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i've been wondering if she has been suffering from post-partum depression and no one has checked her out.

either way, britney needs some serious help. i can't find anything funny about her spiraling out of control.
i can't relate to the "long hair=femininity" thing. long hair looks bad on me, i've had short hair my entire life, shaved my head three or four times (yes, i got all the obligatory dyke/g.i. jane/do you have cancer? comments in highschool) and loved it. i've always had some version of a pixie cut save for about six months in college when it was shoulder-length and hot pink.

the thing is, shaving one's head isn't necessarily an act to flip out over. sure, it's a little radical, but it's not necessarily the sign of a nervous breakdown, no. HOWEVER, this is britney spears. this is not some together little feminist in highschool wanting to flip off the patriarchy, or a together sinead o'connor knowing that she looks awesome with a shaved head. this is britney spears, who has a failed career, who probably has several drug problems, who just went through a shitty and very publicised divorce, who's a single mom with no clue how to handle her kids, and who always tries really damn hard to look sexy and hot. to the britney spears of the world, a shaved head is not hot. this is a radical act and not in a political sense, in a "whoah, wtf" sense.

i thought it was interesting too that one of the articles said that her quote in answer to why she did it was "i don't want anyone touching me anymore".

i DO feel bad for her.
Mouse, I couldn't agree with you more. smile.gif

I am worried about Britney. But I'm more worried about our news outlets. You know what's more disturbing than Britney's shaved head & her new tattoos? The fact that a California television station chose this as their leading story for their local news program the other night. And CNN is reporting on this, too, including video on their website. CNN! Absolutely shameful!
roseviolet, this is why i don't watch the news. it's like they have no actual news to report and put britney as the top story.

..don't even get me started about the whole news thing. We've gone from Anna Nicole Smith to Britney Spears, and there is a WAR going on. Obama announced he's going to run for the presidency. North Korea announced a possible pull back on nukes. Bush is trying to cut funding for NPR and PBS. THOSE are stories that should lead off the news. It really turns my stomach to see that the priority is ratings and ratings are all about what people want to see, which makes me even sicker.... that what the majority of people want to see in this country is sensationalist bullshit. arrrgh.

ETA: ok, well maybe not the majority per se, but enough that want to see that stuff that it leads off the news.
Hmmmm....Bush is trying to cut funding for NPR and PBS, yet again; and yet they're the only media which isn't shoving Britney and her bald head at us as prime news. Is that a coincidence?

Seems more and more obvious the media's complicit in furthering an agenda which includes not talking about the real issues. I wonder who benefits from that.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Britney needs a couple of years away in the quiet south of France, with a nanny, a group of counsellors with various specialties, a public relations department which will plan her health restoration and, later, her "re-emergence" in public life as a together, learned, capable and talented artist/mom/person. And also, a decent stylist. Once and for all.
That would be good for her, but I'm sure people in the south of France don't want her invading them (like they don't hate Americans enough- can you imagine if we foisted Britney off on them? laugh.gif ) It may have worked for Johnny Depp- he has more than half a brain cell, tries to stay out of the limelight and can be around polite company...
Yeah, I can't believe the North Korea nukes thing isn't getting more attention. No wait, I can believe it. Most TV-viewing Americans probably couldn't identify North Korea on a map.

As I see it, Britney was robbed of her adolescent/teenage years and this is sort of a delayed angst/rebellion period. Her problems are "adult problems" but she's never had the opportunity to reflect on her identity and make a physical statement like teenagers often feel the need to do. Sure, twenty-somethings are shaving their heads all the time, but this is different. I don't think this will have the effect that she intended. Actually, it will have the opposite effect. The media will be hounding her a lot more and now everybody's gonna want interviews n' shit. She's just fueling the fire.

The back of her skull isn't big enough to pull off the shaved head look.
pollystyrene said, astutely,
That would be good for her, but I'm sure people in the south of France don't want her invading them (like they don't hate Americans enough- can you imagine if we foisted Britney off on them? laugh.gif )

Well, that's why she'd never be let to go alone. The entourage would be necessary, and the "south of France" location means she'd be surrounded by vineyards and lavender. If she wants to talk to people, she'll need to learn some French to get by. And the French, I don't think, would tolerate roaming news crews in their countryside--nor are they are wowed by celebrities as Americans can be. It might be her only chance for retreat.

