of my presence
poodle, i liked robert's joke too .... it was just worrisome cuz he looked like he'd just made bail.

" ... beaming approval at a class of slow children ..." BWAH!

madge looks stunning!

and i'm guessing SMG's got a friend who's just starting her own hideous jewelry line?

this ... i don't even know where to begin. i want to say something about carol burnett being the only one who could pull off wearing draperies, but i'm betting not many of you will know what i'm talking about.
what was robert downey jr.'s joke? when was it?
god when you put it like that mandy, i feel old. that skit was gone with the wind.
If I'm to be in an old age home, let it be with the fabulous Mando and Gtrix (in my head, I have merged your names thusly) least, until we "accidentally" burn the home down, in which case Danny the world-famous lawyer/Supreme Court Justice will rescue us anyway. So, I'm assuming y'all meant this pic of Carol pwning Celine?

IPB Image
apparently rose mcgowan is sixty-five.

god. you know it's bad if you're 34 and helen mirren looks younger than you.
ok, why do my links not work anymore?
actually, it's pretty funny. madge now = JLo (the horror!). SMG now = marty s. and celine is still celine, but you don't get the full effect of her ... outfit ... from that picture. i'll try fixing them again.

lol @ sixel & gt! i can only imagine our conversations, rocking on the front porch. hee!

candy, a very messy-looking (but still cute, always) Robert Downey, Jr. & Naomi Watts presented the Visual Effects Oscar. she rattled off something about "giant spiders crawling up buildings" and a slew of other weirdass special effects, and then RDJ says, "a typical night for me in the 90's."
They work for me, Mandi. (Hi! I'm stalking you!)
QUOTE(mouse @ Feb 27 2007, 02:32 AM) *

apparently rose mcgowan is sixty-five.

god. you know it's bad if you're 34 and helen mirren looks younger than you.

And exactly *why* is she sticking her ass out like that in that photo!? ohmy.gif
So nasty.
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