It'd certainly have to be "sold" to her, as an idea...which might or might not be possible. It would be awfully nice not to hear about her latest idiocy every 15 minutes, though.
QUOTE(chachaheels @ Feb 19 2007, 02:09 AM) *

Seems more and more obvious the media's complicit in furthering an agenda which includes not talking about the real issues. I wonder who benefits from that.

...well, the government, since it diverts attention from the real issues that people might want to weigh in on. Imagine if the stories I mentioned were leading off the news on a regular basis. Perhaps people would have just as much of an opinion on those things as who killed Anna Nicole.

(ok, I sound really conspiracy theory here, but it does make one wonder sometimes...)
I shaved my head. It was no big deal, and with 36DDs (at the time) it certainly didn't seem to make people treat me any less feminine.

It did occasionally make the people who came up to me odder, but I didn't change inside. My useless boyfriend at the time rarely looked up enough to see my face, so I doubt he noticed.
CNN is the news source from which I first learned about Britney's new 'do. Not TMZ, not Perez Hilton, not the E! channel, but CNN. Pretty sad.

My $0.02 on the Britster: All the things she's done and been through in recent months show that she's a very troubled young woman. She may be filthy rich, but as someone who suffers from severe depression myself, I have to say I do feel bad for her, and hope she can get some real help so that she can get her life back together.

As for the long hair/short hair/shaved head convo: I haven't been bald since infancy, but I've had both short and long hair during different times in my life. While I think some women look great with short hair, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not one of them. The last time I had my hair cut short was 7 years ago, in a weak moment: It was the middle of the summer, blazing hot, and so my hairdresser convinced me to let him cut most of it off. Ratboy was shocked when I came home! He was nice enough not to say he didn't like it, but I could tell he missed the long hair. And I got the "sir" treatment more than once from strangers--of course, having small boobs and a slim, muscular build probably contributed to that, too. I didn't like it at all, so I grew my hair back, and it's been beyond shoulder-length ever since.
i just don't understand why shaving ones head = depression/disturbed/crazy/in need of help etc.

i simply think she is just trying to figure out who she is. i don't think we should read anything in to it. now if she was going around shaving all the cats in the 'hood-- then it's time to worry.
because it's NOT shaving "one's" head. it's shaving BRITNEY SPEARS' head. it's about context.
well, when you put it like what was i thinking?!?

love the new avi mouse!
(but i loved the old one too)
thanks smile.gif it's ME with a shaved head hahaha

i didn't mean to come off snappish, i just feel like--yes, shaving one's head is not a big deal at all. it doesn't mean any sort of emotional imbalance whatsoever. but britney spears is the last person anyone would expect to shave her head, she just seems really insecure to me, and it doesn't strike me as the type of thing a really insecure, looks-obsessed person would do without being really freaked out about something.
oh i didn't take it as snappish. i thought it was a great comment. and a cute pic.

hmmm maybe i should post a pic with my crazy pink mo-hawk....

it's a bald-athon, or bald-a-polooza here at bust....

as for brit, i figure anyone would be insecure-- she's been treated like a god for years, and lately she can do no right. and it keeps getting worse for the poor dear. not that i feel all that sorry for her. whoever said they worry more about people who have no health care, housing etc, had it bang on.
Mouse, I love your new avatar - you look stunning. Did you do your makeup yourself?

Whenever I start to feel bad for Britney, I remember how she hooked up with someone whose mother of his first child was just about to give birth to his second. It's not even an issue of morality - that's just plain dumb. I don't care how sheltered you are or how much you want to act out. I get that unlike, say, Christina (who has the unstagemommyesque mom ever - she's the only parent I believe when she insists that her daughter's career was not something she ever pushed on her), her career was driven by people - even her own family (especially her own family) - who didn't always have her best interests at heart, but she also courts controversy and thrives on attention.

Unless she's so out of it/far gone, it never occurred to her that shaving her head was only going to get her more attention, not less.

She has the money and the resources to live quietly, securely, and, of course, extremely luxuriously. She's working out her issues in public b/c that's the only thing she knows, I guess.

I do feel bad for her. . .but not even as bad as I do for other celebrities.

And not just b/c I still hope Lindsay will pull herself together. unsure.gif cool.gif
just seen video (tv news) of britney wearing a wig. maybe this is less about a nervous breakdown than it is about bald patches caused by continual peroxide dye-jobs and hair extensions and it's been blown out of proportion..
This article seems to support that theory

Sorry, it's Fox - but that's the first and best link on the subject. America's finest news source! Speaking of reasons why this story is getting so much more coverage than other, more pressing issues. . wink.gif
I agree--it's all about context.

You can say that for you shaving your hair doesn't mean "rejecting femininity" but I would guess people here are coming from a completely different world view than Britney was raised in and still exists in. I'd guess her world has pretty rigid and inflexible gender roles, for one.

So it's not about what it would mean to you but what it means to her.

And I think all her recent behaviour suggests a very troubled young woman. I feel sorry for her--I mean, what's with the less than 24 hours in rehab business?--but I feel sorrier for her kids. As if having that dad wasn't bad enough for them.
This isn't goss, but it sure is fun!

I was surprised at how well I scored...
Back on the hair thing (and then I'm not commenting anymore cause there are more interesting celebrities to talk about). First I heard the thing about Britney shaving off her hair because of the random bald spots from bad bleaching. But just yesterday Justin Timberlake made a comment saying something about how he's cool with the bald look and speculating that maybe it had something to do with her aunt dying of cancer a few weeks ago.

I don't know if the latter one is true but it would make sense, especially about the crying before cutting it off part.
This morning on the Today show (yes, this was the lead story at 9 am; so sad) they showed an interview with the salon owner, and she said that Britney asked her to shave her head and she refused, so Brit picked up the clippers and did it herself.

I don't think head-shaving in itself is a big deal; I do think the pattern of going out and doing impulsive, unorthodox things (falling asleep in a club on NYE, shaving her head in a public place, flashing her hoohaa) shows that she has some serious issues. Since she was fifteen, it's been all about Brand Britney, without anyone worrying about the person at the center. In that sense, I don't think she's much different than Anna Nicole or Judy Garland. I don't think her mother is on the level of, say, Dinah Lohan, and partying by her daughter's side, but she -- or someone else -- needs to put her foot down and get her some help, whatever help she needs.
hi sidecar poochie! *waves furiously, hoping the dog will bark*
the salon are auctioning off britney's hair... and she has started wearing a bad wig.

there is definitely something troubling her.
i've never liked britney. i've never thought she was talented.
but i don't feel all bitchface vindicated like i did when tom cruise went batshit.

it's just too bad she doesn't have a family member or real friend who can put together an intervention ... or at least help her pick out a bunch of glam wigs.

it's also a shame she doesn't have her shit together enough to have auctioned off her hair for charity. that would've given her a few pluses, even in my biased book.
aviatrix, if you come to my house and ring my doorbell, the dog will bark and bark and bark. I like to think her voice sounds like Nico, the Andy Warhol muse, but in dog form.
According to Comcast's home pages, Ms. Britney has checked back into REHAB.

Wonder what's up with that?
AWWWW! i lurrve it! he's such a cutie! ut but there are more poochies to wave at! yay!

*waves at mandy's blue dog and mornington's doggie*
"...sounds like Nico, the Andy Warhol muse, but in dog form." Bwahaha!!

That game was fun, aural!! I got most of the daddies right!! Although I hate to admit it, Suri Cruise is pretty damn cute. Too bad she has a psycho for a dad.

Pieces of britney's hair reached $1,000,000 on ebay, but the auction was shut down because the hair can't be authenticated. It's too bad she didn't keep the hair and do something charitable with it, like auction it off on her own and donate the money to a cancer-related organization or locks of love. That would've been way cooler than leaving it at the salon. Of course, she's a big moron so...

I suppose FedEx is loving this (I would!). At first, I was rooting for Britney, but KFed has definitely been the "cool" one in terms of public image. He did the self-depricating fry-guy commercial during the Super Bowl and has laid pretty low otherwise. Very interesting. I'm surprised that he's been so smooth about it considering that he's an asshat. He must have someone coaching him on all of this.

Heh...I would love to see Lohan and Co. shave their heads.

Any other interesting celebrity news out there?

ETA- Oh yeah, after reading the archives from a several days ago, I meant to are The Killers now like The Band? I don't know much about The Killers, but I'm pretty familiar with The Band (I'm stuck in the wrong decade, musicwise!). Is it the "look" or the music? I can't imagine them actually covering The Band or taking on the same sound.
I only missed Hugh Jackman & Will Smith. I am ashamed at how highly I scored.
Is Britney "in the zone" with the White House?
Well, if you've been reading Chomsky for the last couple of years, the media's been in cahoots with the white house to make sure we're all watching the hot celebrity bodies while Bush is doing things like removing the writ of Habeas Corpus from the US constitution, and such. And, Britney did do a very, very cheesy (porn stars were barfing) commercial with Bob Dole, while voicing her support for the Republicans loudly during the election(s).

So, yeah, Britney and the White House could very well be working together. I mean, it's not hard to imagine that no one could be as stupid as she's been lately, is it?
i guess if the dood from the gong show was a spy, anything is possible. biggrin.gif

color me a vapid lemming, but i too am thirsting for any non-britney, non-anna nicole gossip. *yawn*
my theory is that britney is carl rove's brain.
Aural, I know way too many baby-daddies. And some of those kids are UGLY.
WTF is up with the Anna Nicole "body release" judge? Is there something about TV cameras and celebrities that make judges wig out and turn into grandstanding drama queens? Because I really find it hard to believe that they BECAME judges by acting that way, so there must be some kind of trigger that turns them into dancing monkeys...?
Oh believe me, Chacha, I've done my time in the Communication Studies trenches (I've forgotten most of it now, though). I'm not a conspiracy theorist myself, but there's no doubt that there's a correlation between the increasing amount of celebrity coverage and the dearth of hard, in-depth news - not just sound-bites and fearmongering.
I know too many of the daddies too and I think Suri is odd-looking and Bella Bob Thornton is ugly, I do love the name Bella though.

So, is Britney out of rehab today? I say no, no, no.
FedEx hasn't exactly been a non-embarassment to himself. He's now a recurring character on WWE and gets his ass kicked by John Cena on a fairly regular basis. Kind of sad, really. Although it does take a sense of humor to be the butt of that kind of joke.

Is that kid actually named Bella Bob Thornton? That's kind of cool.

I don't understand what the big hullabaloo is about the paternity of ANS's baby. The judge is most likely going to order that they both take swab tests and send them into a lab to get the results back in a couple weeks. This whole thing should've taken about 5 minutes to start and finish. And why'd they let cameras in the courtroom? Is it really that pressing that the public sees this all for themselves?
nah, I think it's just Bella but Bella Bob would be a cool name.

girlygirlgag! it's part two of your avatar!!
Mouse, that was beautiful.

So, Britney has checked out of her second rehab facility in less than a week. Sigh.

And yes, I found out about it on CNN. Double sigh.
even worse, according to perezhilton, takethatforwhatit'sworth, is saying that brit tried to commit suicide twice this weekend.

dear god. this shouldn't even be in the "gossip" thread.
Marcia Cross had her twin baby girls. Wasn't she due in April? She was on bed rest, though, I'm sure she's glad to be over with THAT. ugh. (speaking as 6 months pregnant)
according to msnbc, the reason that britknee shaved her head was that k-fed was threatening to use a strand of her hair for drug testing to gain custody of her kids.
But then, britbrit's strategy for keeping hairs away from KFed would have been faulty, no? Since you can now buy the strands on eBay?

What am I doing here?
QUOTE(mouse @ Feb 21 2007, 08:22 PM) *

girlygirlgag! it's part two of your avatar!!

I LOVE YOU MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My apologies for beating a dead, uh, horse, but I just read something in the news today while eating breakfast--and it nearly made me gag.

Apparently, the judge has given Anna Nicole's mother, Howard K. Stern, and the other self-proclaimed baby-daddy permission to view her "rapidly decomposing body."

Gee, ya think? I mean, it's *only* been 2 weeks since her death! Anyway, THAT is a mental image I can do without.

In happier news: I, too, was glad to learn about Marcia Cross giving birth; she'd looked huge in the most recent photos I'd seen of her and she must have been physically uncomfortable. I'm a big fan of DH and I like Marcia, so I hope she and her babies are healthy and happy.
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